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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 24, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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we all knew it was coming what kind of weather can we expect on christmas, katie. >> well, guys this will be an all day event for sure. we are stuck with the rain all day but there is better news on the horizon. while it may not be a white christmas this storm will be clearing out in time for the holiday. we will have all of the details and if you are traveling, today traffic and weather get together on a day like this, right vittoria. >> unfortunately weather like this always causes problems, that is just how it goes, specifically speaking, traveling on the vine street expressway we have an overturn truck accident, traveling on the westbound vine approaching eastbound schuylkill. we will have more details on this and rest of the roadways coming up, nicole. more on our breaking news, police kill an 18 year-old man at a gas station near ferguson, missouri sparking new protest. officer was doing a routine check at a gas station when he noticed two men standing outside, one of the men pulled out a gun and pointed it at the officer and that is when
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officer shot him. video shows people break nothing to stores there. this is all happening 2 miles from ferguson where another police shooting spark weeks of protest a across the the country. developing right now, a late night crash in north philadelphia, sends three police officers to the hospital. "eyewitness news" at 22nd and montgomery avenue. we're told two cruisers collided at the the intersection as officers responded to a report of the nearby shooting. all three were taken to the hospital to get check out, one officer is being treated for a concussion. >> also, developing this morning police are looking for three men who shot their victim during the course of a robbery, it happened just after 1:00 a.m. in the courtyard of the regency apartment at olney and ogontz. suspects pistol whipped a 44 year-old man, shot him in the abdomen and ran away with a hundred dollars. that victim is in stable condition. right now philadelphia police are investigating a hit and run that left a woman dead in the northeast.
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"eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao is live at the accident investigation division with the description of the vehicle, january jan. >> reporter: nicole, at least authorities have have a a good idea about the vehicle they are looking for. police are still looking for a hit and run vehicle they believe to be a black tow truck with a missing headlight. it is evidence of the deadly hit and run in holmesberg a head lineman ripped from the black tow truck and left at the scene with the woman who was hit. linda alfonse was there as the hit and run unfolded right in front of her. >> i saw her walk up to the center lane and then she was gone. then her cell phone and purse hit my car. >> reporter: the accident happened here in the 8100 block of state road in holmesberg 5:15 tuesday evening. investigators say the three three-year old victim was not in the the crosswalk as she was hit. as the tow truck traveled north eyewitnesses say the driver didn't even slow down. >> they hit so hard, they had to have known they hit
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something and would have at least stopped but there were no brake lights. >> reporter: now police are searching for a truck and driver. police surveillance video in the area will help better identify both. >> someone strikes a human being and then, intentionally, flees the scene, is involved in the hit and run, then that is just a horrific tragedy. >> reporter: it is a scene other drivers on state road that night won't soon forget and a reaction from a driver they say they will never understand. >> by the time we realized it was a personally stopped my car to see if i can help her. >> you knew he hit someone, you, her, him whoever the driver was knew that they hit her and she could, you heard the i am pack. >> reporter: police have not yet identified the three three-year old woman hit and killed. in the meantime they are again still searching for this hit and run driver. that driver faces a charge of vehicular homicide. we are reporting live outside accident investigation division, jan carabao for
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 5:03. a lot of folks hitting the road, katie what kind of weather can we expect. >> we have a rainy day. it looks like there will not be a window of opportunity here, to be beating the weather. it is already here, it will be stuck with us all day to day and pretty much all night. so what is going on here is we have had had a warm front crossing and still pulling off to the north and as a result the the wind has in the kick up yet but there is a lot of moisture to work with. what we would normally find off in the distance here is a whole set of sky scrapers and you cannot make them out. so not just cloudy start to the morning but dreary, damp and this will be a scene for us all day here on sky can three. a as we throw conditions overtop have of us, humidity high, we are seeing fog and rain, 48 degrees but the wind, it is not too strong just yet that is why we will have those patches of locally dense fog to contend w looking next a at storm scan three over last few hours boy that rain over took storm scan and the the whole
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delaware valley is now stuck with wet weather, pretty much everybody dealing witt right new. general expectation is this, periods of rain anytime, by the the time it is all said and done into very early tomorrow morning, a chance of making its final round we will have an inch and a half on the ground in some spots that will lead to ponding on the roads and you will be slowed down at any point today but look at how mild it is, lower 60's both down the the shore and in the city. while it is a very rainy day it is mild if that is something you are a fan of. otherwise it doesn't look like a white christmas but we will take it, torey, it could be worse in terms of travel. >> i think so too, who wants to be shoveling snow right now with all of the christmas eve preparations that we have on our hand. >> i'm with you. >> last thing we want to do. >> anyhow, traveling out and about on the majors last thing you want me to tell you is you will run into a delay. well, you do have a delay, at least on one of our majors lets talk about the vine street expressway if you are
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traveling in the westbound direction of the vine, approaching the schuylkill expressway eastbound we are dealing with a very serious accident involving an overturn tractor trailer. now that is closing the ramp to the eastbound side of the schuylkill so if you are traveling and heading to the philadelphia international airport might be a good idea to jump on i-95. if you are already using vine continue westbound on the schuylkill towards girard and flip around there. no delays for mass transit and minor delays at the the airport, erika. former president george hw bushies waking up in a houston hospital this morning. ninety year-old went to the hospital last night after experiencing shortness of breath. family spokesmen says that the trip to the happies just a precaution, and the forty-first president spent sometime in the same hospital earlier this year with belong excites. developing right now, buildings were reduced to ruble as bitter storms slammed the nation's south. severe weather expound tornadoes in parts of the mississippi and louisiana
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leaving thuses in the dark just within day before christmas. tara marginner shows us some of the worst damage. >> wow. >> reporter: massive lightening strike as a string of storms ripped through the the south, these homes in the this parish in louisiana were no match. in mississippi governor declared a state of emergency in two southeastern counties. >> like a third world around here, everybody, every business on the bypass here is gone and sustained some kind of a damage. >> reporter: in columbia, mississippi a pastor and his pregnant wife got trapped in the pick up as tornado came barreling down the highway. >> it blew blue this tank overtop of our vehicle and shaking our car, our truck, thankfully it didn't burst the fuel loose from the end,. >> reporter: down trees and power lines have forced authorities to shut down several highways. forecasters say another round of severe weather may be on
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the way. >> watching this area in particular in orange, chance for couple more tornadoes, wind gusts and flash flooding. >> reporter: crews are scrambling to help survivor and assess damage as they prepare for the the next line of storms. tara marginner for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now you're looking live at philadelphia international airport where there are a handful of flight delays and cancellations even this morning. low clouds, mist, foggy conditions forced cancellations yesterday but like katie said more rain is on the way. if you are traveling by air or even picking somebody up you can check flight status by calling 800p hl gator go to cbs >> still so busy at 5:08. >> what will it look like at noon or three. >> it is. 5:08. we have new fur about the only survivor of the killing spree in montgomery county, we will let you know how he is recovering. change of heart from sony, controversial comedy the interview is coming to theaters after all where you
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can see it in our area. dramatic video when a van burst into flames on the garden state parkway, hear how rescuers saved a baby trapped inside. a wonderful time at termini brothers where you can see folks lining up, to grab a delicious, and they are that good. >> waiting in the rain. >> rain and all they will wait and it is all worth it, isn't it. the katie is tracking rain and lets you know when it will dry out, and you can eat those delicious can olis. >> rain or shine. >> absolutely. >> we will be right back.
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freedom has prevailed that is what seth rogan says now that his controversy comedy the interview will be shown in some theaters showing tomorrow. sony original willly pull the movie after getting terrorist threats from a hacker group. as danielle nottingham reports the show will now, go on. >> they hate us, because they ain't us. >> reporter: the the interview is back on. sony pictures reversed course tuesday and is allowing select theaters to show the film beginning on christmas day. the set h rogan james franco comedy is about to kill north korea's leader, after a devastating hack's tack exposed secret internal documents and embarrassed sony pulled the film when they threatened terror attacks. fans artists and even the president were critical. >> i think they made a mistake. >> but sony delivered another plot twist tuesday, saying that we are proud to make it
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available to the public, and to have stood up to those who attempted to suppress free speech. the film will be shown in more than 200 theaters, and on social media, the film stars call it a victory, and said freedom prevailed. >> reporter: son sony is trying to reach the the widest possible audience. >> i think it is really outpouring of, people all over the u.s. and the world, who wanted to support, you know, freedom of creativity, freedom of expression. >> reporter: some theater owners say they will have extra security on hand to ensure the safety of movie goers. in los angeles, danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". you might have some trouble finding the interview at your neighborhood theater. right now penn cinema river front in wilmington is the only theater in our area that plans to show that movie. we are told that sony is also trying to release it on
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demand. right now you 5:13. nice day for the movies. rainy outside. >> great idea and this is one of those days where so many people are trying to fly out or drive out or take a train out ape it appears as though weather is absolutely going to have an impact on us today. we will see some of that as vittoria will outline for us coming up here. i want to take you back here and talk about christmas statistics, so, when was last time it was this warm. it will be a very mild christmas. today is warmest day we will fine and we're expecting temperature to hit the mid 50's tomorrow and that is warmest it has been on chris mass day since 2008 when we hit 60 but record christmas high was 68 degrees, all the way back in 1964. so, now back to the here and now storm scan three featuring certainly wet weather but it is a all green. even up across the canadian board their mild air has surged in. no one has to worry about snow or ice this time around. maybe even dreaming of the snow but won't happen this time around. meantime we are awaiting a
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passage of the cold front. it is a warm and cold front that have to cross through before we can say we're in the clear. that said this ends up being a full day event of fog, rain, wind increasing with time but no ice, no snow. they start to get hefty here by tomorrow morning and it is completely gone and we will be left with, easily about an insurance or so of precipitation left behind and it is all straight up rain. ponding on the roadways and absolute threat for us out there this morning and certainly slick spots because of that, but by tomorrow we are still in the 50's. none of this will have a chance to ice over not even in the mountains. friday sun will shine brightly and we will keep it around here i think into saturday 567894 by sunday. cooling down more. but we are not back to truly seasonal conditions until at least monday. vittoria, over to you. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning, everyone. unfortunately weather like this is causing a problem on the roads. you will notice some activity, right behind me. lets get you there traveling on the vine street expressway
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westbound approaching eastbound schuylkill ramp that ramp is currently closed as a result of the overturned tractor trailer accident but it does seem to me that maybe they let a few vehicles by. okay. an improvement. so traveling on the westbound side of the vine, eastbound schuylkill expressway, if you are traveling in this area you will notice major activity and emergency personnel on the scene. thinks an overturn tractor trailer situation so just to avoid this area, continue westbound, on the vine, to the westbound schuylkill and then loop around, on the eastbound side of 76 at girard avenue. that is your best bet to avoid that activity and continue further east on 76, if that is where you are heading. ben franklin bridge is wide opened. bridges look great. speed sensors high up in the 50's. in delays in pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware, just a lot of good news. however we have a down pole situation, closing pawlinks road at ferry lane. egypt road is your best alternate, erika.
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>> vittoria, thank you. following some breaking news, crowds gathered in the st. louis suburb of berkley, missouri where a man who pointed a gun at a police officer was shot ape killed. second suspect ran away. berkley is about 2 miles from ferguson where police officers hot and killed 18 year-old michael brown in august. also developing right now three philadelphia police officers are at temple hospital after a crash involving two police cars. both cruisers were responding to a call near between the second and montgomery in north philadelphia one officer suffered a concussion. and the search is on for driver involved in the deadly hit and run on state road in holmesberg. a three three-year old woman was killed. police are looking for a black tow truck with the damaged headlight. >> all right. 5:17 right now. three is on your side with an important recall before you make your coffee this morning. >> um-hmm, hang on. bad news for us. also talk about too much of a good thing you have to hear the wild story of how a man almost drawn in eggnog. >> what? >> details coming up.
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we will be right back.
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if you are using a keirig, listen up, coffee maker is recalling 7 million of the mini plus brewers because of the hot what the their could burn you. the recalled machines were made between 2009 and this year. if you have one of those, you can call them for a free repair kit. well, it is time to check your philadelphia job market report here's cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. >> reporter: customer service representatives are a critical component to your shopping experience, and especially during the holiday season. it is help with the compute are problem, questionable activity on your credit card or customer service representatives are on the front line. the labor department projections employment in this profession to grow by 12.6 percent between 2012 and
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2012 and that amounts to 300,000 positions, and in philadelphia, customer service representatives earn an average of $35,100. that is higher then what receptionness earned and close to what administrative a assistants take home. additional hr professionals say skills cultivated by customer service professionals such as listening, patients and problem solving may lead to a position as a sales representative who earn an average of $58,400 in the area highest paid customer service professionals work in natural gas, pipeline transport, railroad, and aerospace manufacturing. customer service positions are a good way to gain entry into a variety of industries, and sectors. i'm jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "eyewitness n
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it is 5:23. good morning, katie. >> iis lit up like a christmas tree behind me here. it may not be the color scheme you prefer to see on christmas eve, dreaming of the white christmas but mother nature she's on her own free will this time. i'm just messengers. storm scan three is bringing in basically the whole delaware valley is included here and we still have a light enough wind that fog continues to be a problem. so low ceilings for you around the region, traveling on area bridges, all of the typical spots you could find some poor visibility and the rain is also going to be an impact too. breezy, rainy, eventually by tonight we will see thunderstorms kick nothing and call it straight up wind at that point as cold front crosses.
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tomorrow is still mild but we will clear out on christmas day for some sunshine, vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning everyone. for your christmas eve commute it is sticky right now traveling on the vine street expressway a as we get you outside this would be vine street expressway westbound approaching eastbound schuylkill expressway that ramp is where we see police activity. we have an overturn truck closing the ramp. we're in the dealing with rush hour delays a at this time and it is causing a bit of problems for commuters. if you are looking for an alternate and cannot access that eastbound schuylkill ramp continue on the westbound side of 76 and flip around at girard that would be your best alternate at this time. speed sensors high up in the 50's generally speakings in new jersey, pennsylvania, delaware in, major problems at the airport and mass transit is okay, nicole. vittoria, thank you. good news for innings isers, they have won their last two in a row, teams first two game winning streak since last season. this is a big deal. sixers won in exciting fashion last night against the heat in
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miami. jeremy grant's drive brought sixers all the way back from 23 points down. michael carter williams led sixthers with 20 points and sixers beat the heat 91-87. spectacular come back for shorthanded sixers, they play in portland friday night. to the flyers now, who have won three in a row on the road last night by five different flyers scored in it or range and black beat wild five -two. the flyers continue their eight game road trip saturday night against predators in nashville. and it is eagles/giants sunday afternoon in north jersey, even though our birds are out of the playoff pictures they will be sending five players to the pro bowl. so that is pretty exciting. first timers connor barwin, darren sproles, jason kelce will join third timer shady mccoy and seven time pro bowler jason peters. defensive lineman fletcher cox is an alternate that game is scheduled for january 25th in glendale arizona. >> there very good. >> good representation there. >> coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" we will have the latest on
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breaking news, a deadly police shooting near ferguson, missouri, jan? >> reporter: and philadelphia police are on the look out this morning for a hit and run driver who left a with man in holmesberg dead i'm jan carabao coming up we will have description of what police are looking for. plus a family loses everything, when their home is destroyed by fire, see the huge outpouring of support, from strangers. and vittoria and katie return and got traffic and weather together on the three's and vittoria will let you know delays, looking live at philly international as they have their pillows. >> they are ready they are ready for christmas. are you. we're back in two minutes.
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police killed an 18 year old man in the gas station
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near ferguson, missouri sparking new protests. police say the officer was doing an a routine check when he noticed two men standing outside. one of those men we're told pulled a gun and pointed it at the officer and that is when he shot him. video shows that the people break nothing to stores there, and this all happening just 2 miles from ferguson where another police shooting sparked weeks of protest across the country. and developing right now, this crash, involving two philadelphia police cruisers land three officers in the hospital, now we're told it happened around 11:30 while officers were responding to reports of the shooting in north philadelphia. the two cruiser collided as they crossed intersection of 22nd and montgomery avenue. >> unfortunately sometimes when several police vehicles are responding to the same call as they get close to the location, sometimes, police vehicles do collide. >> one officer suffered a concussion, the the other two


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