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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 27, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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a hit and run crash leads a woman dead on her 93rd birthday and new police are trying to figure on the if the driver should face charges. a very sad day in new york as thousands pay their final respects to a fallen police officer. and more on the christmas birth on a septa train, see the moment one mother was reunited with the officer who delivered her baby. such a great story. today is saturday december 27th, good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. it is 5:00 o'clock on the dot. lets check with carol for more on the forecast. is it a nice one. >> perfect. >> um, yes. >> it was 50 degrees yesterday. we could be 505 degrees today. for some reason were you too busy at the man mall returning
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things or doing after christmas sales shopping, go outside today because we will not find weather like this, i think we will start to turn a corner because over next several days, this is going to be the the day to be outside. we will look outside right now and you can see we have very quiet conditions, on december the 27th, through center city philadelphia. our temperatures are cold. in fact, they are colder then this reflects. you may be scraping ice on your windshields, it has that chilly feel to the air today. 34 degrees. at least this morning. the it will not be staying that way though. 34 degrees the the temperature right now. storm scan three just a couple of cloud that came in late in the game but those clear skies we had and still wind a allowed these temperatures to drop and we will see temperatures below freezing mark. thirty in allentown. twenty-nine in reading. twenty-eight in millville this morning. it is 34 at the the airport in philadelphia and 36 in the poconos. so obviously they are not making any snow right now. we have temperatures that will
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be getting to about 55 degrees. can we keep this going. i don't think so? unfortunately. believe me i know people who would love to see it going but it is winner around here. by 2:00 o'clock we won't get ahead of ourselves. it looks terrific. we will start to see more cloud coming in. by the time we get to early tomorrow morning one or two spots might pick up a shower. you may find more later on. i'll finish out that time line for tomorrow but again, today, just perfect. nicole. >> carol, thank you. woman is left dead on her 93rd birthday after a hit and run driver crashes in to her home. now police are working to figure out if that driver will face charges. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live from the cbs news center with word from that victim's family. >> reporter: authorities have questioned but have not charge owner of the pickup truck suspect in this who voluntarily went to police went last. i want to show you video of the 20 year-old pick up driver
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who turned himself will in 12 hours after police found a damaged red dodge pickup at a home nearby. police say wreckage from the accident matched damage on the truck. the they believe it slammed in the victim's home. jean died on her, 93rd birthday in the early hours of friday morning. police believe it was not impact of the crash but what happens next. she had been in hospice care and impact pushed her dresser in the bed leaving her room exposed outside element. the her son said she he had to move her twice to the warmer location in the house while emergency crews repaired the hole but that was too much for her 58-pound body. she died a short time later. we spoke to her granddaughters at the scene. >> she was a lively woman. she liked to dress up, go out and have fun and stay active with the senior. >> she wanted to pass in her own bedroom but was not able to do that. >> reporter: now the family says that they have accepted
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an apology. bucks county district attorney will review the case next week to determine if there will be charges. reporting live from the the satellite center, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". very sad story, steve, thank you. police are investigating a serious crash in delaware county. two vehicles collided at north state and gulf road in springfield last night. from chopper you three can see one of the vehicles overturn. we are told first responders pulled one person from that car, it is unclear if anybody else was hurt. one person was killed after a motorcycle and truck collided in king of prussia chopper three over river road and mccoy lane friday evening. second person was flown to the hospital. that person's condition has not yet been released, the the cause of the crash still being investigated. fallen new york city police officer rafael ramos will be laid to rest one week after he and his partner were ambushed in their patrol car. the thousands gathered to pay
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their respects yesterday. reporters jessica snyder from our sister station in new york has more on the emotional remembrance. >> he was my rock. he was a beacon of wisdom. he was my absolute best friend. dad, i'll miss you. i'll miss you have fiber of my beginning. >> reporter: justin ramos was in the mid of his sophomore year in maine. his image broadcast on the screen for thousands waiting in line, justin ramos spoke briefly about the man his father was. >> my dad would have been there for everybody else and to see so many people here is a testament to how he is as a person. the that has been so helpful in this difficult time. >> reporter: wake began at 2:00 p.m. but people line up well before and waited for hours longer. officers in uniform, friend, and even those who never met
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him. >> thank you for coming. i said there is no need to thank me. i feel duty bound as a citizen. >> reporter: people poured in for more than seven hours, governor cuomo spoke with the family and promised them support. >> we are helping them with financial support, with the tuition payment, with the the mortgage payments. that was obviously important. the practical concerns are very real. >> reporter: it wasn't all somber there, were a few laughs as family members reflect on the man they loved. >> i'm going to keep this short and sweet just like my brother. i know you always worried about me but you know how i roll because we were two peas in a pod. never think, just do and hope for the best. were you one of the most humble people i know and having you as my brother, it is the highest honor that could have been bestowed upon me. >> reporter: in queens, jessica snyder for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". hundreds gathered on the boardwalk in atlantic city to honor police officers. the rally was honored by local physician and radio host in response to the murders of the two officers last weekend. speakers at the rally including mayor don guardian and police chief henry white. hazmat scare caused evacuation of the home in germantown. chopper three over 200 block of west street just after 6:00 friday evening when a substance leak from the truck. once the spill was contain officials determined it was gas and allowed that family to return. an accident at the cherry island landfill in wilmington leaves a worker dead. authorities say 42 year-old jose louise garcia hernandez of newark was hit by a large piece of equipment. chopper three over the scene around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. the investigators tell "eyewitness news" that the tractor was pushing trash the in the large pile and was backing up when it struck that victim. philadelphia police are investigating a crash involving a school bus loaded with children on the roosevelt
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boulevard. chopper three over the the scene near henry avenue and east falls friday afternoon. authorities say that the driver suffered burns from wires on the bus that caused them to lose control. none of the student on the bus were injured, they were transferred to another bus. a 94 year-old woman who disappeared christmas eve has been reunited with her family. stella, was driving from her home in lansdale to gilbertsville, montgomery county when she somehow lost her way. her concern family called police. yesterday afternoon detectives found her 50 miles from home at the what the was on south church street in mount laurel, new jersey. her neighbor says she's known for her independence. >> but i see her almost every day but this woman, she cut the the grass, she clean the yard. very, very nice late i. >> reporter: stella was disoriented but otherwise unhurt. it is unclear where she was all those hours in between. well, baby boy born on a septa train has been named chris, in honor of his birth
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on christmas day. on friday septa released this photo of two officers posing with the baby that they helped deliver. the baby was born on the market frankford line train christmas night. mom and baby are resting comfortably at hahnemann hospital. so nice to see. well, from the enterovirus to the ebola virus we will look at the headlines that made headlines this year. plus the rush for returns, crowd headed to the malls to take back those unwanted gifts as we learn this holiday season was an impressive one in terms of spending. also a lot of people have some extra cash, because of the falling prices at the the pump, we are there as prices take another tumble, good to hear, we are back
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ask your doctor about stelara®. back on "eyewitness news" with wall street yapping up the holiday week on a high note. dow jones pick up 23 points closing at another record high, and the nasdaq added 33 points. wall street strong day was fueled in part by some positive consumer spending reports. the national retail federation says that holiday sales could hit more than $617 billion. that is a lot of gifts. fallen gas prices are the gifts that keep on giving, "eyewitness news" in cherry hill as gas pricees were
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lowered at a gas station along route 70. the national average is now at $2.39 a gallon, the lowest level by the the way since may of 2009, according to triple a. here are average gas price necessary our area in triple a. drivers are paying 2.36 in pennsylvania, $2.32 in new jersey and 2.46 in delaware. every year volunteers do their best to make holiday season special for those in need. chosen 300 ministry provided meals for dozens of families and home less in west philadelphia. "eyewitness news" on the 3900 block of lancaster avenue. hundreds of toys were given out to children in the community. >> it is rewarding, it is refreshing, to be able to do something to show, you know, that we appreciate all that you have done for us by blessing others, less fortunate. >> chosen 300 distributes more than 100,000 meals per year to the homes in the philadelphia area. nice to see that this time of the year and all year
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around. carol, how is it looking otherwise. >> nicole, this weather is spectacular, to have this kind of weather at the end of december and we have seen several days of this, it is going to be perfect today, if you can get out, if you can you will be only person out on the boardwalk but go to the shore, mountains, stay in philadelphia, do anything you want. the weather is perfect. the let me show you on storm scan three right now. we have a couple cloud coming over us at the present time. the temperatures they are cold and strong out there. now all that said, now forget that and let's move on into the rest, well, we cannot move on because we have this graphic to get through. 34 degrees in philadelphia 30 in allentown. twenty-nine in reading. thirty-three in trenton. twenty-eight in millville. you may be scraping your windshield this morning because we have frost out there. thirty in willow grove. twenty-eight in pottstown. thirty-three in mount holly. now, now we can move on, to what is great about today. it is another gorgeous day. wind will also remain light today. we will have sunshine.
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temperatures getting in the middle 50's. it is not 75 degrees but still, it is the winter equivalent. cloud, showers, we will be visiting them tomorrow and then winter chill making a come back next week. so we need to enjoy it. what a mild week it has been, looking at these temperatures from monday at 45 to 52 to 64 to 65 degrees on christmas. 50 degrees. excuse me, yesterday. why do i eat these peanuts before i go on the air? you tell me do i this every morning. we have high pressure in charge of the weather. mild air is hanging on. one thing we are watching is for this front to come through here and that will be bringing us a couple of showers as we get through the the day tomorrow. so lets time this out and what do we see? we see great weather today. what do we see tomorrow? well, a few cloud. the notice the time the at 2:00 in the morning. a a few of these showers overnight in some spots, not every place but in some spots. and then by the time we will get to sunday morning we will
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watch for these showers. they will move on through. a look at 4:00 in the afternoon. faith, you are a the best. our floor director thanks you. i wouldn't do this if it weren't 5:00 o'clock in the morning. we're more relaxed 5:00 o'clock in the morning, aren't we. future weather continues on. if we are traveling, lot of people heading back to where ever their destination is. look at these flight delays? we don't have any, which is great news for people who are getting out and traveling. but, enjoy the weather today. 55 degrees in philadelphia shore 50. in the poconos 48 degrees. we've got sunshine in every sipping will location but everybody cloud up tomorrow. 2015 is on the horizon, new years eve, the temperatures will be cold. 28 degrees around midnight. so just know that whatever your festive wear is for that time period, it better be warm. 55 degrees is our temperature today, bright sunny really nice day. the light wind out there. tonight we will start to pick
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up a few cloud. so as a result it is milder overnight, 42 degrees. then we will start to see these shower chances coming in here on sunday at 51, still mild enough tomorrow but with the cloud it won't have that same feel. by the time we get to money think we might be able to hold any precipitation off, until basically monday evening, but we will have to continue to watch out for that. do you see a snow shower mixed in with any of that on monday evening? it is possible. at least at this point. we've got temperatures of 42 on monday. on tuesday, 38 degrees, we should be seeing some sunshine but it is cold. notice those bottom row of numbers. those are the once at night. wednesday, new years eve, we are looking at 33 degrees, 25 for the the ultimate low and then new years day 35 degrees. but it will be bright and sunny nicole. >> all right. we will take that while we can, thanks, carol. winter fess is a sight to be hold with the view of the
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river and light showers on the hour beginning at 5:00 a picture perfect setting for ice skating. when you get cold you can take a break and warm up with a cup of hot chocolate. sound perfect. don't forget to join cbs-3 on new years eve as well. we will broadcast live from penns landing and bringing you the the spectacular fire works show at the stroke of midnight. send us your new years wishes. go to cbs or use the hash tag cbs-3 nye. looking back at the 2014, it was a busy year for health news. the ebola epidemic, enterovirus out breaks and measles casees were the on the rise. marley hall has a look back at the year in health. >> reporter: thomas eric duncan became the first person diagnosed in the you had with ebola, he contracted the disease in liberia and died at a dallas hospital. two of his nurses also came down with the the virus but recovered. >> i'm so grateful to be well. >> reporter: in response the cdc issued new recommendation
5:19 am
toss treaty bowl a patients. national out break of enterovirus d68 sickened 1100 people and played a role in 12 deaths. most patients were children with underlying conditions. cases of the measles reached a 20 year high, most out breaks occurred in communities that do not vaccinate. for the first time the government is recommending flu mist nasal spray as the preferred vaccine for healthy kid, two to eight years old. autism numbers are up 30 percent from two years ago. cdc says one in 58 children is on the spectrum. the nation's leading group of pediatricians called for middle school and high school, not to start before 8:30 in the morning. >> i'm definitely less focused. >> reporter: doctors say teenagers and tweens need more sleep. the group also recommended iud's and implants rather than the pill as the the best birth control method to prevent teen pregnancy.
5:20 am
cvs became first chain to stop selling tobacco products, while e cigarettes shot up from one call per month to 200 per month. cdc says millions of americans, drink too much. the the agency says that excessive drinking lead to one in every ten deaths, but almost all of the people who drink excessively are not alcoholics. and british surgeons used a 3-d printer and stem cells to create a new hip for 71 year-old woman. >> it is just taking the old part and putting the new part back again. >> reporter: doctors say printer's precision makes it a perfect fit. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, the cdc also said that more need to be done to prevent hospital infections which are up to about 700,000 per year. it is five credit 20. a saved by the bell star is in trouble with the law, man who played screech is arrested for a violent crime. we will have details coming up
5:21 am
next. also a story of a real life world war two hero and olympic athlete. we will hear from the stars of unbroken now in theaters, we will be
5:22 am
5:23 am
well, actor known to a generation as screech on tv's saved by the bell returns to the screen but this time it is in a courtroom. dustin diamond is facing several charges including
5:24 am
recklessly endangering safety. authorities say diamond and his fiance were involve in the stabbing inside a wisconsin baron christmas night. diamond says he was defending his girlfriend while eyewitnesses say he started the scuffle. the victim was stabbed in the armpit but not seriously hurt. movie based on the life of world war two hero lewis sam reen i is now in theaters. director anka lean a jolie bonded with him as he died earlier this year. susan marquez takes a closer look at unbroken. >> reporter: epic true story of american hero lewis samwritteni comes to life in unbroken. jack o'connell plays the olympic track stars who spends two months in the life raft in the pacific ocean during world war two. he survived only to endure two years as a japanese prisoner of war. >> it was the biggest challenge of my professional life.
5:25 am
>> reporter: director an lean a jolie and cast became close with the real star during filming. >> he was funny, he was welcoming, he was the the greatest person to just hang out and spend time with. >> reporter: movie's grand scale was a a lot for the second time director to take on but jolie's cast says she pulled it off. >> she got it done. it was her drive, her vision, and her ability to get what we needed. >> reporter: jolie wanted to get it right. >> i said to him i wanted to tell the story and show the world how extraordinary you are and spread the word beyond the book. he said no, i want to you tell the the story and remind everybody that they have greatness inside of them. >> reporter: he died earlier this year at the age of 97 but in the the before he saw the film. susan marquez for cbs news, hollywood. all right. 5:25 right now. a lot of us will be eating holiday left overs this weekend. coming up next advice for eating up all that food you have packed away in your fridge. also a little bit of the chilly start but temperatures
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are on their way up. carol has the
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crowd that mobbed the malls, to bring back those gifts that didn't quite hit the mark. >> reporter: i'm daniel nottingham in los angeles, coming up what to do with those holiday left overs. >> i got an idea, for you, eat them up. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm nicole brewer at 5:30. the let's check with that forecast with carol and earlier you called the weather, perfect, carol. >> perfect, perfect would be 75 and sunny. >> sure. >> for this time of the year. >> yes, it is the end of december. so i think 55 degrees temperature that we will be fining later on this afternoon is just about perfect. it is nice out there right new but it is a little cold at least for many who do not like cold air. 41 degrees, but you get out of center city and temperatures plumet and you may fine frost on the windshield. 33 degrees in reading at this
5:30 am
point. we have got clear skies in every single location even though we are finding a couple starting to move in right now and you can see them on storm scan three but this will be a dry day to day, that changes a as we get into tomorrow. thirty-four in philadelphia right now. three in trenton. thirty in wilmington. notice outside of the city and i-95 corridor we've got temperatures that are cold but bookended in the poconos and wildwood with 36 degrees. temperatures varying a lot. i think a lot of that has to do with how little wind we saw last night and how many clear skies we had over you. we had a warm up to day, beautiful afternoon by noon it is 50 degrees, that was our high yesterday and today getting to 55 degrees. let's keep this going. but unfortunately we cannot. future weather shows that it does just look beautiful here through this a afternoon, but we will start to see some clouds coming in here and by the the time we will hit the overnight time period we will start to see a couple of cloud and maybe even a few showers. we will talk about that
5:31 am
extended forecast, it does get colder, nicole. >> carol, thank you. millions of gamers are in the middle of a blackout, sony's play station network has been off the grid since christmas morning. another system is also having problems. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt explains why you should care even if you don't play games on line. >> reporter: day after christmas in the devideo household means one thing, game time but ten year-old olivia says she's out of luck at least for now. her sony play station is not much more than a paper weight. >> i cannot play with friend. >> reporter: lights went out on the x box network on christmas day from the same hacking group. they call themselves the lizard squad. the group of anonymous hackers a announced on line they wanted to prove a point that main stream network on game consoles and every day computers are not bullet-proof. >> i would love to play games the day after christmas but
5:32 am
that is what every kid wants to do. >> reporter: her dad happens to be an expert on cyber security and professor at drexel university. >> the bigger picture here is how is this connected group of individuals can attack major corporations, and bring them to their knees. >> reporter: doctor devideo says it ties early to see if any payment information was hack but he tells "eyewitness news" it is unlikely. >> this is not a problem and we have to look at the types of attacks and grade them based upon how they are going to impact the end user, the consumer. >> reporter: so why should you the consumer care. devideo says it is simple, gaming hacks are just the beginning. sony pictures is still digging out from a large attack and u.s. is blaming it on north korea just one week ago staples announced 1.2 million payment card are at risk, shoppers told "eyewitness news" that the list continues.
5:33 am
>> i think it should raise some alarms that i think we have just, internet security issues in general. >> would i like to have more assurance every time i swipe my card, you know, are they, you know, looking out for me. >> reporter: doctor devideo says another great idea buy gift card at a store and that way you don't to have type your personal information in the game console or web site. he says to change your pass word frequently and to make the pass word complicated, something only you will remember. david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile, sony's controversial comedy the interview did pretty well at the box office even though it was not in very many theaters. the film which prompted threats from hackers made over one million-dollar in ticket sales, from 331 locations. many christmas day showings were sold out. the interview, which business killing the north korean leader has been streamed on line but official viewership numbers have not been
5:34 am
released. with gift card in their pocket and in the quite right items in their bag many headed to the mall to take full advantage of the day after christmas sales on friday. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch tells us that the only down side is the crowds. >> reporter: yes. >> macy's, finish line, foot locker. >> reporter: anymore. >> victoria secret. >> reporter: just a a few shops that he and his wife stopped into on friday and neglect there were more, he took a break. are you tired. >> yes. >> reporter: he is one of thousands of shoppers who converged on the cherry hill mall, many whom were there during a mission. >> to return and get the appropriate size. >> reporter: who got you the wrong sizes. >> everybody. i had to return six or seven things but everybody did. >> reporter: that is what december 26th has become with gift buying and getting now mostly over, the pleasure of receiving what you really want, begins. >> better deals after christmas from what i see. >> reporter: when shoppers say they are seeing big sales their eyes are not deceiving them. macy's has rolled out a one
5:35 am
day sale offering some merchandise at 65 percent off. and we're told they are not the only ones. >> it is dynamite. i got shirts there for like $20. >> reporter: sale signs and foot traffic may bring to mind another big shopping day but the pros think differently. >> black friday is crazy, but this is a good day i think. >> reporter: especially if you cannot pass up a good bargain. >> a few more stores and then we're leaving. >> reporter: at the cherry hill mall, justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> 5:35 right now. a fun raising web page started in the wake of the fiery plane crash that killed six people this month is surpassing expectations. go fund me page for surviving members of the family have raved $486,000. marie gemmel threw her body on top of her young sons as pieces of plane crashed in their maryland home, december 8th. the money will be given to marie's husband and their daughter. we have set up a lincoln our web site at cbs
5:36 am
well, police say a serial bank robbery suspect wanted in philadelphia has struck again. investigators say that the latest heist happened at wells fargo bank on 52nd street in park side friday morning. the suspect is wanted in three other bank robberies and one attempted robbery all in the city over the past two weeks. if you recognize the suspect, please call the police. well, dozens of philadelphia taxi companies are suing uber. cab owners say san francisco car owners operate in bad faith. the it refers to them as gypsy cabs that under mind the entire industry. it accused the company of wire fraud because of the way drivers are paid. they say they will vigorously defend itself in court. well, many of us will be indulging in holiday left overs this weekend. while they can help make quick, tasty meals if they were not stored properly you could unwrap a food born illness.
5:37 am
danielle nottingham has more on what you need to know before you dig in. >> tis the season for turkey, trimmings, cookies and pies. we often end up with enough left overs for weeks but that does not mean you should eat them that long. registered dietition lindsey man len from the cleveland clinic warns bacteria can grow on foods and can make you sick. >> the general rule of thumb is if something has been in your refrigerator for longer for three to four days you want to toss it. >> reporter: also on the toss list anything that is self serve like chips, crackers, dip and nuts and anything left sitting out. >> for that longer than two hour period bacteria is growing and it doubles just about every 20 minutes. >> reporter: when it comes to reheating holiday left overs, experts say the microwave is not the best option. warming food in the oven is recommended because it heat more evenly and they arely. >> you want to make sure thaw are reheating them to ab internal temperature of approximate thely 165 degrees.
5:38 am
so what that will do is that will kill some of the bacteria that could have had an opportunity to grow when it was, you know, sitting out on your table or in the cooling off period. >> reporter: just because left overs still looks good or smells good doesn't mean that it can a the not make you sick. if bacteria is lingering you won't be able to see it, smell it, or taste it. danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> well, jeep wrangler was just name number one but not in a good way. consumer reports calls jeep blank blower hard riding, uncomfortable and unreliable and dubbed it the the worst value. the the best value according to the same group toyota camry hybrid. >> those cars are nice, right but it is a 1967 mustang that captured a california woman's heart this was linda's very first car. she drove it for nearly a year before it was stolen back in 1986. the car was purchased recently and an officer performing a
5:39 am
vin inspection, and they track down linda who still has her vanity plate. >> it was a wonderful moment from having her first car but now, having my first car back, it is a phenomenal feeling. >> linda says she has fond memories of her late father, teaching her to change the oil in it. california's highway patrol is agency that made the find. they also gave linda her first ticket in this car. so, i guess, you know, you have to take the the the good with the bad. 5:39. stopping for students, coming up next on "eyewitness news" cast of the local performance gives a lesson to teens in returns for some goodwill. we will also have this... >> coming up on the 50th anniversary of the 1965 voting rights act a new film details part of the struggle, i'm craig boswell at the supreme court with more on the recent ruling impacting landmark legislation and more on the movie selma. and a mild few days so far but winter is making a come
5:40 am
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well, the cast of stump is teaching the next generation, let's take a look. >> ♪ >> for cost of the canned goods, fans were given lessons by performers. student from philadelphia performing arts charter school were among those who traveled to the kimmel center to support philabundance. of course you can see stump at miracle theater through tuesday. >> ♪ do you want to build a snow man ♪ frozen comes to life on ice, how appropriate, right. elsa, ana and all of the characters at wells fargo center new through january 4th, ticket are still available. i was at the show, yesterday, the of afternoon showing, and it was a great performance, carol. >> i bet it was. >> i don't like anything with frozen in the title, the
5:44 am
field. >> you would like olaf a big fan of summer. >> he is my guy then what are you doing later. ben franklin bridge, it the looks beautiful. we can see every single light. skies are wonderful. temperatures might be on the chilly side or they are cold enough that you could be scraping some ice off your windshield this morning but it won't last long. angle are car if you don't have a garage and that sun, it will come up and it will be slow to come up this time of the year but it will melt that as fast as you can imagine. we have palmyra cove, 34 degrees. our wind 2 miles an hour. we have been treated after christmas day and 40 miles an hour wind, last day, yesterday, and today we are looking at very light wind and we are hanging on to those light wind and just makes this day feel just even better. temperatures are cold but they are really showing quite a range. we often see all below freezing or above freezing, today they are all over. we have 36 in the poconos.
5:45 am
thirty-seven in wildwood. go into millville it is 28 degrees. wilmington 30 degrees. thirty-four at the the airport in philadelphia. 30 degrees in allentown as well this morning. some spots colder then others. calm wind, one of the reasons you mate be finding that frost on the windshield and at most, let's see, 6 miles an hour, just about out of the northwest in the poconos. otherwise it the is pretty still out there this morning. it is just absolutely going to be a magnificent day for this time of the year, and i would hope you you can get outside and enjoy it. it doesn't stay like this unfortunately. there are some cloud over us, and you can see them streaming n had they come in slight thely earlier we wouldn't be dealing with any of the frost you might be dealing without there but they are late to get in the game today. now they should be leaving. we should be left with just abundant sunshine today. what a week. if you have been here this week or maybe just visiting here thinks how it always is in december. we have 45 degrees, that was on monday.
5:46 am
fifty-two on tuesday. wednesday, 64. on christmas day 65. 50 degrees yesterday. we're going to be about 55 degrees today. high pressure does not stay here forever. it has to move off the coast. as it does so it takes that great weather with it. we have a front coming through, maybe some low pressure on that front and that means tomorrow we will get cloud. still mild around here though in the lower 50's but a chance of picking up a shower. the let's time this all out and you can see we are doing just fine as we go through this evening but by the time we get to the overnight the time period at 2:00 in the morning some areas north and west may see a shower. it is possible through philadelphia, there is a shower. maybe a stray shower. but generally if you are going to be seeing some rain showers tomorrow they should be probably more likely in the afternoon. i think monday may be okay, but then monday night, we will start to pick up chances of some showers. the travel delays that many people are traveling and at this point, no delays, anywhere, in the country, at least, on those board.
5:47 am
fifty-five in philadelphia, 50 at the shore. poconos 48 degrees. another beautiful day with those clouds and showers tomorrow, and winter chill definitely making a come back. so new years eve night will be a cold one with temperature of 28 degrees. seasons are changing but it feels like spring out there right now. 55 degrees in philadelphia with the sunshine. tonight 42 degrees. then over the next couple taste, notice how we go down on that roller coaster and we have 42 degrees on monday. tuesday's high only in the 30's. wednesday's high only in the lower 30's and then first day of the new year 35 degrees but it should be bright and sunny nicole. >> that is good news, carol, thank you. movie at center of the sony pictures hack hit theaters the the same day with the drama with the history lesson or civil rights. cbs news correspondent craig boswell tells us some movie goers are struck with some of the relevance that is going on in today's world.
5:48 am
>> reporter: film selma details struggle to detail voting in the nationwide battle. >> it is important for everybody to see, youngsters, teens and adults. it is a remembrance, a history lesson. >> reporter: while many are familiar with bloody sunday the day police beat marchers on the bridge, some of the movies actors learned more about other attempts to cross the bridge. >> about what you a learned through the movie and filming the movie is this is something that actually took place three times, three attempts before the last one being successful. >> reporter: march from selma to montgomery, helped force the passage of land mark civil rights legislation. 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the 1965 voting rights act. just last year the supreme court struck down a key provision saying it ways unconstitutional and outdated and that has given some states with the history of discrimination more leeway to inact new voter id laws. >> sometimes recent history is something that people just don't know as much about.
5:49 am
>> reporter: some movie goers say while selma is a look back, its themes have relevance today. >> it would be for for things going on in ferguson and all of the racial tensions between the police, law enforcement and some community members. this is important. it is vital. >> reporter: many see selma has a chance to see a larger audience in that conversation. craig boswell for cws3 "eyewitness news". 5:49. how about a little bowl game action as a stocking stuffer for penn state fans, hear what their qb and coach think about today's game in the bronx. also ahead thinking of bowl games we are talking about the parade that celebrates the rose bowl a look ahead at colorful
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
eagles quarterback bradley fletcher is questionable for sunday's giants game with the hip injury. his defensive backfield was one of the primary reasons club dropped their last three and eliminated from the playoffs prior to the season final any insuring, fletcher allowed over a thousand yard and nine touchdowns, both nfl high but he was not a len in the poor play department in the secondary. squad was torched throughout the year, particularly going for the the amount of big pass
5:53 am
plays they a allowed. >> i think we're in the top five in the league as far as pass completion against us, so it is not that there is a lack of coverage or guys are not in position. they just keeping that deep ball off of us and those plays where you see them dominate throughout the whole game and we would give up one and that is our achilles heel. >> penn state got an early christmas gift with the four year bowl ban was repealed in december making them bowl eligible. today at 4:30 in the bronx six and six nittany lions will take on boston college eagles in the pinstripe bowl. for christian hackenberg who came to happy val which in bowl game guaranties it is all about the upper class men. >> obviously priority number one is sending these seniors off the right way and i think that is just since i have come into the program, i think that is great, that is continuing on. >> despite the two and six season, penn state defense was
5:54 am
tough all year. penn state coach james franklin knows they will have their work cut out for them. >> they are unconventional on offense with a scrambling quarterback, multiple formations and personnel groups, heavy tighteneds, bunch of offensive lineman sets, they try to out leverage you, out flange you, out number you. >> rutgers taking on north carolina this was all-star knights, 23-seven, gary nova connects with andrew, 34-yard. scarlet nights hammer tar heels, 40-21. more bowl action, the zachsby bowl, illinois, all l.a. tech, blake martin 28-yard right there. thirty-five-18 was the final. flyers kick off their eighth consecutive game away from the home ice, having won
5:55 am
their first three which is tied for their longest of the season. they will skate at nashville later tonight. that is your sports, i'm rob ellis, have a great day. christmas in the rear-view mirror and new years day around the corner race is on to get dozens ready for tournament of roses parade. adrian weinberg shows us progress. >> reporter: in a chilly warehouse in irwin dale hundreds of volunteers are transform these structures, into rose parade masterpiecees using everything imaginable, from seeds, pedals to the natural flowers, to the fresh fruits, even some with vegetables. >> reporter: it takes 7,000 hours to decorate each one of these floats and they are concentrating on the dry materials. they are using crush peas to outline the veins of leaves. rebecca halfacre has been decorating floats since she was just six years old and she spend every winter break here with her friends. >> it is really fun. i really like seeing it, in
5:56 am
the actual parade day. you get to see wharf been working on and it is cool. >> reporter: each every tiny piece is placed by hand. they outline the eye of the dog, white rice for an olympic star, corn house being cut to look like scallops, poppy seed as feathers, the work is meticulous and time consuming but howell lie of the year for volunteers like alyss, this is her tenth year decorating rose parade floats. >> it is fun. it is hardest work you will ever do and most fun you will ever have. >> reporter: fresh flowers will be start to be put in place in a few days, float designers say it keeps flowers looking nice for a bit longer, but too cold and blue does not dry quite right and a delicate balance and attention to detail that is all in a day's work. >> it is just good on the flowers. it makes it chillier for kid but weather forecast looks good between now and new years eve. there is a slight chance of some showers on new years eve night but right now everything looks really good for it.
5:57 am
>> reporter: it is never rain during the rose parade but whenever the weather, these enormous works of heart will be ready to go come new years day. that was adrian winegold reporting. we cannot complain about the weather we have had this holiday, right? another mild day is in store but careful returns tell us more about winter making a come back. we will be
5:58 am
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hurry in to the sign then drive event and get a five-hundred dollar new year's bonus on select new volkswagen models. offer ends january 2nd.
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a hit and run leaves a woman dead on her 93rd birthday and police are trying to figure out if the driver should face charges. a scare for students as a bus loaded with children crashes on the roosevelt boulevard. and, more on the christmas birth on a septa a train see the moment one mother was reunited with the officers who delivered her baby. today it is saturday december 27th, good morning, thanks so much for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. 6:00 o'clock. lets check that forecast with carol. we have had a couple of really nice days, carol, hopefully we can continue this trend. >> we have another one today, too. fortunately, we could not get out yesterday and see just really magnificent weather we have another opportunity today. the temperatures will be even milder then yesterday. we will pick up 5 degrees today, over yesterday, 50-degree temperature. ocean city is still very, very


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