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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 30, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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accused of being the penny pack park rapist who attacked two different women in august of 2010 and august 2011. >> that occurred at the same area with the male matching the same description. and, instead he took them to statewide street where allegedly, beat and raped them. and in both cases, he was driving a work issued pickup truck. he is suspect in a third case back in july of 2010, but that rick tim has since died. >> unfortunate thely, once the victim has expired, passed away, there is nothing we can -- we cannot charge him with that. >> reporter: soon after the the attack police issued this composite sketch but by the end of 2012 police say palin move to madison wisconsin to meet a woman he was talking with on line. palin choked and sexually assault that had woman last year. he pled guilty in that case and that was the break
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philadelphia police needed, since they matched his dna, in a national database. we talk with the woman who lived near palin not too far from where at tax took place. >> now to hear it this is kind of a shock. >> reporter: police say that palin was married with children during these alleged attacks, and divorce. palin is now behind bars waiting for a preliminary hearing. we're live at penny pack park, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> syma, thank you. much more to come on that story. search crews continuing looking for victims of asia air flight 8501, they began finding debris and bodies early tuesday in the java sea not far from where that plane was last seen on radar. jet liner disappeared on sunday with 162 people on board. craig boswell has more on the recovery effort. >> reporter: as search crews look for main fuselage of 8501 the head of the airline is
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promising support for family members. >> it is a horrible, horrible experience but we will try to make do. >> reporter: some relatives were overcome with brief after seeing unhe had tid images of bodies on indonesia television. search crews recovered personal items including a blue suitcase from the shallow waters of the java sea 10 miles from the jet last known location. it was carrying 162 people from indonesia to singapore when it disappeared in bad weather. investigators hoped that they can recover the plane's black boxes to figure out exactly what happened. >> i'm confident that they know more or less the position of the aircraft so we should be able to locate it. >> reporter: the the u.s.s. samson and fort worth are taking part in the multi national recovery effort. body bags and coffins are being prepared at area hospitals, family members will soon begin the grim task of identifying loved ones. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay right here with
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"eyewitness news" we will bring you the latest developments in the air asia flight 8501 tragedy, updates here on tv and also on line at cbs meantime, there was trouble with another air asia flight this one in the philippines, these pictures were posted on twitter by jeff demasso santas after this aircraft over shot a runway and became stuck in the mud. there were 159 passengers on board but we're told that no one was hurt. to weather now, bundle up, temperatures could dip down in the 20's tonight. and what about new years eve? meteorologist kathy orr is outside on the chilly cbs-3 sky deck with that first look at the the forecast kathy. >> we have had a break this december, i went back through the record and looked through month of november where low temperatures were around 20 23 degrees 27 degrees, many days in the 20's as far as overnight lows were concerned and we are going to be seeing that chill moving back in a
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little bit before the end of the year but big time for the the month of january. take a look right now at the temperatures around the region. it is chilly. in philadelphia, 35. thirty-two in trenton. thirty-two in atlantic city at the a airport. twenty-two in the poconos. they are loving it there because they are make ago lot of snow. cold to the west chicago 18, des moines 11. in minneapolis, it is only two, with wind chills below zero. some of that cold is coming our way. skies will be clear tonight and yes, temperatures will plunge in the 20's. here's your first forecast 7:00 o'clock temperatures 34. by 9:00 p.m. 31. at 11:00 o'clock a few cloud, temperature 29 degrees. coming up we will talk about the cold that will be ringing in the new year, a weekend storm is brewing out west that will be moving our way and the january outlook and i'll give you a hint it is not like december. i'll see you later in the broadcast with those details.
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>> see you then. five hotels are robbed and police say the suspect is still on the loose. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson spoke with the hotel manager who came face-to-face with this man live in southwest detectives steve. >> reporter: chris, if we have viewers at home only partially watching they will want to come to the tv for two reasons. one i will show you a man police are calling arm and dangerous, you can help identify. two i will show you a man arm with the chair chasing a man armed with a gun. take a look a this. >> he is here. here. and then i hit him again with the chair right there. >> reporter: that is hotel manager diamond burrwell describing how he attack and chased a man, armed with the gun by using a chair. >> very interesting. >> reporter: his instincts are caught on camera. lets take a look that is chasing a suspect after the north american motor lodge is robbed at gunpoint. what you do not see is the gun man fires two shots at burrwell breast scaping.
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>> it is not worth losing your life over something like this it is not worth it. killing somebody. it is not worth it. >> reporter: police say its one of four hotels robbed or attempted december 20th and into the the 21st in a 13 hour period n every case the man is armed, swift demanding whatever cash or items he can get his hand on. three more instances occurred on the 23rd all in the border of south philadelphia and delaware county and police believe it is all by one suspect. >> this male is desperate. he looks like he just need money. >> reporter: southwest detective lose john walker say they have recently recovered two cars stolen and used on both days of the robberies. they are hoping it leads to a man being called armed and dangerous. >> we are just asking he or his family members please turn yourself in and dot right thing and we will get you help that you need. >> reporter: in all seven armed or attempted armed robberies police say the description is the same it is a black male dark complex about 40 years old, 6 feet with a thin build.
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if you have any information you're asked to call police immediately. we have mentioned it spilled over into delaware county. coming up we will talk to a local police chief who tells us what is being done. reporting from southwest detectives, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have got some new video tonight of iris giveany the the four two-year old accused oven gauge nothing a sexual relation ship with the pottsgrove high school student. she waved her preliminary hearing today. police say that she and victim met in the school function. meanwhile sources tell "eyewitness news" that while he work with the cheer leading squad she was not a school employee. police are trying to figure out what caused a deadly accident in nicetown, the driver there killed, three passengers, including a pregnant woman injured this accident happened around 10:30 last night. they believe the the driver was exiting route one, near wissohickon and roberts avenue exit when she lost control and hit a pole. >> and ran into an embankment
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where the vehicle actually dropped off of a 20-foot embankment. >> police say that alcohol, was found inside of the vehicle, also the front seat passenger a 24 year-old man is in critical condition tonight. the back seat passenger is a man and that pregnant woman also 24 are expect to be okay. well, car hits a building in northern liberties today, this crash happened at sixth and spring garden street this morning. good news is no one was injured, in that accident. well, coming together in camden to remember the 2014 victims of murder. "eyewitness news" at the cathedral of the immaculate conception in camden. the services are holding their annual vigil for peace. it is 31 hours long, one hour for each murder victim in camden from last year. well, after weeks of tensions building between new york city a's mayor and its
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police departments, both side sat down for a private meet to go day. new york police commissioner william bratton and several union head were there with mayor bill deblasio. the those union leaders blamed mayor for fostering an anti police atmosphere in new york which led up to the ambush murders, of two police officers. well, still to come here on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 a wild scene in chicago as cars are buried under salt. find out how this happened. plus, new years eve is just around the corner and in atlantic city parties are set up all around town. i'll tell you just how much prices go up if you want to extra over for the fun. for many of us weight loss will be a top new years resolution for 2015, americans are expected to spend billions on weight loss supplements but are they effective? our health reporter stephanie stahl is on your side with a new look at risks involved. th
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is there breaking news into "eyewitness news" this is chopper three live over drexel hill delaware county, we know there has been a shooting near garrett road and shaveland avenue there. as you can see police are on the scene, a very active scene, and we will continue to keep you updated as we gotter information on tv and more information as it comes in as we are always on line at cbs well, on the healthwatch this year as the new year approaches dieting will top many of our lists of
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resolutions, last year americans spent billions on weight loss supplement but our health reporter stephanie stahl has details on a new survey that shows as you lot of confusion and misinformation about diet supplements. >> reporter: losing weight is one of the most popular new years resolutions and a new consumer reports survey a says a quarter of dieters will use weight loss supplements. >> on the bottles they make a lot of claims and i think people want something that will make weight loss easier for them. >> but there is just nothing that does that. >> reporter: consumer reports surveyed 3,000 people and found 9 percent of supplement users said they met their goals and kept the pound off but a lot more got some results, they didn't want. >> about half of the people in our survey who were taken weight loss supplements experienced some kind of side effect such as dry mouth or digestive issues jitterness shaking. >> reporter: survey found 20 percent of people think
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that the food and drug administration guaranties the the safety of weight loss supplements but the the f.d.a. regulates them much like foods, meaning they are considered safe, unless they are shown not to be safe. >> someone has got to to do a study that shows that it works, just saying that it works, advertising that it works, that is not enough. >> reporter: and experts say label the weight loss supplements often look like what is on over the counter medication so people might think they are more reliable. also, the the survey shows that a lot of people a third of them, taking diet supplements also take prescription medications, a combination that can cause dangerous complications. a lot of controversy with this, we will have more details on facebook and twitter. too good to be true sometimes with those supplements. >> just can't cut corners with weight loss unfortunately. >> stephanie, thanks very much. good evening everyone. traveling on all of our majors you are going to find some sort of volume, like the vine street expressway traveling on the vine in either
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direction it doesn't matter where you are headed, to the schuylkill expressway westbound side, down toward 95 using eastbound side both side of the vine are delayed. ninety-five also we're seeing that usual slow down we see around this time, 95 southbound through construction zone around cottman avenue. it will continue vine street expressway north bound approaching the vine out through to cottman a little slow spot. there are breaks in that volume where we are not all in the red but you're basically in the red right around construction zone. so to other places you are traveling about 30 miles an hour, but through construction zones it will be dropping down in the teens. twenty-eight is your average on parts of the schuylkill expressway, 35 just change up on us there, 76 around your western suburbs still slow traveling on the roosevelt boulevard watch out for those northbound delays from 76 out through to broad street area but in delaware i-95 delaware we have an accident, blocking right lane and you will fine delays around 295 chris.
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still to come on "eyewitness news" why a clothing ad for annie is sparking controversy. also new years eve is one of the biggest nights on the babysitting calendar. consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with what parents should know about last minute booking, pay and finding good care. leslie? well, although the season is over much of the eagles success has to be attributed to special teams and anchor in large part by chris maragos, i sat down with chris to talk about this special group and unique way he made it to the
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a driver in new jersey catches what might be a meteor, streak ago cross the sky. keep an eye on the top right of your screen, pete check, spotted the fireball, last night, he was driving on 287 in morris county and there it is, do you see it, kathy? the american meteor society received more than 400 report of the meteors across the northeast just last night so maybe pete was on to something there. thanks, pete. >> once in a while you do see that. pretty interesting. i saw one a couple weeks ago on the way, on the way home from evening news. >> you weren't recording. >> i was driving, and it was so fast, i thought wow, i think that is a meteor. always compelling to see something like that in the sky. >> it is. >> what is going on in the skies approaching new years eve. >> we have clear skies, cold temperatures but we have some young meteorologists in the
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field that i want to introduce everyone too. we held a kid caster event a at plymouth meeting mall, if you want to see future of wet, let's take a look. >> i want to be a kid caster well, because i want to be famous. i want to be a cbs-3 kid caster because i think it would be a fun experience. >> it is supposed to be sunny in philadelphia and 80's and in the 80's. thanks for watching now back to you, kathy. thank you, nya. i wish it was going to be sunny and in the 80's. you can catch more kidcasters on line at cbs and stay tuned for future kid caster event at an area near you. the lets talk about the weather, because one place they are loving the cold is jack frost big boulder, making snow like crazy. conditions are very good. i will step out so you can see snow guns and a lot of kid young and old out there enjoying that snow. we're going to have more of it manmade, unfortunately with these cold temperatures. so where is this snow? we have not had much of it the
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this season so far, the winter has been pretty quiet. you can see where all that bear ground that is is where we have not had much of anything. the lets look at norms also. we have actual and normal for december. look at chicago only a trace, they usually have 8.5 inches of snow by now. in pittsburgh only .2 of an inch, they usually have 8 inches. closer to home if in philadelphia a tenth of an inch. we have 3.4 in new york. they usually have 4.8. boston normal is nine. only .3 of an inch of snow. we have not had it. it was a very warm month. we will end up at 4 degrees above normal but the cold is coming. that is one of the ingredients we will need for some january snow. right now in philadelphia, 35 degrees allentown 31. poconos cold at 22. the cold is through the west like it was, remember in november when we had really cold temperatures. right now the temperature in winnipeg is eight below in international falls it is five below. in minneapolis it is two. but take a look at these wind chills i mean this is something else.
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the international falls 23 degrees below zero. that is the wind chill. winnipeg 26 degrees below zero, closer to home, a little closer to home minneapolis 17 below. milwaukee only three. we will talk about very, very cold air moving our way. we will get a piece of that cold because air will moderate by the time it makes its way east. mostly sunny temperatures in the 30's. new years day 30's as well. below average. by friday we will bounce backup to 40 degrees. overnight, a few cloud low of 26. pretty cold during the day tomorrow. high temperature new years eve 35, with gusts to 25 miles an hour. the as we ring in the new year at midnight with those fire works at penns landing the temperature is 27 degrees. the brisk and cold. if you are skiing over the the next couple days it looks great, thursday, new years day 28, good snow making weather, friday not as cold 36 with the mix of sun and clouds. on your three day forecast new years day high temperature 38. by friday 43 with partly sunny
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skies. at least the sunnies back. so what will january look like we will look at that the with the seven day forecast. the for now we will take a quick break and be
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one of the bright spots this season is special teams i sat down with chris mara goes to talk about this special group of players and unconventional path that he took to get to the nfl. his first season with the eagles chris played a big part in making the eagles special teams so special. on his first nfl touchdown one of seven eagles scored this season. >> when you have 11 and one in the strength and we don't have
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necessity weak links or guys doing their all things and all about one purpose and that is to help the team win. >> reporter: earlier he found himself going down a dark path. >> when ways in high school i was involved in drugs, i was providing drugs to other kids in school vandal icing peoples houses, ripping people stuff off. finally, it is nothing i'm not proud of but i like to talk bit and i give kid hope to say i was there. look at how you can change things around and you can go in the right direction. >> reporter: with a little luck and a lot of skill he found football and thrived at the university of wisconsin. >> my brother was buffy the badger, and he knew the star football player, in luke swann. me and my brother have a lot in common. would you take a chance to look at it. next thing i'm end ising to it his home address in madison wisconsin. i'm getting a head coach from the university of wisconsin. here i am walking on and being part of the team. >> here he is. >> great guy. everybody roofs him good what a phenomenal story he has,
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leslie thanks very much. here we are in the next half an hour we have outrage over a new target clothing ad we will tell you all about it. are you heading to atlantic city toy ring in the new year? get ready to pay. we will tell you why you will be spending more for a hotel room then just about anywhere else in the the country. the mummers are making last minute preparations before they strut down broad street, we will take a look behind the scenes, coming up. and then at 6:00 o'clock. >> this holiday veterans will be waiting for your call ready, willing and able to get you home safe this new years eve, i am will's justin finch with more on this one of a kind designated driver
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we're following breaking news at this hour, chopper three is still live at this moment over drexel hill delaware veil. we know there has been a shooting near garrett road and shadeland avenue. we are working to confirm the details of this shooting. we understand police may have been involved, this may be a fatal shooting, as well, but again details very sketchy. we will continue to keep you updated throughout the the night. robert palin is in philadelphia tonight this man is charged with two rapes in penny pack park, palin extradited from the state of wisconsin. he is also facing charges of attempted murder. local investigators are back on the hunt for a serial
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robber who has been targeting hotels in southwest philadelphia in tinicum township. this is surveillance video from one of five hotels that have been hit so far. kathy? chris in, weather we're talking about a cold end to 2014, and a chilly start to 2015. we are going to have a storm brewing this weekend and also looking ahead, to january, will it be cold or will this mild trend continue? we will take a look the at that coming up with the seven day forecast and beyond. okay kathy, thanks very much. as we count down days to 2015 final preparations are underway in times square. this year city's most famous ornament is encrusted with 2600 crystals big ball drop draws an estimated 1 million people in the the heart of manhattan each year. certainly tall order for nypd which is on high alert and setting up extra security throughout new york. meanwhile hotels in atlantic city are getting ready for the big night and
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according to travel magazine atlantic city is second only to new orleans as most expensive place to find a room on new years eve. our new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live on the boardwalk this evening to find out just why the prices are so steep cleve. >> reporter: chris, in the last 12 months atlantic city has lost about 10,000 jobs and a lot of that coming from the four casinos that closed but despite a time of uncertainty here in atlantic city with the economic situation people love coming here for new years eve and they are willing to pay top dollar. >> this is one of our corner suites. >> reporter: normally this time of the year it is not hard to find a week day room deal for under hundred dollars in atlantic city as casino compete to draw in business but according to travel experts new years eve the average room goes for $350. just about every hotel in town is booked. so how does a town with annex stream unemployment command such prices? it is still one of the best places in the country to have
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a party. >> is there so much more entertainment, gaming 24/7 liquor 24/7. there is people that have reward programs. people just want to get away. >> reporter: on new years eve clubs and ballrooms like here in caesars will be pack as casino give a top notch experience from invited guests from their rewards program. that creates a good situation for non-casino hotels like claridge that can cash in on accommodating rest of the crowd that wants to join the party. >> we are so excited about new years eve. our first one under our new ownership. the new claridge hotel has six events going on all at one time. >> reporter: dj dance party, and elegant meals are approaching capacity in advanced ticket sales. while 2014 will go down as the year atlantic silt i has been down on its luck, businesses are glad to end on a prosperous note. >> this is the future of atlantic city, freestanding hotel, no casino attached to it and so far it is very
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successful new years eve. >> reporter: if you can't find a room or don't want to pay that much money don't worry room prices should go back down in january. we will continue to be low during the week all throughout the spring. reporting live from atlantic city, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thanks very much. while other mummers divisions get ready to strut down broad street fancy brigades are putting final touches on their convention center performances. kyw the news radio mike did nard owe has the look last minute feathers, stapeling gluing, drilling as 11 fancy brigades complete the broadway style backdrops and back piece that he is will adorn their indoor performances. >> today is dress up day where we put all of the press i stuff on glitter jewels, mirrors. >> reporter: downtowners are prepare a theme call mystical rel that many might feature a fire breathing dragon. the captain frank says the crew will be working right up until the first show at noon time on new years day.
5:35 pm
>> we have one game a year like the super bowl. >> reporter: next to a big magic lap, jean of the golden crown club was dressing a huge a laden. >> i sewed all of the material at home, we are putting it together, piece by piece and hopefully it will look its best, for new years day. >> reporter: for fancy brigades preparing for this day is a labor of love, there is no longer any prize money involved. for these mummers it is all about entertaining people that will fill these stand and maintaining a true philadelphia tradition. at the convention center mike dinardo for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". target is under fire tonight in connection with its clothing line that is based on the new annie movie. the thousands of signed a petition asking retail tore replace in store ads for these clothes. the that is because some of the ads feature a white girl wearing the annie red dress. in this new movie annie is played by an african-american
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actress. target says ads features girls of various ethnicities and they say that the annie apparel was limited run and will be out of stores later this week. well sometimes when it rains, it pores, that is certainly slogan for one salt company in chicago. it takes on a extra meaning today. take a look, one of the walls at morton salt factory collapsed spilling tons of salt into the street n fact you can see several cars at a car dealership wound up being buried. fortunately there, no one was hurt. good evening everyone, still quite a rush hour on our hand, if you are traveling on the vine street expressway schuylkill i-95 same old story, looking at vine street expressway we have delays in either direction, no doubt about that. eastbound is by far the worst of the two, and heading between schuylkill and i-95 we are jammed solid the entire way. westbound expect delays a approaching 76, we will notice brake lights being hit around
5:37 pm
the parkway. traveling on i-95 frozen, was just let out not too long ago. if you are traveling in the southbound direction of i-95 making your way out of the area of the wells fargo center you will notice a hold up there. northbound i-95 no delays in this area but in either direction of i-95 traveling around construction zones of cottman and girard on top of rush hour traffic between vine street expressway and northeast be mindful of. that you are traveling 22 miles an hour. twenty-nine on the schuylkill. traveling in the 50's further south on i-95 in delaware county no delays for mass transit, chris. let's update breaking news that we have been following out of drexel hill delaware county again scene from chopper three, "eyewitness news" has confirmed that the shooting is in fact a fatal shooting and that the police are involved. we're working on the circumstances surrounding this incident we will keep you up to date here on tv as more information comes in and have of course on line at cbs welshing still to come on
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"eyewitness news" we know new years eve can bring a win fall for baby-sitters. three on your side jim donovan has advice about last minute bookings and why you may not have to pay as much as you think. from celebrity weddings to whacky scandals, we will look back at some of the biggest entertainment stories of 2014. in weather we're talking about cold and getting colder as we end the month of december and say hello to 2015. we will look at that for the who will will day weekend coming up
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time to check out philadelphia job market report, here is cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. >> reporter: as the year comes to a close are you dreaming of becoming your own boss in 2015? considering that about half of all new businesses survive just five years or more you'll need to do your homework. start with the business plan that explains the new venture and your background, what differentiates your business from all others, identified files your target customer and includes a competitive analysis of organizations, in your space. you'll also need to project
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the numbers to determine how much start up financing will be required. but you don't have to go at it alone, take advantage of free resources, available to help you develop your idea. the philadelphia district office of the small business administration, offers advice and information on starting or growing a business. it also provides financial assistance through guarantied loans made by local lenders. log on to sba dot golf and search for philadelphia. the site also lists special resources devoted to women and veterans. i'm jill schlesinger for
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we are winding down 2014 on a cold but calm note and tomorrow a lot of people will be outside at this time as fail clears up for first of two fire works shows. meteorologist justin drabick live at mobile weather lab tonight at franklin square one of many great viewing spots for celebrate 2015 justin. >> that is right chris. this time tomorrow we will be counting down to that first fire works spectacular show at 6:00 o'clock and of course, another one at midnight but tonight, decent amount of people out here at franklin square taking in the holiday lights display going on and also taking advantage of the
5:46 pm
food shops still opened and little bit chilly but everyone is dressed warm. now tomorrow there will be a lot of great place's cross the city to view fire works from penns landing but right here in franklin square will be one of those places. guy know franklin square puts on its own holiday lights show every night it is called the electrical spectacle, the seven minute she starts 30 in minutes from 4:30 to 8:00 features a 12-foot kite made of lights and hundreds of feet of garland. it end tomorrow night so come here watch the light show here at franklin square and stick around for light show in the sky. how about that forecast tomorrow night we will go to our weather graphic and break your new years eve for you. it will be dry but cold. 6:00 o'clock that first fire works show. 31 degrees with a few cloud around by 9:ú0 it is colder upper 20's with mostly clear skies and we will keep those skies clear at midnight but very chilly with temperature of 27 degrees. the good news is the the wind
5:47 pm
should begin to die down as well. i want to bring you back here live to the cbs-3 mobile weather lab but first we have to mention you can be part of the broadcast tomorrow. join us on new years eve we will broadcast live from pens land to go bring you the spectacular fire works show at stroke of midnight and be part of the special by sending us your new years wishes. visit cbs or use the hash tag cbs-3nye. we have 36.3 degrees, right now, so, it is getting colder but hey it is late december and we can expect these temperatures. tomorrow it will be even a little bit colder. for the rest of the forecast we will send it back to the studio with kathy for a check of the seven day. >> good evening, to you as well. lights great out there. weather watchers are saying it is very cold out here tonight with the clear skies and light winds. once those wind pick up tomorrow we will talk about wind chills again. lets start off in south jersey temperature 36 degrees right the now reporting in wynonna, kathy is saying it is cold
5:48 pm
pressure steady but we have a clear sky and beautiful view of the moon tonight in wynonna south jersey. thank you very much kathy. we will take you to the north and west of philadelphia temperature 28 degrees, reported in schwanksville. doug is saying wind is out of the north very light. now feels like winter. i agree with that as well. lets look at the high temperatures. wynonna 41. media 39. nottingham pennsylvania 39 degrees. in mays landing, 37 is come. if would you like to be a weather watcher we would love to have you join the the team. we are expecting a very busy 2015 weather-wise. go to cbs, it is cold outside our studios and throughout the delaware valley. here is campbell's field looking at center city where temperatures are in the 30's but it has been a very mild month. the month of december, will finish around 4 degrees above average, as far as precipitation, and below
5:49 pm
average by a tenth or so highest temperature 65 degrees. that was early in the month and low temperature, 27 degrees. actually the coldest winter we have had so far this season has been in november when we got down to 20 degrees. we have not had anything that cold ever since n philadelphia 35. thirty-five in millville. 22 degrees in the poconos. thirty-one in reading. out to the west core of the cold air with wind chills below zero temperatures in the single numbers through minneapolis, sue city through montana and milwaukee at 15. st. louis 27. piece of that cold air will be moving in our way over next couple days. cold air hits high pressure and we will have those clear skies and we will have some very cold numbers to report as well. for your new years eve high temperature will be in the 30's, and as we look at the fire works we will have that forecast, coming even colder then for your thursday new years day a good day to watch some football stay inside temperatures in the 30's again or for mummers parade be
5:50 pm
outdoor. then on friday temperatures maryland rate more seasonal in the 40's as high pressures goes to the south. we will have a few clouds cold, low of 26. wind picks up tomorrow. we will have it gusting to 25 miles an hour during the day, combine that with the 35-degree temperature, wind chills will be in the 20's. the as we ring in the new year look at this for fire works new years eve at midnight brisk and cold, temperature 27. wind chills in the lower 20's and our seven day forecast you can see temperatures maryland rate friday 43. saturday 41 with rain late, rainy day on sunday but turning colder monday and tuesday and beyond the seven day between the the seventh and 13th we are talking about even colder temperature. look at this where you see that light blue that is temperatures below average for the delaware valley. so pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware, and once we get cold we have to wait for moisture i think we will have more snow, in january. that is very latest chris now back to you. >> thanks, kathy.
5:51 pm
well, new years eve ace monk the biggest nights of the year for baby-sitters. whether parents are looking to make a last minute booking or to leave the kid with the care giver for the first time jim donovan has advice when dealing with this big night out. >> reporter: new years eve can bring a wind fall for baby-sitters. >> it is the day that sitters look forward to making more money and parents know in advance that they have to be prepared to get a sitter and pay more if you wanting to out that night. >> reporter: urban say parents are prepared to pay two times the normal rate on new years eve. in reality the cities seeing rates of 30 percent higher and it is not just demand driving price. >> it is going to be a very long night, they will go out somewhere, it is a bigger commitment than just normal friday or saturday night. >> reporter: urban setters suggest creative and collaboration. >> favorite sitter that doesn't wanting to out but would have fun bringing her friend to your house and two
5:52 pm
of them can watch your kid and another family's kid at the same time. >> reporter: since it is not just a typical night out urban sitter recommend they determine bedtimes and other expectations when booking a sitter and that includes offering a realistic time as to when to be home after ringing in the new year you speak from experience. >> i was a great baby-sitter. one year i had eight kid. it was like a military boot camp. they fell in line. >> no riots. >> you treat them like small adults and they respect that. kid love me. >> scratch jim off the list of potential baby-sitters. >> hey, they were always alive when the parents came home that is key thing. >> that is most important thing. jim, thanks very much. still to come on "eyewitness news" from music music celebrity weddings and late night changes we will look back at the year in entertainment next.
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susan marquez has a look at the year in president tane. >> taylor swift shook off her country route in 2014. she launched a hip pop album and named billboard a's woman of the year. >> ♪ >> iggy azalea had a break out year with her smash, fancy. >> thanks for coming. >> matthew mcconaughey nabbed a oscar for his role in dallas buyers club and followed it up with a emmy nomination for hbo's true detective and box office hit inter stellar. ellen degenerous crashed twitter and, set a record of most retweets with hollywood a listers at the hollywood oscars. hackers leaked nude photos of jennifer lawrence and other celebrities on the internet and in one of the biggest celebrity hacking scandals, ever. the photos were stolen from the stars icloud account. hackers targeted sony pictures revealing
5:57 pm
embarrassing e-mails about everyone from adam sandler to leonardo dicaprio. beyonce's sister made headlines after tmz posted video of solange physically assaulting jay-z in an elevator. nbc pulled plug on the series with bill cosby after more than a dozen women accused the legendary comedian of drugging and molesting them over several decade. cost bye denied accusations through his lawyers. there were several shocking celebrity deaths the the suicide of comedian robin williams funny lady joan rivers, following complications from surgery, and the heroin overdose of acclaimed actor philip see more hoffman. tracie morgan was critically injured when a wal-mart truck slammed into his limo. a changing of the guard in late night tv, jimmy fallon took over tonight show from jay leno. >> the the network has been great but i'm retiring. >> reporter: david letterman announced he is retiring next
5:58 pm
year. steven colbert will take over the late show. in august, after nine years and six children together angelina jolie and brad pitt finally got hitched in a top secret ceremony. and the world's most eligible bachelor george clooney tied the knot with british liar amal alamuddin in a lavish wednesday nothing venice. susan marquez, for cbs news in, los angeles. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 developing news a man has been charged with raping and beating two women in penny pack park. he has been found hundreds of miles away we're live. also a serial robber is on the loose this video showing him rob a local hotel at gunpoint. tonight, we will talk to a hotel manager who tried to fight back. and it is one of a kind designated driver program, meet local veterans who are making it their mission, to get you home safe and sound on new years eve. kathy? it has been a mild december but that is about to change, as we ring in the new
5:59 pm
year, we will talk about how cold it will get, for new years eve and beyond with that seven day forecast, it is all next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. there has been a shooting in drexel hill, and "eyewitness news" has now confirmed at least one police officer was involved and at least one person is dead. chopper three is live over that scene as investigators close off, the the area well, good evening i'm chris may. the guess case a off tonight. lets get outside to "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones at the scene now, todd. >> chris, that shooting happened at 4:15 here this afternoon and joining us live right now is upper darby police superintendent michael chitwood to explain. this all began earlier this afternoon in clifton and take me through beginning, what happened here. >> we're very preliminarily into the the investigation but
6:00 pm
around 4:15, clifton police were following a vehicle the operator turnout to be a five two-year old white male was wanted for terroristic threats. threatening police, threatening fbi agents to kill them. clifton asked for backup, to make a felony car stop here, on garrett road. they stopped the vehicle, they surrounded the vehicle the operator, was in the vehicle by himself and he put the car in reverse and tried to run over clifton police chief who smashed into his suv. several other officers were around, tried to run them over police then opened fire. fired several shots. there is probably, five shooters,. >> reporter: it was haverford police, clifton police and upper darby police. >> there is five shooters and it is haverford, upper darby and clifton. >> reporter: was he


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