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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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several bags collected by crime scene investigators. inn identify what could be clues leading to the man wanted for a report of the sexual assault in that parking garage from that stairwell to the general parking lot area here's where police spent a great deal of their time this afternoon and also where they found quite a bit of evidence. on that second level just before 11:00 a.m. authorities report a three three-year old woman was sexually assaulted. her attacker an unknown man somehow got away. >> i feel so shocked and very upset i just can't believe it. >> reporter: news that put the neighborhood on edge the four story garage primarily serves the one franklin town high rise and it is also opened to the public . neighbors say the garage does have a security presence. >> i know both of the rovers who walk up and down the aisles, two that my building hired, and i know they do a real diligent job with insuring the safety of myself and people that live in my apartment building and monthly renters. >> reporter: there are
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surveillance camera too but no word yet if they captured any clues. >> it is mind boggling crazy, what a good way to start the new year. >> reporter: this stretch of callowhill is very busy loss of foot traffic, home to several apartment buildings as well as the community college of philadelphia also is nearby. here is some of the urgency to find this man is very palpable tonight. we can tell thaw victim was taken to hahnemann hospital and she is in stable condition at last check. police have not told us yet what they are looking for looks like. we are live justin finch, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". gorgeous, sunny day to take in a parade. "eyewitness news" along the mummers route today where onlookers braved chilly temperatures and a little bit of wind. more on the mummers in a moment but first lets get to meteorologist kathy orr with a cold start to 25 of 2015, hi kathy. >> it wasn't temperatures so much but it was the win. wind gusting to 30 miles an hour at times.
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we had a gust on the sky deck a few seconds ago. temperatures are seasonably cold on the first day of january. take a look at the delaware valley, 29 in the poconos 346789 in dover and reading. thirty-six in trenton. wind out of the southwest generally between ten and 15 miles an hour but higher gusts making it feel much colder. philadelphia feels like freezing, 26 in allentown. 28 degrees in dover. it feels like 18 in the poconos. what can we expect tonight? temperatures falling slowly through the 30's. wind helping to keep those temperatures up a bit until the overnight hours when that wind subside. coming up we will talk about the weekend and we have a storm coming but it will be bringing rain, brief warm up on tap as well and then back to blustery, could it be for good, john typically the coldest month of the year and we will see what happens this year. i'll have the seven day coming up later in the broadcast. a southward strut a new spin on a philadelphia
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tradition. for the first time the the mummers parade makes its way north to south. from the floats to the fancy to the comics, braving the cold the annual event changes life on broad street but tonight there are mixed feelings about that new format. "eyewitness news" reporter matt riffs is live at the pennsylvania convention center where festivity are still underway tonight, matt. >> reporter: jessica we are in the third fancy brigade about to take the stage here, one of the dozens or so brigades set to take part in the annual competition. these mummers are were out on broad street and across center city throughout most of the day to day, this being new years day of course a mummers excentric day and not everyone we talked to agreed with the proposed changes to this years route. >> happy new year. >> reporter: who better to bring in the new year then 10,000 or so mummers dressed in their sequence vest on broad street strutting and marching to their own beat with thousands along the the
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sidewalks. >> what are you out here doing. >> we are strutting, that is what we are doing. >> reporter: are you having a good time. >> great time. >> reporter: sit worth being out here in the cold to see this cool stuff. >> definitely. >> reporter: big changes in the parade route did bring some confusion and traffic jams. we park near broad and spruce and heard both side of the parade route debate. >> it is just about being here and being with everyone the the atmosphere whatever sometimes change is good, right. >> i don't know if i like the way it changed. i don't like seeing in the rear right mirror. >> reporter: parade used to start deep in south philadelphia and finish the at city hall this year it started at city hall and went south on broad only to washington avenue shortening it by 2 miles. organizers hope it would bring out more crowds. a rally in south philadelphia protested the change, when the mummers started in south philadelphia to reflect that. >> it deserves to be down there. it should have been down here. >> reporter: whether it is for
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or against it we rarely saw anything but a smile thursday during the parade. they were all having a good time at philly's biggest party. >> happy new year. whether agree with that new parade route or not, most people can agree that the spectacle of the fancy brigades is second to none. things are moving along here at the convex center. a winner gets announced later tonight. we're live from the convention center, matt rivers cbs-3 "eyewitness news". did he mention that the winners will be announced tonight, we will post the names of the division leader on our web site, it is cbs new at 6:00 o'clock tonight, and his children are alive thanks to a brave camden county police officers. two officers were on patrol when they were alerted to the fire on the 800 block of atlantic avenue yesterday. two others joined in and kicked down the the door, the smoke was so thick, one officers collapsed. they shouted for mother to
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bring her four and seven year-old daughter to the rear window and then they locked armed and even more human net. >> they they armed together when children jumped out of the second floor window they were able to save their lives as they jumped out of the window. >> they just have any incident involving children you just want to go in there and do whatever you can to help out. >> at last word mother and children are in critical condition. the injured officer was treated for smoke inhalation and released to day. police in bensalem bucks county are investigating a new years day shooting this came around 10:45 and victim was found in the home in the 1100 block of wittier avenue with the fatal gunshot wound. so far no word on the victim's identity. police in philadelphia are investigating the city's first homicide of the year. fatal shooting happened this morning on the 5800 block of north phillips street in olney. investigators say that the 19 year-old victim was pronounced dead at the scene just after
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5:00 a.m. still no word on a motive in the case but anyone with any information is asked to call the police. fire fighters in burlington county, new jersey spent almost five hours battling a massive warehouse fire, and now, they are searching for a cause. the flames broke out around 3:30 inside of the vacant warehouse on holeman treat in mount holly. luckily no injuries were reported but fire did force neighbors out of their homes overnight. new year is marked by tragedy after a deadly shooting in delaware county. officers responded to the scene in the 1400 block of cohain street in chester around 1:00 this morning. so far no comment from chester police and that shooting remains under investigation. an unusual story out of lower merion this exclusive "eyewitness news" video shows a van police say was stole bine a patient at lankenau medical center and then crashed. this happened around 4:00 a.m. investigators say that the unidentified patient was still
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wearing a hospital gown and had a iv in his arm when that he arrived on the scene. they say that the patient suffered serious injuries after that van fell down an embankment. he is now being treated at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. in pennsylvania, the state's gas tax jumped at midnight raising wholesale prices by 10 cents per gallon. according to triple a a gallon of regular gas cost an average of 2.54, in pennsylvania. in new jersey it is $2.27 a gallon. drivers in delaware pay an average of 2.4 two. that extra tax money is intended for pennsylvania's state transportation projects tonight "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry talked to pennsylvania drivers about having one of the highest gas taxes in the country. >> gas prices may be at an all time low but at gas tax a pennsylvania setback drivers 10 cents a gallon. >> money does not grow on trees unfortunately. >> no one likes a tax increase. >> reporter: this is second of three taxes installment.
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>> taxers and producers of oil and it is up to them to decide how much they will pass on to the consumer. >> reporter: last years hike brought in 800 million-dollar, something triple a says is needed. >> pennsylvania's road and bridgees were in dire need of this shot of cash but for motorist it is coming at a time when the economy is still a little bit shaky. >> reporter: overall drivers now pay 70 cents a gallon in state and federal gas taxes. but with gas prices at an all time low some drivers don't mind the hike. >> right now with the prices the way they are we all won't notice it. >> reporter: tax revenue are set to make improvements on roads and bridges. penndot says this will help in the long run. >> some of the provide less wear and tear on the car no potholes, saving their align the. and rims. >> reporter: first gas tax increase helped raise money to fix problem areas like street road here in warminster and drivers have taken notice. >> last year it was really bad down here and they finally fixed it. it needs improvements on some
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of the highways. >> they are a lot better. roads are a lot smoother. everything is a lot smoother on the road. >> reporter: penndot says gas tax hike will help keep it that way. >> end of the five years on this program we will have $2.5 billion to upkeep and maintain infrastructure. >> reporter: that will help down the road n warminster syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come on "eyewitness news" ringing in the new year with a bottle of joy we will look at first babies born in our area in 2015 carol. the the best sight in the animal shelter a dog getting a new home, we will have that story coming up. in weather we are talking about another storm moving our way, once again, we will stay on the warm side of this we will talk about the the cold temperatures, when the rain moves in and how warm it is going to get that is in the seven day, beasley? winter classic kicks off in washington why the flyers even the year on the low note,
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plus college bowl games today including rose bowl underway right now in pass dean, all a head in sports.
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new borns will have a story to tell today. >> sophia graceland dawson was
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born at 3:04 this morning at temple university hospital. mom, dad and daughter are all doing just fine right now. no feed for resolutions, they have all of the happy, they can handle. and meet marquis, he was born a few hours before sophia, he came into the world shortly after the fire works at 12:39 a.m. at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. mom tiana key say she is happy to kick off the the new year with their special little man. >> what a sweet face good they are so cute. for four hours today families in delaware county had a chance to add a new fury member to their home. >> as "eyewitness news" reporter carol erickson shows us, it wasn't just people looking for the right match. >> reporter: looking the at happy wagging tail in the back seat former shelter dog summer does not in miss much in life anymore. not even his front leg not with pajamas on the other one but to know them at home is to know something is missing in
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his life. >> i was at boot camp our friend here lost his best friend, so we are just trying to find him a new one. >> reporter: three little thumper and his marine core owner came running back to the delaware county spca to find that new friend on new years day. little diesel once lived in the shelter his big adopted sister delilah too and they need aid third dog face at home to make it really home. >> we are looking to rescue another one and give them a good home. >> reporter: just past the season of giving, giving of second chances to animals for a special new years price, $20, 15 cents. but for new owners, slade his new dog ryan, worth a million. >> we took him out to the kennel ape walk him and just fell in love with him. >> reporter: nose to nose in the greet yard where family pets come to meet their new family members first to nose to nose in the cat room where kittens get chosen snuggled and getting to home to sleep on family bed. >> our hope toys find them the ultimate forever home.
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>> reporter: now thumper has his new forever friend, has a home, and u-conn will join delilah and diesel's family. as the sunsets on some new home comings it reflects on others, that so many more need that chance to get out of that cage and into homes. at the delaware county spca, carol erickson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". love to see animals going to a new good home. >> that is great. >> very special dogs career is coming to a career in burlington county. >> evesham police k-9 miko is retiring after six years on the force. he specialized in drug detection and was also trained in handler protection and apprehension of suspects. niko and his partner matthew devito have received commendations and made significant arrests. he will spend his retirement with officer devote owe and his family. with our frigid weather right now summer seems so far away, it seems like a pipe dream, right. >> it cannot get here fast
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enough but one of our area's favorite vacation spots is earning a lot of high praise. according to trip advisor wildwood, new jersey is the number one destination on the rise in the united states. the the rankings are based on 52 spots around the world that have seen the greatest increase in positive reviews and wildwood is in good company. it topped the list featuring nags head, north caroline prescott arizona telluride colorado and pompano beach california. >> just think, unofficial start of the summer season little less of five months way. it seems so long. our eyewitness weather watchers are saying no we're not talking about summer but we are still gearing up for winter. it is pretty cold. taking a closer look we can see temperatures mainly in the 30's and a few 40's here and there. johnnies reporting from morrisville, he tells us that the temperature is 37 degrees right now, getting bitter cold after a nice sunny day. it was a seasonal day.
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may not have felt like it but it indeed was. lets look at temperatures to the the north. 38 degrees reported in trenton, peter always sends in great reports clearing skies temperatures dropping and a beautiful, waxes moon picture he sent in, a new years day moon a great the day to celebrate. if would you like to be part of the eyewitness weathernet work we would love to you join the team it is are easy to do just go to cbs we have had some cold air to the north in the poconos. they have been loving it. making snow 24/7 at jack frost big boulder. some novice skiers out there some veterans, just really enjoying the the conditions and it looks like it will be pretty decent next couple of days before the warm weather comes. our live neighborhood network shows us high temperatures around the region today seasonably cold in the villas cape may county airport temperature of 45 for the high. dover air force base made to it 43 degrees. millville at municipal airport
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42 and international airport in philadelphia a 42-degree reading. right now 39 in the city. thirty-five in allentown. twenty-nine in the poconos. out to the west some cold air least mains, wichita cold enough for snow, oklahoma city 33 dallas 35, houston 34. very cold in the plains and the south and this is where our next storm is coming from. they are on the borderline but they are just warming up to be rain and all this will move up the eastern seaboard. we will stay on the warm side of a storm again. so on this new years night we will see cold temperatures but clear skies, during the day on friday sunny again but chilly and then by saturday afternoon the rain will move up from the south and west. could start as a wintry picket in the lehigh value but everything changed saturday night into sunday which will be between a warm front and approaching cold front on sunday. that the is the warm sector. that means temperatures will rise in the 60's. this cold front moves through sunday night and changes
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everything and back to blustery realities of january. take a lot rain amounts though saturday into sunday, computer models generally around an inch of rain looking at both of them. overnight tonight temperatures will fall once again 20's in the suburbs. thirty in the city with partly cloudy skies. tomorrow sunny and seasonal high of 42. on the exclusive seven day forecast check it the out, temperatures will be rising a little bit saturday, lot offer sunday and turning much colder after that, by thursday, blustery the high only 29. are you ready for january? we will be right back with more news and sports after
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new year take means winter classic for hockey fans this year seventh in the series. chicago black hawks, dropped the puck on 2015 a at washington. washington jumps head in the first period with two goals by eric bear and alex ovechkin but chicago battles back tying it up in the second period
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with the shot in front of the net by brandon said. third period now washington back, on the attack on the power play. they get the the goal and the win. final score in the winter classic this year three-two. orange and black closed 2014 on a sour note losing a heart breaker last night in colorado. both teams tied at three had to go overtime but it was ryan o'reilly striking first for colorado. flyers cap off the year with another loss at four-three. they call it grand daddy of them all rose bowl, oregon ducks, florida state seminoles, mark is mar yet owe, jameses winston both heisman trophy winners looking to impress before turning pro. festivities kick off with the annual rose parade floats marching band making their way through the streets of pass dean a meanwhile the game itself is underway now. ducks are ahead 11-three. they went for two after the touchdown in the second quarter. out back bowl in tampa, auburn tigers badgers wisconsin trailing by three.
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it is field gold in the final seconds of the game. we skip to overtime, it is auburn's turn to make a clutch kick. here we go. it is just a few inches off hitting the the cross bar. badgers win, 34-31. michigan state, baylor in action in the good year cotton bowl classic. after falling behind, the spartans put up 21 unanswered points in the fourth quarter, that was enough to pull off come back win 42-41. there is more news when we come
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news". >> but first we want to have a special thank you for everyone
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here at "eyewitness news".
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>> glor: tonight, a new year about new warnings about the flu. patients are filling hospitals across the country. >> it was bone-breaking pain. >> glor: mark strassmann reports on the epidemic from inside a qulinnic in georgia. dr. jon lapook and what physicians are doing. a bitter winter storm in the planes. meteorologist eric fisher says a bigger system could ruin travel plans this weekend.รงรณ allen pizzey learned the search for flight 8501, could be a while before it gets better. and john blackstone on the strangest new laws of 2015. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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