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tv   CBS This Morning Saturday  CBS  January 3, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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it's january 3rd 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." a 7-year-old girl is the sole survive never a plane crash that kills four family members. plus the winter storm hitting down south takes aim at the northeast and midwest. how it will affect millions. an urgent new warning about the safety of our nation's trains. how new light bulbs are putting lives at risk. >> and tired of the high cost of rent? well, they awoke to a new idea. we'll take you inside the world of box houses. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.
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>> breaking news in the search for airasia flight 8501. >> more wreckage discovered in the java sea. >> the search crews have found two large sections of the downed plane using sonar. 30 bodies have been recovered. the crucial black boxes are still missing. the cause of the crash still a mystery. >> the u.s. slapping new sanctions on north korea. >> three powerful government entities and senior white house officials. >> the government has made it clear more is on the way. >> a plane crash in kentucky and the only survivor is a 7-year-old girl who walked out of the woods for help. >> had to be the brightest little kid i've ever seen in my life. >> here comes another polar plunge. >> the around forces. houston scored three touchdowns in the final. they rallied to win, 35-34.
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>> houston stages a comeback for the ages. >> check out this incredible video. 35 cars and trucks became one twisted mass of metal in new hampshire. >> all that -- >> a rescue 80 feet above las vegas. a man got stuck on the zip line. >> -- and all that matters -- >> if you're an elvis fan with a big budget presley's private planes are being auctioned off together in a package deal. >> -- on "cbs this morning: saturday." >> just when you think you've seen and heard every everything. >> the world-famous red army choir sings "happy" releasing their own cover. ♪ captioning funded by cbs and welcome to the weekend. we begin this morning with a tragic story that developed
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overnight. a 7-year-old girl is the sole survivor of a deadly plane crash in western kentucky. she walked away from the crash that killed four people her parents, a sister and a cousin. >> the small aircraft took off from key west florida, bound for mt. vernon illinois. the little girl walk through the woods to a house where the man who lived there called police. adriana diaz is here with what happened. good morning adrian na. >> good morning. the kentucky state police have identified the people killed in the crash. the 7-year-old is described as emotionally december stressed after the sudden death of her family. the police found the piper plane near a heavily wooded area near a popular tourist attraction. it had engine trouble and lost contact with air traffic controllers. the survivor walked through the
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cold for three-quarters of a mile until she knocked on larry wilkins' front door. >> and when the emts got there, they put a block under her left arm. she thought her arm was broke. and her left foot was hurting pretty bad. she was bare-footed by the way. one sock on her foot. she walked all they bare-footed. i wouldn't want to go in the woods in the dark without any light whatsoever. i wouldn't want to do it. i would fall there's no doubt in my mind. she's a brave little girl. >> the victims on the plane were her father, marty gutzel and her mother and a sister and cousin. she's hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. air traffic investigators have
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not determined the cause of the crash. >> our thoughts are with the little girl and her remaining family. thank you so much. the first storm of the year is expected to bring severe winter weather to a large part of the nation. sub-zero temperatures and dangerous wind chiles are moving through parts of the nation's midsection even bringing snow to lubbock, texas, and there's a larger storm behind it. it's expected to bring snow and ice from the planes to the northeast. let's get more from meteorologist ed curran of our chicago station wbbm-tv. good morning, ed. >> good morning. take a look at how wide the storm stretches here. we see going from texas as you talked about all the way up to wisconsin and over to ohio and over to the east coast. and it's all tracking to the east. and as it continues on its way, we have snow, we have rain we have mixed precip and we do have the threat of icing in some areas. look at this across the entire country. we have winter weather advisories winter storm warnings and even the slight risk of severe for the gulf
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coast states. we'll focus on the northeast where we have icing in parts of ohio and kentucky as a freezing rain advisory is there and also icing and snow for the northeast as this winter storm continues to make its way to the east. so we look at sunday as it pulls through the area and wille'll widen back out and show you. this is the next system. as it comes in and brings us snow, it also brings us the cold air you talked about. plunging in for sunday right through midweek leaving some incredible temperatures. look at this, by wednesday, 3 degrees below zero for chicago. get ready for that arctic blast. anthony, vinita? >> ed curran at wbbm-tv in chicago. thank you, ed. now to the search of airasia flight 8501. they have found two parts under
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the sea. they think it may be parts of the missing plane. >> the flight crashed two weeks ago. since then 30 bodies have been recovered as well as debris from the plane, but they're still looking for flaen's flight recorders. allen pizzey is in nearby surabaya with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. an image taken by a geological survey ship could provide a real breakthrough in the search for the missing plane. the find was made by an indonesia indonesiaen plan. one of the pieces is about 30 feet long and 15 feet wide. the other is slightly smaller. among the multinational flotilla of ships is the uss sampson which has found at least a dozen bodiesyies and the uss ft. worth. >> i won't comment as to the success of that right now, but
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they are using some technology organic to the ship right now. >> reporter: the bodies they pick up are flown to the on-shore headquarters to surabaya surabaya where the airliner took off for what was supposed to be a two-hour flight. the relatives are seeking information and waiting for the news that their loved ones have been identified. doctors have advised them not to reveal bodies but rely on dental records and dna as well as physical objects and clothing. they have set up a special lab next to the morgue to conduct the tests. the family of an 11-year-old held a small and dignified prayer moment when his body was handed over to them at the crisis center. the first identified flight attendant was buried in her hometown last night. indonesian authorities say they had grounded all airasia flights between surabaya and singapore because the company did not have
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a license to fly the route on sunday, the day of the crash. anthony, vinita? >> joining us more about the crash is mark rosenker. he's also a former chairman of the national transportation safety board. good morning. >> good morning, anthony. >> what do you make of the new findings, the large objects they even found under the water. >> every day we seem to be making progress including finding bodies. we've found these two large pieces. but until we can put eyes on it until we're able to really understand what it is i don't want to get too excited about it. >> there's been so many high-profile aviation disasters that we're all becoming well versed in what the black box is. we know they'll have conversations on it. where in the plane is the black box located and is there a time limit on this black box? do batteries die? do we have any of that in play? >> the batteries are there to help the pingers. they're there to help the searchers find the devices themselves, and they put out a
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signal about once a second and those will operate for about 30 days. so we've got about 24 25 days left in the batteries. but the boxes themselves as we saw on air france 447 can lay on the bottom of the ocean for two years and still when recovered can be brought up with very clear, very good signals. >> they have already recovered several pieces including an emergency door exit slide and what appears to be a window panel. are they likely to get any clues from those? >> those they'll certainly look at and bridge back tong back to a secure area. they'll lay them out and document where they found them but the real answers are going to come from the black boxes. those flight data recorders are a gold mine for the accident investigators. >> we now know there was bad weather and altitude change. do we think weather was the cause of the accident?
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>> vinita weather is always a cause of the chain of events. clearly weather is a part of that. but until we can get ahold of the boxes and get the large part where the fuselage is and understand if the aircraft came apart in midair or did it come apart when it was actually in the ocean, we're operating blind. >> but you're encouraged by the process. >> absolutely. this is barely a week when this airplane came down and now we've got 20% of the passengers back we now have a narrowed area of search. we went from an area the size of california now down to 2,000 square miler and we're even getting smaller than that. i think we're going to find the boxes in the weeks to come and we'll find out exactly what happened. >> hopefully some closure for the namelies. mark rosenker thank you so much. north korea is taking action over the hollywood movie. president obama ordered new sanctions on north korean officials and the country's
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defense system. it's the first public rae response over the comedy film "the interview." >> this is unprecedented. the u.s. has never imposed sanctions on another nation. chip reid has the latest. >> reporter: it targets three north korean organizations including the government's intelligence agency and the agency that sells weapons to other countries. the sanctions also target ten individuals with ties to those institutions both inside and outside of the country. senior administration officials say these individuals are not directly responsible for the sony cyber attacks but are being sanctioned to put pressure on the north korean government. the sanctions prohibit those ten individuals from dealing with the u.s. financial system and businesses. the administration also plans to encourage u.s. allies to cut off access to those individuals. >> you want us to kill the leader of north korea?
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>> yes. >> whaaaat? >> reporter: the response is with regard to the film sony made, "the interview." two are recruited by the cia to assassinate north korean leader kim jong-un. sony did not release the film initially, something the president criticized before his vacation. >> sony's a corporation. it, you know suffered significant damage. there were threated against its employees. i am sympathetic to the concerns that they faced. having said all that yes i think they made a mistake. >> mr. obama also promised them that the u.s. would retaliate. >> we have been working up a range of options. they will be presented to me. i will make a decision on those based on what i believe is
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proportional and appropriate to the nature of this crime. >> some cyber security experts have questioned the conclusion of the u.s. government that north korea was behind the attack on sony but the white house is standing by that conclusion. they say those experts don't have access to certain highly classified information that's been obtained by u.s. intelligence agencies. anthony and vinita? >> thousands of people in southern australia have fled their homes for fear of wildfires. high winds and near 100-degree temperatures are hampering their efforts. six homes have been destroyed. hundreds of others threatened. there are no serious injuries. firefighters say it could take several days before fires are brought under control. >> more than a year and a half after the marathon bombing the prime suspect goes on trial monday. >> dzhokhar and his brother
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tamerlan planted bombs that killed some. tamerlan tsarnaev died after a shoot-out with police. cbs legal analyst rikky klieman is here with a preview of the trial. good morning. >> good morning. >> i can't imagine how you find a jury on such a high-profile case. >> everyone says that. not only were victims were affected by this crime but everyone in the city of massachusetts and boston is a victim. so they've asked repeatedly for a change in venue and repeatedly it has been denied. what is a judge to do? judge george o'toole is having a system. 1,200 jurors being called in panels. 250 at a time two panels a day. they'll fill out questionnaires and then they will get weeded out. >> this could take four to six
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weeks, rikki? >> they're predicting four to six weeks. i think it will take at least two to four weeks. there are a lot of factors. number one, could you sit for a trial that will be three to five months. number two, can you say the pretrial publicity has not prejudiced you and then individual voir dire one by one to depth-qualify a jury. in plain english this is it. if you say you're against the death penalty in principle, you don't believe in the death penalty but you'll follow the law and the judge's instructions you'll be considered a death qualified juror. this takes stand. >> will he take the stand? >> he's certainly not going to take the stand in the guilt phase.
7:17 am
if i were representing him -- and judy clark, by the way, one of the greatest trial lawyers and one of the best death penalty lawyers has had some of the most celebrated cases, the unabomber. she's not going to want him to testify at all unless he would be able to in the penalty phase be able to express remorse and we don't know if he will express remorse. >> right. the witness list rikki, for the prosecution is said to include some 700 names? >> yes. well, the prosecution has put on every conceivable possible witness -- i guess that is redundant -- that could have seen something, heard something had some interest. obviously what we're doing in the guilt phase is showing what happen. so you'll have information about the three people who were killed. you're going to have 260 victims, each of whom are entitled to talk about their injuries. the first responders the
7:18 am
magnificent volunteers who saved people, the doctors. ultimately is it going be anywhere near 700? not a chance. >> still, hearing all those numbers, this is going to be a long trial. rikki klieman, thank you. >> thank you. california has the most undocumented immigrants. the a new law has went into effect that allows them to receive a driver's license. >> reporter: at motor vehicle offices across california yesterday, lines stretched out the door with thousands of undocumented immigrants ss eagerly applied for a driver ice lie sense, some camped overnight. >> we've been waiting for a long time. >> reporter: under the new law they must submit fingerprints and prove identity and state residentcy as well as taking behind the wheal and written
7:19 am
examines. priscilla came from mexico illegally ten years ago. yesterday she appeared to take the written test. she passed. >> i'm excited but i'm still nervous because you have to do the driving test. >> reporter: governor jerry brown signed off on the law back in 2013 making california the tenth state plus the district of columbia to provide licenses to undocumented drooishers. >> we feel the licensed drive is a safer driver. those who go through the test and passing procedures are going to be aware of the laws in california. >> you should never give a driver's license to an illegal. >> you've got situations where you're letting people drive who shouldn't be here. >> reporter: the california dmv expects almost 1.5 million
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immigrants will apply for these licenses which will include a distinctive marking and cannot be used as a valid form of federal i.d. for "cbs this morning: saturday," carter efrps, los angeles. the "washington post" says a suspected al qaeda terrorist died last night just days before he was set to testify on behalf of the federal government. the 50-year-old suspect was charged with conspiracy to commit murder. he was expected to reveal how he helped to plan the deadly bombings on the u.s. embassies in libya and tanzania in 1998. he had been battling liver cancer since his arrest in 2013. the cause of death was not revealed. the bbc says a former harvard law professor is standing by prince andrew and pouring cold water on a woman's claim that she was sexually assaults. he denies having sex with a woman after his name and a prince's appeared in a lawsuit served back in 2008.
7:21 am
in that case he receive add prison sentence after admitting he had sex with a minor. they're urged to check their political feelings at the door. william bratton is trying to ease tensions between member of his department and mayor bill de blasio. ratten is concerned officers may turn their backs on the mayor as they did last week when liu's partner ramos was laid too rest. george clooney is being asked to watch what she says in egypt. she is representing one of three jailed al jassir journalists who are now awaiting a new trial in cairo. the through jurmtists were initially charged with raising questions about outside influence on independent judges. basically she's saying judicial
7:22 am
officials should not be allowed to hand pick juries. reporter/actress donna douglas has died. she ran for nine seasons on cbs beginning in 1962. she also co--started with elvis presley. she had a memorable role as a hospitalized woman wrapped in bandages in an episode of the twilight zone. donna douglas died of pancreatic cancer. she's 82. >> they say she beat out 500 women to play ellie may. >> the show was number one for years. >> everyone remembers it -- people our ages. stargazers are just hours away from experiences the first meteor shower of the new year. it's set to move closer to earth tonight. observers say the best way to catch it is in the northeastern part of the sky between midnight and 2:00 a.m. because everyone's up at that time. they warn the light of the moon
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might impac coming up many job applications have a little check box asking if the job seeker has a criminal record and checking it could eliminate an ex-con from consideration. now some states are banning that box. and later, a major train wreck in kansas has triggered federal regulators to consider a crackdown on railroad safety. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday."
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coming up the white house reveels its favorite close-up photos from 2014. snap shots from the front line of history. >> we'll be right back. this is "cbs this morning: saturday."
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good morning, i'm nicole brewer. we're going to get right to carol in the eyewitness weather center with more on the storm system heading our way, carol. >> we are looking at temperatures that are cold in most location this is morning and cloud cover is starting to roll in but it is dry over the area at the the present time you can tell that taking a look at center city philadelphia a a temperature of 33 degrees. we have cold readings they 24 in reading. twenty-seven lancaster. twenty-two in allentown and poconos. thirty-one down in wilmington and precipitation on the way. not all of what you are seeing is there hitting the ground especially what is close toes philadelphia but you get a little farther away from that and that is starting to hit the ground and we are finding precipitation moving into the area as we go through this morning and this afternoon and
7:28 am
it will come in variety of forms. winter weather advisory in effect until 10:00 p.m. tonight and starts at noon for poconos. 9:00a m to 6:00 p.m. for lehigh valley and that is for snow, sleet and freezing rain. when we time this out we will find that the precipitation tarts to move in but it all changes over to rain later on tonight so justin to watch for that, high today just 42 degrees. nicole. >> carol, thanks. our next update 7:57. i'm nicole brewer. we will see you then.
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in las vegas a canadian tourist was stuck damageling about 80 feet in the air from a zip line for about nearly an hour. the ride slot villa hangs over the street. it costs about $40. >> he almost looks like he's praying. they might be folded. firefighters you see there used a crane to rescue the man. he was not injured. ghavg him a full refund. at least he's smiling. our top story this half hour giving ex-cons who've paid their debt to society a chance to get back on their feet. nearly one in three americans has an entry in the federal government's crime record. >> that can be a huge challenge when applying for a job, but on new year's day, illinois joined the short list of states banning
7:31 am
the check box that asks if an applicant has a criminal record. adriana diaz has more. >> reporter: 23-year-old norvell johnson has been looking for a job since he was released from prison in november. he spent two years there for drug possession and he thinks having to put his criminal record on job applications is a barrier to a fresh start. >> that one little box is powerful, you know what i'm saying? they keep you from building -- providing a job to provide for yourself. >> when you check the box, what do you think they think? >> they don't even thing. they put it aside and look at someone else's application. >> now a new law prohibits perspective employers from asking about a prior criminal history. rita mayfield sponsored the ban the box bill. she said 65,000 out of work illinoisans will benefit from
7:32 am
the new legislation. >> it's been proven time and time again when an individual is able to work to provide for themselves, provide for their families, they're 60% less likely to reee fend. in addition illinois now is the ninth state to recently allow some criminal convictions to be expunged or sealed from the public record. norvell is hoping to make the most of his second chance. do you think these laws can really make a difference? >> having that one opportunity to show you want to do right if that's what you really want out of life, that makes a big difference. >> in illinois some employers such as banks and law enforcement agencies are still allowed to ask about a candidate's criminal past and most of the country's plans do not involve severe crimes or crimes involved children.
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within the past two years up next, medical news in our "morning rounds" including a surge in the number of women who delay motherhood and choose a backup. a new technology that freezes their eggs for implanation late jeer plus dr. jon lapook and holly phillips on animal news you'll want to hear. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology
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rounds" with cbs correspondent dr. jon lapook and cbs contributor dr. holly phillips. 22 states now report high influenza activity and 15 children have died in this year's outbreak. so what exactly does an epidemic mean? >> right. an epidemic is a scary word. in this setting when we're just using it to describe the flu, it means that a specific percentage of deaths in the u.s. within a period of time are related to the flu or related to pneumonia caused by the flu. in this case it's 6.8%. according to the latest cdc data, we've reached that threshold, which is alarming in part because we often reach epidemic levels of flu, but not this early in the season. the season doesn't peek until january or early february. >> is this southbound severe if an epidemic is somewhat normal? >> it's a little too early to decide how severe if severe the season is going to be.
7:38 am
but there are some causes or reasons for concern. number one, the predominant strain of flew is called h3n2 and this year's flu illness is not perfectly matched to it. >> that's another fact. it's not as effective as it's been in past years. >> so about a third of the current circulating strains of flu are well matched to the vaccine and that may sound horrible, except i spoke to the cdc about it. you've got the third that you're covered for. the other two-thirds, you may still have some part shall protection from the vaccines. there are some drifts away from where it was when the vaccine was chosen. you may still get coverage. the bottom line is you should still get vaccinated. the cdc is recommending anybody 6 months and older to get the shot. >> still better to get the shot. >> yes. emerging technology is giving women more options when
7:39 am
it comes to having babies. jon? >> when women postpone having babies in their late 30s or later on a new technology is allowing them to freeze their eggs. >> reporter: one week before her 30th birthday actress elizabeth higgins clark is taking a dramatic step to preserve her fertility. >> why did you start thinking about saving your eggs? >> i knew that i wanted more time for my career. i thought it would be really nice if i could make it so i could have a baby when my life was ready instead of just because my body is ready. >> there's a gradually growing population of women choosing to do this electively. >> reporter: dr. michael drewes is clark's doctor. >> probably when this comes into its own, it will be more liberating to women than the oral contraceptives were back in the 1960s. >> reporter: as eggs age, the success of fertility procedures
7:40 am
decline. research shows that eggs at age 30 are twice as likely to result in a pregnancy than eggs frozen at 40. one study shows that 80% of women freezing their eggs were older than 35. >> the light goes off for most women when they begin to reach their later 30s, early 40s, and that's when they say, gee, i'm running out of time. unfortunately in most cases they've already largely run out of time. - >> reporter: there are no national figures on how many women have frozen their eggs or returned to use them. the american society for reproductive medicine does not endorse elective egg freezing, saying it may give women false hope and encourage women to delay childbearing. >> what's your reaction to that? >> i don't think my hope is false. i think it gives me a better chance. and i wouldn't tell any woman that she should do this. i think it's a really personal decision that a woman makes with her doctor and her bank account. >> reporter: the procedure costs between $10,000 and $15,000 and another $1,000 a year to keep the eggs frozen.
7:41 am
still clark says it's money well spent. >> is there part of this for you that's slowing down that biological clock that's been ticking? >> yes. it's stopped. and i'll get older, but my eggs will stay the same age, 29 forever. >> jon you said there are no national statistics on this but to we have anything information on how common it is? >> apple and other companies are going to allow it through insurance. i asked dr. drewes who's the doctor. he said he estimated less than 5%. >> well, a new consumer report survey shows people are misinformed about the safety and effectiveness of weight loss supplements.
7:42 am
what did the survey look at? >> it found that supplements for weight loss are incredibly popular. i have patients bring them in all the time and say what do you think about this. 25% try supplements. the down youn side is only 9% of those who use the supplements actually lose weight or keep it off. so they're likely not that effective and those who lose weight and keep it off were also following a strict diet and exercise regimen. >> are there actually regulations for this? we don't know whether what they say is true right? >> absolutely. more of these are treated like food than a supplement. you don't know what's in it. it hasn't been fda-approved. you may say i'm going go for this active agreement. that active ingredient may not even be there. it's caveat emptor let the buyer beware. >> you have to be your own
7:43 am
regulator which is scary when you think about it. a report finds the mortality rate for cancer fell 22% over two decades. that means 1.5 million deaths were avoided. researchers give credit to a decline in smoking and improvements in detecting, treating cancer. and pets. dogs are proven to have psychological benefits per patients with a range of health issues. they found autistic children with a pet at home show more advanced social skills than children without an animal companion. >> i love this. i'm an animal lover. we know dogs can be so helpful. this study really showed it's all pets. let's see. cats, fish rodents. one family even had a spider. they're all mutually -- >> they did point out it's not for every family.
7:44 am
some interactions aren't so popular. >> i don't think spider so much. >> there was aphrase she used which i love. pets can be social lubricants and can help children to interact with the public. >> spiders are so affectionate. dr. jon lapook and holly phillips thank you so much. next up gadgets. dan ackerman is on his way but first he's here to give you a preview of all the goodies. this is "cbs this morning: saturday."
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from virtual reality to smartphones and now smart homes, 2015 promises to be a big year in text. more than 3,500 exhibiters will be at the las vegas convention. dan ackerman is with us for a preview. this is the 11th year. do you get a door prize?
7:48 am
>> you get like a gold pass. >> talk to us about it. >> consumers for two or three years so it's a chance to see a lot of new technology ideas. >> dan there's so much buzz going on about smart homes. what are we going to see in the next year? >> that's probably the biggest buzz areas. they're taking ideas we toyed around with for years. whether it's smart appliances or home climate control things or working with phones. a lot of them are adds things to stoves an refrilk raters and air conditioners for sure. but also things like having a lock on your door and when your phone gets close to it it goes, oh you're home and the phone unlocks the door for you. practical things people can
7:49 am
install and use. >> do you feel that's a tipping point? we've heard it for a while. now they're more mainstream you think? >> they're more mainstream. they see a chance for people to reinvest in their homes and even though apple will not be at the ces they have home kit. so a lot of people will be building devices with the home kit. >> there's still a lot of traditional tech products out there like computers and tvs. what do we look out for there? >> tvs are a huge deal and also computers. for television shows they want you to update your tv. it's hard to get you do update because it still looks pretty good. they tried 3-d a few years ago. that didn't take off. this year they'll try a few more curved screens. this year they'll try quantum dot. little nano particles that sit
7:50 am
in front of the screen. it supposedly gives you a better picture. if you go to the showroom you may like it. >> is there anything i've got to have? >> if you're into drones this is the year. head sets. big things you put on your head. they give you like you're somewhere else like 3-d stereo scopic view. >> you mentioned the curved tv. i also saw there's curved computers. >> samsung is taking that curved technology. they're bringing that down to a small desk top computer like an all-in-one computer so you have a 20-something-inch monitor in front of you that curves around your head. it's not deep enough to be weird. if you get used to it you might find it's more fun. >> there's also some new technology for cars. >> they're always trying to work it into cars. a lot of it is based on
7:51 am
entertainment, a lot of ways to get content from your laptop or phone into your car. some cars come in with built-in 4g antennas in your car so the car become as hot spot. a lot of things communicating between the cars like collision avoidance and driverless cars. that's really the future stuff. you'll see a lot of demos of driverless stuff. you won't see it for sale for a long time. there's a lot of issues. >> how far off is it? >> regulation-wise, it's far off. e'er state is going to have to go through and regulate this and insurance will be off the war. i think it's neat the car will park itself. you'll see a demonstration but don't expect to see it any time soon. >> feel free to bring us samples. >> i'll bring an extra suitcase. coming up photos of the first president, the first
7:52 am
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get healthier gums in two weeks. innovation and you philips sonicare save when you give philips sonicare this holiday season. for six consecutive years he's captured photos of the white house and the first family. some are historic like last month when the president talked with raul castro or this photo in june when president obama shareholder words with president pew tip. some oval office guests are more fun than others. case in point, deputy press secretary jamie smith's 1-year-old daughter lincoln rose. some are not guests at all like this fly swatted by the president.
7:56 am
there's the president seen stonehenged and a game with john hickenlooper. this sweet moment after a military din were the first lady or this surreal image, mr. obama and the easter bunny listening to the "national anthem" during the annual easter egg roll. when the president saw this photo he called it the two most famous sets of ears in washington. >> that's my favorite. >> imagine what he had seen. can you imagine all the moments he's gotten to be part of? >> that's incredible. can you imagine being a 1-year-old girl and having that picture for the rest of your life? up next, a simple light bulb strikes an urgent new warning about our nation's trains. why federal regulators are urging railroads to take immediate action. for some of you your local news is next. for the rest of you stick
7:57 am
around. you're watching "cbs this morn good morning i'm nicole brewer. we're going to send it right over to the eyewitness weather forecast center and carol erickson, more on the storm system carol and mother nature just can't seem to make up perfect mine. >> some areas get rain and some get a mix before everybody end up with the rain. nobody is getting anything at this point. we have try conditions through philadelphia, but that will be changing. our temperatures are cold, 34 out at the the airport. thirty in trenton. thirty-one wilmington. in the 20's to the west and to the north. 36 degrees, in dover, right now. anything you see will be starting out as rain. storm scan three is showing we have precipitation out there, closest that we are seeing it hitting the ground though looks to be about baltimore with light rain but some of that colder air is to the north and that is why as this
7:58 am
storm progresses we will find a chance of getting some snow, sleet and freezing rain north and west and that is in the area with the winter weather advisory through lehigh valley and poconos and that will be starting as we go through the the day-to-day. expect to find this wet weather moving in throughout the day, temperatures will be warming up and eventually everybody transitions over to rain. high today 42, tomorrow 63, nicole. >> carol, thank you. our next update 8:27. i'm nicole brewer. we will see you then.
7:59 am
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fresh welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." i'm anthony mason. >> and i'm vinita nair. coming up this half hour trouble on the rails following a huge freight train crash in kansas federal regulators warn a safety crackdown is coming. >> and then what happens when you turn a shipping container into your home? for one thing your renltd goes down, way down. and pack your bags. we'll show you some of the fun, beautiful exotic places that our travel editor peter greenberg came up with for your 2015 vacation. but we begin this morning with a tragic plane crash overnight in kentucky. a 7-year-old girl is the only survivor. she walked away from the crash
8:01 am
that killed four people, her parents, a sister and a cousin. >> the small aircraft took off from key west, florida. it was headed for mt. vernon, illinois, but went down in lion county in western kentucky. the little girl then walked through the woods to a house where the man who lived there called police. adriana diaz is here with exactly what happened. good morning, adrianna. >> good morning. the kentucky police have identified the names of the four people killed in the crash. the name of the 7-year-old is being withhold. the police found the plane in a heavily wooded area near a popular tourist attraction. it had been reported it had engine trouble and lost contact with air traffic controllers over kentucky. the bodies were recovered by the police. the survivor walked through the cold for three-quarters of a mile until she knocked on larry wilkins' front door. >> she walked all that distance bare-footed. i wouldn't want to go in that woods right now in the dark
8:02 am
without any lights whatsoever. i wouldn't want to do it. i know you'd fall there's no doubt in my mind. she's a brave little girl. >> the victims on the plane were the girl's father marty gutzler and her mother kimberly. also killeder were her 9-year-old sister piper and her cousin sierra wilder. the 7-year-old survivor is now in the hospital. her injuries are not light-threatening. air traffic investigators have not determined the cause of the crash. anthony? >> a very sad story. adriana diaz, thank you very much. the first winter storm of the new year is hitting hard this weekend. subzero temperatures and dangerous windchills are moving through parts of the nation's midsection even bringing snow to lubbock, texas. my parents are going to have to coat up. there's an even larmer storm behind it. let's get more from ed curran of our chicago station wbbm-tv. >> we have winter weather clout the country, all kinds of weather, a little something for
8:03 am
everybody. take a look. winter weather advisory winter storm warnings, even a slight risk of severe in the gulf coast states as this storm pulls through. we'll focus on the northeast here and show you what we have going there. we have a winter weather advisory, a freezing rain advisory as you work your way down toward ohio and into kentucky. and up in the northeast, winter storm warning as we expect the northern areas to see snow and icing to happen south of there. so this system which stretches from texas all the way up to wisconsin and all the way over to the east coast continues to make its way across. we take a look at our futurecast. you can see how it pulls through on sunday and continues on its way, but no sooner is it gone then we look to the northwest for the next clipper system that comes racing in here. and along with that a real plunge into the cold. temperatures will take a dive as we head into the new weekend. by wednesday, you're looking at a high of minus 3 for chicago.
8:04 am
1 below for minneapolis. cold temps. they reach all the way to the south. vinita, anthony? ? rail safety is in the spot light this morning after a new alert from federal regulators. the national transportation safety board is urging railroads to take yacht action following a derailment in kansas. mark albert has more. good morning, mark. >> good morning. it has new questions about whether america's rail network is as safe as it could be. this september between two pacific freight trains in kansas may have come down in part to a light bulb. in a news release friday the ntsb said a green hdl light was so bright it outlined the old-fashioned red light nearby and the engineer accelerated plowing into an oncoming train. they want to eliminate any light
8:05 am
hazards f it's the latest in a string of safety hazards in the last 18 months in america's 140,000 miles. former nbst chair deborah hersman sounded the alarm. >> we're losing cars millions of gallons of petroleum, and we aren't prepared. >> reporter: eight days later train car ss caring crude oil derailed and started a file. in july of 201447 people died after this derailment in quebec canada, the train was carried oil from north dakota's booming region. >> are railroads and the government making strides to make the rails safety? >> oh, absolutely they are. the problem is it was too late for 47 people in quebec. >> reporter: this correspondent published an investigation this
8:06 am
week that found gaps in rail oversight including the government lets railroads do their own bridge inspections. there is no federal database on the bridge conditions like there is with roads and new rules that make railroads tell states when large oil shipments pass through only apply to higher risk bakken crude, not other types of oil. >> i'd like to think they're doing the best they can but the question is will that be enough. >> in a statement to cbs news the association of american railroads said the industry spends half a billion dollars a week on safety. the didn't ofepartment of transportation is expected to issue in new federal rules by spring that may include tougher braking requirements. >> thank you, mark. a police chief in georgia still has not been charged after shooting his wife. the shooting occurred thursday morning. the wife was shot in the
8:07 am
couple's bedroom. the chief, william mccollum made the call to 911. >> she was shot twice accidental? >> yes. >> who shot her? >> me. >> how did you shoot her? >> i -- the gun was in the bed. i went to move it, put it to the side and it went off. >> you're the chief of police? >> yeah, unfortunately, yes. >> the chief is on leave and is said to be cooperating with the investigation. his wife margaret is in critical condition in atlanta hospital. the police are waiting to talk with her about the shooting. >> very unusual 911 call. >> very unusual. after 215 bone-rattling season games, the second season starts today. eight teams will match up now. every game has a compelling story line. for more we're journeyed by jordan schultz sports columnist for the "washington post." good morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> i think even is wondering.
8:08 am
cardinals and the panthers. we have a team with losing record hosting a playoff game. >> it's only the second time a losing team has made it to the playoffs. generally think a lot of people pick their favorite. arizona was -1. they looft their quarterback, lose their next quarterback and they have a third one drafted two years ago. it's really an interesting game for a lot of reasons. i would pick carolina at home. i think it's closer than they think. cam newton hoping for the first playoff win of his career. >> next you've got the baltimore ravens visiting the pittsburgh steelers. the third time they're meeting but a key player is missing. >> they're missing bell. he hurt his leg. pittsburgh number one offense. that's the pass with la veone le'veon bell. pittsburgh, a very tough place
8:09 am
to play. >> how much do they mess bell? >> a lot. they have antonio bell who led in receiving. >> let's talk about the shoe of shoe. now he'll be vaiavailable. how does this change things? >> this comes down to tony romo. romo murray and dez bryant. detroit has yet to get a playoff win. that team, that franchise is desperately hoping to get a win. dallas wants the same. this game is in dallas. this is a close game. like the cowboys. >> how important is this for tony romo? >> it's enormous. for the first time in his career, he's had great second half. he ooh been known to fold under pressure. the thing about him, he's seventh of all time.
8:10 am
sew there's a perception about him that isn't true or fair but he has had playoff disasters before and this is a big opportunity for him to right that ship. >> speaking of comebacks, let's talk about the bengals. they have not won in 23 years. >> 24. >> who's counting. >> i looked up something. the last time they won a playoff game, m.c. hammer "you can't touch this" was numb berry one on on the billboard. >> that's a sad fact. >> it's a very sad fact. i like andrew luck. listen cincinnati is a very capable team. their coach has never won a playoff team 0-5. >> do you see any of these wild card teams win week? >> i think out of all of them there are two, indiana and dallas. they have quarterbacks that can light you up and win a game single-handedly. despite being dangerous they can fall from divisional round. >> i'm if there dallas.
8:11 am
i'm happy to hear it. >> big win for dallas. >> thank you so much. a reminder the coverage of the cincinnati bengals and indianapolis colts begins tomorrow at 1:00 unnext david begnaud on turning a box into home sweet home. >> i'm david begnaud in oakland, arizona. here in california where the cost with be through the roof some will tell you, one entrepreneur is thinking inside the box literally and it's a whole lot cheaper. 'll take you on a
8:12 am
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if you rent your home you probably already know this. rents are up. still reports that renters shelled out $441 billion last year up an average of nearly 5% from 2013. >> san francisco was hit hardest. rents there rose 13.5%. that's bag jump. as david begnaud one bay area entrepreneur has a small solution. >> for what i want to do you know, this is the dream house. >> reporter: before you judge this man's junk think inside the box. what do you envision this place looking like in six months? >> basically it will look much less like a junkyard but a tiny house community. >> reporter: and if this is a community, lukizeman is the leader. a 31-year-old entrepreneur and graduate of business to change
8:17 am
the way we live. >> i think we have an obligation to do interesting stuff that we can argue is changing the world and to be public about it. >> reporter: his concept is called box house. the idea to convert used shipping containers into tiny houses. it was born out of pure disgust because he felt the rent was outrageous. he was living in san francisco in an apartment with his girlfriend. today the average price has jumped $4,600. that's $1,100 more than new york city making san francisco the most expense ichb place to rent an apartment in the nation. so he left there and headed for oakland. >> everybody agrees housing is broken. everybody wants to live in awesome cities like oakland. we need to come up with something else and i'm happy to be one of the many failures like the way to figuring that out. >> reporter: he and five friends each put up $30,000 for a down
8:18 am
payment on this property. it has a warehouse intended for a commercial kitchen and two bathrooms plus 14 parking spaces. each space has just enough room for a box house. the rent here $600 a month. >> you can think of it as a really expensive parking space or an opportunity to invent your house. >> reporter: sean coke bought into the idea. he's rent add space, purchased a shipping container and is creating his own version of an american dream. >> i don't want a house and picket fence and dog and 2 president 5 kids. i want to freedom to build what i want to build. >> reporter: it staffed after he bought a shipping container for $2,300. he made $10,000 in upgrades and converted this 192-square-foot contain sbeer a box house complete with a solartop box
8:19 am
panel. >> i'm able to run my refrigerator. oh. wait. i left water boiling. i'll be right back. >> reporter: wondering where is the restroom. turns out it's outside the box. >> large capacity well aerated that you can pea into the side of. >> his other option. that bucket. but before you pity him, he wants you to know that living large in a tiny space is not about sacrifice, rather prioritizing what he really wants. >> i've got a pretty minimalist kitchen. my one pan that i use all the time. cast iron. chest freezer with a little micro controller for $30 i converted into a refrigerateorrefrigerator. beg/standing desk during the day, dog area clothes, working shower, hot and cold. >> reporter: his showerhead is a garden hose nozzle. >> it's totally absurd but this is really in a way a way to
8:20 am
experiment. >> reporter: he's been flooded with inquiries, soliciting input and selling box houses. as his business grows the city of oakland has some compliance questions. rachel flynn is the director of plan and building. >> we're not against the idea but it's just very new and assuming all our building codes can be met, we say have at it. >> reporter: when it comes to the city and its codes he's operating on this philosophy. he'd rather beg for forgiveness than ask for permission. >> i should not have to read 10,000 pages of code before i'm able do something more interesting than living in an apartment. i'm not going to do it. this is radically affordable. looks weird to everybody but pretty damn fun so far. >> for "cbs this morning: saturday" i'm david begnaud in california. >> the price is right. i hope he has an understanding
8:21 am
girlfriend. >> they had me till the bucket. they took it right there. >> kind of went over the line there. >> up next they were known as the stern musical voice of stylism. the red army choir got happy. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. [vet] two yearly physicals down. martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer but...i wouldn't have it any other way. lo ok at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade.
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when one of the most famous and famously serious group goes on the pop chart it inspires you to listen. they spur on the mighty red army had leased its second pop video, that's just what we did. call it propaganda with a pop twist. russia's red army choir known more for performing soaring patriotic anthems than something you can dance to is branching out in a big way. ♪ it might seem crazy what i'm about to say ♪
8:25 am
>> reporter: this is the group's latest foray into a group of viral videos. a group of stoic singers hitting pharrell's song "happy." they even get the traffic police involved. involved. in the midst of economic turmoil, tough sanctions from the west on the ukraine yn continent they need this boost. if it looks familiar they've done it before in 2012 at the sochi olympics. they wowed the world with their adaptation of "get lucky." first formed under joseph stalin in 1939 the choir was meant to be the voice of the revolution and lift the spirits of russian troops. now they're lifting a page from an american song book. this one once used by lennon and
8:26 am
the head of his secret police is now use edd by lennon and mccartney. ♪ hey jude don't make it bad ♪ ♪ take a sad song and make it better ♪ >> we're doing this only for them. personally for them. not for the government. not for their bosses. but personally for everyone who is in the hole or watching us on television to touch every heart. >> reporter: while it's hard to imagine president putin tapping his toes in approval experts say the fact they were allowed to do this means the russian president supports their work, no matter how bizarre. >> you can hear the accent even in the singing. >> "happy" i kind of liked. "hey jude," i'm not so sure. it's 2015 not too early to
8:27 am
think of your travel good morning i'm nicole brewer. we're going to send it right over to carol hoist tracking a storm system heading our way right carol. >> in mostly rain but could start as a brief period of a little light snow and or a mix farther north and west you go. you cab tell by temperatures look at wildwood 43 degrees. get to allentown 25 degrees. depending where you are you will have different kind of weather. rain to the south probably through philadelphia, although we cannot rule out at least start of the little will will snow along with the rain showers, and then to the north, you will get rain, snow sleet before everybody end up with rain. storm scan three showing that the rain is starting to move in the area not yet hitting ground in our area but that is coming relative liz soon. that is how it is right now
8:28 am
and we've got a winter weather advisory from noon to 10:00 in the poconos, 9:00a m to 6:00 p.m. through lehigh valley and point west to the snow and sleet possibility. lets look at future weather we will see rain coming in here and pushed freezing line well to the north by 2:00 in the afternoon. you may hang on to that colder weather to the north longer than that but just rainy around here today and 42 degrees. nicole. >> thanks, our next update 8:57. i'm nicole brewer, see you then. has helped thousands of people let go of all the hassle that comes with selling or trading in. we make selling your car truck or suv fast, safe and fair with three simple steps: one -- get your free online valuation. two -- drive to your local car-buying center.
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three -- walk out with a check in as little as thirty minutes. buying cars is all we do. all makes and models and no dealership pressure we'll even settle your loan or lease. so, don't wait. get your free online valuation now at
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it was an incredible comeback in the armed forces bowl as houston recovered two onside kicks and scored two touchdowns against pittsburgh in final minutes. houston went for a win or loose two-point conversion and they made it to take the lead. >> then pittsburgh got it back but a dropped pass spoiled their last chance. the final score, houston, 35 pittsburgh, 34. an amazing game. >> we begin this half hour with travel. new horizons to explore in the new year. >> cbs news travel expert peter greenberg is here with fabulous destinations for 2015. let's talk off with the coast of
8:31 am
iceland. >> most people don't know where they are. 18 islands. i think wales and ireland but more isolated and more beautiful. i mean an amazing place and the best place go for this year coming up. why. because in march they're going have the best place to view the solar eclipse in march. >> who controls the faroe islands? >> denmark does. it's easy too get to from london and, of course copenhagen. >> you're saying the best way to get there is to fly? >> you're not going to swim. >> the next on the list another island neigh that's been on the list lately cuba. i think a lot of people think you can't get there as an american. there are some ways? >> there are many ways. they've given approval for people to people trips. this is even before president obama relaxed some of the rules. what's going to happen is it's going to get bigger and bigger and bigger. we look at symbols like ad or
8:32 am
bc. i like gbkc. go before kentucky fried chicken gets there. as soon as congress gets rid of the enemy act or pass new legislation but it's in the works. >> when do you think that will really happen? >> within the next six months to a year. >> so cuba as we know it is not going to be around that much longer. >> i can remember going to vietnam in 1992/1993, it was before kfc got there. with all due respect, i want the real culture before i get there. >> let's focus on the german capital. >> it's so hot. berlin is the hottest city in europe. it's not just because it's the 25th anniversary of the wall coming down. they've been moving fast for a long time. booming markets, rivers, lakes, art scene, galleries. and any time you follow the art scene, it's got the night life. >> it's known for its night
8:33 am
life. >> it's got a shopping district that makes harold's look lookike ding dong. >> what is different about it? >> you don't go to sleep. berlin used to be checkpoint charlie. when the wall came down all things were in play. >> we want to go to europe and africa and egypt. there's a lot happening. is it safe to travel there? >> i think it is. i'm going to be there in a week. if you look at the numbers, in 2010, 14 million. last year 9 million. a significant drop. now it's starting too come back. when you look at the history and the economics of the egypt the onto thing they produce in vacuum is travel and tourism. it feeds their people creates jobs, and it's in their best interest to be open and safe and that i are. >> i think when people think of
8:34 am
intering inial travel they worry that the u.s. dollar won't be a far. >> everything in egypt is negotiable and the u.s. dollar is still king. >> time to come back home. greenville, north carolina. that's a surprise. >> what's great about greenville is it's become a very big cultural center. there are 100 new restaurants that have opened up in the last year on main street. you've got a great art scene there. great hiking and biking in the mountains and it's doable and afford snoobl let's talk about your last pick which is downtown los angeles which also sort of surprised us. >> i went to los angeles when i was 21 years old. i thought downtown los angeles, you needed a visa to go there. well, things have changed and dtla. downtown l.a. has cutting-edge things markets, places to gorks hotels walking places the
8:35 am
convention center it's a happening place. >> you take me away. i love it when you take me away. up next, can a punk rocker turn into an ward-winning chef? oh, yes. we'll introduce you to jennies by net and his amazing cuisine in "the dish." you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." patented sonic technology with up to 27% more brush movements. get healthier gums in two weeks. innovation and you philips sonicare save when you give philips sonicare this holiday season.
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8:39 am
best chef and the james beard foundation named him best chef for 2014. plus he has a new cookbook. jamie, welcome to "the dish." >> thank you. >> congratulations on all the awards. >> thank you very much. >> it must have been exciting. >> exciting for me but more exciting for all my friends partying in boston. >> we're excited to have you here. tell us what we have on the table. >> very with hay roasted carrots, bitter greens with anchovies. little less salty, a little more mild. paille. one of the things. i love paille ya i love the rice and the soaked burned on the bottom and texture of sausage. cooked right out of the books.
8:40 am
flatiron steak and, of course chur rows for dessert, my favorite. >> tell us how you got into cooking. usually it's a mother and grandmother. i heard it wasn'tyour mother didn't cook. >> she cooked. i always cooked. even if it wasn't delicious food i was a consumer. i loved to eat food. when i became a vegetarian my mother gave me the i'm not going to cook anymore. i love food. >> so while most kids were watching cartoon shows you were watching cooking shows? >> yeah. the discovery channel had a great show and i tried to replicate those recipes. >> how did you get into music? that seems to be veering off the path. >> growing up that kwuzwas part of
8:41 am
my home. my father was a jazz musician. he plays standup bass for over 45 years, the same guy. there was always a record player and tons of records and i started listening to my own stuff. >> did you introduce the band to food? >> i got kicked out of the band because i wanted to be a chef. >> this is like the new food scene. >> boston to me is an old food scene because i've always looked up to the chefs that are there. i was close to boston. i grew up right around hartford connecticut, in a little town called canton, and we were two hours at most from boston and growing up going to punk rock and hard core shoes it was either new york or boston. boston was a little closer, a little more accessful. when the train brought you in or the bus, it wasn't port authority so it was a lot less terrifying. >> now you have to come to port
8:42 am
authority because you have a restaurant in new york. what's it like having restaurants in two towns and some days you say you're not sure where you're waking up. >> some days i don't remember where i am. it's great. restaurant people generally have some form of add, so having two restaurants is fun. i love to bounce back and forth as soon as i'm in boston i'll be home sick for new york and when i'm in new york i'll be homesick for boston. >> you messaged you're a vegetarian but your cookbooks are almost all meat. you were very strict vegetarian. >> i was off and on and a chef said you're great cook but you'll never be a great chef unless you eat the food you're doing. i said i taste it and spit it out. >> he said you don't understand what you're doing. then i found out i wasn't a
8:43 am
vegetarian for any reason. i was eating and gained about 100 pounds. >> i have to ask. are the tattoos a legacy of the punk band? >> being in the hard core community i got a lot of tattoos at a young age but mostly it's about a story of evolution over life, where i've been. >> as we hand you this dish to get your signature on it we want to ask you if you could have this meal with anyone person past or present, who would it be? >> i think it would be my grant grandmother, my dad's grandmother. she taught me a lot. i was too young. i didn't get to ask her about any of the swedish food she grew up on and i wish i could. >> thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> for more head to our website. up next on saturday session the wonderful vocalize cat
8:44 am
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this morning the vintage pop vocals of singer and songwriter cat edmondson. >> here she is with the single "rainy day women." cat edmonson.
8:48 am
♪ you string me along ♪ ♪ my friends say it's wrong ♪ ♪ they tell me i'm crazy ♪ ♪ i'm reading the cards and asking the stars ♪ ♪ the outlook is hazy ♪ ♪ well i'll never mind the weather ♪ ♪ as long as we're together you say ♪ ♪ why do you run away ♪ ♪ and save me for a rainy day ♪ ♪ i'm tired of the fight i turn out my light you know i'm not sleeping ♪ ♪ walking the line i just need a sign you call me up weeping ♪ ♪ well i'll never mind the weather as long as we're together you say ♪ ♪ why do you run away and save me for a rainy day ♪ ♪
8:49 am
♪ you won't say yes i can't say no and that makes me crazy ♪ ♪ you never say stay i never will go away from you baby ♪ ♪ well i'll never mind the weather as long as we're together you say ♪ ♪ no one ever loved you ♪ ♪ no one ever loved you ♪ ♪ no one ever loved you not the way that i do
8:50 am
♪ ♪ oooooh ♪ ♪ no one ever loved you like i do ♪ ♪ yeah no one ever loved you like i do ♪ ♪ no one ever loved you like i do ♪ ♪ no one ever loved you like i do ♪ ♪ no one ever loved you like i do ♪ ♪ no one ever loved you like i do ♪ >> don't go away. we'll be right back with more
8:51 am
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tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. ask your doctor about tamiflu and attack the flu virus at its source.
8:54 am
tomorrow on "cbs sunday morning" jennifer aniston talks with lee cowan about her challenging role in her new movie. and she also opens up about her childhood and much chronicled
8:55 am
romantic life. and then on monday on "cbs this morning," the president promised to make health care more available. did he get the job done. have a great weekend everybody. >> we'll leave you more with great music from cat edmonson. this is "all the way." ♪ don't fee bad i'm so glad that you're here tonight ♪ ♪ sometimes we lose our way ♪ ♪ take a ride with me
8:56 am
forget yesterday ♪ ♪ way up high and way down low most things we can't control ♪ ♪ but you don't walk alone wherever i may be there you'll have a home ♪ ♪ if you forget the wonder that you are i will remind you ♪ ♪ and if you lose yourself don't worry darling i'll know where to find you ♪ ♪ i'm right behind you
8:57 am
good morning, everyone i'm nicole brewer. we will check with carol for more on the storm system heading our way, carol. we have clouds out there right now temperatures still cold precipitation is on its way, with temperatures at this point depending on where you are, we will be looking at all rain or finding a mix of rain snow and sleet at least to start before everybody transitions to rain this afternoon or this edge. twenty-four in the poconos. twenty-six reading. thirty-two lancaster right now. thirty-five at the the a airport in philadelphia and 43 in wildwood. you can see depending where you are it makes all of the difference. you can see rain showers moving through southern delaware, we're also starting to see ice needles out toward lancaster area, expect to find more of this but warm air is going to becoming in here.
8:58 am
the just depending on when. we have a winter weather advisory from noon to ten in the poconos and now until 6:00 for lehigh valley a and point to the west for an event, snow or sleet. the here's how it looks at 11:00 this morning as rain comes n a brief mixture in a couple spots warmer a air gets push up and by the time we hit six or 7:00 it is all rain all over the area 42 today. sixty-three rain tomorrow nicole. >> carol, thanks. that is it for "eyewitness news" this morning. you can follow us on our web site at cbs
8:59 am
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