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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 5, 2015 2:05am-2:36am EST

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we'll see you back here next week. ♪ there was laughing in the light, sugar in the shade ♪ there were backstab handshakes made on faith ♪ we were never out of time and never entertained ♪ anybody say their habit of the wind was going to change ♪ there were misled misfits teething biscuits ♪ fountains full of penny wishes, parties full of pretty fishes ♪ side by side with the birds
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 cbs3 "eyewitness news". right now at 11:00 o'clock brace yours for a drastic drop in temperatures after mild but wet sunday. winter is make quite a come back and a life look here at storm scan3 at this hour. as the last remnants of rain finally move out of the region. the weather is keeping us on our toes. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. it's going to be a very cold morning as most head back to work and school after this really long holiday. meteorologist justin drabick is tracking freezing temperatures and even the chance for snow. justin. that's right nat sham it's back to reality. we had high temperatures today in the 50s and 60s. that's typical for late march
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and early april. now we'll bring back january weather here we go. a cold front moving through the region most of the steady rain has ended maybe a couple of leftover showers over the next half hour in south jersey and near the shore points. clearing skies from west to east east. that wind has kicked up and we're gusts near 40 miles per hour at mount pock know and in allentown near 30 in philadelphia. so that westerly wind is bringing in the colder and drier air. that cold air not quiet here just yet. but it's getting closer. 42 degrees in reading. 45 lancaster. but still in the 50s across philadelphia and parts of south jersey but this is quickly going to come to an end through the overnight. some of the suburbs still on the mild side this hour. 52 in northeast philadelphia. also mt. holly, new jersey, checking in low 50s. when you wake up monday morning 30s for temperatures. low 30s in the suburbs. mid and upper theirs from the city on south and east. the wind will to howl. wind chills in the teens and 20s monday morning. dress warm. coming up in the full forecast
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we'll talk about the wind and cold conditions however that will lasts and the threat for some light snow across parts of the area. that's comeing up in few minutes. you can stay one step ahead of weather forecast with the cbs philly weather app it's free and available now in google play and in i tunes. >> all right justin, thank you so much. very solemn salute to a fallen hero as police from all around the country including our area paid their respects to new york officer wenjian liu. he was ambushed and killed in his patrol with his partner last month and today he was laid to rest. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is is live in the sat center with more. >> reporter: thousands of police officers lined the professional pro suing including dozens of philadelphia's finest who went to new york city to lend their support. ♪ >> reporter: somber notes played under gray sunday skies in new york city as officer wenjian liu was laid to rest. his wife sob as officers hasn'ted her the flag from his casket her emotion laid bear as
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she spoke at the funeral. >> wenjian liu is my hero. we could always count on him. >> reporter: new york city mayor bill diblasio attended the funeral with many new york city police officers turning their backs when he spoke as they did last week when his partner officer ramos was laid to rest. nypd union officials criticize the mayor for not supporting the police depth in the days after attack and backs were turned in protest. overall, however the days events were about showing support for a grieving family. >> wenjian liu will always be in our hearts. my heart. we love you. i love you. >> when a brother is ex queued like these two officers were it homes. >> officer michael kelly one or 80 or so philadelphia police officers had that attended sunday's funeral in sharp uniforms they all saluted officer liu. >> part of our responsibility duty toustain someone's memory. to sustain our fallen officer's
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memory. >> we stand for the community. we stand against the terrible nature of their is a assassination. >> we asked each officer to describe what it felt like to stand amidst thousands saying goodbye to a fallen officer. all had trouble putting it in to words. >> it's hard to explain. it's a proud moment that i could be a part of that. a proud moment that these men were buried with dignity. >> reporter: within the last year, according to the nfb. i115 police officers nationwide have died in the line of duty. >> we're live in the sat center, matt rivers cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> matt, thank you so much. the man accuseed in the deadly ambush on two pennsylvania state state troopers expected in court tomorrow. eric 14 is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in pike county charged with killing corporal brian dixon and wounding trooper alex douglas. he led police on 48 day manhunt after that ambush.
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also dozens gathered in delaware county to show their support for the men and women who helped to keep our communities safe. a pro police rally to send a message of peace and appreciation a message also shared in chester county today. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson has more. >> reporter: the message in west chester loud and clear. citizens support police. sunday afternoon hundreds rallying the streets in old courthouse packed filling the air with signs and cheers all for one message. >> that blue lives matter. >> reporter: sunday's pro police rally one of many in recent weeks a reaction to the state of unrest following the killings and controversies controversies in ferguson and new york. a direct show of appreciation on the same day nypd police officer was laid to rest. he and his partner ambushed and slain. >> when people put their lives on the line it's very important to come out and show your support report roar chester county commissioner terrence farrell joined many official who's came to show sailorly car are the with citizens.
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>> every law enforcement agency is repped here because we all work together. >> reporter: but the biggest impact may be coming from this smallest person. >> going around here to support our heroes. >> reporter: we found seven-year-old lexi whistler in a crowd handing out thank you cards to the people she calls heroes. >> the military, veterans police fire ambulance anybody that a hero to her. >> mom karen says it starred to years ago. lexi uses her own allowance money to make cards and personally hand them to people who wear the uniform. she's done it more than 2700 times. in return, she says she only likes three things. >> happy crys, thank yous and smiles. >> reporter: simple acts in a complicated time. >> thank you lexi. >> reporter: lexi's thank you cards have reached as far away as afghanistan. seven-year-old has even started her own foundation with the help of her mother on facebook. but she does not accept donation donations. reporting from west chester, i'm
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steve patterson cbs3 "eyewitness news". the family of shane montgomery tells us that his death has now been ruled an accident. yesterday divers pulled his body from the schuylkill river after searching nearly 40 days. shane disappeared thanksgiving morning after leaving kildare's irish pub in manayunk. family friends even total strangers work tireless toll bring him home and now they all are grieving. >> community really did come together here for that. it's tragic what happened. really is. >> i just thought it was neat that like people showed they care. the search they had on when they came to the church over 500 people that came to help. i just think it's awesome. thousands have now taken to social media posting to this facebook page to offer comfort to the family in their time of need. the viewing for shane montgomery will be held at the manayunk church where search teams gathered saint john the baptist on thursday night from five to 7:00 and again friday morning before the funeral mass at 10am. donations in his name may be sent to the garden state underwater recovery unit in
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milford, new jersey, or the friends of saint john the baptist. philadelphia police meantime they're looking for leads after a limo driver is found shot to death in cobbs creek. officers arrived at the seen on delancey street last night to find the victim slumped over in the drivers seat of a car. he's been identified as my gel ramirez a driver for the la premier rah car and limo service. no arrests have been made just yet. a $20,000 reward is being offered in this case. very sad news today. espn sportscaster stuart scott died following a long battle with cancer. he was just 49 years old. scott fought cancer since a diagnosis late in 2007. the network says he remained dedicate to do his craft even as he underwent chemotherapy radiation and surgery. espn president john skipper call scott "a true friend and an inspirational" scott is survived
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by his parents and two daughter. >> a dog attack ends with an animal dead an philadelphia police officer in the hospital. neighbors at 30th and girard say a dog was trying to get into a gate where another dog was being held. officers reportedly tried to taser the aggressive animal fearing nearby residents and officers were in danger. the dog bit an officer on the arm and the dog was shot and killed. one man says he heard everything everything. >> i heard i think five shots. saw -- i toll the guy over there, i think they shot the dog. so he came up here and he showed me the picture a dog dead on the street. >> another dog was also taken from the seen by animal control officers. the police officer meantime who was bitten is recovering tonight tonight. now if you drive along the pennsylvania turnpike then you may need to bring along some pocket change starting today all of the highways tolls were raised by 5%. that comes out to an average of about 5 cents more for ez pass drivers and 10 cents more if
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you're paying cash. spokesperson for the turnpike commission tells us the increase will help to fund roadway projects both locally and across the state. >> primarily those obligations are a number one obviously to maintain and to improve our own 550-mile toll roads but also to provide some supplemental funding to pennsylvania department of transportation. >> parts of the turnpike are already being widened and rebuild to penndot. the economic must provide $450 million every year. stay with us. still ahead on "eyewitness news" caught on camera a news photographer on the scene avenue burning firework factory when the explosion knocks him off his feet. plus the mack us will story of a seven-year-old girl. the lone survivor of a plane crash. she brought authorities to the wreckage why she may not be done helping investigators just yet. justin? the wind and cold return
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this week along with some light snow. i'll show you coming up in the seven day forecast. >> and he's already a billionaire. now facebook founder mark zuckerberg is focusing on a different book. we'll tell you all about his goal for the new year. >> and straight ahead in sports mfl playoffs continue today. two more games. what were the results? lesley has got highlights.
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caught on camera, a fireworks factory explodes in columbia and the force of that blast knocked the photographer right off his feet. the explosion happened near boca at a and crews are searching nearby buildings to see if anyone was injured. some bad weather is to blame for causing a big mess near pittsburgh. assault truck driver says that he lost control on an icy road
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and slid down an embankment. the truck eventually came to rest against the side of a house leaving a huge hole in the wall. the good news here neither the homeowner for the driver were injury. federal investigators in kentucky say the seven-year-old girl who was the lone survivor of a plane crash may be key to determining exactly what happened. sailor getzler freeze herself from the wreckage and walked nearly a mile to get help and she and her family were traveling from key west to illinois when the plane went down. her parents, sister and cousin were all killed. some bad weather and poor visibility are hampering efforts now to recover the victims of air asia flight 8501. search teams believe they have located the fuselage. cbs news correspondent chris van cleve has the latest developments. >> reporter: 46 members from 14 families from the parish were on board air asia flight 8501 when it crash. >> together we stand. >> reporter: church's pastor
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offered grieving relatives encouragement during his sunday sermon. >> one of the tasks that we have ahead is actually to care for all these family members who have been left behind. >> reporter: meanwhile searchers located more bodies sunday. so far at least 34 victims have been found. they also found another large piece of wreckage the fifth driving rains and heavy wind are making the task difficult. captain steve foolly is commander of the uss samson. >> report roar despite the weather a malyasian war ship found more personal items sunday includeing a pair of glasses and a bag containing shoes. the cause of the crash is still unknown but indonesian authorities believe weather may have been a factor. chris van cleve for cbs3 "eyewitness news". a long waited trial about to begin for one of the alleged master minds behind the boston marathon bombing. tomorrow jury selection will begin in the case of so car tsarnaev accused of of conspiring with his late brother
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to plant two bombs near the marathon finish line. three people were killed. more than 260 others were injured. if convicted he could face the death penalty. president obama is back in washington after a two week holiday vacation in hawaii. the president's public schedule picks back up on tuesday when he meets with the president of mexico and also going to travel later in the week to michigan, arizona and tennessee. pope francis he's chose chosen 15 new cardinals the second time he's appointed cardinals since being lecked. the names will be announced during a meeting on valentine's day but thecoma from 13 different countries much last year he installed 19 cardinals. the choice of cardinal is important. cardinals under 80 will vote for his successor. facebook mount mark zuckerberg reveals his new year's resolution to read more book. zuckerberg plans to read a book every two weeks in 2015 to get
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others involved he launch add book club on facebook. users can visit the facebook page called, a year of books to see exactly what zuckerberg is reading. we do have big changes coming up in our forecast over the next 24 hours and the biggest change will be in the temperatures. that cold air not quiet here just yet but we're starring to see the signs in the form of wind. now or weather watchers still reporting milder temperatures upper 40s and even still low 50s around this hour but the wind starting that kick up out of the west. here we go up to berneville, pennsylvania berks county lieutenant allen matthews checks with a sustained wind 26 miles per hour out of west out in vincentown new jersey, douglas has 16 miles per hour. lou in norristown coming in around 15 miles per hour. up in the tense in saylorsburg 14 miles an hour. these are gusts near 40 through the overnight hours that will start to bring in colder air. you'll notice the difference tomorrow morning. if you enjoy the weather and wanted to be featured in our
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newscast you can become an "eyewitness weather" watcher. sign and now at the good news now the rain has ended we're taking a life look at the ben franklin bridge from campbell's field and skies are continuing to clear out little bit from west to east. most of the shower activity is done the exception far east new jersey right now along the shore points one loan shower moving off the coast near atlantic city and long beach island. elsewhere, just some clearing skies. snow showers over the mountains of western pennsylvania. they'll stay there through the overnight hours. cold air will be returning to our region. but still compared to this time yesterday, we're from about four to 11 degrees warmer so that warm air still in here. maybe for a few more hours. 53 the current temperature in philadelphia and millville. 46 in reading. 39 degrees up in mount pock know. there's some real cold air across the northern plains. minus six in minneapolis. one in milwaukee. now we're not going to be dealing with temperatures this cold but this is kind of the idea that colder air starts to
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move off to the south and east. get the big change in here tomorrow. at a high was 58 degrees. tomorrow we struggle to get into the upper 30s for the afternoon temperatures. that's change of 21 degrees. that wind also continues to kick up out of the west tomorrow. sustained in the morning hours 10 to 15 miles per hour. with higher gusts. that wind continues through the afternoon. so with highs in the theirs, we're talking about wind chill values in the teens and 20s. then as we head towards wednesday and thursday, a reinforcing shot of cold air. this is some true arctic air that moves in for the second half of the week. high temperatures wednesday thursday will be 10 to 15 degrees below average. we should be right around 40 this time of year. then we're talking about actual highs in the mid 20s. the whipped will make it feel a whole lot colder. tomorrow kind of that transition day we get into the upper 30s mostly sunny breezy. on tuesday fast-moving clipper system comes on by. quick, doesn't have a lot of moisture with it but it will bring light snow with temperatures right its right around a freezing mark we could see an inch of accumulation.
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that arrives during the morning hours. comes to an end by mid afternoon afternoon. colder air moves back in on wednesday that storm reinforces the cold. 20s for afternoon highs on wednesday afternoon. let's time out for you. nothing but sunshine tomorrow just windy and cold. then the clouds quickly move back in monday night. here comes some light snow from west to east 9:00 o'clock, tuesday morning so the tail end of the morning commute could be impacted a little bit. most of these snow showers will taper off by mid afternoon the evening commute should be looking better. into wednesday maybe a snow shower or flurry windy and down right cold. overnightovernight clearing skies winds gust up to about miles per hour. higher up in the mountains cold day on monday. plenty of sunshine that doesn't help temperatures much. 37 for the of a noon high. check out this extended forecast. 32 or the high tuesday with light snow in the morning and early afternoon. wednesday some sunshine. windy with a high of 28. wednesday night will be the cold
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night night. get down to 12 for center see city. single digits in the suburbs afternoon high thursday of 44 degrees. factor in the wind it may feel like below zero at times. by the end of the week into the weekend we'll keep it dry. temperatures still chilly in the 30s. >> oh, boy. >> break out that winter coat. >> yeah. got the big one on stand by. thanks justin. >> lesley has sports highlights. >> the flyers in hot water with the league and we'll tell you why and the nfl playoffs continue so do the cowboys beat the lions? sports is next.
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the nfl wild card weekend wrapping up with games. we'll start off the lions and cowboys. dallas trailed at the half. romo finds the back of the end zone. the lions need add touchdown to win and on fourth down stafford fumbles the cowboys recovered.
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dallas with a 24-20 victory they'll play the acres next sunday. >> first game the colts hosting the bengals andrew luck finds dante, for right here the 36-yard touchdown pass. luck through for 376 yards and one touchdown. they face the broncos next week. the flyers have been finding undisclosed amount of money for violating the collective bargaining agreement. they traveled to nashville. they'll have to fly on december 27th which was the day of the game. coming up next in the zone we have sports radio 94 wip's ricky ricardo joining to us talk about eagles front office shake up. also more coverage on today's nfl playoffs and more on the passing of stewart scott coming up in just a few
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welcome bag everyone. south dakota man found a unique way to share his love of books
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with his community. laverne bills is his name and he create add tiny library out of a doghouse. the idea behind his library is to take a book and leave a book. it's been open since june and so far about 400 books have come in and out of that little library. how cute. justin is back with a last check your forecast and the cbs3
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