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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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tightens its grip on the area temperatures are below freezing and will feel worse once that win starts to kick up. >> meteorologist katie fehlinger is shivering outside on the sky deck. let's get out there so we can have her come back in. >> i was outside on the die deck in the last half an hour and i feel like the wind has kicked in a little bit more. it will continue to creep up on us here throughout the day. to the point that wind chill advisories have to be issued. they are not in effect yet but they will by this evening. the lets take a look outside, what do we have going on. we did of course have our snow rolling through yesterday. as we zoomed things out more here what we will find is certainly some more cloud cover. never mind we will show you some clouds as well as snow showers but clickers will be what they will be. they are cold too. current wind have begun to kick in a little bit. it is generally out of the west but turning more northwesterly as the day progresses. as i mentioned at that point wind chills will be need to be
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issued. by this evening generally earlier than 5:00 p.m. wind chills go in effect across the board. the wind may not have cranked but we are in the without issue. watching for temperatures that remain in the teens, and it will feel colder. that means every location will have ice to deal with, frozen surfaces. the if it looks like there is a i sheen on the road it means it is icy. as we mentioned a few flurries, a snow shower in the card for us here. that will be coming courtesy of the fact of light lake enhanced snowfall coming through. nothing that will stick or accumulate but it will add to the wintry atmosphere that is already out here. this microphone is freezing cold vittoria. >> katie, i wish i could come out here and join you you. >> no, you don't. you are a liar. >> you caught the me. lets talk traffic so katie can warm up.
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good morning everybody. if you are traveling on i-95 we are dealing with the are serious accident. black ice slick spot on the majors are nothing to be taken lightly today. looking at i-95 in the northbound direction heading out of the center city area approaching girard avenue. notice left lane is being blocked as the the center lane. only right-hand shoulder and is getting by. they have been intermittently closing the north bound side of i-95. lets say you are heading out of center city. jump on delaware avenue. the that is your best bet. you can hop back on i-95 at aramingo a void this if you can. the it is causing a delay stemming back toward penns landing. southbound we have regular old rush hour making your way down toward center city in the area of girard and volume building at cottman. we have suspended service for wilmington newark line between church man's crossing and newark station. erika. we have been in the middle of the bitter blast of cold air that prompted several communities to issue a code blue advisory. "eyewitness news" reporter
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nicole brewer joins us in one of them in pennsauken camden county. the it is just freezing outside, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the snow came and went, erika but this cold i can tell you firsthand is sticking around here in camden county. you mention that had code blue we are entering a third day for that warning. >> some spots better than others. some better than others. you have to be careful. >> reporter: yesterday's clipper system left behind slick streets and snow covered sidewalks but for folks in pennsauken, new jersey it is all about the bitter cold. >> i have tights underneath my sweats, t-shirt and two jackets. >> right now i have two pants but i just have within sweater. >> reporter: in camden county code blue went in effect machine night and continues through 7:00 o'clock wednesday morning. a warning that is issued anytime temperature or wind chill drops to 20 degrees or below. if that is in the bad enough some folks say it is bun to
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get worse. >> i don't think we got what we will get yet. >> oh in,. >> i'm waiting for it. i'm a winter person. >> reporter: so tyrone is a winter person which makes one of us but whether you love or hate this weather you have to be smart about it. just give yourself extra time and space when heading out here this morning. and it is a good time to check on those neighbors and loved ones and dealing with the cold blast as you are. live from camden county, nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> tyrone was not kidding he was all exposeed. reeseens cold spell isn't the only concern for humans. we need to protect our four legged friend of course. vets say this cold can cause hypotheria and frostbite for pets just like people. damage is done within minutes of being outside. >> tips of ear and paws are
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susceptible to frostbite. it just takes a few minutes. big thing is it causes cracking a and bleeding. >> experts recommend limiting your pet's time outdoors. dogs coats and beauties are also very helpful. stay on top of the winter weather by down loading the weather app, get latest forecast from our team of meteorologists, and down load it for freon google play and itunes. well that winter chill and lack of water supply complicates fighting a fire in bucks county. fire fighters got the call to a large two story home on curly in mill road in new written tait township late last night. the home you can see right there is a total loss. fire fighters well, they have two problems. first lack of hydrants in the area and also below freezing temperatures. >> hose line freezing it up making it hard on the guys
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working on the fire. the big thing too is there is a lack of water supply here. we had to truck in water. that made it difficult also to fight the the fire. >> they are trying to determine how that fire started. lakewood police charged a driver for hitting a child crossing the street and disregarding a school bus stop sign. this happened around 5:30 yesterday at intersection of clifton avenue and kerry street. authorities say the boy was opinion underneath that car and then dragged about 80 feet before the the driver stopped. investigators charged michael adler with reckless driving and illegally passing a school bus. lets give you more on breaking news from montgomery county, a sweet team near a home in upper moreland township. man has reportedly barricaded himself in a house for some reason on abbyville avenue and davisville road. police are telling residents in the neighborhood there to shelter in place for now. eye witt the necessary news will update the story as the morning continues.
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developing right now a major break in the search for missing air asia a flight 8501. we have received this video in the news room, indonesia's search and rescue chief says divers and unmanned under water vehicles spotted a section of the plane's tail in the java sea. the find is very important one for investigators since the plane's voice, data recorders are stored there. so far, 40 bodies have been recovered since the plane went down december 28th with 162 people on board. new video of the deadly suicide bombing in yemen. six people were killed overnight when a mini bus full of explosives blew up outside a police academy. more than 40 other people were hurt in the attack. so far in one has claimed responsibility. the the va clinic el paso texas will remain closed as federal authorities investigate yesterday's shooting that left two people dead. there are reports that the unidentified gunman killed a doctor before taking his own
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life. the the fbi is leading this investigation and they will interview hundreds of witnesses to find out what exactly sparked that shooting at fort bliss va clinic. eight after 6:00 in the morning and moorestown new jersey's youngest ever marries sworn in. meet her coming up. also we have heard of dine and ditch, of course but a man men as botox bandit, is taking that theory to a whole new level. see how he gets away after having thousands of dollars worth of cosmetic services performed. if you think it is cold here check out the temperatures in the midwest dozens of school districts are closed as wind chills dip to 50 below zero. we will take a look at how the rest of the the nation is coping in the cold when we come back. there will be a lot have of cool kid at the bus stop
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this morning and in the because they are styling, but because they are freezing. mobile weather lab checking out road this morning, pulling up to a red light there but road are nice and clear. you cannot feel it though it is wind and cold. >> dress in layers. >> bundle up. >> yes indeed. >> we will be right back. >> slow your roll. [ female announcer ] knows her way around a miniskirt. can run in high heels. must be a supermodel, right?
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pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. go bold with flavors that kick. release a devastating avalanche of taste on your tongue. bury yourself in the flavor full of sweet icing and filling. call off the hounds! rescue is unnecessary. pillsbury toaster strudel, the snow day of breakfasts. crashes are tying up highways, schools are closed ape crops are in danger. the aspirin web reports another round of freezing arctic air will hit the east coast. >> school kid in and around chicago are getting a day off thanks to old man winter.
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chicago public schools and a 125 other nearby districts are closed today because of a dangerous drop in temperatures. forecasters say it will be negative 6 degrees, when students would have been waiting for the school bus. chicago's mayor says that canceling classes was a matter of safety. >> help health and safety of the children and enough planning time for parents to make adjustment if needed. >> reporter: first winter blast is forcing the midwest and northeast into survival mode. in chicago the temperature may in the reach, zero on wednesday, with wind chills dropping to 30 below. >> the the really cold air core coming down as we head through wednesday across the midwest and deep south and another one line up for friday and saturday. more arctic air coming down. >> reporter: some bundled up commuters have already had enough of braving the bitter cold. >> tommy will take the the car to work, so i won't freeze waiting for the bus because of the train.
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>> reporter: with wind gusts expect at 40 miles an hour in some places and more black ice expect on the roads emergency officials are asking drivers to stay at home and only travel, if necessary. in new york, brian web, for cbs-3 eye bitterness news. we have weeks of it last year just a few days this time hopefully. >> thankfully it will not be as prolong ukee. it is january. we have seen this happen every winter. but this is brutal stuff. i mean eastern half of the united states has some kind of wind chill warning watch or advisory issued as a result of this blast of arctic chill that is sinking in. this will trigger memories from the polar vortex last year. we are included. we have our own set of wind chills in effect as of this evening. you can see it is not a storm system necessarily but just a jet stream dipping in what we call a trough that is digging in, and it is coming from the depths of the arctic. not only does it send temperatures on the downhill spiral but you'll end up with
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a really brutal wind that kicks in. here's how it feels more like single digits in philadelphia already and wind is not even begun. look at how bad, it is, we have completely get why they canceled school. feels like 21 below zero in milwaukee right now. for us it won't feel quite that harsh in the city but it could feel like it is 20 below in the poconos tomorrow, as we bottom out to 8 degrees everything will stay frozen. if is there any ice out there it will be stuck with us for a couple days not too much movement on the thermometer but we will see ebb and flow through the weekend. vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning everyone. we are still dealing with the accident on i-95 causing a major problem for anyone heading out of center city, out philadelphia north bound i-95 an accident compromising, excuse me, an accident compromising the left-hand lane. emergency teams are on the scene and they have been intermittently closing the roadway to assist in this incident. if this is where you are traveling right now we have a big old delay stemming back toward penns landing, maybe
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traveling on delaware avenue would be a good idea right now, if you are again heading out of center city and south philadelphia a a southbound i-95 we have the usual rush hour delay, as you make your way out of the north east down through the vine. it is spotty but that volume will only grow. elsewhere traveling on the schuylkill expressway 76 and 20 2a vehicle turn in the opposite direction with what we are dealing with an earlier accident here. it does seem to me that they have turned it around in the right direction but police are still on the scene. majority of that accident on the shoulder which is good news but bad news is i think a lot of folks are underestimating the black ice out there in the neighborhoods more snow covered. on the highways you cannot really tell that much but you will need to proceed with extra caution. also traveling to wilmington newark line services suspended between church man's crossing and newark station. we have speed restrictions on area bridges at 35 miles an hour erika. the the new mayor of moorestown new jersey is getting a lieutenant of attention because of her age. twenty-six year-old vittoria
6:16 am
napolitano took the oath of office last night making her the youngest to ever hold that position. her husband held the bible during the oath. the township council is four to one republican and members of the majority rotate holding the mayor's seat. mayor napolitano is in her first term and says it is an honor to serve. >> it is very exciting to me. more women in politics especially young with man, it is important and something i hope i can be a role model for other young woman considering stepping in the political arena. >> mayor napolitano says her number one priority is passing a budget that does not increase taxes this year. we're following breaking news from montgomery county this is davisville road and abby view in upper moreland town hip where a man has barricaded himself in the home. swat teams are monitoring the it ways, updates throughout the morning. new britain township bucks county fire fighters battled freezing temperatures and lack
6:17 am
of hydrants to control this fire last night. there were no injuries but that huge home is a total loss. under sea photographs show tail section of air asia flight 5801, that is section that contains black boxes but there is in word when those might be accccessible. we will be right back.
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south philadelphia. captain claude giroux is nursing a bad cut but he is a a hockey player and he is tough so it didn't keep him out of the line up for long at all. the captain assisted on wayne simmonds first gola begins ottawa and his second goal won it in the shoot-out two-one. simmonds all a over the place. good team win. flyers break a five game losing streak, caps in town tomorrow night. sixers host milwaukee bucks later tonight at the well. sixers inched their first home win of the season monday night begins cavilers. the let's make it two in a row and beat those bucks. college basketball now, to new york last night and villanova wildcats shake off that loss. darren hillard had 21 points for nova against the red storm of saint john's, wildcats pulled away after a close first half and won 90-72. jay wright's career number 300 win at villanova congratulations. they play blue democrat opposite of the depaul, saturday at the pavilion. march madness gets closer and
6:21 am
closer. i love it. >> your most favorite time of the year. >> that and christmas. >> that is right. still a ahead everyone loves to see a baby smile but even doctors were surprised when a new born in missouri opened her mouth. we will show what you is causing a big stir at that hospital coming up. search is on for so-called botox bandit, see how they walk out of the doctor's office without paying for thousands of dollars worth of cosmetic procedures, when we come right
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snow spped but chilly temperatures have not. >> they have not. they are just getting started and win is doing the thing just getting started here as we see it crank out of the northwest. it will be enough that it will
6:24 am
warrant wind chill advisories. they are not in effect yet but they will be as early as 5:00 p.m. this evening. here we go the at broad headville is already finding temperatures in the teens, not too windy just yet as i mentioned but you can see that wind is helping to get lake effect snow machine underway. we will see a quick snow shower or flurry out of have that too. blast of cold is here courtesy of the big dip in the jet stream to allow that arctic chill to sink in. daytime highs won't break 20's but those wind chills, that is best case scenario in the next 24 hours. in other word it will feel colder then that majority of the time. vittoria, over to you. if you are traveling right now 95 we have been dealing with a very serious accident for a good portion of this morning. we will take a look at live chopper three over the scene the of the accident on northbound side of i-95. we are looking at tow trucks in place removing a few vehicles involved as we will notice we have bright lanes bypassing that incident but they have been intermittently
6:25 am
closing the roadway to get the the situation under control. you will notice emergency teams still on the scene. north bound i-95 near center city down toward girard avenue. if you are traveling on i-95, thinks another vantage point of the i-95 accident. traveling in this area take delaware avenue and jump back on i-95 at aramingo. southbound i-95 we have a gaper delay and watch out for black ice and slick spots all over the place, ukee. engine trouble forced sky divers to jump for their lives in new zealand. all 13 people on board parachute todd safety before the small plane crashed in the lake. authorities say it is a mare california no one was kill. eyewitness reported hearing a loud bang and seeing people jump from the plane and plumeted toward that lake. police in san francisco are searching for a botox bandit on the lose. authorities say that the man in this video right here walk in the doctor's office went through several treatments, and then just walk out. officials say that this might
6:26 am
the not be his first time either. makers of the botox sent out an e-mail warning doctors about the quote cosmetic crime spree. >> there was a description of probably the exact same person tall muscular man who wanted the exact same thing botox fillers and a laser treatment. >> these procedures they are in the cheap. they can add up to $5,000. doctors say they are usually done once a year so they will be on the look out to see if that botox bandit strikes again next year. but that ace the lot of money just to walk out. >> sure is, wow. missouri mom got quite a surprise in the delivery room. her baby was born with two teeth. >> yes, he gave birth to little isabella three days after christmas. >> hang on good we will see a tight shot there. do you see those. she said her doctors were just as surprised as she was. >> in our 25 year career she aid this was second time he had even it. he had two other doctors look and nurses they were like
6:27 am
what is going object can i see. >> fast track. >> a according to med line plus as part of the u.s. national library of medicine babies born with teeth once in every two or 3,000 births. while they can be associated with medical conditions, most though like isabel air totally healthy. she's a ahead of the church. >> a little bit. >> yeah. >> all i want for christmas is my two front teeth. i got them already. coming up, in our nexext half an her of "eyewitness news" is there new information about the new jersey high school that canceled its football season in the wake of the hazing scandal find out is what next for the team, nicole >> ukee, code blue for third day in camden county, coming up we are live with how folks are coping with the cold, cold temperatures. and katie has your forecast vittoria checking on those road when we do traffic and weather together on the three's. just a cold morning for you. bundle seven.
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bundle up and brace yourself for a bitter blast when you walk outside the door this morning. we're looking live the ski
6:31 am
lifts are moving along, temperatures below freezing and wind chill will make it feel worse. you are saying win has in the pick up yet today. >> no. >> it is only going to get worse, yes. well, lot worse. let's be honest. it is january. we've gotten through a entire month and about a week or so of pretty even kiehl on the thermometers. this is first real dose of that. >> bound to happen at some point. >> no one wants to hear polar vortex but here she comes again. >> stop it. >> you look here, erika a at storm scan three and we have light lake enhanced snow falling down wind of the lakes. it is to go well but i do think we have a shot to see a snow shower or flurry here at home as well as basically that wind is going to drive the flakes ever closer. we will certainly have have cold air to support it. look at current wind. more westerly then anything but they are also relatively light. it is little breeze any some spots like at the airport where we are at 4 miles an hour but this is just the beginning, folks.
6:32 am
by this evening it will be windy enough and cold enough to warrant wind chill advisories. we are expecting the entire area to go into a wind chill advisory this evening and last you until at least thursday morning, some spots it might expire later. but really tonight and tomorrow is where we bottom out. here's how it feels. the it will be feels like below zero in mount pocono. like single digits at the airport. i feel so bad for folks waiting for that economy shuttle to come pick you up in the parking lot. it is cold out there folks. bundle up adequately. today is where we will start to feel plunge on the thermometer but tomorrow where we bottom out. regardless you still need to put on enough layers as you head out the door. thankfully no major storms coming with this forecast here today our down the road but i do think as i mentioned there could be a couple flakes to add to the wintry atmosphere perhaps. >> well, not pumped about that katie because we are dealing with a lot on the road in regards to just black ice.
6:33 am
if you are traveling out and about we are dealing with major delays, a associated with an accident that could have been cause by that black ice. it was an earlier multi vehicle crash north bound i-95 around girard. it has been clear. this is a big old delay stemming back in the south philadelphia and penns landing area. so if you are traveling throughout that stretch trying to make your way beyond center city heading in the northeast you will give yourself on more time. there is no doubt about that. we have a southbound i-95 gaper delay on top of rush hour to go witt. this is southbound side of i-95 approaching center city delayed from the northeast down through the vine street exit. that is northbound side, north of i-95 you will note that is delay even though it has been cleared moving john the vine out toward girard avenue. we have an accident on north line kill than pike traveling in montgomery county be mindful of. that speed restrictions on area bridges on have 35 miles an hour. >> we have some snow on top of
6:34 am
your car too just clear that off, once back on somebody. that snow has ended, and north now we are battling that bitter cold temperatures has we have been talking about. >> add the layers this morning. the it is dangerously cold outside. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer is bundled up as we know in pennsauken camden county where that code blue is in effect, good morning. >> good morning, guys. heading out this morning maybe already out and about you can expect some slick road conditions, some snow covered streets, possibly and also some really bitter cold temperatures. you mention that had code blue in camden county in effect since monday night and will remain in effect through 7:00 this morning. we are down to our last half an hour of this thing. it is best to just bundle up if you have to be outside on a cake lie today i have got my hat, my gloves, i have got some wooly socks here and everybody i expect to out here at pennsauken grease it is all about packing on the layers.
6:35 am
>> i have tights underneath my sweats, a t-shirt and two jackets. >> minority face is my go too. i usually wear scarves. >> i'm a winter person. i enjoy the cold. but i still layer up to keep from getting a cold. >> reporter: yep, a smart thing to do on a day like today. we are out here at pennsauken new jersey in camden county. we are looking live at route 38 you can see traffic is moving without any problem on the main roads. looking pretty clear, looks can be deceiving so make sure you take it extra slow. i would be willing to bet that the worst part of the commute would be in and around your own neighborhood making your way out through your driveway an inside streets probably still snow covered and definitely pretty slick. that is very latest out here in camden county, nicole brewer, cb is. three "eyewitness news". >> nicole, thank you. we have some breaking news just in from paris, gunman
6:36 am
just opened fire on a newspaper's headquarters. police union official says 11 people were killed and three officers were wounded. witness saw multiple mask men with automatic weapons. we are following this story and bring you new developments as soon as we get them, ukee. one of the victims seriously injured in the center sit a tackies breaking his silence. samuel sierra spent a week in the hospital after a beating at 12th and chestnut that nearly cost him his life. surveillance video from december between the second, shows sierra walking to his job as a doorman with his manager, a group a a approached the pair, and there was an argument. suddenly and, the group, pummeled sierra and. >> my ears start to have a ringing sensation and then my head again just has the physical pain. >> i hope they are captured. i'm certainly thinking at the the end of the day they would become bet's adults but it is still up to them to make those decisions for themselves. >> if you have any information about this attack please
6:37 am
contact the philadelphia police. the search continues this morning in philadelphia, for a suspect in the home invasion in mantua officers say that a man walk into a home on the 3900 block of brown, around 7:30 last night, pistol whipped a with man and took off with cash. victim was taken to the hospital with cuts and bruises. new this morning, football is coming back to sayreville high school this fall after a hazing scandal ended the season. the school shut down the football program last september, when the the scandal first broke. several players claimed that older teammates sexually assaulted them and inappropriately touched them. the superintendent announced at last night's school board meeting that the team will play again this fall. >> i believe very strongly after the path several months that football is a very, very important part of our athletic programs and of our community. >> seven football players are
6:38 am
charged as juvenile for the hazing accusations. a hard for the high school basketball game in harrisburg turns into a hard fight. william penn high school loss but game ended with a huge fight between penn and harrisburg high. parents, police, coaches everybody tried to restore order. one player was knock unconscious. as far as we know only punishment players are suspended for at least within game. new jersey lawmakers are considering looking into governor christie's travel to dallas cowboys game. democratic assemblyman john wisnieski says he and loretta weinberg suggest probing whether the governor violated ethics rules by accepting travel and ticket from cowboys owner jerry jones. governor's office says he ace allowed to accept gifts from friend and that the governor has fully complied with state rules. jones called christie's visit a good luck charm and want him at sunday's game with the packers. stay tuned. number of flu cases in our area are on the the rise, we will have details next up in
6:39 am
the healthwatch. 911 dispatcher had to think outside box when a call for help was disconnected. find out how she used social media to track down a hike their fell 160 feet. does your cell phone shut down during cold weather. we have tips to preserve your battery life this winter. >> ♪ oh yeah, freeze frame. it was 19 when i drove in this morning. the it is 22 right now. >> we are getting there. take care of each other check on the elderly family children, everybody your pets of course, bring them in. >> yes indeed, we're all tonight together. blank
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electric tronics could of trouble coping witt as well. geek squad at best buy says when smart phones are exposed to freezing temperatures battery life plummets and as those temperatures continue to tumble, the worst it gets. >> as it gets colder chemical reaction slows down and produces more energy. batteries when they go at 0 degrees your battery life is cut in half. >> so here's some tips they gave to us preserve battery life. for android set your phone to power saving mode. for i phones turn down brightness and turn off the blue tooth and wifi. 6:43. here's more traffic and weather. katie. >> we will check back in with our eyewitness weather watcher network. we have a couple new people to the program. we will go north where temperature assent in over last half an hour from john hall is 11 degrees. love to see your profile picture. up load it when you get a chance to. he is in martins creek. he has a couple cloud.
6:44 am
not terribly windy yet but he did say traffic was so far moving okay where he is. couple slick spots along the the way. we will take you to the south here 20 degrees from sharon connolly. she's in blackwood. again, light breeze out there. only coming in for her right at zero. virtually non-existent. under clear skies it is feeling chilly and, yeah, winter a arrived, absolutely. could not have a said it better myself my friend. let show you why winter has officially made eighths rifle here. triggering memories of the polar vortex much with us, right? we do have a trough that is just digging in here. not an organize storm necessarily but just really cold air. that is a allowed to just bottom out here in to the u.s. because of the trough and dip in the jet stream that comes with it. in the meantime we could see a flurry or light snow shower. it is not from a system but it shouldn't a accumulate much of anything. meanwhile when we look to tomorrow specifically and
6:45 am
these wind chills are very brutal. we have in the seen this since last winter but you will remember what it was like. so just make sure you bundle up adequately. worst spots will go to the poconos. that is a given, right? it feels like 20 below zero, cold inner a couple choice locations tomorrow morning v quick check on the eyewitness weather seven day a little bit of the modest ebb and flow here but we do rebound and flirt with 40 degrees by monday which is meaning that it will ease up sooner rather than later vittoria. good morning everyone. i cannot say the same travel wise at least for right now. things will not ease up anytime soon. this is when they will continue to grow. traveling on i-95, i-95 making your commute in center city not too far from girard. we had an accident northbound a approaching girard that has been cleared but you will still find residual volume out of penns landing and making your way down toward area of allegheny. southbound you are delayed the entire stretch out of the
6:46 am
northeast down through to the the vine. that volleys trickling back toward academy and even beyond. give yourself more time heading out of the north east. watch out for suspension of the wilmington newark line between church mans crossing and newark station ukee. we are following breaking news from montgomery county. there is a a police presence a at davisville road and abby's cruise avenue in willow grove where officers say a man barricaded himself in the home. more updates as we continue throughout the the morning. fire fighters had to battle freezing temperatures and lack of hydrants to control this fire on curly mill road in new britain bucks county there were no injuries. but the home was destroyed. authorities in indonesia said tail of air asia flight 8501 on the floor of the java sea. that is very good news for investigators. the black boxes are located in the tail section. on your healthwatch this morning britain's oxford university has begun first trial of an ebola vaccine. the doctors and scientists say
6:47 am
they hope to reaction nate 72 healthy adult by the end of the month. the the school says no one will be infect with ebola during the trial. the the vaccine is being developed by the janssen pharmaceuticals arm of johnson and johnson. flu cases, they will continue to sky rocket in our area. delaware reports more than a thousand confirmed cases. now keep in mind this time last year there was only a fraction on with a hundred cases last year. and in pennsylvania flu numbers listen to the worst numbers in years. the department of health says there are nearly 1,000 confirmed flu cases in montgomery county alone. you the state has reported 36 flu-related deaths. you can get all of the information you need to know about fighting the flu on our web site. there is an overview list of symptoms and risk factors. you can get tips on preventing the flu. just head to cbs click on health and then flu you. a 911 dispatcher uses social media to rescue a hiker
6:48 am
who has critically injured after falling 100 feet. she explains how she used facebook to find him. >> hp sacramento police received a 911 from a 11 year-old advising he was repelling with his father. the the the father fell and hit his head. >> reporter: dispatchers got that call from young jim but it cut off before he told them where his father fell. >> we are trying to find out who this person is, where this person is at especially when he we don't have a definite lex. >> reporter: only clue was where the call connect with a cell phone tower near the area. more than 30 miles away from where jake and his dad ryan richard were hiking. along the blue ridge loop trail near the lake. >> it can ping off different towers and several different agencies can get that 911 call even fit is out of their jurisdiction. >> reporter: dispatchers were hitting a deadened and time was of the essence. that is when brianna martinez, who has only been on the job for three weeks, decided to
6:49 am
help. >> i decided to search myself since they were busy. i plug the name in google and his linked in account came up. i was able to get a picture and know he was sacramento. >> reporter: using his name and image martinez made a match on facebook. >> i scrolled down and very first post was a picture of his two sons, and behind him was the lake, and it just said hiking the blue ridge trail today. >> the post shows they are repelling at blue ridge loop trail. we are routeing fire that direction. >> reporter: when we saw that picture it the made sense. >> reporter: help arrived and air lifted him out of the canyon just before sunset. a close call for an injured hiker saved by social media. >> it made a definite different type of lead and the outcome of the call so it was excellent. >> being in law enforcement for 31 years, i don't know if i would have thought of that. >> his family says he has several fractured bones, head injury and broken jaw from that fall. >> his son jake was not hurt.
6:50 am
6:49. lets see what is coming up on cbs this morning. >> gayle king joins us from new york. good. >> good morning, ukeelee and erika. we are gathering information on breaking news at this hour. gunman storm a french newspaper in paris. several people are reported dead there. plus does the government get to decide your cancer treatment? don baylor talks to the mother of a 17 year-old girl fighting for the right to refuse chemotherapy. selma director a va is in studio 57. we will talk with her getting the movie that is getting rave reviews as you may have heard and the controversy surrounding it. the news is back in the morning. we will see new ten minutes. ukeelee and erika back to you you. >> tell ava i said hello. >> you loved the movie. >> loved it. >> have you seen it, yet, gayle. >> i seen it four times. i love it too. very excited she's here. >> have a good show. >> thanks. >> i will, i will bye.
6:51 am
word is two very funny ladies will take stage to host peoples choice award tonight right here on cbs three mom co stars allison janne anal son ferris are hosting for the first time. they have been preparing for weeks but they say they are still nervous. so they reached out to last years host for some tips and advice. >> you know, we talked with cat and bet h who hosted last year from two broke girls and they said. >> they said run. we have been working out every day and really trying to get ready watch forty-first annual peoples choice award right here on cbs-3 tonight at 9:00 p.m. >> we know it will be funny. >> in doubt bit. >> it is a baby girl for nick lachey and his wife van necessary a brooklyn elizabeth lachey was born on monday. she entered weighing just under 8-pound and meg ewing 21 inches. this his their second child.
6:52 am
their son camden johnnies two years old. >> congratulation is we will be right back. >> but first here's a look what is coming up tonight on cbs-3. see you in a bit. ring ring! progresso! it's ok that
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your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself. and try progresso chili. slow-simmered, homemade taste.
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updating our breaking news in paris this is new video just in from that scene where 11eople were killed in an attack on a newspaper. several police officers were also hurt. witness found multiple mask
6:55 am
men with automatic weapons. france's president just called the shooting a terrorist a attack. the that newspaper is men for its portrayals of the muslim mohammad. we are staying with it. we will have the latest on the cw fill any five minutes. right new lets get latest on our chilly temperatures and wind coming that way katie. >> worst of that chill will be felt up in the mountains but it is almost like a welcome sight for skies resorts because they need cold air to help them make that snow and mother nature hooked them up with fresh white powder yesterday there will be a snow shower around today. it is wind driven from lake effect. it should not accumulate. that wind will crank. the this is across the board, wind chill values in better than teens today. it is not too windy yet the but it will be. with gusts as high as 40 miles an hour, it is enough for a wind chill advisory to go in effect this evening vittoria. wind will be traveling quicker then you will this morning on our majors. we will lah in new jersey, 42 freeway north bound we are starting to build traffic a
6:56 am
approaching creek road down toward 295. heading up and over the bridges. well, your speed restrictions 359 miles an hour. that is all of our bridges. rightfully so. it is very icy out there black ice, as we lot speed sensors. you will notice red on 95 and cue kill expressway. rush house is building ukee. vittoria, thank you. sometime snow is not so much fun. >> but sometimes it is just most fun ever. check out philadelphia zoo yesterday where lion cubs experienced snow for the very first time. they are out prowling around. those four cubs certainly enjoyed themselves. taking it in. now, usually you don't see too much snow as you might imagine in the home land but this is a new experience. >> they are having a great time. speaking of great time another young animal experienced snow for a first time this is bow, bow yes the giant panda cub at smithsonian national zoo which provided this video. the as you cane he loves rolling around in the snow, and momma's digging it too. >> you can see panda's enjoy
6:57 am
it more than the lions. you can understand why. >> having a good time. here's your shovel. >> that is awesome. >> try to give a panda a shovel. >> i know. next up on cbs this morning in we are updating breaking news in a mass shooting in a paper office in france. now we are keeping it live and local on the cw philly, station. good morning, family, stay warm, stay safe. see you soon.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
. good morning. it is wednesday, january 7th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a massacre in paris. gunmen storm the offices of a satirical french newspaper killing at least 11. crushing cold paralyzes much of the country. schools are closed and travel is treacherous. plus forced by the state to undergo chemotherapy we'll talk with a mother who's daughter is being treated by cancer against her will. >> but we'll begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> in central paris at the headquarters of the satirical


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