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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 9, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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shots were fired during the hijacking. they stormed the offices of charlie hebdo. among the dead the paper's editors and two police officers nearby paris airport, closed two runways as this operation continues. we'll stay with it, and bring you the latest developments. also happening right now shooting in the parking lot of philadelphia mills. >> one man in the hospital, another, on the run. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer is at the scene in northeast philly for you right now. nicole? >> ukee, erika there is shooting was particularly of concern to police, because it happened here, in the parking lot of a 24 hour wal-mart store, not far from philadelphia mills, the shopping center, you see behind me. so you can imagine, just how concerned they were to hear that the shots rang out with customers, also employees, so close by, but we go ahead show you video of the crime scene from overnight again about 75 feet from the entrance of this wal-mart store. now, that's where the victim, 26 year old male, told officials he was meeting up with somebody to settle a debt when the person actually opened fire, shooting him in
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the chest the arm and the leg, while he sat in the passenger side after car. now, his brother who was driving that vehicle fled the the scene taking him to holy redeemer hospital. he was then transport today temple hospital where he is now in guarded condition. police say the incident, which was, in fact, caught on surveillance video corks have been much worse considering how close it is to this wal-mart store. >> when the shooting took place, this wal-mart was open for business. there were cars in the parking lot, not many, but there were customer cars in the parking lot, there were several customers in the wal-mart, there was about 20 employees in the wal-mart. so we're very fortunate that there was no one else injured and in one was struck, by stray gunfire. >> shortly after they received that 911 call, about 12:30 this morning they came here to the parking lot where they didn't find, in fact, find a spent shell casing, also some glass from car window. they say they do have pretty
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good idea who they are looking for at this point. it is just a matter of tracking him down. that's the latest live in northeast philadelphia nicole brewer cbs-3 "eyewitness news". nicole thank you for. that meanwhile the philadelphia inquirer reports grand jury is recommending criminal charges against pennsylvania attorney general kathleen cane. the grand jury in montgomery county is investigating allegations that she leak secret information from a 2009 grand jury report to the philadelphia daily news. montgomery county district attorney risa furman would review the grand jury recommendation t could be weeks or longer before she makes a decision if she will pursue charges against kathleen cane. fuhrman had no comment. according to the inquirer report the grand jury recommended charges of perjury, contempt of court against kathleen. >> which indicates to me when she appeared before the grand jury, and testified the grand jury determined that she had not told the truth. so that's a very, very truck
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charge if true -- troubling charge if true. >> her attorney released a statement that says in part: the attorney general has done nothing wrong and i will legal tonight my knowledge there is no credible evidence that she has. she told the truth to the grand jury at all times. i hope the district attorney will reach the same conclusion. our time 5:33, here's your traffic and weather together. kate? >> ukee, couple of snowflakes flying out there this morning for some of you. it is causing some poor visibility issues, possibly some slick travel, not everyone will get in on it, but certainly will be a windy day for everybody. and it is all because of the system that's benninging in some of these snowflakes. let's take you out there. we show you fiercer for most, storm scan3 more localized zoom man is the bark worse than the bite on this. now, that's not saying that nobody's seeing any snow out of this, but looks like it is really something down rather all courtesy of the outskirts of a simple clipper system that's moving through. so, as it continues to move through it doesn't necessarily have a ton of moisture with it, but it is
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going to kick the winds up, reinforce the cold, certainly touch off couple every snow showers. so please watch for. that will i don't expect much if any accumulation out of it, but it is enough to reduce visibility certainly lead to slick travel. twenty-six currently here at philadelphia international. look at the winds direction it is cranking, but more out of the south. so that allows a milder air mass to take over. does it mean it is a warm day but not as harsh as our feels-like values, currently into the teens around the region. well, unless you're in mount pocono. you're always out in mount pocono when it comes to it kind of pattern right? meanwhile as the day progresses looking at any of the snowfall to completely clear out of here, we will all ends up with sunshine, the thing is again that wind will be with us all day. so although the temperatures read into the 30's, across pretty much most of the board say outskirt of the region it, will feel no better than the 20's, in any given location with that wind factored in. vittoria over to you. >> not pumped about the wind. and if you are headed out and about, you won't be pumped
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about the travel conditions either. in some areas specifically, residentially, because in the neighborhoods, and so on, so for the, offer the beaten path of the highways, we are dealing still with some snow on the grounds and ice. it was tricky for me getting out of my neighborhood, as well, a lot of the roadways look like this, in the suburbs, and so on, if you are traveling route 100 there is shot here right around route 113, notice, that still the highways itself snow covered. and, really, a lot of this isn't just snow. it is ice. so you have to be careful and take it extra easy, a lot of situations, that we see in regard to traffic conditions, like this, are just cause major accidents. so the best thing you can do plan accordingly prepare yourself, give yourself little more time. make sure you're giving yourself enough distance inbetween the vehicles ahead of you. no delays for mass transit and at the airport erika? >> vittoria, thank you tragic accident in new jersey, a seven year old boy dies after folding bench collapses on top
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of him. police say the 108-pound bench had been secured to the wall of the gym of berkley street elementary school in new milford. however, it fell open, and hit brendan jordan in the head on wednesday. he was returned to the hospital where he died. some local parents are upset with the school. >> i'm very angry right now. i found out from facebook that a child died in my son's school. >> i've seen them. they don't look very safe. i mean, avenue never been comfortable with them. but i'm not completely shocked that one could fall. >> it is not clear what caused that bench to fall. police say they do not anticipate any charges any criminal charges, at this point. >> our time now 5:36. in business news this morning where americans are moving. >> and honda's hit with a big fine. money watch's jill wagner joins us now from the new york stock exchange with those stories and more, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee erika. honda is facing the largest
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government fine ever imposed on an auto maker. $70 million. federal regulators say honda failed to report more than 1700 complaints that led to deaths and injuries over the last 11 years. honda says, computer glitches and training issues caused the failures. markets open in positive territory. do you soared 323 points yesterday. nasdaq up 86. the government releases a december jobs report this morning, analysts are specking another strong month of hiring. but the big question, are americans earning more money? even though there has been a lot of job growth, american paychecks, just haven't been keeping up. >> and more people are packing up their things, and moving away from the northeast. new york, and new jersey have the highest percentage of moves out of the state. so where are they going?
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south carolina, north carolina, and florida are top destinations, thanks to lower housing costs job opportunities, and warmer weather. the number one state people are headed, though, is oregon. interesting. florida sound good right about now. >> oh, erika doesn't it? >> 82 degrees, sunshine, the beach. >> little sun ... >> come on back, ladies, come on back, come on back. >> all right right right. >> pull it in, ya. >> we'll see you later this morning, you got it. happening today, jury selection begins in the murder trial of former new england patriots hernandez. grant his girlfriend immunity if she agrees to testify against him. the 25 year old killed semi pro not ball player owed end lloyd in 2013. lloyd's body was found in a industrial area near hernandez's house in massachusetts. >> right now, new report, by the former director of the fbi criticizes the nfl for its
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handling of the ray rice case, but concludes the league had not seen the video of ray rice punching his fiancee in a elevator before suspending him. the report by robert muller found the nfl should have done more with the information it had. however, muller said there was no evidence the league or commissioner, roger goodel, received that video before it was published on line in september. erika? >> ukee, in a rare reference to the rape allegations against him bill cosby told a woman at his comedy tour in canada you have to be careful about drinking around me. he reportedly made this comment after the woman got up and walked past the stage. the he asked her where she was going, reveal applied to grab a drink from the lobby. more than dozen women have accused women of drugging and raping them in counters that span decades. he has never been charged with any wrong-doing. well, we continue to follow the breaking news from france, as police exchange gunfire with two brothers wanted for this week's terrorist attack. also fighting the flu the new test designed to diagnosis
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the flu faster, and why doctors are having trouble treating some patient. also this: >> i'm kevin frazier coming up liam nissan is back and on the run in taken three could
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brothers suspected in the deadly terror attack are holding a hostage in a printing house northeast of paris. the brothers may have exchanged shots with police, after stealing a car. >> now, back in our region, a developing story police searching for suspects in a shooting at the philadelphia mills, former franklin mills mall, in northeast philadelphia. a 26 year old man was shot three times in the mall parking lot about 1:00 this morning. he's being treated at an area hospital. >> and, president obama says, he wants to see community college courses, some of them to be free. he made the announcement in a video released last night. the president will outline his education plans in tennessee today, ahead of the state of the union address at scheduled for january 20th. >> on the health watch food and drug administration has okayed a new quick and easy flu test. now, with just a swab inside your nose, the doctors office can now determine if you have the flu in just minutes. some say, it is faster and more accurate. experts say, the test is intended to aid in flu
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diagnosis, and get infected patients on antiviral medication a lot sooner. doctors around the philadelphia region say there has been sporadic shortages of the flu drug, tam flu. it can shorten the duration and severity of influenza nape deem i can and specially bad in parts of our area. cbs says its experienced tamiflu liquid form, and urged only to write prescriptions for high risk patients. our time now 5:43. katie has the weather trivia waiting for you. >> i sure do. because this is tricky question, we actually gave you heads up on what the question would be ahead of time. you folks at home, see how you do. so far, this season, guys, philadelphia has received just 1.6 inches of snow. in the last decade, how many seasons have actually received 1.6 inches or less, by this date? is it, a, three of those years, b four, c five, or d six? this is attributing i one.
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frankly, avenue feeling even ukee will just be going by guessing this time. >> hello? >> who wants to try it? >> i'll try it first. last three years were brought al it, takes it down to seven i skip it, take it down to six, so let's make it five. >> ukee's wrong? >> what what? >> okay, who wants to go next, ladies? >> i bet it was six. >> i'll go. i was actually thinking six. >> i bet it was six. >> six, all right. >> i knew it, i knew it. >> and traffic is yet again gosh i'm telling you. >> i knew it! >> she has come along well here. >> teacher always says go with your gut. >> traffic knows their stuff. let's just say t all right storm scan3 erika didn't even get a chance. she was thinking six though, too, i know it, god bless ya. right now showing some signs of life. we do have little snow right now, a lot of this is actually coming down very lightly of course all clipper oriented, this is the same clip their we were tracking over in the dakotas yesterday, it is already here, and it is sipping right through. so, while you might have
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reduced visibility, you certainly might have a little sheen on the roadways, maybe some, you know, again slick travel. i don't expect this to accumulate. not going to be shoveling anyway from from this, rather notice the wyndmoor than anything. eventually we get some sunshine 34 degrees, tomorrow, the coldest day yet again of the next seven. with that cold air reinforcement coming in, sunday is quiet mo n day new storm, which could be bringing us our next round every ice. starts to move in. vittoria over to you. >> i thought were you going to say trivia master -- >> oh, trivia master. >> hey, ease up over there. >> don't get cocky over there. >> i won't i won't. >> come on back. >> anyway, i just got real excited. all right, traffic wise, it is actually something to be a little bit excited about at least volume wise. not dealing with any major delays or problems at this time. this is a look at 309 if you are traveling in either direction, heading to or from the pennsylvania turnpike, no delays in either direction, it is really nice commute. bridges are reflect that same good news. take a look at the ben franklin bridge.
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no problems making your way from jersey down toward eighth and vine. and again, it is the tac bet circumstances the commodore barry, all of the bridges fantastic. how much, with that said, if you're traveling in and around residential areas be mindful of still snow and ice on the roadway, even still the majors. we just saw a shot of route 100, very heavy traffic there not traffic rather, still a lot of snow on the ground that could cause some potential heavy traffic during the rush. any who, in the northeast, we have traffic light malfunction at adams avenue and whitaker. so if you are traveling in this area, do you want to give yourself more time. the northeast still pretty snow covered again, in the neighborhoods. so just be careful no matter where you're headed. and don't forget, when you are on the road, you can always get updated information about traffic backups, in your area, any area, with the new your drive app. and you can download that app for the iphone and android by going to drive. >> ♪ ♪ >> thank up, vet tore y i'm
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not salty. >> ukee? >> i'm not salt. >> i don't get mad. >> i'm not salty. let's move on. hey, there is no gray area here. >> vittoria did win. >> yep, she did ya, ya. >> also, the highly anticipated 50 shades of gray movie finally gets official rating. the motion picture association of america hit the film with a r rating. that's not real a surprise i think to folks considering the movie's steamy subject matter there. was talk of maybe it being nc17t stars dakota johnson as and tire a steel jamie plays biliary christian gray. fifty shades of gray opens in theatres february 13th, i can only imagine how many couples will be -- how many guys will be dragged out to see this for valentine day? >> i saw a trailer for it last week. >> steamy material. >> look out. >> oprah winfrey generating a loft oscar buzz for her new movie and also liam nissan, he packs a pun. in the latest triligy. >> kevin frazier has the words on what's new this theatres this weekend.
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>> (movie clip). >> liam neice and, framed for the murder every his ex-wife sets him on the run to clear his name, and protect his daughter from his past. >> i was always ready to face the consequences to protect my family. >> i think that's why these films resonate with such a global audience, balls of their core, by the love, sanctity of family, the lent we'll go to protect that. >> don't forget the fight keep us coming back. >> what are you going to do? >> i'm going to finish this. >> and in thelma pivotal 1965 march for equal voiding rights led by martin luther king, jr. is recreated with help from oprah winfrey. >> it is unacceptable that they do use that power to keep us voice less. >> oprah also co-stars in the movie which is already nominated for four golden globes, including best actor
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for star david and already an oscar favre it -- favorite, but what mat tears her most, is the story. >> when do you something like this you're not doing it to get the awards, you're not doing it for nomination. and the great message of selma is look at the strategy, the rigorous discipline, and the intentional design after campaign to get people their freedom and the right to vote. >> for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier back to you in the studio. >> director of selma will be on talk fill which me today at noon. hope you can join us. we want to know what you want, know what's happening, and don't forget, catch entertainment tonight every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. >> all right, here is a question. what would you do for a free meal? the chilly challenge that's inspiring some diners. >> free meal? >> free meal. there is a big old catch, i
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don't know. >> first what's coming up tonight on cbs-3. back in a bit.
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>> letting go of dangerous cold, even make it above freezing today but don't get used to it, we'll check traffic and weather together. that's coming up on 39's in just a little bit. good morning. >> katie has been pulling for this song. i know she's psych. well, you can say it was a kitty in crisis when a kitten crawled into an s.u.v. and then got stuck. this all happened the day after christmas in great vine texas.
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car owner hauled his car to the service tech, see what they pulled out? yes, little kitty. they had to cut that kitten out from behind the grill. an employee adopt that little stow-away, and named her cc -- rc short for rescue cat. rc, good texas name for a cat. >> like rc cola, ever heard that far? >> oh, ya. >> remind me of the soda, right? >> we do have little snow out there, my friends. that is going to potentially trip you up, at least slow you down out there today, i don't expect much if any accumulation out of it but here you have it. it is sort of the outer most fringe of a clipper system generally, passing us by, and firing up the radar with the purple. winds is kicking up again not as harsh as yesterday but will feel region by region, colds he is part of the pact, poconos, but will feel more like it is no better than say mid to upper teens or two's down towards the shore points. weekends looks good.
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cold, i give that you but quiet, and our next storm comes along by monday. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you, so much, katie. good morning everyone, i had someone on twitter say to me, ya, there is still snow on the roadways because it is still snowing in some areas. you know what? interestingly enough, way to point out the obvious. but, also, if you are traveling on the schuylkill expressway, we do have a snowy shot for you i'll step out of the way so you can kind of see, as you pick up the flakes here underneath the light. but on the schuylkill expressway approaching 476 that's the shot that we have here, where we are still feeling some of that snow. with that said it will be affecting your rush hour commute in a big big way that's why you want to stay here. we'll be right back with a whole lot
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>> free food? >> what would you be willing to do to get some free food? how about eating out in the colds?
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folks at the hot table restaurant in springfield massachusetts, call it the polar vortex challenge. you can eat free if you eat outdoors. the temperature in springfield, by the way yesterday, just 5 degrees. and that's a without the windchill. diners say the food is so good they don't care about sitting out in the cold. >> must be good food, i'm telling you. >> plug in little space heater? >> put it un the table ya. coming up until the next hour, update on breaking news from france, two terror suspect wanted for attack ago newspaper in paris have reportedly take answer hostage. we're live with some new information for you. >> also, developing here at home search for gunman who shot a man several times in a wal-mart parking lot. we're back in two minutes.
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updating breaking news police in france have
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reportedly cornered two men suspected in the terror attack on saturday ear call magazine. >> security forces staging a operation in a town northeast of paris. correspondent alfonso van march live in london, alfonso we understand this is now a hostage situation. >> reporter: that's right, erika. french police say it a nears two heavily armed fugitives have been indeed take answer hostage in a village and industrial complex. there are helicopters hovering over the air hundreds every police are on the gown, in the area, about 25 miles northeast of paris. >> officials say it is a stands off between french authorities and the two brother accused every killing ten journalists between policemen wednesday. france's interior minister says an operation to detain the suspect is underway. mals i have manhunt for two heavily armed fugitive brothers have shifted to a town 25 miles northeast of paris. a french security official says the suspect stole car this morning and are on the move again. hundreds every police and security officers are on the scene.


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