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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the latest. >> reporter: massive two day manhunt in france ended in gunfire and explosions, north of paris. the kouachi brothers wanted in wednesday's massacre at a satyrical newspaper were held up inside a printing press with the hostage. when they came out shooting police killed them. thirty-four year-old said and three two-year old cherif kouachi were both linked to al qaeda and said they wanted to die as mortars. police say their hostage a 26 year-old designer hidden side a cardboard box, and told police, what was happening inside the plant as the situation unfolded. a second hostage situation at a kosher man market in paris came to an end in a nearly simultaneous raid. officers shot and killed the hostage taker, shown here, after tapping in the store security cameras and getting inside information from a hostage, who had been hiding. police say he killed at least, four hostages, when he
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first took over the store. fifteen were freed on friday the the suspect also murdered a female will police officer in paris on thursday. investigators have linked kouachi and the other, saying they have ties to each other and terrorist that many reached back years. french president frances alan said the threat is in the over and calling on people to remain vigilant. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well police say that lee's wife was also involved in that grocery store take over but it is unclear, exactly what has happened to her. keep it right here on "eyewitness news", we will have continuing coverage of the terror attack in paris all of the latest developments in a full report coming up at 5:30. well, bitter blast in our area, may have turned deadly. a 64 year-old woman was found dead in her home in the 4900 block of pascal avenue in king sessing. authorities say that the
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temperature on the inside was 10 degrees. the cause of the death is still pending. we're also now dealing with another day of frigid conditions outside "eyewitness news" in philadelphia's spring garden neighborhood everyone out and about, was lively, bundled up, as that is a good thing. here's more proof of how cold it has been, these are pictures of the schuylkill river, covered in jagged pieces of ice, pictures like these who make you long for spring right? i know i am. meteorologist kathy orr is on the sky deck with more on our bitter blast hi kathy. >> those pictures so typical of january, last january brutally cold, this one so far is much of the same. we're talking about temperatures tonight that will plunge in the teens and for some of us win child will go below zero. we have had those brief snow showers going through early this morning those are long gone, now just seeing partly cloudy sky here on the sky deck in philadelphia, and these skies will be clearing overnight tonight.
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so right new we are looking at temperatures that are pretty cold but not as cold as they have been, 34 in philadelphia, 28 in allentown. eighteen in the poconos. we have had wind out of the west generally between ten and 15 miles an hour through philadelphia, north and west less wind down the shore, those westerly winds will persist tonight as well and that makes it feel colder. allentown feels like 17. twenty's in philadelphia. feels like one in the poconos. come tonight with the wind and cold air temperatures we will be seeing those wind chills falling in the teens. it will feel like 11 at 9:00 p.m. by 11:00 p.m. temperature 23. it will feel like it is only six. second wave of bitter cold will be with us at least through tonight and tomorrow but the second half of the weekend will kind of cut us a break. we will talk about that with the forecast. >> kathy, thanks very much. of course, stay on top of any winter weather by down loading the cbs philly weather app. get latest forecast from our team of meteorologist is his
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down load it for freon google will play and itunes. for more on how to stay safe, we have put together a cold weather survival guide for you, you can find that on our web site the at cbs there is developing news tonight, a montgomery county day care center has been ordered shut down by the the state, following unexplained death of a five month-old. this happened at wind more learning center in wind more "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter has more. >> reporter: on the door of the wind more learning center a note informs parents that the facility is closed state officials, ordering the hot shut down, following their inspection after a five in month-old girl being cared for here deed machine morning. >> a major shock. i would have never expect anything like that happened at the this school. >> reporter: as this worried parents and others hoped to learn more police revealed first responders were a alerted 10:30 a.m. performing cpr, trying to revive the the babe hi who was rushed to chestnut hill hospital and
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pronounced dead. autopsy results are pending. >> the children are heart broken about it. >> reporter: inspecting the center hours after the death the state officials took emergency action. >> the department of human services issued an emergency removal order, to close the facility, due to violations, that cobbs tooth gross incompetence, negligence and the conduct in operating a facility. >> reporter: state findings first uncovered by kyw news radio reporter cherry greg refers specifically to video showing how the baby who died was treated. >> a staff member placed a blanket over a child's face and then when paramedics arrived tried to conceal the blanket and eventually ended up having to give to it police. >> reporter: state order sites 20 separate items uncovered by investigators. >> a number of other violations, including leaving children unsupervised for more than 30 minutes. >> reporter: walt hunter from channel three, can i talk to you. >> reporter: a person inside the the school told me they had no comment.
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record indicating there is in prior history of problems or violations and that the facility has a top rating for providing care. now police tell me that a final ruling on the cause of the baby's death could take as long as two months as the the medical examiner awaits the the results of toxicology testing. we will have more when we join you at 6:00. live from the sat center i'm walt hunter cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thanks very much. meantime fill will a police are investigating a shooting outside philadelphia mills that left one man injured. the suspect got away but police are currently reviewing surveillance video in this case. shooting happened overnight in the the parking lot of the 24 hour wal-mart. the injured man told police he was meeting someone to settle a debt, instead he was shot. this he was driven to holy redeemer hospital and is in guardedded condition. family and friends gathered together to say good bye to shane montgomery, the
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funeral was held at saint john the baptist church in manayunk shane disappeared after leaving a baron main street in manayunk. the divers pulled his body from the schuylkill river last saturday. path attorney general kathleen kane is breaking her silence a day after the inquirer reported that a grand jury has recommended per injury i and other criminal charges be filed begins her over leaked grand jury testimony. in a statement late today kane said quote i did nothing ill will legal, period. any fair and impartial review of the the facts would conclude that. she went on to say this seems to me to be another political attack on my attempt to clean up harrisburg and its political culture. kathleen kane is accused of leaking secret information from a 2009 grand jury to the philadelphia daily news according to reports, montgomery county's d.a. risa vetri furhman is expect to decide if she will pursue charges against kane once she
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reviews that case. bill cosby is scheduled to return to the stage tonight in ontario canada for final performance of the three night stint. the last night's show was mark by heckling caught on camera. as cbs reporter vanita nair tells us there was also an adlib that some say went too far. >> reporter: amateur video from inside ontario theater caught the moment that the heckler interrupted bill cosby's performance. >> that is right, no clapping, nothing, that is all right. >> reporter: cosby pleaded with the audience to stay quiet while the man was removed by security. before that incident the comedian addressed the rape allegations against him with a questionable joke. according to tweets from several reporters inside the venue a woman got up to get a drink and he told her quote you have to be careful drinking around me. reporter said this was meant with a loud applause, and was construed by many to be a reference to the allegations
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made by numerous women. who claimed cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them. just this week, three more with men added their names to that list. although cosby received a warm reception inside... outside protesters gathered in frigid temperatures, for a second straight night to remine cosby supporters, of allegations against him. vanita nair, cbs news, new york. well, philadelphia fire fighters have have reached a new contract through arbitration, a four year deal will increase their salaries by 9.25 percent, over the life of the agreement. that includes changes in the union's health care fun. mayor nutter says that the deal will provide savings overall, the contract is expected to cost the city about 70 million-dollar. >> it meets the the members interests in terms of pay and
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benefits and it enables them to continue to take the the incredible personal risk that they do each and every day on behalf of the citizens of philadelphia. of course equal willly important it advances the taxpayers interest in terms of affordability. >> this contract also allows union members with five or more years of experience to live outside of the city of philadelphia. well, stay with us here coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", caught on camera a jaw dropping jump for two suspects during a daring high speed chase. also ahead, new jersey mother of two dies due to complications from the flu. how this could happen to someone who is not high risk. and president barack obama makes a bold proposal that he says could impact 9 million americans, he wants to make it the free to attend community college. we have at got new details about this plan coming up,
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free community college president obama unveiled a plan called america's college promise. >> the proposal would require both federal and state fund to pay for two years of community college for student who make progress toward a degree or certificate. >> it might be a hard sell. cbs correspondent craig boswell has more from rockville maryland. >> reporter: connie lee london is a community college sophomore studying medical. >> even though it is community college classes, it is still at a high price. the education should be something that is not free or available for most people. >> reporter: president obama has a plan to help makes our education more affordable. >> i want to make it free. >> reporter: visiting, state college in knoxville, tennessee the the president
5:14 pm
outlined his proposal to make the the first two years of community college free for full-time, and half time students who maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average. >> because america on education cannot be a periphery served for a few. i have a right for everybody willing to work for it. >> reporter: students here at montgomery college are juggling classroom with two jobs and say free tuition would help them avoid more debt. >> it would be great because then i would have not as much spending. we could save it to go to the university. >> reporter: white house says program would cost $60 billion over ten years a price ago this that the g.o.p. controlled congress does not like. >> the president has a lot of plans but he always says he wants to balance the budget. so the president has no bucks for that buck rodgers proposal. >> reporter: republicans want to see states taking the lead making higher education accessible for more students. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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president of the community college of philadelphia today spoke about the president's proposal. >> it would be more student for the college and it would at the same time but the onus on the college to ensure that the students are successful and that they are able to fulfill their dreams. >> join us for "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we will hear from community college students and their thoughts on the president a's proposal. well, this story is generate ago lieutenant of reaction on social media today. we'd love for to you join the conversation as well connect with us at philly, or tweets using the hash tag cbs-3 chat. and at 5:15a a lot of volume on our majors here. we will start off on the schuylkill expressway right around belmont, the eastbound lanes is having a disable vehicle right over here push over into the left hand shoulder. everybody is squeezing by. getting stuck behind and then squeezing by to the right-hand side. westbound lanes not doing too much better heading in the
5:16 pm
king of prussia area over on i-95 near cottman avenue thinks something we have grown used to. leaving out that right-hand lane and shoulder due to ongoing construction. we are used to. that southbound heading in the center city area where we'll most of those brake lights and backup. in upper moreland and accident at blair million road between moreland avenue and robin road, a vehicle that has run into a pole there. expect some residual delays around the area and police activity on the scene at this time. out in radnor an accident darby paoli road a saw mill road the the shield there are as well. 422 not doing too hat so far, heading westbound from 202 to oaks and blue route from the schuylkill to i-95 southbound is a little slow, about 32 minutes there, chris and natasha back over to you. a woman learns the hard way that her dog has very expensive taste in treats coming up her $23,000 mistake. >> wow, that is expensive. and then coffee prices are heading up but you can still save on your favorite cup of joe, three on your side has ways to trim your cause
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without killing your budget. big win for flyers at midpoint in the ease on but it came at a cost. i have details. plus a new role for chip deli, major endorsement contract, tying into the the coach's
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if you think it the is cold here be glad you don't live in buffalo. they had the cold and now even more snow this is kenmore new york north of buffalo. you can see they are digging
5:20 pm
out in their bills jacket, shovels and snowblowers seeing a lot of action there, and boy, they have had it rough. >> do you remember november. >> very much so. >> yes. >> nightmare. >> many locations are getting this again, same spot south of buffalo new york. this is when it usually happens though. we have a lit built this morning. nothing in the forecast but a icy mix possible on monday, we will talk more about that lets look outside where is there plenty of snow to go around. jack frost big boulder picking up white stuff this morning. looking good. folks are busy. it will be a very good weekend to see with cold air coming in tonight, and good snow making conditions during the day tomorrow. our live neighborhood network takes us to the palmyra cove nature park in palmyra, new jersey. look at that gorgeous sunset over the the delaware looking
5:21 pm
at center city philadelphia a the temperature 31. wind west right now at the 9 miles an hour. philadelphia is 34. allentown, 28. poconos it is 18. much better than yesterday at this time. so to the north and west through great lakes and northern plains, temperatures in the single numbers and wind chills once again below zero. minneapolis 14 below. milwaukee 12 below. international falls 16 below and part of our region will be seeing those wind chills go below zero again during tomorrow morning. we had another blast of cold air with that quick moving clipper system earlier this morning sending temperatures down tonight in the teens. highs tomorrow, only in the 20's but at least we will have sunshine. high pressure controls our weather for sunday. temperatures boost up in the 30's and then another system moves our way. this time from the south, and it will be moving through, with some rain, and possibly starting off as an icy mix, monday morning. so please be aware of that. as we look ahead to our future
5:22 pm
ice models to the lehigh valley reading lancaster toward the poconos the possibility up to a tenth of an inch of ice. philadelphia possibly seeing some icy conditions before a change over to rain. we will keep you updated over the weekend of course carol will be here justin will be here, tune in over the course of the weekend. thinks a very important forecast. overnight low temperature of 4 degrees. tomorrow morning in the poconos it will feel like it is between ten and five below in the lehigh valley, between five below and zero philadelphia area between zero and five and down the shore through our delaware beaches as well between five and ten. wind chills still very cold tomorrow. by the afternoon high temperature only 20, with wind chills in the teens. our forecast calls for a temperature of 34 degrees on sunday and that icy mix to rain on monday. icy to start change to go rain on monday. rain estimates between a quarter inch and half inch. we will keep you updated on this developing situation. in the meantime we will take a short break and we will be back with more news
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the flyers predicting a strong second half and they dropped the puck last night against a division rival, dramatic finish but win came at a cost after losing five in a row, finish out their last road trip the flyers started, a different streak. now they are won two straight at home. last night was an nhl points leader to get the the win, jay voracek with the game win are in overtime. flyers win the game three-two. after flyers practice general manager ron hextall announce that had nick grossman will be out for approximate thely three weeks with an upper body injury that is as specific as the flyers get. nik was injured in the first period when he was check in the boards. everybody says hockey players are tough. what about hockey coaches. look at the this last night, capitals coach barry got a
5:26 pm
stick to the head and kept coaching while the trainer tended to his injury on the bench. after the game he had a sense of humor saying it was just a scratch, my modeling career is out the window anyway. chip kelly is one of the most talk about coaches in the nfl. madison avenue caught up landing chip a top endorsement contract and series of off beat commercials. >> the official champ of the nfl. >> i'm chip kelly head coach of the philadelphia eagles. >> no one care. >> still the official chip of the nfl. >> they are all quick. they are all funny. >> yes. >> they are all tied into chip's nick name. >> to fit his personality. >> yes. >> okay, great. >> thanks, beasley. still to come here on "eyewitness news" in the next half an hour we will continue our coverage of the terror siege in paris three terrorist including the two suspect in the massacre at that newspaper office have been killed in two separate incidents.
5:27 pm
we will have the very latest. check this out, drama on highway, when suspects trying to out run police ditched their car and make a jaw dropping jump. new at 6:00 tonight investigators need your help as they search for this new jersey mother tonight her family is pleaing for
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here are the top stories for you, the windmore learning center, is ordered shut down by the state following the unexplained death of a five in month-old, that infant died on monday. today the president announced an ambitious multi billion dollars proposal to pay for two years of community college for any qualified student. the president said that quote education should not be a privilege that is reserved for a few. it appears that the extreme cold may have led to the death of a woman in king sessing, she was found dead in her home on pascal avenue police say the temperature inside was just 10 degrees. >> kate in. so sad to hear things like that. we have another blast of extreme dangerous cold coming in tonight, into tomorrow tomorrow's high, very similar to yesterday where we will be in the teens maybe low 20's at best feeling like single digits and you can see how
5:31 pm
temperatures plumet here tonight, by 11:00 o'clock 23 degrees, feeling like six. please make sure to check on people that may need help staying warm throughout the overnight hours and into tomorrow. interesting things to talk about early next week as well. i'll have the full forecast coming up, natasha. we are continuing to follow a developing story a at 5:30 french security forces end two hostage standoffs in and around paris. three terror suspects are dead including two brothers, one is in the newspaper massacre. the brothers died in the shoot-out with police at a printing factor north of paris. a hostage they were holding was freed. the at about the same time police stormed a grocery store in paris where a gunman was holding hostages. the suspect was killed and woman who was with him is on the run. four hostages were found dead. cnn correspondent sun lynn sirfani tell us all of the gunman knew each other. >> reporter: manhunt's finally ending both suspects in the
5:32 pm
massacre shot to death by police this morning brothers had taken a hostage locked in the standoff with police in this printing business northeast of paris. police exchange gunfire with the brothers killing them both hostage survived the ordeal. meanwhile, in another operation, a near simultaneous offensive at a second siege. here a coach are market in eastern paris the suspect of thursday's shooting of a police woman held numerous hostages. the hostage taker was thought to have a female accomplice with them. they demanded release of the brothers, in exchange, of heavy gunfire with police led to the killing of the male suspect, and four hostages. at least ten hostages fled for safety. amid chaos the female suspect is thought to have escaped. >> france is not finish with this threat so i want to call on you, force vigilance, unity and mobilization. >> reporter: western intelligence official says
5:33 pm
three men killed today were close associates and police confirmed that they were connected, as part of the same jihad group which has late as 2011 sent the older brother to yemen to train with al qaeda. in knoxville today president obama said that the u.s. stands with france. >> we stand for freedom and hope, and the dignity of all will human beings. >> reporter: in washington i'm sun lynn sirpatty for "eyewitness news". keep it right here fun "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the terror attacks. we will have reaction from the law enforcement area coming up at 6:00. a mother from south jersey ace among the latest flu deaths in what is being called a severe flu season. cbs-3 health reporter stephanie stahl has the very latest honorary nude warnings for both local and federal health officials. >> reporter: forty year-old nicole born of voorhees mother of two died of complications from the flu. her father tells cbs-3 that the whole family got sick. nicole was busy taking care of
5:34 pm
everyone except herself. on january 2nd she was hospitalized with shortness of breath and a fever a variety of interventions failed, camden county health confirms that she died january 4th of influenza type a. >> she had a few serious complications. >> reporter: doctor pj brennan, chief medical office of penn medicine is not commenting on born's case but said flu can be deadly foreign young healthy people. >> it is an individual issue. sometimes the flu on its own can cause a severe reaction in the immune system that causes the lungs to flood with fluid. >> reporter: new jersey death of health does not track flu deaths but they monitor trend. flu is high in mess of the state, moderate in south jersey. nicole's family says that she didn't get a flu shot. >> our 15 year-old son martin, actually passed away from influenza. >> reporter: dianne mcgowan says her son didn't get a flu vaccine. it was a deadly mistake. >> definitely miss his
5:35 pm
laughter. >> reporter: in addition to flu shots health officials say tamiflu can fight this flu epidemic. also today delaware health officials updated the situation there. they now have 11 flu-related deaths and over 1300 confirmed cases. officials tell thaws nicole's death is very unusual. her funeral is tomorrow. flu usually kills the elderly children and people who are very sick. she was healthy. very unusual case. >> tragic indeed. >> yes. >> stephanie thanks very much. well, eye wild scene in houston texas during a high speed chase with police. check this out, as you can see here police closed in on the two suspects in that car. they get the out, they jump off a freeway wall the grassy area below is about 20 feet down. authorities caught up with them and took them into custody just two minutes later. a pilot is dead after a small plane crashes down on a intersection in vannuys, california north west of los angeles.
5:36 pm
it happened this afternoon in the far from the small airport there officials say it was an experimental plane and it did not, hit the any vehicles or buildings on the ground. it seems like everybody is out on i-95 today just around girard, southbound lanes heading toward center city area all lanes completely stack and the same story heading north bound into northeast philadelphia right now, also on the vine street expressway we are dealing with backups here. heading westbound to the schuylkill express waste or heading to 30th street station you can see a string of brake lights here and eastbound toward i-95 doing better. we have a house fire out in pennsauken, new jersey with police activity on the scene there forty-sixth street between jackson avenue and madison avenue. just pay for some -- pay attention for local detours there. and we have an accident in abington route 611 just around the fair way. so expect some small delays there as well. over on the schuylkill expressway really heavy trip heading eastbound, 56 minutes the the blue route into the
5:37 pm
the vine street expressway. problems on 422 as well from 202 into oaks heading westbound. that is a 16 minute trip. chris, back over to you. thanks very much. looking for best places to vice tonight 2015 you don't have to go far. new york times has named philadelphia number three on it interactive list of 52 places to go in 2015. in fact, we have rang just behind milan italy and cuba. have the the times impressed with the city's utilization of urban outdoor space west mini parks and pop up gardens. in fact they highlight dilworth park, spruce street harbor park and the schuylkill banks boardwalk all great spots to visit around the city. >> absolutely, lovely spots. all right. woman goes in the hospital for back pain actually gives birth an hour later. coming up more on her surprise pregnancy. >> it is a surprise. price of coffee is going up so how can you keep that caffeine buzz without blowing your budget.
5:38 pm
three on your side jim donovan has secret ways to save. then a dog with very expensive taste in treats what he ate worth $23,000, coming up. kate? it is back into the deep freeze for your saturday, as temperatures struggle to hit 20 again, and then we have a messy monday. i will have details ring ring!... progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people.
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well latest jobs report is out and the unemployment rate, continues to fall, 252,000 jobs added to the economy in the my of december according to the labor department. that is about 16,000 more than economist expected. the unemployment rate dipped from 5.8 percent to 5.6 percent, with 2.9 million jobs being added over the course of 2014 that is the strongest year for job growth since 1999. well, all this comes as the plunge at the pumps continues, some stationness south jersey are now under two bucks a gallon. "eyewitness news" at citcombo on route 07 in cherry hill where a gallon of regular is $1.99. the prices are down all across the country. the nast average is at $2.16
5:42 pm
according to triple a. lets look around the area right now to see how things are shaping up, in pennsylvania, we are paying $2.45 for gallon of regular, on average in new jersey it is $2.15 and in delaware it is $2.31 on average. well family is in tulsa oklahoma and learned the hard way that their dog has very expensive taste in treats. those two round things on your screen right there take a look, that is stephanie lamb's wedding band and engagement ring. she left them on a coffee table one now and her lab pup named sierra gobbled them up. rings are worth $23,000. >> wow. >> veterinarians surgically removed the rings from the dog's stomach. the engagement ring was fine wedding band, in the so much. >> did you eat my rings. >> she eats american just rings i'm afraid. once i got inside the stomach there were some rocks in there, there were either i can
5:43 pm
tell if it was sticks or bones. >> wow. >> my goodness. >> poor sierra went home with a clean stomach thank goodness and stephanie went home with her wings even though one of them was mangled. >> yes. >> they need to work on her diet. >> and keep things from sierra. >> between rings and rocks maybe put some puppy cho in there. >> not a good mix. >> back in a momen
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
we have a surprise delivery for a massachusetts woman who gave birth to a perfectly healthy 10-pound, 2-ounce baby girl. katie had in eye tea she was pregnant. she says that she woke up tuesday morning with a pain in her lower back so she went to the hospital, and she was not expect to go hear what doctors told her neck. >> they told me i had a full term baby ready to come now so i found out 10:15 i heard her at 11:06. >> during your first pregnancy you are not aware and often times women joke and think they are feeling gas pains or other they can contribute it to other natural conditions. >> well, as far as the surprises go that is a big one. katie says she had gained some weight but assumed it was just from the holiday season. her doctor says that the
5:47 pm
hospital there sees patients like that a few times every year. >> wow. >> wow. >> interesting. >> some restaurants require a jacket and tie but at a massachusetts restaurant bring a hat and scarves. springfield's hot table restaurant you can get your food, for free if you eat outdoors. that is the the key. they call it the polar vortex challenge. diners say it is fun to eat outside in the snow and food is so good they are glad to get it for free. well, that is interesting. go tomorrow, you know, you'll freeze, it will be 20 degrees or other hot soup to keep you warm and get inside as quickly as you can. you can see these numbers looking better, then at this time yesterday. yesterday we were in the teens. now we are looking at 30's in many locations. look at this number allie temple in merchantville, new jersey 34 degrees. she sent us a beautiful shot. look at this sunrise photo alli empty took. you contact than see black theresa begins the sky.
5:48 pm
glad the shot there in merchantville, new jersey. the lets look back as we head north and west we have numbers in the 20's. 27 degrees observation, that comes from lou in eagleville 27 with the clear sky, not too bad, warmer then yesterday and one more weather watch tore check in from irwin in doylestown reporting 29 degrees and a clear skies, says a cold clear night. that it is. getting colder as we move through the night. looking outside on sky cam three atlantic city is all lit up, could see light in the sky remaining a few minutes ago but it is looking dark out there clear night. on a clear night temperatures drop rapidly and that is what we will be feeling tonight. on storm scan three everything is clear for the moment. through majority of our weekend. we have had light snow coming through, few flurries, snow showers in the poconos but those are winding down and everything is quiet, quiet, but cold, especially tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow, not too bad, still 34 degrees at the airport. twenty-seven in reading.
5:49 pm
twenty-eight in allentown. now that the sunnies down we will see these numbers drop rapidly as we go through next couple of hours. it feels about 10 degrees colder then thermometer indicates because we have that brisk, southeasterly win, west wind overnight, 24 is what it feels like at the airport. feels like one. we are above that zero in mount pocono. feels like 17 in allentown. twenty-five in at atlantic city. how it will feel tomorrow morning? not add bass a as yesterday morning. still cold. feels like minus ten to minus five in the poconos, just below zero in the lehigh valley and northwestern suburbs. in the city and suburbs feeling like single digits and southern delaware and coastal new jersey like five to 10 degrees. it is dry through the weekend. saturday afternoon everything looking fine. 4:00 p.m. completely clear. full day of sun. few more cloud creep in on sunday but sunday less wind and cold as well, in the too bad. sunday night and monday morning. this weak storm will come through with temperatures at the surface at or below
5:50 pm
freezing. this may start as ice or freezing rain before that warmer air comes in and changes its over to all rain. we will talk about a mix on monday snow freezing rain in the north and western suburbs. philadelphia could be icy mix early monday morning and then changing over to all rain by afternoon. morning temperatures below freezing on monday starts as icy mix, and now we are looking at quarter to half inch of rain. not the most potent storm but with temperatures marginal as rainfalls, that is when we get threat for icing. we will have more throughout the weekend. i will be in here machine morning for katie and i will take you through storm. 14 degrees many to is cold bright sunshine frigid and breezy. you're witness weather seven day forecast nicer sunday. watch for that rain. then we are seasonal and generally dry through majority of next week. we will send it back to you at the desk. well, if you resolve to spend less and save more in the new year you may want to look at your morning routine.
5:51 pm
>> as we told you earlier this week coffee prices are expect to rise in 2015. but three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan offers some ways to trim costs, without killing the caffeine buzz. >> reporter: thanks to the brazil an drought last year that hurt supply of the one of the world's biggest coffee exporters and increase in demand around the globe coffee prices will climb in 2015. if the goal, to trim a coffee budget there are ways to do it without cutting a caffeine buzz. most obvious is to brew at home whole beans ten to run cheaper than preground coffee meaning an inexpensive coffee grinder can pay for itself quickly. buy that coffee in bulk for bigger savings. for those who cannot give up daily coffee shop ritual bank rate suggest scouring retail sites to buy gift card tour favorite coffee chains at the a discount. signing up for a loyally program can help too a simple punch card or smart phone can
5:52 pm
mean a daly coffee stop adds to a free drink every couple weeks. many shops offer a small discount for bringing your own mug. now in some cases but not all you can actually stack your savings. so buy a discounted gift card and then transfer the balance of that card to your coffee shop loyalty card. while you're saving money you are racking up point to get a free drink. you have to be careful. sometimes those e gift card don't allow to you transfer the points. make sure you read the fine print. >> but gift card yeah. >> i'm working the the system. >> i want to be just like j.d. >> pretty good. >> i have to put you through boot camp. >> i need it. >> do you want to be in pictures? coming up how can you be cast in the that in the new rocky movie. plus. >> i'm kevin frazier, liam neeson is back and on the run on taken three. could oprah
5:53 pm
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huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know you that former pro football player ickey woods will celebrate almost anything? unh-uh. number 44... whoooo! forty-four, that's me! get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts! whooo! gimme some! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. whoo! forty-four ladies, that's me! whoo...gonna get some cold cuts today! rookie is back. by now you have heard stallone is repricing his role as philly's favorite boxer. >> take a look rocky and
5:56 pm
apollo going from fauxes to friend, and this new story is centered around the grandson of the apollo creed, who asks rocky balance boy a to train him to fight. guess what? you can be pennsylvania part of all this? our ukee washington had a chance to speak with casting director dianne herey earl ter day about this film and she says they will show parts of philadelphia never before seen on film. >> we want to see people from the neighborhood. that is who we want to see. that helps tell the story. >> sure. >> that helps paint the picture of the film. >> if you want to be an extra you have to be 18 years of age, or older but if you do, just send your photo and your information to here y that is h-e-health. -r-y well, oprah winfrey is generating buzz for her new film, and liam neeson packs a punch in the the latest installment of the taken thrilling. >> kevin frasier from entertainment tonight has more on what is new in theaters
5:57 pm
this weekend. >> reporter: taken three find liam neeson frame for murder of his ex-wife and send him on the run to clear his name and protect his daughter from his past. >> there have things i have done in my life and i was always ready to face the consequences to protect the family. >> i think that is why these films resonate with the global audience because at their core they are about the love and sanctity of family and length we will get to protect that. >> reporter: don't forget fight just keep us coming back. >> what are you going to do? >> i'm going to finish this. >> reporter: in selma pivotal 1965 march for equal voting rights led by doctor martin luther king junior is recreated with help from oprah winfrey who was a producer on the film. >> it is honored festival that they use their power and to keep us voiceless. >> reporter: oprah co stars in the movie which is already nominated for four golden globes including best actor
5:58 pm
for david and is already an oscar favorite for a best picture many in nation but what matters to her most is the the story. >> when you do something like this you are in the doing it to get the award or nominations and the great message of selma is look at the strategy the ridge rust discipline, and the intentional design of a campaign to get people their freedom and their right to vote. >> massive democrat station. >> enough is enough. >> reporter: for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier back to you in the studio. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a dare care in montgomery county is shut town and inn investigation following a death of the five month-old. >> tonight we will hear from parents who are shock and saddened. plus a dramatic end to a day's long manhunt for the is suspects in the the paris terror attacks as today's standoff unfolded we have asked local police what
5:59 pm
lessons can be learned from this tragedy. kathy? another blustery night across the delaware valley and temperatures, will plunge in to the teens wind chills will go below zero for some have of us. wind more. now at 6:00 o'clock a montgomery county day care is ordered to shut down, and for a five month-old baby, being cared for their, dies. officials are still trying to figure out what cause that had infant's death. good evening i'm chris may. i'm's natasha brown in for jessica tonight. parents whose children attended the day care are left with so many questions right now. the investigation centers around the wyndmoor learning
6:00 pm
center. "eyewitness news" investigative reporter walt hunter takes a closer look. >> reporter: outside wyndmoor learning center it was quite it this winter day a sign saying that the day care and adjoiningmont sorry were closed state officials ordering the shut down based on violations uncovered by their inspection of the center following the the death of a five month-old girl being cared for here monday morning. >> the children are really had heart broken with it. >> reporter: as stunned parents scramble to find other fat it is is police say first responders began performing cpr on the baby, rushing her to chestnut hill hospital where she was pronounced dead. autopsy results, are pending. >> a major shock i would have never expect anything like that happening at this school. >> reporter: arriving to inspect the center hours after the death state officials took emergency action. >> the department of human services issued an emergency removal order to close the facility due to violations


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