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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 9, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> pelley: tonight, a violent end to three days of terror. french police kill the gunmen behind the massacre at the magazine. but four more victims die in a second terrorist attack. this time a jewish grocery store. the french president warps the threat is not over. elizabeth palmer and clarissa ward are on the scene. bob orr is following the terrorists' trails and we'll have some thoughts about the failed attempt to silence the press. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. for the people of france, it was 54 hours of anguish from the moment terrorists stormed the offices of a satirical magazine in paris wednesday to the moment
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today when french police stormed a kosher grocery store freeing many hostage bus discovering four more innocent victims. tonight, all three suspects are dead. brothers said kouachi and cherif kouachi, the men behind the massacre of 12 people at the magazine charlie hebdo and amedi coulibali who acted in what the president called an act of antisemitism. his girlfriend hayet boumddiene is at large. police say she is an accomplice. we have extensive coverage and will start with elizabeth palmer at the seen on the store. >> reporter: after a tense standoff that lasted five hours police commandos suddenly swung into action. first with percussion grenades brakt(blasts)
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>> reporter: then storming both doors of the supermarket. a burst of heavy gunfire followed. with at least one body visible on the floor, the s.w.a.t. team officers facing return fire went in. for a few seconds, it was a maze. then this was the moment the hostage-taker was shot. scheming(screaming) and terrified hostages sprinted out, ran for cover, to safety with police. the french had camera systems and had communicated with one of the hostages hidden in a fridge. the siege began at runchtime
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twts say when a man ran into the kosher supermarket shouting "you know who i am." legions of police flooded into the area which has a large immigrant population and started evacuating residents. then s.w.a.t. teams took up positions around the store. amedi coulibali was born south of paris in 1982, convictions for armed robbery and was radicalized sometime in the last decade. midway through today's hostage siege, a man claiming to be amedi coulibali called a station and underlined his link with the brothers. from the start he told them they planned the actions together and said he already killed four hostages and attacked the market because it was jewish. photographs released by la monde newspaper show him with convicted terrorists djamel
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beghal. the pictures show the two training for weapons in a remote forested area with coulibali's long-term girlfriend hayet boumddiene posing here with a crossbow. both she and coulibali had been on french security services radar for years but there was no evidence to alert them to this week's terrorist attacks. scott, the french prosecutor tonight outleaned even more explicit links between the three suspects. he said the girl friend of coulibali, the woman you've just seen in the photograph and the wife of the younger kouachi brother had been in touch by telephone 500 times? 2013. >> pelley: coulibali was the man who killed a female police officer yesterday. he threatened to kill the hostages at the store today if
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police tried to capture the kouachi brothers held up at a plant near paris. clarissa ward. >> reporter: after three long, tense days, the hunt for the brothers finally ended, in a blaze of bullets and explosions. the two men had kept security forces at bay for more than seven hours. it starred at around 9 that this morning when the pair car jacked a grey peugeot from a woman who recognized them from their wanted posters and drove to the nearby village of dammartin en goele, 28 miles north of paris. security forces flooded in cutting off access to the village. helicopters flu overhead while snipers took positionons nearby
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rooftops. children were evacuated from local schools. shops were locked and residents told to remain at home. eight miles away at charles de gaulle international airport two runways were temporarily shut down. 10:00 a.m. a french television station called the printing office and cherif kouachi picked up. he said they would not kill women and children. but the kouachi brothers were unaware there was someone hiding in the printing company feeding police information throughout the day. at 5:00, the brothers burst out the front door firing their weapons. the police responded with bullets and grenades. security forces said when they searched the warehouse after the raid they found a rocket-propelled grenade and said the building was booby trapped.
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>> pelley: france called for an international security meeting sunday in paris. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: that's right, scott. attorney general eric holder will be flying to meet here with some of europe's top leaders and they will be discussing two main issues -- number one, what to do with these foreign fighters returning home and number two what to do with the growing rob -- problem of lone wolf attacks. >> pelley: clarissa, thanks very much. muslim leaders around thc world condemned the terrorist attacks in france. after the sieges ended today president obama said this. >> and in the streets of paris the world have seen what terrorists stand for. they have nothing to offer but hatred and human suffering and we stand for freedom and hope and the dignity of all human beings and that's what the city of paris represents to the world, and that spirit will endure forever.
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long after the scourge of terrorism is banished from this world. >> pelley: a newspaper in algeria is reporting algeria intelligence services toll their counterparts in france the day before the attack that a major terrorist operation was being planned on french territory. bob orr has more tonight about the suspects. bob? >> reporter: there's evidence the three dead suspect knew each other and shared common ties with known terrorists. but investigators still don't know if their attacks were a coordinated set of strikes or if the grocery store gunman amedi coulibali was lone. the brothers had strong connections to al quaida. u.s. officials say said kouachi spent time in yes, yemen in 2011 training with al quaida in the arabian peninsula and late today that group known as aqap post
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add video praising the attack. they said the leadership of aqap have directed the operation and chosen their target carefully. officials have not verified that in. a phone interview earlier today with the french television network, a manner reporting to be cherif kouachi made a similar claim. i cherif kouachi, the caller said was sent by al quaida in yemen. i had been there and it was sheikh anwar awlaki who financed me. may allah have mers mercy on his soul. the french prosecutor said cherif kouachi spent time there in 2011. it's not clear if they met face to face with awe a lack awlaki was killed by a drone strike in 2011. intelligence asies have spent days looking for potential ties
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to the u.s. they found no co-conspirators with threats here connected to french suspects they tell us. >> pelley: bob orr, thanks very much. mike morell is the former number two at the c.i.a. he's our senior security contributor. michael, is it a credible claim these attacks were directed by al quaida in the arabian peninsula? >> scott, i can't remember a time where al quaida in the arabian peninsula al quaida in yemen has made a claim of responsibility that has turned out to be false. so i take their claim with some significant credibility, yes. >> pelley: why is it significant that this would be connected to aqap al quaida? >> two things. one is aqap has some of the most sophisticated bombs in the terrorist world and their ability to send fighters to conduct an attack also means they might be able to send bombs forward for an an attack.
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these are bolts that can't be detected by x-ray or dogs. so that's one reason. the other is this is going to put a lot of money in aqap's pockets. one of the ways you raise money in the terrorist world is to have a successful attack. >> pelley: what are security officials in the united states going to have to think about after all this? >> one of the lessons for me this week is we have been so focused on i.s.i.s., and here we've had what looks to be an al quaida-directed attack. we can't forget about al quaida. and while the chances of an attack are greater in europe because it's easier for fighters who have been to pakistan yemen, syria and iraq to feet to europe, they can also get to the united states, so we have to wire are about that. >> pelley: mike morell, former number two at the c.i.a. thanks for your insight. tonight the f.b.i. and state department sent out warnings urging americans to be alert
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following the paris attacks. more on that there from jeff pegues. >> reporter: this week's terror attacks in france don't seem that far away from the 2013 boston marathon bombings that killed three and injured 260 more. the surviving accused bomber is on trial in boston and security has been heightened. that attack and man hunt taught the police valuable lessons. >> it's striking how similar the incidents were to what we dealt with in boston over a year ago. >> reporter: doug davis was the commissioner when it happened. >> you look at each incident and each will teach you more the pattern of activity what's occurring over an over again and take steps to protect ourselves. >> reporter: u.s. law enforcement is studying the attack in france as it has after every terrorist attack since september 11. lessons learned are incorporated into counterterrorism plans. over the last 12 years the new york city police department says it used more than
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$1.4 billion for training and equipment and is gathering intelligence with representatives in 11 cities around the world including paris. among the concerns muslim extremists estimated 18,000 foreign fighters returning from the world's battlefields. jon carlin is the assistant attorney general for national security. what is the u.s. government doing to prevent that? >> it's been a top priority of the intelligence community working with our partners to identify these individuals overseas, to track them before they get to the united states. if they do get to the united states, to use the criminal justice system to prosecute them and to ensure that they're unable to take action on the violent plans. >> reporter: as you and clarissa discussed scott u.s. attorney general eric holder will be in paris sunday. a lot of the focus will be on these foreign fighters. despite the emphasis, as growing
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problem governments are dealing with. >> pelley: jeff pegues, thank you. in a separate story related to terrorism today in new york an islamic cleric was sentenced to life in prison. abu hamza al masri was convicted in connection with the deaths of four tourists in yemen in 1998 and also of conspiring to set up a terrorist training camp in oregon. he was famous for fiery sermons in london that inspired a generation of radicals. the judge called his actions bar raric. -- barbaric. cbs news confirmed federal charges may be brought against retired general david petraeus. both the f.b.i. and federal prosecutors are recommending petraeus be charged with providing classified information to his former mistress while he was director of the c.i.a. and she was writing his biography. the final decision on whether to pursue the charges will be made by attorney general eric holder.
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>> reporter: well, on another day, this would have been our lead story. the government told us today 2014 was the biggest year for job growth since 1999. more than a quarter million jobs were created last month alone. the unemployment rate fell from 5.8 to 5.6%, and that the the lowest since the great recession. but there's also some troubling news and anthony mason has a look. >> reporter: for 11 straight months the economy has created more than 200,000 jobs. >> looking to hire somebody in the next few weeks. >> reporter: at computer solutions group an i.t. firm in los angeles, c.e.o. scott spiro is hiring. >> we've looking at five to six job openings. >> reporter: with 18 employees, the company more than doubled since the recession but the job market is tightening. >> finding good people is the hardest thing and finding good engineers is the top of the
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heap. >> reporter: sucheta ghose was hired as a project engineer and starts next week. >> you apply for 50 companies you get called for two companies maybe. and then you get the call. make sure you are ready for it. >> reporter: since the economy lost 5 million jobs in 2009, hiring has accelerated slowly. 2.9 million jobs were created last year and more than 11 million have been added now in the recovery. while hiring has taken off wages still haven't, they're barely keeping up with inflation, and the labor force participation rate has held steady since april which means scott, people aren't rushing back into the job market just yet. >> pelley: thanks very much. president obama today said the schauerest ticket into the middle class is a college degree and he proposed making community college free for millions of americans. the president announced his plan during a speech in knoxville tennessee.
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>> pelley: the father of modern gospel music andrae crouch has passed. he suffered a heart attack last weekend. ♪ snrmplets>> pelley: andrae crouch was a dynamic performer but gained fame as a song writer. his compositions are bound inside modern hymnals. ♪ the blood that gives me strength ♪ >> pelley: crouch grew up the son of a preacher in san fernando valley and wrote the standard, the blood will never lose its powers. his song let the church say amen is the recessional at many services. crouch won seven grammys and got an oscar for the music in "the
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color purple " . ♪ ♪ and crouch led the choir on michael jackson's "man in the mirror " . andrae crouch was 72. elvis presley recorded one of crouch's songs "i've got confidence" in 1972. but it was presley's very first recording that made news last night on what would have been the king's 80th birthday. the acetate recording of "my happiness" sold at auction for $300,000, three times more than expected. in a moment, we'll have some thoughts about the week a cherished freedom came under attack. my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day.
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children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. call your doctor right away. don't lose another moment to the flu. when there's flu, tamiflu. >> pelley: someone asked us today if the french magazine acted irresponsibly publishing cartoons of the prophet mohammad. couldn't all of this have been avoided if charlie hebdo had been more sensible? most freedoms are limited. gun ownership restricted, tree to travel but not run red lights. so why are freedom to public and to speak absolute? because there is no democracy
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without journalism. the strength of a nation depends on the quality of its information. charlie hebdo staked out extremes and so, helped define a broad space for every voice. eight of its journalists died knowing the risk, and we remember american reporters james foley and stephen sotloff who have been silenced by i.s.i.s. months ago. the committee to protect journalists tell us 6 # reporters died in the line of duty in 2014. the enemy knows our vulnerability. silence is the end of freedom. and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world i'm scott pelley, and i'll see you sunday on 60 minutes. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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some big news to get to tonight. here's what we're following on "e.t." >> bill cosby heckled. was he cracking jokes about the scandal? >> we'll tell you what the comedian said to a woman in the audience and who left in cuffs. >> we were really surprised. >> plus, before sunday's golden globes -- >> the nominees are already in party mode. >> see, this is what happens. half a glass of champagne. >> when you have a glass of champagne. >> when you don't win you feel like biggest loser. >> also tonighh, talking to a couple from the new reality special "my husband's not gay." >> i'm attracted to my wife. i'm definitely attracted to men, too. >> i don't think of myself as gay. >> well he's going to finally


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