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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  KYW  January 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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. from the cbs broadcast signature philadelphia. in his is cbs3 eyewitness news. the hostage terror in chance comes to a violent end tonighted tree suspects are dead but the search is on for one more person involved. as the country remains on high letter. growth i'm nba in core hr for jessica i'm chris may. >> the us issued an alert to anything thinking thinking about traveling applaud spec told france canada and as you stral larry state department warning anyone traveling applaud to be extra vigilant. >> that warning comings at another violent day in over but more lives were lost and around the world including here in philadelphia, people are gathering to say they've had enough. >> love park came alive dprie with candles d cartoons songs. and the slogan sweet charlie i
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am charlie, a relaying cry for the is a tear rely french magazine charlie hebdo hereby whose staff slaughter in the accident pars pashz this week french men joined other philadelphia >>yes in this moving show of support. it's kind of not understandable that people would react with weapons for -- those who brought terror to paris are now dead brother as he does and cherif kufrp accused of murdering 12 in the attack on the magazine's headquarters were gndz down by french police as they tried to escape a printing plant new charles degall airport. the brothers taken hostages there friday and headlines police at bay seven hours in the end, the hostages were unharmed and the rocket propelled gren made found inside the building was never used. at the same time in the heart of paris, a 32-year-olds french man stormed into a jewish super mark taking hostages and killing four.
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he called a paris television station during the siege and claimed to be in consent with the kouchi brothers from the start, he told them we've planned these actions together. after five hours, swat team stormed the market firing heavy weapons and setting off concussion grenades the moment hostage taker tried to dash thousand an open door to be shot dead by police, suspect new year's day the murders of a female french police officer on thursday was a known rat chemical officials building this girlfriend was with him inside the marketing but escaped in the chaos, in woman does remain at large tonight, she is the most wanted person in france. mooenlt in al qaeda affiliate in yell men is claiming to have ordered the attacks in paris, keep it right here on eyewitness news we'll have continuing coverage coverage of the paris terror attack the latest information any time at cbs3 >> following breaking news right now, chopper three over the scene in williams town dmrouz
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county crews battling a house fire, flame broke out 10:15 on the 100 block of washington interview we're told two people have been hurt but no word yet on how seriously or what sparked the fire. >> also it was a brief break from the frigid temperatures today, even though it was still in the 30s, still pretty cold but we're headed back into the deep freeze tonight, meetings kathy orr is life outside on the cbs3 sky deck what's it like. >> i'll tell you i have a down jacket my storm jacket on ski pants and i'm still told and temperatures are still in the 20 wait till tomorrow morning when wind chills go below 0 in some locations take a look at the temperatures across the delaware valley rur in philadelphia 26, 19 in allentown, 17 in reading, the poconos sitting at 12 t there's not a lot of wind out here but it doesn't take much to drive those wind chills down feels like 16 in center city. feels like nine in allentown, feels like six blow in the poconos. skies will be clear overnight
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and tomorrow morning, it will feel like it's between minus ten to minus five in the poconos, and the lehigh valley between five below and 0, in the philadelphia area single digit wind chills between 0 and five when you wake up and down the shore through southern dw delaware as well between five and ten degrees, it will be bitter again come tomorrow coming up we'll talk about when the temperatures will be on the rise next weather system icy concern for drivers and how long will this cold stretch last? it is january, but tierdz of it i'll have the seven-day later in the broadcast when i join you inside thank you so much, of course, stay on top of this weekend forecast with the cbs3 philly weather ap check live radar and get weather alerts any time free and available now on google play and i tunes. concerns about cold tonight after the bid blast in our area may have turned deadly a 64-year-old woman was found dead inside her home in the 4900 block of paschall avenue in king
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says inc. authorities say the temperature on inside was ten degrees. the cause of death is still pending. for more on how to stay safe in these frigid temperatures what was put together a cold weather survival guide for you. you can find it on our website cbs3 developing news tonight a search is tense if iing for to a mother of two who's gone missing in burlington county eyewitness news was there tonight as a prayer vigil was headlines tonight for aberdeen drive in mt. laurel. family members say they last heard from the 26-year-old on the night of december 30th they say erica went to pj wheel has an in actually with her husband kyle crosby since that night, no calls, no facebook, no communication at all. >> are you out there, can you see please call me, text me i don't want to know. come home. your family loves you we all love you. family mibs also say they've
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been and youable reach cosby with's husband. her car mission 2000 red ford tours a 26 e f l. daughters averages seven years and two months anyone with information is asked to contact police. in a story eyewitness news first reported, a montgomery county day care center is ordered shutdown by the state following the unexplained death of a five month old baby this investigation tonight centers around the within more learning center in within more, authorities responded to the center on monday at about 1010:30 a.m. cpr was performed on the baby, child pronounced dead at chestnut hill hospital while expecting the center afterwards, state officials sound several violations and took action shutting it down the state findings first undercovered by kyw radio reporter chamber sherry greg baby who died was treated.
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staff member placed a blanket over a child's face and then when paramedics arrived tried to conceal the blanket and eventually ended up having to give to it police. state sites 20 separate items undercovered by investigators including leaving kids unsupervised. officials say it could take months for a final ruling on the cause of death. a person at the school today said they had no comment. new tonight a truck stuck under rail river rink bridge over on south flower million road in middletown township bucks county wedged under the overpass and has since been removed, crews are at anything a look at the bridge for damage. luckily no one was injured kathleen cane breaking her silence tonight a day after a grand jury reportedly recommended criminal charges be filed against her over leaked grand jury testimony, in statement cane said, quotes i did nothing illegal. period. any fair and impartial review of
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the facts would conclude that. she went ons at the seems to be to be another political attack on my attempt to clean up harrisburg and its political culture, cane is under investigation arrested after secret investigation from a 2009 grand jury was leaked to the philadelphia daily news. montgomery county da risa furhman will reportedly decide if cane should face charges after reviewing the the case. governor chris christy says he'll foot the bill when he heads to greenbay on sound when he sees cowboy face the packers christy ethical questions after the accident attending games in dallas curtsy of cowboy's owner jerry jones, the governor's office insists that the gifts are permitted under the states's ethics rules because the gifts come from a personal friend. cbs3 news confirms tonight criminal charges could be brought against the former c i a director journey relay david, the fbi is recommending that,
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providing class fitter information to his former mysteries and by ohhing graefr paula -- investigates allege that information was found on broad well's computer the final decision on whether portray you don't say will be charged will be made by the attorney general eric holder. new tonight, the news is getting better for a delaware county teenager battling cancer eyewitness news has been following his journey journey. >> it is inspiring, class mates, who has become a real inspiration, eyewitness nurse record todd quinones has more now from newtown square. . reporter: he was a standing ovation many wearing tea shirts before friday night's manufacturer pel new town freshman michael shelly celebrated a huge milestone. past few months am i michael
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has been spending more times in the hospital than school. we were completely shock hoodie they tell you your 14-year-old son has cancer. . reporter: in the the beginning of the school year michael had the honor of leading his fellow team mates on to the field his bael was just beginning then ten gruel rounds of chemotherapy and all the side effects as he battled on an hostage convinced lymphoma. >> migraines able to move or talk and being on the morphine for like four days. not -- that was awful. . reporter: threw it all michael maintained his sense of humor stretcher in anieding a nurse with a cubing a littlely. . reporter: permits that has help drive friends at school and beyond to cheer him on. you can see across the court players on springfield, the opposing team also gave him a standing ovation. >> you don't choose to have
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cancer, you choose how to deal with it. >>. reporter: for the first time he was diagnosed this summer after stomach pains during football practice, scans and boneses show michael has no signs of cancer and he has just three rounds of economy therapy left. through it all michael learned to appreciate nights like this where he could just hang out and be a kid. >> the little evident thing now mean so much more because of what i had to go through. >> he's a young kid, 9th grade boy battling, he teaching us don't give up. in newtown square, delaware county todd quinones cbs3 eyewitness news i think they're inspiring him even more it's a great story. >> he's such an inspiration. up next devastating accident left him in a wheelchair. tonight this local man is walking. see the special suit that is allowing him to do something he never thought possible. kathy? >> we had a brief break from the cold today but it is back to
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bitter and blustery into the deep freeze but for how long? we'll talk about that and when driving could soon turn dangerous. that's coming up in the seven-day. >> also morning coffee bits is about to cost you a little more. we've got ways you can get that buzz without blowing your budget. up next some secret ways to save. >> eagles top dog has a new gig why you might be seeing a lot more of chip kelly off the field and
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another case of hepatitis a being reported in the mercer county. robbinsville township patient ate food at the same restaurant a worker was infected back in november rosa restaurants and catering in hampton. two women who acquit from there also infected these cases have led to some residents being vaccinated authorities say they don't know why now the additional cases were a direct result of the original case. >>. new tonight a local father paralyzed after a hunting accident years ago does something he never thought he'd be able able to do again walking with a help of a bionic suit life changing allowing this dad
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to dance with his daughters again. >> i'm going to go from here to walking mode. >> dan web is doing something he never thought he would he have be able to do again he's walking with the help of a bionic suit. >> there we go. >> dan suffered a debilitating injury in 2010 that left him immobile and confined. >> i fell from a tree stand in a hunting accident and i was paralyzed from about the belly button down >> two years ago, dan heard of breakthrough technology being tested at months rehabilitation hospital known as the rewalk by on, you suit stand walk and if you know freely and on this day, after two years of training on how to use the technology, he's one of only a handled full. people in the country who will have this device; this past july and june, the fda gave us a go ahead said hey, we're ready, and they intentionaled us thousand to sell units to individuals to take home for
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private use that's an unbelievable feeling to be able to walk around the hallways, you know, sit stand, you know, on my command, and do things that i didn't think i'd ever be able to do again. >> thanks to the jury trials of a group of friends and members of the tbi synagogue in blue bell dan is now the proud owner of the 123e679 thousand dollars bionic suit taking it home just in time for very special indication with his daughters. >> in february i have a dead daughter dance coming up. it will be very nice to be able to walk in and have my stand with my daughters instead of the wheelchair. it's been probably almost five years now since i've stood at one of these dances it's going to be very special night. >>. months rebig bill intimidation hospital began testing the suit on 2030 patients on spinal injuries several years ago, dan web is the first moss patient to take one home last year was the best year
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your front door that could soon happen thanks to a recent ruling by the pennsylvania electric liquor control board, feen businesses is now requested to begin home delivery of beer rule does limit delivery of max of 12 pack of 16 ounce beers and there is no delivery of wine or liquor. if you're looking for the very best places to visit in the new year you don't have to go far at all. >>. the new york times has named philadelphia number three on its interactive list of 52 places to go in 2015. philadelphia ranged just behind ma lien italy and cuba the time was very impressed with the city's utilization of urban outdoor space you no through mini park and pop up gardens, dilworth park spruce street and schuylkill bank boardwalk, bike share program which will debut this spring. we knew that. didn't we?
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eyewitness weather watchers are saying it's a cold night to be out oh and about in philadelphia or in it's suburbs take a look some temperatures already with clear skies, right now we have a temperature of 18 degrees being reported in roysed for jim thanks for this reading, like your ride relative humid 45 percent, skies clear, temperatures tumbling with a clear skies jim says keep warm and that will be the theme through tomorrow as well. right now, it is 25 degrees reported in by -- these some upper darby, should be asleep by now little one temperature 25 degrees, with those clear skies and she says bureau if you would like to be an eyewitness weather watcher we would love you to join our team, we take junior members, in philadelphia it is cold in the poconos colder snow borders and skiers losing it temperatures developing degrees right now great for making that packed powder look at these numbers, falling fast little bit of a
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wind out there not going to take much wind when temperatures are this cold to make it feel much colder, 26 in the city, state college 12 pittsburgh seven and cleveland three degrees, wind chills going me 0 in the lehigh valley and poconos overnight tonight, storm scan 3 shows not a cloud in the sky east of lake erie and lake ontario lake effect snow bands continue and they're expecting feet of snow water town new york over the course of the weekend. for us clear skies, during the day tomorrow frigid but at least sunny and the clouds roll in sunday heavy ahead of our next weather maker coming up from the south cold air sunday night by monday we'll see the moisture moving in right in time for the morning commute 5, 6 7:00 a.m. we'll be seeing pink here ice sleet freezing rain warm air trying to push in but the farther north and west you get of the city the better chance you have of icing, watch that storm move offshore and try to pull in some relatively
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warmer ocean water to change that sleet and freezing rain over to rain as far as icing concernings monday morning chance ice accumulation especially to the north and west of philadelphia monday temperature me freezing changing to rain and picking up quarter inch or little more of rain overnight bitterly cold low 14 tomorrow the high 20 wents between five and 15 and on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven-day forecast rs frigid tomorrow better sunday icy concerns monday morning and staying cold for the rest of the week in the 30s it is typically the coldest time of the year and this year no different, but please pay attention over the course of the weekend, keep you updated on any changes come monday morning. thank you so much. you've heard it here from this, if you're not watching the suffocate ers you are missing out. >> it really is they are becoming four five giegs really
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look good. good job. tonight and a bargaining match for eagles head coach chip kelly, coming up
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. '6ers last game the worst efforts of the season tonight the troops responded a real five of the six sers has beens robert could have been ton fourth quarter nails it 20 points seven rebounds sill six steels '6ers in transition nc w to an who finishes nice tl '6ers take a
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one point lead tie three seconds left mcw driving find slam that's his first slam winner. '6ers pick up the wean in brooklyn 90 to 88. flyers try to keep their two game win strike alive when they take on the bruins tomorrow at the -- overtime winner against the cabs they were hoping for a strong start to the second half of the season and they got it against the team that they're tailing in the playoff hunt next up boston. >> early start games are kind of tend to unfold the first team to wake up usually comes out on top. hopefully guys still and ready to go. >> after the flyers practice today, general manager ron hextall announceded gross man will be out three weeks with an upper body injury that's aspect
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as the flyers get, nick was injured in the first period check new year's day the boards eagles coach chip kelly is serious about football good to see he has a sense of humor off the field, chip has a new endorsement contract with a series of off beat commercials complaz complazing on his nickname. nfl it's fourth and one what should we do? really? from the nfl. >> i get it. that's funny. >> there's a lot of these 14 of them. funny. watching them all
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. communities across the region are marking law enforcement appreciation day residents expressed support for abington township police department along old york road wore when you and headlines up signs of appreciation, girl scouts letters of appreciation to officers with that police department eyewitness news at veterans field the letters are written by students in the community. we are back with you in just a moment.
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let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with this all the time. it's what you do. (sigh) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ok... . thank you for that reason watching eyewitness news at 11 eyewitness continues in the morning at 5:00 beasley kathy and everyone here at eyewitness news chris may, natasha brown all weekend long the late show with david led man is next, have a great night everyone and a great weekend. take care.
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