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tv   Eyewitness News at 6am  CBS  January 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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we begin with breaking news this morning, a very violent night in the city of philadelphia. two shootings and in one case three people were killed execution style. we'll have a live report coming up. >> also ahead, an amber alert is canceled after two children are found safe in delaware. but a mystery remains this morning. their mother is still missing. and this morning, france prepares for a mass anti-terrorism rally while the search continues for the remaining suspects involved in last week's attack. today is sunday, january 11, good morning thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:00. let's get a check on the forecast, another cold morning at least that's when it felt when i was on my way? >> that's how it felt the
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entire month the entire year so far. we have milder day shaping up for us today nicole. i think we will get out of the freezing level but then we have some wintery wet their starts to move in here. we will be talking bore that and timing some that far out. right now not a problem at all outside except for the cold. 21 degrees through center city philadelphia, right now if you're standing around, in the palmyra cove nature park, in new jersey, it is 17 degrees there. no wind to speak of this morning. storm scan3 everything looks very, very quiet. as we take a look at storm scan, and things are looking really really nicety point. so we're going to continue to watch for a nice looking day today. but it doesn't last forever. because we do have this system that's going to be coming in here and bringing us the chance of some of this wintery weather. 17 degrees right now in philadelphia, look at it in wilmington though, it is seven, it is six in reading 15 in trenton 6 degrees in atlantic city, nine in dover. this is another extremely cold morning. but with the windchill there
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really isn't any. so temperatures might even feel a little bit warmer in a spot or two than the thermometer, not by much. occasionally that can happen. we have temperatures today that will be getting above freeze to go 37 degrees, as the clouds increase. we've got a dry day today. >> i want to show you just hang with me one second, this is 2:00 a.m. this is when we start some of our winter weather advisories, you can see some of the wintery mix off to the north and the west that we may be finding in the philadelphia area. we are also covered by that winter weather advisory, so we'll talk more about that coming up. nick snow. >> carol, thank you. violent night in the city of philadelphia. police are now investigating six shootings overnight. a triple homicide in the city's holmesburg section and three other are in the hospital after a shooting in logan. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson is live at police headquarters with the latest information. good morning, steve, just violent night. >> reporter: good morning nicole, you said it, a very violent night in the city of philadelphia. look at the numbers, six shots
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that is three killed in two separate shooting scenes across the city. i want to take you to the first scene chronologically here, start with a triple murder in the holmesburg section of philadelphia. police say there shortly before 11:30 last night, three hispanic males were shot in the back of the head killed running police say this was an execution style triple murder. girlfriend of one of the victims was trying to reach her boyfriends by phone could not, went to this location, at the home in the 4600 block of vista street and made that gruesome discovery. the second shooting scene chronologic have i in logan. police say there they responded today triple shooting at the reflections baron the corner of 17th street and wing a hocking. this is shortly before 1:00 this morning. there police found 21 year old woman shot in the face along with two males, a 25 year old and 23 year old shot in the leg. the woman in critical condition now at temple
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hospital while the two males are in stable condition. we spoke to the philadelphia police last night and they told us about -- >> upon arrival right met by a female, who stated inside probably three males that were shot, police went inside, they found three males, two in the living room area, sitting on the couch, both had head shots, and they also found a male laying on the floor in the kitchen also shot in the head. >> the investigations of both shooting are ongoing. details are still coming into us. but as far as we know at this point no arrest haves been made, no suspects have been named, and i don't even think they've recovered a weapon from at least the first scene of this shooting. we will continue to follow this as the morning goes. for now liver at philadelphia police headquarters, steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> so disturbing, steve thank you. developing right now police search for a mother of two. thirty-five year old keisha hamilton was last seen at her home in the twin willows
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development on east cahill lane in maine a, kent county. began as alert by her missing children in delaware, delaware state police found four year old collette hamilton and her brother, cortex hamilton, with their father. police are not saying at this time if the father is somehow involved in her disappearance. keisha is described as a black female approximately 5-foot six, and 145 pounds. she has brown hair and brown eyes. if you have any information on her whereabouts please, call police. five year old boy is injured after falling about 30 feet from a ski lift at spring mountain adventures in swenksville. this is video from spring mountain's web cam. now, police say the child was flown to children's hospital of philadelphia. there is no word right now on his condition. a south philadelphia oil refinery in the process of restarting after series of issues caused heavy flares and smoke. thick black smoke was seen billowing from the
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philadelphia energy solutions refinery west passyunk avenue. no one was injured. that's good news. the refinery says the flaring does not pose any health concerns for the surrounding community. and an investigation is underway. world leaders will gather today for a mass rally following three days of bloodshed in france. rally in par cyst huge security challenge for nation already on high alert. twenty people were killed including three gunmen after attacks on saturday ear call newspaper and kosher soup market last week. right now police hunting for the common law one of one of the gunmen, a.m. did he, she may have passed through the country on her way to sewer y. >> meantime learning more about what went on inside the two locations where the armed terrorists took hostages, in and around paris on friday. cbs news correspondent susan macinnis with that part of the story. >> reporter: police commandos who stormed this paris market and killed hostage taker amedy new what the gunman didn't, employee was hiding in the
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deli's walk in refrigerator and he had 15 customers with him. said he turned off the light and shut off the cold and urged the 14 adults and two year old child to stay calm. he escaped through an elevator used for food. police first-hand cuffed him. he drew them a picture of the store's layout showing amedy's location, one of the hostages in the store was a woman only identified as marie. she says amedy immediately killed four hostages when he walked in. he frightened the hostages by saying he had explosives, and that he wasn't afraid to die. 28 miles away, brothers cherif and said kouachi were holding owner michelle hostage. the brother let him go after hour, then holdup inside for six hours before they were killed after they opened fire on police. he said he's happy to be
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alive, but was never scared because the gunmen were respectful. he kept himself calm by diverting their attention away from a colleague was hiding nearby. that colleague secretly texting police to tell them what was happening inside. susan macinnis, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well search effort in the java sea are intensifying this morning as rescuers work to recover the missing black boxes from the airasia plane crash. video from inch dough near ya, where more debris arrived in port. twisted steel, wiring, see passenger seats from the airbus a320. divers recovered the plane's tail section yesterday. flight 8501 crashed two weeks ago killing all 162 people on board. >> well, the latest launch of space x rocket was mostly a success, nasa tracked the trip of the falcon spacecraft as it car aid supply capsule to the international space station. but, attempt to make a soft landing of the rockets left over booster failed.
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now, normally, the giant tube crashes into the ocean but this time, space x had hope to reuse it. >> it is 6:09 right now. deadly accident at a camel farm. officials say two people were trampled by one of the animals. we'll have that story coming up. >> also ahead flu cases on the rise and emergency rooms filling up. hear from one local family whose three month old baby was taken to the hospital with a dangerous illness. >> and one in a million chance, we'll tell you what is extra special about these newborn triplets. and we're still in the midst of course of a bitter blast. you can feel t we don't have to tell you that. carol has the details on some winter weather ahead for the start of the work week.
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>> out of control cam em killed two in texas. went into the camel's pen positive break up ice in their water when the camel charged. a woman who owned that farm, tried to close the gate to that area but the camel was too fast and tramped her and that workers to death. it happened at the camel kiss' farm. game wardens killed the cam em. officials say the cam ethel was acting aggressively because it was getting ready to breed. well saturday, a final farewell to long time espn anchor stuart scott. friends, family, and some famous faces attended private
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funeral in rally, north carolina being remembered for his quit width and commentary and also for being an inspiration. scott died a week avianca a long battle with stomach cancer. he was 49 years old. also saturday, the three members of an illinois family killed in a kentucky plane crash last week were laid to rest. marty gutzler his wife kim and their nine year old daughter piper were remembered at private funeral in nashville. their other daughter, sailor, survived the crash and walk near lay mile to find help. she is now being cared for by relatives. >> the chester township firehouse in delaware county is closed after it was hit by a car. take a look at the damage here. pretty significant. "eyewitness news" on concord road, police say the car crashed into the firehouse near one of the garage doors around 4:30 saturday morning then took off. police followed the trail of antifreeze leaving the scene and located that car. the driver was arrested. >> as soon as we get the wall
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secure, then we're going to start working on getting apparatus out of the building so we can get it place in the another location without a few locals that have reached out to us to help with us. that will we'll able to respond to a different area hopefully by the end of the day, then the building it self will be worked on getting fixed. >> so far no charges have been filed against that driver. well, five members of a virginia family are dead after their car collided with a tractor trailer in maryland. the victims include three adult, two children, and an unborn child. the truck driver, whose identified as 28 year old myette of wilmington, delaware, was injured. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> well, two days after a deadly pile up involving more than 100 vehicles, parts of michigan interstate, still shut down. crash happened on i94 near battle creek it involved a truck caring fireworks which set off explosions on the interstate. a trucker from canada was killed and about two dozen people were injured. icy snowy conditions and acid
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leaking from one of the trucks are hampering efforts of get that roadway reopened. >> also in michigan, check out this video after frozen lighthouse, the lighthouse sits along a very frigid lake michigan. now, several storms have dumped snow along the lake, and windchills have been below zero. >> man that just makes you chilly look being at that site, that lighthouse. and cold this morning coming in. >> it has been cold. but today moderate, at least above the freezing mark fortunately, so if you have something that frozen to the grounds, you may be able to pry it loose. 13 degrees, that's the temperature up in the poconos no winds, one of the reasons these temperatures dropped as low as they did overnight. so cold start to the day. the finish, not as cold as we've become accustom to. 17 degrees, right now in the philadelphia area. look how balmy that seems. if you're in wilmington, it is 10 degrees cool their at
6:16 am
seven. sixteen in allentown, five in millville, and the heart of south jersey, 12 in wildwood, nine dover, six atlantic city, just little bit inland off the coast, at the airport there and 15 in trenton. so, we new it would be a very cold morning this morning. now, i'm showing you this, this is a look at the area shade in the blue, where we have the winter weather advisories that goes into effect at 1:00 a.m. for everybody. it stops about 10:00 in the morning through philadelphia, about 1:00 in the afternoon through the lehigh valley, and 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon through the poconos. so just a lot going on, as we go into tomorrow. not a lot of precipitation expected out of this. but, in some areas especially as you head toward the lehigh valley poconos, trace of ice maybe an inch of the snow and sleet mix, could be coming in. now, we've got sunshine for much of the day. the clouds do start to build as we go through the day. by 9:00 clouds cover around the area. we'll take this bit by bit. i know so many people get out early monday. this is 2:00 in the morning
6:17 am
in the way the computer model is pegging it right now that you would be finding this to the west of even the allentown and reading areas. by the time we hit 6:00 a.m. though, we start to see at least chances of some of this wintery mix coming into the allentown area, you may find it even to the south. so we'll watch for that, some rain is also mixed in, maybe some freezing rain is mixed in, as well, with temperatures. then by the time we hit 8:00 in the morning, through philadelphia, you might see that light wintery mix we're really not expecting anything in the way of accumulation, but you know just take it east if i there is ever freezing rain or sleet involved in nick. you just take it easy. but notice if there is also rain as the temperatures will be starting to warm little bit. this is a look at 8:00. we're still under the winter weather advisory, by the time we hit 11:00 the advisory is over for us, it does continue through the poconos until 5:00. looks like this computer model says we get some rain up through the allentown area at that point. then generally this pushes off the coast but notice this. we may get little backlash
6:18 am
here and you see snow flurry or two, if you did it would be brief and that would be very early into tuesday. so i think generally the transition is from ice to rain. and how much ice? well about 7:00 in the morning, this computer model says 100 of an inch through philadelphia, .03 through allentown, by the time finished with this, about .01 an inch most through the philadelphia area if that computer model is accurate. i think just use your own common sense tomorrow morning. temperatures may be below the freezing mark and if you see precipitation, assume it is probably little bit icy. temperatures today though, are going to be not all that bad. because they will be in the 30's. they'll be in the 30's tomorrow with the moisture, by the time we get to tuesday, in the 30's again but it will be dry. which we're so happy about. thirty-seven philadelphia, shore, 38 today and the poconos, 28 degrees. it is dry in every single location. our temperatures, not made that much worse by the wind, only about 5 miles an hour
6:19 am
today. tonight we drop down to 30 degrees, the wintery mix will begin in many areas so umbrellas up pets in, keep dry in this mess. or monday, 36 degrees, we go that wintery mix to some rain. and then the rest of the week, does not look bad. nicole, in the 30's. >> all right carol thank you. on the cbs-3 health watch flu numbers continue to grow here in our area. in delaware, there are over a thousand cases where last year at this time there were 100. emergency departments are flooded with patient and our health reporter stephanie stahl looked into it. >> thirteen week old carlos is hospitalized at abington health with the flu and pneumonia. >> the younger you are the weaker your immune system, more likely tour have secondary complications. >> i wanted to cry right then and there when they told me, but i have to be strong for him. >> carlos is too young for flu shot, but his mom made sure everyone else in the family got the vaccine. the problem is this year's
6:20 am
vaccine is only about 30% effective, and influenza is now an epidemic. >> very easily spread t can live on surfaces for hours. so even if you're not in direct contact with someone if they touch something recently then you may still be able to catch it. >> carlos' mom says the family has been out a lot recently. >> maybe one of the trips that we went out or during the holidays probably he got something from there. >> the baby was among more than 270 patients seen in abington's emergency department on monday alone. it was so busy the hospital went on a temporary divert status which rarely happens here. >> we were unable to move people through in which case we had a number of patients down in the emergency department, which limited our ability to see new people. >> doctor steven fisher says only people with flu complications are admitted. others are usually sent home with a prescription for tamiflu, which has been in short supply in some places. >> i think it is flu season of significance.
6:21 am
>> pennsylvania health department says there are nearly 1,000 confirmed flu cases in just montgomery county. in delaware, last year at this time, there had been 100 flu cases. there are already over a thousand. i'm stephanie stahl cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> 6:21, montana couple beat the odds and welcomes rare identical triplets, one in a million chance of having identical triplets without fertility drugs by the way. now, kade, ian my low as we said are identical spontaneous triplets t occurs when there is one egg that's fertilized then divides into two, that creates the identical twins right but from there, if the embryo split again identical triplets happen. >> almost overwhelming, because when you think about you know, when at the get a little bit older are they all going to play the same sport or are you going to go 50 million different directions, and be able to still teach all of them, you know, or help all of them as much as you can.
6:22 am
but i can't wait for that to come. i'm so ready. >> sounds like a good daddy. look at those little guys. so sweet. all three are healthy and headed home in the near future to join their six year old brother, jack. who is now outnumbered. that's just very, very sweet. 6:22 right now. still to come on "eyewitness news", bright yellow label that many rely on when picking out new appliances. they can help you decide which ones will save you the most energy and money but what if some of those labels were wrong? "3 on your side" jim donovan has a warning for you coming up next. we'll be back.
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>> back now on "eyewitness news", appliances for sale at stores come with that yellow energy saving tag right? but the able gives shop areas idea how much it will cost to run the appliance. as "3 on your side" consumer reporter find people living in the delaware valley should expect to pay more. >> they are the bright yellow labels many of us rely on when picking out new appliances, listing how much it will cost in energy use each year. just one problem. >> the labels wrong. >> economics professor lucas davis has spent the last two years studying these federally mandated energy guide labels and he says don't count on them to be accurate. >> they show information that's based on national average electricity price. >> those averages are lower than the electricity prices we pay in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. >> the problem is that people have no idea how much they've pent for electricity so they
6:26 am
don't know how to make that conversion. >> but points out, accurate or not, labels do serve a good purpose. side by side, they can help you decide which appliances save the most energy, and money, even if you're not saving as much as the label would have you believe. >> we found that those people that saw the better labels made better decisions. they saved money, a lot of money. >> the federal trade commission requires the energy guide label, but whether professor davis presented the idea of state specific labels to the ftc they thought it was good idea, just too expense i have to carry out. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. >> 6:26. we are following some breaking news coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", two triple shootings and in one of those cases police say, three people were killed execution style. we're live with the latest on the search for the gunman, plus this. >> rallies are held all over the world for the victims of the french terrorist attacks. i'm wendy gillette in new york city, that story coming up. >> and warmer for our sunday, but you could have a wintery
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6:30 am
is cold again outside. >> it is. >> tan will continue, right carol? >> well, little bit. very cold this morning but we do get above the freezing mark later today. that's just the headlines. because we haven't seen much of that. so it, will get slightly warmer today. won't get warm. but at least it will be above the freezing mark little later on. it looks bright out there right now. ben franklin bridge looking just terrific. we have temperatures of 17 degrees, out at the airport in philadelphia, seven in wilmington, could you add any number in front that far seven, and you would probably like t but there you go. you could add a nine in front of that, and it still wouldn't be that bad. we have 15 in trenton, 16 allentown, 5 degrees in millville this morning. it is cold out there. but fortunately it is not all that winnie. so the temperatures are not made to feel any colder than they actually are. by noon, we should be freezing by noon, and then by 3:00 p.m. above the freezing mark, at 37 degrees. storm scan3, and i put this into motion, and you can see
6:31 am
that there are a few little clouds out there but generally we should be looking at some sunshine today. the other thing that i want to call your attention to, that's the area shade in the blue, which is just about everybody except southern delaware, and the coastal areas. and that's because we have a winter weather advisory that goes into effect at 1:00 a.m. for all of those areas and they stagger out time wise, but they end at 10:00 a.m. through the philadelphia area, camden delaware, gloucester counties as you go areas to the north of that, however that's where you're looking at a longer time period, 1:00 p.m., through the lehigh valley for that, and then through the poconos 5:00 p.m. we get some cloud later on today. then we start to pick up maybe this wintery mix as we move into the overnight time period. we'll finish out the time line, go bit by bit how you can plan your overnight, and whatever you have to do tomorrow. that's coming up. nick snow. >> carol, thank you. well, just violent night in the city of philadelphia. police are investigating a triple homicide, in philadelphia's holmesburg section. also, a triple shooting in the
6:32 am
logan section of the city. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson live with the two incident, steve? >> reporter: nicole, we have six people shot in the city of philadelphia, three of them are recovering, three of them were murdered. i want to take you to the murder scene now to holmesburg. that's where philadelphia police say they responded shortly before about 11:30 last night, three hispanic males were found in this home. they were found shot in the back of the head, philadelphia police are saying that was an execution style murder, triple murder, what happened there we're hearing girlfriend of one of the victims trying to make contact with her boyfriend, made several calls could not get in touch went to the location, the 4600 block every vista street, and found that gruesome scene.
6:33 am
the second incident, another shooting, this one it was in logan, the police say there they responded to a triple shooting at a reflections bar that is the corner of 17th and wingohocking there shortly before 1:30 this morning police found 31 year old woman shot in the face. she is in critical condition. twenty-three year old shot in the arm and leg in stable condition this morning. we spoke to philadelphia police about that triple murder, and what they found on scene there. >> found one male victim on the kitchen floor walked into the living room area, which is right next to the kitchen, and boyfriends on the couch and another unknown male also on another couch, all all three males, were shot in the head. >> in both instances police are investigating their searching for suspect i'm told in the first instance, surveillance video, talking to nearby tenant, about the crime. for now live in philadelphia police headquarters, i'm steve patterson, cbs-3, "eyewitness
6:34 am
news". >> all right, steve, thank you. >> well, this weekend police continue searching for a mother of two missing in mt. laurel burlington county. twenty-six year older kay crippen crosby lives on aberdeen drive. family members last heard from her on december 30th. they say erika went to pj wheelihan's with her husband kyle crosby. her car is now missing a 2,000 redford forward tourist jersey plates, anyone with information is asked to call police. >> detectives are investigating a deadly shooting outside a chain east restaurant. it happened at 56th and greenway, in philadelphia's kingsessing neighborhood. police say the victim in his early 20's was shot in the chest around 12:45 saturday morning. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police are not yet releasing the victim's name and so far there are no arrests. >> well, right now the search is on for a gunman who stole a television from the wal-mart in south philadelphia. police say suspect walked out of the store with a tv and in a shopping cart. after refuse to go show a
6:35 am
receipt to the store security guard the 38 year old suspect pulled up his shirt to show that there was a handgun concealed in his waistband. no one was hurt in that incident. now, to the latest on the terror attacks in paris authorities believe the fourth suspect wanted in connection with the attacks has fled to turkey. police think she might have some information about an islamic extremist cell that her husband and the other terror suspect may have belonged tonight cbs news correspondent wendy gillette with the latest. >> france is on high alert following three days of bloodshed that started on wednesday, at the satirical newspaper charlie hebdo, 20 people were killed, including three gunmen, police are hunting for the common law wife of one of the men amedy, who could have information about islamic extremist cell he may have belonged to. turkish officials say she may have passed through the country, on her way to syria. >> at least 700,000 people attended vigils and several french cities saturday, to honor the victim.
6:36 am
hundreds marched and lit candles in buda pest, dozens also gathered in beirut, and in the west bank. >> there were more rallies here in the united states, about a thousand people attend dollars this event from the iconic arts in new york city washington square park. >> they chanted and held pens to honor the newspaper journalist who were killed. french ambassador to the un and french chef were also there. >> the value that we hole dear, i share by our american friends. >> the message is vilified for strong reason, which is freedom. >> other rallies will be held sunday including a large unity march in paris. two dozen are expected to participate. cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and bamm here at home dozen gathered on independence mall to rally in support of local police officers. local elected officials and dignitaries spoke of the delaware valley pro blue rally
6:37 am
>> both were killed during a ambush shooting last month. >> the top law enforcement official in pennsylvania could be facing charges but in a news conference attorney general kathleen cane's -- kane's lawyer said no matter what happens, she will not resign her position. this after a mid-week philadelphia inquirer report claiming a grand jury, recommended criminal charges against kane. our natasha brown report. >> improperly leaked information about that case leaking information is i am legal in pennsylvania, at a saturday press conference came attorney -- kane's attorney denied any wrong-doing. >> so i asked the public and all of you in the media withhold your judgement, don't jump to conclusions on guilt. >> the attorney general testified to a state grand jury convened in montgomery
6:38 am
county, the inquirer reported that grand jury recommended charging kane with perjury and contempt. >> the decision to charge kane reese a fuhrman, kane's lawyer said no charges filed but if they are -- >> she was truthful, at all times, when she testified before the grand jury. and she will be found innocent. >> the special prosecute nerve this case was appointed by state government officials with whom kane has clashed politically before. her lawyer argues that is what this probe is really all about. >> this railroad train seems to me to be driven by some men with grudges, men who are bitter and angry. >> in a statement released friday, kane herself was aggressive in her response, saying quote, i will continue to clean up harrisburg despite these attacks that seem to be more about politics than the
6:39 am
marriage. natasha brown cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, now experts have told "eyewitness news" that it could be weeks before the montgomery county district attorney decides whether or not to bring those charges. right now 6:39. more legal trouble for george zimmerman. he's been released on bail after florida police arrested him for allegedly throwing a wine bottle at his girlfriend. a judge also ordered zimmerman to avoid contact with that woman. zimmerman has had several brushes with the law, since he was acquitted in the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> still to come this morning therapy dogs help a teenager face cancer treatments, and now, strangers are sharing cute dog pictures. we'll tell you how you can help cheer up this little boy on facebook, that's coming up next. also ahead look to go replace the carpets in your home? we'll have some advice from angie's list on what to look for whether it comes to color and style. >> dry out there for now but things could get little dicey tomorrow morning. carol has the latest on what could be a wintery mix for the
6:40 am
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>> facebook page to help an arizona teen through chemo treatments is going viral. photo dogs for anthony to help cheer up that little boy facing cancer. alicia reports. anthony's family has been shocked by the on line response. >> there are therapy dogs here
6:43 am
at the children's hospital. they are just about the only thing that brightens anthony's day. i mean, the only thing he can be laying in bed all day. >> not a peep out of him. the dog comes in and he becomes himself again. >> that's why when kate the dog is here, it is hard to tell that 16 year old anthony is going through intense chemo. >> he has accute lymphoblast i can leukemia. >> diagnosed just six months ago, july 25th. >> we thought it was growing pains. and it turned out to be this. >> the treatment is rough. >> i don't want to be here, painful getting chemo all the time. when the dogs come in they make you -- they make me smile, make me feel so happy. she just comes to this depressing place and bridges happiness with her and spreads it. >> obvious change in demeanor when the therapy dogs come around anthony's mom started posting about it. >> i said, it is the only thing that brightens his day we're so excited. >> friend of mine roberta
6:44 am
started a facebook page for people to post pictures of their dog and the dogs for anthony caught fire on line. >> we're thinking maybe 30, 40 people from my old work would post, i would say, in the last four days, it is gone up to a million people. >> funny, some of the pictures have the tongues hanging out it is fun. >> i do you feel like it is helping? >> yes. >> for me, just bridges me hope that people are good, because through animals they're showing their support. >> so sweet. nearly 2 million people from across the globe have shared dog photos on that facebook page for anthony. and he says it is helping. so, keep them coming. 6:44 we send it over to carol. >> oh, i'm sure it is helping. looking right now nicole, see the city silhouette dollars against very cold sky phone g coal temperatures out there right now but get above the
6:45 am
freezing mark little later today. we love that. temperature every 17 degrees, but even cold nerve s outlying areas, into the single numbers, as you go through wilmington, down through millville, five and 6 degrees really coal. but notice there is mod raiding trend, good news, we see temperatures in the teens isn't seen that in a while, to the north and west, some improvement. storm scan3, nothing much going on few areas every some clouds, where you don't see the clouds, that's where these temperatures really bottom out. so wilmington, getting very very code cold overnight millville, dover, as well, single digit readings this morning. temperature will be getting into the 30's, and above the freezing mark, which is just great today. neck system, low pressure system dragging colds front through, not a loft moisture
6:46 am
with any of this but enough and enough crazy cold air on the grounds we ends one this wintery mix situation. >> specially i95, 295 corridors headed to the north and west watching for that starting generally the overnight time period and right through the day tomorrow, so in philadelphia, chances of this freezing mess then this goes on, through tuesday, looks like to problem what so far. lets as time it all out. clouds by 9:00 tonight. start to see precipitation moving in, pink color is the mix, rain, which could even be little freezing rain as well. so just don't be completely swayed by that. this computer model says it is not if philadelphia. >> this has been a little bit after change. so expect to find further
6:47 am
refinements alleges the computer models look at this. by the time 9:00 monday morning, we could be looking at the mix through the philadelphia area, main even as late as 11:00 warmer air does come in, many areas change over to that rain then to finish this whole thing out, little told blast we could be finding return to maybe little sleet little snow through the philadelphia area, then it moves off not special g much at all in the way of accumulation through philadelphia, in fact, in ice probably just 100 of an inch in philadelphia, same deal in trenton, through allentown and represented g and the poconos slightly more, but as we all know it doesn't take much when it is ice. just take it easy out there overnight and specially for that morning commute. temperatures today above the freezing mark, if that's any consolation, 37 38, 28 in the poconos, winds should be relatively light today. tonight cold again cold enough when this wet weather comes in we could be finding some of the icy spots so be
6:48 am
careful bundle up, choose your footwear with care, and bring those pets in and out of this cold wet wet their we get tonight and tomorrow, 36 tomorrow them after that doesn't look all that bad for this time of the year. it is dry for the most part, temperatures in the 30's, nicole? >> carol thanks. 6:48. let's check on the roads with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning ann. >> good morning nicole. we have an accident on the schuylkill this morning. this is lower merion eastbound between belmont avenue and city avenue. as you can see the shoulder is blocked. you can barely see it i guess because it is so dark outside. but the should is her blocked traffic squeezing around the accident this morning we move the traffic cam here to i95 right near the airport much more clearer picture, no delays or problems on i95 near the airport good shape i95 as a whole looks good through philadelphia and it suburbs on to the ben franklin bridge mid-span, no problem on the ben franklin this morning. that's the latest ann evans
6:49 am
back to you. >> ann thank you. >> choosing new carpets for your home is pretty big decision. one you'll have to live with for quite a long time. jim donovan takes a look at some of the things you should consider before buying new carpet. >> flooring expert harry says carpet can last about ten years, with proper maintenance. so, people don't buy it very often. but, he says, when they do, they often makes some simple mistakes. >> one of the things that some people do, they take it outside in a natural light. and they'll try and get the true color. well, the issue is you don't live outside. so the carpet is not going to have the same appearance outside as it is inside. your best bet lay it down in the room you will have it installed, look at it from attendance like walking in the room. also look at it in different lighting overnight when the lights overhead are and also during the day when the sun is shining up.
6:50 am
>> don't overlook the importance of padding. the padding is the least expensive component after carpet purchase. so to move from, you know, basic gray pad up to one step up, or slightly more dense cushion; very, very minimal dollars. everyone should consider it or at least get the option to buy better cushions. >> also, don't forget to ask about any fees, for services like hauling away old carpeting or moving furniture. for more advice from angie on buying carpet, visit's list. i'm jim
6:51 am
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>> jake voracek and flyers captain claude giroux will be representing the flyers at this year's all-star game. meanwhile, afternoon match up at the center against the bruins, flyers hoping to make it three in a row. first period terrible start to this game. watch steve mason makes a save just crumbles to the ground he has been bothered by lower body injury. this looks like his right leg. he leaves the game, will be re-evaluated today. to the game, the injury, sign of things to come, little while later after mason leaves, david gets his first goal of the season on the power play, the first goal of his career. third period, again his second of the game, season and carrie, just like that, two-nothing bruins. claude giroux would have the flyers avoid the shut out on the power play rye here -- right here but this will be your loan highlight for the orange and black. they lose this one three-one. busy day at the sent, looking for back-to-back wins for just the second time this season, and the sixers jumping out to big lead in the young guys, very confident here, check
6:54 am
them out. tony puts it off the backboard, to aj mcdaniels but the pairs letter make it close mike at carter williams with the drive will put them up by one point. last chance for the pairs up to david west with a bad shot right here. after some great sixers defense, so yes the young kids pulling it out tonight. they win it at home, nine p to 92. villanova, wildcats first home game of the new year not much after match up for november a off the inbound pass, we have darren hilliard with the dunk, for two of his 21-point, of course, jay wright happy about that. later in the half, november a with nice passing open man ryan, with the three. villanova with the 81 to 64 win. >> owls had won six games in a row, led at the half, jaylen
6:55 am
bond with the slam goings to give the owls a ten-point lead early in the second. but then just completely collapse. the owls out scored by 13, in the second half. they lose to tulsa 63 to 57. -- 56. >> george washington visiting lasalle. nice pass down low from right. dunking it there. that will give the explorers 18-point lead. then little while later we have roberts. able to hit the three. explorers pick up big atlantic ten win they win it, 63 to 50. st. joe's taking on 20th ranked vcu johnson putting up the three at the buzzer, which is good. lid by 16 at the half. great work on the board. guest with the follow slam. wins this 189 to 74. >> tom brady set nfl playoff
6:56 am
record for touchdown passes, he threw this beautiful pass right here. passes great joe montana to take over first place beat the ravens 35 to 31. that's all for sports, leslie van arsdale, have a great day. >> in sports, here again the playoff action from last night, take a look, cam newtown and carolina pant nerves seattle taking on the seahawks. to the fourth quarter we go, cam newtown gives up pick six. cam, runs this one back, nine the yards, the seahawks advance winning this one, 31 to 17. hey, next week, they'll take on the winner of today's nfc playoff game between dallas and greenbay, that game starts at 1:00. it is the first time the cowboys have played at lambeau since the classic ice bowl, in 1967. andrew luck and the colt taking on peyton manning and the broncos begins with nfl today at 4:00 right here on cbs-3.
6:57 am
>> the latest on our violent night here in philadelphia, three shot, one dead, coming up nextment also new this morning, texas hospital placed on lockdown, as an hour's long stand-off unfolds. we'll have an update. plus carol tracking some wintery weather headed our way just in time for the work week. that plus tips for staying safe, if you have to be outside. we'll be back. discover brookside and discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers.
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>> braking news, violent night in the city of philadelphia, three people are shot and killed execution style at another scene, three people shot at a birthday party. our steve patterson live with the latest. today is sunday, january 11, good morning, thanks so much for joining us i'm nicole brewer. it is 7:00. let's get a check on that forecast, it is cold carol but you said not as cold as it has been. isn't it amazing when 20, 30 degrees actually feels like relief? >> you know, 21, great age not terrific temperature, but actually warmer temperature that what we've been used to, nicole. we saw temperatures yesterday stop in the 20's today in the 30's. doesn't lock bad except for the chill in the air, ben franklin bridge, blue skies we'll take that, looks pretty nice out in reading if you can stand to look at some snow, still remaining on the ground


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