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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  January 13, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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el captain, in the way unlike you have ever seen. >> pelley: tonight, a day of mourning. funerals in france and in israel for victims of the paris terror attacks. we have new video of the gunmen and new information about who financed their deadly rampage. reports from elizabeth palmer and bob orr. chip reid on questions about the safety of one of america's biggest subway systems after a passenger dies and dozens are injured. the freefall in gas prices continues. manuel bojorquez aren'ts while you're saving money others are losing their jobs. and it's men against mountain. john blackstone on two climbers out to conquer el capitan as it's never been done before. captioning sponsored by cbs
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. the funerals began today. victims of the terror attacks in paris were laid to rest in france and in israel. we'll have more about that in just a moment, but first here's the latest on the investigation. there is new information tonight about who paid for the attack that left 12 people dead at the offices of the satirical magazine cd edward edward henderson and there's new voop. >> in this video taken after the attack one of the brothers yells, "we averge the prophet homohammed. they calmly reload their automatic weapons. seconds later they're confronts by police. the brothers open fire and escape. cbs news has learned they received $20,000 from al qaeda in yemen to help finance the attacks. sources say the brothers had long-standed lirchgz with the group also known as aqap.
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officials said said kouachi spent time in yemen in 2011. >> the united states has been in a position to share some information with french investigators who are trying to get to the bottom of what exactly happened and who may have been involved in the attack. >> reporter: investigators know the kouachis had strong connections to grocery store gunman cherif kouachi, and all three were part of a well-known jihadi group inside france. now, police are looking for up to six other people who may have aided the suspects in the paris attacks. one man associated with cherif kouachi is being held in bulgaria and his partner has fled to syria. but investigators are still searching for others who may have provided weapons and financing, and they want ton who helped coulibaly post the videos
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released after he die nade shoot-out with police. u.s. officials continue to scrub all available intelligence sources and say there is no connection they can kind between the paris attackers and any threat against the u.s. homeland. >> pelley: bob, thanks. four people died in that attack on the kosher grocery store. funerals under them were held today in jerusalem. the nation is broken hearted shaken and in pain. today, france remembered the police officers who died and elizabeth palmer is in paris. >> reporter: the memorial service for the three officers was held at police headquarters. president francois hollande named them one by one and said they represent the diversity of modern france. 26-year-old clarissa
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jeane-phillipe. franck brinsolaro, body guard to charliecharlie hebdo's editor. and ahmed merabet the muslim officer shot pointed blank on the sidewalk. as senior officers and former colleagues looked on, oland pinned france's highest recognition on each casket and then offered the families what comforted he could. a short time later, ahmed merabet's coffin arrived in the muslim graveyard of northeast paris. last week's terrorist attacks have drawn france together in rare solidarity. there were jews among the mourners and when a unit of merbet's police colleagues arrived, the crowd started to clap. at the offices of charlie hebdo the cartoonist luz said he found it hard to return to work. and then described drawing this week's front page. "this is not the front page that
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the terrorists want the us to draw," he said. "there are no terrorists in it, just a man crying. that's mohammad." the banner says, "all is forgiven." but the cover may still offend some conservative muslims. right now, though, the french are united in defense of freedom of expression and the founding national values of liberty and fraternity. today, the french parliament spontaneously joined in sing the national anthem for the first time since 1918. scott, french politicians haven't backed off in their fight against islamic extremism overseas either. the lower house of parliament voted today 488-1 to continue france's role in boaming isis targets in iraq. >> pelley: elizabeth palmer in paris for us again tonight liz thanks very much. preventing the next attack is foremost on the minds of law
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enforcement, of course but muslim groups have long complained that a surveillance program by new york police crossed the line. today, they pleaded their case before a federal appeals court and anna werner has that. >> reporter: this predominantly muslim community in patterson, new jersey, was one of the areas under police surveillance after 9/11. new york police department officers monitored mosques businesses and schools in what the department said was an effort to root out potential terrorists. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> reporter: but in court today, muslim groups argued their constitutional rights were being violated. an attorney for the plaintiffs: >> you can keep people safe. you just have to use almost law enforcement methods like actual suspicion. it doesn't keep anyone safe to target people based on their religious beliefs. >> reporter: a judge threw out the lawsuit saying there is no evidence the n.y.p.d. chose
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targets based on their religion. but the group contend beginning in 2002, police spied on ordinary individuals not suspected of illegal activity and they want such surveillance outlawed. this man is an army reservist who served in iraq for more than a year. he says his moscow was targeted and that made him stop going. >> the american muslim community was victimized by the new york city police department and their warrantless. >> reporter: the group that conducted the surveillance was shut down. when we asked if the surveillance was continuing, the n.y.p.d. declined to comment citing the ongoing court case. the three-judge panel that heard today's arguments is not expected to rule for several months. >> pelley: in another developing story today divers recovered the koch pit voice recorder from the wreckage of the air asia flight that crashed in the java sea last month. they brought up the flight data
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recorder yesterday. these recorders should provide clues into what caused the accident that killed 162 people. 48 bodies have been recovered. here at home, the job market continues to get better and better. today, the labor department said there were nearly five million job openings in november, upped nearly 3%. the most since january of 2001. here's anthony mason. >> reporter: alex asefaw, tired of working only on commission, quit his job at a car dealership near atlanta two months ootion. >> it was a pretty good gig and lacked growth there so i decided to see what drive time was about. >> reporter: the 28-year-old salesman jumped to drive tiernlg a rapidly expanding used car dealership. when they offered him a salary plus a commission and bonuses. >> i know that a check is going to come, so that put me at eerkz gives me a little peace of mind,
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and that's huge to me. >> reporter: he is one of a growing number of americans willing to quit their jobs. the so-called quit rate, which plummeted after the recession has now reached levels we haven't seen since 2008 says economist mark zandi. >> workers are more confident asking for bigger pay increases and businesses soon will have no choice but to provide those pay increases to keep them. >> reporter: aetna is boosting pay for its lowest earning employees, about 5700 workers will get a minimum of $16 an hour starting in april an increase of up to $5. and the number of unemployed workers per job openings, which hit 6.2 after the recession, is now less than two to one. but economist michael hansen with bank of america merrill lynch says wage growth has barely been keeping up with inflation. why aren't wages going up? >> i think the labor market is tightening. i'm not sure it's tight just
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yet. i think there are people on the sidelines. there are a number of people part-time employed relative to past recoveries. >> reporter: wage pressure is building. 17% of small businesses say they'll be raising pay in the next six mongst, and scott that number has been rising steadily in recent month. >> pelley: better news. anthony, thanks very much. well rising pay and, of course, falling energy prices. oil was down again today closing below $46 a barrel. gasoline fell a pen tow an average $2.12 a gallon. good news for most, but certainly not all. here's manuel bojorquez. >> how can i help you today. >> reporter: ruthie's rolling cafe has four trucks that serves lunch throughout the dallas metro area. how many gallons of fuel does it hold. >> 30 gallons. >> reporter: owner ashlee kleinart says cheaper gas is saving the company $50 per fill-up. that's adding up to $400 to $500 a week. >> there you go. >> reporter: this saves you money and it also gives you the
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ability to do more. >> gives us the ability to go out and be out in the community more, drive places more. >> reporter: but the trucks at frontier services are starting to sit idle. the south texas company services oil rigs. denise walker is the owner. >> you'd have big trucks coming through here, your testing units units and trucks coming in and out. it's just perpetual motion at all times. >> reporter: and right now? >> right now it's slow. >> reporter: oil companies have started to shut down rigs that are no longer profitable because of falling prices, so there's less work. so far, 10 of frontier's 110 employees have left or been laid off. it's estimated texas could lose 140,000 direct and indirect energy jobs by midyear if oil stays around $55 a barrel. the number of active rigs in texas has already fallen 10% in the last two months. >> i don't have a clue what the bottom's going to be. >> reporter: and how do you plan for that? >> just take it day by day.
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that's all you can do, hold on to your hat cowboy. it's going to be a whirlwind. >> reporter: the whirlwind continues to be a windfall for drivers. scott, aaa estimates if current trebdz continue, half the states could see prices below $2 a gallon by next week. >> pelley: manuel bojorquez thanks. while attention has been focused on isis and al qaeda another militant group called boko haram, has been rampaging across northern nigeria. you probably recall boko haram kidnapping at least 100 school girls last year. this past week, it is believed to have killed hundreds in suicide bombings and at least two of the attackers were children. debora patta is following all of this for us. debora, children as suicide bombers? what you can tell us? >> reporter: well, they've been two attacks by child suicide bombers just this weekend, both in crowded marketplaces, and doctors
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believe that one of the children was no more than 10 years old. now, this whole development came to light when a 13-year-old girl was sent on a suicide mission with two other women to kano. the women blew themselves up and after she watched this, she refused to detonate her vest packed with explosives and was arrested by police. she said that her father had given her to boko haram. it's known that the group does pay the families of suicide bombers. she told police that she was forced to put on this vest, but it's unclear whether she even knew it was a bomb until she saw what happened to her companions. >> pelley: do we know why boko haram is using children? >> reporter: it's hard to tell, but it's obviously a very worrying trend if it continues. some of the my sources think it signals desperation on the part of boko haram. their extreme brutality is making it very difficult for them to recruit now, and these children are in ready supply? nboko haram camps. it's believed they could be the
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orphan children of boko haram fighters killed in the conflict or school children scott taken as spoils of war. >> pelley: debora patta reporting for us from africa tonight. debora, thank you very much. a subway trains fills with smoke. why did it take an hour to evacuate the passengers? and is this any way to celebrate a national championship? when the cbs evening news continues. [ man ] i remember when i wouldn't give a little cut a second thought. ♪ ♪ when i didn't worry about the hepatitis c in my blood. ♪ ♪ when
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ohio man is under arrest tonight charged with threatening to murder the speaker of the house john boehner. a federal grand jury indictment says that michael hoyt had been fired as a bartender at a country club where boehner was a member and hoyt claimed that the speaker was partly responsible. hoyt is now being held at a federal medical facility. a routine subway trip turned chaotic and deadly last night in the nation's capital when passengers were overcome by smoke. tonight, federal investigators want to know why the evacuation took so long. here's chip reid. >> please stay calm. >> reporter: hundreds of rush hour passengers were trapped inside this d.c. metro train as it filled with thick smoke. >> is there a doctor in the house? >> reporter: some were vomiting others choking and gasping for air. >> there was no oxygen. people started panicking and people started hitting the floor. >> medical!
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medical! >> reporter: eventually they were escorted out by firefighters, hundreds of feet through the dark, smoke smoke-filled tunnel. >> this is the crap we were breathing for an hour, for an hour! >> reporter: a 61-year-old virginia woman died. more than 80 others were taken to hospitals. cbs news consultant mark rosenker is the former chairman of the national transportation safety board. >> i am particularly concerned about the time that it took to evacuate the passengers. >> reporter: fire officials say they asked the passengers to stay in the cars until they were certain the high-voltage third rail had been turned off so that no one would be electrocuted. some passengers ignored the request and left the cars, making it too dangerous for the train to return to the station. there must be a plan for a faster evacuation than what happened here. >> there is a plan. the question is, is was the plan followed? were there mistakes made in the plan? or is the plan itself flawed? >> reporter: the ntsb says all
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that smoke appears to have been the result of an electrical malfunction on the tracks, but scott, they say it could be months before they reach a firm concliewks about exactly why the evacuation took so long. >> pelley: chip reid outside the metro tonight. chip, thanks very much. the company that revolutionized sports video may be facing some competition. that's next.
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camera that could rival gopro. gopros, of course, are huge favorites among athletes who mount them on anything from bike helmets to surf boards. the news that apple may join the fun sent gopro's stock on an action-packed ride, down 13%. after all the action last night the ohio state buckeyes returned to columbus today as the first national college champions under the new college system. ezekiel elliot scored four touchdowns as the buckeyes beat oregon 42-20. fans poured into the streets. nearly 90 fires were set. police had to use tear gas to break up the crowds. a middle school principal in valley, alabama, wants to arm her students with cans of vegetables. priscilla holley sent a letter to parents the other day asking them to have their kids bring in an eight-ounce can of food to be thrown at any intruder, possibly to stun him until the police
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arrive. holley says it would give the children a sense of empowerment. now, leeshless in seattle. this is eclipse a two-year-old black lab who regularly rides the bus sometimes with her owner, but often all by herself. the other passengers don't seem to mind. eclipse looks out the window and knows where to get off-- at the dog park. two rock climbers are on the precipice of history assuming their fingers hold out. that's next. [ hoof beats ] i wish... please, please, please, please, please. [ male announcer ] the wish we wish above health. so we quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. expanded minuteclinic for walk-in medical care. and created programs that encourage people to take their medications regularly.
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confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. call your doctor right away. don't lose another moment to the flu. when there's flu, tamiflu. >> pelley: we've been following two climbers in their attempt to make history without any climbing tools. they've been inching their way up a 3,000-not wall at yosemite national park in california. five years in the planning and the training. will it pay off? here's john blackstone. >> reporter: the stark beauty of el capitan always seizes the gaze of sightseers in yosemite valley, but it's the small dots on the granite wall that are the focus of attention now. climbers kevin jorgenson and tommy caldwell are within reach
6:57 pm
of the summit near the end of a climb long thought impossible. >> they're basically on the side of three empire state buildings holding on to things that are as big as a fingernail. look at this. >> reporter: photographer tom evans has been following the climbers as they make their way up the dawn wall, the toughest slope on el capitan. >> it's the biggest part of the wawlg. it's the sheerest part of the wall. it's the longest part of the wall. so i figured their hands would be torn to shreds after a week. >> reporter: jorgenson and caldwell are clinging to the sheer wall with only their fingers and toes using no equipment, other than safety ropes to stop a fall. >> i really want to do this thing. >> reporter: the climbing world is following it all on social media. jorgenson got past one of the most difficult stretches after falling 11 times in seven days. in video posted from the climb jorgenson showed the toll it's taking on his fingers. >> i've got flappers. but it's all worth it. >> reporter: in the meadow
6:58 pm
below el capitan caldwell's wife becca is watching with their young son fitz. your husband, father of your child, hanging by his fintertips on sheer granite. what's that like? >> that's tommy. that's what he does so it's kind of become our norm as abnormal as that sounds. >> reporter: caldwell and jorgenson spent seven years working out a way to conquer the dawn wall with only safety equipment. becca caldwell say climber herself. >> i know how safe things are and i know how tomming functions on the wall, and so i trust him. >> reporter: but if nothing bad happens in the next 24 hours or so, the two climbers are likely to make it to the top an 18-day journey to become legends in the climbing lore of el capitan. john blackstone, cbs news, yosemite national park. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night.
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george clooney, arnold schwarzenegger and the paris terror attack. >> why the staff of charlie hebdo is reaching out to the hollywood stars. >> translator: we thank arnold schwarzenegger, george clooney. >> we will explain hollywood's link to the defiant new issue honoring the victims. >> free speech is a difficult thing in the world. >> je suis charlie a good cause to stand for. >> then dance mom abby lee miller in court for her showdown over this smackdown. >> the judge will handle it. >> plus, derek hough tells us why he is leaving dancing this season. >> and did he hang out with kate hudson after the globes? >> i have another question. was that bob newhart reffing the big game last night. >> we're talking to bob today.


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