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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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breaking news tonight at 11:00. fired over facebook. a community learns the fate of a guidance counselor after controversial and threatening post. the decision in this case came down about an hour ago. good evening to you, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. the firing of this guidance counselor certainly serves as reminder that what you post on social media does have consequences. this story unfolding in doylestown bucks county. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco is live with the late breaking details. diana? >> reporter: chris guidance counselor mary kate blankenberg has not been back to central buck west since that post was posted to facebook it cost her job. >> it was a schoolhouse at school district headquarters. guidance counselor mary kate black ken berg. >> she's a huge loss to this community. she made one big mistake i think she's paid a price. >> school board voted all in favor with one opposed even
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after numerous parents and students showed and to fight for her job . >> don't destroy her entire career over a mistake. >> black ken berg was suspended in december after a facebook rant threatening to shoot people. it read if my child cannot get to the eagles game due to protesters i will personally shoot everyone of them. you've been warned idiots. the school board says it's a lapse in judgment beyond repair. >> not only was the post troubling, inappropriate threatening, the manner in which she responded to my conversations with her about her decisions were equally problematic. >> this is the second scandal to hit central bucks west after hazing allegations canceled their fall football season. >> these kids at this school are going through a really difficult time and the tone has been set and i think the message they are
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taking you need to be careful. you cannot make a single mistake because the consequences will be fatal. and your community your school district will not support you. >> reporter: we should mention that the montgomery county da did review this post and determined it did not rise to the level of a crime. we're live in doylestown, bucks county tonight diana rocco cbs3 eyewitness news. >> diana, thank you very much. what do you think about this decision tonight? let us know. connect with us on facebook or on twitter at cbs philly. make sure you use that hash tag cbs3 chat. also new tonight a kensington store owner is shot in front of his wife and 21-year-old son. officials say it happened after two men walked into the store on the 2900 block of d street. one of them held a gun to a man's head and demanded money. when the owner grabbed his own gun the would be robber filed hitting the owner in the shoulder much those suspects
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then took off. we're toll the opener is expected to be okay. that no one else was hurt. we have our eye on some snow that may fall light until some areas over into the. meteorologist kathy orr has more on what you might see when you wake up. kathy? >> jess, developing situation we're watching this area of low pressure strengthen and you can see the snow showers making it into virginia at this point and they are moving towards southern delaware right now cold enough for snow everywhere. but it will be concentrateed through south jersey and delaware. millville 23. dover 24. it is cold through philadelphia and points to the north and west west. so as far as what we expect, we expect some cold temperatures come tomorrow morning. the focus through south jersey and delaware with some snow and sleet lifting up from the south by 7:00 a.m. some snow in millville and dover it will stick right away with these cold temperatures. mixing with little sleet in georgetown and wildwood and even in atlantic city. as far as the accumulation is concerned about a coating to an inch and this is the best chance of seeing that through south jersey and central and southern delaware. a few snow showers could sneak
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into wilmington get close to philadelphia but this is our real focal point as that system skirts toward the north and toward the east. we do expect some snow showers through south jersey and central and southern delaware. remember for the morning commute there will be some icy patches especially through the morning and that could linger into the afternoon and most areas less than an inch of snow. so what comes in the wake of this? we'll talk more about that with the seven day forecast later in the broadcast. jess. >> kathy, thank you. stay on top of all this winter weather with the cbs philly weather app. check live radar get your weather alerts it's also free it's available on google play andism tunes. and wake up with "eyewitness news" in the morning before you head out the door. meteorologist katie fehlinger will be tracking any potential issues in the area. "eyewitness news" starts at 4:30 a.m. right here on cbs3. a deadly ambush in north philadelphia. a woman murdered while waiting for the bus and tonight her family and friends want answers and justice.
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"eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is love at police headquarters and david police do not believe this was a random killing. >> reporter: jessica not random but police detectives here at headquarters want to know why somebody would shoot and kill a 56-year-old mother of two as she waited for the bus in the morning. things were quiet on the corner of 12th and jefferson tuesday night. 12 hours earlier kim jones lost her live shot in the back of of the head by a man police say then left carrying a dufflebag. >> everybody knew who she was. she caught the bus every morning to work. so it's like who would? i mean, broad daylight. >> detectives are confident the attack was not random. >> someone knew her routine. somebody knew that every morning she got on the bus at that time to go in to work and ambushed her. >> reporter: jones program director at turning points for children was on her way to the office on south 15th street. >> just seems so senseless. it's hard to process.
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>> reporter: michael vogel was her boss. he recruited and hired her almost 10 years ago. he says the company is in shock over the murder of his friend and colleague. >> i don't know how we're goinging to forward i mean we've never had to deal with anything like this. >> reporter: minutes after the shooting temple university sent out this text alert to students. warning them to look out for a suspect. >> i was just glad it came early so that people knew about it and like the area is kind of close to campus so that people in the area new. >> reporter: now police say surveillance cameras in the area may help them solve the mystery. >> we don't know why she was targeted. obviously we'll get to the bottom of this and get the person responsible for this very quickly hopefully. >> reporter: still a lot of questions about this story. i did have chance to speak to her son off camera. he was too distraught to do an interview he says he's devastated. he misses his mother. he wants anyone to come forward. meanwhile police say a manhunt is underway. they are talking to family and friends to try to find out exactly who did this again energy broad daylight as she was
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waiting for a bus on her way to work. live at police headquarters david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. new night the manhunt is on for a serial robber who police say has committed 10 robberies at stores in west and southwest philadelphia. that suspect is identified as cartel wright he's also known as kevin jones. the two most recent robberies happened at mcdonald's restaurants on sunday and monday and all but two of the robberies occurred in the last month. wright is also wanted for a carjacking. police charge a mt. laurel man with killing his wife. kyle crosby was arraigned by video today in mt. holly. he's now been formally charged with the murder of his 26-year-old wife erika krippen and endangering the lives of her two children. he was apprehended in brooklawn last night driving her car. investigators are still searching for her body. she hasn't been seen for two weeks now. her family says closure won't come until they can bury the young mother. >> no way that i'm going to
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allow him and his family to leave us out there without nothing, no erika. >> crosby is being held on $1.2 million bail. expect to see tighter security the next time you go to the airport and it's all due to the terror attack in paris. the department of homeland security is ramping up its airport searches. new measures will include random searches of passengers and their carry on luggage at the gate. it happens even after passengers have gone through security checkpoints. tonight cbs news has learned that the gunman responsible for the paris terror attack received $20,000 from al-qaida to help finance that violence. meantime a memorial service for the three french police officers killed in last week' as tack was held at police headquarters today. and there's new video of the kouachi brothers after they went on that rampage at the charlie head bow satirical newspaper. 12 people were killed in that
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violence on the tape one of the gunmen can be heard yelling that they had avenged the prophet mohammed. during annie meg al news conference today pub will he will he schers of the newspaper announced that a cartoon of the prophet mohammed will be on tomorrow's cover. lawyers for the boston marathon bombing suspects tsarnaev want a judge to suspend jury selection in his case. they say that the events in france will prejudice jurors in boston. lawyers say jurors have been struck to do avoid media reports about tsarnaev's case but not about the french terror tack. a group of new jersey muslims came to philadelphia federal court today. they're hoping to reverse a ruling that allows new york city police to monitor their activity activities. now that surveillance reportedly began following the attacks of 9/11. even those who were being watched were not suspected of any crimes. lawyers for the plaintiffs in this case claim that their clients suffered harm, once the public learned they were being
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watch. >> businesses who were surveilled have fewer customers an couple whose house appears in the nypd report suffered the loss of the value of their property. meantime lawyers for the city of new york say that the nypd surveillance is a legitimate law enforcement tool and they say that the plaintiffs claims of injury consist of subjective fears. a grand jury indicts a bartender in ohio for threaten threatening to kill house speaker john boehner. authorities say michael hoyt spoke of poisoning boehner who's a member of the country club where hoyt work. he called police in objection after he was fired from the club and blamed boehner for his problems and believed the congressman was responsible for the ebola virus. the 44-year-old is now under going a psychiatric val weighing weighing. new jersey governor chris christie used his fifth state of the state address reflect on accomplishments during his five year tenure. the governor repeatedly praised changes in camden and spoke about success in reducing crime in that city.
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>> it took guts. we needed to be bold. but what are the results? murder is down 51% what was once call the most dangerous city in america. >> democrats criticized christie christie' speech saying he did not project any vision for the future. camden's turn around is drawing national attention. >> tonight "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones hit the streets of camden to show us what has changeed. >> reporter: on patrol on the streets of north camden a neighborhood targeted by police due to its known heroin dealing. here on a bone-chilling night officer tyrone and his partner walk on foot. >> the goal was to shut down any sense of an open air drug market capabilities. >> pretty. we want to make sure the community feels safe. >> cops walking the beat are part of community policing it's been the mantra of the camden police department since it was formed in 2013 following the dismantling of the city police department.
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>> i'm happy that ya'll being a big difference in camden. >> thank you very much, i appreciate that. >> chief scott thompson oversees the 390 police force. >> every officer that came under this organization understood we were a community builders and guardians first before we were crime fighters and warriors. >> 51% drop in homicides touted by governor christie is compared to a year where they had a record number of homicides in 2012. that was the year the old city police department here was seeing heavy cutbacks. however sisters from the parish at the cathedral in camden see a real change with a new police force. >> a lot fewer drug max. they're used to be activity in our back alley. i don't see it any more. >> there's a real noticeable presence with them. >> chief thompson believes statisticsis ita sis aren't the only way to measure the department's effectiveness. >> the residents of the city gauge the safety of the city can they walk to the corner store. can their child ride a bike in front of that are home. >> i was dreaming over her to
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make business. >> this is a turkish immigrant who owns a convenient store in the waterfront area. he says he hasn't been robbed and credits the police presence for his regular customers feeling safe. >> how come you don't want to put up a bullet proof casing around here at all? >> y the reason i told you this is violent area. i have 200 customers walk in as a resident. if somebody walk from outside we definitely pay attention what they do. >> in camden, todd quinones, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> still to come here tonight facebook taking action. there's a new feature that could very well safe lives. we'll tell you all about it. plus stranded in smoke on a washington d.c. subway. tonight what septa wants riders in our area to know. kathy? >> a developing coastal low is spreading snow toward delaware and south jersey. what to expect when you wake up and what comes next. we'll take look at how long the cold is going to stickie run. jess.
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>> have smash phone will travel. that is until airport officials found this stash. what tipped authorities off who are and she is a lady about town. she has no problem riding solo. wait until you hear about this k9's adventures a lilted on "eyewitness news".
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>> we learn today it was a 61-year-old virginia woman who died after smoke filled a subway station and tunnel in washington d.c. yesterday. hundreds were stranded on a train as that tunnel filled with smoke. many wound up covered in soot. gasping for air. it's now believed that something came into contact with the high voltage third rail there which caused an electrical arc. well today septa officials responded to all of this. they want riders here to know what to do in the event of trouble underground. >> stay in place. don't move unless there's eminent threat. >> there's lots of situations where you could trip and fall aside from the third rail itself which is electrified. >> 18 of septa's 400 rail miles are found underground. >> officials in end dough niece is a found the second black box from air asia flight 8501. officials retrieved the voice recorder tuesday. it's been taken to jakarta where
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it will be dried and cleaned before data is then downloaded. 162 people are feared dead in that crash from december 28th. ace facebook is rolling out new feature that will help police find missing children. starting today amber alerts will be sent out to people in specific search areas. these alerts will include pictures and other important details right on a user's news feed. authorities think it's a good way to access some of the 180 million americans currently using the social media platform. a man is being questioned for trying to smuggle 94i phones into china. as you can see all of them were strapped to his body. he had them wrapped in plastic and taped around his arms, legs and also his torso. he forgot one little thing though. the metal detectors which set off the moment he passed through. the owner of the legendary jim' steaks on south street has died. >> abner silva passed way way from complications due to alzheimer's disease. he was 79 years old.
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he gave up a law career to go into the cheesesteak business assuming sole ownership of the south street location in 2011. those who knew him say he was passionate about philadelphia and what cheesesteaks mean to the city. >> cold night out there it but kathy orr says it's getting better. >> she is standing by in the weather center now with the forecast. hey, kathy. >> "eyewitness weather" watchers are saying, okay where is the snow? in south jersey and delaware you may see some snow come tomorrow morning for the the rest of us, it's just cold and getting colder. let's start off to the north of philadelphia where the temperatures is only 17 degrees in willow grove. barbara saying a light wind and the pressure is steady but the pressure is falling a little bit farther to the south. closer to an area of low pressure that's making its way up the eastern seaboard. right now tony is reporting a temperature of 24 degrees in townsend delaware. notice the falling pressure with that area of low pressure get getting closer. he's saying waiting for the snow maybe --,.
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tony, let us know how much you get tomorrow morning because you are in the snow zone. we are looking at snow possibly even down the shore in ocean city cape may county. look at it now. pretty quiet on the boards. a view from our skycam3 by tomorrow morning a little bit of sleet, little bit of snow. not a lot. but a little bit of white down the shore. storm scan3 you can see it moving toward the north and east rather quickly ahead of an area of low pressure. richmond seeing snow. winter weather advisories in effect there. it's creeping across the chesapeake bay along the eastern shore of maryland and soon it will be in southern delaware. it's part of a much larger storm system an area of low pressure moving toward the north and east so it just will be brushing by so to speak. it's cold enough though for the snow to stick on impact even in delaware. you can see those advisories through the mid atlantic, even for baltimore and washington right now we are not under any advisories but that could change overnight. katie will have the latest come tomorrow morning. in the meantime eight in the poconos. 15 in allentown. millville 23. cold enough for snow in dover
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and wildwood as temperatures are only in the mid 20s. right now in washington, 29. state college 11. pittsburgh 19. so pretty much cold everywhere. watch this system move toward the north and the east coming close enough to provide a few snow showers to the south and east of the city. far to the south and east of the city of philadelphia. temperatures in the 30s for your wednesday. quickly this skirts tour the north and east by thursday we're talking about increasing sunshine and temperatures really beginning to warm up a little bit. by friday, we'll be close to 40 degrees in the city. thursday -- i should say 30s everywhere else. with mostly sunny skies. and then by the weekend we're talking about temperatures really comfortable in the 40s. so first things first. future snow amounts showing mainly less than and inch threw most of south jersey and delaware. but some areas could be seeing up to an inch of snow in philadelphia perhaps a flurry at best and wilmington the same. but for the most part i think the snow really stays through dover, millville down the shore and in interior parts of sussex county delaware. overnight the low temperature 19
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in the city. colder in our suburbs. during the day tomorrow mostly cloudy with the best chance of rain and wet snow showers far to the south and east of the city they could linger into the early afternoon. the high item which are around 32. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast thursday 36. friday getting milder. getting very close to 40. saturday 41. sunday 48. and for our day of service on monday 40. tuesday 40. and that is average for this time of the year. so temperatures not so bad for mid to late january. just take it slow. the expressway, garden state parkway, even through delaware slow tomorrow morning could be icy. >> good things to keep in mind. kathy, thanks. >> legendary and much beloved basketball figure back in town. >> he's coming back to town and not necessarily in the pro round but in the college realm hall of famer will be returning to north broad street. larry brown and also sixers looking to make it a season high in wins tonight. red hot hawks had other ideas plus flyers injury update sports
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>> the sixers and hawk enter tonight's game having won a combined 11 straight games. nine of those belonged to atlanta. pick the up in the third quarter hawks leading by 12. former sixer kyle korver that's exactly what he's done his whole career knocks down the three right there. he had 15 on the night. one of the very few highlights for the sixers this evening mcdaniels baseline double clutch jam right there. very nice. he had 14. sixers trailed by 13 at that point. but the night belonged to al horford forward he recorded his first career triple double.
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21 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists. hawks 23rd win in 25 tries. improved to a franchise best 30- 30-eight start they within 105- 105-87. hall of famer larry brown sent six seasons as the sixers head coach. his smu club will do battle with temple and american athletic conference at the leka corals sent. his mustang worked out at villanova today. they won 10 of 11. temple had their six game winning snapped saturday at tulsa. will comings injured his left leg in the game. these two coaches go way back. >> one of the most underrated coaches there is. when i see them play now since they got some of those transfers back the way they beat kansas that's big turn around over last year. >> i appreciate the friendship that i have with him but most importantly the respect of an opposeing basketball coach like he is is pretty nice.
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>> don't look now flyers fans they've won three of four beat up the lightning last night seven to three. tallying five goals in the second period. orange and black travel to washington tomorrow night but the win did not come without a price. brayden colburn injured his left foot in the first period block blocking a shot. the same foot he hurt in the season opener in boston. he's expected to miss four weeks weeks. according to espn form mr. temple owls defensive back eagles assistant coach todd bowls has been named the new york jets head coach. bowls spent the last two seasons in arizona as their dee finance seive coordinator. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ nothing is going to stop a canine in the pacific northwest from get wrack she wants to go when she wants to go there. >> that's right. a seattle dog loves being at the dog park so much she refuses to wait for her owner to take her there. eclipse is a black lab bull mastiff mix and like fellow human passengers she just uses the buss in to get around. she roams the aisles looking for a seat and get up there next to stranger. >> urbanized totally. she's a bus riding sidewalk walking dog. we get separated. she gets on the bus without me and i catch up with her at the dog park. >> there you go. a spokesman for metro transit said she love that eclipse is a
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a supporter of public transit and what better mascot do you need? >> we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. we're back in the morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and erika von tiehl. for rob kathy and everyone here at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. you can find us at up next the late show with david letterman with tonight's guest anderson cooper. have a great night.
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we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ( band playing "late show" theme ) it's the late show with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs


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