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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 14, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning. it is wednesday, january 14th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking right now, a problem in space. an pneumonia leak forces astronauts to evacuate part of the international space station. a new al qaeda video claims responsibility for the paris massacre and a defiant "charlie hebdo" returns to newsstands. and now kurt busch says his ex-girlfriend is a trained assassin. huh? >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener" in 90 seconds.
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al qaeda claims responsibility for the paris attack. >> the controversial new edition of "charlie hebdo" magazine is now on newsstands. >> long lines across the country. >> crews from the international space station have been evacuated from the american substance because of a leak of harmful substances. >> in ohio a bartender arrested for threatening the speaker of the house, john bayer. >> police say hoyt wanted to put something in boehner's drink or shoot him because he's responsible for ebola. >> will we stand here in one year -- by the way, i'll be standing here in one year. >> scary moments on a delta flight out of l.a. forced to make an emergency landing. >> we're having a little trouble with controlling the airplane. >> see that? that's a hippo. who knew they were that fast. >> let's watch one hockey player
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angrily skating off the ice. >> -- and all that matters -- >> leashless in seattle. this dog rides the bus all by himself. >> it sounds cute until you find out he has four duis. >> so now the obama girls are faced with the tough choice every teen must eventually make. listen to beyonce or mike huckabee. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." we're just getting word of an emergency aboardhe international space station. cbs news confirms that a pneumonia leak forced two american astronauts and an italian colleague to evacuate
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their corridors this morning. the space agency says the situation is now under control. >> the astronauts moved out of the american part of the station. they're now taking space on the other opposite side with three russian astro naughts. prosecute irs say 54 people have been. across france people lined up this morning to buy copies of "charlie hebdo's" new edition. elizabeth palmer is outside the headquarters in paris. elizabeth, good morning. >> good morning, as you can see behind me the mound of flowers oust side the offices have conned to grow. there are hundreds of bouquets and also pens which is the new symbol of defense of freedom of
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expression. people are still coming to pay their respects and to read the notes of condolences. of course it's impossible to verify the truth of the claims in it, but we do know that it has come from al qaeda's official media arm. in it one of the leaders of ail die in peninsula said his organization chose the magazine as the charge for the attack and plan and paid for it. new video shows once again the cold determination of the kouachi brothers as they come face-to-face with a police car during their getaway after the killings. they opened up on the police who retreat and the kouachis brazenly drive away. security forces are now reviewing their operations over the three days of shootings and hostage takings, both at the printing plant outside paris and
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in the suburban kosher supermarket. the investigation is wide ranging. police are looking for six accomplices suspected to be members of the cell to who helped with the attack. the man seen on security camera video with boumeddiene and any this man had with the kouachi brothers. overnight the first bundles of this week's "charlie hebdo" with the controversial cover were shipped to news stands across the country but they sold like hotcakes and by mid morning there were none left though they have promised there will be a second wave tomorrow. one of the hard-working men was at the newsstand by 7:00.
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they're rationed to one copy. gayle? >> all right, elizabeth thank you. a cbs news poll out this morning shows 57% of americans think another u.s. terror attack is very likely in the next few months. worries are rising after the paris massacre and after isis murdered two americans and three british workers captured in syria. bob, good morning. what is the significance of this claim, do you think? >> this is think because it's a full-throated plan by al qaeda in peninsula. this erases all doubting about who's behind the attack. what al qaeda says in the tape, look, this was our idea, we paid for it we trained these guys, we even picked the target. this is significance because aq
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aww p in ap in the past has tried with the underwear bomber in 2009 and the printer cartridges. this is a much lower sophistication attack and had deadly results. it might indicate a change in thinking. maybe they're lowering their aspirations just a little bit to settle for what is possible because even though this was not the big grand attack as they always hoped for, it was devastating in their point of view. >> one of the highest are warning this is quote/unquote, an act of war. how are authorities monitoring that? >> i think they're worried and they should be because the tape this morning, the leader that speaks on the tape makes it clear aqap is monitoring what's
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happening around the world, around france. there's a reference on the tape of looking at the leaders who came together. they said look the suffering is not over. it might be in washington or new york but there are overt threats here. all the intelligence services and law enforcement agencies across the country have to raise their guard. they have to be more aggressive. they'll push buttons that will make people uncomfortable to figure out where the next threat will come from. >> thanks very much. they honored three officers killed in the terror attacks. >> something this big and this horrific and international is symbolic and also meaningful. >> deputy police chief michael downing is from nypd. police from europe came to new
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york in recent weeks for the funeral of two murdered nypd officers. this morning islamic militants are launching new and deadly attacks in nigeria. it's part of boco haram's violent rampage across that country. their goal is to create an islamic state in africa. debra patt as is there. good morning. >> it's trying to seize the town in the north. now, it is hard to imagine it could get any worse but it has with the use of children to carry out their bloody deeds. two separate attacks over the weekend left more than 20 dead, both took place in crowded marketplaces, both used child suicide bombers. one little girl no more than 10 years old.
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the first real insight into this trend came when a 13-year-old girl refused to detonate a suicide pack. the girl was arrested by police and told them her father had girn her to boco haram probably for financial game. she said she would go to paradise and threatened to kill her when she resisted being strapped. children are in ready supply in boca ha ran camps and sources tell us they could be the ultimate sources killed. all abducted children taken as the spoils of war. there has been global condemnation. >> the use of a child to detonate a bomb is not only morally repugnant but is egregious under the law.
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>> reporter: they sabowy bocao haram will not get away with this but despite they continue relentlessly. in a run-up to the pole next valentine's day, it's expect thad the bloodshed will only increase, gayle. >> thank you very much debra. an ohio bartender is arrested for plotting to kill speaker john boehner. court documents showed he wanted to shoot or poison the speaker in the cincinnati suburb. chip reid is in washington with that story. chip, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. for more than five years michael robert hoyt allegedly served drinks to house speaker john boehner near a country club in cincinnati but after being fired
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from his job, hoyt who has a history of psychiatric illness said boehner was to blame. he was charged with threatened to murder house speaker john boehner to interfere with his congressional duties. >> the honorable john boehner. mr. speaker. >> reporter: hoyt, a former bartender at this country club in westchester, ohio, was fired from his job last october. a week later hoyt called police and told them about his plans to seek revenge on boehner, a member of the country club and one of hoyt's regular customers. hoyt believes boehner played a role in his firing. in documents obtained by "cbs this morning," hoyt told police he had a loaded handgun and he was going to shoot boehner and take off, adding he was going to kill him because he was mean to him at the country club and responsible for ebola.
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hoyt wrote he could have poisoned his wine while serving him. in response to the charges boehner's spokesperson issued a statement saying speaker boehner is aware of this situation and sincerely thanks the fbi, capital police and local authorities in ohio for their efforts. hoyt voluntarily entered a psychiatric ward at a local hospital for observation after telling them he was told by jesus christ. norah? >> chip, what a strange story. thank you so much. this morning the republican presidential race is heating up. no one is an official candidate next but more than a half dozen big names are starting to get organized. nancy nancy cordon is in washington. >> in this case the lead card is jeb bush.
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as soon as he started taking concrete steps toward the race for president, everyone jumped on the gas. >> america's leadership of the world is called into question because of a pattern of indecision andinconsistency. >> reporter: later he formed a pact. at the same time aides to scott walker said he had a campaign manager picked out and ready to go. rand paul said the same. florida's mark rubio has gob on a media blitz. >> i'm confident we can put together a campaign that will make us confident. >> reporter: two-time runner mitt romney went from 0 to 60
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despite telling others in september -- >> i'm not running but i'm helping someone who is. >> reporter: christie heads to south carolina today. george pataki just wrapped all two-day trip to new hampshire. we'll be back soon, he tweeted. paul had this to say about romney yesterday. >> i think he had some chance and there's time for fresh blood. >> marco rubio was one of jeb bush's mentors. >> is it harder? >> it is harder. we share friends. >> you share a lot of donors. >> but i have a lot of donors that are unique to me. >> the leaders like all the jockeying. they say it's proof the republican field is deep and energized. >> i admire them all fir their ambition, the more the merrier.
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>> the one who's lay loi is the presumptive dem kraelkt nominee hillary clinton. we heard that john podesta will likely lead the white house in the coming months and join clinton's team in a senior role if she decides to run. >> nancy, thanks. >> this morning we're seeing new images from the wreckage of airasia flight 8501. these perfects show parts of the fuselage and wing. crews hope to bring the wreckage to the surface. they expect to find more bodies of 162 victims. >> crude oil now sits below $46 a barrel. that comes close to a six-year low. the knack ak ar if gas they could see prices fall below
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$2 a gallon by next week. >> it's been a long time we've seen prices that low. you won't need gas for some cars making headlines at the international auto show. tesla is one showing off the cars but the company's stock dipped as much as 18% yesterday after announcing poor sales in china. dean reynolds is in detroit where tesla's founder is sparking the conversation. >> ladies and gentlemen, introducing the chevy bolt easy concept. >> reporter: the all-electric chevy bolt is only a concept car but general motors also promises to send it out. but at a time when the price at the pump is plunging, is there
7:18 am
much of an incentive to bialek trick. elon musk said the price of gasoline at any one time is irrelevant. the trend is toward electric and he said it's a good time hitz competitors are following suit. >> i don't see it as a competitor's threat. >> brian cooley is editor at large for cnet. >> he cannot move the american car buying company to be i don't the -- making concept cars wultd o the help of inmys. there were those test models that burt into flames. along with production delays and a price tag of over $70,000 for its model "s." this year tesla sold only 3,000 of them but by 2020 muss la
7:19 am
hopes to sill 500 cars annually with sench models to choose from. he believes it's his way or the highway. when asked if that's something he might want to emulate, he paused and said no. >> all right. it's >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by
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walgreens, at the corner of happy and healthy. ahead, the duoing to about to summit el capitan that even the greatest climbers in the world are blown away by. >> the smallest hold is like three credit cards. to a nonclimater, if you looked at the wall it would look like a blank wall. >> it does.
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we'll take you to yosemite for the final push to the peek. >> the news is rightback here this morning on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this morning's "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. went somewhere we'd both never been. ♪ did something we've both never done. ♪ and was reminded that the most important things in life aren't things they're people. ♪ the bold new camry. one bold choice leads to another. toyota. let's go places. at chili's, fresh is now. and now we've got fresh mex bowls. it's a big bowl of delicious paired with soup or salad. now on our lunch combo menu, starting
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ahead on "cbs this morning," whether they really do any good.
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good morning, i'm ukee washington. we want to get you over to the weather center and check with kate which that forecast good morning. >> forecast is split depending on your location ukee. you can see we have a lot of moisture in a couple of area. not every where though. we will start things hyper local on storm scan three and take a look where the brunt of our system is affecting you. it is generally southern new jersey, and a good portion of the state of delaware but especially, down towards some of the delaware beaches, ocean pines, crossing the border in to maryland there. that is really where the brunt of the moisture is. you can see in the last few hours some of the leading edge of this has been rotating its way in to at least south central, new jersey but we have winter weather advisory
7:27 am
posted for sussex don't dell want and cape may county until 1:00 p.m. live neighborhood network shows what one system can do we went from nothing on the board to the nice coating out there on the boardwalk plaza in rehoboth delaware. temperatures right at the freezing mark. we will see this start off as snow locally could be just over an inch but generally speaking, we're talking about a coating to an inch in all of the counties in white. notice it doesn't include philadelphia. this is a system that just barely clips us. rotating away leave a flurry behind and in philadelphia we hit 32. slow climb on the thermometer throughout the weekend. by sunday we may have our next coastal storm bringing in strictly rain. that is thinking at this point anyway vittoria, over to you. good morning everyone. the with the weather today and really with the weather that we have had for quite sometime we have still had some icy patches in area. so anyone, commuting out and about right now just give
7:28 am
yourself some more time. and also make sure you are perceiving any highway, by what the with a precaution. we will look a the schuylkill. this delay is stemming back towards the area of approaching the the roosevelt boulevard about montgomery drive. rush hour is in fully affect. take a look at i-95 area southbound not too far away from the betsy ross bridge. we're jammed from academy all the way down through the vine street expressway. you may find brakes throughout that delay but still, it is only going to be for that much that you will have a break until you run into more brake lights, if you will. we have an accident on the egypt road in south trooper road. since we're on this map look at the eastbound side of 422 we have major volume out of the area of oaks down toward 202. so give yourself some more time. here are icy patches on the vine street expressway. westbound ramp to the ben franklin parkway and also 22nd street ukee. >> vittoria, thank you. lets do it again at 7:55. up next on cbs this morning, conquering the the impossible.
7:29 am
two thrill seekers are c closer to ever before, in making histor
7:30 am
oh my god. >> this is so -- >> these whale watchers off the coast of maui got a little more than they bargained for last week. a 50-foot whale makes a beeline for the boat hits the boat instead of going under. no one was injured and the whale is fine. now, these guys aren't screaming because of fear. they're going this is awesome. >> how beautiful. >> gorgeous. >> great picture. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour they have almost concurred el capitan. we'll take you to yosemite national park where two
7:31 am
daredevils could reach the peak today 3,000 feet up. wow. it's a painful journey many say was impossible. plus, the battle that could affect millions of women. we'll meet one woman who said her employer discriminated against her just because she was having a baby. we'll have that story ahead. foshes says you'll have to wait an extra week for your tack refund this year. that's because of deep budget cuts. customers trying to call customer service should act expect delays. there will be fewer audits. the tax season opens next tuesday. there's always a silver lining. an officer killed a suspect last night after he allegedly fired at police. the victim was wearing body armor. it comes two days after a shooting death of a homeless man in last march.
7:32 am
the"the wall street journal" says more companies are going back to made in the usa. one big reason for the upturn soaring wage costs in china which have undermine its costs with u.s. companies. it's to keep better tabs on quality control. plus some consumers just prefer american made. >> i like that story. >> i do too. "usa today" says the approvingle of a new patent is hurting an american rival. the paper says apple's camera will be able to take pictures and work ujds water and operate remotely. the stock declined from $57 a share to $50. >> i like that story too. and the delaware news journal says nascar champ kurt busch denies domestic assault accusations by his ex-girlfriend. it stems from an alleged attack
7:33 am
in september. elaine quijano is here with what i guess you can say are pretty unusual revelations. good morning. >> good morning. it has the makings of a movie. it's not a movie. it's a real life drama playing out in a delaware courtroom. nascar poster boy and former stock car champion kurt busch who's reached the pinnacle of his sport appeared in court tuesday testifying that his former girlfriend patricia driscoll was a trained assassin. driscoll who declined to comment after the hearing filed for protection of abuse order in in november stemming from an attempt in late september. according to driscoll the 36-year-old grabbed her head and face and slammed her head into the wall of his motor home. >> we know one thing. he never, ever physically abused
7:34 am
her. we're real comfortable that that that was made clear today. >> reporter: the bizarre testimony included that driscoll's profession took her on missions around the globe. he recounted an instance where she left in camouflage and returned wearing a coat over a gown splattered with blud. >> i'm glade the truth has been told. >> do you have confidence? >> we'll wait and see what he decides. >> reporter: this video shows driscoll in military fatigues. she's president of the armed forces foundation a nonprofit that promotes the wellness of veterans and their families and ceo of frontline defense systems, a washington-based defense contractor. if it sounds like a movie script, well driscoll says it is. according to a report from the "associated press," driscoll dismissed bush's account and said i find it interesting that
7:35 am
some of the outlandish claims come from a fictional movie skrimt i've worked on for eight years. >> i think the parties need to get this finished, absolutely. everyone wants to know what's going to happen. >> a ruling could be weeks away. the attorney of the delaware office is handling the criminal investigation of driscoll's assault allegations some of far no charges have been filed. >> one of them ain't telling the truth. what's so interesting is it's not just app assassin. it's trained asass p. it's so bizarre. >> it is bizarre. >> what does it have to do with the assault allegations? >> interesting question. a florida teenager helped save the life of a police officer who was biking him at the time. officer franklin folks leaned back and collapsed to the floor. 17-year-old jamal rutledge still
7:36 am
handcuffed kicks the security door to get the attention. his quick action helped him survive. now look at this. rutledge will be honor at a ceremony. good for him. >> the end is in sight. for more than two weeks they have been scaling a wall of granite at el capitan with nothing but their hands and feet. john blackstone is at yosemite national park as the climbers near the peak. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know, rock climbers from all over the world come to yosemite to challenge themselves against the stark granite that is part of what makes this place so beautiful. and climbing history is set to be made today on a steep granite face called the dawn wall. for 18 days now tommy caldwell and kevin jorgenson have been climbing the sheer slab of granite using nothing but their
7:37 am
fingers and toes. they've had to take days to rest along the way just to allow their shredded fingers to heal. their only equipment is the rope to catch them when they fall and they have taken some falls. jorgenson fell 11 times in seven days getting past one of the most difficult sections. they sleep in hangling tents. food water, and even the occasional beer are delivered by other fully equipped climbers. with videos and photos posted to social media, they have let the world watch while they hang on by their finger tips hi above yosemite valley. >> this is a view i'll always remember. >> reporter: below tourists photographers, and other climbers are following their progress. a world-class climber has been watching in awe. >> their fingers must hurt toes
7:38 am
must hurt, shoes must be getting blown out. >> reporter: he knows the demanding conditions well on the dawn wall. >> the smallest hold might be three credit cards glued together. to a nonclimber if you looked aet the wall it would look like a blank wall. >> because it's so steep, so sheer. >> yeah. 90 degrees with no hold on it. >> reporter: caldwell and jorgenson have been planning this for years. caldwell's wife becca has been tracking it. >> there's always a slight chance something crazy could happen but tommy's so seasoned and he functions amazing up there. better than on ground half the time. >> reporter: while, it it's not over yet, they've passed the most difficult sections. they're expecting to reach the
7:39 am
top sometime this afternoon. >> i want to know how they're getting down and how they're shooting it. i wish we could see a shot how they're getting shots. >> right. whether they have gopros. >> some of it clearly isn't gopro. i can't figure it out. it's amazing, it really is. >> incredible feat. thank you, john blackstone. ahead, prime time for amazon. up next, pregnancy-related discrimination complaints are skyrocketing. why soso many working women say employers aren't doing enough to protect their careers. we'll have that story. you're watching "cbs this morning." if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective.
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the supreme court is reviewing a case that could affect millions of pregnant working women across the country. the justices will decide whether federal anti-discrimination law
7:44 am
offers enough protection. the case involving a pregnant ups worker who lost her job because she could no longer lift packages. we're shown a case in asheville north carolina, who said her career was derailed during pregnancy. >> jamie coal, a north carolina mother of three had a high-risk pregnancy last year. she was told to stop lifting patients at a nursing home where she worked. >> he can't want me lifting in the last trimester because it could have put me into preterm labor. anything could have happened. >> reporter: she asked for lighter duties at work. instead she claims her employer the brian center for health near asheville stopped giving her shifts. >> you said you were surprised by the way you were treated and hurt. >> really bad. i have two other kids at home. i have a mortgage car, bills.
7:45 am
it took a lot away from our family. the kids don't deserve that. >> reporter: it garon tees pregnant employees the same rights as other employees with short-term disabilities. between 1997 and 20011, pregnancy related discrimination complaints with the u.s. equal opportunity commission or eeoc jumped 43%. >> she shouldn't have been forced to choose between following her doctor's orders and coming to work. >> reporter: ariella mcdull is an attorney with the american civil liberties union. >> when women are pushed out during their pregnancies, it sets them back on an income gap, put them into financial insecurity. one of them is north carolina where ja where jamie cole lives and works. >> that's because it's enough
7:46 am
says the employee attorney. >> since the pregnancy discrimination act really adequately provides protection and does it aggressively, even north carolina doesn't come in and seize that she still requires protection. >> reporter: in a statement the brian center told us our goal is to meet our employees' employment needs. we believe we have done so in miss cole's case however, we continue to review our policies, procedures, and practices as the law changes. she's seeking back wages and compensation. >> why was it worth it to you to fight for other women? >> because of my little girl and i have nieces. they don't have to go through that. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning" mark strassmann
7:47 am
asheville, north carolina. >> is it wrong to say i'm on team cole? is it wrong to say that? there's something wrong there. sfiltill ahead, can 36 questions lead to love? plus a man who started a cruise on one ship and finished on another. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by safelite autoglass. call or go online at
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7:52 am
thursday morning but a passenger on a nearby disney cruise ship saw him and pulled him in. they say they heard a weird sound. they thought it was a sick bird. it was a guy yelling for help. >> they thought it was a sick bird? >> yeah. they said it sounded like a sick bird. he was in great distress. i'm laughing but it's okay. how did he fall off the ship is what i want to know. >> okay. we'll be right back on "cbs this morning." hold it! come with me. new dannon oikos triple zero is my go to protein snack. cam, protein from yogurt? yup, this greek nonfat yogurt packs 15 grams of protein punch. but what else? unlike some other protein snacks, it has 0 added sugar 0 artificial sweeteners and 0 fat. mmm... will it up my game? no man! new dannon oikos triple zero official yogurt of the nfl. mmm dannon. next. ♪
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good morning i'm erika von tiehl. >> absolutely. all depending upon your location we have a storm system that was quick to develop, and moisture pulling tonight from the open waters of the atlantic. northern fringe a affecting our southern most counties here, there are winter weather advisories posted, cape may, kent sussex counties until 1:00 p.m. this will be a system moving through quickly dump what it will dump and leave ate loan. we have seen a very fast coat to go an inch picking up through those aforementioned counties. up in philadelphia maybe a flurry otherwise, cloud, high of 32. we will go on a slow climb on
7:57 am
that thermometer with more sunshine as high pressure takes control. maybe a new storm system by sunday. we will keep an eye on it back over to you. good morning everybody. traveling right now, on our area majors 95 specifically, if you are traveling in either direction, going to and from, the vine street expressway and cottman avenue it is totally jam. the southbound beyond that point, down toward academy but it is not too far from the neshaminy, traveling on route one, we have a disable vehicle and it is compromising the right-hand lane. traveling, in the northbound directions, you do want to give yourself some more time. look at ben franklin bridge a big hold up from new jersey in toward philadelphia, down toward eighth and vine and these speed sensors are giving you rush hour eight traveling on the schuylkill, 17 on i-95. the delays on the westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike for sure out of the 309 and mid county and watch out for disable truck on i-95 southbound on shoulder erika. >> next update 8:25. next up on cbs this morning do you suffer from chronic pain
7:58 am
more than 8 million americans rely on
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ go charlie it's your birthday ♪ >> sorry. that's 50 cent. funny joke. it's wednesday january 14th 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including trouble on the international space station. new details on what forced astronauts to evacuate their quarter, but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. we had another alarm. >> an emergency aboard the international space station. astronauts forced to evacuate their quarters. >> what al qaeda basically says in the tape is look we paid for it trained these guys we even picked the target shoo one of the hard-working members of our crew here got up and got to the newsstand and was rationed to one copy.
8:01 am
>> but after being fired from his job, he has a history of psychiatric illness he told police he believed boehner was to blame. >> new images from the wreckage of airasia flight 501. these pictures from underneath the java sea. >> it has the makings of a high-octane hollywood script. >> climbing history is set to be made today on a steep granite face called the dawn wall. >> that lead card is jeb bush and as soon as he started taking concrete steps to run for president, everyone else stepped on the gas. >> paul ryan called mitt romney to say he wasn't running for president and mitt romney said, who is this. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. french officials this morning say they have arrested 54 people for defending or glorifying last week's terrifying attack.
8:02 am
six terrorists are still at large. >> "charlie hebdo," the satirical magazine that lost eight journalists is back on newsstands this morning. hundreds of thousands sold out in a few hours. the editor says more will be available tort. >> a top leader in al qaeda said his group planned and paid for the attack on "charlie hebdo." it's kind of a grueling thing. wyatt andrews is in washington and takes a look for us at the propaganda war. wyatt, good morning. >> good morning. even before al qaeda officially claimed credit today, u.s. officials were con vinlsed that attack on "charlie hebdo" magazine was financed and organized by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula but now supporters in the islamic state or isis are trying to claim credit for competition in jihadi
8:03 am
creditlet. intelligence officials say the kouachi brothers the men behind the up in assault received training and cash from al qaeda. sources say in 2011 al qaeda gave said kouachi $20,000 to finance a future operation. last friday just before both brothers were killed by french police cherif kouachi told the french network bfm that their attacks were directed by al qaeda. but then came the suggestion that al qaeda and isis were working together. amedy coulibaly, the isis follower who took jewish hostages in a supermarket last friday said on tape before the attack he was working in concert with the kouachi brothers. some of this was done together and some of it alone, he says in order to have a greater impact. experts who track jihadist groups say it's likely coulibaly
8:04 am
and the kouachi brothers worked together last friday because they were friends, not because of an isis al qaeda alliance. aaron zella of a washington institute calls them rivals. is it too strong to say they're enemies? >> i believe at the top ends of the organizations they're clearly enemies. it's clear the kouachi brothers and coulibaly teamed up and think that's due to their personal friendships and relationships going back to a decade. >> reporter: but isis wants credit for the french attack in its quest for recruits and intelligence. there seems to be a race between these two groups to claim credit for all of the attacks. why is that? >> think what we see now, ever since especially the rise of the islamic state, there's a competition for these two group whofs is the lead over this jihadi movement. >> al qaeda's statement today
8:05 am
praises the attack but then dismisses the attacks as coincidental to al qaeda's efforts. experts see this all as a dangerous escalation as they compete over claims at who's better at attacking the west. charlie? >> thanks. this morning the american section of the international space station was evacuated and is shut down for now. they reacted to a reading of a small pneumonia leak early this morning. two americans and an italian put on masks and moved to the russian side of the station. officials say all six crew members including russians are safe. nasa is working to confirm whether a leak actually happened. they say the astronauts responded to a pressure increase in the station's cooling system. a utah boy is safe this morning after a terrified car theft. the 3-year-old was waiting inside his mother's car yesterday when somebody hopped in and drove away.
8:06 am
bigad shaban shows how quick-thinking police eventually found the boy and returned him to his family. >> reporter: when eelizabeth barrios walked out of this day care in utah yesterday, she watched her car speeding way with her 3-year-old still in side. >> there's a 2012 car with a baby in the back seat. >> a million thoughts were running through my head. i don't know what they wanted who they were where they're going to leave him, what they're going to do to him. >> reporter: she called 911 inside the day care center and told police her cell phone was in the car. responding officers quickly thought of a plan. >> one of two things could potentially happened. the 3-year-old possibly could answer it be savvy enough to answer it or the suspect himself could answer the phone. >> reporter: aden answered his mom's phone. the suspect had ditched the car leaving the boy alone. >> we're trying to figure out if he can give us any direction or anything at all to find him.
8:07 am
>> if she's fill got contact with the 3-year-old can she tell him to start honking the horn. >> reporter: police asked him to honk the horn continuously hoping the officers can here him. >> i told him to stay calm. >> it took police a few minutes to locate the car a few blocks from the day care center. aden was still inside unharmed. >> it felt so good knowing he was safe and knowing what he did. >> reporter: ogden police are still searching for your the suspect. as for aden and his bravery, he was awarded honorary junior police officer for the day. for "cbs this morning," bigad shaban los angeles. >> police officer aden. that he had enough sense of mind that he wasn't so traumatized to answer the phone. >> and get out of his car seat and start honking the horn. that's a lot for a 3-year-old. >> 3-year-olds know a lot. i don't have one but they. >> they say they know jeefrg
8:08 am
ahead on "cbs this morning," new fears the disneyland measles outbreak could spread across the country. plus the
8:09 am
millions of americans live with chronic pain but could the treatment be making it worse. dr. david agus with new findings. he considers a call to arms on medicine. that's next. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. lowe's presents: how to make your guests think they're at the wrong house. oh wow. told you we're in the wrong house... go! go!
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in our "morning rounds," chronic pain. one government report says it's a real life problem for 100 million americans or more. figures show 5 million to 8 million of them need powerful narcotics to fight the pain and the cost 5
8:14 am
-- $635 billion. good morning. let's talk about this. chronic pain is a real issue. >> that's quite a staggering number. you have to say what is chronic pain. >> exactly. >> when you break your arm, that's what we call acute pain and whelp the bone heals and the pain continues that's when it's chronic pain. classically when pain lasts three or six months 100 million people, 25 million of which it's moderate or severe or pretty dramatically affectings their quality of life. >> what causes it? >> it causes anything from an accident to back pain to a head yan to a particular disease you have. lots of different causes. but we lump all of them together as chronic pain when it lasts past a standard period of time. >> and so what about the possible consequences of too much medication for chronic
8:15 am
pain? >> well, you know at one point you don't want people to suffer but in general we're giving a lot of narcotics. i think what this report from the government showed is that there aren't a lot of standard path ways. they don't tell you how much to give, when to go up a dose, down a dose, doctors are doing it without a lot of training. narcotics as we all know have a lot of side effects. 17,000 deaths a few years ago from narcotics and over 100,000 admissions. so while they can help pain in a short run, there aren't real study showing they weren't past three or six months. the studies haven't been done so we're kind of flying blind in the medical world. >> that's what would be disserving doctor, r. agus that you're tagging all this medication and spending all this money. what do you do? >> there's the first mainstream movie talking about somebody with chronic pain and that's
8:16 am
called " eded eded "kate" with jennifer aniston and they had a study that came out from harvard. flan nation also involves areas where there is chronic pain. it gives us real hope. i think the real message here is we need to pay attention as a country. this is costing over $600 billion to our country, so we've got to put resources to research, do long-term studies and figure out a new way here because we are all suffering. >> i know. as the nha says this is silent and it's exploded to other types of treatments. it's very real. >> i'm with you. we need new ideas and a new war. >> a great plug for "kate." she was great in it and it shows you how devastating it can be. thank you very much dr. agus.
8:17 am
coming up with more than just packages. why woody allen -- yep, woody allen has just signed on. that's next. tomorrow jackie oh nasnassis's eye on design. her lifestyle and flair. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by kleenex. always share your soft anyand share your kleenex story at ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ even if it's your last one always share the softness of kleenex tissues. and share your kleenex care story at
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8:21 am
now that you want to be a woman all the time do you still want to date women? >> yes. i mean -- >> so you're a lesbian. >> well -- >> we got married before gay was fashionable. >> i want to see this show. this series is called "transparent." the show was honored on sunday with two golden globes and now amazon has hired woody allen to write and direct his first tv series. but can amazon's prime video service complete with netflix, cable, and the broadcast networks? good morning you do nick. >> good morning. how are you? >> you are? >> we are, coming up. >> we're not going to talk about that today. 2015 getting off to a good start for amazon.
8:22 am
>> yes it's getting off to a good start. amazon had a terrible 2014. they launch the fire phone, which was terrible. their last quarter they lost $437 million for amazon. but now they got a golden globe. >> two golden globes doesn't make up for that. >> no. think you'd rather have the $437 million. >> but the news of the day is signing up woody allen which is on the front page of "usa today." why is this so popular and why is amazon getting into this business? >> we think of amazon for books. >> clothing. i order everything off amazon. >> you have to become a member of amazon prime which is their $100 a year subscription service. what they found is when customers become members of amazon prime they buy everything because of the shipping. >> that's it for your me. >> then when you're an amazon
8:23 am
prime member you're going to buy posters, books everything so that's how they're going to make their money. >> and they are getting a lot more content that they're streaming. >> right. >> they've gone full out for this. >> that's one of the reasons they lost so much and this is another reason why this is good news. investors were upset, what's all this dumping money into video and will you really get it back? we'll look at the economics once we get more data. >> but, nick isn't tv really changing? i was at the golden globes the other day. a lot of us watched it on tv. and so it's brand-new ball game how we get and watch tv. >> it's a brand-new ball game and it's going to become brand-new every year. every level is changing. so the way we make it is just watching. we don't watch it just on the tv. we watch it on all different kinds of screens. so the market is totally opening
8:24 am
up. >> at the end of 24014 we saw hbo and cbs announce streaming programs. >> that's another trend. the big companies that have had a lot of success are now saying, okay, this is opening up let's gets a mump market shares on that. so everybody going into streaming. >> the interesting point about woody allen, how much attention has it drawn simply because it's woody allen. whether he makes interesting material or not, there's a whole lot of attention about amazon this morning. >> there's tons. there's a lead story on "usa today," woody allen saying i don't know what i'm going to make, but it's definitely getting a lot of attention for that and it will drive people to subscribe to prime. "transparent?" i want to want that. and woody allen. >> when they make a good show you're going to buy it. i bought netflix because of "house of cards."
8:25 am
ahead, 36 questions that could lead to good morning i'm ukee washington. we are following breaking news a police chase in delaware county chopper three over the scene within the the last half an hour at chester pike in collindale. police say driver took off when officers tried to pull over and the suspect's car was involved in at least one collision. suspect then tried to run after that crash but then officers took him in custody. police say they also found a gun in that car. also a deadly fire in yeadon delaware county. three people safely escape the flames of this home but an elderly woman died on the porch. it happened in the 1800 block of providence road. now they are trying to figure out how that fire started. katie has forecast from the weather center good
8:26 am
morning. >> good morning, this storm system was quick to develop and hit us and it will be just as quick to retreat. we will go full screen. we are looking at the system in the entirety. it has pulled in a lot of atlantic moisture and we have seen any snow that has fallen so far this morning come down and accumulate very quickly. with that said it is over last two hours. it is already starting to shift out to sea. there is more of a back edge to this. this will be a system that just rotate as way, so we are looking at light snow and probably a little mix of sleet as well. we are seeing pink shade through sussex county delaware right now and then, around mid to late afternoon, this is all out of here. it is a quick hitter but it will slow you down. winter weather advisory to north caroline, we are just on the northern fringe kent sussex counties in delaware into cape may county and right on the outskirts of those
8:27 am
winter weather authorities will you find the precipitation. it is just clouds for everybody else. that includes philadelphia so with that said once the system clears out we will dot same. we will see skies clear tonight and then we are in for a slow climb. we will hit 40's by the weekend. new coastal system could develop. even if it did happen it looks too warm for anything but plane old rain that is better news. vittoria, over to you. good morning everyone. we have rush hour delays sprinkled all over the map. we are looking first at roosevelt boulevard at traveling southbound, we will notice traffic, towards the schuylkill expressway. once you get to 76 you are delayed there too. traveling westbound approaching montgomery drive out to just beyond gladwynn, if you are traveling around the conshohocken curve expect delays there as well. eastbound expect some volume right in the western suburbs and approaching vine street expressway. look at i-95, only word i can describe this is egh. traveling in either direction it is in the the good between
8:28 am
northeast philadelphia and center city north and south wound is jammed packed and nothing incident related but just slow. we are also dealing with some westbound volume on the pennsylvania turnpike between bensalem and valley forge, not completely accurate because between fort washington and mid county we are dealing with a heavy slow down. be mindful of that. traveling east bun on the schuylkill, 30 minutes between blue route and vine, give or take another five or ten minutes to be safe. eastbound 422 expect delays between oaks and 202 rounding about 15 minutes or so. moving our way toward new jersey on the westbound side of i195 we have an accident beyond new jersey turnpike and blocking left-hand lane in major delays for mass transit. back to the desk, ukee. next update 8:55. up next this morning creating love from the laboratory a new study says science can help turn strangers in to soul mates find out how. for more local news weather traffic and sports you can find us on the cw philly on these channels. i'm ukee washington have a
8:29 am
good morning family see new a bit.
8:30 am
health officials have determined that the origin of the california measles outbreak is disneyland. disneyland. as precaution they closed down its disney ride it's a smallpox world. >> that's a ride. can science help you fall in love with a stranger? i don't know. groundbreaking studies getting new attention. a leading sex therapist is in our toyota green room. she looks at whether a series of questions and staring contest can create intimacy. and dean koontz is saying good-bye to character that's already sold 20 million books. see how his bittersweet book has
8:31 am
opened the door. that's ahead. busy busy insider says chipotle has stopped selling pork. >> dayton daily news says more than 500 customers will be getting free furniture after ohio state won the national championship. morris furniture promised to refund customers if ohio won the championship by seven points or more. on monday the buckeyes beat oregon, 24-20. they must hand out $1.5 million in rebates. they go out to anyone who spent more than $1,999 worth of furniture between december 17th to the first of the year. >> furniture looks better today. china shows us an alleged iphone smuggler caught in the act. he had 94 phones strapped to his body hidden under his clothes.
8:32 am
he was trying to sneak them in from hong kong. he was stopped because customs officials say he was walking a little strange. it's hard to walk with iphones strapped between your legs. >> how many did he have in. >> 94. "the new york times" looks at square footage. a man bought a $12 million home. he was told the home was 15,000 square feet. when records showed it was 10,000, the homeowner is seeking $5 million in damages. >> and "the huffington post" is saying taylor swift is helping a fan pay off her student loans. her name is rebecca. she becomes very emotional she tweeted pictures of it with a purse and said you're 1989 closer to paying off your loans. >> 1989 is what norah?
8:33 am
>> the recent song. >> just when we think we can't love her anymore. what's your favorite song? >> everything off -- i don't know. take it all. >> i think you like the lyrics of "blank face," don't you? >> i can make a bad boy good for a reason. >> that's it baby. right here. that's why i love you, gayle king. >> i can make you a -- snooki make a bad boy good for a weekend. >> that's a line. that's what i'm saying. charlie, you would like this song. blank face. >> get me this album right now. >> done. >> okay. the disneyland measles outbreak is spreading fear this morning well beyond california. one victim traveled to the seattle area for the holidays flying there and back to kal on two different airlines. the woman in her 20s is not vaccinated. carter evans reports she's the
8:34 am
latest example of a controversial trend. >> the measles outbreak at disneyland has proven it's a small world after all. health officials now say 26 cases in four states have been linched to visits to the mid-december. of those infected half were not vaccinated. >> around the world we've seen a big outbreak of measles. on the other hand we know certain countries have seen immunizations drop. >> here in the u.s. measles infections have skyrocketed. more than 600 cases were reported last year, the highest number since 2000. the virus is highly contagious and can take up to 12 days to show up. symptoms include cough, fever, and a rash. the resurgence of this disease once believed to be eliminated has doctors concerned. >> getting everyone vaccinated is so important because trying to contain these infections can
8:35 am
really be difficult. there's a lot of information out there that can be confusing or contradictory and if people don't get immunized as a result, it's a problem. >> reporter: last year parents turned in more than 13,000 that their children would be opting out of recommended vaccines. that's more than twice number not fully vaccinated compared to ten years ago. rebecca rebecca say her child. >> i think parents who have chosen not to vaccinate realize they're taking somewhat of a risk but it's calculated risk. they may have seen vaccine injury in their own families or by their own neighbors and they're just questioning.
8:36 am
>> reporter: this doctor says skipping vaccinations can be dangerous, even deadly and the outbreak at disney should send a strong message. the vaccines work the vaccines are safe. there are significant diseases out there you can protect your children from. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning" carter evans, los angeles. is it possible to fall in love with somebody just by asking 36 questions? >> one question. >> do share. one of the most popular article this morning on "the new york times" network poses that idea. arthur aaron who brought together pairs of strangers they were told to ask each other a series of increasingly personal questions. he found that afterward the pair felt greater closeness than strangers who engage in small talk. sari cooper joins us. hi sari. >> hi. >> three different people sent me this article. i don't know if they're worried about me or --
8:37 am
>> including norah. >> norah's looking out for me. the questions were fascinating to me. what were they trying to accomplish with questions looking for love? >> the original study had the three sets of questions and each set got more and more personal as it went on. the original question was, you know, what do you have in common with another person. that's something that, you know is fairly easy to answer doesn't take a lot of guts or courage to expose but i do think they're trying to get people to become more vulnerable. >> i think this is fascinating, but the idea is can you create intimacy with someone by a series of questions. what is that sort of interpersonal closeness. let's look. if you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be. why do you think that would bring people closer together?
8:38 am
>> when they talking about childhood, the spouse starts to lean in and feel warmer. even with stranges when you talk about childhood you're talking in the eyes of being a child because it warms people to you. it's like somebody looking at a picture of yourself when you were a kid and going, oh, you were so cute. suddenly you're drawing someone in closer and it shoes reflection. what would you change, what wouldn't you change. >> it seems to me the most important thing is vulnerability. >> correct. that's what it's all about. >> because there are a lot of basic questions, where are you from. i call it gee graph cake dating. where did you go to school, what do you like all those kinds of things. kind of boring. i like question number 30. when did you last cry in front of another person by yourself. cry in front of another person and by yourself. what do you think you learn about a person from that answer and what fi if don't like the answers? >> the first part is a very
8:39 am
american question. in other cultures people cry more openly. in america it's very personal. >> people always cry. >> that's true. not in a therapy session -- even in a therapy session, you're allowed to cry here. what i think it says is what are you crying about when you tell someone, you know i cried here, you know with my girlfriend, it tells you who's close to you and it also tells you how often they cry. you know it's been like six months since i cried. >> it's really an interesting exercise. the other thing is they talk about what they admire in them that that's great way to do things. also at the end of the piece, they say partners should look into each other's eyes without speaking for four minutes. >> that's a long time. >> have you done it? >> i have done it because it's an exercise that you have to do when you become a certified sex therapist actually. >> what are we looking for when
8:40 am
we look into each other's eyes? >> it become as tradition of tanzra and it's gazing they call it. it almost feels like a trance. you calm down. time starts to move a little slower and you actually -- eyes are the windows to your soul. you start to see someone for who they are and they see you. so it's a very vulnerable experience. i think that's what the writer was getting at in the article. >> are you calming down right now? getting a little slower? i took off my windows so you could see the windows of my soul. >> i need another glance. >> thank you, sari cooper. let me put them on so i can see. >> she wasn't looking at her soul. >> don't hate, charlie. don't hate. you can see the full list of 36
8:41 am
questions from psychologist arthur aaron and the instructions for the exercise go to cbsthismor
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
dean koontz is one of the best-selling authors of all time. he just released the final book
8:45 am
in one of his final series. he welcomed ben tracy to the california state for a revealing conversation. >> i'm just the guy who lives down the street and i sell books instead of cars. >> reporter: if that's true dean koontz is the henry ford of books. he's written over 100 books from sci-fi to horror books. >> how do you do this? how do you crank out so many books >> i'm a fussbudget too, so when i write a novel, i don't move from page 1 to page 2 until i've written 30 drafts. i have to polish it and then i move on. this comes from doubt which comes from my child hod. >> we'll get to that in a moment. he's mourning a loss. he's just released odd.
8:46 am
a fry cook who sees dead people. the books have sold 20 million copies. >> you tweeted writing the last odd thomas is like turning my back on an old dead friend. file like swine. this is tough for you. >> it is. i often feel like swine. it's my nature. yeah, he came to me in the most amazing way. i was working on another book and into my head came the line my name is odd thomas. >> reporter: he grew up in pennsylvania. he calls his mother florence a saint, his father a sinner who tried to stab him. >> my dad hat 44 jobs in 34 years. he was a violent alcoholic. >> i don't want to turn this into therapy but your own father tried to kill you. >> mm-hmm. >> what did that kill you? >> i ended up putting it in a
8:47 am
novel. we're merciless writers. we use everything. >> do you have happy memories of him or is it all negative? >> it's a terrible thing to say about your own father. i have no happy memories. i literally cannot think of one. >> was that childhood something to overcome or did that become the motivation to be who you are today? >> ben, it's both. i have said sometimes i would not have had my career if not for my father because that's where all the creativity comes from. when i write about sociopaths, i'm writing from the trenches. >> reporter: those experiences have helped kountze sell more than 450 million copies of his books. one was a number one seller making him the richest author in life.
8:48 am
he has a home above california's coast. >> this is not bad. he share this with his wife of 48 years, ger ta. they first met at a neighborhood birthday party in 19489. they now have a home theater bigger than the homes they grew up in. they named it after the movie house in their pennsylvania town. the doors that lead outside to the real world, a reminder of the fantasy that is now their reality. >> we both grew up so poor and we wanted to create a place that was perfect for us and i think we didn't know where to stop. so we just kept going. >> kind of like his writing which he does for about ten hours each day. he still uses this two-decade-old computer. your name is very big on the book. >> and he's aware that the size of his name on the books is now much larger than the book's title but he didn't consider himself a celebrity author. he's just a guy who lives down the street who knows how to tell
8:49 am
a story. >> writing talent is a gift. it's nothing i ever earned. the only thing i can earn is the craftsmanship with which i do it, but i can take pride in the nagt i can do it because it's something i could do. >> he's got his trusty old computer. >> i got chills when he said he doesn't have one happy memory of his dad. it shows how he's turned that into something. i wanted to know is he married. he's been married and for a long time. that made me feel better. >> something in the previous segment says something about the interior of people's's lives. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll have surprises when we come back.
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before i go, this is bill plante's birthday. happy birthday bill plante. >> yes. where's my surprise?
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good morning i'm erika von tiehl. we have an update on our breaking news right now, police chase in collindale delaware county. that chase ended at chester pike and cherry street a little after 7:00 this morning. pursuit started when officers tried to pull over a suspect and that driver sped away. suspect hit at least one car and tried to run over, tried to runaway rather once the the chase ended. that suspect is in custody. police say they found a gun in his car. this is just in bensalem police say this man is one of two burglary suspects who led them on a car chase overnight. the authorities arrested 28 year-old alfonso payton of philadelphia. they say he and another suspect crashed their car in the ditch on state road and
8:56 am
tennis avenue and then ran away. the the the second suspect is still on the run this morning. lets check with katie right now and see how our forecast is going. we have a lot to talk about. >> absolutely, mainly down toward shore points southern new jersey and delaware where we are finding the problems here this morning in terms of the weather impacting any travel plans that you do have. when we start off by taking you out to mobile three right now garden state parkway is still looking slick. know has begun to stick here. but that is not the just golden state parkway it is basically anywhere around those cher point that this storm has had an impact. even they you can see is there i back edge to it, brunt of the moisture has since moved out to sea. i really don't think philadelphia will to have worry about any precipitation this time around. damage has been done here. once we total it all up we are looking at a coat to go an inch, maybe locally little bit more than that across southern
8:57 am
tear of our area. so if you are traveling perhaps, on, northeast extension or any of those northern highways, in worries, just cloud out there. that is something that we have got going for us here. further south that is rule of thumb where we will find precipitation. 23 degrees at the airport. thirty-one ac. thirty-two wildwood. any between those points where we say mobile three travel you are close enough to freezing that may be slick. keep that in mind out and about this morning. temperatures in philadelphia really aren't going to get a chance to go past freezing mark but as we said it doesn't look like it will have a chance to reach us here in the city. by tomorrow high pressure has taken back the lead we are in the the clear and will maryland rate up on the thermometer and we will flirt with 50 by sunday although the trade off there is there may be a new coastal storm developing at that point but if it that is mild it will likely just be a a rain producer. we will keep an eye on that, vittoria. >> good morning, everyone. as we keep an eye on the roads as katie was talking about traveling in the new jersey on
8:58 am
the new jersey turnpike as well as the area surrounding shore points you do want to be mindful of those slick spots and snow but we are not seeing too much volume. if i can give you a bright spot that is all i can give i you. take it easy. take it ease the schuylkill expressway west bun a septa bus accident at belmont avenue off ramp. traveling on the schuylkill westbound you will fine delays approaching montgomery drive, out the through to just about the stretch of 476 and even some volume approaching vine street expressway. you will have eastbound volume as well. over to the 42 freeway north bound side starting to lighten up but around 295, still anticipate delays. the also anticipate close another of chester pike between hook road and macdade boulevard. also police activity at chester pike and cherry streets as erika was talking about a few minutes ago. a as we look at our travel times rush hour mass transit may be your best bet but i-95 schuylkill and 422 all slow erika. >> that is "eyewitness news" for now talk philly coming up
8:59 am
at noon on
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