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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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breaking details, diana. >> reporter: chris and jessica according to federal documents just obtain by "eyewitness news" this plot includes guns and bombs but it was stopped in the early stages. the target was the the u.s. capitol, its employees and the the united states congress. the defendant is christopher cornell who used alias ra him, who is from cincinnati, ohio, and as recently as yesterday, cornell purchased two semiautomatic weapons and 600 round of ammunition with the intent to travel to washington d.c. and kill employees and members of the congress the at the capitol building. then set off bombs in and near the capitol. according to federal documents cornell was sympathetic to i isil and supported his belief over hacks over twitter using alias. this plot began over the summer. cornell met the with the confidential inform apartment he thought to be an accomplice to begin staging this plot. he this talked about traveling to d.c. to survey federal
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buildings and their security measures. federal document say cornell indicated the members of the congress to go enemies. the the defendant specifically planned that he and informant would built a plant and detonate pipe bombs at u.s. capitol and use firearms and shoot and kill employees in the u.s. capitol. we spoke with patrick meehan by phone a few moments ago. meehan is a member of the the house home land security committee. >> there is an awareness that there is and will continue to be intentions on the part of the terrorist organizations to carry out acts of terrorism. so we've got to be prudent take steps to be pro active to deter any kind of potential activity. >> right now it does appear that christopher cornell was act ago loan with the informant separate the from any organize terrorist group but we will continue to follow this breaking story and bring you very latest tonight at ten and 11:00. live from the sat center i'm
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diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you so much. as developments unfold we will stay on top of them. "cbs evening news" will have much more on this still breaking story tonight a at 6:30 immediately following "eyewitness news" at 6:00. now to a developing story, security has been increased at delaware air national guard post after suspicious activity. the as "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt tells us the increased security was prompt by a series of drivers who stopped and asked for directions. >> reporter: we have lived near the the air base all of our lives and since the 50's. >> reporter: new castle resident beverly collier said she got the word wednesday morning that her neighbors across the street were under increased security after guard reported five suspicious incidents with cars on monday and tuesday. >> it does scare me. >> reporter: national guard officials tell "eyewitness news" that several cars drove up, and people asked for directions. in other cases cars pulled up to the security barrier and then just backup and left the
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property. it happened more than once. >> four or five times that happened. that raised red flag. that is suspicious activity that we are talking about. >> reporter: lt. col. until terry with the delaware national guard says basin creased security by one level. >> we will be on the safe side and treat everything as if it has potential be if a threat. >> reporter: long time neighbors like beverly collier appreciate that security even if this turns out to be a non-violent coincidence. >> it is something we have lived with all of our lives. >> reporter: behind me at entrance checkpoint there are video cameras fbi, pentagon officials are going true that video right new to try to find out more about the driver. reporting from new castle will county delaware, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meantime all clear was just given a short time ago at joint base maguire dixon lake hearst in new jersey after a suspicious package was found in the commissary exchange complex. it did force an evacuation this afternoon. again, the all clear has been
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given and investigators continue to look into that incident. new at 6:00 a new jersey woman says she was humiliated in front of her children and dozens of strangers at a local amusement park and now she's fighting back and suing six flags great adventure. cleve bryan has more on this lawsuit and also six flags response. >> reporter: having only one arm and one hand with three fingers does in the stop jacqueline win ther from doing her duties as a the mother of four and paralegal. >> ways in the brought up handicapped so i was never told i could in the do something. >> reporter: last june chaperoning her fifth grade daughters field trip to six flags she had an embarrassing reminder of her disability after boarding this roller coaster. >> this guy comes up to me and says you will to have get off the ride. i said what do you mean? he said well, you don't meet our safety standard. >> reporter: she oode dozens without being told she didn't have adequate arms or fingers she left that one humiliated. >> i didn't want to make a scene in front of my daughter.
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why is that lady with one arm getting off ride. >> reporter: winter says supervisor offered a letter to ride the roller coaster. she said attempts to dress the issue with upper management have been ignored. january 7th her attorney scrolled a discriminate lawsuit under the americans with disabilities act. >> you cannot judge people based on their actual capability, what they can do and not based on appearance. >> reporter: since 20 is 11 accident where a amputee veteran fatally fell from the roller coaster some parks revised rules. on he will tore owe riders must possess one functionally function will arm and they define functioning arm as a full arm with the ability to be flexed at the the elbow and minimum of three full fingers with the ability to hold on to a firm grip. winter says even if a judge decide it was okay to prevent her from riding she should have been treated with more dignity. >> i just never had anything like that hospital to me. >> reporter: i reached out to six flags and they said they don't comment on pending
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lawsuits. winter's case has not been assigned to the judge but she hopes that the park will start to change their policies before opening for the next season. in jackson i'm cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, now to our weather folks down the shore dealing with a mix of rain and snow, for much of the the day. "eyewitness news" on the boardwalk in atlantic city where folks were bundled up against wet and windy weather. meteorologist kathy orr is live outside on the cbs-3 sky deck she's bundled up with a look at the first forecast, kathy. >> it is cold out here freezing literally but there is not much wind. skies are cloudy, they will be clearing overnight and temperatures will be plunging, the same old story, of the month of january. outside as i mentioned we're looking at clouds and we're seeing them on storm scan three even a few sprinkles and flurries down through cape may county. other than that it is just going to be a quiet night across the region. temperatures are pretty cold 31 in philadelphia after a high of 32.
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allentown 27. poconos 24. not much win. enough to make it feel even colder. the it feels like the the 20's across the the delaware valley. now temperatures will be falling once those skies begin to clear and we will get down into the the 20's even some teens overnight across the region. so coming up we will talk about when the sun will make a come back. it will be slow to warm in the seven day but we will get there, and then with that warmth, not snow but a better chance of rain, we will talk more about that coming up with the seven day forecast when i join you inside but for now if you are dress add pope eighthly tonight chris you will be comfortable. >> thanks, kathy. police say they have made an arrest in one of the most barbaric murders in philadelphia history. four three-year old tail meng lee was captured by marshals in ashland, virginia yesterday. police say in august lee kidnaped and stabbed three men and dumped their bodies in the schuylkill river in fairmount park pennsylvania. those bodies were tied to weighted canisters. one of the victims survived and identified lee as the the
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attack. tinicum township police chased a suspect after trying to pull over a man who was reportedly driving erratically. chopper three over the end of that chase at chester pike and cherry street in collindale. police say the suspect hit two vehicles and a house. he ran off before officers caught up to him and placed him under arrest. the the name of the suspect has not been released. one person did suffer minor injuries. another police chase this one in bensalem bucks county and this one ended up in a ditch. an officer on routine patrol spotted two men stealing a tv from a warehouse on station avenue earlier this morning. that officer followed the suspects who ended up crashing in the ditch at the state road and tennis avenue. one suspect 28 year-old alfonso payton was caught by police. the the other ran away. a woman is dead in yeadon delaware county after this fire destroyed a home. it happened on east providence road around 3c cloak this morning. three elderly residents were able to escape the home but one a 76 year-old woman died.
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this is the first fire fatality in delaware county in 2015. a $4,500 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest in the deadly hit and run. teresa posey was attempting to cross state road in holmesberg when she was hit by a koran december 23rd. that car did not stop. posey was pronounced dead at the scene. police believe that a black truck was involved. well a 13 year-old was charged today after police alleged that she distributed a sexually explicit video in a bristol township middle school. authorities say that the girl was not involved in the making of that video. police reportedly confiscated at least ten cell phones as they investigated the incident at franklin roosevelt in middle school. the girl and her family are said to be cooperating with the authorities. a local elementary school cans also classes after dozens
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of kid become ill with flu like symptoms. >> what the school is doing to get kid back in the hallways and what an emergency room physician is saying about illnesses going around this winter. a terrifying scene as a school busies caught on fire. we will tell you how kid got off in the nick of time. cloudy for now but not the for long. sun does make a come back. we will talk about how mild it will get in the seven day forecast, hi leslie. >> hi kathy. flyers are hoping that rob zep can keep his magic going tonight and hall of famer larry brown brings his mustangs to north broad street taking on temple tonight. i will preview coming up in
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a school bus on fire. >> this happened just before 7:00 o'clock in the morning in toms river. the bus driver and a aid were driving along old freehold road and dog an lane when the driver smelled something burning. he pulled over. he got off the bus, and it burst right into flames. thankfully there were no students on board, and no one was injured. welshing an elementary school in northeast philadelphia had to shut down today after a massive sick out on both monday and tuesday. >> this happened at the nazareth academy grade school
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on grant avenue in northeast philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has a look at why. >> monday was 55. by tuesday, 75. nazareth academy grade schools 204 students were home sick. >> seeing thees lacing from one day to the next we decide that had we had to do it. >> reporter: officials closed the school wednesday both to give kids at home time to rest and the schooltime to clean. crews spent the day scrubbing down keyboards and desk, tables and doors, quiet hallways filled with the smell of bleach. the school says at the this point it is basically cleaned every possible surface a student can touch, using the latest greatest in disinfecttent products but era approach some would call old fashion is just airing the place out let nothing a little bit of fresh, if not cold air. >> principal sister marry ellen said they clean every day but took extra precautions after so many students exhibited the same symptoms.
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>> fever, headache sneezing coughing. >> reporter: none of that surprised doctor gerald, chairman of emergency medicine at nearby aria health. >> we have seen a lot of people coming in either with upper respiratory symptoms viral, gastrointestinal illness and large number of people with influenza. >> reporter: more than last year in fact. the his happies at capacity with symptoms like those rampant at the school, he says is there only one thing to do. >> the best place to be is at home and best thing to do is to protect everyone around you. >> reporter: plus wash your hands. or use disinfecttent something sister marry ellen says will be reenforced when students return to class on thursday. >> we are just trying to keep everyone healthy, happy and able to study. >> reporter: matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". if you are concerned about the the flu, we have information for you on cbs the just go to the health section and you'll find our seasonal flu resource guide. new at 6:00 a philadelphia
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taxi cabdriver gets a tip of the life time. omar mya of freedom taxi received a $989.98 tip on a $4.31 fare december 13th. this cab ride from second and market to columbus and race lasted a minute. he says that his shift had been hectic and mystery passenger said he would make it a great night, he punch in the tip. taxi driver said they never seen anything like it. >> never, rare moment to see $1,000. >> it is nice that he got that. he can go pay some bills. >> freedom taxi as credit card company would not reveal the mystery tipper's name. in weather we're talking about some cold temperatures, clearing skies, and a warm up, that is eventually on the way. our eyewitness weather watchers are showing us temperatures that are basically in the 20's tonight. barbara is reporting in at partly cloudy sky in willow
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grove with barometric pressure falling, not much wind and a temperature of 28 degrees. we will take you through south jersey where temperatures are fairly consistent in the 20's. kathy is in wynonna and says it is 25 degrees. relative humidity at 48 percent. it has been a super cold day, wind northeast, stay warm. good advice. here's our high temperatures for the day across the delaware valley middletown delaware jason is reporting 35. steven and robbinsville 33. delran ron is reporting a high of 31. so temperatures close to freezing. well below normal. that will change in the seven day forecast. outside right now we're looking at some cold temperatures in the poconos great for making snow and they will stay cold at least for the next couple of days before our warm up. live neighborhood network takes to us cape may where they pick up a coating of snow. we will show you time lapse of the beach it is always fun seeing the beach with a little snow on it. you can see our tractor there
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doing a little bit of work on the beach front. temperatures around 31 degrees. most of that melting except near the the sea grass, wind east north east at 22 miles an hour. the gusty down the chauffeur with sprinkles and flurries exiting create ago this gusty win. you can see it there in cape may. we are talking about cloudy skies. in philadelphia we are talking about 31. twenty-seven in allentown. 23 degrees right now in the poconos. elsewhere fairly cold, nashville 34. little rock 36. even the deep south getting in on this cold out break. in the wake of it we will see chilly conditions and also some breezy conditions coming our way. tomorrow less wind though temperatures in the 30's. wind pick up for friday, having rising, a reenforcing shot but mostly sunny saturday with temperatures in the 30's. you can see our jet stream taking a dip on friday but then it will be rising saturday and into sunday showing a warm up but look another trough building in the
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east or i should say midwest moving toward the east and we will bottom out big time on monday mlk day when temperatures will be in the the 30's and wind will be gusty as well. overnight the low temperature is 25 degrees. cloud will clear, overnight and during the day tomorrow we are looking at sunshine. high temperature of 36 degrees. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast friday at 40. cooler saturday. sunday looks great at 46, and then we will see that colder air building back in but nothing harsh for monday and tuesday and then backup to 41-degree on wednesday. no huge dips in temperature but no great gains either. >> steady. >> very steady. >> yes. >> all right kathy thank you. and a 6:19. we will head outside first and check out the schuylkill expressway. something we have grown to love here volume on the schuylkill right around conshohocken. heading westbound toward the king of prussia area you can see brake lights there pretty much the same store if i not the exact same story here
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heading eastbound toward the center city area lots of problems there on the the schuylkill, and then we do have a disable tractor trailer out on i-95, right around the the betsy ross bridge. these are in the northbound lanes here and crews on the scene, for about the past hour or so trying to get that cleaned up and out of the way. it is blocking out the left hand shoulder and left-hand lane no real problems in those lanes. not doing too bad southbound doing a lot better as well. about a quarter of mile behind that accident, it is on i-95 northbound approaching allegheny avenue right-hand lane is block. use some caution when traveling outside chris and jessica, back over to you. thanks, very much. well the "cbs evening news" is following breaking details on that terror plot that has been foiled. >> bob schieffer is in for scott pelley tonight and he joins us now with a look at what you'll see in a few minutes, bob. >> hi chris and jessica coming up new details on the arrest of an american supporter officeis who was planning to attack the u.s. capitol. plus latest developments in the paris magazine attack now that the yemen branch of al qaeda has claimed
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responsibility. and we will show you how a teen in custody saved an officer's life. those stories are just
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well, flyers won three out of four games tonight facing division rival washington. rob zep will start in goal and carlo will be pared with luke schenn after brayden coburn hurt his foot in tuesday's game with tampa. this will be carlo's first game since november. >> it is not easy to do it, i'll tell you that and he has been really good. we had howell do it for a long time. it is not an easy thing to do. for veterans guys that have been around, that play, it is hard. >> sixers tip off tonight at 7:30. they will be without services of tony wroten who injured his knee in the loss to atlanta a big game tonight on north
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broad street, temple hosting smu mustangs led by former sixers coach larry brown. fran dunphy may not have starting point guard will cummings for the game. he was hurt in saturday's looks to tulsa. both teams have 12 wins, and both coaches respect each other. >> he is one of the most under rated coaches there is. when i see him play now since they got some of those transfers back, the way they beat kansas, that is a big turn around over last year. >> i appreciate the friendship that i have with him but most importantly the respect of opposing basketball coach like he is, is pretty nice. >> as expect oregon quarterback marcus mariota announced he will for go his senior season and enter the draft. chip kelly loves him but enough to move up in the top five to draft him stay tuned. you have to give up a lot there. >> we will see in a few months marcus. see you in a few months.
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>> we will be right back.
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well, thank you for watching "eyewitness news" today at 6:00 we will return at 10:00 o'clock on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and of course we're back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. stay right there "cbs evening news" comes your way next. they will have the latest on is what said to be a foiled terror plot targeting the u.s. capitol plus amazing video of a teenager in custody after helping save the life of an officer. in tonight for scott pelley bob schieffer is reporting from new york.
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>> schieffer: tonight the f.b.i. foils a plot to attack the u.s. capitol building. an american supporter of isis is under arrest for allegedly planning to bomb the capitol and shoot members of congress. jeff pegues has late details. awkd in yemen claims it ordered the attack against "charlie hebdo" for insulting mohammed, but the magazine deifies new threats and puts the muslim prophet on the cover of its latest edition. we'll have reports from bob orr and elizabeth palmer. anthony mason on american drivers getting a lot more smiles per gallon. >> i come here because i love the price. >> schieffer: and a different story about a teenager and a cop. dr. jon lapook tells us how a teen in custody saved the officer's life.


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