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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  January 19, 2015 3:05am-4:01am EST

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springs, colorado. brian has a mole on the right side of his nose and usually wears glasses. 16-year-old lashelle collier is missing from spokane washington. she was last seen on december 6, 2013. lashelle is 5-foot-2 and has light brown hair and blue eyes. her ears are pierced, and she has a scar on her forehead. an endangered runaway from lowell, massachusetts, 16-year-old jenny duong was last seen on january 13, 2014. she may be traveling with an adult male. jenny is 5-foot-5 and weighs 120 pounds. missing from salisbury maryland, cadesia fields
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disappeared on august 30, 2013. cadesia is 15 years old. she is 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weighs 135 pounds. when last seen, cadesia's hair was dyed maroon. missing from new york city 16-year-old catia alvarez was last seen on february 1, 2014. catia has multiple tattoos and her tongue is pierced. she is believed to still be in the new york metropolitan area. bryan cranston: hi. i'm bryan cranston. if you have any information about the missing persons you've seen on this program, please call the national center for missing and exploited children at 1-800-the-lost or call the fbi. you can make a difference. thank you.
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alex: here now are more missing individuals who need your help. please take a careful look at these faces. missing from south el monte, california, 16-year-old cynthia gaytan ran away from home on february 20, 2014. cynthia may be in the company of dacia ramos, a classmate at south el monte high school. they may have traveled to venice, california or possibly to northern california. cynthia may be using the alias last name hernandez. missing from south orange, new jersey, since january 26, 2006 amena el sayed was abducted by her father, mohammed el sayed. an fbi warrant has been issued for mohammed el sayed. authorities fear that he may have taken amena to either saudi arabia or egypt. amena el sayed
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is 6 years old, with brown eyes and black hair. boy: i like to ride my bike in my neighborhood, but what if someone came up to me and said that their dog is missing or hurt? what should i do? second boy: this could be a trick, and you should go tell him to talk to an adult. girl: um, definitely it could be a trick. even if it's in your neighborhood, you should still stay away from them. call neighborhood watch. call your parents and just keep yourself safe. second girl: maybe you can bring your friends over or bring your mom and dad to go with you when you ride your bicycle. alex: don't go away. we'll be right back with more missing cases. girl: children should always check first with a trusted adult before they go anywhere. make sure they never accept any gifts or get into a car with someone they don't know.
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boy: always make sure young children are within your watch when shopping or playing. it only takes a few moments for a child predator to make contact with an innocent child. alex: welcome back. here are some mysteries which we need your help to solve. maybe you recognize one of these individuals. an 18-year-old college freshman, justin gaines was last seen around 2 am the morning of november 2, 2007 at wild bill's,
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a popular bar in duluth, georgia. it appears that justin had been drinking and was trying to arrange a ride home. justin hasn't been seen or heard from since. this age-progressed photo shows what justin might look like today. missing from brooklyn, new york, austen ugweches and his brother andrew were last seen on december 12, 2009. authorities suspect that austen and andrew were kidnapped by tatjana ugweches, their non-custodial mother. austen is 8 years old and has a birthmark on his upper left thigh. andrew is 6 years old. both boys have brown hair and brown eyes. you're in the parking lot of a shopping mall, carrying a few bags and pushing your baby in a stroller. while getting your child's car seat ready, a man
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dashes over and grabs hold of the stroller with your baby in it and runs. what do you do? call 911, scream, "help!" or yell, "stop that man, he has my baby"? calling 911 will take too long. screaming, "help!" doesn't let people know what kind of assistance you're seeking. you must yell out exactly what happened and the type of help you need. roy clark was last seen in port eads, louisiana the morning of august 28, 2005, attempting to evacuate before hurricane katrina hit. he has not been seen since. roy has black hair and brown eyes. authorities believe that brenda gomez was abducted from logan, utah, by her noncustodial father on july 23, 2004. they may still be in the logan area, possibly traveling in a red 1997 nissan
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pickup truck. brenda uses the nickname "brendita." missing under unknown circumstances, thomas darnell was last seen in hollister missouri, on august 27, 2007. thomas is 19 years old. his left ear is pierced, and when last seen he had a short goatee. missing from asheville, north carolina, jody gurley was last seen on october 30, 2013. 16-year-old jody has piercings in his ears, tongue and lip. his hair is light brown, but when last seen it was dyed black. missing from fort lee, new jersey, victoria innes may be in the company of an adult female relative. 9-year-old victoria has been missing since january
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12, 2005. she has brown hair and hazel eyes. an endangered runaway from daly city, california, 18-year-old royal foote was last seen on january 22, 2012. royal may be using the nicknames "roy" or "ro-ro." remember, call your local authorities if you have any information about these or any other missing cases. visit our website,, for more information. when we come back, valuable information on how to keep you and your family safe. we'll return right after this brief break. girl: at night, always sit near the driver on an empty bus. if you order a taxi, make sure the taxi that arrives is the one you ordered. if you have doubts,
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don't get in.
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girl: speak openly to your kids about safety issues. it is vitally important that your children are aware of their surroundings at all times. alex: your help is vital in locating missing people. please look closely at these next cases. this little girl is teresa dean. she's been missing from macon, georgia, since august 15, 1999. that evening, teresa left her family's home around 8 pm, saying she was going to a friend's house to see some puppies. she never arrived.
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teresa was 11 years old when she disappeared. this age-progressed photo estimates what she might look like today. please help us find her. where is amine zahzouh? the 12-year-old was last seen at his home in muncie, indiana, on december 29, 2008. authorities believe that amine was abducted by his non-custodial father, omar zahzouh, who may have taken amine to either france or algeria. amine has scars on his forehead and below his neck. time now for our family safety tip, important information for everyone you love. woman: everybody stay together. michelle. michelle, stay with the group. girl: ms. thomas? ms. thomas? ms. thomas: yes? girl: i have to go to the bathroom.
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ms. thomas: ms. simmons, keep them together. second woman: michelle? were you listening? michelle: yes. second woman: mrs. thomas said you're supposed to go back to school with me. michelle: why? second woman: because your mommy needs you, and she's waiting for you, so come with me. alex: it can happen just like that. the woman who took michelle's hand wasn't a teacher with her group. however, this stranger didn't appear strange to michelle because she called her by name. this is what michelle should have been taught to do--use the "yell and tell" safety rule. second woman: your mommy needs you, and she's waiting for you so come with me. michelle: ms. simmons! she wants to take me away. do i have to go with her? alex: we must teach our children it's ok to say no to adults they don't know or recognize. now a behind the scenes look at the work done at the national center for missing and exploited children. steve loftin: in the last 23 years, we've aged over 5,000 missing children. and in 1,200
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of those cases, they've had recoveries wherein an age progression was done. well, not in all of those 1,200 cases the age progression was attributable to the recovery or identification of the child, but in quite a few of those cases we've had children recognized from the images we have created, either by a school or classmates friends, associates. it's an image based on hope that when we put it out there, somebody who actually knows that child, that missing person would recognize them from the image we have created. it's proven itself. it does work. alex: the national center for missing and exploited children has this telephone hotline for tips and information about missing individuals. don't go away. "missing" returns right after this brief break. so far, more than 675
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individuals featured on our show have been found. thanks to all those caring people like our viewers who have made this possible.
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girl: take full length and height photos of your children every 6 months for identification purposes. keep the photos in a safe and easy-to-remember place at home. john: hi, i'm john ryan, ceo of the national center for missing and exploited children. for 30 years now, we've worked with law enforcement and families. every day missing children are coming home. pictures work. children featured in our photo distribution are recovered because of the tips and leads of caring people just like you. if you have any information about the children featured in this
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program, call us at 1-800-the-lost. alex: you are now about to see a recap of all the missing individuals featured in today's show. take a good look once again. you might recognize someone.
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and that's this edition of "missing." thanks for watching. remember, any information you may have about missing individuals can be valuable. please, don't hesitate to contact the proper authorities either your local police the fbi, or the national center for missing and exploited children. thank you. i'm alex paen, and here's what's coming up. alex: next time on"missing"... recognize a face? help solve a mystery. kidnapping victims, runaway teens, family abductions. each week, thousands of individuals are reported missing across the united states. authorities need your assistance to locate these mimiing children and adults. if you know anything about a missing persons case, report it to your local police or the fbi. you can make a difference.
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alex: this is alex paen. thanks for watching "missing," the only show on television dedicated exclusively to finding missing individuals. follow us on facebook at missingtv. [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.] [captioned by the national captioning institute]
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a nasty mix of rain and freezing temperatures causing problems for millions of drivers. forecasters are warning of more frozen road this morning after a series of deadly crashes. in custody, a teenage couple accused of a multi-state crime spree are arrested after eded hundreds of miles from their kentucky home. and a touchdown. unstoppable. >> and a super showdown is in the works. the new england patriots travel while the packers learn the hard way. >> toward the end zone. it is caught. seattle's going to the


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