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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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earlier in the day and storm can three that is all we're looking at right now just a few sprinkles as we head down the the shore towards ocean city and atlantic city. that clip will travel quickly. you can see snow heading toward minneapolis and that will zip by redevelop off the coast and bring south snow. here's the timing between noon and 3:00p m light snow will begin from west to east. by west i mean lehigh valley and make its way eastward. by 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. we will have a steady snow and by 9:00 p.m. and midnight the that snow will be coming to an even. winter weather advisories in effect for the western part of the viewing area to the west of philadelphia, that does include the towns of reading and west chester even down toward wilmington, for little more than 2 inches of snow as it may start earlier there. two to three there. for rest of us one to two. down the shore it will mix with rain, we are looking at a coat to go 1 inch of snow there we will talk about the
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quiet weather after the snow and then two more snow chances, a week even storm possible and even another chance of snow next week. more on that coming up, a little later in the broadcast when i join you inside. >> kathy thanks. track tomorrow's snow by down loading the the cbs philly weather app. get the latest forecast from the team of meteorologists, down load it for freon google will play and i tunes. sunday's treacherous icing on the region's major roadways has left its victims but it also has heroes. on the blue route as a young husband and father slammed on his brakes and his wife and within year old in the car, a rookie radnor police officer was nearby. what happened next is a story of sacrifice and heroism. the here's pat ciarrocchi. >> reporter: icing was epic, fast, imperceptible and undrivable, wreck car stack up, on the schuylkill expressway, one death, amid more than 50 tangled cars. shortly after 7:00 a.m. the
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blue route at west chester pike had a glaze of ice that a tractor trailer could not navigate. radnor township rookie officer james gallagher had just gotten off-duty. he had stopped to help a couple of fender benders. then. >> then i hear a series of bangs and is there tractor trailer sideways coming down the road. i see a silver car shoot underneath the trailer had its roof cut off. >> reporter: earl that morning traveling home was jason anderson and his family. their became the second car, slamming in the tractor trailer, wedged underneath. gallagher went into try age mode. >> operator was not responsive at all, there was a female passenger who could hear me and respond to me she started screaming at her baby i'm able to get back door of the the car opened and is there a child in the car seat. >> reporter: driver was anderson a three three-year old who work the at dover international speed way. he was killed in the crash. his wife and baby who was strapped into a car seat
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survived. with office are gallagher agoing quickly to get the child to safety using a knife to cut the straps holding that child's safety seat. >> baby looked okay so i decided to take the entire car seat out of the car. i cut it loose and gave to it a bystander and take to it my car because my car was safe on the other side of the accident, it has got heat it has got dry. >> reporter: officer gallagher told us he is a dad of a three user old. some instincts and training just kicked in. >> well, driver of that first car wedged beneath tractor trail are thomas brennan of lansdale was also killed. a trust fun has been set up for jason's son brian, if you are interested in contributing, or learning more about the services thursday and friday of this week far joy son anderson go to cbs in the sat center, pat ciarrocchi cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> pat, thank you. there is developing news tonight a bucks county man is facing charges of child sexual assault tonight.
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bensalem township police arrested 36 year-old david hibs. a ten and nine year-old girl were touched during sleep overs at his home and tonight, 30 he lease say there may be more victims. he is being held on $750,000 bail. well, now an "eyewitness news" exclusive, we have unconfirmed reports tonight that a gun has been found at the multi cultural academy charter school in north philadelphia. one student was reportedly taken out of that school in handcuffs, earlier today but no one was injured. principal of the school did release a statement tonight ape said safeties and well-being of the students are of the up most importance. we have taken every step to ensure our students safety and the the matter is being addressed, by law enforcement. well, woman who has been charged and accused offsetting her new born on fire, had a court a appearance in mount
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holly to day. hyphernkemberly dorvilier appeared via video and said she was arrested friday night. police say she left her pemberton home, after giving birth in a bathroom and then drove a baby a couple miles away to a dark road where he was killed. documents, say that dorvilier had a a can of wd40 and a lighter in her possession. four suspects are on the loose after a brazen smash and grab robbery at the willow grove park mall in abington township last night. surveillance cameras caught them on tape breaking in the rolex display cases a at precision watches and jewelry store. police tell "eyewitness news" that the store's own are fired a handgun twice in the ceiling to scare them off and some are now questioning his own actions. >> if if you are using a firearm, the the moment you pull that trigger it is using deadly force. whether that round is going up down, left or right you are legally responsible morally and ethically responsible for every single
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round that exits that must will. >> three robbers were pick up by a fourth suspect in the mini ran that was found abandoned not far away. it is not clear at this point just how much merchandise they have took. it is inauguration day for tom wolf and a new day in harrisburg. the democrat was sworn in as pennsylvania's forty-seventh governor and tonight he is getting ready to celebrate. we have live team three coverage from both harrisburg and hershey. we will begin with our todd quinones at the swearing in at the capitol. >> reporter: tom wolf says he will be an unconventional governor and he is not the product of the political system. >> i thomas westerman wolf. >> reporter: with his hand on his family bible tom wolf was sworn in as pennsylvania's forty-seventh bible during his inauguration the democrat says education must be the the highest priority. >> nothing is more essential then working together to make sure that every child in pennsylvania, every child, has access to a great education. >> reporter: protesters can be heard yelling ban fraking now
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during his swearing in ceremony. wolf ran on a campaign promise of using 5 percent tax on gas extraction to help fun schools. that won't be easy with a republican controlled legislature and a looming project $2 billion budget deficit. >> what we need is a government that is more efficient and less ways full, that is true. but we need a government that is responsive to the concerns and need of the people that it serves. >> reporter: compromise will be important and businessman's reputation forgetting things done will be tested, republicans could see changes in the way the state liquor control board is run and push for overall pension reforms. former republican governor tom ridge. >> the legislature has priorities, the governor has priorities, and how do they sit down and try to accommodate each others interests a and what do they do to get those things done. >> reporter: in his speech wolf indicated he as willing to work a across party lines, when it comes his goals, such as a attracting higher paying jobs. while in office wolf will not reside here, in the governor's residence, instead he will make the 60 minute commute
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every day from his home in mount wolf. in harrisburg, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". governor wolf is getting readied for his inaugural ball in hershey where "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco joins us live diana? >> reporter: chris, we are at the great american ballroom here at the hershey lodge in hershey where just about two hours from now the doors opened for the let's get started inaugural ball. just before 9:00 tonight the governor will take the stage and have a a few short comments for all of the people that have come to celebrate here tonight. you can see sound check is underway now we have just had security sweep and there is a lot of excitement in the eras everyone here is really ready to party of course, we will have much more coming up at ten and 11:00 and things get underway here. we are live from hershey diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> great night for a party, thanks very much. watch governor wolf's entire inaugural a address on our web site the address is
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cbs bucks county jury is deliberating the fate of former tv sport caster don tollefson. tollefson is charming with scaming people out of $300,000 in the name of charity. tollefson, hoist representing himself, toll the jury during closing arguments today that he is not a criminal. philadelphia police are searching for as many a as five suspects robbed and tried to abduct a man at gunpoint. this is new surveillance video from the crime scene on south seventh street. victim says that they a approached him from behind, hit him in the head with the handgun. they also tried forcing him in the car but a nearby woman screamed sending the attackers running in another direction. a dell will wear mother is a accused of robbing a wilmington wawa at gunpoint and police say she did that with her one year-old daughter waiting outside in a taxi with an acquaintance. police track down the suspect, amanda paulleti at her home earlier today. she was arraigned shortly
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thereafter and we are told she is now behind bars. still to come tonight one family fights back after an unthinkable tragedy. >> i started screaming, i started screaming, i started running and he just kept driving. >> a little boy is hit and killed by a school bus today his parents took their fight to court suing a local school district and the bus company. and plans for a papal visit are taking shape what we have learn about pope francis's trip to philadelphia in september including where he may meet with some children kathy? in weather quiet for tonight but all eyes on the clipper bringing us snow by tomorrow afternoon, we will talk about what to expect with this and two more chances of snow after it, for the weekend and next week, details coming up. hi beasley. flyers host penguins tonight with both teams struggling but fly guys have an edge in the series ovulate coach beruby talked about his team's need for a big victory heading in the all-star break
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parents of the camden county boy killed by a school bus last year have filed a lawsuit. that suit names the waterford township school district and bus company, "eyewitness
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news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan, talk today with the boy's parents. >> our son was struck and killed by a school bus. >> i saw the whole thing. >> one year ago canvasback witnessed her six year-old son edmond's graphic death. they were living in waterford township and edmond crossed the street to get on the school bus for some reason the bus driver a substitute, hit the gas and ran edmond over. >> i started screaming. you started running hitting the bus. he just kept driving. >> reporter: she says another witness flagged down the bus driver further down the street and unaware he just crush the boy to death. >> just a very, very horrible day, never would think that never, that your child would be gone. >> reporter: they have filed a wrongful death lawsuit begins waterford school district and hillman bus company. >> all we know is he didn't make proper observation that is day and for whatever reason he he started moving when there was a child in front of him.
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>> reporter: an attorney for cool district and bus company says he does in the believe the driver was negligent and camden county prosecutor's office says the man will not face charges. as they reflect on he had monday's life and death they want it to mean something. they say filing a wrongful death lawsuit is part of the bigger goal to improve bus safety for all children. >> we can prevent this as much as possible such as having sensors on the bus that senses when there is a child out in front. >> reporter: they are willing to tell their story in court or at the state thousands make sure some good comes from little edmond's death n marlton, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, 600 unsafe structures are coming down in camden, new jersey. the the new jersey department of community affairs a announced the demolition project, earlier today. phase within of the project will start with the demolition of 62 abandoned and unsafe buildings in the whitman park, and crammer hill neighborhood. new at 6:00 tonight philadelphia archbishop chaput
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reveals more details about pope francis's visit to philadelphia on september 26th and 27th. "eyewitness news" caught up with the archbishop as he launched 2015 catholic charities appeal today. archbishop chaput the hosting the pope during world meeting of families says he has three items on his agenda a. >> sure, i know there will be a stadium vice witt young people and grand parents. there will be a festival of families on the parkway and on saturday night and there will be a mass at the same venue on the parkway on sunday afternoon at 3:00 o'clock. >> archbishop chaput says he is heading to rome to meet up with the pope to firm up the agenda. in weather we're talking about cooler temperatures tonight. we will fall down in the 20's and all eyes are on a clip their will bring snow. he haven't had much this year so far so we have to pay special attention to this, because we're talking about it coming during the evening
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commute. take a look outside where we have manmade snow in the poconos and they will be getting about an inch of the new, not man a maid, mother nature provided snow. on storm scan three we are looking at a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy sky. nothing going on here but we will be seeing that clipper moving in rather quickly tomorrow, and then that is going to make a big difference in our weather with those snow showers especially tomorrow afternoon. across the region temperatures have been please i this afternoon. eyewitness weather watchers are talking about numbers in the 30's with some 40's out there and 34 degrees to the north and west, being reported by lou in eagleville. making it confidentable. the .1 of an inch of precipitation falling in the form of some sprinkles later this afternoon. the it is 39 degrees reported by jim. you may be seeing an inch or two, maybe more snow come tomorrow afternoon. we will take you to delaware toward delaware city and middletown where temperatures
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still holding on to 40 degrees. the right now jason says wind out of the northwest at 7 miles an hour. a across the a area we have seen high temperatures that have been really nice today mainly in the the 40's. philadelphia 41. barbara says willow grove 45. mark in chats worth 44. robbinsville 44 degrees. temperatures elsewhere in the delaware valley looking decent in the city of philadelphia 39, it is 27 in the poconos. reading is 33 degrees. we will watch this clipper, swiftly move our way and then by tomorrow it will be knocking at our doorsteps. rain mix nothing through extreme south jersey and southern delaware but for the the rest of us we're talking about a wet snow. there are computer models that are indicating higher amount of precipitation through reading, also chester, counties and northern part of the new castle county west ward and that would indicate 2 inches of snow. rest of us one to 2 inches. toward the shore and delaware beaches a coat to go 1 inch of snow expected there we are
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seeing models coming in right now that are saying there could be enhancement later in the day, five or six or even 7:00 o'clock interior south jersey as secondary low pressure system develops. if that is the the case that would meaningless mixing down through south jersey and possibly, maybe a little more than 2 inches through interior south jersey. we will keep you posted on. that but still one to 3 inches of snow expect, with this event. overnight mostly cloudy and chilly. low temperature of 28. looking for light the snow tomorrow afternoon, mixing with rain for extreme south jersey and delaware. the the temperature is around 34 degrees. it will be a wet snow. we are looking at the evening commute to be slick with untreated surfaces, everything will be wet reduced visibility and drive with care and allow extra time. after this event we will take a few breaks on thursday and friday and then a coastal low moves up eastern see game. will it bring rain sleet snow? jury is still out but weather
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pattern are getting very active around here as expect for latter part of the movement on the seven day forecast thursday 40. friday looking for temperature of 38. then you can see a chance of rain or snow on saturday. sunday looks dry. monday eyeing another threat because tuesday there is another chance of snow with temperatures in the 30's, get varying busy, three different snow chances in one week. >> that time of the year. >> all right kathy. good evening, everyone, quite a busy day for rush hour 76 95, vine street expressway blue route, list goes on and a on. expect a full blown rush. traveling on 76 westbound at off ramp to 202 southbound we are dealing with an accident that is compromising the left-hand lane and it is delaying things on the westbound side of 76. you're basically jammed from approaching city avenue through king of prussia. give yourself some more in time. head together flyers game? i-95 jammed packed in delaware county this shot at 452.
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fine volume here and up and over girard point bridge and find it every where else on i-95 in and out of the northeast and center city. watch out for delays on 295 in new jersey approaching 73, basically down through 42 freeway. lots of red on the schuylkill and big old hold up traveling on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound out of the area of valley forge through to bensalem but stay with us for cbs philly.
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well, the flyers host the penguins tonight protest teching a five game winning streak over their cross state rivals. both teams struggling though. pens dropped two straight flyers just four wins since christmas, this is their final game before the all-star break. >> it is just like any we're always trying to get wins but it is, a big game for sure going in the break against pittsburgh obviously, you
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know so, it will give us momentum coming out of the break for sure. >> the sixers have the night off before hosting the new york knicks, here they are at practice at the the midpoint of the season with the record of eight and 33. nerlens noel sees improvement especially on offense. >> it goes back to tim duncan david robinson's days as coach brown explains it. it is built the right way. we're obviously a young team and we have to work on the way we play. we're not that far behind. we are in a great spot. >> i was at breakfast for nfl man of the the year charles tillman of the chicago bears. he spoke to kid the urban prom is in camden. pro bowler, 12 year veteran wonderful example for kid. he visits camden often to help out and he has no ties to this area. >> wow. >> what a great young man. >> great to be there. >> awesome. >> writes a check, comes visit, talks awesome guy.
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>> we need more like him for sure. >> we will be right back.
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get ready for active weather over next few days. >> tomorrow morning in problems for the commute it is after that take a look here's our timing between noon and three, snow moves in, by west to east, by 3:00 p.m. throughout philadelphia five to eight steady snow and then end between 9:00 and midnight good okay. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on wpsg the the cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". they will preview state have the union a crest which you can see right here at 9:00 o'clock tonight plus meet a wounded warrior key filing the odd. scott pelley reports, "cbs evening news" tonight from washington d.c.
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>> pelley: tonight, united states divided government. the president and the republicans present their views of the state of the union but what, if anything can they agree on? reports from major garrett and bob schieffer? jeff pegues on new questions about the state of the union's infrastructure after a deadly bridge collapse in cincinnati. the parable of the rabbits, how the the pope invoked them for his latest teaching on catholics and the family. and david martin with a miracle-- >> it wasn't done here on earth. >> pelley: or two. >> i cried in the operating room when he was porn. it was the most amazing thing i've seen. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley repo


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