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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 27, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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or visit january 27 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." the east coast under a state of emergency. america's largest city is shut down. we are live from long island to maine. only on "cbs this morning" a new warning about x rays and cat scans. why patients might be exposed to unnecessary radiation. a new person of interest emerges in deflate gate and the patriots owner demands an apology. we begin with today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. the wind creates piles of snow and all of a sudden it is beyond my knees.
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>> a monster blizzard paralyzes the northeast. 58 million people in 12 states affected. >> massachusetts in the bulls eye. >> travel bans in place. >> understate of emergency. thousands of flights are cancelled. like it is cancelled. >> instagram and facebook are back online after being down in multiple countries. >> a notorious hacking group taking responsibility on twitter. the fbi taking down an alleged spy ring to gather intelligence on u.s. sanctions. i believe the new england patriots have done nothing inappropriate. >> the nfl zeroed in on a locker room attendant. >> how about having the patriots forfeit that game. >> president obama set to arrive in saudi arabia. he will pay his respects to the
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new king. two police officers were shot and a suspect killed at a city council meeting in minnesota. >> stay down. >> it was not my day. >> valentine's day is coming up. what are you going to do for valentine's day? >> i'm not going to tell you. >> "cbs this morning." >> testing a new product, a hot dog wrapped in fried chicken with liquid cheese on top. the new meaning of kfc is killing fatties cardiologically. >> today's eye opener is presented by toyota. let's go places. a huge winter storm this
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morning is pounding the northeast. millions of americans are hunkering down at home. it is snowing heavily right now across much of new england. here is a look at eastern massachusetts. a travel ban is in place in massachusetts as well as southern new york new jersey, connecticut and rhode island. many cities and towns will not receive mail today. >> this storm affects tens of millions of people. by the time it is over boston providence could have around two feet. new york city is likely to have up to a foot of snow. a blizzard warning is still up in long island and the coast. we have correspondents along the northeast this morning. >> reporter: i'm doing something only possible once a year. i am standing in the middle of times square and it is virtually empty because there is a complete and total travel ban. only emergency vehicles are
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allowed on the roads. the subways, bus lines and rail lines are all shut down. new york city itself got a glancing blow from the storm. we have gotten between five and seven inches. we could get more as the day progresses. on long island they are experiencing near blizzard conditions. for the millions of commuters trying to make it home last night before the travel ban the precautions have proven more painful than the event. heavy snow is blanketing new york city's roads and sidewalks this morning. thi storm dumped about a quarter of what meteorologists predicted. even that was enough to bring the city that never sleeps to a stand still. >> for every day new yorkers it is pretty clear. this is not business as usual. >> state officials issued a travel ban shutting down subway and commuter train services telling people to stay off the roads to make way for emergency crews. >> it only takes two cars to get stuck and the traffic backs up
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and that is it. >> thank you for the incredible efforts. >> volunteers from the american red cross greater new york were on stand by through the night. they have enough disaster supplies to help 50,000 people. >> watt we have here is a cart with 40 cots and 80 blankets. there are 400 cots within this box truck. >> reporter: on the jersey shore where coastal flooding is threatening many low lying communities governor chris christie said he is confident that his team is ready to combat the elements. >> we had hurricane irene and hurricane sandy. for better or for worse we know how to deal with these situations. >> reporter: although the worst of the storm here in new york has already passed -- >> i don't do snow i really don't. >> reporter: it could take days to clean up the mess left behind. >> the good news is the sun will come out again. we just don't know when. >> reporter: we also don't know when the travel ban will be
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lifted possibly today or maybe not even tomorrow. new york city schools are closed today and that has happened fewer than ten times over the past five decades. wall street will be open. >> all right. they always muddle through. i love the one that said i don't do snow. i'm with her. as you go east the snow gets heavier and wind is stronger. some people are finding cover under subway tracks in brooklyn. >> reporter: good morning. crews have been working through the night here clearing snow away trying to keep up with this storm and keep the roads free of snow. let's show you what it looked like from inside one of the snow plows this morning. this is the view from the front seat during the height of the storm. it was snowing at a rate of three to four inches an hour. in new york the national weather
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service recorded 20 inches of snow so far here on long island. the governor issued a travel ban throughout long island to keep cars off the roads and allow crews to clear the snow. long island railroad service which sees about 300,000 commuters per day were suspended at 11:00 p.m. monday night and that continues this morning. as blizzard warnings remains in effect at least until wednesday we are hearing the wind gusts of up to 55 miles per hour continue across the island. there is the possibility of some gusts hitting 70 miles per hour on the east end. those winds could lead to wide spread power outages. coastal flooding is a big concern here with high tides forecasted to be two to three feet higher than usual. schools across the island remain closed and we can tell you that this storm has turned deadly here on long island. local police telling us one 17 year old was killed in a sledding accident overnight. >> thanks.
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powerful winds and high surf are causing severe coastal flooding south of boston. the massachusetts coast could see blizzard conditions through much of the day. anna, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. they are having problems along the coast. here in the city in the heart of the city nobody is out here. let's talk about the kind of snow we are dealing with here in boston. you can see how light and fluffy this is. that is good news when you talk about power outages because the lines and the trees don't get as heavy. that's less breakage. when you talk about plowing the streets this light snow you plow it away. it has a tendency a lot of it to come back after the flows come through because the wind just blows it back on to the street. good and bad situation with the type of snow we are experiencing here in boston. the governor has told everyone else to stay off the streets.
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overnight an army of 2,000 plows outnumbered cars in the streets on parts of boston. desperately trying to keep pace with the fast falling snow. at times pounding the city at a rate of two to three inches an hour. >> the visibility is getting a little bad. the road is not too bad yet. >> reporter: in the coastal town where high tides are creating the threat of flooding officials protectively shut off power to 200 homes hoping to prevent electrical fires. >> we have been through blizzards before and i am certainly confident we are prepared. a storm this size poses a threat to public safety so we are taking this storm very seriously. >> reporter: throughout the region windy, snowy and icy conditions made driving dangerous. part of interstate 495 was closed after this tractor-trailer spun out. >> when you wake up in the morning it is going to look like a blizzard.
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driving in the commonwealth unless you have to is not a good idea. >> reporter: while some ventured outside wind gusts kept most indoors. with up to three feet of heavy wet snow expected more than 1,000 utility crews are standing by for what could be significant power outages in parts of the state. so this is a main drag in boston. normally you would see the morning traffic, everybody heading to work. this morning we've got about ten snow plows we have seen and two cars and just a couple of lone walkers. >> everybody still sleeping. thank you. and here is a unique perspective. check out the view of the storm from space. its energy towards the northeast meaning more snow for new england. this is portland, maine.
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>> reporter: i feel like i'm in a snow globe. it is very light. several inches have fallen overnight. surprisingly here at the ferry terminal they are still operating. they just called an announcement that they may be suspending service. people here say they are used to this kind of weather. this particular terminal continued service through the blizzard of 2013 just two years ago when they got over 30 inches of snow in a matter of two days. all in all people are staying off of the roads. the governor of maine declared a state of emergency this morning so there is definitely extra added precaution out here. that wind is starting to whip even though it is very soft snow when that wind whips up and smacks you in the face it definitely stings. later on in the broadcast we will try to hop on one of the ferries to get a different vantage point and give you a sense of what people are dealing with here in portland, maine.
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travel delays are the norm this morning. some people are stranded and sleeping at new york's jfk airport. nearby hotels are booked. travel woes will continue today for millions. right now nearly 4,900 flights are grounded because of the storm. lonnie quinn is here in studio 57, chief weather forecaster for wc wcbs tv. is it safe to say the storm was not as bad as predicted in new york city? >> i think that is a fair statement. here is the deal. the storm it just shifted by about 50 miles. that is why the governor had to make the call that he made and the mayor. look at the conditions out on long island it could very well be new york city. while we were sleeping it pushed a little more off to the east. we see the big totals right now we are dealing with them out on the east end of long island all the way up the coast of maine.
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so you are dealing with heavy snow around boston and then clearing by the time you get to wednesday 11:00 in the morning off the coast of maine dusting our hands of this one. as of right now blizzard warnings in effect from the east end of long island all the way through the coast of maine to the canadian border. national weather service only takes care of our country so that is the picture there. how much more snow? it looks like another foot on top of what you have. you go well inland it is another three to six inches. we are not done until you get to late tonight into tomorrow and that is for the coast of maine. that is a picture at the national weather. you're fair to say that new york city took a hit but not the worst hit. the worst was east of the city at long island. >> our storm coverage continues all morning. we will show you a new app that lets people follow the snow plows in their neighborhood.
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you can find out whether your street has been plowed. that is ahead here on "cbs this morning." the fbi is taking credit this morning for breaking up an alleged russian spy ring. prosecutors say one suspect posed as a bank employee and tried to send information back to russia's intelligence agency. what the apparent spies had planned. >> prosecutors say this russian spy ring had been operating since 2012 in new york city. the fbi used informants and hidden cameras to build their case. the alleged spy appeared in court on monday. the justice department argued that he was employed at a rush bank in new york as a cover while working for the svr. investigators say he and two others attempted to recruit new yorkers to be russian intelligence sources as they tried to gather u.s. government documents to help the russian government collect information
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about potential u.s. economic sanctions against russian banks. u.s. officials say ultimately the plan failed. there are questions about how much damage these spies could have done. according to the criminal complaint he at one time used an internet search on his work computer to gather information on the sanctions against russia. bail was denied for the alleged spy who could face up to 15 years in prison. prosecutors say the other suspects have not been arrested and left the country. they had diplomatic inunity when here. i want to give you the update on the pilot of a wayward drone. he could face criminal charges. the device crash landed early monday. the breach is raising new questions about security at the executive mansion. the first daughters were inside. the drone is a remote controlled quadcopter with four rotors.
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it is too small to be detected by radar. the secret service says the operator, a government employee called to turn himself in after the incident. he says he was using it for recreational purposes and lost control. a locker room attendant may be the focus this morning in the deflated football investigation by the nfl. the new england patriots arrived in phoenix for super bowl xlix. owner robert kraft is lashing out of the investigation. the team tired of all of these allegations, jan good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the nfl would obviously like to put deflate gate behind it so people will start focusing on one of the biggest spoorting events in the world. this morning it is pretty clear that we are not going to have answers before sunday's game and robert kraft is furious at how things have unfolded. >> i am disappointed in the way this entire matter has been handled and reported upon.
7:17 am
>> reporter: owner said the new england patriots did nothing wrong and that ted wells, the lawyer hired by the nfl to investigate eventually will reach the same conclusion. >> if the wells investigation is not able to definitively determine that our organization tampered with the air pressure in the footballs i would expect and hope that the league would apologize to our entire team. >> reporter: the latest reports raise even more questions. one leak says a surveillance video shows a patriots locker room attendant taking the footballs to another room before bringing them out to the field. another report indicates the attendant was in that room a bathroom only about 90 seconds raising questions about whether he could have deflated the footballs in such a short time. kevin clark, "wall street journal's" nfl reporter said if there was wrong doing it is hard
7:18 am
to believe a low level employee was solely responsible. >> this idea that they wouldn't be ordering it is crazy. the public wouldn't buy that. >> reporter: beellichick refused to address the latest report. >> my attention is focused on seattle seahawks. right now the only thing i am focused on is the seattle seahawks. >> wells said no conclusions should be drawn. he added in the interim it would be besz if everyone involved avoids public comment. >> while the nfl is looking at this unnamed locker room attendant investigators have not yet determined if he is responsible for any wrong doing. facebook says an outage that knocked users around the world offline this morning is not the work of hackers.
7:19 am
instagram was also down. a group called lizard squad claimed responsibility but facebook says this was not a urresult of a third party attack. facebook says the problem is fixed and both services are back up. >> that's interesting. it is 7:19. ahead and only on "cbs this morning" why many cat scans may not be worth the time or the exposure. what y y
7:20 am
tracking storm cleanup block by block. >> how it is giving new power to residents. >> reporter: we will show you how plows are using web technology to send data back to consumers as to when the streets have been plowed and where. the news is back right here
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millions of americans plus >> governor chris christie lifted travel ban from i19 -- 95. >> another perspective diana good morning. >> reporter: ukee, good morning, snow still coming down out here this morning but starting to see some signs of life. live along route 37, here in toms river where we've soon some cars on the road this morning, a lot of plow trucks out, you can see we're starting to see some pavement there. and that's the good news. because it looks like some people actually are going to try to go to work this morning. but for the most part, they were really hunkering down and waiting this storm out. we're expect to go see some really high winds here, last night, i just got off the phone with the sheriff's offers who tells me for ocean county there are no major problems to report this
7:27 am
morning. but we do have about 7 inches on the ground here, and people are really taking it slow. so that's the very latest from toms river. back to you. >> diana, thank so much. boy, katie, what a difference few hundred miles makes or that distance. >> it is so true. you're right. maybe about 100 miles give or take in either direction where it is a total opposite of what you are going to ends up with by the time this nor'easter is completely finished with our area. yes, we are specking lighter snowfall totals. but everyone still going to get something out of this storm. let's go quickly to storm scan3, show you what's been happening. brunt of the storm pulling into southeastern new england, we do as diana showed us have some moderate snow falling in ocean and monmouth county, even in mercer county, winter storm warnings still in effect. further inland whitfield elementary school isn't in session, but certainly have some white snow blanket that ground. and the snowfall totals have certainly changed. we expect where diana is up to foot to fall. where as in philadelphia now, courtesy of dry air it has been greatly reduced two to
7:28 am
4 inches in total by the end of the storm. now, everything is tapering off that said by midday, the winds will persist, even through tomorrow but seymour sunshine. and then thursday night another round of light snow is on the way. vittoria? >> thank you so much katie. good morning everyone, so to piggyback off diane arc even ukee mentioning this, as well, even though the travel ban has been left in the new jersey, for anyone traveling south of i195, so anyone in south jersey good to go, you still want to be mindful of that. you want to maintain a moderate speed of at least 45 miles per hour, nothing really over that, because it is still very slick and wet out there. >> in regard to mass transit major problems with septa delays, double check and stay with us, ukee? >> next update at clock 55, up next on cbs this morning howell new -- how a new app helps you keep track your city's snow plows. for more local news weather traffic and sports we're on
7:29 am
the "cw philly". you can find us here on these channels. i'm ukee
7:30 am
there is an enormous blizzard hitting our area currently. my guess is if you are watching this program new york is gone. >> i don't know how you are going to get home. i saw this outside in the hudson river ten minutes ago. i'm not making this up. >> forecasters say people have not seen a whiteout like this since last week's oscar nominations. >> blizzard warnings issues from the jersey shore up to maine. new york is expected to get as much as three feet of snow. i can't imagine how small the footballs are going to be deflated in new england. >> new york is still good. >> just about 5 1/2 inches in central park. a lot less than expected. >> it was funny yesterday when they a said the worst in new
7:31 am
york history you said didn't new york have a long history? >> i'm reading how the weather department is explaining this. we can't be sure. these things move very fast. >> imperfect science. welcome back to "cbs this morning." we will take you back to the storm in a moment and how your doctor could be putting you at risk for cancer with excessive use of medical imaging. the findings you will see first on "cbs this morning." plus straight out of a james bond movie the pilot who pulled off this daring maneuver talks about his rescue more than 250 miles from land. that story is ahead. we continue our coverage of the northeast blizzard. much of the region is buried in snow this morning and more is coming. here is a look at boston where up to two feet could pile up. tens of millions of people from new york to maine are getting a simple message, stay home until it is over. kim lucy is watching this storm
7:32 am
in rocky hill connecticut. >> reporter: good morning. what is setting this storm apart is the wind. when i open up this umbrella the gusts almost take it right away from here. the meteorologists are estimating it is gusting 30 to 50 miles per hour with the stronger gusts along the shore line. the snow itself very light and powdery. that is why it is blowing around so much and causing big drifts so far. as far as highways on ramps to i-91 north are behind me. there is a travel ban in place here in connecticut. only emergency vehicles are supposed to be on the roadways at this time. other vehicles are subject to a fine if they are caught on the roadways. the governor is expecting to update us on when that is expected to be lifted. another update is plan at 8:30 this morning. and rocky hill connecticut i'm kim lucy. >> nice job. that umbrella demonstration tells a story.
7:33 am
crews working to clear the mess in times square and elsewhere are very busy this morning. in many big cities snow plows are equipped with trackers. on the streets of new york to show us how it puts residents in the driver's seat. >> reporter: good morning. it's become a cliche to say this city never sleeps but in reality when a blizzard hits the plows are always on the move. they have done such a good job we haven't seen many in the last hour or so. now there is a website application that allows you to track in real time the last time a street was cleared and when. even before the blizzard reaches its full potential the operations center of new york city's sanitation department is focused on getting plows to the streets that need them most. >> we view them as first of the first responders. we are speaking to the field.
7:34 am
we are on the radio with the field and tracking the cameras that are available to us across the city to really have real time insight into what the conditions are. >> reporter: the department plans to deploy 2,550 plows and more than 2,400 workers to combat the storm and will share efforts with people through the web app. >> these are actually snow plows with gps units. >> analyzes statistics provided by new york city. >> the city tracks the snow plows and aggregates that information and makes it available on the map. green lines show streets plowed in the last hour. the blue line shows streets plowed in the last one to three hours. >> reporter: new york isn't the only city applying this technology. people in pittsburgh can track plows in real time. chicago has been sharing plow data for the last several winters. the app allows call centers to
7:35 am
deal with more pressing issues. >> i think for the public it gives a sense of security to see where things are happening and to be able to feel like they can hold us accountable. at the end of the day we work for them. >> reporter: we are cruising down new york's famous fifth avenue. the streets are pretty clear. the data junkies who crunch the numbers say they want the city to release the numbers from the plow app that way they can create more efficient routes in the future. >> thank you so much. >> he is doing a good job. i was waiting to see if he would look at the camera and he never did. >> i think that is helpful. the more transparency in government the better it is. time to show you some of this morning's other headlines. the "new york times" says the president of argentina is threatening to dissolve the country's intelligence agency. last night she said she wanted a
7:36 am
new spy agency with reduced powers. it was her first televised address since a prosecutor was found dead. he accused her for trying to reach a deal with iran to protect iranian suspects linked to a bomb attack that killed 85. a city council meeting was interrupted by gun fire. [ bleep ]. >> get down get down. everybody get down. >> the shooting took place outside last night's meeting. two officers were wounded. they are expecting to survive. they had just been sworn in at the meeting. the suspected gunman was shot dead when the cops returned fire. no one inside was injured. and the atlanta journal constitution has the update on the missing couple. the two bodies found in a south georgia lake appear to be that of the couple.
7:37 am
they vanished last week after they travelled from the atlanta area to buy a classic car. divers found human remains on monday along with the couple's vehicle. ronnie towns is in jail the last known person to speak to them. right now he is charged with giving false statements and attempted theft. a new warning about exposure to radiation from medical imaging. it finds the number of scans grew to 80 million now. up to one-third could be unnecessary. trisha, good morning. why are there so many tests being performed? >> doctors often aren't aware of the risks of radiation and don't realize that ct scans can be linked to cancer. some studies show up to half of doctors don't know that. >> how could doctors not know that? >> i know that. >> that's just what the evidence
7:38 am
has been showing, the research has been showing. >> we should be worried because? >> because ct scans can lead to cancer. the more x-raies you have they all involve radiation. there are probably 29,000 cancers in the future predicted to be the result of ct scans alone and that is about 2% of all future cancers and 15,000 cancer deaths. >> what are some of the most overused tests? we found we are ordering too many of these. >> we are ordering too many of them. the tests for headaches for example, people want to know what is causing their headaches. often times the ct scan isn't the right test an mri might be better and that doesn't expose radiation. for back pain people want ct scans but in most cases you don't need them. >> any suggestion that doctors do this because of the financial rewards? >> there is some indication that some doctors have a financial
7:39 am
incentive either because they own the equipment or do volume testing. but often times it's just that they are worried about being sued. they want to be overly cautious. >> i go to the doctor and he says i need a ct scan. if i am in pain i would do anything he tells me to do. he or she. what should i do? >> first thing you should say is why and second is there another test to give the same information and wouldn't expose me to as much radiation? if you express your concern about radiation then you can have a conversation with your doctor about it. >> or get a second opinion. >> or get a second opinion. >> the american college of radiology says in order to limit exposure to radiation make sure the facility you use is accredited meaning it has been inspected within the last three years. it is really important information but something hard to remember if you are going to the doctor. have you been accredited in the
7:40 am
last three years? >> one thing you can remember is ask about the dose of radiation that they use in the test and ask them to use the lowest possible dose. >> thank you. >> thank you. and you can see the full consumer reports story at what a pilot is saying about his amazing escape from this plane. see how a special parachute like the one he used works. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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we are hearing from the pilot who ditched his plane in the pacific ocean when it ran out of fuel. the dramatic crash landing was caught on video. the journey began in california but the trip came up a little short. more than 200 miles off the
7:45 am
coast of hawaii. how a special parachute might have made the difference between life and death. >> reporter: the pilot of the single engine plane was in trouble more than 250 miles from hawaii when he radioed for help. the coast guard located a cruise ship nearby. the pilot headed that way and prepared to ditch releasing the parachute that is standard equipment on the aircraft. at first the plane plunged towards the pacific. the coast guard aircraft captured this video as the parachute fully deployed. after an unconventional landing the pilot climbed into an emergency raft and was soon picked up by the crew from the cruise ship. the pilot was grateful for the happy ending. >> when everything started to go south the coast guard was more than impressive. they worked with a team to get
7:46 am
me on to the boat. >> reporter: he posted videos on youtube of previous long distance flights delivering airplanes including this one on the same route. the parachutes have been used 51 times in the past 15 years saving 104 people. pilot owns and flies one. this blows off? what happens? >> there is a red handle that you pull that trigger as rocket which launches a parachute. >> reporter: he bought it partly to feel safer flying his 2-year-old daughter. while he hates to see any trouble in the air the happy ending off hawaii provides reassurance that the red handle will work should it be needed. >> i would think every father would want that. >> who knew you could put a parachute on a plane? >> that kind of plane.
7:47 am
>> it is not for a 747. >> i still like to know how he ran out of gas. what happened? glad he is okay. >> you never run out of gas? >> not if i was a pilot. >> a pair of adventurers try to float into the record books. we will show
7:48 am
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7:52 am
of 5,209 miles. let's hope they have enough gas. >> and wind. >> cheering them on. why people in the prime of their lives should not ignore high cholesterol plus take you back out into the blizzard. you are watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. in a race, it's about getting to the finish line. in life, it's how you get there that matters most. like when i found out i had a blood clot in my leg. my doctor said that it could travel to my lungs and become an even bigger problem. so he talked to me about xarelto®. >>xarelto® is the first oral prescription blood thinner proven to treat and help prevent dvt and pe that doesn't require regular blood monitoring or changes to your diet. for a prior dvt i took warfarin, which required routine blood testing and dietary restrictions. not this time. while i was taking xarelto®, i still had to stop racing, but i didn't have to deal with that blood monitoring routine. >>don't stop taking xarelto®, rivaroxaban, unless your doctor tells you to.
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>> good morning, waking to up a lot of snow this morning not as much as we expected, but still i want to be careful out there. >> true. we can't minimize that message, especially thousand new jersey, still finding light to moderate snowfall rates out there. but, that said, the grand total may not end up being what we had originally called for, in a lot of the delaware valley, because of this. let's take you out to storm scan3, where you can see this little sliver of dry air that set up in the last couple of hours, and we had it really through the better part of the overnight too. >> you couldn't get the snowfall ac laying cents we went with, but still fining this through good portion of the gather stain state. to up foot out toward ocean county, then even as much as 8 inches through mercer, portions every burlington county. so we're definitely seeing
7:57 am
significant snow out of this. it may not just fall in philadelphia proper. meanwhile, we will see the whole thing just pull away through the course of midday. the breezes still with us, even through to tomorrow. but the storm long gone. by thursday night, a fresh round of light snow is on the way. vittoria? >> thank you so much katie good morning everyone, even though not seeing too much snow on the highways, by ways, not everywhere, don't think it still isn't any less slick. because it is, it is slick you may have black ice, this is the schuylkill expressway, if you are traveling at city avenue, there there are no signs of rush hour. seventy-six and the rest of the majors just fine, take a look at 95. this shot here right around cottman avenue. you will notice these headlines here picking up that it is wet out there. so keep that in mind. still incident prone. like we have some downed wires traveling in monroe township, new jersey on 322 right between corker i lane and millaga road. >> next update 8: 25 next on cbs this morning, what you need to know about high
7:58 am
cholesterol in young adults. local news continues on the "cw philly". see yo
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is tuesday, january 27 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including the big snow storm that has hammered parts of the northeast. first here is a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> light snow you plow it away it has a tendency to come back after the plows come through. >> standing in the middle of times square and it is virtually empty. >> new york city schools are closed today. >> crews have been working through the night here trying to keep up with this storm and keep the roads free of snow. >> i feel like i'm in a snow globe. several inches have fallen. overnight the governor of maine declared a state of emergency.
8:01 am
>> prosecutors say the russian spy ring had been operating in new york city fbi using informants and hidden cameras. >> robert craft is furious at how things have unfolded. >> i don't believe anything the patriots say. >> doctors often aren't aware of the risks of radiation and they don't realize that ct scans can be linked to cancer. >> when everything started to go south and the u.s. coast guard was more than impressive. >> setting this blizzard apart is the wind. >> the number one thing you don't want to hear from your weather man from a blizzard -- >> the wind sounds like this. a strong winter storm spinning off the massachusetts coast is bringing very heavy snow to the northeast. here is a look at how crews in connecticut are struggling to
8:02 am
keep interstate 95 clear. millions of people are under orders to stay off highways and streets. much of southern new england and eastern long island could end up with two feet of snow. in the meantime powerful winds are causing flooding and power outages. chris mckennen is in massachusetts south of boston where he filed this report for our cbs station. >> reporter: as the sun comes up we are getting a look at what exactly happened overnight as the strong surge of water came through right along the coast. as you can see behind me the high winds knocked down power lines there. the fire department down here decided to turn power off voluntarily last night to try to mitigate possible fire. you can see a lot of debris washed up with this storm. i want to come over here and show you just how bad some of the coastal flooding really was. you can see the storm surge is
8:03 am
still coming up and over the storm wall there. take a look down here you can see how deep that water is as it goes across this way and into the surrounding neighborhood. a lot of people decided to get out of dodge and got out of here early. there are reports of some evacuations. but at this point it is two ways to get anywhere and the fire department saying you must make sure you stay indoors and ride this out. very dangerous down here. >> wow. >> when i think blizzard they are getting it. we dodged a bullet but they are certainly getting it there. let's move up to boston. anna warner is just west of downtown.
8:04 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so here is what we are starting to see here now this is the kind of thing that they are going to start dealing with now as more and more snow comes down. a couple inches per hour and it is not expected to stop until the end of the day. we were talking about how light this stuff is. it is starting to pack up a little bit. the snow is very wet and we are hearing that there is a band about 45 minutes west of boston where they are going to get or have already gotten about two feet of snow. so a lot of people are coming out now. we are seeing a lot of people walking downtown going from place to place going wherever they need to be. people seem to be taking this in stride in the city. we saw a jogger in full gear running up and down this street. so we got exercise some people got to get out there. >> i think the boston marathon is like 84 days from now. people running in the marathon
8:05 am
are getting runs in every day. >> when it is coming down like that i never understand people running. >> why is that annoying? >> it is not annoying. >> i think it's dangerous, that's why. >> to themselves. >> yes. to themselves. >> thank you. new york city is starting to get back to normal. travel bans lifted this morning for the city and the rest of new york except for eastern long island. new jersey is allowing drivers back on the roads this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the cross roads of the world have been looking more like the cross walk of the world. we mainly have pedestrians standing in the middle of the road taking pictures because this is not something you see every day. as you said that travel ban was lifted at about 7:30 eastern time. i'm not sure how long this peacefulness will last. for the next couple of days what new yorkers will have to deal
8:06 am
with is this, the cleanup, the sludge the sleet, the mess. really nice. >> you look good though. >> we are all admiring you in your jacket there. >> very dry aren't you. >> yes. thank you. we should also note that this storm will cause trouble in the northeast for probably another 24 hours. lonnie quinn is here in studio 57. >> i walked in this morning and gayle asked me what happened to our storm here in new york city. the forecasted position was to put the storm off of the east end of long island. that would have dumped buckets and buckets of snow into new york city. the actual position off by about 50 miles. mother nature put it a little further to the east basically south of martha's vineyard and put the snow east end of long island. they continue to get hammered into the coast of maine.
8:07 am
it will clear the coast of maine by the time we get to wednesday morning. we have a hurricane warning in effect all the way through the coast of new england. we have winter weather watches and advisories. some folks pick up an additional foot if not more along the coast. >> thank you. there are plenty of new questions about that small drone that crash landed at the white house yesterday. the obama daughters were inside the home when the drone came down on the south lawn. bill plant is at the white house with the latest. >> reporter: the white house grounds are monitored, wired, watched 24/7 and covered by radar but here is the thing. this drone was too small to be detected by radar. it is a hobbyist model although this had no camera. the secret service says the operator was a government employee. the secret service began searching the white house grounds before dawn monday and continued well into the morning looking for evidence that the remote controlled aircraft that
8:08 am
crashed on the south grounds shortly after 3:00 a.m. might not have been an accident. hours later the agency released a statement saying the pilot of the drone called to confess that he had been in control of the device. and the incident seemed to be the result of recreational use. the craft appears to be a model produced by the dji company widely available online for less than $500. >> this is something that law enforcement and the secret service has been planning for and dreading really for decades. >> reporter: dan emmett wrote a book about his more than 20 years in the secret service. he says the agency faced fair criticism for major missteps but this time officers did all they could do. >> i really don't know how the secret service is going to prohibit something like this from happening in the future short of closing down every street that surrounds the white house. as long as we live in a free
8:09 am
society people are going to be able to do weird things at 3:00 in the morning. >> reporter: federal and state law enforcement officials see drones as a potential security threat. and departments like the new york city police are planning for the worst. >> some of the drones come with a small pay load that you can put a camera or carry a device on like a pizza as a future concept. we are looking at that as you can put a device on that that is explosive, chemical in nature or any other substance which may pose a threat to public safety. >> reporter: and that is the big concern. even a basic inexpensive drone like the one that crashed here could carry a small pay load of explosives or chemical agents. >> scary, really scary. >> it is. something still doesn't pass the smell test to me about what
8:10 am
somebody is doing at 3:00 in the morning recreationally flying a drone. >> we will see when that investigation is underway. >> probably figuring it out at this moment how to detect drones. the mom looking at parenting through an unfiltered lens how she is changing the way people see modern families
8:11 am
new evidence this morning we are never too young to worry about the dangers of high cholesterol. how cardiologists are changing their strategy. you are watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
8:12 am
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8:15 am
if you think that you are too young to worry about your cholesterol take a look at this. a new study finds every decade you have elevated cholesterol
8:16 am
your risk of heart disease could jump by 39%. our doctor is with us at the table to explain the study and what we need to worry about. do you find most people in the mid 30s are thinking about cholesterol? >> no. a lot of people in their 30s and 40s are not worried about it. this study suggests that they should be or doctors should be a little more aggressive. the study looked at around 1,500 patients age 55 and free of cardiovascular disease at that point. then they looked back to see how long people had elevated levels of cholesterol. the longer the cholesterol was elevated the higher the risk became of developing a heart attack or stroke. they made this akin to almost sun exposure. the longer you have these elevated levels of cholesterol more and more damage you are accumulating in your cardiovascular system. >> when are you supposed to get your cholesterol checked?
8:17 am
>> the recommendation is age 20 and check every four to six years. a lot of 20 year olds don't know that. >> how common is it that people in their 30s have high cholesterol. >> it is relatively common. we know that that can drive up your cholesterol levels. we have an obesity epidemic. it is appropriate for people to be aware of this and start prevention efforts early. >> don't you when you get your annual physical they test your cholesterol. shouldn't that be a battery of tests you get in your physical? >> it should. every five or so years you should be having it checked and your doctor should be counseling on lifestyle preventions. >> how do i know when i need treatment? >> we usually calculate your risk for having a cardiovascular event by looking at your age, gender, blood pressure. if your risk score is over 7.5%
8:18 am
then we suggest treatment for you. diet and exercise, weight loss, stopping smoking are important for younger populations. >> stattens. >> they haven't been tested in a 30 to 50-year-old age range for relatively healthy people. ahead lance armstrong's surprising admission. what the cyclist says he would do differently. his first public comments since he admitted to doping two years ago. and what he might not do differently. there's only one egg that just tastes better.
8:19 am
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8:22 am
this morning world leaders join holocaust survivors to mark a somber anniversary. it has been 70 years since soviet troops liberated the death camp in poland. for some survivors this may be the last visit. elizabeth, good morning. >> reporter: january 27 every year is the day of remembrance for the victims of the holocaust. but it was actually chosen because of its historical significance as the day those finally arrived. on a freezing day in 1945 soviet soldiers arrived and found
8:23 am
emaceiated. they made the emotional journey back. the official commemoration began with a small wreath laying ceremony and there have been solemn tours of the sites. some along with their families came as guests. he wanted to share his memories with his son. >> i came here to get it out of my system to show my second generation that it was true. the crematories. i got my family. >> reporter: it is a museum now. what remains of a vast complex run by the nazis. it was part concentration camp where prisoners lived in grim
8:24 am
barricks. it was also an assembly line for killing. here over a million people the vast majority of them jews were gassed and their bodies burned in cremation ovens. when the soviets arrived they did what they could for those clinging for life but they also found the dead. only the strongest or the luckiest survived. rose shindler is one of them. >> i am 85 years old and who knows if i will come back again. i came back to say good bye to my mother and brothers and sisters who died here. i never said good bye to them. >> reporter: european and american dig niitaries will be taking part at more ceremonies later today. because relations with russia have soured so much recently even though it was soviet troops who liberated the camp president
8:25 am
vladimir putin wasn't invited. >> you remember the families and >> parts of our dealing with heavy snowfall luckily the brunt of the storm is passing through without burying the region in the snow. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins you from atlantic city with update on the conditions. justin good morning. >> good morning, just spoke to the mayor short time ago. >> city far from the being in the clear fleet clearing out the board wack, as well as major streets, 26 trucks, a thousand tons of salt 150 people work to go keep ac safe. the mayor telling us the sit at this self will be open for business very soon. says all of the casinos are open. also very big convene sean in town, he says he's happy 11,000 people will be able to
8:26 am
enjoy ac and take a listen what towed say. >> it has passed us by casinos all open, which is something excite to go say atlantic city usually asks me about casinos closed, today i'm working authorities keep the casinos open. >> as well as government offices, set to open, at about 10:00 this morning, there are three warming centers set up here, as women, if you need those. live from the boards walk, justin fin. , "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i justin, thanks so much. we'll get back to you when we rejoin the cw. right now we join katie in the weather center. >> good morning, everyone, aren't necessarily finding the big snows, little further inland or even through southwestern most new jersey. definitely still finding a significant snowstorm across specially east central new jersey. and specially up toward southeastern new england as was the expectation. see drier air trying to nudge itself back in here, snowfall totals are definitely reduced
8:27 am
as a result, because we lost a window of opportunity to really pick up our accumulation, so reduced it significantly, to two-4 inches through philadelphia, the whole light shaded blue area, but those totals really increase, even just few counties off to the east. so that's where you will find the very tight gradient set up. snow will eventually taper through midday, it is still windy, through the course of the day however so the high of 30 won't feel like t decreasing clouds tonight. have at least some clean to up do depending on location, but probably little more the further east you reside. by tomorrow, sunny skies they to will be cold, though, then come thursday night next rounds of light snow is already here. it looks like it will likely last into friday morning drive, so you may have another rounds of issues here to wrap up the work week, chilly but quiet on saturday. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you so much katie. for the most part, our roads are pretty quiet. not everywhere. because with weather conditions that we do have today, and now with travel advisories, or travel bans rather being lifted, few more folks are jumping out on the
8:28 am
roadway, but that doesn't mean even though the roads are now open, that it is still very safe to drive. that can't be further from the truth. because if you are traveling on 95, we are dealing with an accident here and walk not see is a vehicle flipped in the opposite direction definitely result of the slick roadways that we are experiencing all over the tri-state area. if you are traveling 95 southbound approaching the area of the walt whitman bridge, that will be the area that you will find this very active accident scene. if you can travel on delaware avenue maybe head toward south philly, that way probably good idea, if you are trying to get to packer avenue, jump on 95 elsewhere. let's talk about mass transit for a second. new jersey transit, still dealing with some suspensions but however patco is now up and running and running on modified schedule. dart is still delayed and the new jersey river line is now on time. which is good news, ukee? >> vittoria, thank you. let's do it again at 8:55, up next, the latest on the winter storm in new york and new england. for more local news weather
8:29 am
traffic and sports we're on the "cw philly" on these chance
8:30 am
here are things you don't want to hear from your weather man during a blizzard. number seven. >> the snow accumulation makes it a perfect day to hide a body. >> number six. >> here are the current conditions for you slobs too lazy to look out a window. >> number three. >> i am available to share body warmth. >> number two. >> this storm will continue until my demands are met. >> and the number one thing you don't want to hear from your weather man during a blizzard. >> right now the wind sounds like this -- >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." he made a guest appearance on david letterman last night. glad you could be up early to be
8:31 am
with us this morning. when is this blizzard going to end? a lot of people have questions. >> a little wobble on mother nature's part. the calls made to shut down the city close mass transit how do you not make that call? you are gambling with 50 miles. if it were 50 miles to the west you would have 2 1/2 feet on new york city. >> i think he -- >> explain how it is so precarious and what can make it go off course. >> this storm as strong as it is imagine taking a top and you spin that top that is your blizzard. these things are so sususpectable from low pressure system. imagine just blowing on it when you can change the direction. that is just what happened. >> no way to predict that. we always know there are wobbles in tropical systems and blizzards. this took a wobble. let me show you what is going on with that storm.
8:32 am
the radar picture tells us the heaviest snow is taking place into places like rhode island and massachusetts. we know this thing is going to be clinging to the eastern seaboard. the low pressure will travel to the northeast. as it does so it is dropping snow the entire time. this is not done. it's a long duration event. let me show you what we are talking about especially the coast of maine. blizzard warnings in effect from places like the hamptons through the new england coast line to the border of canada. everyone else looking at winter storm warnings. here is what we see on the future cast. this is 5:30 in the afternoon today. heavy snow around cape cod. maine you never get out of this. that is why you deal with it to the daytime hours and nighttime hours. wednesday morning you are looking at an additional foot if not more than that along the coastal areas of new england. you see more than that inland. there will be big totals.
8:33 am
>> well done. heavy snow is still falling in some areas other cities are coming back to life. we will show you the contrast across the storm's path. let's go back to new york's times square. >> reporter: good morning. we have seen a lot more people on foot and a few more cars out since that travel ban was lifted although perhaps a lot of people haven't gotten the word yet either that or the city that never sleeps decided the idea of sleeping in is good to them. what we have heard is an increase in criticism of the government officials who called for the drastic precautions. new york's governor andrew cuomo addressed that criticism moments ago. >> if you tally it up i don't know that this wasn't the more prudent course of action in any event because at the end of the day it may actually have brought us back to full operating capacity sooner. but i do not criticize weather
8:34 am
forecasters. i learned. >> reporter: but so does weather forecasters with the national weather service are apologizing for making the calls they made upon which the decisions were made. for "cbs this morning" in times square. >> reporter: i'm in downtown providence rhode island in the middle of the storm. we are seeing gusts of winds between 45 and 50 miles per hour. i-95 is just over my shoulder. that is shut down. only plows are there right now just removing snow. not even laying salt at this point. take a look at our state house looks like a snow globe. you can see the faint outline with our independent man on top. with this wind one thing we are seeing is snow drifting. we have this yard stick over here where we are measuring right now 16 inches just in this one spot. right across the street we are seeing some faint lights on which is a good sign meaning we
8:35 am
have electricity here in providence. >> and right now it is time to show you some of this morning's headlines. new jersey star ledger calls the blizzard a likely bust. some weather forecasters are even apologizing today. meteorologists at the national weather service tweeted we made a lot of tough decisions expecting us to get it right and we didn't. once again, i am sorry. lonnie quinn is back at the table. i think so many people looked at the forecast yesterday and thought head for the hills. you wake up this morning and go it is nothing. >> i have been doing this job since 1997. i have never seen an issued apology from anyone associated with the national weather service. the gentleman feels terrible. my people live in the new york city area. i want to take care of my family, as well. they are all making decisions. we all make decisions based oen the forecast. that is why they say weather drives the newscast because everybody is effected by it. again, as we were talking
8:36 am
earlier do i stand by my forecast? my forecast was off by 50 miles. i can be as accurate as i want. i can't bring it down to a mileage thing. it was off by 50 miles. i know that made big differences. >> there are still areas that are hard hit. >> i called for the east end of long island and new york city one to two feet. new york city will end up around the one foot mark. i had areas out east seeing two feet if not more. we are already in two feet in most portions of long island. >> almost all of us would rather less than expected. >> weather has the option to go low and have people get more than thought or go high. people prefer if you go high. >> you are only basing it on the information you are given at the time. we get that. business insider looks at spike in liquor sales as people stocked up before the storm. an app that delivers alcohol
8:37 am
says orders were up 5% at new york and boston compared to a normal monday. police are pressuring google to disable a feature on the popular traffic app allowing users to mark where police are stationed. authorities worry it could be used to hunt police. "wall street journal" looks at risk factors gender is one indicator men are more likely to cheat on their partner. age is another factor. they say people at middle age have less time and less spare energy. the saying once a cheater always a cheater is not always the case. other factors include opportunity, relationship satisfaction. >> they say people do it at 39 49 59 right before they reach a milestone. >> i knew this would make it into the news this morning.
8:38 am
>> why? >> i just knew. i know who i work with. >> i can tell you the commentary but i won't. >> i have nothing to do with the story selection but i like the story. rafael nadal is out of the australian open after a big upset. >> never blinked. >> defeated by byrdk. he lost previous 17 matches against nadal. >> good for him. congrats. and the los angeles times says kfc is launching the double down dog in the philippines. it is a hot dog wrapped in a piece of fried chicken. the end of the world is coming. the new item will be available for a limited time and stores will sell only 15 double down dogs per day. kfc has no plans to add it to
8:39 am
the menu in the u.s. it does not come with a side of lipitor lipitor. can we say what charlie said earlier? >> you say it. >> you said does fried chicken have a lot of calories? >> when i eat fried chicken i take the skin off. >> that's the best part. >> no it's not. >> that is the best part. >> i recommend grilled chicken for you. >> i love fried chicken but i take the skin off. >> it makes no sense to have fried chicken and no skin. >> why not eat the skin. turning to cycling. lance armstrong says if he had a do over he would not use performance enhancing drugs if he was competing today. armstrong was stripped of his seven titles and banned for life over doping. he defends the practice as necessary during the past. >> if i was racing in 2015 no i
8:40 am
wouldn't do it again. because i don't think you have to do it again. if you take me back to 1995 when it was completely and totally pervasive i'd probably do it again. >> armstrong says he does regret the way he treated some people back then and has tried to make amends. >> always candid. at some point after this morning's blizzard clears your social media feed will probably go back to photos of families playing in the snow and having a great time. some parents want to share the unfiltered side of raising children. a new jersey mom putting a real picture of family life in focus. good morning. >> danielle gunther is a stay at home mom who decided to turn photography as a business. she takes beautiful pictures of families but the moments some
8:41 am
parents might wish to hide that she is transforming into funny lasting memories. >> one, two, three! >> it's laundry day in the household and photographer danielle gunther is capturing the chaos. >> there we go. my goodness. for gunther the messier the better. her photos while somewhat exaggerated offer an honest snapshot of parenting from the mad rush out the door to a less than peaceful family dinner to utter exhaustion. >> the whole collection is called best case scenario. what do you mean by that? >> it is making light of a situation, that moment when your stroller falls over because it is packed full of things. in that split second your husband checks the score of the game or you are at the grocery store and you are thinking this is going to be great. everybody is going to behave and
8:42 am
then absolute mayhem. >> reporter: gunther, herself the mother of a 5 year old came up with the idea when a photo session with a client was wrapping up. >> in the end she sort of laid down and said she was exhausted. and when i looked at that it was so funny having her lay on the couch. so we both agreed let's do a funny image. >> what was the feedback that you got when you first started doing this? >> people loved feeling normal. they would say to me thank you for making me feel normal. thank you for putting an image out there that is not perfect. >> reporter: a 2014 survey by current lifestyle marketing found more than 60% of mothers age 18 to 34 feel pressure to create an image of a perfect life on social media. still freelance writer who covers parenting trends says unlike the days of leave it to beaver. >> you are good at fixing stuff, mom. >> reporter: parents are more
8:43 am
willing to accept they can't do it all. >> no one is perfect all the time. she has given us permission. her photos are real family photos. >> really family photos gunther's client is excited to add to her album. >> you look like the perfect composed together family. >> that is your example of that perfect photo session. >> how did that shoot compare? >> i didn't worry. if they were acting naughty the picture is going to be better. >> stick your tongue out. >> what is it that people hope you take away from your photos? >> a laugh in the moments. to think back i know it is crazy right now and we have a lot going on but someday you will look back and miss it. just to have that memory of it. >> is that what you want to put up for all to see? >> i think so. it is so different and unique. it is going to be a conversation photo. i think we will definitely frame it and hang it maybe in the laundry room.
8:44 am
i don't know. >> gunther says her collection is nowhere near finished and she has plenty of ideas up her sleeve among them traveling with children on an airport and potty training. >> potty training. that's interesting. >> lots of material to work with. >> absolutely. >> a lot of laundry in her house. >> yeah. thank you so much.
8:45 am
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i'm from boston so i'm a patriots fan. >> why are they so boiling? >> because they want to win real bad. sometimes you do stuff that's not fair. stupid football game. just deflate the ball poke a guy in the eye, whatever. it's football. >> no evidence of wrong doing thus yet but louis ck having fun about deflate gate. the blizzard of 2015 forced ck to cancel tonight's performance at new york's madison square garden. this morning he is keeping fans laughing he writes quote they are calling this storm historic which well i didn't know you could call a thing historic if it hasn't happened yet but i'm
8:49 am
not one to defy future historic events. he adds i think it is clearly better that i alter history in the name of safety. ck broke history at the garden for a comedian with three shows in one month. the audience will get refunds. i would bet he will reschedule. >> a lot of people want to see him. i would see him, too. david letterman will be on regis's show tonight on the late late show. keep it here in the studio. >> should be interesting. you're watching "cbs this morning." wewe'll be right back.
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that does it for us. be sure to tune in tonight the full impact of the blizzard. coverage continues now.
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>> good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. watching the system all weekends long, getting little less snow than anticipated. >> that's right, guys. you know, one reason for that simply, just dry air that wedged its way into our area, and it meant just that we had a lull in the action, for the better part of the night even now starting to find it again watch that means is that we start to see those snowfall totals dramatically diminish. in terms of how much we can expe by the time all said and done. so, you can really draw the line, it is a very well defined storm system. and we just either got lucky or unlucky. really depends who you ask. but we are still finding some significant snowfall totals out of this storm system. guys. we go into burlington, portions of atlantic county, mercer, you could easily ends up with up to 8 inches of accumulation by the time the
8:56 am
whole thing is gone. and maybe even up to foot heading closer toward the shore points. that said, those are the locations the dark shade of blue where you still have winter storm warnings here in our area. let's take you out to eyewitness weather seven day forecast, surge much to talk about down the road. the brunt of our storm is now retreating and we are going to still have to deal with some win issues into tonight and even tomorrow, in the wake of the storm but the worse will essentially be over by midday. come thursday, quiet during the daylight hours but by thursday night another disturbance comes along to bring fresh rounds of snow which at this point is looking to be a fresh round of light snow accumulation, i would say, inch or two maybe around most of the board. then for saturday, you're talking mid 20's, with sunshine chilly day certainly, but we are expecting to brighten things up for you. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you so much katie. good morning everyone, so traveling the roads this morning, you do want to keep in mind that even though not all of them seem snow covered as we take a look at the schuylkill expressway, not too far away from 476 that you
8:57 am
will find patches of ice, some slushy necessary, some slick spots, so you want to take it easy out there that earlier travel ban has been lifted on p a and new jersey, so even though good to go to commute i wouldn't say the roads are great to travel on. no signs of rush hour today. we continue to move you forward, we're taking you now into new jersey, a look at the 42 quite different shot than the schuylkill shot. we can still see precipitation in this area. this is 42 right around creek road. so watch out for low visible if you are traveling area bridge, still have to travel 35 miles per hour, we do have speed restrictions on them. new jersey transit styluses pent dollars however traveling new jersey river line, they have reinstated the river line, good news there. running on modified schedule, dart however still experiencing some minor delays. however, we're going to get awe live look, and travel now with carol erickson who is in the live mobile three weather
8:58 am
lab, and carol how are the roads looking right now? >> boy, it is so depends on where you are we're on route 70 right now and the roads are absolutely fine, in southampton township, headed toward medford route 206. >> from route 72 eastbound the roads were awful. they had through trains out but the roads were terrible, and the drivers were worse. it didn't seem to matter what the roads were. but, it is getting better out here right now. we'll go back into the studio. >> carol, thank you. >> our eye on the storm coverage continues right after this break. be right back, good morning.
8:59 am
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our eye on the storm coverage continues here on cbs 3, the cbs-3 mobile weather lab just sent back these pictures from toms river. you can see first-hand the snow and slush piling up there on the side. we'll have live report from our diana rocco coming up in just a few moments. hi, everybody, meantime, city of philadelphia has lifted today's snow emergency. but there will be no trash or recycling collections today. >> in addition, philadelphia's public and parochial schools they are closed today. mayor nutter will be updating the media about the city storm plan coming up in just an hour. >> airport is slowly returning to normal. airlines are operating but there are still residual flight delays and concellations, as you might imagine. you can check on your flight if you have one by calling 1800-phl-gate. we also have updates as >>


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