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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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get them. also tonight, "eyewitness news" following a developing story out of upper darby an attempted robbery victim there shoots and kills his attacker. good evening, i'm chris may. i'm diana rocco in for jessica dean tonight. lets get straight to "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt live in upper darby with the very latest on this shooting, david. >> we have updated information. i just got off the phone with upper darby police and we are toll that the victim who actually shot and killed the the suspect is changing his story. first we were told there were two suspects, one that died other one got away. we were told there was nobody that got away. one died on the scene behind me here at cons creek park. a sunny day in cobbs creek park in upper darby quickly turned deadly when police say a 68 year-old man pulled out a gun he is licensed to carry, and killed an attempted robber. >> people getting fed up so we have to protect ourselves these days. >> reporter: catherine cooper lives across the street from
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the park and watched the scene unfold. police say the 68 year-old was walking through the park around 2:30 when a masked man tried to rob him. the man shot and killed the attempted robber on the scene. >> it is in the really a good place to go through anytime. >> reporter: upper darby resident michael says that he ace afraid to walk through cobbs creek park. he tells "eyewitness news" that he was mugged there just a few years ago. >> i was just walking home at night and came up behind me and struck me. >> reporter: right the now we don't know the a attempted robbers name or victims new but we are told the victim was taken to the local hospital with chest pains. police are still investigating. we are live, dave spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. septa safety officials are offering what they hope could be life saving advice for drivers, coming following this deadly commuter train crash last night near new york city. "eyewitness news" investigative reporter walt hunter live at train crossings
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for us tonight, good evening, walt. >> reporter: hi diana in see cain and from the time that the bells begin sounding at train crossings like this one on the elmwood line until the gate actually come down it is only 22nd. septa officials top safety officer for the authority talked to me about safety at crossings like this one and about septa's safety record at crossings. sometimes the warning bells and dropping gates catch drivers by surprise. >> the first ring of the bell some people will slam on their brakes and then gate will come down on their car. >> reporter: fortunately joe page says in 50 years he has never seen a serious crash at this grates crossing next to his shop but at this east falls crossing a driver had to be rescued from her crumbled car, suffering from serious injuries. >> a second or two from the time the gates, the bells lights begin, to the time the
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gate start to go in the down position. >> reporter: septa chief safety officer scott sour told me if your car gets stuck like this one on a csx track in newark delaware. >> get out, get everybody out. >> reporter: fortunately the driver by this car struck by a trait in west deptford last summer survived. he cautioned drivers not to stop on the rails if they are stuck in traffic, ahead of them. >> they don't happen that often. but when they dot results are catastrophic. >> reporter: septa reports just three accidents since april 2012 and 87 crossings. none of them fatal. sour says deadly new york crash a reminder when cars and trains collide the victims include not just those in the vehicle but those on board the the engineer at the very front of the train among those at highest risk. >> crossing his fingers and saying a pray their they eat are get out of the way or at the very least there is nobody inside that automobile.
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>> reporter: sour remind everyone that if you do it ignore signals at crossings like this one it is not only dangerous but illegal, you will get a ticket if an officer spots you just as if you went through any or red light. live from see cain delaware county i'm walt hunter cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now to new york city where crews today began removing wreckage of the metro north train that hit the suv last night in west chester. after the the impact the train caught fire, five commuters and the dryer of the suv were killed. officials say electrified third rail pierced the trains starting the fire. mild weather that we enjoyed today will not be here for long, cold is coming back and we're keeping an eye on snow in the future forecast. meteorologist kathy orr is live on the sky deck with more kathy. >> it is still beautiful out here, christened though night has fallen temperatures very comfortable in the 40's throughout the region. arctic front will remind thaws winter isn't through with us
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just yet. take a look at our weather graphics and i will show you high for the the the day impressive. wilmington 48. philadelphia a, 47. atlantic city 44. trenton a reading in the lower 40's. wind out of the south/southwest with mild temperatures between the lower 30's and 40's right now we are looking at 30 degrees in the poconos and allentown. thirty-five in reading. they are on the coal side. forty-three in the beginning. wilmington at 43. millville still checking in at 41. look at the mild air to the south. that is what we enjoyed today but cold air is coming, columbus 37. st. louis 26. that is in our future. we are watching this arctic front bringing snow, heading toward williamsport and state college but watch what had happens when this front passes early tomorrow morning. the moisture will be robbed by developing area of low pressure off shore and most of that snow will not make it into philadelphia. lehigh valley early tomorrow morning between 4:00 and 8:00 a a.m. light snow showers
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expect. the for philadelphia and i-95 corridor during morning hours between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m. with that front just flurries expect. coming up, bigger part of the story will be the temperatures tumbling tomorrow afternoon. a frigid friday. a week even storm here at cbs-3 we're calling it the sunday grammy storms. we will talk more about that coming up with the seven day forecast. >> no award for that kathy thanks very much. stay a step ahead of the weather by down loading the cbs philly weather app with the latest forecast from our team of meteorologists, down load that app a absolutely freon itunes and google play. one person has died more than two dozen are homeless tonight after this apartment fire in norristown. three others were injured including a fire fighter. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: fire fighters on tall ladders rescued multiple people from the upper floors of the are in is apartment
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building. >> crewed hear their handful. we a lot of things to do in a short amount of time. again with the hard work of police and fire fight's lot of lives were saved this morning. >> reporter: battling heavy flames and frigid cold fire fighters pulled everyone from the 140 year-old building but one person taken from the fourth floor died at the hospital. officials believe fire started in the basement a and may have traveled up the trash shoot. one resident who asked us no the to show her face said the the smoke alarm was a low tone buzzing noise. she escaped because of neighbor. >> bang, bang get out, get out. >> it was filled with smoke but i was than the awakened by the smoke alarm which i have a problem with that. >> reporter: about 30 people were temporarily sheltered at norristown high school. on people dropped off donations lee collegiate outfitters gave about 15 boxes of clothing. >> when we heard about the unfortunate fire we wanted to donate stuff to help the people. >> reporter: before residents can get home engineers need to
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make sure that the structure is sound there was a partial collapse. causes still under investigation and montgomery county coroner's office say they will not release name of the victim until thursday at the soones. in norristown i'm cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". take a look at this a burglary suspect steals a shotgun from the check cashing business in port richmond. surveillance camera captured the break in on the 2700 block of kensington avenue on monday. investigators say suspect stole counterfeit money that had the business rather had collected over the years if you recognize the suspect you are asked to call philadelphia police. former democrat city councilman jim kenny made it official today, throwing his a hat in the race for philadelphia mayor. kenny made at announcement a at mayor's reception room in philadelphia a city hall. resee lane last week in preparation for the month. >> he need to have his own vision. we will go to harrisburg and ask for money and we will go
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to and beg for money and do what we need to do to get what is due to us but there is no super man in harrisburg fly into solve our problems there noise super man from washington coming into solve our problems. your problems are what they are and we have to get our arms around them and deal with them. >> on the democratic side kenny joins philadelphia d.a. lynn abraham, state senator anthony williams and former judge nelson diaz as those hoffa announced. doug oliver a former spokesmen for mayor nutter is expected to a announce his candidacy on saturday. still ahead here on "eyewitness news" a mild day to day but you do not want to get used to it. our temperatures are expected to plunge with chance for snow in some spots. coming up how likely it is to affect your morning commute. we do see some problems this morning. >> that is right we are tracking another arctic cold front so temperatures will crash. we could see more black ice and snow i'll show what you is happening with the morning commute with the mobile
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weather lab. a birth the day celebration for a woman who turn 108 years old her advice for living a long healthy life. well, flyers getting ready for islanders and we will remember life of golf pioneers gary seifert coming up in sports.
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chopper three is over the scene in kensington where we understand shots have been fired at a suspect. police tell "eyewitness news" that officers were chase ago this suspect near, somerset extremity, and, we're told suspect is not shot but we're taken in custody there were no industries here and on the air and on line at cbs well, beginning today penn medicine level one regional trauma center is moving. it is at penn presbyterian medical center within the new pennsylvaniaville john for advanced care. transition marks end of the multi year effort to expand and enhance the care that is offered by penn medicine. patients currently receiving trauma care were transferred to the new facility today. this is something worth celebrating, a bucks county
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woman turns 108 years young. >> pretty impressive. birthday cake belongs to rosa lee esposito, "eyewitness news" at buck hotel in feasterville where close friend and family gathered to celebrate that milestone achievement. she took the opportunity to offer up add add a vice to a young are generation. >> only advice is to love one another. and, families should do, and then your friend too. they should be loved and cared for. >> rosa lee tells us her secret to longevity is eating well and living in moderation. >> she looks fantastic. >> good advice too. it is a winter driving has air black isis blamed for slippery conditions on lincoln drive-in philadelphia this morning. there were a few accidents there, chopper three was over one of them. after a driver lost control and ran off the road.
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however there were no injuries. well, tomorrow morning's commute could be a slippery one as well. >> sure could. meteorologist justin drabick took the mobile weather lab out to lincoln drive tonight and joins with us what drivers can expect tomorrow, justin? >> reporter: good evening, chris. all good here on lincoln drive. you can see cars moving freely, temperatures today a maid it in the mid to upper 40's. that is a few degrees above average. in threat of any ice this evening. the so no problems there. tonight we will track another arctic cold front to allow temperatures to crash. so again tomorrow morning we will deal with black ice and snow in some areas. but this was the the scene earlier today such a different story. check out this video this was lincoln drive part of it was closed down again, lincoln drive was shut down for a while. black isis being blamed for causing several accidents. black isis hard to spot the because it appears dark and gloss i on the pavement. black isis more likely to form
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under the shade or tree cover as well as on bridges and overpasses. we have plenty of shade here on lincoln drive. we are surrounded by hills. we have run off coming down so water is able to freeze on the road. we have to keep in mind again tomorrow morning. we are talking about little bit of snow breaking this down here, temperatures crashed tonight into tomorrow morning with this arctic front so watch out for icy spots in areas. there could be a coating of snow north and west of the city as that front moves through so just be prepared for possible slow and slick spots in the morning commute. back here with the cbs-3 mobil weather lab we are cooling down here stuck between the hills. it is 36.9 degrees right now but still above freezing. different story tomorrow morning. we are talking about a cool down. more snow in the forecast. we will send it back to the studio and kathy. >> justin, you don't even have a jacket sip, that is how nice. tomorrow a different story for sure. thanks very much. weather-wise we're talking
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about a really pleasant night outside but that will change as temperatures crash tomorrow afternoon. take a look outside it is a pretty night in center city philadelphia and in camden. we're at campbell's field looking across the river at center city philadelphia we're looking good with temperatures holding on in the 40's in many locations. on storm scan three you can see cloud rolling in, there is our arctic front. it bark is worse than the bite. do you see those snow showers weakening as they move toward the east and in the city tomorrow morning we will see a few flurries. best chance of seeing light snow through the lehigh valley and poconos. right now our eyewitness weather watchers are saying not so bad. temperatures mainly in the the 40's. dimitri says 40 degrees right now in burlington township. look at these high temperatures around the region because they were very impressive. gary says in landenberg 47. phil in philadelphia near chestnut hill he says 49. tom in la hans haska and 41.
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steven says in robbinsville 47 degrees. lets look at the the city. we are still holding on to 43. allentown colder poconos sitting at 306789 reading at 36. look at what is coming with this arctic front. twenty-eight in cleveland. sixteen in chicago. ten in minneapolis. so this dividing line is very clear and by tomorrow afternoon temperatures will be plunging behind this front. so yes, we have a few morning snow showers but what will happies as this arctic front moves through with the the snow showers this developing low will rob that energy, that is why we will not see much of anything in the city, some morning flurries but still see icy spots to the north and west. be careful out there. big story will be temperatures falling from early highs in the the 30's into the 20's by tomorrow afternoon. friday will be frigid morning wind chills below zero in many spots. wind chills friday morning will be between five and ten below in the poconos and
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lehigh valley and berks county through lancaster zero to five below. along i-95 corridor zero to five. south jersey and delaware that is it for friday morning. the afternoon high temperatures in the the 20's wind chills in the teens. by saturday we will warm it up to 40 before this front moves through h this will create trouble. the it will sag to the south on sunday and area have low pressure is expect to develop along it. we are calling it a grammy sunday storm here at cbs-3. it will will bring rain and right now accumulating snow. philadelphia area is on the borderline between light to moderate accumulation and that will accumulate sunday into monday. we will keep you posted on that. overnight low temperature of 29 with light snow showers to the north and west, morning flurries in philadelphia, thursday morning and then clearing with temperatures falling and wind turning gusty. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast friday frigid, saturday break before the storm, rain and snow sunday lingering into monday, look at tuesday and
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wednesday, temperatures gradually warming backup. and what you are looking at right now right behind me at 6:20 here is footage from earlier today taken from chopper three, and from an incident here that happened on the schuylkill expressway right around 202 approaching mall boulevard. this video was taken earlier today but it is currently happening. i will show you exactly what it looks like if we can head over to our cameras here. this is live. you can see here we have a little bit over a mile backup. the west bun lanes of the schuylkill expressway is completely closed. traffic is diverted off to the 202 exit. 202 northbound ramp and southbound ramp are having some big backups here. within lane get by in the express lane. heading toward pennsylvania turnpike that is all you will he'll get by at that point , ease bun lanes in the doing too bad though stay there cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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flyers looking to sweep a five game home stan for night against the islanders. the team is ten points out of the final playoff spot, they face an islanders team after several seasons of missing the playoffs now sit on top of the division. >> they are a good offensive team. i think they had gt and i know some of the younger guys are filling in and along with guys like nelson neilson, and they are a really good team. today was national signing team in college football
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players high school players deciding where they would like to play and learn. temple got 19 letters of intent including four star players, tj simmons and kareem ali from timber creek mount high school in sicklerville new jersey. >> temple university and temple football is well respected. we are not a tear two football program. we are a program that people are seeing on tv. they have seen go to bowl games. they have beat top 25 teams. they have seen our players go to the nfl. they see how we do things. people have interest. >> over on our sister station sport radio 94 wip josh ines and tony bruno made their official debut this afternoon. hear josh and tony weekdays from 1:00 to 6:00 an on sunday they will be with sports zone right after the late news to talk about the brand new show. golf pioneer charlie seifert has passed away at 92 seifert became first black man to hold a pga tour card for gash with jackie robinson did for baseball. he won twice on the tour and
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once on the senior tour. last year he was honor with the presidential medal of freedom. tiger woods says if it wasn't for charlie, he never would have learn the the game of golf, we will be right back.
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he began to deliberately walk toward me. >> after this scary situation this woman diagnosed to get away but that situation inspired her to develop a ring, that can set off a loud alarm. it is just one of many items you can wear that can stop an attack, even save your life, don't miss our special report tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we will return at ten on the cw philly and then we're back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. stay tuned for the "cbs
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evening news", coming your way next. >> pelley: tonight, tragedy on the tracks. six are killed when a commuter train collides with an suv. vinita nair is at the scene. jeff pegues looks at the danger at america's railroad crossings. caught on video, a taiwanese airliner crashes on takeoff but there are survivors. seth doane has the latest. desperate civilians rise up against i.s.i.s. holly williams in syria with a school teacher turned sniper. ben tracy at ground zero with the measles outbreak. pressure grows to make childhood vaccinations mandatory. and jamie yuccas with martha flynn. when it snows in the country she's in fat city. >> i've raced before with the starting temp at minus ten.


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