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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  February 10, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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expressway >> let's get right over to katie for the latest on this forecast, good morning. >> guys, generally much quieter forecast, just what's left behind, that may ends up leading to the problems for thus morning. but, we are still finding a little bit of precipitation out there, and in a couple of choice counties, in our area. so, we start things off by taking you out to a live neighborhood network camera. where as we look here live, out at the boardwalk plaza look at the sheen on the board. it has been lightly drizzling but it is freezing on contact. so that's just a sheet of ice out there on the boardwalk right now so, avenue feeling we won't see too many people out there for their morning walk here this morning and we would advise that, because, it is definitely going to be a slick walk or jog or whatever you plan to do out there here today. and really anywhere, your fair game for. that will soap, here on storm scan again, you can still see that there is a little bit of lingering precipitation, but generally over for all every southeastern pa. but even though it is over, we still got winter weather
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advisories chester bucks mercer counties all points southeast for the left over ice that could still be out there. here's your key, guys, if it looks wet. it has very likely since iced back over and that's across the board because you are below freezing, in every single one of these observation sites. most of you generally into the upper 20's at this hour. so eventually going to pull out of that hole. we'll get you upper 30's later today, but the entire morning drive, typical morning commute, is very easily going to stay somewhat slick if it is an untreated surface so again, your front stoop, your driveway the sidewalk, anything untreated, you have to just watch out for that possibility. we look down the road, and there is another blast of arctic air that's coming our way, so, this is just sort after taste of things yet to come here, in philadelphia, our forecasted high on sunday, day after valentine day, would be the colds he is day since january of 2014, jenny are you so very cold air coming, we will talk about some snow that companies that arctic blast
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little later in the show. jess we sent it over to you. >> good morning little after 5:30, it is a cold one out there. and we have the cameras to prove it here. we head outside to check out 422 right around trooper road, you can see snow covered actually part of the roadways on top right there. >> cross right there, actually trooper road, so see some snow on there . >> eastbound towards the king of prussia area, everything moving fine, but still give yourself extra time, over on the vine, right around in the heart of center sit hire east-westbound, no, you can see roadways little shiny there, as well. we have problems out in new jersey and an accident investigation, from a crash that happened last night, new jersey turnpike southbound, outer lanes closed between new brunswick and hightstown, take 130 southbound to get on biment back to. >> inches with again when you get in your car this morning chances are it is covered in a glaze every ice. now, that ice also making the
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commute in the philadelphia region potentially dangerous. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us to check out road conditions for you. out in king of prussia. justin? they say their commutes were not that bad. roads have been salted and clears now nor days. however, this is what you are up against, in the untreated areas, this coating of icy slick, snow, very slippery underneath. if you take a look behind us here, you see what that is like when it is not touched at all. just complete sheet of light snow in ice in the parking lot over there and even areas that seem safe actually may not be. this is frozen mulch here. it is hard as a rock. and very, very slick. we spoke to drivers today who say that preparation was very key today. and we have surprisingly clear commute on their way to work and school. take a listen. >> it is good. everybody's done a great job. take your time. come in. not a problem. >> not a single slick spot. >> i didn't find any.
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>> came down from pottstown and, you know, there was barely anything on the roads. came down 422, it was clear six a miles an hour. >> now, even bob admitted he was going a bit too fast this morning, and will slow down as the day wears on. what you won't see throughout the day still despite the clear conditions, are lots of plows, and salting trucks, still going down out there to make sure your commute is very smooth. but for walkers you still want to be on alert the sidewalks and parking lots are still very slippery and be careful. justin fin. cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. >> breaking news right now scary moment for more than 50 passengers on board american airlines flight 1825. it left from philadelphia before making an emergency landing in houston late last night. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at philly international on more on what cause that rough landing.
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jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, a frightening night for all of these passengers, on this flight from philadelphia international airport lags night, 52 passengers, four crew members, fortunately no one was injured, but a lock i -- rocky landing after front nose gear did not deploy. take a lock at this picture photo taken on the ground, on the tarmac, in texas and this is houston's george bush airport and that is american airlines flight 1825 operated dollars by us airways. the plane's nose is on the ground after landing without a front wheel. now, the plane took off from philadelphia international airport around 6:00 monday evening and airline spokesperson says it made that emergency landing four hours later after the nose gear did not deploy. take a listen to the pilot speaking with air traffic control just before the rocky landing. >> we have not had success. we do believe our nose landing gear is still retracted. our two main landing gears appear to be down and the nose wheel appears to be up.
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i understand also your plan is to evacuate the aircraft upon stopping at the runway. we concur with that. >> the airline talked to the pilots. they made the determination to go ahead and do a landing without the benefit of the nose gear. that occurred right around 9:30, 9:40. fortunately, there were no injuries. the plane did have an unusual landing, a bit of rough landing, but again no injuries. >> and as you heard right there, no injuries; how much, the passengers did have to get off that plane by the plane's slide. so attributing i weigh to get off the plane a unusual landing, but fortunately no injuries. in the meantime, an airport spokesperson tells us that the airline is now working with authorities to try to figure out exactly what went wrong last night. reporting live outside of philadelphia international airport, jan carabeo cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> glass everyone's okay, jan thanks. 5:36. in business news this morning the best paying jobs for women this year. >> and, the next guy in line
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for our job. jill wag err joins us up in new york with the stock exchange jill. >> good morning, ukee, erika. human workers watch out. robots are coming for your jobs. newspaper report predicts that investment and industrial robots will increase 10% per year through 2025. helping to slash labor costs now, robots already help sort through its orders. wall street is look to go rebounds today after concerns about the world's economy sent stocks lower in particular, grease's stands off with creditors, the dow fell 95 points on monday the nasdaq dropped about 18. forbes crunch the numbers to figure out the best paying jobs for women in 2015. carreers in science, engineering, healthcare, dominate the list. number one is sales engineer, also on the list, pharmacist, nurse practitioner, lawyer, and astronomer. and on line and app dating is big business. now some new companies are cashing in on singles, who
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don't really know how to navigate the on line dating world. one company's called profile polish t helps date seekers pick their profile pictures and even write their profiles. some other companies go even further: e-mailing perspective matches and setting updates. ukee erika? >> okay, take advantage of the market. >> thanks, jill. other news this morning philadelphia police are combing through surveillance video in hopes it captured a glimpse of the person who attack a woman at a septa train station. now, it happened yesterday afternoon, at jefferson station at tenth and filbert. sources tell us, the woman willingly went with a man to a secluded area of the platform. when she resurfaced she appeared to have been beaten and flagged down a passenger for help. >> a burglary spree on the main line is keeping some residents thereon edge. police say that three homes in the garrett hill section of radnor township were hit just hours apart.
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according to investigators it, appears the suspect or suspects stayed on the first floor of those homes. police say only small items were taken like purses, cell phones, and laptops. but the scariest part here is the families. they were all sleeping upstairs while it happened. certainly would not want someone to be in my house. i would feel very nervous about that. >> these guys could be pros, they could be desperate, they could be addicted to drugs. we don't want to have you get hurt over cell phone or laptop that can easily be replaced. >> police say neighbors should stay alert. they ask anyone who may have seen anything out of the ordinary to give them a call. president obama's ready to sends congress' blueprint to authorize military action against isis t could happen as early as today. the move comes six months after us strikes first began. congressional officials say the white house must deal with democrats who do not want another grounds war and with republicans who want to keep that option open. israeli prime minister bet gentleman minute netanyahu
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says he will travel to washington next month despite calls to cancel his speech before congress. his remarks follow an uproar over his planned speech about iran's nuclear program. house speaker john boehner extended the invitation without consult the white house which angered the obama administration. still ahead this morning iggy calls out pappa john's on twitter but wasn't complaining about the food. find out why she is so upset with his pizza chain. >> serial stow-away at it again. finds out where that woman went after sneaking onto a plane again. also this. >> new england starts digging out after another powerful burst of snow. i'm done -- champion in boston with the latest on why the break-in weather may be short lived. and cbs-3 mobile weather lab out on the road this morning, looking slick out there. we're checking in with our justin drabick coming up next, so you know what to expect when you leave your house. we'll be right back.
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>> safe landing from flight from philadelphia, landed in houston without part of its front landing gear. there were no injuries. >> also, officials are looking for the cause after deadly house fire in wilmington. a 52 year old man died at the hospital after he was pulled from the house. two other people are being treated for breathing trouble. owners of the revel plan
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to cages the casino's 95 million-dollar sale today. judge insisted any sale consider the rights of business tenants and the casino's utility provider. the florida developer who wanted to buy the revel says he is still interested. well serial stow-away who has been banded from airports around the country for boarding planes with no ticket is in trouble again. police arrested maryland hartman yesterday at the omni resort in nassau county, florida they say she used a fake name, to board a shuttle from jacksonville to jacksonville airport then use that same identity to falsely check in to a room. hartman allegedly admitted she got to florida on a flight from minnesota to jacksonville, once again with no ticket. 5:43, traffic and weather together on the 3's. here's kate. >> i yes ukee, goods morning everyone, we are still finding
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>> there is potential for even more snow on thursday. south every boston, in rock lands, yesterday residents got out in the bitter cold to clear mounds every snow, offer homes, and businesses. >> it is easier, doing this, preventive work, rather than, you know, having any other issues. others will be taking advantage of the break in the weather, later today to do
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the same, and avoid scenes like this one where the roof of a local company caved under the weight of ice and snow. and just to gave you a idea of how much snow has fallen here, the past few weeks typically boston gets about 43 inches every snow every year. already, we have nearly doubled that here. and this region can see snow well into the month of april. so, how is your winter been down there in philadelphia? >> you know what, it is balmy compared to that. >> i don't think you want to know, don. >>
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word this morning is privacy, what iggy azalea is asking for in search for new favorite pizza shop. >> fancy singer took to twitter with her claim that pappa john's delivery driver gave out her phone number. she sent this tweet saying quote pappa john's was my favorite pizak but the drivers they use give out your personal phone number to their family members. the pizza chain apologized when reference from one of her songs, they said we should have known better. customer and employee privacy is important to us. please don't hashtag bounce us. she deserves better apology from that. queen bee fans are about to get very excited beyonce's teaming one her hubby once again to release an entire albumn. now there is will follow the couple's grammy winning collaboration drunken love. music producer detail told billboard not only is this
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albumn happening, it could be available by the ends of the year just in time for the holiday. we'll be here before you know it. >> all right sorry katie to throw it in there. >> so not ready. >> it is colds outside folks. good morning guys. as you walk out the door, you will need the heavy coat anyway. you're used to that by now. notice, the temperatures are below freezing. we still got anything that is left over from yesterday that's probably since iced over. we'll get you in the mid and upper 30s later today. by thursday, another round every light snow is already here. jess, over to you. >> thanks, katie. we do have pretty easy drive so far. and in means of volume, but otherwise do have different areas every precipitation on the roadways, slippery spots. otherwise, out in new jersey, everything still looking okay, so far. and typically the northbound lanes where we see most of the problem, but still early as every yet headed into 295 or the surround area bridges, no problems norristown high-speed line also suspended, until further notice. stay there.
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news" wi
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>> i'm jim donovan, three on your side shows you how to name your price on everything from clothing, to electronics furniture, and more. find out how tonight at 11:00. coming up in our next hour this morning breaking news, plane from philadelphia's forced to make an emergency landing, when its nose gear does not work. we'll have a live report at the airport. and, we're dealing with an icy commute this morning, we have live team coverage of the conditions, plus traffic and weather together when we come back.
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>> mobile lab is hitting the roads. also, give yourself some extra time to scrape all of the ice off of your windshield, if you park your car outside. >> want to get right out to meteorologist, katie fehlinger live on the skydeck kate, hoping there is no ice therefore this morning, on the skydeck? >> well, think again. >> oh, oh? >> yes icy out here. standing as stationary as possible, i don't trust it. it is definitely icy out here, and it may be icy on your front stoop, as well. really anywhere, where there is still left over moisture, folks. even though we are still yes finding some very, very light freezing drizzle out there you can see, it is starting to retreat. and it really has retreated completely across most of the board here on storm scan three so, not really what's still coming just the aftermath, what that system left behind today. here's how it feels right now pretty brutal, feeling like the teens any time


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