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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 11, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EST

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♪ from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". to not have him here any more is really hard. >> first on three, we're with the family of a state trooper shot during a training exercise and tonight they say the punish many for his death is not enough. good evening i'm jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. it has been four months since
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now christine kedra lost her brother shot by a fellow trooper trooper. she now says her pain came flooding back were she learned of the charges against this trooper tom night first on three, we hear from that grieving sister. here's "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt. >> it's still hard to believe that i'm never going to see him again. >> reporter: christine kedra she and her family have lost faith in the legal system. after her 20-year-old brother died inside a classroom. >> he died, you know, serving and protecting and it's the system that is doing him injustice. we are outraged. >> reporter: she's never heard one word from corporal richard schroeder after he shot and killed her brother at a montgomery county training facility on september 30th schroeder was demonstrateing a trigger when he accidentally shot and killed kedra on scene. four other troopers were in the room. >> i was pretty shocked that something like that could happen in a classroom. >> reporter: on tuesday
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montgomery county district attorney risa vetri ferman's office nouned prosecutors asked the grand jury to consider homicide or manslaughter charges charges. but that didn't happen. >> for some reason, because of however the grand jury was manipulated we know how grand juries worth in this country they don't, they didn't see it that way. >> reporter: instead the grand jury recommended five counts of recklessly endangering another person. misdemeanor charges. documents show the grand jury found that schroeder an experienceed firearms instructor failed to visually and physically check to make sure his gun was unloaded. >> you treat every firearm as if it's loaded. >> reporter: state employees suspend vote without pay there's no word if and when he would return to trooper duties. >> it's a brotherhood apparently in the straight troopers w you shoot your brother you man up and apologize and explain what happened. >> i spoke to corporal schroeder's attorney his name is tim woodward. he sent me this statement and i want to read it to you. he says corporal schroeder is
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racked with remorse over the loss of a fellow trooper. he regrets that his actions unintentionally caused trooper kedra's death. mr. woodward says his client corporal schroeder is a 20 year veteran with state police. christine says she's hoping a special prosecutor will get involved with the case. >> reporting in montgomery county david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". breaking news now at 11:00 o'clock. route 309 is back open following this serious crash that involved at least two vehicles. it did happen tonight on 309 near rich field road. that's in richland township. you can see one of the cars was covered by a tarp but so far there's no word on any injuries. new tonight all lanes are back open on roosevelt boulevard after a morning water main break that flooded the road. chopper three over that scene earlier as water gushed on to the boulevard near red lion road. the water department tells us tonight it will be back out there tomorrow morning to finish up repairs. two northbound lanes and one
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southbound lane will be shut down that will start at 9:30am and repairs should be completed by the evening rush hour. two tonight the pentagon says american hostage kayla mueller died at the hands of isis not in ajar dane yann air strike targeting the group. mueller's parents say their heart broken. isis zen the family an e-mail with photo notifying them their 26-year-old daughter was dead. isis captured mueller in august of 2013. the arizona nay tough traveled to syria to work with several humanitarian groups. mueller's i wasn't described her as noble beyond her years. >> she's done more in her incredible 26 years than many people could ever imagine doing in their lifetime. kayla has touched the heart of the world. the world grieves with us. >> president obama says mueller was one of the hostages the us tried to rescue with a raid in syria last summer but those hostages had just been moved before that raid.
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last spring in this handwritten letter from her prison mueller told her parents "if you could say i have suffered at all throughout this whole experience, it is only in knowing how much suffering i have put you all through. i have a lot of fight left inside of me. i'm not breaking down and i will not give in no matter how long it takes ". new at 11:00 o'clock tonight, a scam alert. south jersey man accused of of preying on homeowners desperately trying to save their own properties from foreclosure. gloucester township police say this man dan sheehan convinced nine others to give him their mortgage payments. expecting him to enroll them in a lone modification program. busted investigators say he pocked the money. sheehan is charged with theft by deception. >> i just couldn't believe that somebody took all that money from me i worked a lot of overtime to get caught up. >> and we're looking for people who may have been scammed by mr. sheehan to come forward contact their police depth.
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>> the victim that we spoke with says that she was able to save her home. well a little league team is in the middle of a big investigation tonight and we're interested because that team knocked philadelphia's taney dragons out of the little league world series. today, the organization said new information has led to new questions and tonight we hear from the coach who file the original complaint. natasha brown has the latest now on this developing story. jones, game over. >> reporter: after beating philly's own taney dragons an rise to a national league championship jackie robinson west is under scrutiny by little league international officials. the claim the team from chicago's south side added top suburban players in violation of residency rules. chris james first lodge the allegations months ago. >> the initial public response was not positive. a lot of really bad e-mails.
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a lot of name calling report roar despite the response on tuesday little league officials cited new information that's prompted further review of the legs. philadelphia's own taken know dragons lost to the jackie robinson west team in the us semi finals ending their run at the championship last summer. while taney's coach has yet to comment on the recent developments coach james says rules are rules and they should be enforced. >> little league has residency requirements. they have rules pertaining to what league's boundaries should look like. if a tomorrow is outside those rules they should be held accountable to them. >> reporter: chicago won the national championship but fell to south korea i don't know team in the world championship. jackie robinson team has not commented on the allegations but league officials deny 93 residency rules were violated. still coach james says if the accusations they recruited players from the suburbs proves to be true, the league should take action. >> if we're all to acknowledge there's some sort of wrongdoing occurring here they broke some sort of rules then we say we're
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not going to do anything all we're doing is giving everybody else involved that much more incentive to continue to break the rules. >> reporter: well we did try to reach out to several parents whose kids played for the taney dragons trying to get comment but were unsecond suss full. little league officials say they should come to some final decision in this case at some point this week. we're live in the sat center tonight, natasha brown cbs3 witness news. >> okay. natasha, thanks very much. what do you think? >> i mean it's hard because the adults obviously are taking center stage in all of this. >> right. i was looking at the players when they were getting all the awards with the president. huge smiles on their faces and just hurt for them. they're just doing what they're told and working hard. >> we can't pretend like little leagueusiness hasn't become a big business. these are kids and they need to compete and a level playing field. let's hope that's the case. >> i guess we'll see what happens. we inn vat to you tell us on facebook, twitter and also at new night a 2084 old serial
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rapist from bucks county will spend 57 to 115 years in prison. joshua benson of ben saul let me was sentence dad in the rapes and sexual assaults of underaged girls. benson's victims caged age from 14 to 17 and police say he met most of them through an online dating service. some of benson's victims testified today before that sentence was hasn'ted down. >> we've got new information tonight in the attack of a woman at a septa station in center city philadelphia. at a ache look here at a surveillance photo of the man police are searching for tonight tonight. the victim in this incident says she was beaten and sexually assaulted pie that man yesterday. inside the jeff son station at tenth and filbert. sources tell "eyewitness news" the woman willingly went with the suspect to secluded area of that station. but when she resurfaceed she appeared to have been beaten and she later flagged down a passenger looking for help. meantime septa police are beefing up patrols during peak hours to prevent violence on the rails. "eyewitness news" today road
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along with officers to see how they're working to keep computers safe. they say that by overlapping shifts septa will have at least 100 officers patrolling the system. 10 years later it is a cold case that still captivates the region region. two people seemingly just vanished tonight the mother of richard petrone, jr., is speaking about the disappearance of her son and his friend danielle imbo. as eyewitness news reporter walt hun tells us the family hopes new fbi task force will find them. >> coming up on 10 years. it's like it was yesterday first of all. and doesn't get any easier that's for sure. >> holding tight to her husband's hand marsh patrone and richard remember their soneri considered, jr. who disappeared along with his friend danielle imbo 10 years ago next week. >> what was taken from us and from me, you know, my son i could never really put in words
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what that has done to me. in it was nearly midnight on the evening of february 19th 2005 when petrone and imbo were last seen here on south street leaving a bar and restaurant. >> we talk every single day two three times a day. next day i never saw him again. >> he says, we're treating it as murder for hire. and that's what i think it was. it was a murder for hire. >> fbi has previously reviled they believe petrone and imbo were abducted and murdered by contract killers as they were heading home to mt. laurel. but the killers entities and motive remain a mystery. >> somebody has to pay for this. i mean you just can't kill two people for no reason. >> we're hoping for a break essentially at this point. >> fbi agent jj klaver says a special cold case task force working out of agency headquarters here is now assigned to the case. >> we're hoping that this is the spark we need.
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>> somebody has to pay for this. that's how i feel. you know, my eyes are open i'll keep at it until somebody does. >> reporter: somewhere somehow the petrones leave believe that after 10 agonizing years the answers will be found. walt hunter cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> a new effort is underway to reduce violent crime in wilmington. governor jack markell attended the first meeting. members are studying wilmington crime data reviewing police deployment strategies and will make recommendations on how to reduce crime in that city. there's breaking news tonight nbc says it is suspending nightly news anchor brian williams for sick months without pay. williams apologized on air last week for falsely claiming that he was in a helicopter that was hit by a rock propelled grenade while he was covering the iraq war in 2003.
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inform bc says you continues to to intendly investigate williams statements. his suspension will take effect immediately. another big name in television is stepping down. find out what host is calling it quits. and new tonight why you can now enjoy your eggs with a little less guilt. the new research that could have you changing your diet. kathy? >> we have more snow on the way. it's the clipper train. one after another bringing in two shots of arctic air. we're talking about the coldest air of the season. we'll time it out and show you when it all moves in coming up. >> you've heard of companies that let you name your own price for travel, right? well now you can negotiate prices on lot more. >> if you ask for lower price you can get it. >> i'm jim donovan. three on your side shows you how to name your own price on everything from clothing to electronics fun which are and more. find out how coming up. >> don't go anywhere. "eyewitness news" is
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>> all that snow in the boston area is now causing roofs to collapse. 7-foot drifts piled on top of this piano store and the roof gave wait under all that weight. this happened when the store was closed. thankfully no one was injured but a piano that belonged to lib berra chi was among those that may have been destroyed. more than two dozen roofs have collapsed all across that state and we have two more chances for snow in our forecast. kathy is coming up with the latest on what we can expect g accused serial stowaway is back at it. >> what about this woman marl lip jean hartman she was arrest arrested checking into someone else's villa at a luxury resort in florida. she told police she flown from minneapolis to jacksonville without ticket. that has not now however been confirm. back in august the same woman was arrested in california for stowing away on a flight from san jose to los angeles. she was also buffed forgetting past security in san francisco last year. new at 11:00 tonight john
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stewart is nouns he's leaving the daily show. stewart told the audience at tonight' taping he'll leave the show lateness year. he's move hosted the daily show since 1999. it's not immediately clear what his next move will be or who will replace him on comedy central. government advisory panel says that we don't have to worry seven about cholesterol after all. that's right. this panel found that a higher level of cholesterol in the food you eat doesn't necessarily translate into hire cholesterol in your blood. right now guidelines say that people should consume less than 300 milligrams of cholesterol each day. but single egg has about 200 milligrams. that 300-milligram number is expected to change when the new guidelines come out later this year. do you enjoy shopping online but maybe miss the opportunity to haggle? well you can do both these days. as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan finds
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naming your price depends on knowing where to click. >> reporter: the art of the haggle is a alive and well on the inn net. >> if you ask for lower price you can get it. >> reporter: handful of new weren't sites are allowing to you name your own price for everything you're buying. >> one site is green toe for electronics and more. >> customers can expect to save somewhere around 15 to 22% depending on the category. ♪ >> close to lee hundred dollar guitar. >> scott found the guitar he wanted on grown tow. >> i went at 150. >> selled on $200 using green toe's make an offer guide. it calculates your chances of getting an off septembered much the fashion site garr money has a similar scale. >> more often than not customers really know what they're doing. they know what they're looking for. they know what things are worth. report roar small boutiques and designers like new york based cologne in a strada are featured on the site. they say the offer guide keeps customers from putting in unrealistic low ball offers.
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>> something is only worth what you can get somebody to pay for it any way report roar stacey is hoping to sell this cabinet and lamp like upscale flea mark it has hundreds of sellers and thousands of items at big discounts for online buyers to name their own price. >> anybody coming to a resale site is looking for dole on brand name. i think to make an offer creates that opportunity for them. that feeling of negotiation and they got a great deal and that's feeling everybody loves. report roar for more information on the sites i just mentioned log on to i'll also be posting the information on my facebook and twitter feeds. i do not pay retail for anything anything. >> i love that statement. >> i'm not cheap but i've thrifty i like this. >> a lot of times you don't have to. it might take a little longer. >> just take some patience. a sight like this at least you have an idea of whether you have a shot or not. >> hard part of negotiation is looking someone in the eye. now you can just do that. it's easy. i like that. >> jim, thank you g good stuff. >> you're very welcome.
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>> appreciate it. all right kathy we're getting ready for deep freeze this weekend. not to mention a couple chances for snow. >> no negotiations with mother nature. >> none. she does what she wants. >> she's not available. not taking suggestions. but you can go online and suggest the weather to us, right? we're looking at a forecast that's going to change bug time the one group of people that will love this, the skiers. >> they deserve it. >> it's been a tough season. and we are going to be seeing more snow, of course, in the mountains. the skiers loving it tonight. big night on the slopes. on storm scan3 we're looking at some clear conditions out there right now. and even though the skies are clear we have a little bit of breeze and that is keeping temperatures up across the region. so it's very comfortable to be outside. we have that type of weather for about the next 24 to arthritic hours and then that will be changing. "eyewitness weather" watchers are telling us it is very comfortable. we're seeing moonlit skies in many locations. temperature right around 30 degrees in willow grove. not much wind barbara says the
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pressure is steady at this point. 32 degrees on the jersey side. in burlington township, we have an easterly wind about 32 degrees. easterly win at 2 miles an hour. in delaware, still covering around freezing. greg is reporting a temperature of 31 degrees but moonlit skies. across the delaware valley we're going to be seeing the temperatures falling. as had he do, it's going to get really cold around here very quickly. but it will take a lull time. in the city we have 33. 21 in the poconos. but look what's coming. we have an arctic blast you can see minneapolis 28. in the so bad. winnipeg 10. business mark sitting at 14 degrees. but much colder air waiting in wings and that will be here by the weekend. some cold air for your valentine's. here the start of the clipper train. one clipper moving in by thursday. a very light accumulation. a coating to anism of know for us. the core of the area of low pressure and the cold is to the north.
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boston sees more snow again with this one. we catch a break friday. another shot of arctic air with more snow saturday for val towns day right now doesn't look like a big accumulation for us. but it does again for new england. the same pattern that we have been in this entire winter season. freezing temperatures are going to dip all the way down to florida by friday morning. we are going to be seeing the cold saturday very cold again. but once that second arctic front moves through saturday, sunday we will bottom out with the coldest air of the winter season. how cold? in philadelphia the forecast high sunday will be 19. the defendant temperatures since last january. january 24th. overnight, parly clue deed skies expected it will be chilly during the day tomorrow the high near 40 again. sunset not until if you have 32:00. so good day to get out enjoy you. maybe get the car washed before the snow showers move in thursday. more of a nuisance than anything else. mainly thursday afternoon and then very cold friday in the wake of the clipper.
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saturday our second clipper. some snow for your valentine's and then sunday we just bottom out. the holiday 25 degrees. maybe a good ski day. and then tuesday a chance of more light snow. >> winter indeed. >> um-hmm. >> it's here g here it is. kathy, thanks so much. >> personnel shuffling for the night guys. >> they got lot going on. in montro al ray emery in goal because stave mason is hurt. i've got the latest on mason and highlights from a great hockey game that's coming up
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the flyers in montreal tonight without steve mason in net. his knee jr. puts him on the shelf for two to throw weeks. ray emery between the pipes. hold down the canadians. the first period of play matt read scored ending a twenty five game drought. the flyers took lead. em row was a brick wall. turning away 24 montreal shots in the first two periods but in the third the canadians finally got on the board. he knock in the rebound to tie
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game. so the game went to overtime. ray made the safe but could not stop the rebound. he saved 39 shots though. flyers lost the game two to one. several reports say the flyers number one net minder had an arthroscope knee scope this morning. the lower body injury will keep steve mason out of action two to throw week. he's 26 years old. left the game against washington on sunday. was held help in the locker room room. one report says it's the third minor operation on the same knee knee. we wish him well. biggest game of the season for temple basketball. cincinnati in team. both teams eight and three in conference play. temple avenging a 31-point loss to bear cats earlier this season season. here we government will coming missed that game. and his presence was felt tonight. he hits the floater in the lane and led the owls with 21 points. jesse morgan showed off his three-point shooting. he hit four of them tonight. that triple game temple
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nine-point lead in the second half. they put the game away. cincinnati not allowed a team to score 70 points that game to an end. temple won the game 75-59 the final. we need to win every game we play. we got miles to go yet. we got a long six games left and we got to work our butt off to see what we can do by the end of the year. so we're thrilled where we are rot now but we got ways to go. >> way to go fran. drexel hosting towsend another bug game out of the dragons damien lee. caa's top scorer had 23 points. they beat the tigers 53-49. drexel has now won six straight games. more news when we come back.
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♪ a new mascot for the sixers makes his debut. >> check this guy out. we'll get to know him well. this is franklin.
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the blue furry dog made the dramatic entrance at the franklin institute here in philadelphia today. the sixers call franklin an entertainment specialist and the crowd motivator and yeah, i think they got that one right. take look at the reaction to this guy. more than 300 children were on hand today. they saw first hand what the franklin experience is all about. franklin welcome to philadelphia. come see us here at oy witness news. >> we'll be writ back. ♪
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