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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 13, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EST

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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". developing now at 11:00 brace for tumbling temps and wicked wind chills. right now we are tracking bitter cold that could turn dangerous g evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. meteorologist kathy orr is out on the cbs3 sky deck feeling the elements tonight. kathy? we're getting waves of wind
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chris and jessica. arctic air moving and the wind will continue tonight and through tomorrow morning. take a look at the current gusts right now in philadelphia winds gusting over 30 miles an hour. 44-mile an hour gust in reading. 39 miles an hour gust in millville. tropical storm strength gust. right now it feels like six in millville. threesome wilmington. five below in reading and 14 below in the poconos. we have a wind chill warning in effect for the poconos could get as as 25 below tomorrow morning. that goes through 4:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. we have a wind chill advisory north and west of the city in our suburbs wind chills as cold as 15 below. but that's just the beginning. during the day tomorrow, in philadelphia we'll see a wind chill of 10 below to start. that's even in the city at the bus stop. by noon it will feel like four. by three it will feel like 10 and by 6:00 p.m. it will feel like 12. now, this is the first wave of arctic cold.
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we'll be greeted with snow showers for valentine's day and then that will usher in the dangerous wind chills and the record cold we will be feeling over this holiday weekend. unfortunately, it will only get worse around the delaware valley. i'll be back with those numbers when i join you inside. >> kathy see in you a minute. keep your tv here on cbs3. you can wake up with "eyewitness news" in the morning. meteorologist katie fehlinger will track tomorrow's weather starting at 4:30 right here on cbs3. breaking news details in a mysterious case of a missing boater. for months police have wondered weather andrew bit dell was dead or alive. tonight they got their answer. todd quinones has the new information. >> reporter: in a bizarre case of now you see me, now you don't and now you do again andrew bittle turned himself in on thursday. the egg harbor township man wanted for allegedly staging a boating accident and disappearing in order to escape criminal charges. authorities were unable to track
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down the 45-year-old after he seemingly vanished in late july. tom murphy was the good samaritan who jump in the water that night in longport. he was responding to cries for help and he pulled a man who was in the boat with bittle safely to shore. and thursday night we talked to murphy over the phone. >> i really hope they throw the book at him. i hope he get the max penalties. i'm pretty angry about it. just to put other people's lives at risk trying to pull off a ridiculous absurd stunt and just the fact that he thought he can get away with something like that is beyond belief to me. >> reporter: andrew bittle surrendered to prosecutors in atlantic county. bittle and his partner being investigateinvestigated for fraud len boat sales. >> and at this point it's still not exactly clear where bittle has been these past seven months. that still remains a mystery. but the one thing that is clear tonight he's locked up on $50,000 bail. roaring from the sat center, todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> more to come on that incredible story, todd, thank
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you very much. prostitutes posting posting provocative photos online to sell sex. it's not uncommon and police have target the women behind the ads but in philadelphia, now more than ever, law enforcement cracking down on the men who answer the ads. never before have news cameras been allowed to catch what you're about to seem it's an i-team exclusive. investigator tiff reporter charlotte huffman taking you inside a sting operation. >> reporter: you're undercover with the i-team inside a northeast philly hotel. it's where men think they're meeting a prostitute but have no idea we're watching them from across the hallway. and so are police. >> he's in. >> reporter: to provoke the vice squad officers we can't show you their faces. they're the ones who post provocative ads on back where theism team found hundreds
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of similar ads posted daily. within minutes of posting the ads the men started answering them. >> white male 6-foot on his way up. >> reporter: they're completely unaware that the prostitutes they've a rangeed to meet are actually undercover officers. once the deal was made police moved in. >> police, police! >> i'm not doing nothing. >> reporter: officers arrested this man for criminal solicitation. >> the last defendant offered our undercover officer $50 for sex and a bleep. >> reporter: it's a scene we watched unfold not once -- >> come on man. please don't do this to me. >> reporter: not twice. >> wow! really? go, go. >> reporter: but seven times. all of them in just three hours. they're from all different walks of life. victor gorbachev an immigrant from russia. keith kramer a nurse from quakertown. andrew mews a father of two with
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another one on the way. >> are you married? >> yes. >> not any more. >> we're stepping our efforts up. >> captain derek wood setter last year the vice squad arrested 313 so called john more than double the year before. >> we got guys meghan law offender wanted by the feds. wanted for murder. arrested for murder in the past. these are people -- we used the word john's. these guys aren't your next door neighbor. >> reporter: prostitution is a magnet for all types of crimes. there are guns, human traffic trafficking all put innocent bystanders in danger like last year when police say two pimps started shooting at each other inside a philadelphia hotel. it's another reason why sergeant joe lance see an know says advice is stepping up its game and changing its tactics. >> we're trying to attack this from the demand end and that we're going after the guys who
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are frequenting the prostitutes. we're taking their cell phones. we're taking their money. we're publicizing their names. >> reporter: what about your wife? what about your kids, sir? >> we want to get the word out there. if you're going to come to philadelphia to pick out prostitutes you'll pay the consequences. >> reporter: one police van one sting operation at a time. those seven men were charged with a misdemeanor nor solicitation. now, police will tell you that very few johns go on to become repeat offenders so it's their belief that sting operations like the one you just saw are very strong deterrents. >> okay. the warning is out there tonight tonight. charlotte, thank you very much. sure thing. well tonight philadelphia is taking a victory lap. the democratic national convention is coming to the city in 2016. mayor michael nutter says everyone worke hard to win that bid. >> we knew we had the right team great parceners, the
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infrastructure, the amenities and the enthusiasm necessary to put together a compelling bid. we literally put our heart and soul into this. >> but this is much more than just politics. this is about philly pride. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live at art museum with what has become the talk of the town. david? >> reporter: jessica a lot of philly pride tonight despite the cold temperatures we spoke to people out and about in philadelphia tonight who say listen politics aside they just want to show off philadelphia to the nation and the world. it all started behind these walls. 238 years ago. and many believe it's philadelphia' place in history that made it the final choice for the 2016dnc. >> i want to show off our city to my colleagues, to the nation, to the world. >> reporter: congressman bob brady helped bring the convention to town instead of brooklyn or columbus, ohio. brady and party leaders announced their choice in this video featuring what else, a philly cheesesteak.
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and speaking of cheesesteaks, the d inform c was the dinnertime talk at jim's on south street. >> philadelphia shows love. we are the city of love and we're the foundation of the nation. >> reporter: pearl is proud to show off his city to the country and the world. they a gut feeling philadelphia would win the bid starting last week. >> last week came in wanted the best cheesesteak in the country and we gaff it to her. >> the last time the inform dc was in town 1948 with president harry truman at the held. r inform c took over philadelphia in 2000. >> i think it's great. i think it will pump up the economy. >> it's enormous in terms of how people view philadelphia. >> reporter: temple university professor ira rosen knows tourism and hospitality. he dedicated his that you are night class to the impact of the convention. >> we'll phil 11,000 center city hotel rooms there's 30,000 hotel rooms in this region within 15 to 20 miles of philadelphia. it will be packed. >> reporter: you can already see d inform c on the side of
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buildings right now with red lights. a lot of people tonight saying, listen philadelphia is great but a lot of history here in town. the history i did the calculations july of 2016 will be 240 years to the month the declaration of independence was signed. we're live at the art museum tonight, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> we've been waiting to see the sirius center lit up like that, david. thank you very much. >> philadelphia police and fire officials will plan security efforts the city has seen to ensure a safe convention. they'll draw on their experience from other large events around the city like the 2000rnc and the july 4th welcome america concerts. officials say they will be well prepared. >> we'll take advantage of any opportunity we have to deal with any issues that may come up in terms of crowds and things of that nature. but again, we're more than prepared to deal with something like that. >> i think one thing that will help us the pope is coming this year.
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so that will help us with the planning phase. >> mayor nutter says that the costs of security will be fully covered by a federal grant and private donations. the dnc rolled out that you are decision today in a creative way. debbie wasserman schultz the chairman of the democratic national committee shared in this official announce many video you see her walk to the fridge. she opens it up pulls out the cheek cheesesteak there and as she walks away you the names of other cities that have hosted and then she slaps on philadelphia right there. we asked wasserman schultz how they got this idea. >> incredible here at the d inform c who conceived how we would announce philadelphia as the choice through our social media out reach and there was nothing more fun than pulling that cheesesteak out refrigerator and slapping the refrigerator magneton and the d inform c headquarters kitchen. for the record wasserman schultz says she made sure to grab a cheesesteak every time she's in philly. you can keep it right here on oy witness news for continuing
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coverage of the 2016 democratic national convention in philadelphia and you can get the latest any time at well, meanwhile more than a hundred students at a pennsylvania school have become violently ill and tonight doctors still unsure what's causing it. as of that is evening 114 students have been sicken at east stroudsburg university in monroe county. some suffered stomach pains so severe that they had to be admitted to the hospital. doctors believe that is could be an outbreak of gastro enter rights but that is not been confirm. paid sick days have been the center of controversy for many business owners in philadelphia and tonight there's final resolution to that debate. then forget about civil discourse, we'll tell was led these lawmakers to throw blows. >> kathy? >> our next storm system is brewing well in the northern plane. it doesn't look like much now but this will bring polar air. we're talking about dangerous cold whipping winds and temperatures that we haven't
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seen in a long time. we'll talk about that when the weather gets dangerous coming up. plus, a new policy for facebook that will let you prepare for life after death. we'll explain when "eyewitness news" returns in just 60 seconds.
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to night investigators say that the long-time 60 minutes correspondent bob simon was not wearing seat belt when he was killed in a car crash. the 73-year-old died last night in new york. police say the car in which he was riding hit another car that was stopped at a traffic light and then slammed into metal traffic barriers. simon was riding in the back seat of a for higher town car at the time. seat belts are not required in those vehicles. well tragedy in west philadelphia today. a two-year-old girl was struck and killed by a septa trolley there. a number of teddy bears and other items marked the spot at the corner of 51 is the and lancaster. eyewitnesses tell thus that toddler broke away from an adult
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and went right into the path of the vehicle. rescuers were quick to respond but it was too late. >> out of nowhere two-year-old ran in front of the trolley and got ran over. his body was just lifeless in between them two wheels. >> what an awful tragedy there right now authorities are checking nearby surveillance cameras as they continue their investigation. after numerous debates and two vetos mayor michael nutter made it official and signed paid sick leave into law in philadelphia. this will go into effect in 99 days it applies to businessings with 10 or more employees. those employers will have to provide an hour of paid sick leave for every 40 hours of work. smaller businesses will provide job protection for workers to take five unpaid sick days. today the senate confirm the president's choice to run the pentagon ashton carter will replace chuck hagel. carter will be president obama's
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fourth defense secretary in six years and he will face the task of steering military as the united states battles isis. he serve as pentagon's number two official from 2011 to 2013. carter is a philadelphia area native and attended abington high school. whoa. heated debate turns into an all out brawl. believe it or not these two men are lawmakers in the ukrainian particle lamb. they were fighting over a bill on land restitution to local communities. you saw security eventually stepped in after both got in a few hits. one of them even suffered a broken nose. facebook is rolling out a new option that allows users to plan their online after life. think of it as social media will. they're going to allow to you designate another person as a legacy contact and then that person can manage your account if you pass away. there are some restrictions though.
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>> there's a form that you have to fill out you provide the details so the person's name h they passed away, they may ask for a death certificate as well and it's morbid to think about but these issues have to be managed. >> legacy contacts will be able to respond to new friend requests and update profile photos. facebook they decided to make this change after thousands of requests from users. they didn't win the jackpot but someone in our area still won big in last night's powerball drawing. officials say a ticket worth $1 million was sold in glenn mills, delaware county. throughout the day the store located along baltimore pike was buzzing with excitement. it turns out this ticket was only one number short of perfect and a share of that more than a half billion dollars. however they still get a million dollars much that's pretty good. the lucky winner has yet to come forward. meanwhile, there were three big winners who did match all six numbers and those tickets were sold in puerto rico north carolina and tech text. those winners will all get a
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share of the $564 million jackpot which was the game's second largest cash prize ever. it is a beautiful night out there. we are looking at the ben franklin bridge and of course in a distance center city philadelphia. skies will be clear but when you step out the door tomorrow morning, you are going to feel a rush of arctic air. temperatures are already plunging across the delaware valley. our "eyewitness weather" watchers are showing us the cold and they're showing us brutal winds that gust to 40 miles an hour. take look at some of these temperatures. already reporting in a temperature of 10 degrees in perkasie. and chuck says there's a few snow showers out there as well. he sent in a picture maybe a little hard to see but the winds are rushing in the cold and you can see a few snow flurries out there because of the cold air moving n in the state of delaware temperatures only in the 20s going down into the single numbers overnight tonight tonight.
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greg reporting a temperature of 20 degrees with gusty winds the pressure is rising and 22 degrees right now being reported by peter in lawrenceville. with wind chills going below zero. on storm scan3 if you look real close you can see a little bit of snow moving through places like montgomery county and bucks county. this little bit of a streamer that came from the lakes a little bit of moisture and came right through perkasie and is heading down right toward the river. so if you live in lower parts of bucks county you may see a few snow flurries because of the cold that is driving some limited moisture toward the region. otherwise we're just talking about clear skies and cold temperatures. 17 in allentown. four in the poconos. how about this? six in state college. two in buffalo. add the winds gusting to 40 miles an hour and it feels like 10 below in state college. 10 below in pittsburgh buffalo 15 below and we will be experiencing these numbers come tomorrow morning. in the poconos we do have a wind chill warning those wind chills getting down as cold as 25 below. that's tomorrow morning.
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at the bus stop in allentown even places like doylestown and pottstown. we could get as cold as 15 below. in philadelphia at the bus stop, 10 below for the children that walk to school it will be extremely cold tomorrow morning with the wind and then zero to five the wind chills along the shore and through southern delaware. arctic high pressure sits over us during the day tomorrow and then this clipper is going to make a very big difference in our weather. we are talking about polar air from our friend the polar vortex a piece of that cold is coming behind this. this clipper will bring some snow for your valentine right around the time you could be going out to dinner and then the cold that comes behind it will be noteworthy to say the least. this is how we shape up for saturday. by the afternoon seeing in snow showers in the poconos and the lehigh valley. then between about 3:00 and 6:00 o'clock, we'll see a band of snow move across philadelphia and its suburbs with some poor visibility because of this some bursts of heavy snow it will move through like a squall line and out of here by seven
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8:00 o'clock but by the time it's done, it will drop about a coat to go quick inch of snow in the philadelphia area and a higher accumulation in the lehigh valley and the poconos where it will be snowing longer. as we look ahead behind that arctic front we're talking about wind chills five to 15 below in philadelphia. this is sunday morning. and it gets even colder monday morning. wind chills as low as 20 below and that's dangerously cold. we're talking about potential for frost bite if your out there too long. overnight, windy, bitter cold, wind chills below zero the low temperature 12. whipping winds tomorrow morning. the high temperature only 21 in philadelphia. wind chills in the single numbers so just not great day to be outside. the good news is, by saturday, get out enjoy for your valentine because temperatures will be actually warming ahead of that arctic blast. but behind it brutal for sunday. monday morning the record is two and we're going to be very close to that if knots breaking it and winds will be gusting to
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50 miles an hour monday. 50 miles an hour winds. that could take down tree limbs power lines. then snow showers tuesday. possibly a little snow wednesday and then we're back near 40 on thursday. get the updated forecast any time. make sure you get the cbs philly weather ab before the weekend check the radar any weather alerts share pictures. download the app now on i tunes and google play. it is going to be really the most eventful stretch of weather that we've had this winter. >> unbelievable. >> not in a good way. >> and cold, cold, cold. >> my goodness. >> bundle up. kathy, thanks. >> now is a good time to book a flight to tampa clearwater. >> a great tile. >> pitchers and catchers go there thursday. and they've got new approach. i'll tell you about that analytic for the very first time plus ruben amaro jr. will tell us why they are being very cautious when it comes to trading a talent like
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pitchers and catchers report to clearwater next thursday. normally the city is a buzz. this time not so much. but the phillies have plan built through organization wide meetings including analytics for the very first time. cole hamels be part of the turn around or the asset traded to speed up the process? here's ruben on trading cole. >> jut he's one of the elite pitchers in the game. um we understand the marketplace for those -- for those pitchers. um but he's ours, and we know what he is. when we start talking about tradeing for younger players or different players we're just not sure. what's the deal with clifton pfeiffer lee? he was shut down last season with elbow problems. when healthy he's one of the best with eight level stuff. bulldog attitude. ruben says he's fine. >> cliff has no issues right now now. he's feeling very good. he's been off the mound several times. hasn't had any set back.
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we fully expect right now unless there is some sort of set back during spring training that he should be ready to go for opening day. again, that's tricky because he did get v2 bouts with it last year with hisly bow but we think those issues are behind him. hopefully they are. the flyers continue their road trip tomorrow when they face columbus and former teammate scotty hartnell and before the game the blue jackets will honor scotty monday he played in his 1,000th career game. this season he has scored 13 goals and 21 assists. >> it's going to be special moment for us but obviously for him and his family. it's a big milestone. >> he's been a real good player on and off the ice with everything he's done. he played hard on the ice. gave everything he's got. good leader, and then off the ice a lot of the same. with the community. >> the next step in kimmo timonen's come back will happen next tuesday. he will join the flyers morning
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68. kimmo has been working out alone at the facility while recovering from blood clots. we'll
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new at 11-dollar night honors for a former football player who inspiring many people off the field. >> villanova' university's office of disabilities services presentedpresented eric lagrand with its humanitarian i was tonight. the former rutgers player was paralyzed during a game back in 2010. he travels the country and raises awareness about dissables. congratulations to eric. we'll be right back. ♪
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