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tv   Eyewitness News at 7am  CBS  February 15, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EST

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new this morning a close call for an area family, a giant tree, crashes in to their house trapping a resident inside. we're live with the very latest. also, tragedy in chester county, two teens are killed in the car crash on the snowy road, this morning a driver involved is under arrest. and a live look right now at center sit friday our cbs-3 studio, if you are getting ready to go out first comes the bitter air and then wick wind. it is dangerously cold outside and i can tell you it doesn't feel so good it is sunday february 15th, good morning thanks so much for joining us,
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i'm nicole brewer at 7:00 o'clock. let's send it over to carol for more on this dangerous cold. >> what you didn't see while you were just on temperatures dropped back down to 9 degrees. >> oh, fantastic. >> yes jumping back between nine and ten. but what is that 1 degree. you are well below freezing and well below sub zero freezing as you get in the wind chills. we have picked up snow yesterday, areas of new jersey pick ing up several inches of snow. three or 4 inches of snow not uncommon through south jersey. but it is hard to measure this snow boston seeing a lot of snow coming down that has been their faith the faith all winter long. we have, clearing skies a away is a a we move through the the rest of the day. temperatures right now, it is just, when you look the at these were just one number there, what else do you say. it is one number.
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there is plenty i can say but i better not. minus ten is our wind chill in philadelphia minus 14 allentown. minus 14 in wilmington. minus 13 in millville. minus 26 in the poconos. we have been seeing winds of 43 miles an hour in wilmington. 26 miles an hour wind gusts through philadelphia a look at south jersey, 47 miles an hour through millville. if you are driving in those areas with the snow that you pick up last night you are probably in white out conditions and if you are heading out to daze just remember that. you have to be so careful. the the roads are covered with snow because no matter how much they clear it off it the gets blend back on when you find these open fields. our temperatures today getting in the teens, that is it. we will fine bitter wind chills and as we put this into motion by 2:00 this afternoon you'll enjoy sunshine and a frosty, feel to the day with these wind chills, sub zero. it is maybe the not the coldest weather we will be
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finding over the next several days, we will talk about that, coming up, nicole. >> carol, thank you. two teenagers are kill in the crash in chester county, it happened in the north bun lanes of route one hundred at north road in exton. authorities say victims were eject from the minivan when struck by a pickup truck. the driver of the pick up was a arrested at the the scene. no word on specific charges at this time. well dangerous cold didn't keep couples from celebrating valentines day meanwhile, as temperatures dropped, penndot crews worked to keep the roads clear for love bird ride home. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has the details. >> reporter: valentines day and love park, okay, perhaps a little cliche but definitely the spot to go to if you want to talk to couples. the park was damp and cold and at times snowy, but not a person we spoke to seemed to care. >> we were still coming
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regardless. >> reporter: you have to celebrate the holiday. >> yeah. >> reporter: some preferred it. >> cute. i just love the the snow in general. >> reporter: does the snow add something or take something away from valentines day. >> i personally love the snow. >> romantic buzz across the street ice skater hand and hand in dilworth plaza many came from the suburbs and had a smooth drive, thanks to these guys. hundreds of penndot trucks came out when the the snow did and valentines day, rather salty. >> we have been salting the highway. that is what we will be doing. depending upon how long it lasts, matt will depend if we need to put plows down on the pavement to move snow off the roadway. >> reporter: their work got good vee views from the drivers in had malvern. how are the roads out there. >> no problem. >> reporter: bit easier to brave the cold on the romantic night. is the the romance worth the weather. >> definitely. >> reporter: as temperatures drop moving into sunday and monday, penndot say they are worried about road freezing. with that said wind will pick up. penndot expects those wind to actually help dry off the roads before they have a chance to freeze.
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makes their job easier. we're in center city path matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" it was certainly cold last night and this morning lots of high wind. dangerously high wind sent a to you towering tree on top of a home in newtown square. one resident was trapped inside buried under debris. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson picks up the story live from the scene right now, good morning steve. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. it is absolutely brutal this morning. the warnings that carol is putting out is complete liz relevant. the wind hit you. the it is searing. it just knocks your train of thought. if you can stay inside please do this this morning. we're talking that tree in the neighborhood behind me. we wanted to go in that neighborhood but the streets are narrow and it was just a literal wind tunnel. we could do anything. the it was dangerous in there. where you see that road closed sign if you pan over to the left just a moment ago there was a huge gust of wind, that knocked that cone clear over and took it all the way down
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the road. but last night that tree just an incredible incredible sight. a heroin story. it happened in newtown square. police say at the 1:30 this morning a huge gust of wind in the neighborhood on spruce road. police say the wind gusts, about 50 miles an hour, upward of 60 uprooted this tree it is just kind of up routes london top of the home literally. i mean literally cuts the home in half. four people are inside of that home at least two of them are check out for minor injuries but there is a man who was in the neighborhood, a relative, a family member his daughter is inside his grandchildren are inside, he arrives to see that home and thinks that everybody is dead, listen to his testimony on this. >> reporter: opening that door was horrifying. it was horrifying. i was expecting some death. i thought i lost my grandchildren to be quite honest. i thought my grandson was dead because when i first got in there he wasn't making any sound. i could see him coming out through branches and i grabbed
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him and pick him up and got him outside. >> reporter: arrives on the the scene to think his family is dead. it turns out just minor injuries cuts bruises, truly miraculous on the scene and you see what that tree did to the home. police say that the tree simply was too old to withstand the wind from this morning. that is very latest from newtown square, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank god they are okay, steve, thank you. developing right now police in copenhagen denmark say they have killed the gun man believed to be behind two shootings in their city. investigators say a man was killed and two officers were injured in the shooting outside of a copenhagen synagogue. now that shooting came about six hours after a gunman fired at least 30 shots through a window at a copenhagen cafe killing a 40 year-old man and injuring three police officers. swedish cartoon is lars was speaking a at that cafe and he was receiving death threats for his portrayal of the
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prophet mohammad. >> my husband was hit by a very serious act of violence tonight. we feel certain now it is politically motivated attacked, and therefore a terrorist attack. >> the the late's tack comes as europe is increasingly on edge over yan assault on the french satyrical newspaper and a kosher supermarket in paris. canadian police say they have foiled a valentines day attack on the halifax shopping center in 'nova scotia. investigators say three people planned to kill as many people as they could before taking their own lives. a woman from illinois and man from nova scotia were arrested on friday. the third suspect killed himself after police surrounded his house and halifax home. police say the plot is in the linked to terrorism. a police officer if bucks county is recovering this morning after investigators say he shot a suspected car thief who tried to run him over. police tell us that the officer was on a routine traffic stop when he ran the
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plates and that vehicle came back stolen. it happened yesterday morning outside a 7-eleven in morrisville. when the the officer approached that driver, the the situation escalateed. >> the defendant throws the car in reverse striking the the police vehicle and as the officer tried to stop he was yelling at him, he pointed a gun. the car hits the the police officer. the officer fires two shots inside the driver's reek will will striking the defendant. >> the suspect was hot shot once in the chest and is in critical condition, the officer is in good condition, and is expect to fully recover. well to day is your last chance to enroll for 2015 coverage under the affordable care act. applicants have until midnight to sign up for health insurance on the federal marketplace. now in some states you don't to have complete the the application but you must at least start it by the deadline. the those who do not have have health insurance face penalty penalties. 7:09 right now. a had major fire down the shore resin also overnight.
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we will have details ahead plus this. >> reporter: another winter snowstorm pound the midwest and north east i am will's jericka duncan in boston with that story coming up. we certainly don't have all that snow thank goodness but we are sock in with some dangerous cold, carol has the forecast when we come right back.
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snowy february ever. the worst parties there is in where to put it. cbs news correspondent jericka duncan has the very latest. >> reporter: another major storm system is pushing its way from the midwest through the the northeast. bringing heavy snow, and powerful wind. >> it is too much snow. >> reporter: in ohio, white out conditions are to blame for a 30 car pile up on the ohio turnpike that killed a pregnant woman near sandusky. cars and trucks are also sliding off the interstates in indiana and right behind all of this snow blistering cold. temperatures are expected to dip well below zero from michigan to maine. winter weary new england is bracing for at least another foot of snow blizzard conditions, and possible coastal flooding again. >> you can set your watch to it, almost every three days you can guarantee a storm. >> reporter: boston has seen 80 inches of snow so far this winter and fourth major storm is taking aim at this region.
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>> we have been and will continue to be clearing snow, and removing snow and melting snow and just disposing of snow. >> reporter: there is so much snow in boston that they don't know where to put it. mayor says he will dump tonight to boston harbor only as a last resort. crews and equipment from six states and national guard are in in massachusetts to help remove the the snow. jericka duncan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". just every where you are looking is white. at saturday anything but a beach day but that didn't stop thousands of people from taking a dip in the ocean. "eyewitness news" in sea isle city for 21st annual polar bear weekend. these folks braved freezing temperatures all for a good cause, thank goodness but it does make you shiver thinking about it. doesn't it. >> honestly it was a great cause. it was the worst year i have had in like five years. within year there was snow on the ground. this has clearly been the worst year. my feet is frozen. i did it for a if cause.
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>> each year, tens of thousands head down the shore this weekend in february. there is a full slate of events including a run walk for autism awareness, vendors mark and a free concert. >> yeah. >> it looks like they are having fun. better them then us, carol. >> well, they signed up for it and good that they did. it is a good cause. yes, i have this undeserved halo this morning. the sunnies out but boy it is doing nothing for these temperatures. i think it probably wants to hide under the covers itself. it is is he cold out there i want to show you the the poconos. we have the camera just right and you'll see this snow blowing across. that is what you are even countering, you'll find snow off the roof, when you clean off your car, make sure you're standing on the side where the wind is coming from so you don't get it all over you as i did this morning. i was getting a a face full of snow until i woke up enough to go to the other side of my car and let the wind help me along
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as well. you can see on storm scan 3a big system obviously. the worst of it coming up through boston where they absolutely do not need any more of this. we are seeing through central and northern new jersey you might find a couple of flurries left over. the the amounts through south jersey, i keep saying how difficult it is to measure a snow like this because it changes all the time. this stuff is moving every where. but, three to 4 inches is not the uncommon through much of south jersey. one to two in the philadelphia area and points to the west of that. we have clear skies expected for us today, and the temperatures, they are like the super models that get with one name they go with one number. nine. nine. eight. seven. minus one. that is up in the poconos. ten down in wildwood. now, you factor in the winds which are gusting to 43 miles an hour in wilmington. 26 miles an hour in philadelphia, 40 miles an hour in trenton and put a minus in front of all of those singles numbers because that is how it is feeling. the winter weather advisory
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until 11:00 this morning. blowing and drifting snow that willow brit rate roads. very hard to see in these areas where the wind can go right across the the field, right on to the road covers up the road immediately, covers up your windshield immediately, very hard to see as that snow globe effect that you may find out there this morning. high wind warning until will 2:00 for wind gusting to 50 to 60 miles an hour, in any of these areas. so a windy windy day, and after that, expires because we have to have some kind of an advisory over us, we have a wind chill advisory over us, that goes from 4:00 this afternoon until 11:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. even though the wind will be down, a little tiny bit. the temperatures will be down as well and that is why we will get into some extreme wind chill. minus 20 or so, not out of the realm of possibility through philadelphia. we have been so cold in philadelphia, if you have been outside, 39 hours of sub zero
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feel from saturday night, all the way through monday around noon time. the wind chills will be that low. so this is a miserable time of it. future weather is completely right. sometimes it is completely wrong. today it is completely right. it shows exactly is what happening right now. when it does this you have more face in what it is going to becoming after. that clearing skies probably a guarantee. tomorrow afternoon some clouds. tuesday, do we start to see our next round of precipitation. maybe some snow. this is 3:00 in the morning on tuesday. subject to change time-wise but just know we have a snow maker that can be coming in here on tuesday, by the time we hit 11:00 o'clock, we're looking at snow, we will find heavier band through south jersey. we have to see where that all happens this moves out of here. then we are left with better conditions after that. but otherwise to daze 16 degrees with these wind up to 55 miles an hour. you in your pets in, right with you.
7:19 am
nobody should be outside in this at all. i don't care how many legs they have. zero tonight. record setting temperatures tonight with wind chills of minus 20 to start the day monday 18 degrees the high feeling far colder all day. tuesday snow wednesday maybe some snow later in the afternoon and coldest wet they are year coming on that thursday, friday timetable. oh nicole. >> you said it perfectly carol, oh. 7:19. lets see how traffic is moving out there, ann good morning. >> good morning, nicole. you heard carol's bitter cold forecast. not only is it bitter cold but we have icy conditions on the secondary and neighborhood roadways. drive very carefully. also watch out for bridges, overpasses, on and off ramps. we have speed reductions in place on the walt whitman. you are looking at a beautiful sunrise but speed reductions of 25 miles an hour on that as well as ben franklin bridge, bet thecy ross bridge commodore barry bridge and delaware memorial bridge, also a a 45-mile an her speed
7:20 am
reductions in effect on the new jersey turnpike between delaware memorial bridge and exit 8a, cranberry jamesberg exit. other than that the the area bridges are looking okay. you have to be very careful. also watch out for snow that has blown over on the highway this morning as you are driving. we have some problems i wanting to over with you in cherry hill. seventy westbound shut down at bartram park drive there is a broken water main there. in millville 47 we have a fallen tree in the middle of the highway at orange street. forty-seven, delsea drive is shut down at orange street. man too you a we have an accident at 55 southbound, 553 and shoulder is block. since we are in new jersey and talking about new jersey, new jersey transit, river line services are operating with 30 minute delays between trenton and camden due to weather conditions. we will will move the traffic cam here there you
7:21 am
carefully. we will move the traffic cam one more time to the schuylkill expressway between girard and spring garden. again you are seeing that salt brine mixture which looks like snow but it is not. but everything looking okay. folks taking their time on this portion of the the schuylkill and schuylkill in major delays through philadelphia and suburbs. mass transit honor close to schedule except for new jersey transit, river line services operating 30 minute delays between trenton and camden due to weather conditions. that is very latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans new back to you, nicole. thanks very much. still to come carol answers your pet questions in this weeks ask the vet. >> we love our animals with all of our hearts but let talk
7:22 am
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new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at for many of us, dogs are our hearts. but they also have heart like little doggie here and her wonderful owner a cardiologist from penn vet. this is doctor danielle lauf lynn, doctor danielle, we have a lot of questions about dogs and their hearts. >> okay. >> what does every pet owner know and cats too about pets and their hearts. >> it is important to know
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that they have heart disease that can develop and it often develops with age. the it is important to get your animals screened by your veterinarian. >> how are they screened. >> they will listen to their heart and might do a chest x-ray. depending on on what that show they might recommend a cardiologist. >> dogs and cats both get heart disease. >> absolutely. >> a lot of it is size related the kind of heart disease they get. >> we know big dogs get diseases where their heart dilates and does not pump well. small dogs like rudy tend to get leaking heart valves. >> would you be able to tell looking at your dog whether you have a dog with heart disease. >> not necessarily, no. the best way toys listen to their heart with the stethoscope and see if you hear an abnormal heart rhythm or murmur. >> can you prevent it at all. >> there is in way to prevent it. the best way is regular screening to see fit crops up. >> a heart murmur, somebody gets a puppy, does that necessarily mean my god we have a huge problem. >> some dogs have a murmur and
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live an absolutely normal life but it means they should get checked out with a set of an x-ray or he can cardiogram or ultrasound of their heart. >> that is an expensive proposition for people. >> it tend to be more expensive but it can offer us a lot of information and let us know what we need to be worried about in that dog. the x-ray will show not just their heart and lungs as well which can be important. >> a dog with the horse bark, means what to you. >> it might mean that they have an upper airway problem a problem with their voice box or it might mean that they have heart disease and their hearties enlarged and pushing on their airway. >> best thing to do is to get a yearly check a and, because there are medications your dog can be on. >> they are. if they develop congestive heart failure is there good in medications we can get them on. >> and dogs really fast really good for people with heart problems. >> absolutely there have been studies from the american heart association that shows people with heart disease that have a dog tend to live longer
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then those that don't. >> totally agree. >> absolutely, good for us too. >> so, just get your dog check out once a year your cat checked out, preventing any kind of problem but it can be something thaw cannot prevent in a dog or cat just because they age and that is it. >> we know some breed are predisposed so early monitoring is the best way. >> give me two or three. >> cavilers kin charles spaniel for small breed dog and doberman pinchers for large breed dog. >> love your animals. that will help your heart and yours too. >> absolutely. >> doctor, a cardiologist from penn vet. thanks for being with us. >>
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today, it is sunday february 15th, good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us i'm nicole brewer. it is 7:30. we want to let you know there are community cancellations. you can find them on our web site at cbs right the now let send it over to carol with more on the forecast that will impact some people as we move throughout the morning, right carol. >> it is an impact on everybody's life. it doesn't matter if you are just going out tour garage to get in your car. you are lucky to be able to do that because your car will be so cold. if you are waiting for a bus,
7:31 am
if you are outside, if you are working outside, trying to get someplace, you will be impacted by weather that we are having right now. snow is gone but it is blowing around. that is the the difference. you can see a couple snow showers that are still rotating around not so much in our area but through central jersey and shore areas and north that is where you'll find it definitely around boston and they are just so, really having a tough time this winter. it is clearing skies we can expect throughout the day-to-day but wind will be very, very gusty. look at these numbers. one number. nine. nine. nine. eight in trenton. nine in door. eight in atlantic city. minus one in the poconos. then you factor in the wind. it is a minus 27 is how it feels in the poconos. feels like minus ten in philadelphia. minus 14 in wilmington. minus ten in wildwood. we will get in the teens today. the it doesn't matter though. these wind could be gusting as high as 25, 35, 45 55 miles an hour at times. you will be finding these wind
7:32 am
chills well below zero all day. it the is clear though. we will keep clear weather around here but just brutally cold. we will talk about for how long, how much more cold air comes in and the next chance of precipitation which looks to becoming early on tuesday. we will talk bit, coming up nicole. >> car will ol thank. new you this morning carol has been mentioning gusty high wind. they may be blame for a toppling tree in newtown square. one resident had to be rescued after the roof of their home came crashing down. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has been out their life all morning long in delaware count which that story to show us the conditions, out there and that made for that awful occurrence there we do want to share on information with you though on that story and kind of what happened overnight. you can see the house there and the the tree on top of that home. the we're told a family was inside at the time. it the missed them. i believe there were a couple of minor injuries. unfortunately or fortunately
7:33 am
though rather everyone is okay, this morning. but again, we will have a live report, coming from delaware county, on this a little will bit later. let's hear from the grand fat shore came into see all of this this morning. >> i opened the the door and saw inside and when my grandchildren were sleeping i thought they were all gone. that is how bad it was. it just missed his bed by inches. my granddaughter was in my daughter's arms. she passed her out. i pick my grandson out of his room. my son in law was running around. he said it sounded like an avalanche coming through the the house. >> such a scary situation there in newtown square delaware county. we will have much more on that including a live report coming up on "eyewitness news". right now though we do want to let you know fire fighters are back out at the scene in avalon, cape may county. flames were rekindled overnight in the 4700 block of fifth avenue knew. fire fighters had a tough time battling the flames because of the wind and frigid temperatures. hoses were freezing and as you can see from this picture here
7:34 am
the house and everything around it was covered in ice. it took much of the morning on friday to get that fire under control. no one was hurt. we do know identity of the man killed in the house fire, friday night is southwest philadelphia. fifty-six year-old eric brookbureau was found dead in the 5300 block of kingsessing avenue. investigating believe a kerosene heater may have fueled the flames. authorities are reminding residents to fill kerosene heaters up outside and to leave plenty of space around space heaters. the official cause of the blaze is under investigation. a millersville university student is laid to rest nearly a week after she was beaten and strangled inside of her lancaster county dorm room. karlie haul off chad forward was 18 years old. the university bused students to her funeral in kenneth square. hall's boyfriend greg go ohio orrostieta is charged in connection with her death. police say, hall was arguing with him before it turned physical last sunday.
7:35 am
well camden police need your help to track down a pair of armed robbery suspects. officers a that these men, held up a victim on january 30th at the corner of somerset and raretan streets. they allegedly pointed a gun at the man on his bike and took cash. this surveillance video was recorded at the luk oil gas station on admiral wilson boulevard shortly before that crime took place. a private memorial services is being planned to remember 60 minutes correspondent bob simon. cbs news says the services will take place tuesday at new york's in metropolitan opera house. a public service is planned for a later date. the seven three-year old was a music lover and reported on several opera stories on his career. simon was killed wednesday night after finishing what was now his final 60 minutes report. now simon worked on that report alongside his daughter tanya, a producer for the broadcast. you can see bob simon's final work about searching for an ebola cure tonight on 60 minutes at 7:00 right here on
7:36 am
cbs-3. well, new york times media columnist david carr died of complication from his metastatic lung cancer that is according to autopsy results just released. the medical examiner's office says carr also suffered from heart disease. the the 58 year-old collapsed and died in the times news room thursday night hours after moderating a discussion with nsa leaker edward snowden. a spokesperson for new york times declined to say whether carr's illness was publicly known. local leaders will gather in south florida for a remembrance dinner tonight as part of the weekend of events honoring trayvon martin. the unarmed teen was shot and killed two years ago. a a peace walk was held yesterday in miami. participants used the occasion to draw attention to ongoing gun violence aim at african-american teens. trayvon martin was shot and killed february 26th, 2013. his gun man george zimmerman was acquitted based on florida's stand your ground law.
7:37 am
7:36. a man pro passes to a woman inside a wal-mart store and that is not the most strange part about it. the wait until you hear details of this one coming up next. and imagine hurdling through the air at more than 65 miles an hour landing a hundred feet away. piece of cake right, well that is what this circus performer does as the human cannon ball, we will hear from her coming up next, plus this. one hundred couples get married on top of the empire state building, i'm wendy gilette in new york city, i'll have those stories coming up. and when can we expect these wind to die down? carol has latest on the the dangerous cold coming up next.
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a woman makes an explosive performance at the circus extreme show. lets take a look. wow. check that out for 500th time, 25 year-old dema kirby took flight as a human cannon ball. it all happened at wells fargo center last night, in three seconds, the petit minnesota woman reached that milestone. she shot out of the cannon at get this 66 miles an hour and then landed safely on an aircushion about a hundred feet away. >> i like to say it is like most intense roller coaster you have ever tried to ride on times ten with no seat
7:41 am
belt. you are unhook from any sort of vehicle, safety line and is there a huge push and then you are flying through the a air. >> now nicknamed the jet kirby is traveling with the wrinkling brothers and barn um and bailey show. she hopes to reach a thousand flight by the time the two year tour end. >> she kind of has a katie perry theme going on v cool. local bride to be, spent their valentines day searching for a perfect dress in pennsauken. goodwill of southern new jersey and pennsylvania held its seventh annual valentines bridal sale extravagance a new dresses sold for $99 money raised goes to help goodwill in its mission to help the needy. >> you may kiss the bride, congratulations. >> there you have it, couples pledged their love on valentines day at reading terminal market. common pleas court judge jeffery mineheart married six couples in the market in center city yesterday. following the ceremonies the couples were treated to a
7:42 am
complimentary dessert and reception. valentines day takes on a new meaning for these couples. >> it is special now. i will be hyped, and happy like everybody else. >> i thought it was like great. but i'm nerve us this annual tradition of valentines day weddings at reading terminal market started in 2002 and they can never forget that anniversary because if they do it is a double wham i right. it wasn't a wedding but a proposal inside an arkansas wal-mart store, let's take a look. >> would you marry me. >> yes. >> all right will. >> yes. >> but not today. >> wait a second i think she said no at first, and then she said yes, but not today. that is seven five-year old renthe ata stubs. the ex-husband lewis dimitri,
7:43 am
they met in german any 1959 and they were married, 12 years later they were divorced and didn't speak for 43 years until two in months ago. while lewis drove all the way from tennessee yesterday to propose and as you heard there, renata said no at first. >> forty-three years is a long time. >> and to say yes, by the way. and i have to test him. >> and that is a good women right there. lewis said he wanted todd propose at the wal-mart where renata worked for last 25 years so her friend could share in the moment. the couple already has three children together. good luck to them. in new york city a hundred couples celebrate had valentines day in a very special way. they got married on top of the empire, state building. cbs news correspondent wendy gilette has details on the nep you'lls. >> may every blessing and
7:44 am
grace be years. >> reporter: mike clean and heather cold well got quite a view on the eighty-sixth floor of the empire state building. the high win wasn't easy on veils, but the couple bonded over adversity. meeting for the first time when heather left her car lights on and her battery died. mike jump started her car and her interests. >> you are married. you may kiss. >> wow wow. >> yeah. >> reporter: year and a half later the couple from petersberg ohio married high above new york city. >> spent the rest of my life with woman i love. >> my partner in life report report brad and catherine of new york renewed their vows in front of their four children. >> they love each other. >> reporter: one hundred couple won a lottery to be here this valentines day. >> it is brad's favorite building. i have never been in it. it is i perfect way to celebrate. >> reporter: all of the lucky couples will get a gift bag and five of them newlywed will find a cupid like this which means they win an extra
7:45 am
special wedding present. they found cupid winning them a free six day-immune to aruba. >> my god, amazing, only thing that kept me warm outside, yes. >> reporter: maybe all of the warm hearts around her, in new york wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> um, wow. hopefully they have lots of hair spray. this should warm your hair. take a look at this kissing booth and these are pit bull puppies up for adoption so participants in minneapolis, minnesota paid within dollar for a chance to hug and kiss these pups. money raised will go to the minneapolis pit bull rescue as they work to find these dogs forever homes. that is within of the coolest things i have seen in a little while. >> you know, they are a much a maligned breathe and all animals need our love and support and i necessity many viewers feel the same way.
7:46 am
and here's a very good point from james in ocean city. he has to say gusts to 42 miles an hour and chill of minus six. be careful opening and closing car doors. you know you can spring those. i have done that to a few of our news advance at the shore much to the displeasure of many. >> we are looking at 6 degrees temperature here. margot what does she have to say, sunrise, bitter cold temperatures dropping need arctic gear for second day, you'll need it again tomorrow morning as well. we will look at another 8-degree temperature, bill, and he a says in up are darby that the wind burn your face win gusts have to be around 40 miles an hour. he took a short walk, today. i think you will too lets take a short walk across ben franklin bridge, shall we notice we are not seeing any snow coming down, we have some moisture frozen solid, on our screen here, so i'm sure if they ran those wipers they wouldn't be able to knock them off. i had that same thing on my
7:47 am
car, a spot you couldn't get off. still there. so ben franklin bridge looks not bad sky above storm scan three looks better then dit last night because that storm is pulling away, it looks awful for boston however, we are continuing with those snow flurries, central jersey and points north but this pull is a way high pressure builds in. difference funneling these wind out of the northwest. three or 4 inches through south jersey, one to two as you went on the other side of the delaware river and our temperatures continue, to just call themselves by one name nine nine nine eight seven, four, in six out there. put in the wind and put a mine news front of everything. minus 13 in millville. minus ten in philadelphia minus 14 in allentown. unpleasantly cold, dangerously cold and potentially deadly cold out there with temperatures like this you can get hypotheria in a heartbeat.
7:48 am
winter weather advisory goes until 11:00. the not that we will get more snow but we have blowing snow around and it is creating basically the same effect if you are outside walking or driving in it. be really careful. you can find a white auto currents very easily especially areas where there is an opened field and you are driving a wrong and that wind picks up 30 40 50 miles an hour. that will obscure your vision completely. the wind are gusting new to 47 miles an hour down in in million will. much of south jersey, and that is where you'll find that wind whipping around because you have pick up the most snow and light powdery snow it doesn't take much to move it around. twenty-six in philadelphia 36 in reading. snow is so light if you open up your car door and close it, all of the snow falls off of it. that is good. that is one good thing about all this. fifty, 60 miles an hour wind gusts, entirely possible right through 2:00 this afternoon, and it is in the like wind stops, the wind still dies
7:49 am
dunn gradually. we have a wind chill advisory high win warning we will pick up a wind chill advisory 4:00 p.m. until 11:00 a.m. minus zero is how it could feel in any number of the locations. it is my location in the viewing area here's our future weather, clear skies to take tomorrow we will start to cloud up later on in the day and look what happens on tuesday we will start to pick up some snow moving in here and that is a look at 3:00 in the morning the way it looks right now subject to change with some snow and notice we have seen in will allen continue to the shore and you will see a mix coming in. way too early to tell but just plan accordingly that tuesday we could be dealing with some snow and then brutally cold air comes in after that and maybe a snow shower on wednesday. to take bad enough. 16 degrees, wind gusting to 55 miles an hour. you're in, though pets berth be in too. elderly friend and neighbors that need to be called check
7:50 am
on make sure their sits tells work and be careful of pipes as well. zero tonight with that wind chill. minus 20 tomorrow morning. you have to be so vigilant. eighteen for a high on monday. the tuesday's high 25 but comes with some snow. wednesday you might find a couple snow showers in the afternoon, 28 and thursday and friday nicole could be the coldest air this year, even colder then what we are dealing with right now. >> hard to imagine, carol thanks. lets check on those road and highways with ann good morning. >> good morning, nicole. watch out for icy conditions on the secondary neighborhood roadways this morning. icy conditions on bridges, overpasses, on and off ramps as well, speaking of bridges we have speed restrictions on the area bridges. this is ben franklin bridge a 25-mile an her speed reductions and pedestrian walkway closed due to further net is. also speed reductions on the walt whitman, betsy ross delaware memorial bridge, new jersey turnpike between delaware memorial bridge and exit 8a.
7:51 am
speed reduction of 45 miles an hour on that. also a accident on the new jersey turnpike southbound between burlington mount holly and route 73, shoulder blocked and there are delays. speed restrictions on the ac expressway through atlantic avenue and 42 freeway. 35 miles an hour. and that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans new back to you nicole. >> thanks, for the the update. we will take a short break but as we get to break here's what is coming up later tonight. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...?
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jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse?
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7:54 am
tough test for villanova on the road taking on big east rival butler this one went back and forth, butler's alex barlow, nailing the three, and, butler will go up by one. new nova will retake the lead but then, 17 seconds left on the clock roosevelt jones makes a lay up. that will tie up the game at 65. okay. we have in time outs left, villanova has one last chance ryan archie deago necessity finding derrick hillard who is able to drain the three. one second left on the clock. hillard with a huge game, 31 points and yes, the bench is happy. villanova wins 68-65. tcu visiting temple, the owls have been on a tear winning six straight. jesse morgan with three.
7:55 am
he had 14 points. then will couples show after the miss we had a, bit of the scramble. ball end up with cummings who is able to get the lay in and from there on it is cummings yet again off a long rebound. he will go coast to coast. he had 17 points. temple wins this 166-53. davidson visiting lasalle, steve zach going down low. gets the the bucket for two of his 11 points. davidson too much for the explorers, oscar mickelson who drains the three. they win 77-69. brown visiting penn at the palestra a nice drive here by penn's mike auger who had six points on the night. but brown had a strong game from three-point land, and they shot over 50 per send from beyond the arc. jr hobby nailing the three here. brown wins this 171 -55. the flyers will take on the sabres tonight in buffalo. flyers with the minor move end ising scott lawton back to the
7:56 am
ahh. michael rafl is ready to return to action after missing seven games with pneumonia. big golf fans hanging off the coast of pebble beach wanting to see those celebrities playing in the tournament, can you blame them. we have local product jim furyk looking forbidder i drops the the put t. he will be in condition tension for final round of the at&t pebble beach national pro am which you can catch right here on cbs-3. that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal have a great the day. well nba all-star game is tonight but highlight of the weekend have been the slam dunk contest. slam dunk contest f you didn't necessity who zach levin was before, you will right now. timber wolves rookie put on quite a show his first dunk was a perfect score his second dunk also a perfect score. he goes on to win the slam dunk contest and that is incredible there. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00 here's what we have at 8:00.
7:57 am
rare look inside security at philadelphia international the airport. how safe should passengers feel on their planes as a result of having this system. >> very safe state of the art equipment. >> grenades and explosives device being training kits and other powe tensionally dangerous items hidden inside bags bound for the belly of the plane. now we will show you sophisticated security system yad to keep us safe. snow well it has come to an end now we're talking about dangerous cold and wind chills carol has details coming up next.
7:58 am
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new this morning a rude, awakening for a delaware, county family. large tree crashes in to their house trapping a person inside. then tragedy on a snowy roadway in, chester county two teenagers are killed in the car crash and the driver is and rest we continue to track winter's latest blast, snowfalls saturday but is what following that is causing the biggest concerns this morning. good morning to you, it is sunday february 15th i'm nicole brewer. it is 8:00 o'clock. the lets check that forecast and what is to follow with carol, good morning. >> it is 8:00 o'clock and 9 degrees. >> there is nothing good about that let's just be honest. >> that tells you you everything. >> yes. >> that you need to know about the day. it is 9 degrees right now. it is colder if you outside. that is the extra little part would you probably love to


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