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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 17, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EST

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♪ now at 11:00 here comes the snow. we have our eye on the storm.
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this is a live picture from wilmington tonight where the snow is falling and it will be moving through and piling up all across the area over the next few hours. >> here is life look at storm scan3. we are tracking the storm's path as it moves our direction. we'll let you know what it's going to be for you come the morning. there are school closings and delays for tomorrow you can find those scrolling at the bottom of your screen. we've also learned new jersey state offices will not open until 11:00 o'clock tomorrow but search employees should still report on time. a lot to talk about tonight. thanks for being with us i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. team three cover coverage night. our meteorologists have the latest information on the path of this storm and our eyes on the roads as everybody gets are ready for another round of winter. we'll begin with kathy orr in the went center. >> we're seeing the snow moving up from the south. some places not making to the ground just yet because the air is so dry it will eventually take look at storm scan3 these are our winter weather alerts and we do have that winter storm warning in effect for central
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and south jersey and entire state of delaware until tomorrow at noon where you see the purple that is winter weather advisory for lesser accumulations. note that the poconos and even the lehigh valley not included in that advisory as we're not expecting much snow at all there. possibly an inch. on storm scan three you can see moving up from the south a little bit of a dry slot here. that we hope fills in during the over into the. but you can see the heavier returns where you see that darker purple right now through montgomery county into parts of bucks county and moving up from the south so the heavy snow will be moving in but it's going to be taking some time. as we put this in triple scan mode you can see the heavier snow moving up from the south and overnight that is when we will be seeing the heaviest snow rates. now this is the timing right now through midnight seeing the snow moving in. overnight between three and 7am instead yesterday heaviest snow and slick morning commute with snow covered roads and reduced visible. between a.m. and noon the snow
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tapers off. and then skies will just be mostly cloudy and we'll be cleaning this up. future weather shows the snow moving in. heaviest snow once again during the early morning hours. by 4am you can see through south jersey and central and southern delaware that is our heaviest snow not much going on flu the lehigh valley. light snow in philadelphia by 7am still focused through extreme south jersey almost in a north to south orientation with the snow beginning to end and then by late morning it is moving out of here. as far as the snow accumulations, one to 3-inches of snow expected to the north and west of philadelphia. the poconos, lehigh valley. hopefully getting an inch there. but closer three as you head toward philadelphia. around 3-inches or so in the city but higher accumulations as you head toward millville and atlantic city. he can treatment south jersey and central and southern delaware six to 9-inches of snow are possible there. now coming up we'll talk more about that but we have to talk about why we'll be seeing so much snow. there's not a ton of moisture but there's one other factor to talk about. for that we turn it over to meteorologist kate bilo live in
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swedesboro, new jersey. hi kate. >> reporter: hi, kathy. as you can we know we've dell so many times this year with snow rain loon heff vo wet snowflakes that tend to melt on contact. we have the opposite situation here tonight. the number one factor in this storm is the cold. take look at our temperature here on the cbs3 mobile weather lab. sitting at 14.4 degrees and kind of a range you look for had you're looking for the best snow growth. looking for a range of minus 12 to minus 18 that's where you get the light fluffy snow that's exactly what we're seeing in swedes borough tonight. we'll zoom in as the bands of snow begin to develop over delaware, new jersey and steady band into southeastern pennsylvania as well. we're right on kings highway in swedesboro at the mommy and we're looking at these relatively high snow ratios on normal storm we talk about a 10 to one snow ratio. basically saying for each inch of water you have in the atmosphere you can get 10-inches
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of snow tom night we're looking at a lighter fluffier snow 20 to one ratios outside and that's why we'll see the snow pile up so quickly. so coming back here live in swedesboro i don't know if you can appreciate this i'll post a picture on twitter but these perfect little snowflakes dendrite means a branch like structure they look like crystals each one is absolute perfect and these are the kind of snowflakes that really love to pile up many i'm completely geeking out about it. check twitter tour that picture. this is kings highway and as you can see the road is starting to get a little bit dusted with snow here. only seeing it come down at a steady rate for about half hour an to an hour and already piling up quickly. slippery conditions on the sidewalks as well. i just want to show was we're talking about as far as the morning commute that. will be the highest impact with this storm. light to moderate snow still falling. reduced visibility watch for slick and slippery spots. allow yourself extra time early tomorrow morning. reporting live in swedesboro new jersey, kate bilo cbs3
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"eyewitness news". >> perfect snowflakes. kate, thanks so much. road crews are preparing for a long night. they're hoping to stay ahead of this storm. "eyewitness news" reporter diane in rocco is live at the penndot yard in nicetown. that is a busy place to night. diana? >> reporter: it certainly is, jessica. the snow has just started falling here. penndot trucks hit the roads a short timeing a they'll be in and out of this saul barn all night long ready for whatever morning brings. a busy day towns busier night assault yards from pennsylvania to new jersey camden county will have 80 pieces of equipment on the roads and penndot nearly 500 in position ready for the storm expected to drop from three to 8-inches across the tri-state. >> the roads will be passible, however, with the extreme cold and the ineffectiveness of the salt the roads may be snow cover. >> reporter: morning commute has penndot most concerned with up to an inch an hour during the busiest rush. along with freezing temperatures
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which makes their salt mix less effective. >> what you'll see is as we're plowing and we start putting salt down before tomorrow morning rush hour it will not turn into a wet watery condition. >> reporter: in montgomery county many were out picking up last minute salt and ice melt for driveways and sidewalks. >> my husband is so sick of winter. i love it. >> reporter: elizabeth and her husband just moved from san diego. >> i have a job that i can work from home. so i don't have to drive where he works at the hospital in the city so unfortunately no matter what he's going to have to make the trip. >> reporter: this hardware store was busy with people buying shovels and heaters. deice sr. was also a popular item. >> most of your people will come out and ask for rock salt. it's not as effective in cold temperatures it will start to pitt the concrete and stain carpets it's not necessarily great for pets. so calcium chloride and potassium chloride are the safest. >> reporter: in philadelphia drivers were gassing up and getting ready for what's sure to be a messy morning.
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penndot says they already for tomorrow morning's commute. they're warning drivers to take it slow, keep safe distance behind those plow trucks and interesting fact they say so far this season they've already used 88,000 tons of salt by tomorrow morning that number is only expected to rise. we're live in the nicetown section of the city tonight i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> diana, thank you. speaking of commute septa and new jersey transit say they will run a normal weekday schedule tomorrow. patco will run a snow schedule trains will be operating at slower speeds. amtrak will run a modified schedule on the northeast core don if you're traveling by plane, some flights have been canceled so you're advised to check with eighty four airline for more detailed information check out and we are getting an early start tomorrow morning to make sure you get out the door and do it safely. ukee erika and katie will start our eye on the storm coverage at a special early time of 4am tomorrow.
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and we want to you help us show the conditions out there. you can connect with us on facebook twitter and instagram use the hash tag cbs3 snow and you might see your photos right here on "eyewitness news". fire and ice incredible scene here in west philadelphia. this is the aftermath of an early morning fire at 52nd and locust streets. you can tell an ice castle of sorts formed as firefighters doused those flames. the bitterly cold conditions made things especially difficult for firefighters today. but they did their job well. no one there was injured. well this is the aftermath of a train derailment in west virginia today. it attain that included more than 100 tankers of crude oil one of those tankers is leaking crude into a river tonight. this happened near the capital of charleston and the images out of it were extraordinary. some enormous fire balls shooting into the sky as 14 of those tankers caught fire. people who live nearby were told to evacuate the scene.
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the state of west virginia is under a winter storm warning right now. they are seeing snowfall but there are no indications yet as to whether weather had anything to do with that derail many. wow! right now the search is on for a shooter who gunned down one person inside a delaware community center. children were forced to shelter in place inside the rose hill community center new castle and david spunt has the developing details. report. >> i'm really just in shock. i cannot believe it report roar rosa yancy watched in horror as police quickly rushed into the rose hill community center just before 3:00 o'clock. >> we normally feel safe. we don't have any issues. >> reporter: rosa's mother heidi owns the dance studio in the building. she says shots rang out next door to the studio where kids were playing. >> we just want to keep to keep them in prayer. the students that were there when it happened. i know they're probably in shock frightened. >> reporter: besides the dance studio the community center houses a teen youth center and senior center. investigators say the gunman walked in, shot a male victim
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and ran off before the first officers arrived on scene. >> officers are actively investigateing this incident. we're looking at all leads. >> reporter: police put the building on lock down for about three hours. makes say this building has been in the community for decades. one neighbor who lives across the street says rose hill is known as a safe place. >> for this to even happen, you know it's sad. >> reporter: jacqueline tells "eyewitness news" she's now scared of a place she once called second home. >> somebody will probably please you know report this to anybody you know and turn themselves in. >> reporter: police say at this point the shooting does not look to be a random shooting. in new castle, delaware, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". frightening moments and side a movie theater but not because of what was playing on the big screen. that's next. then -- >> be where i am today if it wasn't for overbrook high
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school. >> where he is today is performing with the music legend stevie wonder. we'll tell you why this drum here who played with number of famous artists artists says he owes all this success to philadelphia. also, on the way -- >> i am addicted. >> oh, my god. >> you think it's cold outside. how about 340 degrees below zero. i went into this special chamber to find out why so many are opting for deep freeze treatments. kathy? >> oh, no. what happens? i guess we'll have to wait and see. we're tracking snow on storm scan3 and it is getting steadier moving up from the south and from the west. i'll show were you to expect for the morning commute and who will get what. we'll take you neighborhood by neighborhood coming up. don't go any w we're back in just 60 seconds.
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wow you are looking at exclusive "eyewitness news" video of big trouble at a new york city movie theater. a water pipe bursts and amc
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movie theater on the upper west side at 84th and broadway. the rushing water brought down a hanging light fixture you see it there. and frozen pipes are said to be to blame for that mess. well snow weary boston keeps getting hit. the city got about 16-inches over the weekend. making for about 7 feet in three weeks. the rails are buried along with just about everything else there. and more snow is in the forecast for boston come tomorrow. well we're also tracking snow tonight. all across our area. kathy has some information just into the weather center. she's piecing it together for you. she'll have the forecast with the latest totals coming up just a few minutes. city 15 wonder he is among the biggest names in all of music and has been for decades. tonight he was honored with special tribute that you saw right here on cbs3. but what you might not know is that stevie's drummer is right here from philadelphia. tonight our ukee washington sits
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down with little john robs. ♪ >> reporter: the man and his music. legendary so being in his band can only be described as -- >> awesome. i mean he is mr. wonder. >> reporter: philadelphia native john roberts tells me he's living a wonderful life percussion any of the for musical genius can't beat that. >> sometimes i play on the tour and i'm in my mind i'm like, i'm playing with stevie wonder right now. >> like i got to remember like don't stop playing. you got to keep up the beat. >> reporter: over the years little john as he's called has done that and then some for so many artists. his talent and connections have united him not only with stevie wonder but with people like the late george duke, neo janet jackson and that's just the tip of his very cool performing iceberg. he was noted as a child prodigy at age 16 playing with local productsly? knee defrancesco
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and christian mcbride. he credits all of his success to his humble beginnings. >> i starred in my dad's church. about 10 years old i took to the drums all my family members are musicians. six them are drummers. >> i had no choice. just fell in my live lap. i was in the all city jazz band here in philadelphia which i'm very proud of. >> as you can tell little john is a huge supporter of mew suck and the arts in schools. >> that keep the kids off the streets. keeps them out of trouble and it helps their mind. it makes them -- open their mind up to other possibles. i wouldn't wrack i am today if it wasn't for overbrook high school. the music magnet that i went to. the settlement music school i went to in between school to study drums are and percussion that. helped me to be where i am tour. >> building his repertoire and credentials for success one song at a time. that's the heartbeat of his future plans and also the name of his recently released cd.
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>> every musician should have something of their own. i've worked with aside man with so many people but it's good to just do something yourself. >> all a by product of stevie wonder's vision of success. >> play at the highest level that you can every night. just go for it like it's your last time. you know, because he does it, too of the. >> ukee washington, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> stevie wonder tribute was the number one trending hash tag in philadelphia tonight. he's played -- in south philadelphia a couple of week ago. he's been in atlantic city. he's loved in this area. >> it's so great to have him with stevie wonder and celebrate that and the philly ties. >> congratulations to john on all the success. >> absolutely. tomorrow atlantic city's revel casson know case heads back to court. a bankruptcy judge will decide whether to approve revel's term nation of the knife million dollars sale to florida developer glenn straub. revel said it will terminate the sale because straub not met the february deed line called for under the sale contract.
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straub however questions revel's motives. he says he was told by revel the cass soon has multiple buyers lined up should his bid be terminated new research out that says hot flashes from menopause can last a lot longer than we once thought. more than half the women in the study had hot flashes for more than seven years. some for as long as front years. there were significant differences across ethnicities. african-american had the longest door rag of hot flashes. women hadjapanese women had the shortest. >> some people are choosing to plunge themselves in colder temperatures we're talking several hundred degrees below zero. it's actually a type of therapy and tonight i show you why some love heading into the deep freeze. bernadette of feasterville has entered the deep freeze once week since december.
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>> walk in the park it's called whole body cryo therapy. to to three minutes of exposure to super cold nitrogen gas. the temperature can go as low as 340 degrees below zero. >> the extreme temperature is said to shock the body and stomach late the immune system among other things. >> it reduces the pain immediately in the joints and the muscles. and i also did a sorry reece and what i found i've had lasting effects of over 50% of an improve many for at least two months. >> i am addicted. >> oh, my gosh. >> heidi is believer, too. >> it helps me stay youthful young and almost let's you lose a little bit of weight and it's just like a great lift for you. it's amazeing. >> lucy goldstein is the owner of cryo spa natural healing in southampton buck county she says the treatment has been used in europe for 30 years for conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis. >> you get so much -- so many benefits from it. so much energy.
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it balances out our hormonal level. it creates taken free experience for people had suffer from pain. >> people get so excited after the session their energy goes so much much. give eight try. see what happens. >> so i climbed into the chamber and the temperature started to drop. >> oh, wow. it feels like somebody trying to pour ice water up and down your leg. my thighs feel frozen. >> but pain management specialist doctor, says he wants to see more studies on the health benefits and warns there are precautions that must be taken. >> once you have high blood pressure if you have poor circulation in your fingers, if you have asthma, if you have blood clots anywhere if you're pregnant not something you should do. >> bernadette is true believer. >> i'm definitely energized and i find that usually lasts for a few hours and i feel like i'm ready to tackle the world. >> it is energizing that's true.
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one session costs $55. you can get three for 150 and if you want to learn more we've set up a link at but you do get this burst of energy that comes after you kind of start to warm up again. you want to move and i felt like i could do anything. >> we saw the gloves you were wearing. >> what's that about. >> you have to cover up your extremities your hands and your feet and right around your legs hawk shower none of that's exposed. but it did kind of feel like pinpricks a little toward the end but i'm telling you i mean there's nothing -- i've never tried anything like that. >> few hours removed from it. how do you feel now. >> good. i've been kind of warmer all day day. >> wow. >> because it's obviously freezing today kathy. you can a test to that. >> zone me up then g there you go. let's go. >> take at least three treatments. it will be pretty cold tonight. temperatures staying in the teens and slowly rising toward dawn but don't expect too much. the snow will fall heavy at times overnight. let's take you down the shore to ocean city, cape may county the snow is piling up on the
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boardwalk already. now, cape may county the bulls eye for this. where we do expect about six to 9-inches of snow that's where some of the heaviest snow will fall on storm scan3 you can see all the snow lifting up from the south and it is going to take over the region. a lot of this not making to the ground just yet. we call that verga. the air is just too dry and it is keeping some of that snow from actually hitting the ground. but it will eventually once the atmosphere moistens up you can see through upper parts of montgomery county, some barker purple even through interior parts of burlington county so we're seeing some bands already of fairly steady snow. our eyewitness watchers are seeing some snow across the area area. especially in delaware. this is the first place we saw the snow and jason reporting in light snow in middletown, delaware. already a tenth of an inch. already a fresh coating on cleared areas real feel temperature is only 5 degrees.
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we also have it its beautiful pictures to show you as well. john shows us a picture of light snow but i want to show you walter's picture. this was an hour or so ago. snow in newark delaware already piling up on the furniture. so it is here. we would love to see your pictures if you're an "eyewitness weather" watcher or just viewer that would like to take a picture and zen it hash tag cbs3 snow and follow me on twitter at kathy orr cbs3. let's take look at those temperatures around he john because it is cold. right now in philadelphia 15. in the poconos it's seven. you can make a lot of snow at these cold temperatures. the ski slopes love the cold we're talking about light fluffy snow. here's our area of low pressure it's going exit off the eastern seaboard through the mid atlantic and take all of that snow with it. and once it does, we'll be seeing some drying conditions and just clouds for tomorrow afternoon. then a weak system moves on through for wednesday with a few snow showers. it rides to the north. thursday just bitterly cold again and we will be closing in on more record cold toward the
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end of the week. but first let's talk about the snow accumulations. lighter accumulations to the north and west not expecting much of anything. poconos allentown an inch or so. the same in reading. two or 3-inches possible to the south. along i-95 corridor three to 4-inches of snow and then four to six interior south jersey and six to nine through south jersey and central and southern delaware. so woodbine, wildwood even as you head toward vineland some of those higher accumulations. three to four through immediate yack trenton and philadelphia northern new castle county through quakertown pottstown allentown even doylestown seeing some light snow there. during the overnight snow heavy at time. lot low temperature 16. high temperature 28. on the seven day forecast, it does get very very cold near record cold friday morning and then warming it up over the weekend much that's a look at the seven day forecast. we'll be back with beasley and sports right of the this.
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sickth ranked villanova looking to avenge to seton hall earlier in the season. they played tonight at the pavilion. who are we go. the cats never trailed in the contest. hilliard with the pump fake gets hit and nails the three. four-point play. villanova up 18. more long distance shooting from the wildcats. jay wright's team made 12 shots from beyond the arc. second half ryan took a anally bow from the case from sterling gibbs. he was tossed out of the game. the cats within 80-54. flyers back in action tomorrow night at the center hosting columbus. last night they beat buffalo two-one. it was their ninth straight game earning a point. hot streak has them five points behind boston for the fondle play off spot. trade deadline is two weeks away away. general manager heck sal be
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willing to trade one much their prospects for a veteran could help them get to the post season season. we're not going to give part of our future away to make the playoffs. we believe we can make the playoffs right now. >> kimmo tim mow known side lined all season with blood clots he'll take part in the pre-game 68 tomorrow as he continues to try to come back. general manager ron hextall said he'll have to go through a full week of contact practice before they would consider putting him
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>> tonight some of philadelphia's brightest and youngest musicians took center stage. ♪ >> sounds great. "eyewitness news" at the kimmel center for tonight's festival of young musicians. ukee washington was there to emcee the even. it is a collaborative effort for many local organizations. these kids sp


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