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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 20, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning. it is friday february 20th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a day of cold for the ages in america. big cities freeze and cold snap turns deadly in the south. the pentagon plans to attack isis using the iraqi army but some soldiers say they're not ready to fight. plus it's oscar weekend. why some leading ladyies are walking away from oscar tradition. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i'm jumping up and down trying to stay warm. i've got about five layers on.
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>> millions consumed by the record cold. >> i can't feel my fingers. >> 30 states from wisconsin to alabama. >> florida is not the place to escape anymore. look at these temps going out the door. >> are you feeling warm? >> no. feeling cold. >> an arrest in a road rage case after a las vegas mother is dead. they tried to get close to the suspect's house. >> there's the animal. a block away. >> this outbreak is not a threat to the health of the public. >> the fda is warning that the medical instrument linked to the outbreak may be impossible to completely disinfect. >> the announcement that caught even by surprise. a $1.7 billion stadium in los angeles. the chargers and raiders are working together on a proposal. >> back-to-back storm. a cyclone sandwich so rough a shark washed up on the police.
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in michigan a car crashed into a police officer. the north korea dictator has given him a new hair cut. whoever did that to him is definitely dead, right? >> danica patrick and denny hamlin in a heated exchange. >> all that matters -- >> we should not be questioning each other's love for america. >> the president has not displayed the kind of love for america that other pretties have displayed. >> that's stooping very, very low even for him. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> a u.n. report says the world can be saved from destruction through veganism. yeah. so that's not happening. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning."
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some countries are waking up to it. windchills make it feel below zero from minnesota to kentucky to new england. >> and it's easy to see how cold some of these places are. one boston building look at this, has ike calcicles that are six stories tall. here's a look at the icy hudson river traveling from new jersey to new york city. ita nair shows us how people are getting around. >> reporter: the temperatures in a record low not seen for years. cold enough to freeze over. not cold enough for tourists to see the rare sight. >> everyone said it was frozen.
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i had to see for myself. you see how it is. beautiful. >> reporter: in massachusetts beauty took a back seat as falling ice caused a small gas explosion at a facility housing alzheimer's patients. several apartments were damaged by the blast but no one was hurt. not far from there rescuers were able to save a man and two dogs who nearly drowned after getting stuck in an icy marsh. with windchills expected to drop to minus 4 in some places some people are beginning to feel a toll of this cold snap. >> it hasn't been above for a while. >> there's no way. it's all the way across. >> reporter: across the jersey shore officials are flooded with calls for icey pups and bursts pipes. still the extreme weather hasn't stopped some people in new york from staying positive. >> it's still worth living here. there's nothing like living
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here. it's only a few months and before you know it's springtime. >> that was vinita nair reporting. this freezing weather is blamed for at least 19 deaths in the past week. many of them happened in tennessee where the cold has been relentless. cuthbert langley of cbs affiliate wcbs is in tennessee. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. while you're not seeing the large piles of snow you expect to see whenever we're talking about winter weather, here's where you can see the large piles of ice are still covering the roads and the sidewalks. in fact, you can see how thick this chunk of ice is here. tennessee is expecting more precipitation coming through this afternoon and for the second time this week an ice storm warning is expected. crews are out again this morning ahead of the storm, clearing and saltinging the roads. some parts of the state could see 4 inches of snow. but the biggest concern is the amount of ice we could see throughout the day especially
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with the freezing temperatures and the timing of the storm is key. while officials say folks could be able to get to work this morning, the drive home could be a completely different story. those temperatures here have not been above freezing for almost a week straight and nearly 6,000 people are without power still this morning. to put it lightly, it's been a long few days. and as you mentioned, those freezing temperatures coupled with the power outages have been blamed for 11 deaths across the state of tennessee with hypothermia being the cause for six of those deaths. gayle? >> got it. cuthbert langley. one of the best names on the show. this relentless cold is freezing the great lakes. this morning 98% of lake erie is covered by ice and that does not happen very often. dean reynolds is in chicago where winter is causing its own lake effect. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well it's lake michigan right behind me here.
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it's about 60% frozen over. they say it's going to be in the 20s here later today, which would be practically tropical when you consider that yesterday we didn't break 7 degrees. subzero windchills here in chicago are making it hard to walk work or do just about anything outside. >> i'm 55 years old. i never felt a february like this in my life. >> reporter: officials from aaa spent much of the day dealing with congestion out on the roads. >> we're very busy throughout the midwest all because of the cold. >> reporter: the brutal weather is being blamed for dozens of accidents. >> assist to covert in a multi-vehicle accident. >> reporter: two people were safely pulled from this car after it crumbled beneath a semi in michigan. in chicago lake michigan started to look more like the arctic sea. >> it's not exactly jam-packed. >> reporter: for justin
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baumgartner, a manager at chicago's millennium park ice rink this moved at a slow pace. many people here in the midwest are accustomed to the chilly february temperatures. >> i've got two hats two scarves, three sweatshirts, long johns, and my jeans. >> reporter: and share the same attitude. >> got to deal with it, you know. spring's coming. >> reporter: now, the cold weather has created some winter fashion statements. this one is one of my personal favorites. kind of a cross between nanook of the north and yosemite sam. what do you think, charlie? >> i think it works for you. >> what a beautiful shot of the sun. >> dean looks good. . good morning. >> good morning. why don't we get right to the
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idea of exactly what's going on. we hear subzero windchills out there. it's all about getting this arctic air into the eastern half of the country. you do that. it's the jet stream. when you get the big ridge in the jet stream think about this. the iditarod in alaska not enough snow. had to mievt to fairbanks. then in eastern u.s. from maine all the way to california we have windchill advisories windchill warnings. i'm talking anywhere east of the mississippi and there's a hard freeze warning. you're below freezing in west palm beach florida. we'll be establishing records for this date all around the country. new york city, we're at 2 degrees. it will drop to one. atlanta, 16 charlotte, 13. then it's about the weekend storm that's going to develop. five weeks in a row now we've had some kind of a storm on the
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eastern coast of the united states. starts off as snow on saturday because it's so cold out there. but look at this. it turns to rain. even for a place like boston too warm for snow on sunday. back over to you. >> wow. lonnie thanks so much. this morning the fda is warning doctors about the medical devices behind the super bug. omar villafranca is there as doctors stress there is no threat to the public. omar, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah. this is the type of tee advice that's causing all the problems. it's an endoscope similar to ones in hospitals that might carry the bacteria. this goes down a patient's throat through their stomach to look at the small intestine. there's a tiny camera at the end and a moveable part right there so doctors can manipulate a catheter. the tubing itself can move left
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and right and it's all of these moving parts that make sterilizing so difficult. >> we're very sorry about some of the anxiety and concern that the situation has posed for our patients as well as our community. >> reporter: exposure to the so-called super bug called cre happened between october and january while doctors were using two medical devices called endoscopes that might not have been properly cleaned. >> what we really have to do is really meticulously go through the patient charts and ensure that they were, indeed exposed. >> reporter: these types of scopes are a common medical tool that doctors use to inspect a patient's digestive track. the doctor detects it after each use. it's not easy to sterilize. >> any of these organism they can grow up in moist that remains in the scope overnight and becomes millions to billions of organisms by the next
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morning. >> reporter: one infected high school student has spent months in the hospital fighting the bug. the lawyer does not blame the hospital. they changed the device last year without changing its cleaning protocol. >> a change you can market to doctors that look what we've dub, now it is easy to use. too often they overlook the next step which is ensuring that the device is not dangerous. >> reporter: now, olympus who provides the endoscopes said they're working with fda and our customers regarding their concern. that's what the company said. >> omar thanks. >> this morning iraqi troops are making plans to take back the largest city held by isis in iraq. they'll be part of a spring offensive to retake mosul. the city fell to isil in june. holly williams is in istanbul
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with a question as to whether some iraqi soldiers will be ready for the fight. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we were told a spring offensive on mosul is simply unrealistic. some say the earliest they could be ready is in the fall. an american military official says 10,000 iraqi soldiers have gone through training with the u.s. and its coalition partners and they'll push on isis this spring. backed by u.s.-led air strikes. just outside of mosul, another 3,000 men, mostly policemen, are being trained to help retake iraq's second largest city. but very few have any fighting experience, and they told us they're still short of weapons. also involved will be the kurdish soldiers.
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from a hilltop overlooking mosul in october they showed us territory they clawed back from the extremists. but members of an ethnic minority, kurdish fighters will be considered foreign invaders if they try to recapture mosul alone and this month their commanders told us they're still massively outgunned by isis. what kind of equipment does isis have that you lack? >> isis seized weapons from both syria and the iraqi army so we're talking about at least 1,500 humvees, we're talking about 155 howitzer american, we're talking about armored vehicles. we're talking about tanks, heavy machine guns loads of ammunition. >> reporter: if this mosul offensive does go ahead in the spring it's not clear whether
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it will involve u.s. military advisers already on the ground in iraq. charlie? >> holly, thanks. they're calling on social media sites to take more responsibility in the battle against isis. that's in our next half hour. two trains collided overnight in switzerland leaving at least five passengers injured. it happened in a small town 20 miles north of zurich. witnesses say a high-speed train crashed into the side of a commuter train. that forced cars right off the track. the passenger train had just left the station. it's not clear why the accident happened. in las vegas a suspected road rage killer is in custody after a two-hour standoff. it's reported that the mom and the shooter knew each other. the s.w.a.t. team surrounded his mother's home and demanded his surrender.
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police believe nowsch fired the gun that killed tammy meyers mother of four. but we're told he's not alone. >> we have one more suspect to locate. >> reporter: nowsch and meyers were neighbors. their houses were a block apart. nowsch's mother arrived in the middle of the standoff. >> there's the animal a block away. >> reporter: meyers' husband robert also lashed out on the reporters on the scene. it happened last thursday night when meyers was giving her daughter a driving lesson. he became angry after crystal honked the horn at him. tammy drove her daughter home and took off hwith her 22-year-old son who was armed with a gun.
7:17 am
she was drytrying to draw the suspect away from her house. >> she was trying to protect me. that's all she was doing. >> reporter: when they returned the shooter struck tammy meyers in the head. >> i did what i had to do to protect my family. everyone can thing what they think. i did it for a reason. >> reporter: now his media account showed him with marijuana. meyers wife tried to help him. >> she fed him, gave him money, told him to pull his pants up, and be a man. >> reporter: meyers died two days later after being taken off life support. closing argument could come today in the american sniper trial in texas. the defense rested their case yesterday. psychiatrists testified that routh thought he was protecting himself when he killed navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle and kyle's friend. he told the jury that mental illness prevented him from
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knowing what he did was wrong. prosecutors dispute that. they plan to call rebuttal witnesses today. this morning two nfl teams say they may go there. the san diego chargers and oakland raiders plan to build a stadium to share the l.a. area. it would cost $1.7 being. the teams say they would move only if they could not get stadiums in their own cities. the raiders played there from 1984 to '94. >> here in new york we know sharing stadiums work. it would be nice to have something in l.a. australia is cleaning up after a pair of ferocious cyclones blasted parts of the country early today. winds of up to 180 miles an hour destroyed dozens of homes. the storms brought down trees and power lines and thousands are still without electricity this hour, but that did not stop some surfers from taking on the massive waves taken by the twin systems. australians call them a cyclone
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sandwich. >> all right. it is 7:19. ahead, why a federal panel suggests you take a sip of wine >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by safelite autoglass. call or go online at to schedule now.
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outrage over a plan to release millions of jeannette lick modified mosquitos in the u.s. to fight disease. >> ahead, why tens of thousands of people are saying not so fast. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by petsmart. inspired by pets. save up to $5 now, and save $10 later on select science diet® or ideal balance® food. petsmart®.
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>> temperature wise, in the single digits and feels worse. >> even some spots still remaining below zero on the actual thermometer. everyone feels like it is below zero here right now. just because we have that breeze, still blowing so, you got to factor that in. it is a combination when you walk out the door, here. storm scan3, totally quiet. totally empty. you have bright blue skies full sunlight expected all day. but even that high of 16 degrees, you can't even go by. that will because of the blustery conditions that we'll find. now, thankfully, that eases up. the winds, that; still going to bottom out here at 7 degrees overnight. come tomorrow, afternoon specifically, some snow starts to move in. probably picks up few inches of snow before warmer air surges in, and we'll see it all turn to rain. vittoria? >> thanks so much, katie.
7:27 am
good morning everyone, traveling on 95, finds rush hour, finds sun glare but you also find an accident. if you are traveling around cottman avenue, notice it is taking out the left-hand lane here, it is pushed to the side as much as possible, but still going to cause a problem on already a roadway that's a problem. out of the northeast down through to the vine, expect heavier than usual delays. schuylkill expressway westbound, a crawl approaching the boulevard, all the way through to gladwynn, we have this accident, 202 northbound closed between somerdale and naman's all because after accident there. right around the concord mall, ship lip is the best alternate. >> thank you, next update at 7:55, up next on cbs this morning, what you need to know about different type of super bug. we're on the "cw philly" on these channels. good morning.
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i've got good news. we found your boy. >> they found charlie. >> are they sure? are you sure? >> are you shoe it's him. >> he matches the description. cotton shirt, shorts babbling away. >> where did you find him? >> in the hotel in the hooker closet. >> that's certainly him. >> i tell you i'm not charlie harper. my name is christian slater. i'm an actor. i was in the bar, he handed me a drink, next them i know i woke up dressed like a 12-year-old with a screaming woman in the closet. >> that's a convenience from
7:31 am
last night's "two and a half men's" season finale. they took a few punches at charlie sheen. it was very very funny. >> it had a good run. >> it did. coming up this half hour new regulations that counsel change how you buy, cook and eat your food. a registered dietician shows you what you should eat and what you should not. plus one scientist wants to genetically modify mosquitos and some say they don't want to be the guinea pigs in this skparnlt. european leaders are trying to say the cease-fire agreement. they retreated from the town. wednesday ukraine says russia-backed troops positioned them and held them back 49 times in the past day. yesterday the leaders of ukraine, russia, france and germany discussed it in a phone
7:32 am
call. they agreed to stick to a truce despite violations. apple is secretly working on an electric car. they want to begin production as early as 2020. they would compete against tesla and gm. those cars are supposed to go more than 200 miles on a sickle charge and cost less than $40,000. another sign that this is the future, electric cars. >> everybody's getting in the car business. >> i think it's great. >> because it's about technology. the international star says the colts knew about the deflated football before the game. the team notified legal officials in the weak leading up to the 45-7 law. the nfl investigation began the day after the game and is ongoing. 11 of 12 footballs new england used were reportedly underinflated. real estate magazine the real deal says part of the waldorf astoria in new york city will be turned into luxury
7:33 am
condos. the top floors of the iconic hotel include a celebrity suite where the president and celebrities often stay. the owner says a potential buyer for the residential apartment needs to have, quote, more than money. i think they want a certain kind of flair. charlie rose your apartment is ready. charlie rose your apartment is ready. >> i thought they already had some condos and apartments there. >> the u.n. ambassador lives there. >> now they're adding more. >> more. >> more expensive apartments. and "the hollywood reporter" says jon stewart is opening up about the future of "the daily show." stewart made some of the first public comments about a possible successful since announcing his departure. while he isn't naming names he said it should be someone who can help the show evolve. they say there is a short list. stewart says he looking forward to directing more films. >> world governments are turning up the heat on social media sites like twig e over terrorism. they believe they can take a
7:34 am
bolder stand. margaret brennan is at the state department. margaret, good morning. >> good morning. well, charlie, the administration wants to prevent isis from recruiting new fighters by shutting down their digital propaganda, and that puts u.s. tech companies in the middle of what may be an impossible mission, fighting isis online. a battlefield they are dominating dominating. >> online magazines, the use of social media, terrorist twitter accounts, it's all designed to target today's young people online. >> president obama told global leader this week that he wants to shut down the isis propaganda machine, which produces as many as 90,000 posts on twitter, youtube, and other social media platforms every day. >> the only thing worse than whack-a-mole is to not whack the moles. >> california democrat brad sherman is pressuring twitter to sensor isis content. >> they take action on
7:35 am
pornography and cop rite material and they should take action on this. >> traveling to silicon valley today to ask america's social media companies to better police their corners of the internet, but there is no universal definition of what constitutes an online threat and releasing encrypted user information raises privacy concern. twitter says it already prohibits direct specific threats of violence but they must first be asked to do so. up to 80% of isis supplyingporters on twitter could be shut down according to terror analyst j.m. burker, but he warns that doing so could be a double-edged sword. >> these accounts provide a lot of information about what's and the question is can you dig into this network and degrade its performance while still maintaining those benefits, and i think the answer is that you can. >> a tech executive told us that
7:36 am
u.n. officials sometimes send mixed messages, sometimes whamtingwhamt ing wanting to shut down sites, other times trying to track them. this morning the government is considering new guidelines for how we can improve americans' houkt. saturated fats is out. coffee and eggs are in. good morning. >> good morning. i'm so happy about the eggs. >> this is a wakeup call. wire slowly killing ourselves with the way we're eating. for the first time they're setting new limits on sugar. >> yeah. sugar, they're saying 10% of calories. that's confusing because i don't know what's 10%. they say 6 teaspoons of sugar for women, 9 for member. how do we do that? >> eat less processed sweets commercial sweets go with more whole foods. that's the best way to lower your sugar intake.
7:37 am
it's associated with cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes diabetes. >> when i was a little kid we had a pyramid how to eat but that has seemed to change over the years. i never saw cove on the list but now they say it's okay. the number of drinks is okay right? >> we keep looking for a smoking gun and we haven't found it. if you drink too much of it you can get jittery, it can affect your sleep and they're talking 3 to 5 cups of coffee. they're thinking 8 ounces. not a cup that looks like this. it really looks like that. >> what about alcohol? >> they say in moderation. they don't give a specific guideline. you're laughing. >> that's exactly what i figured. >> the american heart association says one drink for women, two for men. for those of us who do drink we
7:38 am
need probably need to cut back. >> there was the dietary scare about eating eggs and cholesterol. they've changed that. >> they're like eggs and shellfish. the cholesterol in saturated fat, the guidelines are suggesting we reduce. they like to hang out together. it's primarily from animals, red meat, cheese butter. we want to decrease our intake of these foods in general. >> all right. always eat more vegetables. >> always eat more vegetables. >> more fruits and vegetables. >> and throw in some fish too. a british company wants to dump millions of mosquitos in the united states. why scientists say this is the best way to stop the spread of tropical diseases. we'll find out exactly what that means. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. ♪ how did i set a new personal record today? i started with a test run.
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this morning they're fighting a mosquito infestation that hasn't even come yet. a british scientist wants to release them. they say this should stop the spread of at least two deadly diseases. anna werner joins us with the concerns of some very skeptical residents. anna what's happening there? good morning. >> good morning, gayle. these mutant bugs would target a specific mosquito that's so troublesome the florida keys district mends millions of dollars a year 10% of its budget trying to fight it. the florida keys have long been a destination. they're trying to keep one mosquito out. it's resistant to most diseases. >> this is the most difficult mosquito to control on earth
7:44 am
because it stays close to people. it's like an urban gorilla warfare. >> reporter: but a biotech company say this could be the latest weapon, a genetically modified version of the bug. >> this is where we produce the eggs that we ship out to florida for during the trial. >> reporter: the male super mosquito is injected with a specific gene designed to take out the offspread to keep it from maturing. >> most of their offspring will die. over a long enough period of time. then you get reduction in the population. >> reporter: the company has built a breeding lap in the marathon florida office. pending fda approval the team would unleash millions of male mosquitoses which don't bite into a key haven, neighborhood of nearly 400 houses. >> and the males are released
7:45 am
and then they go and do their job. >> reporter: but the plan has been met with heated opposition. >> we're humans aunt we don't like being treated like guinea pigs. >> reporter: playing out at town meetings. >> we need more time to find out what the long-term effect your product will have. >> reporter: nearly 150,000 people have signed and online petition called for a stop to the field trial, and just last week the food and water watch advocacy group sent a letter to the fda urging them to block the operation. >> our biggest fear is they haven't been thoroughly studied for public health risks. this is an open air release. you're not going to get them back. >> reporter: they insist the tool is safe and effective. the company claims that after a release in brazil in the cayman islands, the population of the mosquitos in some areas dropped by more than 90%. it's those results florida keys officials are hoping to achieve.
7:46 am
while the area hasn't reported a fever outbreak in more than four years, officials say the key to fighting an epidemic is preventing one. >> it's like a house fire. all you can do is try to save as much of the house you can. >> they admit some females could slip through the release process and bite some people but they say it wouldn't be any different from getting bitten by a wild mosquito. they don't actually confirm what they're doing in the background. so food and water watch is saying, you know, even if this works, does it work long term, and more once you lease them they're out and maybe you can't predict exactly what happens in the future. i think they're worried about what happens to the environment. >> i'm all for less mosquitos because they like to bite me. >> it's a concern. it's not to be taken lightly. >> thank you, anna. seeing red on hollywood's
7:47 am
most famous carpet. how some actresses are pushing back on the extreme focus of what they're wearing and those silly questions. plus a duel off the nascar >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by petsmart, inspired by pets. p to $5 now, and save $10 later on select science diet® or ideal balance® food.
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7:52 am
you give me nothing. >> i understand. you're loose. it's not my problem if you're loose. >> is she saying you didn't give me space to move in in. >> i guess so. hamlin later tweeted the apology. she did qualify for the daytona 500. >> i want to know what he means when he says you're loose, you're loose. a preview of tomorrow's "48 hours." that's ahead on cbs. while actually repairing very dry skin. the end of trial and error has arrived. feel the difference 100 years of skin science makes. ♪ ♪ ♪ all the goodness of milk all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup. ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh...
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
>> good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. we want to get right over to katie. up from thought yesterday was cold, are you in for a surprise today? >> definitely very, very cold outside, even colder than it was yesterday, pretty much the coldest that it has been, and certainly as we start things off with below zero territory here on actual thermometer then do you have factor in what's modest breeze at the campus here, middle and high school in broad heads ville. despite that sunshine, it just feels so brutally cold outside. now actual air temperature beginning to show signs every rebounding, we were at ten below zero just minute ago mount pocono, now you're at nine, so at least some easing taking place on the thermometer.
7:57 am
>> we're still going to feel like it is with below zero most of the day easing up over the weaken, too vittoria. >> thank you so much. good morning, so sun glare definitely going to affect your commute. already slow # a the schuylkill, what we are looking at behind me. traveling westbound, we did have earlier disable truck that's been cleared out of the area of belmont. unfortunately the damage already done. if you are traveling westbound on the schuylkill, we have delays, maneuvering from the city out to your western suburbs, and eastbound you have the same storiment look at the ben franklin bridge. rush hour in full swing. expect general 15 minute delays for mass transit: >> next update at 8:25, next on cbs this morning counting down to the oscars. looking at how the red carpet has changed over the years. your local news continue on the "cw p
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is friday february 20th 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including the oscars. we're going to predict sunday's big winners and show you how the red carpet may be just a little different this year but first here's look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> we're at least 20 degrees below normal. i'm talking maine all the way to florida. we have windchill advisories windchill warnings. >> here's where we lie. as we come down you see the large piles of ice are still covering the road. >> this is the type of tee advice causing all the problems similar to the ones used at hospitals that might be kaying the infectious device. >> the suspect that killed miss
8:01 am
meyers is in custody and off the streets. >> what kind of equipment does isis have that you lack? >> isis seized weapons from both syria and the iraqi army. >> the american heart association says six teaspoons of added sugar for women, nine for men. how do we addapt to that? eat let sweets. >> we are humans and we don't like being treated like guinea pigs. >> the cold weather has brought on winter fashion statements. this is one of my favorite statements, kind of a cross between nanook of the north and yosemite sam. what do you think, charlie? >> i think it works for you. >> announcer: today's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by nationwide insurance. i'm charlie rose with gayle
8:02 am
king and norah o'donnell. it is even freezing in florida. >> the east coast is feeling the worst of it. washington broke a low temperature record set back in 1896. vinita nair's on a ferry just outside new york city. vinita, you look like you're doing okay in the weather. hello. >> in addition to that folks are also dealing with a bit of bottompy ride. right now as we make our way on the ferry, there are chunks of's floating on the rink. crew have been telling me they've been sejd out tug boats ahead of the ferries just to break up the massive chunks of ice so the boats can make their way through it. of course, it's not just new york but we have an image we want to show you guys. upstate new york niagara falls, where you can see the water is partially froze p. it really is a sight to see. in terms of when this is going to be better, that day is not tomorrow. the predictions for tomorrow
8:03 am
with the windchill could be anywhere from minus 10 to minus 20 degrees. and, charlie, one other tidbit, it might snow tomorrow. >> unbelievable. thank you, vinita. a poignant essay by dr. oliver sax of "the new york times" is the most notable on new york's website and twittering worldwide. he did a series of short books and stories. there was a book that beigeng a movie. but this morning he's facing his own more tart. he has a deadly form of cancer. he has only months to live. it is sparking a discussion on,000 embrace life. >> to call him a doctor and author is to miss the mark. he humanizes the odds and explains the seemingly unknown. no one is safe from his professional curiosity, not his
8:04 am
patients or even sacks himself. >> the cancer made me think about death. >> it is no surprise he turned to words to treat an inokay lat tumor that in 2006 had suppressed. sacks writes although the radiation and lasering to remove the tumor ultimately left me blind in that eye only in such rare cases do tumors me as the ta size. i am among the unlucky 2%. but he continues this does not mean i'm finished with life. grateful for his years of health, sacks is now reflecting on the life he has lived. i cannot pretend i am without fear, he writes, but my predominant feeling is one of gratitude. i have loved and been loved. i have been given much and i have given something in return. i have read and travelled and
8:05 am
thought and written. sacks' 1973 filmnovel turned film "awakening" gave perspective. >> i think i may try to write a book on aging which is increasingly on my mind. >> do you think about mortality? >> not much. >> you don't think about dying. >> not yet. i would sort of be soy to die now. i'm not ready. >> reporter: now facing death sacks says he feels intently alive. it's up to me now onto choose how i live out the remaining life. words we can all live by. >> such a beautiful essay. he talks about one of his favorite philosophers but he
8:06 am
says he feels so intensely alive and he hopes to use the time to deepen his friendships and say farewell and stop paying attention to the unessentials. he's going to stop paying attention to news. >> over the years we find out what's more important p a friend of mine in a similar circumstance said i have no time for pettiness in my life. >> very touching charlie. really something very beautiful. he said it's scary and he's frightened but now he's filled with gratitude. >> and the things that are there are richer. >> beautiful essay. beautiful essay by oliver sacks. malcolm x was an activist a minister and an order. now one day before the 50th anniversary of his murder, his daughter isn't letting history rest. >> do you still have conversations with your father? >> oh, god. all the time. look, wi can't be that potent and then be gone. >> she
8:07 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by nationwide.
8:08 am
did you hear, the oscars are sunday night. we'll show you some of hollywood's most famous fasth runway is evolving. >> i'm john blackstone where the show out here has become almost as big as the one inside. so big that winning on the red carpet can mean big money to both designers and stars. i'll have that story coming up on "cbs this morning." at philadelphia, there's an art to making cream cheese. we always use fresh milk, real cream, and no preservatives.
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8:12 am
hollywood's award weekend peaks. millions tune in to see what gayle is wearing, what their favorite celebrities are wearing, but some a-list actresses say before the show has really gone too far. john blackstone shows us the
8:13 am
growing backlash. >> reporter: there's been a built of a revolt on the red carpet this year. >> do you want to do the manicure so we can see your jewels an mani? >> no, no no. >> with some of hollywood's leading ladies refusing to parade in front of the camera to show off manicures while others recently pushed back on the obsessive attention to their desire. >> can you do that to the guys? >> comedian amy poehler was so fed up with who are you wearing that she launched an online campaign to ask for more eliciting questions more on an actress's talent than her taste in clothing. the red car peat has seen change over the years. today it's must-see tv with hoards of cameras from the mani cam to the clun. cam to the 360-degree glam cam. for many the arrival has become more anticipated than the awards
8:14 am
itself. he's in charge of the red carpet a-list coverage which will include 8 1/2 hours of live programming sunday. >> it's evolved into something bigger than i could ever imagine but that's because people are interested in it. i think seeing the stars in a candid way. >> reporter: in a t long history of the academy awards the red carpet wasn't always such a big deal. in fact, until 1961 there was no red carpet and back then the color didn't matter much to tv viewers because the whole show was in black and white. initially the red carpet was just a practical way to guide movie stars from their cars to the venue, but increasingly it became a place for the stars to shine. barbra streisand raised eyebrows in 1969 for wearing a seekquined see-through pant suit. there were biker outfits.
8:15 am
it wasn't until 1995 someone thought to ask the inevitable question. >> what are you wearing. who are you wearing? >> the four words, who are you wearing. what she really brought was the honest conversation. >> reporter: joan rivers' honesty suddenly turned the celebrities into targets. >> joan i've got to tell you, every time we walk up to joan, we go oh god. >> the reason i didn't seecome up and see you is because i was terrified with what you were going to say. >> kelly osbourne hosted the show "fashion police." >> reporter: rivers' death last september means this year's red carpet will be without one of its essential ingredients. her legacy lives on.
8:16 am
>> joan rivers asked who are you wearing. even's asking that. >> it's become a default question. >> reporter: a default question someone may find annoying but don't expect it to end any time soon. >> reporter: entertainment tonight's nancy o'dell has been covered red carpets for 20 years and points out for many actresses, success on the carpet may mean big money. >> nashe was stunning on the red carpet and wore these gorgeous fashions, and as a result she now has endorsements with lancome and others. >> they know exactly what they're doing when they're wearing that dress. you're asking people to judge you. you're walking on the red carpet. you don't have to put yourself out there if you don't want to. so you can't complain. >> reporter: so consider this fair warning to those heading to the oscars on sunday night. we'll be watching closely. for "cbs this morning," john
8:17 am
blackstone, hollywood. >> the truth is you don't have to walk the red carpet. you know people still like to see what people are wearing and if you don't want to walk the red carpet you don't have to. >> it is hollywood. >> still fun. what does the religious leader know about the death his wife? >> i'm troy roberts. a few weeks after her wedding this beautiful bride is found dead. the mysterious circumstances that have police investigating. that's coming up on "cbs this morning." to go commando? how was your wiping experience? ok. why do you think ripples are so great? probably ripples would just clean better. yeah, why? just...would pick up more layers. do you feel confident enough to go commando? go commando...uh...yeah sure. congratulations! i did it! how do you feel? fresh! only cottonelle has cleanripple texture, so going cottonelle means you can go commando. ♪ ♪ ♪ "here i am. rock you like a hurricane." ♪ fiber one now makes
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8:21 am
bethany dieten was dedicated to family and faith but those who love her say what started as a religious devotion among friends became a dangerous cult. troy roberts investigates for "48 hours." >> she was just glowing. everything that she ever dream ed of had come true for her. >> reporter: carol recalled her daughter bethany's wedding day in august 2012 as the happiest day of her young life. >> my plan was to live the rest of my life with bethany. >> reporter: two months after her wedding to tyler dieten she was debt orr sheriff's deputies
8:22 am
found her body in a car with an empty bag over her head. >> reporter: next to bethany was a bottle of sleeping pills and a note. but this wasn't right. >> this is a newlywed. what newlywed commutes suicide by herself. >> she immediately began investigating. >> when i spoke with tyler i did not see the reaction i expected from a newlywed at all and it kind of made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. >> reporter: she soon found that bethany was part of a devout young christians called the community led by her husband tyler. beau harrington was a member. >> we were chosen to show the rest of the world what it looked like to live in community, live christian, be radical. >> reporter: the group had formed in college but after graduating they moved to kansas city to study and pray at a church called the international
8:23 am
house of prayer known by the acronym ihop. but it became something much more alarming. >> it became a damages cult. >> he says tyler told them what to wear what to eat and even controlled the romantic groups among the group. >> they did what they were told didn't make decisions on their even. >> some of the thing he was saying were inco-hernlt. when you were there, it was perfectly normal. >> you've been described a as cult leader. >> okay. >> true? >> i don't think so no. >> there were questions including tyler's sexual orientation. >> bethany and my relationship was definitely strained but just because it was strained doesn't mean i was a murderer. >> reporter: this investigation was turned on its head when a community member confessing to the murder.
8:24 am
>> why did you come forward. >> reporter: only to later recant. >> i don't want revenge and i don't want vengeance. i want justice and i want truth. >> troy roberts is here. what is it that the police saw at the scene that made them conspiracy. >> >>she was found with her eyes wide open which is unusual for someone who committed suicide. she was a nurse. they found notes from her wedding that she was in the process of writing. she was newlywed. why would she take her life. >> i'm confused. and why would someone confess and later recant. >> we'll find out on saturday night. >> saturday night. we've got it all set. you can watch troy's report "fall from grace" tomorrow night 10:00, 9:00 p.m. central on cbs. ahead,
8:25 am
this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning i'm ukee washington, one man is in a hospital, and another in custody after a serious crash in west philadelphia. police say the driver of one car is facing charges of driving under the influence his car in a cab collided near 63rd and chestnut about 3:30 this morning. it took emergency responders a half hour to rescue the cab driver from his vehicle, and he suffered a broken arm and other injuries. police say they're investigating. this crash, and it is not complete as of yet. right now more on this, oh, my goodness dangerously frigid forecast here's kate. >> i really is brutal stuff ukee you're right. even though you might look out the window, may not necessarily be terribly windy at any given moment, it is bright, it is sunny, can you not go by. that will because looks are
8:26 am
very deceptive. storm scan three remains totally empty at this hour, and it will stay that way here today courtesy of apply pressure, again, with temperatures at best into the teens, that's bad enough. but, still with this win that's blowing predominantly out of the north wells gusts as high as 25, locally up to 30 miles per hour it, means it won't feel any better than zero for the majority of the day. partly cloudy skies continue tonight. it is another pretty cold night. temperatures easily drop to seven. that will would at least flirt with the record yet again. we ease up thankfully this weekend it comes with a trade off of another storm. vittoria? >> thank you, good morning everyone, traveling right now, you will find rush hour on the usual roadways. ninety-five, schuylkill expressway, vine st. expressway, ben franklin bridge, jammed from jersey all the way down into philadelphia, it is a slow go sun glare severely affecting your commute today. also on 95, southbound, still pretty much delayed out of the area of cottman making your way down through to the vine street expressway, also find some lingering delays on the schuylkill no doubt about that. and watch for delays for mass transit. ukee? >> thank you let's do it
8:27 am
again at 8: 55 up next on cbs this morning hollywood's biggest night preview of the oscars. for more local news weather traffic and sports we're keeping it live, keeping it local on your "cw philly" station, on these channels. good
8:28 am
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8:30 am
starbucks has just launched a home delivery service. yeah, great, yeah. perfect for anyone too lazy to walk one block in any direction. >> conan o'brien. we were just saying that. >> he went to cuba and did a show last week. >> oh interesting. all right. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour will "birdman" fly away with an oscar this weekend or can "boyhood: 12-year evolution" go? we've got the prediction and why it may be too close to call. malcolm x. he changed the conversation on civil rights and opened up to mike wallace. he talked to malcolm's daughter about his vision.
8:31 am
the paternity is suing wes lynn university. in september they said all residential fraternities must be co--ed. it was part of a highly publicized issue of frat houses including sexual assault. delta capita says it's a case of political correctness gone wrong. they say youtube is launching an app for children. it's expected to feature popular shows for preschoolers like "sesame street." it will also provide kid-friendly content from youtube channels. the app will be released on monday. the "chicago tribune" ruled the cubs can go ahead with plans to install signs in the outfield at wrigley. businesses nearby complained signs and video boards would
8:32 am
block views. they must now sell tickets without guaranteed views when the season opens on april 5th. "new york" magazine says they brought a rare visitor. the snowy owl normally lives in the arctic but freezing subzero temperatures in the big apple are perfect for this feathered animal. >> how beautiful. >> i think so too. >> they've been spotted mostly in queens and brooklyn. listen up my friends. the "new york post" shows what's included in the $5,000 oscar gift bachlkt it's called couple's love shot. >> details. >> i can't say it on television. three nights of a villa america in tuscany worth 1, $500 and sessions with the founder of
8:33 am
enigma life. it goes to nominees who don't win. which of those from the grab bag would you like? >> 3 nights at tuscan villa. >> gayle, which would you like? >> three nights at a tuscan villa. i'm no dummy. >> together. >> together. >> together. >> are growing to get a gift bag since you go? >> no no. it's only for nominees. i'm not a nominee. >> let's talk about the oscars shall we? >> to be a winner you have to be a fierce competitor. jones is there with predictions. good morning. >> good morning. i'll meet you in tuscany any time. >> we'll have a party, david. >> i already talk ded saw "fifty shades of grey." >> what a movie. where do we start? >> start with the big one.
8:34 am
best picture, which is the tightest race i can recall in the 20 years i've been following the oscars very closely. if i had to make a prediction right now, i think "boyhood" is going to win, although a lot of people are saying "birdman" is going to win. they're two very very different films. "boyhood" was the favorite. two weeks ago at the british version of the oscars it almost got completely shut out. it only one wonwon one award. the oscars a bit of an older voting body so i wonder if "birdman" is going to be too cool or too edgy for them in which case they'll vote for "boyhood," but it's close guys. >> what about "american sniper?" >> it's been the most exciting thing to happen and we now have bag block bust never the race. i don't think it's going to win many of the major categories it's nominated for.
8:35 am
it could be nominated edd in the sound category. but i don't see it really challenging "boyhood "or "birdman." >> i'm still keeping hope alive with "selma." >> "selma's" going to win for best snoong i think so too. >> it seems between eddie and michael keaton. which way are you leaning? >> i'm leaning toward eddie redmayne. that's going to tug at the oscars heartstrings a little more. if they want to go for at achievement of things, they'll go to michael keaton. if he wins, he's the second oldest best actor winner ever which is strarmg to think because he looks so good. >> how old is he? >> he's about 63. and henry fonda is the oldest one. >> what about best actress. >>? that's a sure thing.
8:36 am
julianne moore for "still alice." "grand budapest hotel" came out in march and they had not begun filming "still al alice." >> beth director? >> between richard linklater for "boyhood" and "birdman." i think it's richard linklater but that one's too close to call. i could be wrong on that one. >> we'll all find out on sunday night starting with the red carpet show. charlie, can't wait for that, who's wearing what. that's so you, isn't it? >> my first red carpet. >> yes. my tongue firmly in my teeth. dave, always good to see you. thank you. malcolm x shared an interview with legendary mike
8:37 am
wallace. vladimir duthiers is in the toyota greenroom with what malcolm's
8:38 am
(mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
8:39 am
8:40 am
tomorrow is 50 years since the assassination of malcolm x. he was gunned down while giving
8:41 am
a speech in new york city. cbs's vladimir duthiers spoke to his family about a complicated legacy. good morning. >> good morning. he was a minister a revolutionary, but to his daughter he was her father. she said while america continues to search for guidance in malcolm's words she sees his vision playing out all around us. >> harlem has always been a really classic town. >> reporter: today she is a writer writer, teacher, mentor and her daughter's still trying to clarify her fiancee's place in history. we took a walk with her in his old neighborhood on a street now named in his honor. >> it's nice that he's honored. he would be very shy about that. >> that's a side of malcolm x that only those closest to him knew. this is the malcolm x americans remember. controversial leader preaching
8:42 am
equality by any means necessary. >> your father's message do you feel it's been misinterpreted over the years? >> oh, sure. however, they do him a disservice, an injustice when they excerpt him and redefine him in their ways. >> here in harlem malcolm was the voice of black frustration. >> has integration solved the problem or made it worse? >> angry over poverty, police brutality, and segregation. critics label him as -- >> to lift the struggle for flee dom of the negro in this country from the level of civil rights to the level of human rights. >> that's what he told a young cbs reporter named mike wallace who was in search of the true malcolm x in search of the message and the man. >> white people don't realize how frustrated negroes have become. >> but they're also of the
8:43 am
opinion that no good can possibly come from violence. >> if they are of that opinion, mike, if you think that the pilot light in your house is going to explode under certain excisions, either you have to remove the powder cake or remove the conditions. >> his message was deeply tied to the circumstances of his own life. as a youth, his father's murder left him hardened and angry. at age 20 malcolm went to prison for larceny. it was there he grew to ament movement. he converted to islam. >> go find out who burned the church in birmingham alabama. >> reporter: in his 30s he went through yet another transformation. after a trip to mecca in 1964 he publicly embraced working with anyone who was willing to work with him. >> you have changed your attitude about the white man in the united states to some extent. >> i have broadened my scope. it givens you a wider understanding.
8:44 am
>> he reviled all of this to wallace who throughout his life remained close to malcolm's family. >> they were brethren cared for each other off record despite profession. when they met, they realized that they had much more in common and people publicly would have never imagined or presumed so. >> reporter: when malcolm broke away from islam -- >> i want you to know my house was bombed, bombed by the black muslim movement. >> reporter: it earned him many enemies. >> are you not afraid of what may happen to you as a result of these accusations? >> oh yes. i'm probably a dead man already. >> reporter: and then it happened. three mens of islam shot him while he was giving a speech in manhattan's ballroom. he wasn't just 39 years old. >> there are few of white house get to call upon each other and experience what we've inhair itted in terms of leading our
8:45 am
relative legacies and also the ache in their absence. >> reporter: while he predicted his own death, he could not have for sene how his vision would have played out or that america might see their first black president. >> men and women were most certain to see a black president. i think thatting tight 40 years is the crime. so the question becomes not those who have been marginalized but those who are in a position to do better do more. whether we made it. >> these are the questions she never stopped asking. >> do you still have conversations with your daughter? >> all the time. all the time. look, you can't be that potent and then be gone. >> wow. >> this relationship between mike and malcolm x was really amazing because malcolm x -- mike took him to a dinner with the ceo of seagrams a leading
8:46 am
activist trying to show the misunderstanding. >> one of the things she spoke about is you can be a malcolm x fan or martin luther king
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
who is that voice? a lot of people want to know. here's a live look. what does she look like? here's a live look at our control room. zoom in on randi, please. we've had a lot of question and twitter and facebook about who is the voice behind the scenes. >> cue norah. >> i love how she says cue charlie, cue gayle. >> there's your director randi lennon. now you can see behind the voice
8:50 am
and see what they do. go to take a look behind me. >> it's cold out here. i'm tired. >> i've never seen this type of snow in the history of the city. >> you know what? at this point, bridget on. may as well beat the record. >> this is not something we usually have to deal with here in the south. >> whiteout conditions here in nashville. >> some residents were forced to read when the trail derailed shooting flames into the sky. >> when it blew up e could feel the heat on my face. >> 5 million immigrant adults and children trapped in limbo. >> we should not be carried a mom away from her child. >> it's my way or the highway. >> i've been so paranoid and schizophrenic all day. >> very smart move for the prosecution. it certainly looks like he is rational about mental illness. >> the injuries were so extensive. >> it's a macho thing. it's not worth it. you could die. >> looks like -- looks like a
8:51 am
big lion. >> best in show is the beagle. >> a heartbreaking moment. >> it's saturday night. >> this is how you answer the door in my neighborhood. who is it! ♪ >> there's -- what do you think charlie? >> i think it worked for you. >> the new rules for drones have taken flight. >> whoo, hoo, hoo. >> if you knew exactly where you're jumping, i would do it. >> oh yes. yes. >> but it happened. it just -- >> there's another one. >> hey, mom, look. i'm a roman soldier. why not king. >> didn't you notice gayle was trying out for a part in the next episode of "star wars."
8:52 am
>> i have to correct the mistake charlie said earlier. >> you should have noun better. >> you should have known better. >> you should have known better. >> we're out of corn flakes f.u. pick up your socks, f.u. it took me days to figure out it f.u. is felix ung ger. >> it's either pink bunny or no bunny at all. >> no bunny at all. >> all that -- >> all that. >> all that -- >> if i'm the first person to set foot on mars -- >> you're going. >> -- i'm going and i'm not coming back. >> i have people to suggest. >> -- and all that matters. >> a woman who shall remain nameless from 1993. i don't remember the details. just saying.
8:53 am
>> -- on "cbs this morning." >> i couldn't channel as much anger.
8:54 am
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning i'm erika von tiehl. archdioces schools inside the city of philadelphia are closed today because of the bitter cold. however, the public schools remain open. that means a lot of un hand i public schoolers at the olney transportation center within the last couple of hours. we had almost 100 closings and delays called into cbs-3 and "kyw news radio" this morning. if you are headed outside be aware, we will be near record breaking low temperatures today. and you add in that windchill and it truly is dangerous outside, kate. >> i so-so very are you -- true. and even though the temperature has been up now for hour or two, starting to pull out of the worst of the cold. but only by an agree or so. currently, we stand at 3 degrees at the airport
8:56 am
that's still 2 degrees within range of the record low for this morning of the year. storm scan3 empty at least so we've got that going for us, full sunshine, don't have to worry about needing the umbrella, need too long worry about any travel issues courtesy of weather but the casino of cold that you might need to warm the car up. 16 degrees at best, don't go by that factor in the wind, may not feel any better than zero most of the day tonight also, flirts with record lows, meanwhile, we do have nice little surge on the thermometer, brief, i give that you but we should hit the mid four's sundayment problem is snow on saturday afternoon, that turns over to rain maybe little ice inbetween, into sunday morning, vittoria? >> thank you so much katie. good morning be everyone, still rush hour, schuylkill expressway, hine me, also on 95, part of the vine street expressway, going to and from 76 pa turnpike westbound traveling out of willow grove still lingering delays on 422. if you are traveling on the schuylkill expressway, eastbound making your way beyond university, blocking the left-hand lane is a accident. and take a look, at that westbound side, you are not
8:57 am
catching a break-in and out every center city on the schuylkill. you are jammed. if you are traveling on 422 we have disable truck on the shoulder, and rush hour right next to it, mass transit expects some minor 15 minute delays erika? >> thank you vet tore y that's "eyewitness news" for now. join us for talk philly at noon on cbs-3. i'm erika von tiehl.
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speak>> it's happening, we are covering. >> announcer: talking for the first time i tv about the debili condition she developed after rest cancer. and northwest public breakdown. and did youtating wash the expensive pair of lingerie after buying it? from bacteria to fecal matter, we are putting panties to the test new on shalini vadhera. ♪ ♪ >> oh, now i get it. hello! what a confusing morning. it's friday, welcome to our friday newsfeed. like to bring everyone the latest and greates


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