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tv   Eyewitness News at 7am  CBS  February 22, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EST

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our snowy saturday is making for a messy sunday morning. we still have our eye on a storm making for some slushy, snowy, icy conditions, all throughout our area. it is dangerous out there. you got to be careful. today is sunday, february 22 good morning to you thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 7:00. we do want to let you know the weather causing cancellation this is morning. you will see them at the bottom of your screen, and also on right now, though, let's check in with carol for more on the storm, sort of the leftovers that we're experiencing this morning. >> yerkes and the temperatures are so slow to rise, you know, just 34 through center city philadelphia. >> right on the glenn right on that edge. and as cold as the grounds has been over the last couple of days weeks, 34 really doesn't mean anything, because that snow from yesterday and we got quite a bit of it, three to 7 inches, depending on where you were, that is
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hanging around there be careful out, there secondary roads, as ann evans has been talking about are a mess, your own walkway will be a mess. so just take it easy until these temperatures get a little bit more above the freezing mark. clouds in middle township, notice the snow they have on the ground there temperature of 34 degrees. now, storm scan3 showing that this system is starting to pull away, but we are continuing with the rain that rain falling through south jersey on a line really the i95 all the way to the east, from trenton down through wilmington and point east, this is pulling away, but some of those temperatures are very marginal. they can be close to the freezing mark. millville, now 33 degrees. but, with all of the cold ground, you may be finding pockets where this is just freezing or it is just rain on top of ice that hasn't yet to melt at 33 degrees. thirty-two in trenton, 33 wilmington, it is 26 in allentown and reading areas to the north where it is
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below the freezing mark, you have stopped having any precipitation for awhile now. but still, what's on the grounds is frozen. winter weather alerts continue. we have the winter storm warning for philadelphia, and south jersey, and that's until 9:00 this morning the area in purple the lower one down, that's really freezing rain advisory now and that's until 9:00 this morning. that's for atlantic, cumberland, cape may counties until the temperatures get warm enough that we can finally get out of this freezing rain issue. we will be finding temperatures above freezing today, but we're right back below freezing after that. we will talk about the temperature profiles of the week ahead coming up. nicole? >> good, thanks, carol. well, of course, this weekend's winter storm left a mark across the entire delaware valley. shovels out in full force, as the clean up slowly began last night. hey, the snow quickly covered the roads creating treacherous conditions. i experienced them on my way in. apparently this cab in center city philadelphia also experiencing them, just fishtailing down market
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street. it was of course slippery walk for people, as the snow began changing over to freezing rain. >> now, our eye on the storm coverage continues on kelly drive now. a combination of snow, and freezing rain are making for messy travel this morning. if you're headed out the door, again, just take your time, be careful, our cherry gregg from sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 live with an update on conditions, and it is not so good. is it, cherry? >> reporter: not so good, but i like stay positive nicole, san that i that there is some good news, the rain has slowed to a mere drizzle. it is not as colds out here, as it has been in the past few days. but the bad news is, yes, it is a mess. this snow, with the ice rain, has caused for the slippery, slushy conditions, there is huge mounds of ice and on the sidewalks, it is pretty much a sheet of ice and it is extremely dangerous. crews have been on the road, overnight, treating the roads.
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but as you can see still pretty dangerous cars have to go slowly, as i mention on the sidewalks pretty dangerous, as these huge icy puddles at the ends of each sidewalk and along the curb line people sort involve to jump over, and back out here live as i mention earlier you really need to make sure you have on the right footwear. just because you could literally step in a ice puddle, and your entire shoe or foot go down and it would be a frozen foot less when you get done. so you have to be extremely careful. also, when you are cleaning off your car just remember, that the snow, because of the ice rain is extremely heavy. so expect that. and just be careful. live on kelly drive cherry gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> yes, i came upon a huge put until my way into work this morning. and i couldn't even see most of my boot. it was all wet and just kind of nasty. so cherry, thanks for the
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heads up. we appreciate it. >> my plesh you. >> we do want to let you know the cold weather to blame for water main break in philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood. after hours of repairs service was restored to around 100 homes on the 30-hundred block every tulip street. eight-inch main snapped just after 9:00 yesterday morning. red cross helped families displaced by that break. >> developing right now, terror group al shabab releases video calling foray tax on shopping malls in canada, the uk, and here in the united state. now, in the video the group linked to al quaida mentions the mall of america in minnesota and the west edmonton mall in alberta canada. both malls say they have beefed up secure any response to that threat. the somalia based militants claimed responsible for the 2013 attack at the west gate mall in nairobi, ken crashes left more than 06 people dead. last year the united states launched air strike in somalia
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that killed the a.m. shabab heat led ear terror group later replaced him vowed to avenge hits death. happening today the philadelphia suns association holds their annual chinese new year parade. this is video from last year's celebration. the parade is scheduled to kick offer at 11:30 this morning near tenth and spring streets, then move all the way throughout chinatown. it is expected to wrap up around 2:30, and by the way 2015 is the year of the goat. well hey, at this hour, thousands of penn state student continue their efforts to raise millions of dollars fighting childhood cancer. just love this event. take a look. this is the dance marathon on campus in university parkin side the bryce jordan center. the fundraiser began friday night, and ends this afternoon. thon is build as the largest student-run fill anatropy. because thon has gotten so big, there are new rules that are upsetting some parents. during the final hours, four diamond families will only be allowed to have few people on the floor.
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>> it is a shame. because we go down there and there are very close friends of ours that lost their child. and we won't be able to be with them this year. but that family hour is just absolutely an incredible thing. >> now, john and other four diamond family members will wear shirts during the last hours today to show their disapproval for the new changes. the search for the acronine ftkefs means for the kids except for sunday. >> well, our eye on the storm coverage continues with a check on the area roadways, ann evans joins us from the traffic center just ahead. then live look oututside seeing messy, slushy mix out there. carol hard at work updating her forecast, will have that for you coming up next. >> also ahead tragic update to story we first told but yesterday morning. we now know more about the victims of a deadly house fire in northern new jersey. it is a sad sad story. we'll have that for you coming up trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle
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>> back on "eyewitness news" we aren't the only ones dealing with a winter mess this weekend. parts of the south also, got hammered with snow and ice. in virginia, drivers had a tough time getting from point a to point b. as much as 10 inches of snow fell in parts of that state. and after the snow, of course, came that freezing rain. this is live look for you at storm scan3, you can see the wintery weather moving off to sea of covers, carol will be along with your forecast, in just a few minutes.
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right now though, we do have sad update. to story we first told but yesterday morning on "eyewitness news". we now know, two children died in a house fire in orange, new jersey. one of those children is being called a hero for helping her brother escape the flames. steve langford from our sister station cbs2 in new york has the details. >> we look up. it was two kids up there. >> young children, trapped on the thirds floor of this home, as the fire roars, their only hope to jump. >> so they was waiving, so we like, yo jump, you know what i mean, they ain't jump, but the little sister, she threw her brother out. >> darryl mayfield says i helped catch the little boy as he tell under to safety. >> i felt the heat here. so i can just imagine like what they were going through. >> there are, in fact, two more children, still left on the third floor, in the middle of this inferno, six year old jade a and zion.
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>> maybe everybody just started going crazy and yelling because the other kids was still in the house. >> she put her little brother out, ya, she like disappeared back into the fire. >> perhaps out of fear, perhaps because she couldn't leave her baby brother behind. both perished in the third floor bedroom. their mother had just left for the bus station to visit relatives down south witnesses say. >> they call that the bus station, she came back. and she freaked out like. >> the fire so powerful, the home now set to be deem old i shall. >> we are no less than five people in the house. and i believe three were treated at the hospital at saint barn bus hospital for burn wounds and wonts associated with jumping out of the window, as well. >> that was my bedroom rid there at the top right there in the front. >> tara williams at the scene the morning after because she and her sister had once lived in the same house. >> if you were trapped on the third floor in a fire in that house, what would it be like? >> i would be dead. >> heart break for two little children, one of whose last acts was pushing her brother to safety.
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in orange, new jersey, steve langford cbs2 news. >> so incredibly heart breaking. 7:13 right now. our snowy saturday made for some great sledding weather. check out these kids in turnersville, gloucester county. you can see them having a blast in their snow tubes. some people actually enjoy this weather carol. >> and the kids probably wished it had been on a monday so they could have got answer snow day out of this. >> that's true. >> now they're thinking what, homework tonight? notice the clouds that are cutting off the tops of the buildings, we've seen some precipitation, it is ending, but, we've got roadways, that are problem, walkways parking lots, that sort of thing. ann will be talking about. that will i'm looking at one of my monitors up here. she will be talking about i don't know what road that's on but he i see a car facing backward, so you know there is a problem going on on the roads. it is icy out there boards walk plaza rehoboth beach you can see not too many people out there. and some snow on the boardwalk there, it is a gloomy start to the day. and, the precipitation is starting to move out.
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and you can see, this is a loop over the last couple of hours, it is now pushing totally into new jersey, still, a little bit through the wilmington area, and even so even though it is not coming down now in many locations, just know that the temperatures are below freezing in some spots and you're going to be dealing with the freeze, and just the treacherous grounds conditions, 33 in philadelphia, 32 trenton, 33 wilmington, below freezing north and west. and it is right around freezing, to the south and the east of philadelphia. twenty-eight in quakertown, 29 doylestown, 32 degrees in mt. holly. even though as i said the precipitation has ended just know that we can still be dealing with very slick spots. the winter storm warning continues for philadelphia, our nearby new jersey suburbs and that's until 9:00 with the freezing rain advisory south of that. that is for atlantic, cumberland, kent county, down in marl almost, rather delaware. this is where you are going to be finding some very treacherous conditions, as we go through at least 9:00 this
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morning. we saw a lot of snow yesterday. the storm system, moved slowly, and the temperatures didn't rise. so we never got that change-over early enough, to cut off the snow totals, and change it to rain. instead of just to just kept snowing. bear delaware, six and a half inches of snow, drexel hill, over six. voorhees in new jersey, 6 inches. levittown, 5 inches, in philadelphia, 4.8 inches of snow the most we've seen this winter. looking at future weather pushing offer the coast. should be ending. temperatures should be rising at that point. may get little clearing, then we get some cold temperatures coming right back in here, by the time we get to tonight and tomorrow. but, it looks like it stays dry, much of the week. thirty-one will be our temperature at 8:00 a.m. watching these future temperatures, should be getting above the freezing mark, in all every these locations, a look at 11:00 this morning so obviously when you see the temperatures like there is things getting bert. north and west of the city, staying colder longer. no precipitation is falling. but you still have that
7:16 am
possibility of everything staying locked up and frozen. eventually this afternoon we get into hopefully the lower 40 ace and then tonight start to drop down temperature wise finding colds night cold start to the day tomorrow. forty in philadelphia, shore 42 poconos 32 degrees with hopefully some sun breaks, as we move into the afternoon hours. our winds out of the west about 5 miles an hour. tonight down to 19 degrees, partly cloudy, cold again and a re-freeze absolutely guaranteed so where testify melted today and it didn't evaporate, it is going to be freezing tomorrow morning. so it could be an in a different spot than you found it this morning. just be rear careful out there. bring those pets inside. way too cold out there. continuing, and then, on monday we look at 25 degrees, look at monday night's temperatures 7 degrees. tuesday, 26. wednesday we're into the upper 30's. nicole? >> all right carol thanks. now 7:16. let's see how trafficic is moving out there. ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center busy today i bet
7:17 am
ann? >> so busy, and you know what, icy conditions even on our major roadways, here is a case in point nicole. this is in ambler, looking at 309 southbound lanes to the right of your screen, right at butler pike. only the center lane getting by here. due to an accident. and it is a pretty serious one, as well. look at the icy conditions on the roadways. people are going slow. not just around the accident, but they're going slow generally, and that's what you have to do out there today. be nice if you could wait until temperatures rise little bit and saltalamacchia and brine solutions work, but if you can't wait, again just take it easy, and drive very carefully. another accident into the traffic center, this is i-95, at the vine expressway. right lane block by this particular accident. southbound lanes, to the right of your screen, again icy conditions, here even though the roadways are treated major highways, we still have icy conditions on them. on to the area bridges. speed restrictions on them, on the benjamin franklin bridge walt whitman bridge, betsy ross commodore barry bridge,
7:18 am
talcony palmyra bridge, all speed restrictions of 25 miles per hour today. and it is all due to icy conditions. on the atlantic city expressway, speed restriction of 35 miles per hour, on the garden state parkway speed restrictions as well as 35 miles per hour. an accident on 55 northbound, between 552 bridgeton and 56, out shoulder is blocked and delays. bus route two seven h xh suspended due to weather conditions. and new jersey transit and patco now running on or close to schedule. so again drive very carefully. taking a bus bundle up, there may be delays. and watch out for icy conditions especially on the neighborhood and the secondary roadways. and that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm ann evans nicole, back to you. >> ann thanks. having been out on the roads already this morning. >> how did we do on timing? >> speed restrictions in place. >> did you great on time, thanks ann. coming up carol answers your pet questions in this week's
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what are we doing? what are we doing to our kids? i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> time for ask the vet. we're here with doctor rose from the animal wellness center in chaddsford, pennsylvania you're holisitic veterinarian, as you well no i don't have to tell that you and many of our viewers know that also conventional veterinarian. who -- here is somebody who is thinking about feeding their cat a vegetarian diet. they say their dog has thrived
7:22 am
on t i know a loft us are on vegetarian diets what about our nets. >> for cats, you real can i not give them just a vegetarian diet. there are certain vitamins, minerals amino as its that cats can only get in meat. cats are cash voicer. they need to get meat protein. dogs however, can be on vegetarian diet, as long as you have other protein sources, you know, beans nuts soy, grain, things that far nature. >> are they benefitted, are dogs benefitted by a vegetarian diet or not? >> doesn't really go one way or the other as far as i've seen. seems to be sometimes the owner's desire because they might be a vegetarian, and they want to see if it would be okay for their pets. >> pets going outside just how dangerous it can be for them especially cold weather. >> sure. obviously i would recommend that when ash pet goes out either walking them yourself or watching them the entire time. when they come in, snow, salt can be on their feet, then
7:23 am
absolutely should wipe that off. you want them to have a coat or something onto protect them in the cold. because. >> if you're cold, so are they. >> pet page says what's the best thing to put the feet on the dog after being out in the salt snow, they're chewing them, licking them. my take, let's find out why they are doing them, not just cover up so the dog can't get to it. >> no, you want to find certainly the underlying cause of the problem dermatitis; there inflammation, is it due to an allergy or is it due to something literally physical, physically in the pads or between the paw's. yep, finds the underlying cause. >> may need a vet may need antibiotic. or may need some kind of antihistamine, anti-something or other, to calm things down? >> right. i mean, a lot of us know that silo toll and chewing gum is toxic to dogs and cats. it is not toxic to cats. it is very toxic to dogs. >> okay. what people don't know, is
7:24 am
what else it is in? >> in candy mints gum human vitamins and in human probiotics, and human fish oils. that's the reason why it is a very important to use veterinary products for those situations. you do if the want to give those in vitamins. >> if you finds your dog is knocked over, somehow you have spilled or you have got missing human vitamins, probiotics, et cetera, there could be which is tox took dogs in that? >> exactly, get to the vet if you see something like that has happened. >> he we didn't introduce our girlfriend here, ellie so weight long hair doxin patient of doctor rose, yes you are. if you've got questions, you can e-mail carol erickson's pet page on facebook, we will see you next time. >> and we are looking at something soy important, act philly is giving away free straw bedding. this is for the animals who are forced to spends part of their time outdoors.
7:25 am
because they can't come in for some reason. this is a specially helpful if you feed stray cats. philadelphia residents can stop at the shelter and that is 111 west park avenue, from four # in the 6:00 this afternoon. to pink the free straw ferrell cats need this, of course you should be bringing your pets indoors during the winter. dog owners in philadelphia can be fined up to $500 for not providing proper shelter to their pets. bring them in. some that far hey and straw will help. >> carol, thank you. right now talking about a dog who became internet sensation after he was abandoned at a georgia animal shelter and now he has a new job. check this out. rami is doxin pitbull mix. shelter posted his picture on line, received, get this, more than a thousand requests from people want to go adopt him. well, now they've changed their mind. rami will stay at the shelter and work to encourage other people to adopt animals in need. looks like a sweet little guy.
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coming up in our next half hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we do have update on bobbi kristina brown. learning new details about the moments before she was discovered unresponsive in her bathtub. then, a mother, turns to social media to share her pain when nobody shows up to her six year old son's birthday party. how the community worked to fix that. coming up. also, we are tracking a messy morning out there today. you don't want to miss carol's updated forecast when "eyewitness news" continues at 7:30.
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(today is sunday february 22 good morning i'm nicole brewer, just about 730:67:89 we do want to let you know the weather is causing cancellation this is morning. you will see them on the bottom of your screen. also, check them out on right now we want to check in with carol for more on the wintery mess out there. just going to be kind of headache for everybody out there this morning. >> it really is. because every these temperatures, they were so slow to warm up yesterday. we were able to snow even longer, and then they've been very slow to do anything overnight except whoever around the freezing mark, that's why we're finding a lot of slick travel, slick walking, it is icy out there. let's take a look, see what we have going on right now
7:30 am
through the benjamin franklin bridge. you can just kind of pick up the general gloom and doom look of that camera. we will be finding improvement as we move through this afternoon, however. we take a look out in reading and a lot of snow out there. and of course, we saw a lot of snow through philadelphia, 4.8 inches of snow, which was the heaviest snow we've seen so far this winter, in one shot. storm scan3 notice, the trends, the trend is for improving, notice it is rain that's coming down. but the other thing we have to take into account, is the fact that the temperatures remain below the freezing mark, in some locations. now, north and west, where it is not raining or snowing, at this point temperatures are below the freezing mark, anything that's out there is frozen, through philadelphia, you're close to the freezing mark trenton, at freezing, wilmington, just barely above. and i would not go by those temperatures. as you head to the north with these temperatures of 28 in quakertown, 30 in pottstown 32 mt. holly obviously those are conditions where anything that is wet is going to be still freezing. winter weather alerts turn
7:31 am
continue. we have winter storm warning continuing in philadelphia and jersey suburbs until 9:00 with freezing rain advisory, south of that, atlantic, cumberland, and kent counties, temperatures today, will be warming to up about 40 degrees, we should be finding some breaks in all of there is as precipitation ends, but until we do start to warm up, probably 9:00, 10:00 this morning be careful out there. because what is wet could also be very slick. we'll check out pretty cold week coming up that's just ahead. nicole? >> carol, thanks. painting the picture for us what it was like out there in scenes like this, throughout the day in the delaware valley in wilmington, several carls got stuck going up delaware avenue to the ramp of interstate 95. >> now, zero our eye on storm coverage continues on kelly drive. wintery mix creating ice eye conditions. if you are headed out the door you want to make sure to take your time. cherry gregg from sister station "kyw news radio" 1006 is live with an update now on conditions.
7:32 am
good morning, cherry. >> good morning, nicole. it is starting to wake up little bit here on kelly drive. the good news is the rain has completely stopped. the bad news is what's left is a mess. there are ice mounds, this rain and snow combination has left its slush with huge ice puddles, at the end of most blocks, and along the curve line. crews have been out overnight treating all of the roads and on the main roads you can tell that the treatment is working but on the back streets not so much. and as far as the sidewalks there are pretty much sheet of ice all along the streets which makes it pretty, pretty dangerous. and, earlier this morning the only person that i could find was bill. and bill was just getting off of work. >> everything is frozen, but i imagine do okay, ya. >> and how are the driving conditions thus far? >> very trecherous. last night was very treacherous, yes. you got to take your time.
7:33 am
>> and as folks get up and begin to clean off their cars, they must remember, that this snow is pretty heavy. and back out here live, as i mentioned, the sidewalks are pretty much ice and footwear will be very, very important as you can see, it is very, very icy. you can slip and slide, and i will say ladies, today is not the day to be cute. no high heels. put on those boots with rugged bottoms. protect yourself. make sure you don't slip and fall as you try to move around. live on kelly drive cherry gregg, "kyw news radio", for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i don't know, cherry, you're prill cute in those boots. thanks. from the roads to the airways we just talked to the folks at philadelphia international airport, they say half of the airlines have canceled their flights this morning but they do expect to be back to normal by this weekend. as always you want to check on the status of your flight, before you head out the door. as for septa several routes are being detoured, check septa's website for a list of those. dart also has ruth suspensions, detour, new
7:34 am
jersey transit is also experiencing detours. just head to our website cbs philly. com. the latest updates on snowstorm and any community concellations as a result of t you can always check and connect with us on social media, using the hashtag cbs-3, eye snow. >> and, happening today, it is your final chance to skate at the new dilworth park ice ring situated there at city hall. this is video from christmas time there. the attraction opens this morning, at 11:00 stays open until 8:00 tonight. admission is $3 for kids, $4 for adults, and there is a 8-dollar rental fee for skates. swarthmore college has new president, valerie smith will begin leading the small liberal arts school july 1st. smith has served as dean at princeton university. she first came to the school in 1908 as instructor of english and african-american studies. >> 7:34 right now. a six year old boy with autism, is left heart broken, when nobody shows up for his
7:35 am
birthday party. this one just gets you. right where it hurt. his anguished mother polls bad it on social media and what happened next is really heartwarming. eric report from saint cloud florida. >> the day of glenn's sixth birthday party no one showed up. >> just to see the look on his face killed me inside. >> ashley says her son glenn who has autism, was so devastated when he found out no one was coming to his birthday party he refused to smile. thinking she failed him she said she turned to facebook where she wrote one post about how badly she felt for him. see said almost immediately complete strangers started responding. and soon, kids and their parents started arriving with gifts. her post also caught the eye of the osceola county sheriff department, who sent their own gift, fly over from the helicopter. >> one put him up on the shoulders, glenn smiled the whole time, waived, it was amazing. >> the county's gift roll over
7:36 am
to the next week, when sheriff's cars, police dogs, firetrucks, and more, all paid him a visit at the same time. >> at first we got to the stop sign by our house and glenn was like the firetrucks are out. i said it is okay, they're thereto tell you happy birth. >> i dispute his pulled their own money and bought glenn gifts. says the response from her one post on facebook has almost been overwhelming, but she says it has restored her fate in her higher power and the human spirits. >> the amazingness of everybody coming together for somebody they didn't even know, a kid that didn't have anybody come to his birthday party, just warmed my heart. >> it warmed glenn's heart too. now, he has new friends. in saint cloud, north florida cbs news. man, that one will make you cry. that face. 7:36 right now. still ahead honoring some of this year's worse movies. yep,p, we'll tell how took home razzies coming up next. also hollywood's biggest
7:37 am
night, talking about the oscars, just love that red carpet. we'll meet the man behind the elaborate envelope designs that hold the winners name inside. plus, hear from -- hear how some of the extreme measures they take to keep those names secret. also, much of us digging out this morning but carol says we could be seeing sunshine before the day is over. that would be nice. wouldn't it? we'll have her forecast when we come back. thank you, cable for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you
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>> blob i christina brown may have been under the influence when found unresponsive in a bathtub. she is the daughter of wrist any houston and bobby brown. now, that report claims bobbi kristina will been using cocaine, heroin and xanax in the months before that january 31st incident. the 21 year old remains in a medically induced coma. well, some of the cards ash yan sisters get into a minor accident, in montana. chloe kardashian hit patch of black ice, spun offer the road, ends the up in a ditch while sisters kim, kylie jenner, baby northwest were inside that car. the reality tv stars were in montana skiing. thankfully, no one was injured, the close call comes two weeks after their stepfather, bruce jenner, was involved in a fatal car crash in malibu, california. on the night before hollywood honors the best in film another award ceremony honors the worse. yes, you don't want your name call for this one. the 35th annual razzie awards, and the name cameron, cleaned
7:41 am
up big. take a look. >> we got played by the same guy. >> actress cameron diaz received the honor for the years' worse actress for role in the other woman. and in sex tape. meantime, another famous cameron took home several razzies, curbing cameron saving christmas, four time winner last night winning worse actor worse picture worse screen combo and worse screen play. michael bay picked up the razzie for worse director, for transformers, age of distinction. ya, like that movie the other woman. i thought she did good job but hey we'll move on. also on the eve of the oscars, 30th annual independent film spirits awards, the movie bird man soared at the ceremony last night won best picture best ac for for michael keaton and best cinema to go ravi. won best director award best supporting actress went to patricia arquet. now, jewel inane moore won best actress honors for still alice and jk simmons won best
7:42 am
supporting actor for whiplash. maybely preview to the oscars since speak egg of the as course -- oscars, may i have the envelope please. those envelopes are almost as impressive as the statues given out. each one carefully made by hand costing hundreds of dollars, if you can believe it. tonight's envelopes designed by mark free lands spoke to us about the unique history. >> the envelope please has been synonymous with the academy awards for 75 years they used to have these very beautiful presenters, and they would say in the envelope please that's where that phrase originated from. >> my name is mark freed land. and i'm the designer of the now iconic, most famous envelope in the world. >> there is only 24 of them for the 24 category winners t us about 110 man hours to
7:43 am
actually construct the envelope. there is em bossing dye cutting, lamb inch rating, engraving, printing. the it is weighing about quarter after pound about a eighth of an inch thick. probably cost up couple every hundred dollars to fabricate each one every these. price water house coopers has been tabulating the votes for over 08 years they would present those votes to the academy, and then the academy would get those to the press with an embargo, one year, one of those press people leak it before the actual announcements. so, following that, the envelope was used as sim play means of security, to protect that information. there is the 57 anniversary of the ewing g the envelope in the academy awards, there is 121 nominees, that have been selected this year. and we do actual winners card for each nominee. this is really so well protected. they take those envelopes
7:44 am
separate route to the oscars, they have them in very secured briefcase cents, and the reason they do two is a fall-back plan, plan a plan b, god forbid anything happens. and the third set just gets secured in some secret location, that none of us know. fifty years from now hopefully a winner, who looks back at their envelope, will recapture that moment in time when everybody was watching, and they announced that in that milliseconds who the oscar winner was. >> my weather envelope, the envelope please. way too cold. we're over it. we're sick every winter. what's that movie? we've got 32 degrees temperature, our weather watch ers are up this morning and william has a very valid comment. use pet friendly ice melt whenever possible because the regular ice melt gets to about
7:45 am
175 degrees, imagine walking on that on your paw's so, do that that is a great advice, and we need something to melt the ice out there this morning. we've got temperatures below the freezing mark, and a lot of locations steve johnson saying, draft from the north sitting on 3.1.5 temperature. no rain here now. wet snow, and slow shovel. and that's what it is. because that snow gets very heavy, when it gets water logged, and starting to get that way now. let's take a walk, find out what we've got through center city philadelphia. look how low the clouds r they're just taking off the top, i don't know, 40 stories maybe? so we're looking at very gloomy start to the day. you can see some snow down below, and what you can't see is what the most treacherous part of this is. and that's the black ice. >> some case not even black ice, regular ice see it out there you know looking down that doing a dorothy hammell
7:46 am
on that one, but not as graceful. that's little pan around the city. it looks gloomy and it is that same gray sky temperatures unfortunately so close to the freeze egg mark, grounds cold for so long, that just because it goes above freezing does not mean our problems ending with the icing. under foot. so some rain through south jersey. and notice that couple of spots, are you still picking up some freezing rain? it is entirely possible. thirty-three down in millville. thirty-four in philadelphia. thirty-two in trenton. thirty-three in wilmington. at this point, above the freezing mark north and west, precipitation has stopped there, but everything on the ground has frozen. we continue with the winter storm warnings through philadelphia, our immediate suburbs, in pennsylvania, and in new jersey, with the freezing rain advisory, atlantic cumberland, kent counties until 9:00 this morning. very treacherous travel through these areas until we can get these temperatures up. future weather says we do push this rain off the coast, and as it goes, these temperatures
7:47 am
should be climbing, safely above the freezing mark, but still, even at 40 degrees, if you've got cold grounds underneath, some ice on top of that, some melting still very, very icy. we with clear skies going through clear to partly cloudy but nothing like what we've seen. as we go through monday, and tuesday, so the weather calms down we get cold again but it is just this morning i think, this is the lingering problem this morning future temperatures, this computer model says by 10:00 o'clock this morning we should be above the freezing mark, philadelphia points south, to the north we're still hovering around the freezing mark, but even there we start to climb a little bit. temperature wise, by noon, and then we should hopefully be getting into the lower 40's, today, if we stop in the upper 30s, well, we stop in the upper 30s. but i think you just need to pay real close attention to where you put your feet, and your car tires especially first thing this morning. forty in philadelphia, eventually. we have 42 at the shore expected poconos 32 degrees,
7:48 am
the roads are a mess, and ann evans will be talking about that in just a second. but at 40 degrees, that will help you with any of the shoveling, and maybe a little melting, but totally expect a re-freeze tonight. these temperatures drop down to 19 degrees. and anything that's melted today, will be re-freezing if it hasn't evaporated, as cold night coming up, also, bring those pets inside, they should be in, and they should have been in for weeks now because of these temperatures. which we go right back to on monday 25 degrees, for the high on monday, seven monday night, by tuesday we're at 26 degrees. twenty-two overnight. then, by wednesday, looks like tiny tiny warm up at 38 degrees. and far below normal still then we're back into some cold weather thursday and friday, at this point nicole, slightly warmer week in general, and at this point looks like, not much in the way of precipitation, at this point, i fame size. nicole? >> oh, little good news at this point. all right, thanks, carol.
7:49 am
7:48 right now. we check on the roads and the highways with ann good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. major highways are pretty much treated but we have icy conditions everywhere. and this is a case in point. this is 309 southbound, the butler pike, southbound lanes to the right of your screen, there is an accident here, two lanes are blocked only the center lane getting biment look how icy the highway is. in fact, some ice spilling over here on to the roadway from the side of the road which happens at times. so again, do you have drive carefully. not only around the accidents but drive carefully generally, this morning. and, in fact, maybe could you leave for your errands and the things you like to do sunday, little later. you heard carol's forecast, as the temperature goes up again or goes up further the roadways will improve further. so maybe wait a bit before venturing out this morning. we will move the traffic cam to a scene of another accident. this is 422 at oaks, and you can sea ice i conditions on this portion of 422. specially on, on and off ramps, accident 422 at oaks.
7:50 am
again, drive very carefully this morning, on to the area bridges, they're icy as a whole. in fact, the area bridges have speed re vukovich seans on them the ben franklin bridge speed re reduction 25 miles per hour along with the walt whitman bridge, burlington bristol bridge, betsy ross bridge talcony palmyra bridge, the commodore barry bridge. that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. aim ann evans, nicole back to you. >> thanks for the update. clock 50 right now. coal ham sells explaining remarks he made about winning. we'll have the latest from spring training ahead in sports. >> also, celebrating a miracle. how the town of lake placid is commemorating the 35th anniversary of the us hockey team's 1980 olympic win over the russians. first, though, here is a look at what's happening tonight on cbs-3.
7:51 am
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the flyers enters yesterday's matinee six points behind boston for the final playoff spot in the east. that's the good news. the bad news? they were taking on the nhl best team in nashville former flyer head coach peter lafayette got a great great hand at the wells fargo sent, second people game tied at one, ryan white gives the flyers two-one lead. heist four points in four straight games. but, nashville would tie it, the game would go to over time. then shoot-out. it is jake voracek doing what he's done all season, beats
7:54 am
him right there. then it is wayne simmons for the capper. he had the flyers first goal in the game. flyers win it, three-two, in a shoot-out. they now trail the bruins by four points, orange and black host the caps this afternoon. well, cole hamels asks never one to bite his tongue. earlier in the week he implied he would be better off not being in philadelphia. earlier saturday met with the assembled media in clearwater. leslie van arsdale has the store. >> i at this given moment i'm a fill. >> i over the off season, cole hamels quote dollars as saying he wants to win and he knows that's not going to happen here. he didn't confirm or deny that he made those comments, but he seemed more optimistic now that the phillies can compete. >> i like my chances with, you know, with the type of bullpen that we have. you know, still being able to have cliff. , you know, couple of the other starter we're been table sign, they're great guys. you know, anybody can surprise you at any given moment. you know, still having chase and how i here, you know,
7:55 am
they're big, you know, catalysts in any sort of line up if we can be consistent, and, you know, dot things the right way, you know, then we can surprise anybody. >> manager ryan sandberg would love to keep him here. >> who wouldn't want cole hamels pitching opening day? but then again, there is the other side of the organizational side of it, and the transition that we're in right now so that's a whole another part of it. >> cole also said he would love for this team to prove people wrong but he's just one piece of the puzzle. reporting in clearwater, leslie van arsdale eyewitness sports. sixth ranked villanova taking on marquette. darren hilliard doing what's' done all season long, knocks down big three for the cats, led all scorers for villanova with 17. villanova led by nine at the break. second half, ryan, also dials long distance. catch 11, three pointers on the day. beats marquette 87-76. they are now 25 and two on the season.
7:56 am
>> attention eagles fans marcus to show off his skills yesterday at the combine. heisman trees ' winner ran very well, four-five, 240, in addition to that, showed off 36 invert call leap. jail us by comparison ran four-nine-seven and four-nine-nine. that's sports, i'm rob ellis. great day everybody. >> and speaking of sport, it was 35 years ago today, a "cold war" weary nation learned to believe in miracles. >> lake placid is celebrating the so-called miracle on ice by hosting a reunion of the 1980 united states olympic hockey team. fans packed herb brooks arena named after the team's late coach, to relive the memory of the team beating russia four to three. great moment. and that's it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00. here's what we have for you coming up at 8:00. a warning from homeland security about a possible
7:57 am
terror plot on malls in canada, the uk, and right here in the united states. we'll have more coming up. also, get your weekend grocery in less than an hour? three's on your side with a new way to shop attack me super fresh even reading terminal. right from your phone. and the rain continues this morning, and it is pretty slick out there carol returns to tell us when the wet weather will move its way out. we'll be right back.
7:58 am
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right flu, though, we do want to check in with carol for more on the leftovers this wintery mess we're dealing with this morning. >> we're on the downward slide. >> yes slide. >> literally. downward slide, because, the storm is over the snow is over, but we are in the icy part of this now these temperatures around the freezing mark, we've seen rain come down on this frozen grounds, and that is leading to ice. 34 degrees right now, middle township high school cape may courthouse, don't goo by the 34 and go oh, fine, we're over freezing, not a problem. because it still is. that's what you're going to be finding out there this morning. storm scan3 the rain, which is falling now is in new jersey, it is leaving new jersey, but it is not out of there, yet.


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