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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 23, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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vo good morning. it is monday february 23rd, 2015 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." deadly snow and ice cause a state of emergency in the south. many face power outages and dangerous roads. an international search is on for three teenage girls who left home in an apparent attempt to join isis. plus the snubs and surprises at the oscars. >> the oscar goes to "birdman." >> nancy o'dell talks about the oscars and brings us the most memorable moment. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> there is certainly a lot happening on the roads. over toward shreveport could see
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a quarter inch of ice. >> ice and snow from new mexico into georgia. >> meanwhile heavy rain in california. >> concerns for mudslides and rock slides. >> who gave this son of a [ bleep ] his green card. >> "birdman" takes top honors. >> it's our time to have equality for all. >> we say that selma is now. >> benedict cumberbatch. the sound you get when you ask john travolta to pronounce. >> they urge them to attack shopping malls in the u.s. >> i'm confident there will be enhanced security seen and unseen. >> we promise a good time. the only thing we can't get conjure up from the past is governor schwarzenegger on the dance floor. >> the largest oil refinery strike in more man 30 years now affects one-fifth of u.s.
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production capacity. >> 11 students at wesleyan university hospitalized after apparently overdosing on molly. >> all that -- >> joey logano wins the daytona 500. >> you are the man. >> oh, my gosh. >> -- and all that matters -- >> bob simon was always ready for an adventure. >> he was the most dashing correspondent there was. >> he always raised his hand ready go. his voice mail always said, i'm not in and i may be gone for several months. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> my oscar prediction. i, neil patrick harris predict ohn travolta will be back to apologize to adena for all the face turning. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." gayle king is off.
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so jeff glor is with us. new winter storms affect and threaten tens of thousands of people. rain, snow freezing rain stretches for thousands of miles from california to south carolina. in the north people face dangerous windchills today. >> tennessee is under a state of emergency this morning nchl the past week there have been 22 weather-related deaths. nine of them are blamed on hypothermia. anna werner is in mop ter ray about 90 miles east of nashville. anna, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. you can see the damage that ice has done in many parts here. branches brought down by inch thick ice in many cases and power lines too. at one point over the weekend, more than 50,000 people were without power here. crews are working to turn on the lights for thousands of
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tennessee anans after trees buckled, taking down power lines with them. the extreme weather that tore through tennessee was too much for this portland building. it gave way over the weekend unable to withstand the snow and ice. and now executive director randy porter says the weather is posing a new threat. >> counties that don't have electricity to their water pumping stations there are places with no water either. >> reporter: richard godsey and his wife are relying on their fireplace to keep warm. they've been without power for nearly two days when we visited them last night. >> it's done more damage to people's homes, their cars. >> reporter: for many sticking it out at home is not an option. red cross volunteer patty daugherty traveled nearly 200 miles to lend a hand at this shelter. it's one of 11 in this state. >> i don't think you can imagine it's this bad until you get here. >> reporter: she said a number of people from this monterey
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first baptist church were rescued from their houses. power officials say it could take days or weeks to fully restore electricity. patty daugherty says she's happy to help those who have been displaced in the meantime. >> you come here to help other people and you're the one that's blessed. >> reporter: now, the good news for work crews here today is that a fog that was lingering here over the weekend has now dissipated. that was stopping them from being able to repair those power lines. but as of this morning, no fog. so they should be getting power back to a lot more people today. jeff? >> some good news there, anna. thank you very much. all that snow in the south is causing slippery conditions as you can see. there was snow in fortsmith, arizona, sunday. in texas freezing rain and sleet is falling. vicente arenas is in dallas. vicente, good morning to you.
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>> reporter: good morning. north texas had escaped a lot of the bone-chilling cold until this morning. right now this ice and sleet is beginning to move to the area. i can hear some of it falling on my jacket right now. the big concern is you really can't see it as it begins to accumulate. let me give you an example. as you watch and listen you can see where it's beginning to collect on different surfaces here, not only here but roadways, and that's a concern. this morning there have already been several accidents across the area and there is a real fear here that there will be more of them as this ice and sleet begins to move through the area. and over dallas-ft. worth international airport, a thousand flights have already been kanlsed and more cancellations are expected to come this morning. this is the worst weather that the dallas-ft. worth/north texas area has seen all winter long. charlie? >> vicente, thanks.
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ice floes are on the river in new york city. danielle niles is tracking the storm and the southern storm. good morning. >> charlie, good morning to you. good morning, everybody. we have winter weather advisories all the way from southern california to south carolina. a huge swath in the united states. with areas of snow in the southwest picking up a foot of snow. icing concerns from texas stretching east to portions of mississippi and alabama. all it takes is a trace of a slick in the roads and we're expecting more than that. back into northern alabama through the course of the morning hours tomorrow. otherwise, windchill advisories another blast of arctic cold from the midwest stretching to new england. windchills as cold as 20 below in maine. >> brrr. this morning "birdman" is
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best picture of the year. each of the eight movies nominated for best picture picked up at least one oscar. nancy oh bell from our partners in ""entertainment tonight"" is in los angeles with some of the most memorable moments. good morning. >> good morning. not a huge surprise when it came to the weather. oscar really feathered "birdman's" nest with four. it also won for best director. but in the very tight race between michael keaton and eddie redmayne for best actor, redmayne came out the winner. hi gave one of the most genuinely happy speeches. >> first-time nominee eddie redmayne took home his first oscar for "the theory of everything:the true story of stevenphen hawking." he will be the award's grateful
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custodian. >> i'll polish him, answer his beck and call. >> help me find my phone. >> best actress julianne moore also played a woman facing a debilitating illness. >> at the end of the day it's the work. it's being able to do work that i love that's been so rewarding and this is just amazeingamazing. ♪ check out the glamor the people tweeting on the twitter ♪ >> neil patrick harris opened with a fast production. he reyated true "birdman" getting locked out of his dressing room with nothing but his underwear. >> acting is a noble profession. ♪ glory ♪ >> comen and john legend won best song "glory" from martin luer this king's movie "selma." some of the show's most
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emotional moments were including lady gaga with a tribute to 50 years of "the sound of music." >> and led to an embrace and heartfelt thank you from julie andrews. >> dear lady gaga, thank you for that wonderful tribute. >> patricia arquette "boyhood,". >> critical film "boyhood" that took 12 years to film won one oscar. pa trib ya arquette used that moment to speak out. >> it's our time to have wage and equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the united states of america. >> reporter: "whiplash" won three oscars including best performing actor. >> rushing or dragging -- so you
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do know the difference. >> this is the cherry on top of the ordinary experience that "whiplash" has been for me. >> while he has yet to win an os skarks michael keaton was grateful to return to the spotlight when "birdman" won best picture. >> who am i kidding. it's great to be here. >> "the grand budapest hotel" also took home honors. lady gaga shares her emotional moments about performing for the imcomparable julie andrews. >> thank you. as nancy mention, we're going to talk more with her at 8:00 how a lot of the stars talked politics in their acceptance speech. you can see full coverage this evening on ""entertainment tonight,"" so check your listing. an affiliate of al qaeda in somalia released a video this
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weekend. it calls for attacks on shopping malls in the u.s. canada and the uk. jeff pegues is in washington with how intelligence officials are responding. jeff, good morning. >> good morning. late sunday federal law enforcement officials issued a joint intelligence bulletin. it was a warning across the country about threats by al shabaab. they're urging vigilance because they believe it's difficult to predict triggers for home grown extremists. a highly produced 76-minute video recounts the brutal 2013 west gate attacks when al shabaab took over a shopping center in nairobi, kenya killing more than 60 people. in the video a mass narrator calls ominous limbs to carry on similar attacks in america, canada, and the uk. over the weekend the mall of america responded by making changes. a spokesman says the mall has
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implemented extra security precautions, some visible to guests and others that are not. this isn't the first time al shabaab has called for western muslims to conduct attacks. in the past according to u.s. law enforcement, it's happened without result and al shabaab did not mobilize operatives, but in here in the u.s. authorities remain concerned about home grown violent extremists. >> this reflects in the new face in global terrorist threat. >> reporter: homeland security expert jeh johnson told bob schieffer on "face the nation" that the government may need to do more to track u.s. citizens who may have become radicalized. >> there is an unknown factor. i have a reasonable degree of confidence but i need more. there is more work to do that. >> they're set to run out of money. there's a battle in congress and
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they're in the cross heys. lindsey graham said it's time to end that fight. >> i've never seen more terrorist organizations with more safe harenser more capability to strike the homeland today. the worth thing we can do is add gasoline to the fire by having the republican party defund homeland security. >> it runs out midnight friday and as of now it's unclear how congress will break the impasse. charlie. >> thanks. it shows 21 kurdish fighters in cages. the men are now presumed dead. this week members of congress will craft language to update obama's request to destroy isis. he has bipartisan support for that. >> but the president faces strong opposition to his plan for the key stone pipe lien.
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it would have created a pipe lynn line from cap do the to the gulf coast. >> gas prices are on the rise partly because of the largest oil refinery strike in nearly 35 years. steelworkers walked out of several finery this morning. employees are demanding improved safety conditions. they also want better staffing of union workers instead of contractors. >> this morning presidential hopeful scott walker faces new criticism for not rejected rudy giuliani giuliani's comments about president obama. the former new york mayor said, quote, i do not fwleev that the president loves america. giuliani is trying to soften his comments after several republicans distanced themselves. this morning it is written i earn the reputation of being blunt. the thoughts are ambiguously my own and they are my individual responsibility. cbs news contribute eror john
7:16 am
dickerson is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> what is he saying? >> he's trying to walk back. he not only said the president doesn't love america but he said it could be traced back to his upbreaking which suggests if you don't grow up in a certain way, you can't gain access for a love to america. this caused a lot of heat. so now he's trying to reframe his comment saying basically the president doesn't talk about america in a positive way as he would like. >> but we heard from a number of presidential hopefuls. marco rue owe clearly disagreeing saying i believe the president loves mek. jeb bush also agreeing. is this the new standard? >> scott walker has been very safe. he's on top of the world at the moment and he doesn't want to
7:17 am
make a mistake. he's very risk averse. >> can you be too safe? >> you can. 69% of the people polled do not know who he is. that's what makes him nervous, but also it's an opportunity to grab a moment, find himself and show his character and authenticity. >> and he had momentum and attention coming oustt of iowa. >> he didn't it's not that it's goes to hurt him. it's for him to say something clever. what this suggests is a certain cautiousness and, you know he'll vl to get past that. >> and as we talk about all of this, by the way, hillary clinton stays out of the news by design. >> speaking of cautious right. she is staying at home, although she has a speech tomorrow so maybe she'll make news. >> john dickerson, thank you
7:18 am
very much. the latest fighting a bomb attack yesterday are hampering peace efforts. that was that explosion. two people died at a march in kharkiv. john mccain says the u.s. has not done enough to help ukraine fight separatists. >> this is a shameful chapter. i'm ashamed of my country, i'm ashamed of my president, and i'm ashamed of myself that i haven't done more to help these people. it is really, really heartbreaking. >> mccain would like the u.s. to send weapons to ukraine. joey logano is nascar's new winner. last year's champ dale earnhardt jr. came in third. jeff gordon's file run ended in disappointment. he took the leap of 77 of the first 100 laps but he finished
7:19 am
33rd. a pileup claimed his chevrolet in the final lap. >> i'm still like smiling, enjoyed every moment of it. obviously i enjoyed the first half better than the second half. >> gordon retires this season. it's 7:19. ahead on "cbs this morning," the ra >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by
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toyota. let's go places. chris kyle's widow goes to hollywood and hits the red carpet. >> ahead we'll see whether the oscars could rewrite the story line in the "american sniper" murder trial. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of
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one out of every 13 kids in this country have food allergies, so how are the children you see here able to take small bites at a cure. you'll meet the researchers.
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plus the highs and lowsnd >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> goods morning remember the temps in the four's we just had, gone. here's kate. >> i yes they'll definitely be falling that's for sure. they've proof tone do so through the course of the morning already, ukee, arctic frontal boundery yet another one, surging on in here. so what you find on storm scan3, one little pocket of what looks a lot worse than it actually is. you will likely finds a couple of flurries through all of the counties currently under some form of purple here, including here in philadelphia i was just actually taking a walk out past the cbs-3 skydeck do, have flurries here, nothing sticking so again just sign of the arctic air on the move. outside palmyra cove nature pack 27 degrees. these temperatures will be falling with time, so mid 20 at best both today tomorrow, easing up at least little bit
7:27 am
for wednesday. jess? >> thanks, katie. good morning everybody, going outside, checking out the vine street expressway. starting to see some volume right around 24th street. and the westbound lanes headed toward the schuylkill expressway. no real problems if you're headed eastbound on the ben franklin bridge, we have all lanes open, headed on into philadelphia. and the westbound lanes losing one lane, due to ongoing construction, eastbound, into new jersey. and we also have during that police stands off levittown parkway closed at route 13, take new falls road or edgley road to get on by for the time being. back to you. >> let's do it again at 7:55, up next on cbs this morning new details on the search for three british girls who may have run away to joioin isis. we're on the "cw woman: i was tired of my chronic constipation
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what did you think of their performs? was it powerful? >> i think it was powerful. >> do you think it was overkill that julianne moore krieled for 90 minutes? >> it was just right. >> what did you think of the controversy in "boyhood" when they killed the boy right off the bat? >> pretty emotional. >> how do you think that angel angelina jolie did in "thelma" was that powerfulsome. >> yes very powerful. >> people want to please, right? >> that's right. >> very funny stuff. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour, the wife of the real-life american
7:31 am
sniper attended the oscars. the jury will soon decide the fate of her husband's accused killer. legal analyst rikki klieman is here in studio 57 of what the closing arguments are expected today. knee patrick harris is getting mixed reviews for his emcee duties. a look at the highlights and some fluff. that story is ahead. time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. the morning globe talks about highlights. it talks about the stutz nick worm launched in 2010 to damage iran's infrastructure. it touched off a cycle of escalation and retaliation. >> there's a deadly problem for cell phone users who call 911. a shortfall in technology can prevent them from finding you.
7:32 am
the chance of 911 getting a quick fix on your location ranges from 10% to 95%. the s.e.c. wants to work with companies like google and uber to locate 911 services. >> joan rivers was left out last night. meryl streep paid tribute. the list included robin williams, lauren mccaul, and mickey rooney. rivers died last september after complications from a throat procedure. west coast ports are getting back to normal. dozens of ports were st. louised down. it's affected automakers to meat maker. it could take up to six months to get the supply chain back on track. >> and britain's "guardian" says
7:33 am
there's an internationaler is p for three girls from london. police believe they're trying to to join isis in syria. elizabeth palmer is at the headquarters with an emotional call for the teams to come home. elizabeth, good morning. >> that's right. they're heading the search for the three missing girls. it's really a race against time. it's almost a week now since they disappeared to turkey. and the families are clinging to the slim possibility that maybe they haven't actually crossed the border into syria just yet. >> she needs to come back. >> reporter: the family of the 15-year-old has gone public with an appeal they can only hope the girls will see. her older sister faced the cameras holding her pink pajamas? >> if you watch this baby, please come home. mom needs you more than anything in the world. you're my baby and we just want you home. we want you safe. >> reporter: the father of
7:34 am
another 15-year-old echoed that plea. >> what she's doing is nonsays. remember how we love you and your sister brother, they cannot stop crying. >> reporter: the three teenagers were all good students at london school. here they're caught by security cameras last tuesday. they told their parents were going out to study. instead they boarded a plane. why weren't they stopped by the airline or uk border officials? there's lots of finger-pointing, but no clear answers. and a warning from britain's prime minister david cameron. >> it means every school, every university, every college, every community to recognize they all have a role to play. we all have a role to play to
7:35 am
stop the poisoning of minds by this death cult. >> reporter: in the online video of this so-called death cult offers roles to women as nurses cooks, wives, and propaganda. in fact, another british teen who joined isis last year may have used social media to persuade the three girls to do the same. a team of british police have actually traveled to istanbul and turkey. they're working with turkey officials hoping there may still be time to head the girls off before they get into territory controlled by isis. norah? >> scare story elizabeth. thank you. jurors in the "american sniper" jury trial could get the case tomorrow. they were not specifically banned from watching the oscars. the hit movie about navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle received one trophy and was nominated for
7:36 am
five more. chris kyle's wife was on the red carpet. >> i want to be here to honor chris. it's not the ideal time to do it but i want to embrace everything. >> eddie ray routh claims he was instain when he he gunned down chris kyle and chad littlefield. cbs legal analyst rikki klieman is here with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> do you think it was a good thing? >> certainly if i were defending this case i would have asked over and over again. it's not only the oscars. it's the red carpet. because what we just saw, of course, was chris kyle's widow. but also on the carpet you have bradley cooper who gave a beautiful and like the widow dignified interview about the kyle family and what it meant to tell this story. so as we can recall the defense had moved for change of venue moved for delay of the trial in light of the publicity including honors. you needed to preserve that
7:37 am
issue for appeal by saying do not let them watch this program, including the pre-program of the red carpet. >> how do you handle this idea of dueling sighpsychiatrists? >> i think most lawyers would simply say they ultimately cancel each other out. i'm one of the few lauers i think, doesn't believe that. i do think the better psychiatrist, the person who spending the most time k win the day. but what you have here also from the defense side. it's not only the psychiatric professionals here but you have the lay witnesses here the mother, the sister t girl fend. what they tell is a very compelling story about someone who went sbeep into mental ill ps of a period of time. three hospitalizations nine psychiatric medications. this is someone who indeed had
7:38 am
mental ill ps. whether or not that amounts to legal insanity is the question. >> the mother was krom cross-examined by the prosecutor of saying to the mother didn't you think that was important information, also about holding the girlfriend hostage. shouldn't you have told chris kyle that. and i think if you had watched the mother the mother was stricken by the question and answer at that peer yotd of time. closing arguments, they'll be powerful. >> rikki klieman, thank you very much. neil patrick harris breaks down the box office. >> congratulations to all of the nominees, especially for the eight films up for best picture. they have grossed over $600 million. american sniper alone is responsibility for over $300 million of that. put that in perspective, everyone on this side of the theater is the seven other nominees and "american sniper" is oprah.
7:39 am
>> the oscar host face hide expectations lasast night. ahead, why some critics say some of his jokes flouched. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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♪ >> oscar host neil patrick harris had a big musical number to open the show last night but the serial ward show emcee is getting a few negative comments. jamie wax with some missteps that left some confused. >> good morning. neil patrick harris has been praised for his versatility so it's no surprise he was asked to host the awards show.
7:44 am
he was in charge of entertaining the audience in the crowd and at home for 3 1/2 hours. >> tonight we honor hollywood's best and whitest -- sorry, best and brightest. >> he hosted the 87th honors with his strongest suit. ♪ look at the diamonds the dresses people going to excesses ♪ >> and at one point stripped down to his underwear for this "birdman" inspired bit. even whistle blowers weren't safe. >> the suspect edward snowden couldn't be here. >> seth mcfar baidu said there's nothin this man can't do brilliant nigh. >> benedict cumberbatch.
7:45 am
it's also the sound you get when you ask john travolta to pronounce the sound ben affleck. >> please welcome the wickedly talented one and only adele da zing. >> and then brought the two together on stage. >> please welcome to the stage my very dear friend glom gazingo. >> i deserve that. >> but even harris had a fumbles of his own. chiwetel for. david oyelowo. >> he also received some criticism for a poorly timed joke after a powerful acceptance speech. >> we should talk about suicide out loud. >> harris came back on stage with this. >> it takes a lot of balls to wear a dress like that. >> after a marathon three hour and 38-minute long show -- >> inside, prediction. >> harris owned up to both the highs and the lows of the night
7:46 am
with one final bit. >> i will intentionally miss spell chiwetel ejiofor's last name. >> he hosted them four times and emmys twice, it's certain he'll host another time. >> that's a tough job. >> it's got to be the hardest job in shows by. if you inject yourself too much you get criticized and everyone loves the events but thinks the execution is cumbersome >> and it's a lengthy show. >> yes, it sniesis. >> and the best is comedians. >> i think if they bring him back, he'll do an even better job personally. >> jamie, thank you. good to see you. we'll look at more of the big moments with nancy o'dell. and an amazing save off
7:47 am
hawaii. how a whale was sets free. how photos have activee >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by petsmart. partners in pethood. wide assortment of foods for us to choose from. bitsy has a little bit of a sensitive stomach. can you smell it? petsmart has a wide assortment of your favorite food brands backed by an unbeatable price guarantee. 'cause pethood's better with a partner.
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7:51 am
enbrel helped relieve my joint pain. but the best part of every journey... dad!!! coming home. ask if enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists, can help you stop joint damage. a 40-ton whale in hawaii is swimming free again after its tail got tied up. it was spotted dragging a buoy and hundreds of feet of rope back on friday the 13th. underwater video shows the rescuers cutting the line. they had a special knife attached to the pole. they didn't get all the rope but the rest should fall off on its own. free at last. >> gopro video. we wouldn't have been able to see them freeing that. really cool.
7:52 am
"entertainment tonight's" nancy o'dell has the inside track on the oscars. she'll return with more blockbuster moments. there she is. including how some stars went political. that's ahead on "cbs this morning."
7:53 am
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7:56 am
this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning i'm erika von tiehl. want to get right over to katie after those 40's yesterday, now seeing that slush freeze today right? >> that's very good possibility, yes. because of course with temperatures well above freezing yesterday for the first time in how long, we've had chance to see some of saturday's snow melt away. if it looks like a puddle, probably frozen over at this point, or at least close to t so watch out for the black ice possibility. meanwhile, you're finding almost very light snow flurries flying right around the i95 corridor, don't worry about this turning into anything bigger, rather, this is just sign that arctic air new jerseying in. so temperatures already gradually falling, but should even out to the mid 20's this afternoon, and we'll bottom out then again 6:00 tonight at least flirts with record lows in some spots. easing up come wednesday maybe snow shower to the north
7:57 am
back to the arctic chill thursday and friday. >> pretty easy ride so far for this morning commute. blue route right around mcdade boulevard, see little bit of volume. everything still moving just fine northbound where you see most of the problems. over on the ben franklin bridge, starting to really see some back up here, and the westbound lanes headed on into philadelphia. from new jersey, all lanes open though, fortunately westbound, but eastbound losing out one lane, right-hand lane due to ongoing construction erika over to you. >> thanks so much. next update 8:25, next on cbs this morning et's nancy odel on the oscar red carpet and back stage. your local news continues with us on ththe "cw philly". i'm erika von tiehl. hope you have great morning.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it ismond february 23rd 2015. oonz welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including winners celebrating their first oscars. nancy o'dell returns with more of the best moments from last night's ceremony. but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. branches brought down by inch-thick ice in many cases, and power lines too. >> icing concerns from texas stretching east. >> you can see from different surfaces here not only here but on roadways. >> good evening. all right. >> oscar really feathered "birdman's" nest with four academy awards. >> it's tremendous honor.
8:01 am
wait. it's gra it to be here who am i kidding. >> it was a bulletin to the police departments about the threats of al shabaab. >> british police working with turkish officials hoping to head the girls off before they get into territories controlled by isis. >> he's on top of the world and he doesn't want to make a mistake. >> can you make a mistake? yes. >> first time here? >> yes. >> have you -- who's the most famous person that you're looking forward to meeting tonight? >> ed norton. he's right over there. >> i'm charlie rose with norah o'donnell and jeff glor. gayle king is off. harsh weather affects the north and south and east and west.
8:02 am
windchills in st. louis. it is even raining and snowing in the desert southwest. >> it's a cold morning in tennessee after a stormy weekend that knocked out power to tens of thousands of homes. state officials blame the cold and ice for 22 deaths in the past week. >> there were a few surprises and lots of emotion in last night's oscar. "birdman" soared above the rest. it beat "boyhood" for best picture and best director. nan see o'dell from our partner entertainment tonight was on the red carpet. she joins us once again. good morning. >> good morning. it with u a great night last night, particularly for "birdman" because that mean took the top honors on a night that largely celebrated independent films and the big award to all went home to first-time winners who schooled cheered, and they used their platform for impassioned pleas. >> this award for my fellow mexicans. >> reporter: "birdman" director
8:03 am
used his moment to shine the spotlight on immigration issues. >> i pray they can be treated with the same dignity and respect of the ones who came before. >> reporter: leave it to the star michael keaton who lightened the mood. >> look, it's great to be here. who am i kidding. >> reporter: the man who did take home the best actor award couldn't contain his entertainment. >> we're going have a fun night. >> it's going to be a long one. >> the oscar goes to julianne moore, "still alice." >> reporter: she took home the award for a movie about alzheimer's. >> to have friends love people. it's a privilege. >> reporter: patricia arquette won best supporting actress and use her stage to make a political action. >> it's our time to ask for wage
8:04 am
and equality once and for all. >> meryl streep and jennifer lopez were instantly fired up with what seemed like a larger theme on women equality. >> there's a hashtag hashtag #askformore. >>ly say i enjoy being askeder my craft, my profession. >> reporter: perhaps the most poignant moment was from graham moore. >> when i was 16 years old, tried to kill myself because i felt weird and i felt different and i felt like i did not belong. and now i'm standing here and so i would like for this moment to be for that kid out there who feels like she's weird or she's doesn't of doesn't fit in anywhere. yes, you do. >> another storied moment came from john legend and common. their song "glory" from the flimt "selma" brought the crowd
8:05 am
to its feet. lady gaga made the hills come alive ♪ with the sound of music ♪ >> reporter: paying tribute to the 50th anniversary of "the sound of music." >> i result put my heart into this performance. >> reporter: afterward she tweetsed this photo sprawled on the ground with martini in hand what a night. >> oh it was, what a night. spectacular performance. it had social media buzzing. in fact ellen degeneres said it made me want to climb a mountain and forge a stream and i don't even know what that means. >> she did so incredible. there was this birdman moment we wanted to ask you about and get your reaction. when sean penn handed out the best picture actor trophy, he said, who gave this guy his green card. he used more colorful lang as
8:06 am
you know. it did pick up some traction online even though he seemed to say it jokingly. but he has responded. what did he say? >> yeah. he did respond and right after sean said it twitter did go into a frenzy withinsensitive. the person who said it was not offended. he actually laughed it off backstage. he said, quote, i found it hilarious. sean and i have that kind of relationship where only true friendship can survive. he was always making jokes and he said they have that kind of relationship of old friendship and he said, additionally, quote, i didn't find him offensive offensive. i think he was very funny in my personal view. reaction from him. >> they have huge respect for each other. in fact when sean made it alejandro was a man he wanted to direct because of his work in a previous film. >> two incredible artists for sure
8:07 am
it's really a tribute. >> nancy o'dell, thank you very much. >> thank you. and this evening "entertainment tonight" will bring you a full oscar recap. you can check your local listings. and new hope this morning for families facing a deadly threat. food allergies. >> it's still strange to watch, you know your child eat. just one of those would have sent her to the e.r. fiechb months ago.
8:08 am
using a camera to tell the stories of the men and women behind the uniform. what these revealing portraits show us about those who serve our country. that's ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:09 am
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8:12 am
top researchers are in houston this morning presents the latest findings on potentially deadly foodalergys.
8:13 am
in our morning rounds dr. holly phillips explores a promising zpernltal treatment that could take the risk head on. good morning. >> good morning, jeff. every day in the united states someone visits the merge room with a potentially life-threatening reaction to food. now one doctor is trying to change that with a revolutionary approach. >> i'm so excited. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> reporter: for most of her life, food has been a source of fear. the most microscopic exposure to many types of nuts could cause her to have a lethal allergic reaction. >> every speck of nut, not just that she would eat but the cross-contamination from dishes and pots and pans in other people's kitchens were her cyanide. >> reporter: but that's changing. for the last three months lindsey has been seening an experiment treatment. it's part of the clinical trial at stanford university led by
8:14 am
immuneologist and researcher. bit by bit her body's being trained to no longer react to foods she's allergic to. a process called desenseciation. >> tell me how you treat allergies. >> what we do is try to take away people's allergies and try to do it permanently. in order to do that, though you have to give someone back the same food they're allergic too. >> reporter: at the start of the treatment the doctor and her team gives most payments a series of injections to lower the body's immune response. several weeks later they start eating a few grains of the foods they're allergic too. over the course of about six months to a year that amount is steadily increased. >> i was nervous, but the think was i saw how tiny the nut flakes were and then like i literally said one, two, three, and i ate it. >> reporter: now she can eat 60 nuts in one day without having a
8:15 am
reaction. >> ooh. that's different too. >> reporter: food allergies are on the rise doubling approximately every ten years. one in 13-mile-an-hour children are affected. all together 25% will have a severe reaction called anaphylaxis. 17-year-old nicholas perao completed the study. at 9 years old his first taste of macaroni and cheese landed him in the e.r. >> you could not kiss him after you ate a piece of cheese. his entire face would blow up. >> reporter: before the treatment his mom cath think was in a constant state of alarm. >> it felt like an alarm. after that -- i'm sorry. i feel like not that the bell stopped ringing but it's just quiet. >> reporter: now nicholas takes a daily maintenance dose of
8:16 am
foods he used to be allergic to in the form of acookie. the treatment is not without risk. some have experienced abdominal pain, skin rashes and ting glilg in the mouth and throat. >> is this a cure? >> when i think cure cure is for life. right now we haven't tested anyone for their full lifetime. >> congratulations. great teamwork. >> she's had a lot of firsts. >> what i've seen is how heroic how much i admire these people who face their fears who say i know at the end of this, i'm going to be able to eat and eat without fear. >> she has treated more than 700 patients, and over 300 are currently still in clinical trials. and while the therapy has been overwhelmingly successful, it can only be done in a monitored hospital setting. this is not something people can try at home.
8:17 am
>> this doctor is changing people's lives. this is such a huge issue. i know so many parents that struggle. the question is, too, why are food allergies on the rise? >> that is the million dollar question, norah. we know that genes play a houle role but it probably has to do with a couple of things. it's probably a complex interaction between our genes and our environmental. air pollution, chemicals, things in the foods we eat. there's really a lot of energy. >> but the lack of exposure too. none of our kids eat peanut butter because it's not allowed in schools anymore. really interesting. thank you so much, dr. holly. there's going to be a huge response to this story, no doubt. are lawyers using the web to get away with smear campaigns? jodi kanter is in our toyota green room with details of a major sexual harassment suit. it involves one of silicon valley's best known firms. that's ahead on "cbs this
8:18 am
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8:22 am
sensations. in a form of disclosure he's been a friend for many years. jodi kanter writes in today's "new york times." good morning. >> good morning. >> here's what you right. they're finding unexpected support. they fear such exposure is throwing court proceedings off track. >> it's a really strange thing. these lawsuits are going viral online. now, lawsuits have always technically been public in the issue of transparency but it used to be if you filed a lawsuit, unless you were a really famous person or your lawsuit was wildly unusual, it stayed inside a courthouse's filing cabinet, people's briefcases, it didn't get out. now becausering is filed online and very readily accessible these lawsuits is getting out. a juicy complaint in a lawsuit is quite a read. it reads almost like a magazine story. and some of them are getting more irreparable that actual
8:23 am
magazine stories. but part of the problem is the initial filing is only one side of the story. >> just how much issue is there in these gender-related suits online? >> a lot. i came across one that got 400,000 readers or more which is a sizeable audience. >> there have been questions about gender equality in silicon valley. >> and also throughout society. one of the reasons these things are resonating is people read them and first of all they're often outraged by the allegations and also they're interested in our lives than complex corporate litigation or something like that. one of the victims i talked to rachel cramer said when her lawsuit when online it wasn't intentional but she got a lot of messages from strangers, parly older women who said this happened to me, too, but i never spoke up so i'm glad you filed your lawsuit. >> what's the consequence for the defendant who's been accused
8:24 am
of something like sexual harassment sexual discrimination once this goes viral and so many people read it even though there hasn't been a trial yet. >> it's a really serious fairness question. you can have a lawsuit filed against you. it can go absolutely crazy online. it can leave a huge trail over google. it can basically ruin your expectation. and they can be pretty unsupplying poorted. you don't need to present a lot of concrete evidence to file a lawsuit. the discovery phase of the trial hasn't taken place yet. and so the concern is that these often men in these cases are left in a position of having left them unfairly maligned. >> it becomes this p.r. tool. the question is any talk of sealing some of this information so it doesn't then get out before everything else is out. >> the courts are really reluctant do that because the ideas that lawsuits should be transparent
8:25 am
transparent, it should be in an open forum. >> thank you so much. >> live picture from moorestown morning from 52some drive, there is heavy police presence, as you can see there police have provided few details but we know there are ambulances in place, and a medical helicopter has been called to the scene. more updates as we continue to learn more. right now let's get your forecast with kate. >> i ukee, the forecast generally speaking is just very cold air, nudging on in, and coming along with that even couple of light flurries have been flying, tell tyne sign colder air moving n i don't want you to worthy is sign of anything worse to come. it is really, again just indicating that the cold air
8:26 am
is moving through as we speak. so the wind kicks in, the temperatures actually decline with time. so midday temperatures, are into the mid 20's, later tonight unclear sky just bitterly coal. we flirt at least with record lows, but i don't think we'll quite get there in philadelphia. good chance for it in other spots. twenty-six tomorrow, despite sunshine, still bitter, and then possibly snow shower to our north on wednesday. just chance right now. but, also, the warmest day of the next five. jess, over to you. >> thank you katie. good morning everybody dealing with disable vehicle out on 95, southbound lanes right around the walt whitman bridge, so this is kind after poor camera angle but you can see right there. taking out part of the right hand shoulder. part of the right ann lane, not whole lot of traffic and weather squeezing by, but creating quite a bit of annoyance. over on the 42 freeway out in new jersey still moving fine. no problems southbound, no real problems headed northbound, but that's where most of the volume s we do still have police activity, due to stand-off out in levittown, parkway closed, at route 13 you want to takenly road or new falls road to get
8:27 am
on by and just use caution. back over to you. >> next update at 85:00, a up next on cbs this morning the best and worse from the oscar red carpet. we're on the "cw philly". you can find us on these channels. i'm ukee washington,
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
anastasia and fifty shads of grey has done so well aet the box office. everybody has seen it. have you? >> no, no. >> you don't want to see it? >> i don't think i can. i think it would be strange. >> no, i don't think so. i think it's fine. i think they need to see it. >> she's a really good actress. i don't need to see that. >> all right. you don't have to see it. you can see it and like, no. >> it would seem to be an awkward viewing. a family feud on the red carpet. melanie griffin having a difference of opinion on her daughter starring in the role of the "fifty shades of grey." >> it was an awkward
8:31 am
mother/daughter moment. however, i think you should see the film your daughter is in on the flip side i agree with melanie griffin on the film. >> there's two more movies to come. there's plenty of opportunity. >> her father is don johnson, correct? >> yes. welcome back to "cbs this morning," everybody. coming up this half hour, a colorful night at the oscars. the oscars wasn't the only fabric on display. the editor in chief is in our toyota green room. we'll talk about the oscars and her ask me more campaign. this is veteran troops and how they see themselves in the mirror. that's ahead. right now, though, it is time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the orlando sentinel says tickets will cost you more. tickets at the magic kingdom rose to $105.
8:32 am
even cod, hollywood studios, and animal kingdom went up to $97. they have hit 70 cash machines across new york. they pull off the atm door. the crooks have made off with up to $12,000 a machine. houston affiliate says conjoined babies are living separate lives this morning. they were successfully separated last week. the 10-month-old girls were born at the chest and abdomen. the surgery at texas children's hospital took 26 hours. their family members say they're so grateful to the surgeons who gave the kids a chance to live separate lives. "the arizona republic" says a 16 old is the youngest to ever win. she finished 15 under par despite making history sunday. the high school junior face as
8:33 am
history test and math quiz in class today. >> go hannah. >> inspiration there, right, norah? and "the huffington post" says reese witherspoon. she explains the ask her moore movement. >> it's a movement. it's more than just our dresses. the dresses are beautiful. we love the artists that make all these clothes but this is a group of women, 44 nominees this year, robin, that are women, and we're so happy to be here and talk about the work that we've done. >> witherspoon joins a growing list who want to talk about more than just their dresses. despite the backlash, fashion remain as big part of the academy awards. many used what they wore as a way to make a statement. this year's wardrobe revealed bold colors and daring designs.
8:34 am
sipdy, good morning. >> good morning. >> you know, its was nice to see that this ask her more campaign has had an impact. for the first time on the carpet i didn't hear the first question, so what are you weighing. >> right. noonld actress is saying that they should. be asked that or it's offensive or superficial. that's what the red carpet is for. but for those to be the only topics to be discussed when you as an actress may have spent years on your part it is pretty demoralizing. >> at the same time it's hollywood. >> it's a great level ler also for women who at this point are still getting paid less. it bridges fashion and beauty contracts with levels the field. >> which patricia arquette addressed pretty emotionally. >> who was your favorite look this year? >> i thought the whole trend of embellished white dresses was absolutely beautiful. with saw it on lupita nyong'o.
8:35 am
it looked incredibly heavy, however, she has the best posture in hollywood. jewelulianne moore had a similar look in that trend. >> the red was a big color. >> red was a big color. you saw da toe ka johnson in that clip talking with her mother and rowsamund pike. these are classic looks. nobody went super funky, super surprising. everything was sort of exquisitely detailed but nothing shocking on the red carpet. >> so gwyneth paltrow had on a pink dress. gayle said it was not her cup of tee. >> really. i liked it. i really liked the dress. >> it was my cup of tea.
8:36 am
sorry, gayle. >> i like that one. that's my cup of tea. >> it's an off-the-shoulder dress. my favorite thick is when she was asked to present, she tweeted #where'smyspanx at. she also wore pink when she won an oscar in 1999. >> let's talk about jennifer lopez. i thought it was an oscar-worthy dress. it was big, flowy, deep cut charlie. we need another version of this. >> what does that mean. >> very, very low. actually it was actually demur for jennifer lopez. those low vs were everywhere. the young actress margo robbie wore a beautiful deep v and faith hill as well with her new
8:37 am
short haircut, sort of debuting a new look. even though these are low cut dresses, nothing scandalous. there was an aura of respect for hollywood. >> clearly the men went in on the game and i thought, you know, the new trend for men which is the navy tuxedo with kind of the black collar is very nice. >> charlie and i were on the phone last night all night talking about this going back and forth on that. >> have you placed your order? i loved eddie red maip's look as you described it. it was a navy tux. his was mcqueen. you saw a lot of colors on guys. neil patrick harris before he changed to his tidy whiteys. >> is that what we call them? >> that's what we call them. they're a brand unknown. >> how do they decide what they wear?
8:38 am
>> it's a combination of factors. sometimes it's what you fall in love with. sometimes it's a designer you have a relationship with. marian cotillard who was nominated laugh night wore dior but no surprise. >> it's big business getting actresses to wear your label. >> oh, yes, am there's money in it for the brand. there was a study studying how a company's sales will rise in a year when they have dressed an oscar winner. not just a nominee but a winner, and it will provide a 1.5% lift of sales on average. nobody's shopping the red carpet and saying i want to buy julianne moore's sheinelle to wear myers ware myself wear myself, but you do it. >> what was your favorite? >> i'd have to go with lupita and also julianne moore to see her win that oscar she so much
8:39 am
deserved. >> do we have a picture of gayle? >> gayle wore vera gang. it's a dress she's had for several years. >> it's a rewear. i especially love that. >> how often do they happen? >> not often. keira knightley has famously rewore her wedding dress three times. >> i love her. >> isn't that a wonderful thing? >> she's all right. i could learn so much about fashion by listening to you. >> well thank you, charlie. >> or reading "glamour." >> i hope you subscribe. >> thank you. they put on a uniform to defend our country. now they're finding a way
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
this morning incredible diversity of national diversity and a series of pictures. how the uniform can mask the complexity of the men and women who wear it. wyatt andrews is in washington the often up expected portraits. good morning. >> good morning ffrm anyone curious about the lives of veterans once they return home all of these photos contain revelations. they're asked to pose on one side of the mee but then tell us
8:44 am
their personal stories through the reflection. there are 130 photos so far of veterans and tichb duty servicemembers, and they are projecting who they are or what's hide behind the uniform with all of it revealed through the looking glass. what we get to see is unabashed joy and unrelenting pain. there is pride, there is diversity, there are americans free to be whatever. and while the photos are very different, the for matt is the same. on one side of the mirror the veteran is in uniform. on the other is an image the veterans choose themselves. we watch the photographer devin mitchell visit several veterans a home. >> there's nothing better i could do to make this photo more powerful. >> here's the concept. devin takes the photos and makes the mirror image but never suggests what they should be. >> the only way to get the truth of anyone is to allow them to create what their story is.
8:45 am
>> this is their choice 100%. >> your choice of uniform and your choice of who you are. the mere image of every day life, of your past who you see yourself in the future. each photo has its own dichotomy. >> the veterans know these photos will post to instagram. but most are not snapshots, they're messages to other veterans and to us. this veteran lost both legs in afghanistan, but today he has a modeling career. that stare into the mirror is a pep talk to everybodying and not just himself. >> i need to keep going. it will get better. >> this this is the marine in you staring the new you down. >> basically. telling myself notbe a punk. >> one of the clearest messages is the pain of ptsd. some have it written on their hands. they want us to see the drugs t
8:46 am
many medications, the pills they use. marine veteran andrew mclaren said this message -- >> my message sus s 21. i'm not going to be a statistic. >> not to be the 22nd to commit suicide but just before the photo he unleashed pure anguish at how hard it is not to become that number. >> i just -- i want to kill myself every day and the only reason i don't do it is because of my kids. >> devin who watched this from behind tried to comfort mclaren. >> okay, man. it's going to be all right. >> it feels like it was hard to be in that room. >> i felt like he was in a place of need and i wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world except for in that exact very spot so that he could have his outlet. >> you felt like if he needed to let that go, you were happy to be there. >> i needed to be there. those are the places i would want to be. i wouldn't change it for anything. >> to many vets he says the
8:47 am
photo session itself is therapy. >> some veterans feel like their situation is unique. maybe they feel like they're alone, that no one else deals with what they're going through other than them. >> one of the most powerful images is also the smallest. this is 8-year-old rachel hope standing at attention. her parents jennifer and shah mar are still in the navy and have deployed several time bus even when they're gone rachel says, she is serving with them. >> do you feel like you're a part of this too? >> yes sometimes. when something dangerous happens or i watch the news that's dangerous happening, i feel like, well, i'm a part of this. >> in so many photos there is unmistakable celebration, family reunions that no one takes for granted anymore, the pride in having served next to the relief at being home. the portrait is one of transformation from duty to personal freedom which for many was the reason they wore the uniform all along.
8:48 am
devin mitchell meanwhile, is a college student who thought all of this up as a way to bolster his application to grad school. he never imagined or intended this this to be the social media sensation that it's become. norah? >> wyatt, thank you. what a great story and kudos to mitchell. i think so many in the military feel like they're leading two different lives. the lives in the battlefield and at home and these pictures capture who they are. >> the only way to gekt the truth is to allow them to get their great story. that's a quote from devin. >> great story. coming up an oscar winner's acceptance speech has a message for all of us. that's next on "cbs this morning."
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8:53 am
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>> one person dead, another injured, after a workplace shooting in burlington county. live look at that scene. the shooting took place at shields business solutions on twosome drive in moorestown. it appears to have been attempted murder suicide. reports say one man shot, another three times, then turned the gun on himself. police have not identified those victims. we will have the latest for you in a report on talk philly at noon, and of course throughout the morning at right now, also, an update on the forecast, all of that slush yesterday, those 40's, out of here. now talking ice, kale. >> i absolutely, yes. anything that had chance to melt is very likely frozen over. if it didn't evaporate yesterday. so, you want to watch out for that black ice issue yet again. although thankfully the road crews really have been doing
8:56 am
fantastic job any time lose like fizz link away, front does the same, but throughout the day expect current cloud cover to give way for some sunshine, but once we hit the mid 20's, as we do in the next few hours don't budget much. some spots will flirt with records yet again. still stuck in the two's for majority of the week, come wednesday, a little respit. yet again here 38 degrees, but there will be some clouds, and disturbance nearby could key word could touch off snow shower north. jess? >> thanks, katie. good morning everybody, just coming up on 9:00 a.m. outside on the schuylkill expressway. you can see some heavy heavy volume here t has been for quite some time. headed westbound toward the king of prussia area. just moving along little bit better right behind there in the eastbound lanes toward the center city area. ben franklin bridge, slammed soiled westbound lane from the toll plaza in new jersey on into philadelphia, and all lanes open that's the only real good thing we have going for us there.
8:57 am
otherwise lighting up, eastbound lanes losing the right hand lane due to ongoing construction buck county, levittown parkway closed at route 113, take new falls road or edgley road to get on by. back to you. >> thanks so much, jess. that's "eyewitness news" for now. talk philly is coming up at nonoon on cbs
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>> physicians have gotten arrested and lost licenses. >> announcer: a weight-loss clinic on "the doctors" under cover investigation. >> what was most shocking thing to you at these clinics? >> announcer: what we uncover is nothing short of alarming. plus, kerry washington skin scandal. and... demi lovato eating disorder and how she is raising awareness and how ucla patients exposed to a superbug? that is today. ♪ doctor, doctor ♪ ♪ give me the news ♪ [cheering and applauding] [applauding] >> we know they are a dime a dozen but are they more repeatable if they are considered medical weight loss programs? one of our producers went ou see what really goes on at some of these medical weight loss


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