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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 26, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning. it is thursday february 26th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a winter storm slams the south. millions face snow. power outages and travel misery. >> his reaction to the verdict that put the killer behind bars for life. and a rile life breaking bad that ended in tragedy. why did brooklyn's king of cherries have a big marijuana stash in his factory? >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> parts of north carolina will get upwards of 10 inches of snow. >> take a look behind me.
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the roads are still very slick and slushy. >> the state of emergency declared in alabama, georgia, north carolina. >> he's been named as mohammed emwazi. >> the man discussed in commits attacks on american soil including president obama's life. >> this is real. this is a concern about the lone wolf. >> he's under scrutiny for too much spending. >> it's about who's paying for it. >> if the congress thing doesn't work out, check it out. you would obviously make an awesome travel channel host. >> they have warned that local leaders could faye prison time. >> you'll soon be able to scarf
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down your cup after you finish your coffee. >> all that -- >> ma john na at the british awards took quite a tumble on stage. >> you could own a piece of rob ford history on ebay including rob ford sized pants. >> -- and all that matters -- >> this is going get solved because at some point there's going to be a president rodriguez or a president chin. >> -- on "cbs this morning.." >> lindsay lohan. the judge threw out community hours she claim and tacked 125 hours on top of that. see, i would count every hour that she isn't driving as a service. >> announcer: "cbs this morning" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." much of the south is shivering from another blast of snow, sleet, or ice. it's the third winter storm in less than two weeks. customers have lost power. alabama, georgia and the carolinas have declared states of emergency. >> and it's been snowing all night in washington where federal offices are opening late because of the storm. vinita nair is in durham north carolina because of the snow. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is the heavy wet stuff. take a look up at those power lines. you can see they're completely coated and it's really starting to affect the trees. we've been hearing loud pops and snaps and we see tree branches come tumbling down. the storm is making it hard for just about anything to stay on these southern roads, sidelining trucks, spinning tires, and
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overturning cars. plows in north carolina are pushing their way through the mess clearing aside the cold slush. >> we're anticipating a very very tough storm. >> reporter: state troopers responded to nearly 3,000 accidents in 36 hours and on wednesday governor mccrory urged people to stay home. it's not just the tar heel state that's dealing with the elements. fog, rain, snow and freezing temperatures created these treacherous conditions in northern georgia wednesday. two cars collided with a semi bringing traffic to a crawl. low visibility plagued tennessee roads with snow accumulating at up to two inches an hour. >> oh man. >> drivers in texas made their way through the accumulation where a bus carrying three people landed on its side after hitting ice. luckily everyone was okay. as we speak to you right now,
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some light snow is starting to fall again, but, of course all of this snow has to be cleaned up. we've been watching crews go down the road. right now as many as 2,000 people and 13 tons of salt. guys, i have to say, just being out here that might be a generous and conservative number of what it will take to clean up. >> vinita, thank you. it has nothing to do with the news but please come back and bring that coat. you look great. wednesday's pileups on interstate 95 injured at least 17 people. more than 70 people were involved including a tractor-trailer and a school bus. this morning a man is being identified. he appeared in several videos carrying out the beheadings last year. mark phillips is monitoring it from london. good morning. >> good morning. it's been obvious to anyone who
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has heard him known as jihadi john was from britain. the accent gave him away and this is what he sounds like. >> this is an american citizen of your country. >> now according to two news agencies, the bbc and the washington coast the cold-hearted masked man with theis mohammed emwazi. he grew up in london and went to college with a degree in computer programming. he's believed to have later joined the self-proclaimed islamic state. the site reports friends and family familiar with the case it's been assumed for some time the police knew the man's identity. they're still not confirming it as others are being held and their lives are at risk.
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more lives were lost. 17 militants were killed. naming jihadi john as mohammed emwazi will no doubt lead to an investigation of who he was involved with here in the case to fight and in his case to murder in the name of islam. norah? >> mark, thank you so much. this morning three men are accused of plotting with syria. they were possibly planning to care out attacks here new state. all three are in custody. jeff pegues with how investigators tracked them down. good morning. >> good morning. it's not clear how much was just talk but it was enough for investigators to consider the three men as a threat. not only for domestic plans for domestic attacks but there was also talk of hijacking a plane and joining the u.s. military to
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help filter information to isis. two of the suspects appeared in court wednesday accused of attempting to join the militant group isis. according to court documents the two wanted to join isis in syria by traveling through turkey, and if they couldn't get there, they would carry out an attack on american soil. >> if they were not able to go they would seek to acquire weapons here handguns machine guns, and seek to attack very specifically police officers. >> the fbi investigation began last august after one of the suspects posted a threat to president obama on a militant website. is it possible to commit ourselves as dedicated martyrs anyway while here he wrote? what i am saying is to shoot obama and then get shot ourselves, that will strike fear in the hearts of infidels.
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he was arrested at the armtd moments before he could secure a flight. a second man was arrested in his apartment. a third man is being held without bail accused of helping to secure their plane tickets. >> these young men were detained by the fbi. presented without counsel. >> reporter: more than 150 residents traveled to or tried to reach iraq to fight alongside the militants. >> those people exist in every state. i have home grown violence extreme state investigations in every single state. >> for more than six months the fbi monitored the three men with help of an informant. according to investigators they also talked about planning a bomb in new york's coney island.
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gayle? >> thank you. majority leader mitch mcconnell broke an impasse wednesday. he put language to block president obama's act on immigration in a separate bill. it's not clear if speaker john boehner and the house will support mcconnell's approach. it's opened up a gop rift. up until yesterday the two most powerful republicans in washington had reportedly not spoken to each other in two weeks. bill plante is in the white house while the president is pushing ahead with hitz plan. good morning. >> good morning. the president pitched his plan to an audience at a florida university. mr. obama says he's confident that his immigration plan will survive.
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>> we're going to be as aggressive atz we can because not only law is on our side but history is on our side. >> the president pushed back against the order and republicans who want to do away with it. >> if mr. mcconnell, the leader of the senatespeaker of the house john boehner want to have that vote they can do what they want. i will veto that vote because i know what we're doing is the right thing to do. >> under the bill children born in the u.s. would be allowed to stay and protect those brought in illegally when they were children, but the republicans maintain it oversteps the president's authority and threaten to block funding for the department of homeland security unless the immigration actions are repeal. >> senate democrats have stood in the way for three week over a bill that's been debated and
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passed. so until they do something, we're in a wait-and-see mode. >> but the president said he won't back down. >> this is going to be solved because at some point there's going to be a president rodriguez or there's going to be a president chin. the country is a nation of immigrants. >> now, of course, it's no coincidence that the president delivered his speech in florida, a state that's mostly hispanic. he told voters to ask him this question are you really going deport 11 million people. norah? >> bill, outside a beautiful snowy white house. >> picture postcard. >> yeah. thank you, bill. a new law to legalize weed in washington, d.c., went into effect overnight, and depending on who you believe, the district of columbia is wouf three states where you can use it legally or
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it's where elected officials can go to jail. julianna goldman is there to explain the clash. good morn. >> reporter: good morning. some members of congress are calling for the arrests when they arrive here later this morning but so far the justices department has no plan to take them up on it. >> the law will go into effect one minute after midnight. >> reporter: she surrounded herself wednesday with a defiant support. allowing people to carry up to 2 ounces of pot and grow six marijuana plants on private problem. facing what she calls bullying from jason cha fit. >> i have a lot to do. being in jail would bmt a good
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thing. we believe there are reasonable ways to resolve those things without us threatening him nor he us. >> in a letter cha fis has asked for it. >> up to two years' prison time. >> republican andy harris wrote the language to define the laws. but officials say there's a loophole in the language because it was enacted by voters before congress stepped in. harris said it may fall to the court or even the next president. >> the statute of limitations is five years. these government officials, if they take that chance now, they're going to be looking over their shoulder for five years. >> if our mayer or any member of our city government is arrested for doing their jobs the entire
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city is going to rise up. >> like other states that have legalized pop it's still illegal to pie or sell it's illegal to smoke in public and on federal land and illegal to carry on federal land. so don't think about lighting up on the steps of the lincoln memoirrial memorial. gayle? >> we can say we've been warned. thank you. the pilots have been warned. they cite recent things. in one instance a pilot had to use a pullup maneuver to avoid landing in ground. another landed with fewer fuel reserves than legislature requires because safety is a requirement. a construct worker is in the hospital. it happened wednesday during demolition of the 3-story
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management. he rode down the falling debris by standing on a scaffold. >> as a marngs he's lucky. >> they plan to file a new claim. he's under fire for spending habits that range from doing the tango in argentina to partying with ariannaa grande. nancy, good morning. >> good morning. most lawmakers are reluctant to admit they do anywhere. but aaron schock has made no. >> he's one of the rising stars and top fund-raisers but his donors may not have known he would spend some of the millions he brought in on p90x exercise video, a stay at a five-star
7:17 am
greek hotel and a photographier to capture his life on the go. >> it's clear he likes to live a very lavish lifestyle. >> she represents is. claiming he sold his illinois townhouse to a top donor for an outsized profit. >> when it comes to selling your house for well over $100,000 above its fair market value, the rules are clear that's a gift. that's a contribution. you can't do that. >> schock's expenser tasteses first hit the spotlight earlier this month when the "washington post" showed photos of his office with a "downton abbey" scene. he said he would pay for the remodel but only after blowing off histhem.
7:18 am
>> taylor saft said haters are i got to hate but voters are going to vote and indicters are going to indict. >> reporter: he's a crisis consultant who's worked with politicians and celebrities. >> you never know how constituents are going to react. sometimes they're horrified by allegations. other times they feel that someone in washington t elites are picking on them and they rally behind the person. so it's way too early to determine where it ooh goengs to go. >> they're used to his high-flying style. white water rafting in the app dees surfing in hawaii doing thegentina and posing with ariana grande. he even posted shirtless in "men's health."
7:19 am
>> if you focus on other things other than the job he's been given, you'll probably be out of a job. his new p.r. team says some of his spending may be eye-opening but it is now in line with the rules and they now have lawyers poring through the spending documents just to make sure. norah? >> thank you. >> he seems to enjoy a good old par tay. people are watching. >> indeed. it's 7:19. ahead t brother of american sniper chris kyle tells
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by petsmart. partners in pethood. an out-of-this-world sight
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available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protectiontm. some are calling for order on the court even after a big
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upset. we'll look at how to keep the excite good morning everyone. we are continuing to have our eye on this storm picture we will take you right over to katie in the weather center. good morning. >> good morning. this could start creeping in on us all morning long from the south and it is snowing in quite a few locations but we have yet to see our first snow flake here at cbs broadcast center in center city. depending on your location you had may not have seen much of anything yet and this snow may not impact you at all a lot have of what we are finding in southeastern pa on the radar isn't verifying to the ground level but it is, as you go to i-95 and points east and south. so that is where you'll find your best shot for a accumulation and that said here's how you we break it down for the rest of this morning drive. steady snow slick in delaware and southern most new jersey. it is southern half of the new
7:27 am
jersey. in philadelphia eventually we will see some snow showers, south philadelphia might be seeing them i'd love to hear from you living in south philadelphia because i think mile or two down the road here down broad street you might have some snow that we are not finding just yet. outside to the live neighborhood network and shot of rehoboth definitely snow there and it continues to fall as well. as the day progresses, skies do start to gradually clear. i could see a flurry in to tonight the buzz nothing more than that otherwise clouds. we will catch a break with any stormy weather friday and saturday, mess of sunday too but sunday night another disturbance on the horizon but notice temperatures have a chance to ease up, they are not warm but they are certainly easing up and getting closer to seasonal. vittoria, back over to you. thanks so much katie. good morning everyone. we are definitely seeing snowy shots. we are taking a look first at i-95 northbound ramp to 476 we have a disable tractor trailer, good news, it is on the shoulder bad news it is slowing things down, going to
7:28 am
and from i-95 in this area and 476 generally traveling in and around delaware county and making your way in delaware. that is where we are seeing some snow and traveling in south jersey a as well, if you are traveling on the garden state parkway and new jersey turnpike, we have speed restrictions of 45 miles an hour as a result of weather. you do want to give yourself more time and practice extra caution. traveling on the schuylkill expressway we are in the seeing any snow flakes here but we are seeing rush hour westbound approaching city avenue and make your way out toward gladwynn. traveling throughout your western suburbs we will have eastbound delays for sure and as you make your way down through vine street expressway in either direction it is saturated around center city and i-95 toward vine street expressway delays there too. be mindful of this accident closing germantown pike eastbound, township line is your best bet. lets do it again at 7:55. up next post game basketball celebrations get too far, for
7:29 am
more local news weather traffic and sports we're on the cw philly on these
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when people say you miss much, i miss, for example, the air forces accommodating me with a shower on the plane i flew around. i don't get irritated but i have to stop at stoplights now. i miss those who volunteer, to put themselves in harm's way. three of whom are here today and i have vowed that for the remainder of my life that i will do all i can do to help our vets. and so -- it's good to hear him talk about his commitment to the vets. >> he does a bike ride with them, golf tournament. he's been very committed. >> very public. that was, of course president george w. bush as a military
7:31 am
service initiative talking about what he missed from his time in office. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up the brother of celebrated american veteran sniper chris kyle. he shares reaction to the conviction of his brother's killer and whether his family has finally found piece after this verdict. it's being called the real breaking bad. cherry factory, hidden drugs, suitcases full of money, and a man with all the answers not alivea ahere to tell us the story. that's ahead. officials with the charity group say one donation violated its ethics agreement with the obama administration. in 2010 the government of algeria gave half a million dollars to the clintons' charity group. the money went to earthquake relief to haiti.
7:32 am
it co-insighted. officials from the clinton foundation ak phenomenal they should have sought approval from the state department. >> "the wall street journal" says the owner and discount retailer t.j. maxx marshall's, and home goods is giving employees a rage. they'll make up to $9 a month in jeune. this comes after walmart planned to boost workers' pay p. >> those who sleep too much can get a stroke. those who slept 8 hours could suffer a stroke. it was greater than those who consistently got six to eight hours of sleep.
7:33 am
scientists wonder. >> if that ee any indication i'm all good for not getting a stroke. the nasa spacecraft dawn captured it. scientists are puzzled and they say they may have a volcano-like origin. lit get a closer look next month. this morning chris kyle's killer is sitting in a texas jail waiting for transfer to a penitentiary penitentiary. eddie ray routh was found guilty of murderering chris kyle and his friend chad littlefield. among those in the courtroom was jeff kyle chris's brother. he joins us in the studio. good morning. >> good morning. >> like everyone around the country, i want to give you the sympathies of the death of your brother. >> thank you very much.
7:34 am
>> take us to the courtroom when you knew the man who killed your brother was going to prison. >> you know we waited a long time to hear it. we had talked earlier, up to that point we always had that feeling, that sense that it was going to go our way, but you never know. you can't spend your entire time trying to watch them or read them. they're not going to show their hand. so we felt good up until the trial -- or the jury stepped out to deliver rate. we had no idea at that point where it was going to go and that's when the thoughts start racing and you just pray that it's going to go right. >> does it since seem to have paint add compelling case for insanity?
7:35 am
did you think he was insane? >> i never did, i never did. >> even your own brother said this dude was straight up nuts. >> i used that term all the time. chris used to use that term all the time. if he would have thought he was nuts, if he had a little bit of an idea that he was nuts it wouldn't have turned out that way. >> he would have never taken him to the shooting lainch. >> he wouldn't have taken him to the shooting range. >> did that capture your brother? is that the man that you knew? >> for the most part yes. bradley did a phenomenal job in getting chris and getting his heart and putting it out there. >> what was it like for you looking at eddie ray routh, sitting and watching him ever day. >> that was one of the hardest
7:36 am
things i've endone. seeing him in there, just no remowers. that was very difficult. there was a lot of times i wanted to get up but you know, he's not worth my time. >> i think one of the hardest things, too, about this story is chris survived those really tough deployment and came home to help veterans who were suffered from ptsd. talk about your brother eerks you know deep desire to help other mem and women who served? >> he was like the way he was in country. he wanted everybody to have a chance to come home and once they came home then he didn't want it to stop there. so he was helping on and off the field. and whenever most military members are in held to that higher standard of fit ps and of course, that helps our middle being as well.
7:37 am
so getting back into the gym is huge for vedrans, and chris saw that and started the foundation foundation for heroes and he got back in the gym. >> obviously the family and his wife suffers deeply from this loss. how is she since the verdict? >> she's very relieved of the verdict. we haven't talk added a lot since then. she sent me a text yesterday saying, amen we got a verdict. >> when you think back on him and his life what is it and all the attention that has been drawn, a because of the life b, because of the funeral, c, because of the -- all the attention from the movie? any of this not on target?
7:38 am
any of this not true? any of this you wish to correct? >> as far as being untrue i toy think there's anything untrue. the hype, he hated the hooich. >> hated it. >> haited it. and rngs ewe knowthe trial was dugged the american sniper trial. chris would be upset about that. it was not about the american sniper. it was about chris kyle and chad littlefield. everybody forgets chad and who he was. he wasn't a veteran but he had the heart and soul as a and would help as many as possible. >> if you were the write the epitaph for your brother, what
7:39 am
would you say? >> i don't think we have enough time, but he was larger than life. he was a great father rngs a great brother, and great son to my parents. my kids love him. they still talk about him to this day, you know. but he cared about everybody, gave everybody a chance and gave his life doing what he loved. >> yeah. what do you miss most about him? >> just his -- i guess his smartass little self i guess. >> you guys did fight a bit when you were younger as all brothers
7:40 am
do. as all brothers do. >> but he was an outstanding man. >> thank you very much jeff. >> thank you. >> jeff kyle. the walls of a mary chino cherry hit a fortune. how it led a third family owner take a d deadly action. you can set your dvr so you can watch "cbs this morning" any time you like. we'll be right back. when you try to tame my curls, it feels like you want to tame me. dove wants you to unleash the beauty of your curls. that's why we created new dove quench absolute. this system deeply nourishes curls to quench dryness for 4 times more defined natural curls. new dove quench absolute.
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a famous cherry factory is the scene of a deadly showdown. it's become compared to a real life "breaking bad." investigators stumbled onto a secret pot farm. it pushed a man carriesing on the family business over the edge. good morning.
7:45 am
>> reporter: good morning. on tuesday morning investigators arrived here because they say they suspected the owners were dumping hazardous materials into the sewer system. for hours the owner was fully cooperative. but at one opponent they smelled marijuana and that's when he madal decision. it was also hides sticky green plants. inside this family factory investigators found marijuana, hundreds of thousands in suitcases. it was a false front, an elaborate drug operation that seems like it could have played out in the hit tv sears "breaking bad." a laundromat helps mask this
7:46 am
marijuana company. they say they smell marijuana he excused himself to his private bathroom. he yelled to his sister take care of my kids and then shot himself. everybody loved him in the neighborhood. everybody loved him. he was a good guy. founded in 1948 he's one of the largest cherry producers in the country. they supply tgf fridays and chick-fil-a. they underwent app ann upgrade. but on wednesday they were carrying boxes out. >> chicagoing surprising, you know. didn't expect it. >> now it's unclear if charges will be filed. >> such an irrepairable decision.
7:47 am
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7:56 am
good morning i'm erika von tiehl. lets get over to katie. we are watching some snow this morning. how sit looking. >> we are it is so dependent upon where you are and looks are very deceiving on our radar. we have been getting reports of twitter and eyewitness weather watcher network because it looks like it is coming down likely with snow across southeastern pennsylvania. we are virtually seeing none of that verified. darker shades of purple basically i-95 south and east oh yeah you are getting snow. that is where good moisture source is. there are advisories until 1:00 p.m. in the purple for one to 3 inches of snow. winter storm warning is exclusive for our area through sussex county where you will have up to five maybe 6 inches. as day progresses we will stay steady with the temperatures
7:57 am
and snow will be out of here after lunchtime, maybe leave behind a quick flurry. we will brighten up with time until sunday night when the next system moving in, vittoria, over to you. good morning everyone. with the system we have if place if you are traveling in south jersey and also traveling will in delaware we are seeing speed restrictions on our majors, the new jersey turnpike and also the garden state parkway. traveling on 495 in delaware we are experiencing speed restrictions of 45 miles an hour. if you are traveling in our area bridges like ben franklin bridge we have speed restrictions on have 35 miles an hour, on top of rush hour which means it will be slow out there. if you are traveling trying to get to new jersey into pennsylvania your delay the entire time. blue route, schuylkill, i-95 traveling 422 and pennsylvania turnpike all usual rush hour slow spots so note that this morning, erika. your next update 8:25. next up this morning from marketing to music to tv it is the return of the 90's.
7:58 am
for more local news weather and traffic stay with us on the cw philly on thes
7:59 am
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8:00 am
good morning. it is february 26th 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including advertisers bringing back the '90s. why they're betting on nostalgia for this decade. but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> take a look up at those power lines. you can see they're completely coated. we've been hearing loud pops and snaps. >> according to two news agencies the cold-hearted man is mohammed emwazi. >> it would change immigration
8:01 am
laws. >> some republican members of congress are calling for the feds to arrest d.c.'s mayor and city council members. >> what was it like for you looking at eddie ray routh every single days. >> that was one of the hardest things i had every done. there were times i wanted to get up, but not worth my time. >> third term congressman aaron schock has made nothing about his exotic trips. >> we'll reserve judgment until we see these instagrams. what the heck. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. a new winter storm in the southeast is knocking out power and keeping people after the roads. it's been snowing in washington ought night.
8:02 am
government offices remained open. it did not stop a women's lacrosse practice. >> athletes keep going. it is snowing from north carolina to nrj. this led to states of emergency in alabama, georgia, and the carolinas. vinita nair is in durham north carolina. i call that charlie rose country where there are several inches of snow on the ground. >> god's country. >> i have a feeling charlie's more comfortable where hi is now. when we went to sleep in durham last night there was no snow. so all of this fell overnight. four inches here and eight inches in the other state. it's a heavy wet snow making drives conditions difficult. we want to show you video. you can see a tree limb completely snapped in half. it's clocking up the entire
8:03 am
state road. of course, power is also an issue. take a look at this power line. it's really coated in a nice blanket of snow. having had a chance to jump reach out, we're getting numbers at this point saying there's about 200,000 people across the state without power. but, norah, there is a tiny silver lining. that is for all those states across the state. in north carolina almost all of the schools are either delayed or closed. they'll get to enjoy all of this from the warmth of their home. >> it's a beautiful shot vinita. >> thank you so much. this morning cbs news identifies the man. he's mohammed emwazi. we know he went to college in england. investigators have known for months since he executed james foley. in california the commuter train engineer who rammed into
8:04 am
packup truck is struggling to stay alive. the crash happened in oxnard. it injured 28 people. the engineer's heart was stopped twice on wednesday. he survive bud is still in critical condition. the pickup driver's due in court this afternoon. his lawyers say he drove onto the tracks by mistake and got stuck. this morning na issa is trying to figure out why water entered into an astronaut's helmet. two years ago another astronaut nearly drowned when water enter used his helmet. >> nasa is auctioning off some of the oldest photos takeen in space. they sold the first ever self
8:05 am
question by buzz aldrin. the mission was in 1966. that photo sold for about $9,600. >> that's cool. >> before there was selfies. singer robin thicke is trying to bring musical clair toy the blurred lines trial. he took the stand yesterday in a federal copyright trial. he's trying to convince a jury that it's his original work. they say it's a rip-off of the 1977 classic "got to give it up." robin thicke performed a series of songs to show how many songs share the same cord progression. he sang michael jackson's men in the mirror and beatles' "let it
8:06 am
be." pharrell also appeared in court. >> it's hard to know where the line is. >> he said a lot of the songs share the same chords. we'll see. does steinfeld great, larry david, have a hidden charm? i think charlie knows the answer to this question. >> yes, you do. >> no, i do not. >> yes, you do. >> no i don't. i don't. charlie, don't argue with me on this one, baby. >> okay, baby. i can't wait to see this.
8:07 am
a college basketball game in danger? don dahler is in court where fans want to be. >> yeah when rowdy fans rushed to court after victory, it can turn to chaos very quickly. ahead, why some say the practice of storming the court should be banned.
8:08 am
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jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen.
8:11 am
8:12 am
for all of the new recreation equipment. i came in office seven years ago and said philadelphia would be the green city of america. looks like we've got two announcements going on. today is making city what we want it to be. >> even the mayor had to crack up at that one. that's mayor michael nutter. he got upstaged at one of his own events. he's talking about the park. one boy was clearly excited not by seeing the mayor but being on camera. >> the question is what do you do? stop and let him finish or bring him on stage? >> it was adorable. so adorable. loved it. all right. march madness is just weeks away and with it comes concerns about the dangers of storming the
8:13 am
court. rowdy scenes like this are making some question whether some traditions should be banned. don dahler is on the court. good morning. just so you know charlie wants to see you dunk the ball. >> i'll do it in a little while when i'm off camera. good morning to you. after viewing the videotape the commissioner for the big 12 conference openly criticized the school's handling of the postgame celebration, saying the in ter ration between the crowd and players and coaches and staff was inappropriate and unacceptable. the moment if final buzzer sounded monday night, a surge of kansas city wildcat fans flooded the courts celebrating their upset victory over the eighth ranged university of kansas jayhawks. it's a wild scene that plays out at college basketball games
8:14 am
across the nation. this time of year february where conference rivals are playing against each other, this is where we see it. >> bill self was nearly crushed against a table while a fan body checked one of his players. nearby an assistant coach was seen yanking away a spectator. yesterday john curry apologized for the post mayhem. >> in this particular case there's a combination of factors. we didn't get out fast enough. >> but the free-for-all has some asking if it's too dangerous. >> ban it now so we don't have to ban it after something really ugly goes on on a national stage. >> reporter: just last year an all-out brawl broke out after new mexico state lost to valley. >> isthat's it? they're ending it early?
8:15 am
>> reporter: coaches have sent players from the losing team to the locker room before the clock ran out. still some maintain the triumphant dash on the court is an important rite of passage. >> i think there's more to courts than college. i think the safety to fans and safety to opposing teams need to be respected. >> reporter: some conferences such as the s.e.c. will fine schools up to $50,000 if their fans storm the court. now they don't have any in place preferring to leave it to the individual conferences you know we're looking for the dunk. >> i'll break the backboard 578d it's very expensive. >> i hope they can figure it out now it looks very dangerous. >> more dangerous than i imagine. >> they've got to figure something out. remember when everything was
8:16 am
just great in your life for a lot of people? that was -- >> today. >> -- the 1990s. today, charlie rose says. now advertisers have taken us back to the good old days of boyoy bands and big jeans. 'll look at why the '90s are good again. plus a discreet fit that hugs your curves. now bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. visit for coupons and your free sample. dance more, save more. when you buy new always discreet at walmart, you're getting advanced bladder leak protection & comfort at an everyday low price. so go ahead and show off your savings dance. visit to get a free sample.
8:17 am
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8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
do you remember how do the macarena? yeah. there's a lot of ee'90s. much of it driven by advertising. before we take a look at the new trend let's take a look at the trend that's driving it. ♪ >> not a problem with thighmaster. >> don't have a cow, dad. >> i've fallen aunt i can't get up ♪ ♪ >> you got mail. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> went out to dinner i had the lobster bisque we went back to my place, yada yada yada i never heard from him again. >> chi-chi-chi-chia. >> we're not worthy. we're not worthy.
8:21 am
[ screaming ] ♪ >> oh my god, i am totally buggin'. >> to infinity and beyond! ♪ he's going the distance ♪ ♪ he's going for speed ♪ >> we the jury in the above entitled action of o.j. simpson not guilty of murder. ♪ >> hey, dis. ♪ >> i'll always help you. >> the new issue of "adweek" looks at how they're making most
8:22 am
of the '90s consecutive editor. that's james cooper. good morning, mr. cooper. >> good morning. how's it going? >> i think it's going. it brought back so many memories. why do we want the '90s back? >> i think it was one of the longest periods in america of tranquility and peace and prosperity and it all ended abruptly at 9/11 very sadly. and then there was the recession and media. people are stressed out. they want to harken back to the decade where there was a lot of time just to enjoy themselves. it was a very rich media, decade for media. >> big things like what? >> cable television. there's also the dawn of the internet. an incredible decade in terms of
8:23 am
media including advertising to reach the millennials who have grown up. now they're looking back on the decade of their childhood and wanted to revisit it. >> i was in college then. i look back on it very fondly. >> someone at the table said that was the day of friends with benefits. they shall remain nameless. >> does it work? >> they're creative lovers, so the guys who are creating these are sort of tapping into that name and really trying to reach not only millennials but the gen xers and youngest baby boomers who had a good time in the '90s. >> so how will it manifest itself in 2015/2016? >> i think it manifests itself -- again, people are so full of anxiety, stress. there's no free time. so when you see an ad that sort of takes you back to your "fresh
8:24 am
prince of bel-air," you're going to take a sigh of relief. >> and in entertainment "twin peaks" is coming back. >> they want to go back. >> and fashion. do you see the '90s fashion coming back? >> you see flannel on the runway and doc martins. in the music it's salt & pepper in the geico ad. >> missy elliott at the super bowl. >> those are all heavily '90s themes, things that they're using that really -- people really are responding very strongly too. >> somebody told me the other day they were having a '90s party. >> were the '90s good to you, charlie? >> yes, they were good to me. >> gayle? were they good for you? >> that's when i started my charlie rose program. >> you need to mention that.
8:25 am
tea leoni returns to studio good morning everyone i'm ukee washington. we continue to have our eye on this system coming to the area the here's katie. >> this storm system is achieving, as expected in some spots, and, not really so much in others. it kind of depend where you are. when you look at the radar looks can be very deceiving. we have talk about this all the time. what you see isn't always what you get the through southeastern pennsylvania, much of what looks like light snow it is not actually falling to the ground rather it the is evaporating as it falls but what you do have have in new jersey and southern delaware especially are those darker shade of purple. so yes, you are seeing snow there. he have i have been getting reports of whipping wind and reduced visibility and snow covered roadways. so keep that in mind if your travels takes you to the southern half of new jersey and basically anywhere in delaware, for a all of those
8:26 am
problems, here. but as you go into pennsylvania, it is just not the same animal because we are running out of moisture to work with in that zone. this morning's snow is just that. it will be winding down no later than lunchtime, and we will drop down in the teens here tonight real quick check for you on the eyewitness weather seven day forecast we will brighten up with time over next few days and ease up on the thermometer. lets get a check of how it looks outside where snow is coming outside send it over to justin finch live from the mobile weather lab hi justin. >> reporter: hi there, katie. we just jumped off garden state parkway to blustery conditions. look at these road out there. they have been cleared before but lots of packed snow on the street. if you are going too fast that becomes a dangerous combination. go nice and easy as we are nowes specially as your visibility reduce necessary those areas as that snow has been blown every which way by whipping wind out here this morning. we have seen lots of major roads being cleared, here in south jersey but your side streets, neighborhood streets,
8:27 am
those are in the quite there yet. take it easy right out the door before you even get on to the highways this morning. we are looking at, around seeing the same things out here, plow trucks are out here knocking the snow out but the snow is coming down steadily and they cannot always keep up, but they are out there, brining and salting, where needed so be careful as a driver this morning making your way to work and school because you never know what you might get outside the door vittoria. >> thanks very much, justin, appreciate it. >> just continue is traveling in new jersey. if you are traveling a few new jersey majors we have speed restrictionness regard to the weather. traveling on new jersey turnpike, the garden state parkway, we are seeing speed restriction there is 45 miles an hour and if you are traveling on area bridges we have speed restrictions at 35 miles an hour and in delaware, we have speed restrictions of 45 miles an hour as well if you are traveling on 495 as a result of the weather so give yourself more time and as justin said never approach it
8:28 am
lightly. use a lot of extra caution. we are on to the platt bridge where we are dealing with an accident here on the westbound side of the platt, so heading from south philadelphia a up and over the bridge if you are traveling in this area you you will notice left lane block, notice backup on pen rose and a slight gaper delay as you travel eastbound on this bridge. the as we move new to the schuylkill expressway eastbound you're delayed from center city. you will a he fine delays throughout western suburbs and westbound making your way from university to the vine and then again roosevelt boulevard all the way beyond gladwynn. the the schuylkill looks like the the the schuylkill this morning and so does i-95 southbound jammed from the northeast down to the vine and traveling on the southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard you are delayed as you make your way from broad street through to the schuylkill but before you get there southbound on the roosevelt boulevard just beyond pratt we have an accident there and it is compromising a lane. be mine full of delays there as well. ukee. next update 8:55. up next on cbs this morning gin making a come back for more local news weather traffic and sports we are on
8:29 am
the cw philly on these channels. i'm ukee washingto
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour tea leoni is in our toyota green room right now looking hot with a preview of sunday night's all-new "madam secretary." >> i love her with glasses. >> me too. we'll look at hoer role how it's a look at a change in tv. plus history in a body. meet the people pouring new light into an intoxicating legend. that's ahead. >> i gave up gin in the '90s. >> for what? for vodka? for scotch? >> i'll get to it in a minute. we'll talk about it after the gin piece.
8:31 am
"usa today" says be careful what you say or do at the office because your secrets are not safe. that's according to a national survey of more than 500 support staff like receptionists, mail room and security guards. many have stumbled on things that might get people fired like overhearing complaints about the boss. >> how much you love him? >> he's so wonderful, chris licht. there he is. mr. wonderful. love your sweater. >> you get handsomer ever day. >> we like andrew and ryan too. tom hanks approves of his son's rap music career. so that's rapper chet heys, but father tom hanks does not care for the racy rap lyrics but he
8:32 am
supports chad. >> i want to hear more of that. he's good. >> he's good? >> yeah. but tom doesn't like the lyrics. >> he has reported his secret for staying young. he eats like a 6-year-old. buffett said that's because they have the lowest death rate according to research. >> look at that picture. >> that's a smart man. he drinks at least five coke as day. he loves coke with potatoes and chocolate chip ice cream. >> is there any way we can show that picture of warren buffett with a popsicle? i would be thinking he would not want that picture out in the universe but i think he's onto something. lebron james was asked questions about his son getting offers to play basketball. he said it's crazy that they're calling about his son lebron jr. but despite his athleticism --
8:33 am
he is good -- his father says he is too, too young. lebron jr. is not alone. a rival site is monitoring players as young as sixth grade. larry david stars in the new play "fish in the dark." his dark humor earned him a golden globe. he became a household name as the co--creator of sipefeld. we spoke with him about the impact of fame and fortune. did it change you? >> i mean it gave me money. >> yeah of course it did. lots of money. but -- >> confidence confidence. >> it gave me something that i didn't have, but not in the way that people think that, oh, man, like a total transformation. it wasn't that at all. i still -- you know -- to this
8:34 am
day i still couldn't walk up to a woman at a bar and say hello. so i don't have that. >> yes you do. >> no, i do not. >> yes, you do. >> no i do not. i don't, i don't. charlie, don't argue with me on this one, baby. >> that's such a great tease. that's great tease. >> that's just part of it. he's so engaminging. there's such a battle back and forth between the two of us over everything about his life because the question is who is larry david. is this this sweet guy or is he -- >> curmudgeon. >> is he "curb your enthusiasm?" we'll bring you another preview tomorrow morning and you can see the full interview sunday on "60 minutes." >> larry rarely does interviews. cbs "madam secretary."
8:35 am
tea leoni is a former ci analyst appointed after the sudden death of her predecessor. hu's a sneak peak. here's where mccourt is fuming a f her team fails to uncover a corruption scandal. >> this is a disaster. what i still don't get is how everybody in this room missed it. >> madam secretary, it's 5:00. your clock is here. >> i wasn't aware you had an appointment outside of the office. >> with all due respect w we're in the middle of an important rnlt matter. >> you're so right. that's why i'm bringing in a consultant. i'm wondering my whooi my entire staff allowed me to hang in front of the entire congressional career. trust me. help is on the way. >> i'm not at all like that. >> she is a badass on camera. tea, look.
8:36 am
first let's say happy birthday. yesterday was your birthday. >>dy did you stay up late? >> no, i didn't because i had to come here and be all morning happy. >> you turned 49. feeling good? >> i love it. >> feeling gradeeat. >> i like it. the older you get, the more powerful you get. >> tell me about it. i like it. i like it. it's so ironic because i thought i was so powerful when i was 7. >> i have a 7-year-old that feels the same way. >> speaking of how when you were in the green room charlie said i like women in glasses. >> tea, let's talk about the show. it's the highest rated show. do you feel you've got the rhythm now or your trying to get the rhythm? >> we're certainly beginning to jell gel. we're figuring out about
8:37 am
characters and where some strengths are and having more and more fun because we're going deeper and deeper. but, you know as much as you get into a rhythm i'm in sort of still nervous and -- >> still nervous. >> yeah. my grandmother was an actress and she said the day you don't have butterflies is the day you turn in your worst performance and i do think that's true but it's less just raw gut fear and now it's more excitement. >> you know when the show started, madam secretary, people thought hillary clinton, madeleine albright. but one of the, i think, successes of the show you don't talk about republicans or democrats. >> we said in the beginning, i thought it was a kicky idea -- see how long we can go without using the kword democrat or republican and it's become something more interesting than that now to me because i think the on the hill there's such polarization and this idea of how much we talk about it.
8:38 am
and we're getting away with it quite well. we're 21 episodes in. it's aamazing what you can get done without talking about it. >> do you get a sense that people in washington are watching this show? >> definitely. i mean they let us know. >> how so? >> we get feedback. everything from, oh, my godsend, i can't believe that. you guys nailed it to the flag is in the wrong place. >> you have to do something about that. >> exactly. >> so we were talking about the power when you were seven. but your acting career started when you were 7 and 6. you played a wise man in a play. >> that was my only academic career drama role ever, 7 years old, playing one of the three wisemen. i was terrible because you have to bring a present, that whole thing, and goirt, so my mother quickly came and brought my my
8:39 am
teddy bear and that was my present. actually i do remember the power of the laughter. the audience was so -- they walked up they liked it. >> are you an athlete? p>> yes. how could you tell? >> the way you sit in the chair. >> charlie. >> you're making me very red this morning. >> we're going to have to wrap it up here. i think we have to worry whether this conversation should continue off zpleen you said you're divorced and you're happy with divorce. >> don't mean that with david. >> that's a hilarious way? i know you guys are tight and that it actually works very well, but are you open to new romance in your life? >> yes, yes. i'm very happy. i'm very happy. >> hollywood is full of interesting men. >> yes. >> i'm just going to say tim.
8:40 am
>> con kbratgratulations on haveling the most watched show. >> thank you. >> we thank you. >> you can watch madam secretary by the way sunday night at 7:00 central on where, tea? >> cbs. >> whoo whoo. ahead, charlie d'agata gives us a sip of history. >> what you're looking at is a breaux throea throwback to the '60s the 1760s. the new age. we'll have that story coming
8:41 am
in a race, it's about getting to the finish line. in life, it's how you get there that matters most. like when i found out i had a blood clot in my leg. my doctor said that it could travel to my lungs and become an even bigger problem. so he talked to me about xarelto®.
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8:44 am
gin has been britain's drink of choice since the 1700s. it's been called mother's ruin. now thanks to some gin distillers it's buzzings across the pond. >> reporter: of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world this london place is selling it and it's a sellout.
8:45 am
it's no surprise to olivia williams. >> it tastes kind of foofy. >> she broke the book on it, "gin glorious gin." make mine a double. >> you're a young girl. you should. be an expert on gin. you should be a ruddy-nosed old man like me. >> gin will take its toll. >> gin taking its toll is a lot of what her book is about and we'll get to its seedy past in a moment. it's fought its way back to the poejt where there's like 200 types of gin on the shelf with a whole new breed of distillers and at the forefront of that breed, the everybodyn evener vest end gin syrup. and just as strong of the sipsmith back to basics
8:46 am
approach. >> this is all man. this is all real hand real passion and experience skill, and i think americans call it craft and quite rightly so because i there there's a huge amount of energy and passion and attention to detail that goes into the craft which americans know very well. >> how much of that is theater and how much of it is craft? >> absolutely every bit of it is real. here as sipsmith what we make in one year the big guys, make in the morning. >> and although his cup clearly runneth over with enthusiasm his distillery ran a problem when it came to britain's law about the amount you have to make to get a license. >> the amount you were talking about, that's making moonshine. >> we were make 3g 00 bottle asd makeing
8:47 am
300 a day. it really is all about the fine tuning. it's about -- there are all sorts of different things that influences it. the smallest alteration of injection steam or the reduction in temperature here or even the flow of water anywhere in the system. too much juniper, you know, too little water. there are all different aspects and elements of this that need to be controlled to the nth degree. >> while he says it might be in fashion it would be wrong to suggest it's a fashion statement. >> it still has kind of an image problem to. a lot of people gin is for posh people like yourself. >> is that rhetorical? >> isn't it? >> reporter: but it wasn't always so.
8:48 am
the satirous en a drunken mother carelessly lets a baby slip out of her arms. >> it was the first time they were available so cheaply and people getting really really drunk and it create add social crisis as well as a health crisis. >> ironically it was another health crisis that helped gin at all. this has stood since 1673. you may wonder what an ancient collection of plants and trees has to do with gin. unless the tree you're talking about is one of these which turns gin from a life taker into a life saker. they found quinine which helped protect british forces in far flung places from malaria. it was given to soldier nls something called tonic water. it was hard to stomach but add a little gin and you've about got a cure and a classic. both hero and villain, gin's
8:49 am
rich history has the makings of a classic like the gnt itself from the bottom of the bottle to class in a glass. cheers. for "cbs this morning," i'm charlie d'agata in london. >> what does he mean it tastes foofy. >> why did you stop? >> i think i had one too many back in the '90s. >> wouldn't you have loved to have been there? >> we were talking about nostalgia for the '90s. you missed it. >> i'd pay to see that. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
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that does it for us. be sure to tune in to the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" tonight. for news anytime anywhere log on
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good morning i'm erika von tiehl. we have an eye on the storm. the meteorologist katie fehlinger in the weather center and we are seeing a good bit of snow, katie. >> absolutely, it is splitting the delaware val any two this particular storm and in southern new jersey the southern entire half of that state or delaware, it is itself you have likely seen accumulation already and as we look at the radar looks are deceiving. it looks like it is snowing in southeastern pa. mess of that is in the verifying, folks, you have to look at darker shades of purple. it splits our region in half. and now it is retreating. do you see how things fizzle away south east of i-95 on the tail end of the loop. the that is good news if you are in the a fan of driving through this weather. we will take to you a couple examples, to give you an idea is what happening in cape may
8:56 am
courthouse big fat snow flakes flying out there. just a handful of counties to the northwest, we have nothing going on, outside whitefield elementary school other than some cloud. everything calm and collect in the poconos as well where it is chill which gray skies but no snow despite what that radar says right. morning snow will taper off would i say absolutely in later than lunchtime probably about two hours earlier than. that men while we will take new to tonight and just left with maybe a lingering flurry otherwise clouds. the as we brighten up with time here through saturday temperatures still staying in the 20's but we are expecting a new storm system to move in and bring us wintry mix as early as sunday night. lets get a check of how things are looking outside in this snow, we will send it out to the mobil weather lab with justin finch, hi justin. >> hi there katie. we are on the garden state parkway heading north towards cape may courthouse and look at these conditions out there. good news is the road is clear, that is good news. that snow is coming down. we just saw a line of you mr.
8:57 am
trucks toward wildwood so there are going to be out here doing their work keeping most of the roads clear in this area but you will find some conditions, in your side streets, perhaps your neighborhood streets that are in the quite clear yet. you may even find more than 1 inch so just one or two or 3 inches because that snow is really coming down this morning so as you make your way to work or school or where ever this morning you will really need to take your time and be careful. these conditions, look okay but they can be deceiving. back to the studio. >> absolute thely thanks justin. justin was traveling not too far from stone harbor. if you are traveling in and around the shore points you will have speed restrictions as a result of the weather. traveling on the garden state parkway, new jersey turnpike, 45 miles an her speed restrictions are in place. he is absolutely right even they it looks light on you there you never want to proceed with any less caution because it is still very dangerous. the lets talk burr rush hour commute and area bridges as a result of the weather also have speed restrictions of
8:58 am
35 miles an her. but it doesn't matter on the ben trying to get in philadelphia because you are in the moving. give yourself some more time and pack your patients. once you are in pennsylvania you will have delays once you get there. ninety-five, schuylkill expressway, eastbound delay toward center city, they will be out there. the not only around center city but in your western suburbs. 422, schuylkill expressway, pennsylvania turnpike westbound out of willow grove down toward mid county tolls, you will want to give yourself more time no matter where you are traveling. if you are traveling mass transit warminster regional rail line has been suspended due wire problems, however you can take an alternative bus route that is bus route 22, as your best alternate at this time. traveling in eagleville we will have closure of ridge pike as a result of the accident between smith road and eagleville road. best alternate german turnpike or visitation road erika. >> that is "eyewitness news" for now talk philly coming up a at noon on cbs-3. i'm erika von tiehl. i hope you have a great morning.
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>> 3, 2, 1. >> camera ready. >> here's what's breaking today on the doctors. >> imagine your child playing in the yard an intruder enters and sets her on fire . >> i could see her head was completely engulfed. >> she will not go in the backyard at all. until h a surprise ending. >> we have a really, really big surprise for you. >> the doctors break down the facts. >> how many hours can you really get away with, >> witbefore they're damaging your feet? >> the oscar winner who's named news in two's person of the week. >> how many of you hug and kiss your parents when you see them? a small peck on the cheek or forehead, that's mainstream, but what about on the lips? that's new england patriots coach, bill belachick, he kissed his 30-year-old daugight on the mouth. now that caused a stir


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