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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  February 27, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> good morning, so glad you're with us, waking with us. more on breaking news, a car crashes into a northeast philadelphia firehouse through the garage door, and right into a medic unit. the driver has been rushed to the hospital. now, we want to give you an idea of where that happened. and here is a map right here. the car was traveling this way, and right her at the sharp curve came right into the firehouse, which is right there. that's a tough curve. that's a very tough curve right there. so, you can see how that could have happened on that sharp curve. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now he's right there at the scene to tell you more about this accident. and here's the shot. here's the shot that far car. and there is the medic unit, that is to hit. we'll check in with our man justin in just a little bit. and he will breakdown how this accident actually happened, and the conditions of the driver in that car and how that driver got out. i believe he had to kick himself out of the car. he got out of the back window. more with justin finch coming
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up in just a little bit. in other news this morning, we learning more about a man who allegedly tried to join isis and his ties to the philadelphia region. labibov lived at apartment complex in dover delaware, just few months ago. court records show the complex's management sued him in august for not paying rent. a source with the dover police department tells "eyewitness news" that habivov worked at cell phone kiosk in the dover mall. and also operate add kiosk in philadelphia but authorities have not said where. much more coming up. right now let's check in with our traffic and weather together. here's katie. good morning. >> and good morning, ukee, well we actually want to kick things off here, little early with our weather trivia. so listen up anchors listen up traffic. take a look at the question. now, yesterday, if you recall, we had a lot of snow on the map. and it didn't actually hit the ground. there is a meteorological term for. that will what's the
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precipitation that falls from the sky but doesn't actually reach the grounds? is it a virga b consider or d. so let's tack your answers and see what we've got. vittoria? >> i'm going in the greek mythology sort of realm tapping into some latin i'm going with echos. >> all right staying if the greek, echos, he can observation. so we've got a d? >> i go b grauphl. >> i love my some graupel because it sounds like scrapple and i'm hungry. >> well weeks got one wrong. i think we have it muted but i'm do bumm, bumm, bumm. wah, all wrong. >> the answer is actually virga. that can be any kind of precipitation that falls from the sky. but doesn't actually hit the ground. >> interesting. >> that's what we ended up having happen yesterday. it looked like the whole radar was encompassed it obviously
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wasn't when you went outside and realized it is not actually snowing. now, it is actually snowing on storm scan3 we do have very light flurries, looks a lot worse than it actually s but we will continue to track this, move it on through generally this morning, just change in wind flow. your area temperatures currently into the 20's, or teens, and mount pocono, off to a very cold start at only 5 degrees this morning down the shore, you have got some chilly nare place right now 22 in rehoboth, definitely fresh mounds of snow on the boardwalk, and you're in at 21 degrees at barnegat light. cold water too. you're right around the freezing mark. meanwhile as the day progresses talking temperatures at best that flirt with 30 in the city, we should at least flirt with the freezing mark, down the sharp but up in the poconos probably not going to break out of the teens yet again today. very cold air in place looks like it continues tomorrow, as well vittoria? >> not looking forward to that katie. good morning everyone, if you are traveling out and becomes katie was talking about seeing some flurries in areas, we have a great shot of 476 right around the mid-county toll plaza, where you can see some of those flurries, breezing on by.
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it is not causing low visibility, because it is still very light this morning and that's great news, because it is also very light on the majors. still, so far at 5:35, so all-in-all, we look pretty nice out there. even on the roosevelt boulevard, no delays in either direction if you are head today and from the schuylkill and broad street, once get to 76 also nice and clear speed censors all over the map. it doesn't matter if you are traveling in pa, jersey or delaware, our high up into the 50's. as we continue, though, let's go to the burlington bristol bridge, it is on stand by for a test opening. so, if you plan to travel the burlington bristol may have to do some maneuvering here, ukee was just talking about the accident we're still dealing in the wissinoming section of the northeast harbison at van kirk and jackson, especially at van kirk, vehicle went into a firehouse there. you can use torresdale, but you can still use harbison in that area. you just may experience intermittent closures. ukee was saying that's a tough curve on harbison. i travel it almost every single day t definitely is, so take it easy out there take your time. ukee erika? >> vittoria, thanks so much. our time 5:35n business news
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this morning, do you eat dessert after dinner. >> little bit of dark chocolate, all right. also, what could apple have up its sleeve? money watch's jill wagner joins us now from the new york stock exchange, those stories and more, good morning. >> good morning ukee, erika. the countdown is on for apple's new watch. apple spent media the invitation to an event on march 9th, in san francisco and it is called spring for the, reference to time. apple's expected to show off the watch its features, give information on pricing. the news sent apple stocks higher overall though, mixed day on wall street, energy stocks took a dive which sent the dow ten-point lower the nasdaq finished 20 points higher which means, it is now in striking distance, of the 5,000 mark. >> friday's the new tuesday. at least when it comes to music. starting this summer friday will be the official release date for new songs anal bums. industry insiders say that having an unified release day reduces the risk of piracy and
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studies show that people are more interested in buying music on friday's and saturday's. and americans could be losing their sweet tooth. some new data on eating trends finds that only 12% of dinners eaten at home include dessert compared to 15% ten years ago. if that trends continues, they say, we are in target to serve the last dessert in 2054. not if i have anything to say about it. ukee erika? >> i'm with you, a hundred percent. >> that makes three of us. thanks jill, appreciate t. >> right now right back to our justin finch in northeast philadelphia, athen gin 52 and medic 32 justin, what's happening? >> erika we're right outside the scene that far crash, it happened earlier right here is the replacement unit. now getting into. this is the unit here that was damaged, this morning. the acura tl that struck this car knocked it some 8 feet, we are told, from where it was
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park here this morning. as you can also see it also struck some oxygen tanks nearby. we had to drop this stuff here to prevent a fire or worse happening here. the driver was able to get out of that car and get help. we have video to show you now of that crash as it happened here. you will see the front end that far car hit the front of this car head-to-head here. the driver had to jump out of the back seat to get himself out of there. he is going to be okay, we're told not sure what caused the wreck, if he was asleep, drunk or what. but we do know he is at the hospital at this point. throughout the day now here athen gin 52, they will have to negotiate having their preferred unit out of service and also, having no garage here. that's because back here live, i'll show you here, the garage here was down this morning when this happened at about 1:50. and that driver struck that closed garage gate and caused all of this damage rather here this morning. also too inside, you'll see that unit also struck lockers nearby. we are told that if this
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happened at a later time, when the crew here was stirring about there is could have been much worse. could have been several injuries to report letter today -- here today instead the driver here, we are told his injuries do not appear to be life threatening. again, he got out walking and talking, and will now be able to make his way to the hospital and get treatment. as for how this happened, still unclear, we think he was going north on harbison here, lost control at the turn, and made his way into this fire station here. we are live in northeast philly, justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> sharp turn, indeed. justin, thanks so. >> well, it is on the internet been able to talk b2 big stories of the day, first two, escape lamas run wild through the streets of arizona. arizona! more on their adventure when we come back. >> the lamas on the loose. also okay, this may seem obvious, but what color is this dress? it may seem obvious to you, but this is causing a huge debate on social media. we're talking based on this
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coming up. nick snow. >> yes, that's really crazy ukee, and erika we could talk about that for days. but right now it is lights, cameras, bloom. we're live at the philadelphia flower show celebrating the movies.
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>> car crashes on van kirk street off harbison avenue. driver suffered a cut on the head. there was minor damage to
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medic 32, inside that firehouse. one of the men arrested for allegedly plotting to assist islamic state militants lived at the dover apartment complex here. investigators say he also worked at the dover mall. the suspect is accused of offering assistance, financial assistance, to isis. our time now 5:42. a whole lot of lama drama on the street every sunday city arizona two llamas, took off on the street in a phoenix suburbs. the they escaped from petting zoo to advice ate senior center. >> we were just letting them show them off pet them, and one of the old gentleman wanted to hold her she broke loose from him. >> oh, see the drama for your llamas. the llamas were eventually caught. neither of them hurt, though. just a little out of breath. everybody's okay. >> right now 5:42, hey, this is the debate that's differ identifying households, and
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one that you'll be talking about today. all right what color is this dress? the question seems so certainly, but the answer is not so easy. someone posted the picture on line last night now millions of people are weighing in. so, what do you see? is the dress black and blue? or is it white and gold? or perry wing snell something about the light that plays tricks with your eyes. a majority of people actually think it is white and gold. i see black and blue personally. now the dress has been the number one topic trending all night long on twitter hearing some of the tweets. t swift: i don't understand this odd dress debate, i feel like it is a trick sugarhouse dollars and confuse the. it is obviously blue and black. that's taylor swift. next up: white and gold hashtag pure soul. and last but not least actually matthew barkley saying: so for the record i see both white and gold and blue and black just saying, hashtag ill loom innocence ati. one more, this is great philadelphia 76ers help us
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retreat if this looks white and gold to you or looks blue and black. it is freaking us out. how about that? >> some internet salutes may have finally solved this debate. they found this dress from a company, in england. they say it looks like the same dress. it sold in blue and black not white and gold. so, trying to sell that. so where do you stand on this great dress debate? way in with us on facebook and twitter, use the hashtag cbs-3, again i see blue and black, but -- >> i see white and gold. >> hope up? you see blue and black in that picture? that picture right there. >> i do too. blue. >> i see white and gold. >> i see white and gold plainly. >> see? there you go. fifty/50. >> we're with swift. >> blue and black? common. >> no, definitely white and gold. >> thank you torrey. >> everyone sees it a little different. >> katy? >> llamas and dresses the topics today. >> llamas andres colors.
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>> freaky friday. >> we have to focus on the important stuff, right? >> my goodness, that was white and gold. >> it is fascinating to me, fast naturing. >> white and gold. >> i know dr. brian mcdonnough is explaining this on "kyw news radio". if you tune in i'm sure you'll hear his report. listen for that all about as erika say the way it plaques tricks on your eyes. we have stuff to talk about here folks. little pocket of snow that's rolling on through here. really very light flurries, nothing major here, more than anything, just courtesy of the way the winds is turning more out of the northwest. meanwhile, look off across the front range of the rockies near the panhandle of oak home, a texas. that's at least the combination of where we're going to find our next storm system. what you see there with the snow, that's not our next storm. but that is where it is going to be generated. so i wanted to show that to you. so we're jumping you all the way here to future weather at sunday morning, and i think you'll see some sunshine, but notice, at least this is featuring some clouds. bumm taking it to 3:00, 4:00 p.m. or so, next storm will likely start to move in with a mix. now, because we're going to
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get you to the upper 30s could see the rain-snow line little further north once it gets here, but yes looks at though we will be sitting on the rain snow line again. sunday night specially into early monday morning we see a mixed bag of some rain, some sleet, some snow. meantime, it is still cold today. some sunshine, flurry out there as we just showed you on radar, 29 at best for the high drop it to 12 tonight will flirt with record lows in philly. we have to hit nine to tie t so we'll see how we do. it will be cold night skies clear, and another frigid day tomorrow. wrapping up the month of february on a very cold note. 20 degrees below average. then we're brinking in march like a lion, as the saying goes, with that next storm. and it looks like a pretty active week coming up here, in general. vittoria? >> thank you so much katie. traveling out and about this morning, you will notice that at least so far at 5:46 this morning, that we're not seeing any major delays. this shot 202 around the schuylkill expressway. we were seeing some flurries, in some cameras little difficult to see in this shot
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here. more so actually around center city philadelphia, even northeast philly, that i'm seeing at least in the camera shot. but anyway, not seeing rush hour delays just yet. still waiting in the wings. moving now into new jersey traveling on the northbound side of the 42 freeway as you make your way right around the area of creek road, approaching 29, a you are going to notice few more vehicles. but it is nothing major. southbound, looks like we might have a disable vehicle right at creek road, but that's on the shoulder, not causing too much of a problem. also, do you want to keep in mind the burlington bristol bridge now open for test opening, open for test opening, in short, it is open. don't forget, you know, when you have backups in your area, you can always get updated information about that traffic, no matter where you are, with the new cbs philly traffic app. download that app now on itunes or google play. nicole? >> erika, there you we go. >> well, we're about to talk to nicole. philly is in full bloom this week end. >> philadelphia flower show set to open to the public tomorrow. we're getting you some behind the scenes looks right now at
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all of the action. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us from the convention center your preview. hey, nick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yep, the theme this year is celebrate the movies. and i have to say they've even rolled out the red carpet for us, it may be even for spring, i think we're all feeling that, here this morning. but yes. there is so much to see. an event that attract a quarter million visitors, to the pennsylvania convention center. we're certainly excited for it, can't wait for the warmer werth. it actually feels like we're a little closer to spring here inside. joining me now the communications director allen joffe for the philadelphia flower show. how exciting is it to see the flowers in bloom and know we're so much closer? >> we are thrilled, nicole. and everybody's had a bit of a brutal winter this year, we've had a lot of cold weather. so, we are the first sign every spring, everything is coming into bloom, right now here at the flower show where we are going to celebrate the move thinks year. >> i love your tag line: lights camera, bloom. that's perfect. talk to me a little bit more about this theme celebrating
5:49 am
the movies. >> everybody has a great feeling for film. they go to the movies, they get inspired, they're entertained, they're educated, and so, we are doing all that here at the flower show. we're taking the idea that you get from the sort of on the silver screen, and bringing them into literally living color, plants, and flowers and trees and everything, exploding, and beautiful color here at the flower show. >> yes. >> we hope that people will come to the show, get inspired as they would, you know, sitting in a movie theater go home, and bring ideas that they get here in the exhibits of the show to their own homes and gardens. >> yep, and like you said, it is coming to life here inside the pennsylvania convention center. this is just the entrance, it is beautiful, but there is so much exhibit space showcasing all of the wonderful you said, a lot of disney theme displays. so we'll see a lot of that coming up at 6:00. but yes, so much to see, so much to do here, thank you allen, we send it back to you in the studio. >> fantastic, always great time. >> it will be beautiful.
5:50 am
always smells so dash good in there, too. >> we'llll take a short break and be right there. your start time over at the philadelphia flower show at the philadelphia convention center. hope you can stop by. we'll be right back.
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>> flames shot into the sky this house outside erie blew up yesterday. the homeowner told firefighters he was about to get in the shower and heard the explosion, when he turned on the hot water. investigators say that they think a propane leak in the
5:53 am
basement sparked that blast. coming up on 5:53 on your friday morning what, 25 degrees out there, kaley? >> well, it is cold, definately cold. i think we'll stay what level with these temperatures, probably climb another five, 6 degrees from where we actually bottom out. do have light snow, very light snow, falling right now, i did get a ground report, i want to say, in riverside from somebody saying that it was actually able to hit the ground. but this is not going to have a chance to accumulate. more than anything folks looking at couple of flurries out there as the winds is shifting more northwesterly. we do have the ski forecast for you little too cold for skiing for my personal tails. but you have quiet weather to do so today and tomorrow. then as we jump into sunday, if you want to hit the slopes, do telly on. looks like we will see our fresh round of snow moving into the pocono region specifically later in the day. meanwhile, the eyewitness weather three day for is the it i have of philadelphia, upper 20s both today tomorrow, wrapping up the month again on very cold note, and very same storm bridges in
5:54 am
more after mix to our area here at least closer to the city headed into sunday afternoon at the earl yells, vittoria? >> thank you so much katie. good morning everyone, so traveling the majors, still very quiet. but we approaching rush hour. usually see rush hour start to form around 6:00, 6:45, so only few minutes behind. if you are traveling on 95, right around cottman notice, it is not so much saturated just yet in the southbound direction, you may find just touch of volume starting to build around girard, but watching us live now at home, and plan to get there, in the next ten, 15 minutes you'll see rush hour. whole lot more on that, and whole lot more of everything else when we get back. stay with us.
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>> a car crashes into a firehouse in northeast fill. >> i also, dramatic video
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>> justin finch joins us with our breaking news. >> reporter: good morning, active scene here throughout the morning. they try to clean up this big crash site here, right now they're towing away that damaged medic unit 32, towing it away for repairs, at this point, as you can see the entire front end that far vehicle has been absolutely desomated by the impact of that earlier crash. the acura tl that struck this car actually struck it through
6:00 am
a closed garage door, knocking it 8 feet toward lockers to the left of the garage in here right now. so, to the right of that now being towed medic 32 is new replacement medic unit. they'll be using that in the interim as they get one there repaired. let's show you video of the crash scene from earlier there. you will see that car crashed head-on, into that unit through closed garage doors. we are told that if this had happened at another point this morning it could have been a lot worse potential injuries of firefighters inside. >> this all happened about 1:50 this morning. that acura tl we are told was traveling north on harbison, somehow, lost control right by the fire station and crashing right into again the closed garage door of engine company, 52, here. now there is does create something of a big problem for the unit here, they say without that replacement unit, they would not be able to properly care for this neighborho


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