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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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breaking tonight at 11:00 the procession to honor a fallen philadelphia police officer. officer robert wilson iii gunned down while protecting his fellow citizens. >> very very brave heroic individual. >> tonight praise for a dedicate dedicated officer and a proud father. there is new information we've just received in this story that continues to develop. good evening to you i'm jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. late today philadelphia police officer robert wilson ii. was inside the game stop at the corner of 22nd and lehigh. while he was there, two men walk inside and tried to rob the store. officer wilson fought back shots were fired and the city lost a hero. tonight the flag outside the 22nd district in north philadelphia is at half staff. we're covering all angles of this story. pat chiarocchi will tell us about officer wilson's live of service. but we'll begin with diana rocco rocco.
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she has brand new information about what happened today from outside that store. >> reporter: chris as the investigation continues here tonight we are learning from sources that officer wilson was on duty and he had stopped in the game stop here today parked his car outside and left his partner when he went in buy a video game for his son who had done well in school. that's when two armed robbers walk in and officer wilson was caught in their crossfire shot nine times. he died fighting for his life. >> keep officer wilson in our thoughts and in our prayers his family and never forget him. >> reporter: philadelphia police officer robert wilson gunned down in a shootout trying to thwart an armed robbery. police say 4:30 theirs afternoon officer wilson went inside this game stop in north philadelphia while his partner waited outside outside. what happens next was caught on store surveillance cameras. >> two individuals came in and
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announced a robbery. we don't know if they knew he was a police officer or not. we suspect perhaps they did not. he immediately engaged the suspects and it was exchange of gunfire on both sides. >> reporter: sources tell "eyewitness news" officer wilson was in uniform and in line waiting to buy a game for his son who had done well in school. wilson was shot nine times but kept firing until a fatal bullet hit him in the head. the call for officer down went out 4:44. wilson was pronounceed dead at temple university hospital. two brothers are now in custody. >> one of the suspects was shot. there's a second suspect who was part of the robbery who tried to blend in with the crowd but the officers responding to the scene were able to apprehend that person as well. >> reporter: police blocked off the parking lot while they investigated. witnesses were held for questioning. >> a lot of gunshots. about 10. >> i was in the market. i just saw people running and i
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didn't know what was going on until i came outside. >> reporter: and tonight we are also learning more about these two suspects. the two brothers, one is recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg at einstein medical center. the other one has given police a full confession. sources are telling "eyewitness news" today that one of the men does have five prior arrests. he was just released from prison two months ago on parole. police say they were also able to recover two guns from the scene today. that is the latest from north philadelphia tonight. diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> diana, thank you. pat chiarocchi has spent this evening outside temple university hospital and pat, you have much more on wilson's life and the sea of blue that comforted his family tonight. >> reporter: jess, this has to be one saddest scenes needing to stand out in front of temple university hospital and knowing that two young children will grow up without their father.
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officer robert wilson was pronounced dead here tonight at 6:25. they're sadness was telegraphed a block away. this is heartbreaking duty for police commissioner charles ramsay and mayor michael nutter. >> temple university and the doctors did incredible work this afternoon but unfortunately officer wilson did not survive multiple gunshot wounds that he was subbed to. >> reporter: officer robert wilson a signed to the 22nd district was described as valiant in his fight. >> very very brave heroic individual and even though i think under the circumstances even though he was struck mull pell times, he was able to continues to fire. >> reporter: wilson was among the 22 and district officers who volunteered late last year to wear a body camera in a trial program. >> he was a leader of his squad. anything i asked of officer wilson and his partner they gladly took upon the opportunity
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to serve the seventy two citizens 22 and district. i think incidents like this put in context a lot of what's been discussed over the past few months. people tend to lose sight of the dangers inherent in being a police officer. >> reporter: on this day the reality could not be more crushing. >> this nine-year-old boy that now will grow up without a father because of what happened here today. a one-year-old is going to grow up without a dad because of what happened today. >> reporter: and tonight the mayor is asking for everyone to pray for officer wilson's family so that he will not be forgotten forgotten. reporting live from temple university hospital, pat chiarocchi cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, pat thank you so much. pennsylvania governor tom wolf expressed his condolences to the familiar until a statement tonight. he says "this senseless act is a devastating and stark reminder of the danger faced every day by our brave men and women in uniform. we can never forget their selfless service and sacrifice. ".
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it's been more than 2.5 years since a philadelphia police officer was killed in the line of duty. last officer murdered on the job was moses walker. he was shot august 18 2012 after his shift during an attempted robbery in north philadelphia. tomorrow a judge is scheduled to sentence his killer raphael jones to life in prison. we'll continue to follow this story as it develops throughout the night and a reminder you can always find breaking news on twitter by following us at and using hash tag cbs3 breaking. well tonight entire region is digging out after the biggest snowstorm of the season. it is now gone but it's left behind a mess. schools across the area have already closed for tomorrow including philadelphia public and arch diocesan schools. others have delayed openings and you can see them scrolling across the bottom of your screen screen. well our mobile weather lab is out and about in washington township, new jersey tonight. it is still going there as the temperatures drop. our reporters are also out
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monitoring conditions. we'll begin with meteorologist kathy orr who is tracking these plunging temperatures. kathy? >> right now, chris, worry talking about temperatures that are falling through the teens and they're on their way to record lows across the delaware valley. take a look at storm scan3. we have those clearing skies and with the clearing skies we're talking about cold temperatures. we can already feel it. you mentioned it much the biggest snowfall of the season pretty much everywhere. in philadelphia undoubtedly we had about 4.8-inches a couple weeks ago in one snowfall. now 7.5-inches with this snowfall. other snow amounts pretty impressive. west chester 9-inches. richboro over eight. burlington seven. new castle six and bethlehem 5.3. 22 in philadelphia. 16 in allentown and reading. 13 in lancaster. here's the cold that's coming. state college 11. pittsburgh and cleveland at eight. we'll be close to those temperatures overnight. going for record cold in the city and the our suburbs. the record in philadelphia is 10
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set back in 1978. we'll get down to nine the morning wind chill sitting at zero. if you're going out and about tomorrow morning we'll have patches of snow and ice untreated roads will be having slick spots even those treated roads will be slippery. slow down and use caution temperatures will be warming in that seven day forecast i'll be back with that little bit later on in the broadcast. chris? >> kathy, thank you very much. our team coverage continues in delaware, where the digging out is underway. our david spunt is live in claymont, new castle county. david? >> reporter: chris snow stopped here around 5:45 so that's a good news but the concern now is the ice for deldot crews and drivers. i want to show you in this parking lot in claymont right now. this is serious stuff. very thick ice. you can see it all over the parking lot and certainly see it on the roads. it will ab long night for driver brian core with deldot. >> it's nice when there's nobody on the roads. it helps. >> reporter: we joined him in
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his plow truck as he cleared secondary roads around wilmington. >> touching up, cleaning up, we're trying to get on our secondaryies and back roads trying to get those, you know cleaned up. >> reporter: the main roads cleared hours ago. but it's those neighborhood roads that have residents worried. >> they did not look good at all. >> reporter: we met ella burton has she plowed her driveway. she got about 4-inches in her neighbor. >> i stayed in the majority of the day and done a lot of the plowing here around my own house. >> reporter: as the snow came down well into the afternoon it coated area roads just seconds after plows went through. deldot has hundreds of drivers on the roads right now. there are over 100 just in the wilmington area. expecting to work until sunrise. >> then we'll all work together to try to get this thing wrapped up before the morning. >> reporter: i heard from deldot officials tonight.
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no serious accidents as far as crews hundreds of drivers will be out until early morning until the sun comes up to make sure everybody is safe many we're live in claymont, delaware, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, safe travels to you and thank you. now to philadelphia's fairmount neighborhood charlotte huffman is there with what penndot is doing. what you can expect in the morning and with some snow cheap up it at the time. charlotte? >> reporter: chris with this being one of many snowstorms so far this winter, people are really getting sick and tired of waking up to scenes like this. their cars completely covered. sidewalks they've got to shovel and that's when tensions between neighbors can start running high. but there are a couple of things that you can do to prevent that. while kids enjoy what's left of the snow day people like timothy spain are hard at work. >> it has to be thee feet wide. >> reporter: getting ready for the morning rush hour. >> i have to come and make sure that people that walk all along the way can be safe. >> reporter: why not do it tomorrow morning?
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>> because it's going to be cold and it's going turn to a sheet of ice and you can't shovel ice. so doing it now to get ahead of. >> reporter: those who don't clear a 3-foot path by required by the city or caught shoveling and blowing snow in the street risk being slapped with fine up to $100. >> i'm glad they have that because we need it. some people don't shovel and it's really a hazard. >> reporter: there are unwritten rules, too. like don't steal a parking space you didn't shovel yourself. something south philly residents take seriously by marking their territory. >> oh, yeah south philly classic. you save your spot. boxes, chairs, trash cans. yeah they know not to touch it. >> as for penn got crews aren't slowing down. now that county roads are plowed 200 trucks will be salting overnight. >> what's penndot's biggest concern about the roads come tomorrow morning. >> basicallybasically they have cleaned the highways, the guys continue to go clean up. but the temperatures are low. they're falling into the teens. so we want to make sure we have
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enough salt out there. roar report penndot is salting the roads, they are still urging drivers before you head out to make sure that you allow mentee time for that morning commute. because black ice is very like likely. we're live in fairmount charlotte huffman cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> charlotte, thank you very much. a lot of the slush out there is freezing as temperatures continue to drop. "eyewitness news" along route 73 in mt. laurel tonight where traffic moved along pretty well but you had to be cautious on foot. plow trucks out and about tonight clearing parking lots. weight from the snow may have played a roll in park building collapse in kensington. "eyewitness news" at turner and north second streets. part of the roof and the upper floor of this five-story building gave with way one person was inside but not injured. the building was in the process of being convert flood a apartments. the department of licenses and inspections is now investigating investigating. no surprise it was a full day of cancellation at
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philadelphia international airport. some flights did move tonight but there were some very lengthy delays. cancellations and delays will linger into tomorrow if you're traveling be sure to check with your airlines. and the falling temperatures could make for a treacherous morning commute as the slushy roads turn into ice. "eyewitness news" team will be on the air 30 minutes early tomorrow morning they'll start at 4:00 a.m. the weather certainly crib to do a scary ride at laguardia airport. we'll tell was we're learning tonight about this plane that slid off a runway. >> hollywood star survives this crash landing. >> mayor nutter delivers his final budget address but philadelphia homeowners probably won't be cheering. we're back in just 60 seconds.
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washington township. with the machinery well below freezing a a lot is towering ice. more on the dangerous cold if five minutes we're not a lone in dealing with this winter wet take a look at kentucky where snow and ice stranded thousands and interstate 65. look at that. some were stuck on the road for nearly 24 hours. traffic jam on that road lasted about 26 miles. rescues are still underway tonight. kentucky's governor declared an emergency. the national guard is helping those still on the road. inches from disaster. a delta airlines jet packed with passengers goes off a snowy runway at new york's laguardia airport and nearly end up in an icy bay. tonight investigators are trying to remove that plain figure out what went wrong. don champion has more on scary ride. >> reporter: delta night 1086 remains just off the runway at new york's laguardia airport it was just after 11 alcohol thursday morning when the plane
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en route from atlanta came for a landing during a heavy snowstorm snowstorm. it came down hard on runway 13. about three quarters down, the plane veered left it hit an embankment and crashed that was a fence just feet away from icy plusingplush flushing bay. >> it was nerve racking. the plane came down and slid and took a turn to the left. we look out the window and the we could see the wing was hit hitting a fence. >> jerry took this photo from his seat in first class. >> the wheels did not grab. they didn't take and immediately you heard the spinning. we felt like we skid probably for 20 seconds. i grabbed the seat in front of me. started to pray. >> you have ain't craft on 31 on the service road. please advise crash rescue. >> reporter: first responders were on the scene quickly and helped passengers evacuate the plane over a broken wing. >> there was a minor fuel spill. the fuel for a time was leaking out at a rate of about a gallon
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a minute. airport officials say two pilots who landed before the delta flight reported good breaking conditions. >> federal investigation has try to determine what went wrong. don champion for cbs news, new york. the actor harrison ford was injured today when he crashed a small plane on to a golf course in southern california. authorities say that ford crashed a vintage plane during an emergency lapping in venice. the 72-year-old did report engine failure just after taking off. and he was attempting to return to the airport. to night his son says that ford is battered but okay. and no one on the ground was injured. by the way harrison ford married to callista flock heart who attended high school in medford. education funderring major priority in philadelphia mayor nutter' proposed budget he delivered his final spending plan to is he counsel today. he asked lawmakers to approve a nine-point 3% property tax increase. that would generate one mill
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hundred million dollars for schools. a median property valued at $142,000 bolt would see their tax bill jump $200. >> i don't want to raise your taxes. but i do want to educate our children. i don't want the next generation of philadelphians living under the burdens of poverty and violence without the opportunity to succeed. >> it's not impossible and we're open to listen and to look at other options as well. school superintendent william hite says the additional recurring revenue will allow the district to plan for effectively effectively. well, most schools were out today because of the snow and we know that means sledding. it is certainly a tra dig at stokes hill on main street in moorestown. always find a crowd there in weather like we had today and there they were. when the roads are too slick, some folks just put on
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the cross country skis. "eyewitness news" in ardmore where we came across this fun scene in the snow. these two getting in their sledding and skiing. the winter storm providing some memorable moments all across the delaware valley. and all day long you have been hash tagging your pictures on social media with cbs3 snow. lots of fun and all these snowy scenes and our thanks to all of you who shared your photos. so now the cleanup begins and we deal with the bitter cold it's always something right. >> always something. so kathy now we just worry about everything freezing up and getting roar very out there. >> that's right. anything that is slushy is going to go into a hard freeze and become ice overnight and you can see on storm scan3 we have that clearing shield right now through the lehigh valley extend extending down toward philadelphia some clouds still lingering but overnight we will clear it out. from the northwest toward the southeast. and we'll be seeing clearing skies and colder temperatures
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going for record cold overnight. across the region we are seeing some colder temperatures with our "eyewitness weather" watchers. take a look outside. where conditions are getting colder as we speak. now this is the view from our center city studios. and you can see a very pretty center city philadelphia with traffic moving along a few cars on area roads but still snow covered and slick. the actual snow totals between four and 8-inches across the delaware valley with that six to eight through the i-95 corridor. south jersey and even to the north and west with lighter accumulations to the south and east. let's check out some of these numbers. wildwood 5-inches. woodbine 5.5. dover 5-inches and in harrington 5.2. toward philadelphia six to 8-inch range numbers. philadelphia 7.5. the biggest snow of the season you can see in west chester seven. 6.7 in wilmington and mt. holly the home of the national weather suv 8.3 and trenton six and farther to the north and the west some high numbers in warrington pottstown exton at 8.5.
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reading and allentown between six and 7-inches and the poconos lesser accumulations as expected. right now in philadelphia, it's 22. in allentown 16. the same in reading and poconos only seven. and as we look closer in our suburbs willow grove pottstown quakertown and doylestown all in the teens going for record cold overnight. so as our storm completely pulls away another arctic high pressure system building in. and that primes us for record lows tomorrow. by the afternoon only in the 20s getting little bit better as this high pressure system dies to the south by saturday. temperatures getting into the 30s but the normal high this time of year is about 49 degrees. it will be nowhere near that until next week. sunday highs in the 40s but we still have that fresh snow pack and that means probably only in the lower 40's as day lights saving time begins. overnight, clear skies light winds and record cold. the new record in philadelphia going for 9 degrees. tomorrow, mostly sunny and frigid the high temperature 26 and here's a look at the numbers
11:22 pm
to beat. we think we'll tie the record in trenton the forecast low is 70. allentown a new record of four. forecasting nine in atlantic city. and in philadelphia. these are expected to be new record lows and tomorrow morning, the record in wilmington is 11. we're forecasting 10 degrees. so pretty much widespread records across the region. during the day on friday 26. but look what happens on saturday. we jump 10 degrees to 36. daylight savings time begins on sunday the high 43. sunny. it will be some melting going on chris may can dig out his car by then and sun will set at about 7:00 p.m. there's a sign of spring. >> okay. >> monday we jump top frick. tuesday 48. wednesday and thursday high temperatures in the 50s. remember to get the updated forecast any time with the cbs philly weather app just live radar debt any type of severe weather alerts and share your storm pictures with us. we always love to see them. download the app now on i tunes and google play. katie and the team will be back
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at 4am talking about the record cold and any issues with the ice come tomorrow morning. >> who knew 50 would sound so fantastic isn't i'll have my car dug out by next month. >> ambitious. >> wait until tuesday, wednesday wednesday. >> he has a plan. >> public transport teague. >> lesley here with busy night in sports. >> big third period for the flyers. possible eagles target sharing his thoughts on the birds. cliff lee taking the mound for the first time in a long time. more from spring training coming up in sports. cbs3 mobile weather lap sponsored by audi.
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big game for the flyers tonight at home against st. louis still five points out of that final wild card spot the flyers were down one all game long had app he can length third period. michael dell sad dough gets the puck. rips a slap shot off the post. that ties the game. few minutes later here is your
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game winner mark straight with a really night juke the wayne simmons redirects it home. flyers complete the come back and win it three-one. so far so good for cliff lee. he pitched two score hess innings for the fills this afternoon. his first start since july when and elbow injury cut short his 2014 season phil he's had 10 hits in six-three loss at the astros. lots of talk about free agent cornerback byron maxwell. viewed as possible eagles target target. they run the scheme i'm talking about, cover three man press they're committed to rinning if they were to come to me, i would definitely have to consider them. let's see what happens. temple owls firmly on the bubble visiting ecu tonight. he put out of reach. owls win it 70-vick. 29-nine the regular season comes to a close on saturday at home to uconn check out the seen ppl
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park the season begins on saturday. today the union and the eagles came out to remove all that show from the pitch so rain or shine or snow, there will be soccer this weekendnd. we'll be right back.
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"eyewitness news" returns in the morning at 4:00 o'clock with ukee washington, erika von tiehl and meteorologist katie phalin injury. we thank you for watching us tonight on it witness news. for lesley, kathy and and everyone here i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. you can find us at up next the late show with david letterman. will smith philly's own. we'll see you tomorrow. have a good night.
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