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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 6, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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. officer was shot. >> shot. >> you can hear the panic and the urgency in the voices of first responders as one of philadelphia's fine zest shot and killed during a robbery. developing right now it city mourns the loss of officer robert wilson the third. it is friday, march 6 hello i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehlment the latest in the office suspect in custody. also, following the latest in the winter weather as the area addition out. heads up for all of the parent and kids, called philadelphia public and archdioces schools are closed today. find the roughly other 500 closings and delays at the bottom of your screen and on line at >> more on our developing story, philadelphia police are
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mourning an officer killed in the line every duty,. >> officer robert wilson was shot during a robbery attempt at video game store near 22nd and lehigh ? north philadelphia. >> reporter: what a tragedy there is city in mourning today there is officer robert wilson the third was here at this store in north philadelphia buying a game for his son when he was gunned down. police say shots, while trying to stop two feel who had burst into the store with the attempt of robbing the place. in the meantime this morning police have execute add warrant and recovered evidence from this house on the 1200 block of hollywood street, we're told this activity is is related to the case. police recovered ak47 from the property. now, officer wilson was 30 years old and a eight year veteran of the police force. he went into the game stop at 22nd and lehigh after 4:30 thursday afternoon. sources tell "eyewitness news"
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he was in uniform and in line buying a game for his son who had done well in school. two people came in, police say, announced the robbery. officer wilson engaged them. there was gunfire from both sides. police say wilson was shot nine times and kept firing, until one bullet hit him in the head. wilson's partner was outside waiting in the car and responded upon hearing the shots. one of the suspect was shot in the leg and taken to einstein, the other suspect tried to blends in with the crowd but eventually was apprehended as well. >> i would hope the same people that are talking about some of the issues involving police now take a moment, say a prayer, and at least express condolances to this family there is nine year old boy that now will grow up without a father, because of what happened here today. a one year old that's going to grow up without a dad because of what happened today. >> reporter: officer wilson's body has been taken to france's funeral home. meantime flags fly at half
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staff at the 22nd district now, wilson leaves behind two children a nine year olan a one year old. as far as this investigation goes, police aren't releasing the identities of the suspect just yet. both of them are known to police, one has five priors, the other has at least one prior, and one of these suspect was on probation at the time. much more on this continuing story, but for now live in north philadelphia, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf has expressed his condolances to the wilson family. that will statement he says the senseless act is devastating and a stark reminder of the danger faced every day by our brave men and women in uniform. we can never forget theirself less service and vac nice. >> last philadelphia police officer killed was also from the 22nd district, officer moses walker was shot to death august 18th, 2012, after his shift during a attempted robbery in north philly. and later today a judge is schedule to sentence officer walker's convicted killer
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raphael jones to life in prison. >> stay with "eyewitness news" as the story keeps developingment you can always follow us on twitter at cbs philly and using the hashtag cbs-3 breaking, erika? >> 4:04. our other top story this morning, after the storm comes the digging out also some bitter cold. as you mentioned earlier there are hundreds of school closings, and delays, we have those at the bottom of the screen. many of the roadways remain treacherous. over to katie with the latest. was it a refreeze that made everything so dangerous throughout? >> i wouldn't even say it has a chance to refreeze, temperatures below freezing this whole time. but it is definitely an issue. if the road crews came through, perhaps something with just the tread of the tires and the heat from the vehicles had a chance to melt away yes then that definitely could have refroze end over. but, it is just a frozen start to the day for you out there. everybody's going to have that issue. so how did we end up doing? did pretty darn well in terms of the expected snowfall totalsment let's take you outside, first and for most,
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snow covered boardwalk in ocean city, and down the shore, they saw snow, we saw snow in the city obviously everyone got in on t how much did we end up with? short list here, folks see how much we ended up with. 9 inches even in west chester richboro ended up with 8.3 burlington, seven-point; new castle, six and half or 6.2 and just over 5 inches fell in bethlehem, pa. so everybody had plenty to shovel and plenty to either make a snowman with or go sledding on. meanwhile, storm scan3 at least that's quiet. we have nice clear sky for you. but with the clear sky overnight, you know what that means, colder air already in place. with a clear sky none of the potential heat would have a chance to stick around here. you need blanket of cloud cover for. that will our storm is pulling away. this morning we do have a new record low for you allentown specifically 5 degrees, is the current temperature we're coming close otherwise to a lot of other places, 14 currently in fill, see how we do we would have to hit ten
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to tie the record. meanwhile as the day progresses bottom line it is just cold. records aside very, very cold day, about 20 degrees or so below the average here, with these expected high values. from philly to the shore and up in the poconos but at least the sun is back, and that's a sign of a well deserved break that's going to last us for quite a while. which i think is great news for everybody at this point. we do want to get a check on how things do look out on the roads, again, it is a mess to clean up. with that said we send things out to meteorologist carol erickson, live for us in the cbs-3 mobile weather lab high carol. >> katie i'm so impressed with what the roads are like. we're on the white horse pike right now. not a problem out here. the mike has fallen down again. >> i think she noticed her mike was falling down. do you need some time to put that back on?
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we can faintly hear you. we'll try to get back to carol unless she can get it within the next couple of second. we'll get back to carol in the cbs-3 mobile weather lab having audio difficulty. we can hear her but the mike has problem ben franklin fallen down. >> you can see the ice still out there this morning. >> and a lot of the roads have cleared. the department of transportation did a nice job on major spots on the major roads. snow finally out of here. now the big dig begins. >> it won't and easy task either whatever has not been plowed shoveled, now sheet of ice. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now in east falls with a example of how just slick things are out there this morning. >> good morning as you make your way out this morning the first thing you'll realize is this cold. it is real cold out here today. every layer you have will be valuable right now temperature between 12 to 14 degrees it, feels much colder, perhaps more like two out here. as you make your way out the door your best case scenario
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may be a sidewalk like this one here, in east falls, it is pretty much clear the snow off to the side by now most sidewalks should look this way. how much, they always don't. your roads however are a mixed bag. we saw many plowed roads midvale avenue, lots of snow, slush out there that's more slush than ice but kelly drive on the other hand, that road was a rough ride getting over here this morning. lot of ice on that road. we know those turns and that ice can be a dangerous combination there. the good news is we have seen that philadelphia schools are closed, as are catholic schools, so we'll see less traffic on the roads this morning, however, you will still want to take your time as you drive even as you walk. even though penndot has been out with their plows as has the city, as have property owners, everything is not done at this time. it is still very early still very cold, lot of refreezing, you will want to be careful no matter how you are getting out to start your day. live in east falls justin
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finch, cbs 3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you justin, and if you are going out by air there are few delays and concellations, lingering at philadelphia international airport after yesterday's big storm. right now, 43 flights are canceled and six are experiencing delays. now, if you are headed out of town or picking someone up from the airport, please be sure to check with your airline before you leave home. well close call for harrison ford when the plane he is flying crash lands on a california golf course. >> what the actor's son is now saying about his condition. >> also, let's gave you a live look here at new york's leguardia airport, work to go remove a delta airlines yet that skidded off the runway. hear from passengers on board that plane. >> once again the mobile weather lab is out early this morning checking on the conditions of the road after the storm. carol is in the passenger seat. katie has your forecast on the other side. be right back.
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updating our developing story this morning philadelphia police prepare to lay to rest officer robert wilson his body arrived early this morning at a funeral home. officers wilson shot during robbery attempt add video game store at 22nd and lehigh yesterday afternoon. two men are in custody. officer wilson was eight year veteran of the force "eyewitness news" is following the story all morning long, our jan carabeo will bring you to up date in our next half hour. coming up on 44:13 here's kate. >> i good morning, hi, everyone, we start things off with a look outside at the live neighborhood network where the snow has piled up. little tough to tell. if you are with us regularly you know the. who we show it to you a lot here. out at the boardwalk plaza in rehoboth typically little more to the base every these lamp posts and they're pretty well covered up here in rehoboth this morning. so lots of clean to up do on the board and certainly in all of the neighborhoods because everybody got in on this yesterday. meanwhile, our storm system is still making its full retreat. notice even the back edge of
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the clouds still well off shore at this point. and as nice large dome of arctic high pressure builds in here that does mean we are in for full sunshine throughout the day today. but, i also want to show you at nice wide zoom, just how quiet it really is. i mean, this is the nationwide map. we haven't seen it this quiet i couldn't tell you the last time, it is so just tranquil, i mean, country wide at this point. so coast-to-coast, looking pretty good here. so how did we actually end up doing here with the actual snowfall amounts? we pretty much verified, you know we did very well with our expectations here, just over 5 inches fell through moles every kent county, across the bay into cape may then the totals went up more, ended up with heavier banding of snow through good portion of the morning as we were live on the air yesterday. so anywhere from basically six to 8 inches did fall with couple of spots over achieving. we did have few choice nine or even 10-inch amount, in delaware county for example. meanwhile off toward allentown just over half foot fell. understandable, that not only
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do you have clean to up do, but also, that some of the schools are at least delayed this morning if not full-on just closed. it is time to spring forward this weekend folks. not sure why they have us do this, in the weather department, tell to you turn your clocks forward, hey why not? part of the idea seasons are changingment don't forget to do. that will all of our smart phones tend to that for us these days. lot of sunshine, last real cold day that we will have at 26 degrees, still brutal for the standards, 20 full degrees basically below the average. we'll drop you down to 15 tonight. looking forward in this forecast union season home opener tomorrow. little chilly but sunny. look ahead to sunday, roam gets milder from here. back into the 50's by wednesday, thursday, i shouldn't even say back to the 50's finally see them for a change, as we head into next week. vittoria, good morning. >> finally. >> i know, good morning everyone. well right now traveling on any of our majors, you're looking fantastic. you will find, however those slick spots and you know what, i was driving sort of
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had that frosted sheen on the majors. so you want to be careful. even though some of them are dry, they definitely still could be very slippery. and you just want to take it easy out there. taking you now to the ben franklin bridge, notice traveling in either direction there is no delays, obviously at this time. we are used to seeing really just open roadways, no matter where we are traveling. if you are traveling the bridges, we still have speed restrictions of 25 miles per hour, so do you want to take it easy and be very careful at the on and off ramps. they tend to be very slippery, as well, on majors, and even as you head toward the bridges. if you are traveling on 309 at the turnpike, no delays, speed censors are high up in the 50's, no matter how you cut it really fantastic out there in regard to low volume, just wide open roads. how much, mass transit amtrak, running on modified schedule. septa regional rails we do have a modified schedule here, running every 20 minute, also, route 101 trolley on delay. how much, patco new jersey transit and dart are doing just fine, definitely want to call ahead at the airport just to be on the safe side.
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ukee? >> okay, vittoria, thank you. let's give you live look from new york's leguardia airport right now. all night crews with giant cranes have been working to remove the delta jet that skidded off a snowy runway yesterday. now, the ntsb says an investigator will retrieve the plane's black boxes in hopes of figuring out what went wrong. now the delta jet was pack with passengers when it crashed through a chain link fence. coming to rest just feet from the icy flushing bay. now, these pictures show just how close they all came to plunging into the frigid water. look at that. >> the wheels did not grab. they didn't take. and immediately you heard the spinning. we felt like we skid probably for 20 seconds. i grabbed the seat in front of me. started to pray. >> twenty-four people were treated for non-life threatening injuries, three of them went to the hospital. leguardia was closed for some time after the crash but is back open this morning. >> actor harrison ford is
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recovering this morning after he crashed his small plane yesterday. the 72 year old reported engine failure shortly after take off and was attempt to go return to the airport when the plane crashed onto a golf course. it was actually golfers who pulled ford out of his plane. >> the power went out. and i went oh, no, that's not good, and then he turned around and he backed really low. >> it appears that he clipped the top after tree, and came to rest on the golf course. >> wow. now, ford's son says his father is a little battered, but okay. ford is married to actress flockheart who went to high school in medford. philadelphia mayor michael nutter want to raise property taxes to help fund education in his finding spending plan he asked city council to approve 9.3% property tax increase would generate $100 million for city schools. a median property valued at $142,000 was see an annual tax bill jump nearly $200, from
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$1,910 to 2,080. >> i don't want to raise your taxes but dow want to educate our children. i don't want the next generation of philadelphians living under the burdens of poverty and violence, without the opportunity to succeed. >> it is not i am poise. and we are open to listen. and to look at other options as well. >> school superintendent doctor william hite says the additional recurring revenue will allow the district to plan more effectively. 4:18. an important milestone in the international fight against the ebola outbreak. >> we will tell you about the country that says they are now free of the disease. also ahead, an unprecedented series of operations still going on, doctors are performing kidney swap involving a dozen patient. the details coming up next on the health watch. be right back.
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>> delaware's department of justice says there is not sufficient evidence to show nascar driver bush committed a crime. the girlfriend accused of domestic in september. bush was suspended by nascar on february 20th. >> well the sixers take on the utah jazz tonight at the well in south philly. the sixers are coming offer tough over time lost to the thunder. utah has won seven of their last ten. to the ice the flyers come up huge against the st. louis blues down one in the third period. michael shot goes off the post and in to tie the hockey game. flyers mounting a come back, just minute later the nice move and pass to wayne train simmons, and he's able to come out that far scramble with a game winning goal. flyers beat the blues three to one, they are now four-point
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behind boston for the last playoff spot. they will play the bruins in boston tomorrow afternoon in what could be the game of the year with playoff implications on the line. >> well, much needed dose of florida sunshine for this morning, phillies and cliff lee taking on the astros, ryan howard with the diving stop. but the throw is not on the money. phils with a few defensive lapses mr. lee had nice showing, though, he threw two scoreless innings in his first start, since an elbow injury ended his 2014 season last july. phils lose the practice game six to three. they play the yankees this afternoon in clearwater. >> well, back to winter, check out the ppl park. union staff got some help from the eagles snow removal equipment to clear the pitch of all of that snow. the union season start tomorrow against the colorado rapids. so neither rain nor snow or anything else will prevent opening day of the major league soccer season and their number one fan katie fehlinger.
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>> oh, shear's not excited at all. >> not at all. >> she'll be there. good morning. >> so excited can't wait. you always have to start a season off on cold note when it comes to soccer, those guys play nine months out of the year yes off to chilly start tomorrow. we'll talk about. that will but everybody is tuck in the chill and the deep freeze out there today. and specially right now, we have new number for the record books already in allentown and we will come close at least here in philadelphia, meanwhile, here is a live look for you on "skycam 3". snow covered roadways, road crews doing their best to get things back up and running smoothly here. but do you still have to watch out for potential for the slick travel and slow travel, vittoria will talk about. 14 degrees our current temperature at the airport we fake quick check on storm scan3, it is clear as a bell out there folks part of the reason these temperatures are dropping off as easily as they are. but your morning commute could definitely be slow, because of all of it. un treated slick spots, snow and ice, along the way your driveway your front stoop all of it, sidewalks everything. just watch out for that snow to still be out there and
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still potentially be a problem. somebody actually suggested to me yesterday that i cover the chester sky scape here in snow, that's little busy for me to get that done for you but right, should be snow in the backdrop of this graphic. but that said, hey at least that sun will be shining for the union season home opener tomorrow. 38 degrees at kick off there. but ya, that's chilly. even for march standards. we are however going to ease up on the thermometer. meanwhile, this is really cold start to the morning for the standards. feels like two after all in philadelphia, feeling like it is 16 below in mount pocono, right now and single digits or even below that in every other location. but, what's this? is that spring harkening on the horizon? my goodness, can we finally get some spring like weather looks like we finally l the average high already flirting with 50. and we have not even come close to that as of late. but we will. it is on the way. we expect to not only flirt with 50, but vittoria actually
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at this time it -- hit it, maybe surpass it by next week. >> let's keep the good vibes going. >> i'm with you. >> let's ride the train okay? >> you are serious. >> i mean, who else is over it? i think we're over it. >> the whole city is. >> right? so good news up ahead, i like that katie, good morning everyone. traveling on the roads right now, i would still caution you, it is not spring time temperatures yet. you will still find that sheet of frost on the majors, at least some of them, i know paul, our floor director, as well as ukee was saying, delaware, del dot did an awesome job really making sure that the roads down in delaware were really fantastic. they're nice and dry. so excellent, good news there. how much, let's talk about how you are doing as we switch things up and move over to 95. ninety-five southbound, little difficult to see here, shots little hazy, but did have earlier disable tractor-trailer on the ramp to the walt whitman bridge. that's been cleared. be very cautious on the on and off ramp.
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before it even snows, we do have temperatures, usually the first to freeze. so on and off-ramps are really a prime spot for spin out things like. that will traveling on the 42 freeway, no delays, looking pretty good there. be mindful, we do have some suspensions for septa buses so you want to plan accordingly for this today. ukee we head back to you. >> torrey, thank you. in the health watch this morning, the country of liberia is ebola-free in the country is hoping it will stay that way. >> the government is charged the last survivor and all of it 19 treatment units nationwide. this is the 13th day the country has reported no cases of the virus. how much, 102 people who have contact with somebody infected with ebola they're being observed. >> the final three transplant in what's being called a kidney swap is taking place today in san francisco. six pain rent donate ago kidney, and sick patient are receiving one. doctors completed the first three transplants yesterday. the exchanges were set up through program called match grid which uses genetics to
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find matches. the software was developed by david jacobs, who was a kidney recipient himself. >> as we get better and better at this, we're going to be more predict tiff about future compatibility, and/or therapist that might be beneficial to get people compatible. >> by the way the chain of donations was started by a woman who wanted to help save a life. how about that? >> just incredible how those programs can help match people from across the country together. >> amazing. still ahead the latest on a philadelphia police officer robert wilson the third. we'll have a live report. >> also, a car loses control on icy street and plows right into a woman walking on that street. >> oh, gosh. >> we'll hear from stunned eyewitnesses when we come back.
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good morning, thanks for waking with us, it is friday march 6, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. the latest on the clean up after yesterday's major snowstorm. parent kids, listen up. all philadelphia public and archdioces schools are closed today, you can find other closings on line. there are hundreds of them at and at the bottom of your screen. all right, katie all hoping for this warm up. what is it coming? >> it is eventually going to get here, now we still have to deal with very cold weather out there guys, at least the storm is gone, now the break the well deserved break can begin for us here. storm scan3 shows that very well. you know you've got nothing out there. with our tri-state sweep being made from all of the different area radars that we have at our disposal. little bit of wider zoom, satellite coverage on top of there is within the last three hours, see how all of the clouds have long since retreated out to sea. so remember what happens means temperatures can drop that much more efficient lip because you don't have blanket in essence. mother nature's blanket is


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