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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 6, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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they have a four day weekends. all of those closings and delays are right there for you at the bottom of your screen, also at also katie will have more on the frigid friday forecast, and a warm up, that's coming up in just one minute. just a tragic, tragic story to tell you now. developing right now the body of philadelphia police officer, robert wilson iii has arrived at a funeral home we're told. late yesterday afternoon, he was at a game stop near 22nd and lehigh when two men tried to rob the store. a shoot-out ended officer wilson's life. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now, at the scene, to tell you more. jan? >> reporter: ukee, this will be a terribly sad day as the entire city of philadelphia mourns the loss of one of the city's finest, as you mentioned, operation err robert wilson iii was here at this store in north philadelphia buying a game for his son when he was gunned down. police say shot while trying to stop two people who had burst into the store with the intent of robbing the place the scene as you can see
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remains under investigation this morning. now, in the meantime, this morning, police have executed a warrant and recovered evidence from this house on the 1200 block of hollywood street we're told this activity is related to the cause case, and police have recovered ak47 from the property. now, officer wilson was 30 years old and a eight year veteran of the police force. he went into the game stop at 22nd and lehigh, just after 4:30 thursday afternoon. sources tell "eyewitness news" he was in uniform and in line buying a game for his son who had done well in school. two people came in, police say, and announced the robbery. officer wilson engaged them, there was gunfire from both sides. police say wilson was shot nine times and kept firing until one bullet hilt him in the head. wilson's partner was actually outside at the time waiting in the car and responded upon hearing the shots. one of the suspect was shot in the leg and taken to einstein. the other suspect tried to blend in with the crowd but was eventually apprehended as well. >> i would hope the same
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people that are talking about some of the issues involving police now take a moment, say a prayer, and at least express condolances to this family, this nine year old boy that now is going to grow up without a father, because of what happened here today. a one year old is going to grow up, without a dad because of what happened today. >> now, officer wilson's body has been taken to france's funeral hole on whitby avenue. meantime flags fly at half staff at the 22nd districtment wilson as you heard leaves behind two children, a nine year old and a one year old. police aren't releasing the identities of the suspect at this time. all they say is that they recovered two guns on the scene, both of these suspect are known to police. they tell us that one of the suspect has five priors, the other has at least one prior and one of the suspect was on probation at the time. we'll continue to follow this developing story but for now, live in north philadelphia, jan carabeo cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you so many many we will continue to follow the story as it develops, and we
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learn more about officer wilson's funeral plans. you can always find the latest updates, follow us on twitter at cbs philly use the hashtag cbs-3 breaking. >> the last time philadelphia police officer was killed happened more than two and a half years ago. he was also from the 22nd district. officer moses walker was shot august 18th, 2012. it happened after his shift during a attempted robbery in north philadelphia. and today a judge is scheduled to sentence officer walker's convicted killer raphael jones to life in prison. breaking news out of the talcony area, torresdale avenue church on fire. fire broke out in the walls of the church, we'll continue to update this story and bring you more information as it becomes available to us. >> trafficking in just one minute, first, check this out. this morning crews are hard at work trying to clean up after
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the biggest snowstorm of the season. roads, some of them, still a mess this morning. most major roads are cleared but plows still need to clean up those side roads and the neighborhoods. in addition, trucks are salt to go try and prevent refreeze from the cold temperatures. katie has a look at the forecast after the storm and what's in store for thus weekends, and you were saying maybe it is not even a refreeze? >> we always saw temperatures dropping yesterday. they never had a chance to actually climb above the freezing mark. where you supply had melting from the heat from the vehicles, just the constant tread on some of these area roadways, lead to go slushy spots, or even just the fact that they got plowed over. that could have made them a little bit wet. then again because it has been so cold, they would have had the chance to freeze back over. but yes, not as though we had a chance to moderate up on the thermometer at all yet. in fact, bottoming out as we speak. currently on storm scan three you have nothing to see here folks. zoom it out one time. see the retreat of the clouds. it is crystal clear outside. visibility, no worries at all with that today.
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you will need the sunglasses eventually. but here's where we stand with temperatures. it is cold very, very cold outside. now, right now we've got couple of new records for you at least one that has since tide and a brand new one for the record books, 5 degrees in allentown, that's new for you here guys. these are the records that we actually had to beat. we did hit five, breaks the record of seven last set in 1960. we've got to hit ten to tie it in philadelphia. meanwhile, we have at least hit 10 degrees, pretty quickly here through the last hour, but since back up to 11 in wilmington. so again, it is a newspaper record, or at least tying new record in some spot. but there definitely still be dicey conditions, in a lot of the neighborhoods this morning, so, with that said, carol erickson live in the cbs-3 mobile weather look, salem count way look on the conditions there hi, carol. >> yes, we are in salem county right now on route 40. this is a road snow covered yesterday. and it does not look bad this morning. i tell you we came down 55,
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and still plowing some of the sides on that. but, things are in so much better shape this morning than you might dare imagine in most areas. the one thing you will have to do, and that's the road crews have nothing to do with that, and that is take the extra time as my photographer mike type err said, to chissle your way into your car because the locks are friends, doors can be frozen, trying to get the window down if you needed to for any reason, can be hard, because we saw so much freezing with the temperatures dropping to most records this morning, dealing with some cold. now, we're going to be watching for also the difficulty in finding road signs. all of that slush yesterday that got sent up on road signs, you find a lot of that obscured so just take it easy out there, it is a regroup day today. but i think we are regroup nicely and the weather will look beautiful hopefully we start some melting and get rid of the look. let's head into vet tore y the
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roads so far that i've encountered, vittoria, really not a problem. >> i like to see that, carol. i appreciate. that will carol bridges up great point. she talks about those signs. sometimes you don't really this bye. that will just so focused on the road. but yes missing those signs as a result of some of that precipitation, still lingering on there, could definitely be something that can set you back. even maybe not viewing the lines in the roads so accurately, because of the weather, and still some that far packed snow on the gown. so take it easy out there. make sure that you have both eyes open. both hands on the wheel. just extra a tentative in weather like. >> this as we look now on 95, traveling on 95, in and around south philly there is shot here around broad street, no delays in either direction. the entire 95 corridor looks great. delaware, traveling in pa, heading toward new jersey, really fantastic. our area bridges are also moving just as well. no signs of rush hour just yet. how much, the bridges do have speed restrictions of 25 miles per hour. so you definately want to take your time. if you are traveling mass transit, amtrak is running on modified schedule, many of our
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septa regional rail lines were operating with delays, but now running on time. we do have detours for area buses, 101 trolleys on delay. but patco jersey, dart, looks great. >> yesterday's wet her us all looking up. this morning we need to look down. ice is major concern today on any surface treated or untreated. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us in east falls to show you what you can expect when you step out the morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the first thing you will do is throw on hat scarf, gloves. then might make your way over to your car hopefully knock off some of the snow and ice kind of tough to do. then get behind the wheel, ten and two. what you will find most of your roadways look like this. definitely plowed, but still slick, somewhat, underneath. we are told by penndot over night hundreds of trucks were out, plowing, and salting to make sure your morning commute is safe. >> while were you sleeping penndot crews were working
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plowing, salting clearing major roadways, ahead of the friday morning commute. >> well, basically, we've cleaned up the whole highway guys continuing to clean up, but the temperatures are low, falling into the teens. so we want to make sure we have enough salt out there. >> for about 12 hours steady snowfall across the delaware vale left an average of six to 8 inches of snow. and soon after the dig-out began. timothy spain was working hard. >> i have to come and make sure that the people that walk along the way can be safe. >> why not do it tomorrow morning? >> because it will be cold and turn to sheet of ice. you can't shovel ice. >> and down in south philly, getting a shovel out early comes with a roadside guarantee. >> oh, ya, south philly classic, save your spot, boxes, chairs, trash cans, ya and then they know not to touch it. >> reporter: looking live here on midvale avenue, you can see there are still lots of spaces out here, one thing also, too you walkers out here, you'll find that not all of your
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sidewalks will be that clear many won't look much different than the roads still lots of ice, snow on the grounds, so you want to walk slow and tight. slowing your roll with your feet, as well, make sure get to your destination safely. live in east falls justin fin. cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> for sure. >> respect the chair and slow your roll. >> i like that. >> one of hollywood's biggest stars lucky to be alive this morning after surviving a harrowing plane crash. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us on what happened and how that star is doing. >> this was incredible news when we got it. >> it really was erika ford known for his on screen adventures, but yesterday afternoon he found himself in some real life danger when he crash landed his small world war ii era plane onto golf course in southern california. now, authorities say ford executed an emergency landing in venice, manage to go land that plane right side up and pretty much intact. you can see it thereon your screen. the 72 year old actor sustained some serious injuries, but is expected to make a full recovery.
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that's good news this morning. ntsb spokesman says the problem occurred shortly after take off. >> the pilot report add loss of engine power, attempt to go return to the runway. it appears that he clipped the top of a tree, and came to rest on the golf course. >> now ford is married to actress calista flockheart, ties to our went to school in medford new jersey. ford's son bent sent out this tweet few hours later saying at the hospital dad is okay, battered, but okay. he's every bit the man you would think he is. he is incredibly strong. celebrities also take to go twitter to voice their support for the actor including william shatner. he says harrison had a door fall on him and he continued filming. he's tough. edward also echoing with this tweet saying: thanks, harrison, for hanging tough. you've done a man's job sir. stay strong and get out of the
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hospital asat. few of the well wishes for the actor set to reprise his role in his fourth star wars movie society come out in december. >> he had kay? >> the skills to land that way, thank you. still ahead this morning another mishap when another plane, this one, slides off the runway. now hearing from the passengers who were just inches away from disaster. >> also, an angry father seeking revenge trashes that suv. find out why he was so angry at the guy who owns it. >> and it is a complicated kidney swap. not one but six different patients. what makes this surgery so difficult. that's coming up. >> and after the biggest snowstorm of the season, get ready for a weekend warm up. but first, we have to deal with some record cold out there. we'll check traffic and weather together on the these when we come back.
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>> good morning k fell. >> good morning, ukee. right now, we've got nice clear sky for you. and very cold air. but at least the quiet weather pattern has gun. we just got to dig out of the worse from this cold at this point. 12 degrees at the palmyra cove nature park. temperatures similar aroundment region. at least see philly in the distance barely could make out your hand in front of your face near the river yesterday with the clouds and low-lying cloud cover. clouds retreating all the moisture also retreating and we are done, with any major storms for quite some time. your eyewitness weather seven day forecast, here, seeing these temperatures rebound with every passing day, to the point that we head to the mid 50's, for wednesday and thursday. but up until that point every day sort of a slow creep. not going to see any extremes here with the forming trend but it is just that. a warming trend and that is definitely music to everyone's
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ears at this point. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you, so much, katie. good morning everyone, traveling right now i would say, the music that you'll have to your ears, is that it is very calm, and serene. waiting in the wings of rush hour 5:16. usually we won't see rush hour until about an hour or so. take a look first at the vine street expressway, not dealing with any major delays at all. i mean, really fantastic. notice there is a little bit after sheen on the roadway. but, still generally speaking, i mean, you're moving well. just be careful do not approach that situation lightly. taking you now and what i mean by that, is situation lightly, if you do see the sheen, take it easy, still could be very slick. route one around the area of the pa turnpike. if you are traveling around dollars bensalem stretch again no delays in either direction. pa turnpike looking great. northeast extension looking fantastic. we do, however have downed wires in new jersey, carney's point, closing harding way between dupont and golfwood avenue. georgetown road your best alternate. no majors delays really for mass transit. still check your schedules. >> thanks so much.
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updating developing story right now philadelphia police have seized ak47 from the home after suspect in the schooling death of officer robert wilson. operation err wilson was shot and killed in a hail of bullets, trying to stop a robbery, it happened at north philadelphia store yesterday. officer wilson is a father of two, and a eight year veteran of the force. >> also, no injuries, but plenty of damage after a fire at holy innocence episcopal church torresdale avenue in talcony. fire broke out in the walls of the building around 12:45 this morning. >> and there is snow clean up work to do across our area today, with a could be record coal temperatures. there are plenty of school closings, and delays, at the bottom of your screen. katie says we can expect a warm up over the weekend so at least we have that to look forward to. >> it is coming. >> and the 50's next week. >> it is coming. >> fifty's ukee, may be golfing next week. >> may be, i'll be right there. >> we'll be right back.
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>> police are on the hunt for her killer, it happened last night, inside this home on sunday i brook avenue, in cheltenham township. the district attorney's office identified their suspect as 52 year old stanley language. he's considered armed and dangerous. 5:20 here's cbs news business analyst jill vest inninger. >> march 8th is international women's day. an opportunity for women to celebrate their achievements, while calling for greater equality. global research firm catalyst says women still have a long way to go. women earn 67% of what men earn, for full time workers average income for women in pennsylvania is $38,368. the gender wage gap also varies by industry. the smallest pay differential
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may surprise you occurs in construction where women earn 92.2% of what men make. women may be partially responsible for short changing themselves. research shows that when women negotiate for themselves, they ask for an average of $7,000 less than men. career experts suggest women practice asking for pay increase, come up with a script accomplishment, salary expectations then, practice that speech until you have it down cold. it may not close the gap. but it might get you part of the way there. i'm jill schlessinger for cbs-3, "eyewitness n
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>> very scold morning, see the smile on my face?
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it is because we are finally into a quiet weather pattern finally catching a break that's going to last longer than a day. also see temperatures rebounds so nicely here with time. so it will feel down right balmy to you. looking forward into next week, but for now high pressure regaining control, it is an arctic hi, though, so you know what that means, in the name, arctic air in place feels awfully chilly. temperatures feeling generally five to 10 degrees colder than the actual thermometer reads. your feels like values. i did want to show those to you. wind pretty light at this point. but the feels like values really tell the story. bundle up. headed up to the ski slopes this weekend norths bad weekends for it, but it is cold out there folks. definitely fresh powder on the slopes, for sure. we can expect quiet weather not just up in the poconos but everywhere else. and temperatures that ease up every single day. vittoria? >> thank you so much katie. good morning everyone. traveling on the rolled, one thing i would watch and be most careful about, would be the bridges. speed censors, are high on the
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bridges, but speed restricted on the bridge if you are traveling on any of them, 25 miles per hour, so you will want to give yourselves more time. >> if you are traveling, 95, right around the area of the betsy ross bridge, southbound, seeing few more headlights, but again, no signs of rush hour just yet. schuylkill, nice and clear around the stretch at spring garden, but talk mass transit. because if you are traveling amtrak, still running on modified schedule. regional rail running on time, there are many detours for septa buses so you will want to plan accordingly for. that will watch out for the route 101 trolley on delay and definitely still call ahead to the airport. >> sixers open season high five game home stand tonight against the utah jazz, the home team, has lost three straight including wednesday night's over time lost to the okc thunderment to the flyers, big column back against the hard hitting st. louis blues.
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michael tying the game in the third period. flyers were not finished either. just a few minutes later time to get on the wayne train. simmons redirect the shot into the net. the fly guys go onto win this 13 to one the flyers trail the bruins by four points foreplay off spot, and the flyers play the bruins tomorrow afternoon in boston, oh it will be a playoff like atmosphere. >> winter weather impacting the outlook for tomorrow's soccer season opener at chest per ppl park. use the eagles snow removal equipment to clear the stadium yesterday. >> rapid tomorrow afternoon to kick offer the major league soccer season, and with all of that snow down at ppl no better time to show off eagle pauley, thank you so much, to show off their brand new second deer jersey pretty cool. stars right there running down the front casino of tough but it is very cool. let's go union and this is a
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large, whose is this? >> thank you very much. >> erika back to you. >> 5:27 right now. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" we are following new overnight developments in the murder after philadelphia police officer. what detective found when they searched the home in connection to the murder. >> also, talk about a terrifying landing. a plane nearly ended up in the water after skidding offer the runway. now we're hearing from passengers on board the plane. >> and we're keeping an eye on the slick spots this morning for your morning commute. vittoria and katie return with your traffic and weather together on the 3's. as you look live right now from the mobile weather lab. we're back in just two minutes.
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>> this morning, flag are flying at half staff outside the 22nd district in north philadelphia. >> live at the scene with a look at how officer robert wilson is being remembered this morning. you might need few extra minutes to warm up the car this morning threatening record cold, frigid temperatures and ♪ forced hundreds of schools to cancel classes today. we'll check traffic and weather together on the 3's. coming up in just a bit. >> first though, philadelphia police officers are preparing to burr a fallen hero among their own ranks. >> officer robert wilson died in shoot-out at north philadelphia video game store. this morning two men are in custody. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us from second 22nd and lehigh with more. >> such a tragedy. it will be real hard today for the entire city of philadelphia and a family of this slain supplies officerment as you can see this scene


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