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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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both suspects were charge in the murder of officer robert wilson the their. good evening i'm's chris may. i'm natasha brown in for guess contact also new tonight we are hearing dramatic call for help in the moments right after officer wilson was shot multiple times. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live outside game stop store at 22nd and lehigh, that is where this tragedy took place todd. >> reporter: natasha investigators tell me that until the suspect announced the robbery here inside the store they had in idea officer wilson was there and that his partner was sitting in the mark patrol car just outside. police contend brothers carlton hipps and 26 year-old ramone williams were armed and full of bad intentions about nine employees and customers written side when robert wilson confronted the men.
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>> transport should not be waiting for rescue transport. >> transport the officer. >> reporter: scattered traffic capture moments after the shooting investigators say surveillance video shows the heroic actions of the father of two as he was being shot and returning fire. he moved to draw fire away from the innocent bystanders. >> i think redesign what a hero was all about, he stepped away so shots were not going directly at them but toward them. >> reporter: small memorial outside between the second and lehigh continues to grow for the slain officer. he happened to be inside the store waiting to buy a video game for his eight year old son doing well inside school and has his ninth birthday on monday. >> he walk in and was fine and sent a gift. who would have thought he would walk and lose his life that is horrible. >> reporter: hipps was shot in the leg during a second gun battle with wilson's partner damon stevenson had wilson's handcuffs placed on his hospital bed. investigators say william has confessed, wilson was shot
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several times including one time in the head. >> it was absolutely incredible what this officer was able to do. >> reporter: both suspects remain lock up tonight, more than 50 shots were exchanged during yesterday's gunfire here, just before 5:00 o'clock. the officer wilson leaves behind two children a one year-old and eight year-old. reporting live from north philadelphia, todd quinones cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks for the update. >> cbs-3 iteam is uncovering new details about criminal histories charge in the killing of the officer wilson. we have learn that carlton hipps has six prior arrests ramone williams has two including one for retail theft. now hipps has multiple convictions he pled guilty to robbery and firearms charges following a 2004 incident. he was sentenced to ten years, but only served five, before being released on probation. parole board decide that had hipps cast in the a risk to
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the community, and demonstrated motivation for success. members of the philadelphia police department have established a trust fund for family of the officer wilson. you can find that information plus any developments in the investigation on our web site at cbs there is developing news right new new jersey senator robert menendez is set to speak with reporters in about an hour from now after a law enforcement official told cbs news that the justice department plans to bring criminal charges against the democrat. menendez has been under investigation for doing political favors for florida ophthalmologist named salmon melge n in exchange for his political support. investigators questioned several trips on melge n private plane in the dominican republic in 2010 and raised questions about whether menendez put pressure on the centers for medicine and medicaid services to change reimbursement policies in
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order to benefit his friend. >> in a statement tonight the as we have said before we believe all of the senator's actions have ban pope eighth and lawful and the facts will ultimately confirm that, and she goes on to say any actions taken by senator menendez and his office have been a to appropriately address public policy issues and not for any other reason. "eyewitness news" will have senator menendez comments to reporters for you tonight, at the ten and 11:00 o'clock. >> we have had a frigid friday but we are ready to turn our weather corner. certainly i am. meteorologist cats i orr is on the sky deck. changes are coming but only another cold day tonight. >> we have another cold night, natasha, i know how you love the cold as i do, i wear my coat inside for goodness sakes. outside we are looking at temperatures in the 20's, running well below average but there is good news on the horizon. take a look at storm can three we have a clear sky and that will stick around overnight.
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of course, temperatures will plunge. today's high only 26 degrees, normal high for this time of the year is 49. doing math that is 23 degrees below average, right now we are in the 20's, look at wilmington down to 19, same in lancaster and temperatures will plunge right down in the teens in some spots in the single numbers but good newsweek even begins a warm up and those temperatures will be soaring right through next week, it is finalry going to feel like spring and daylight savings time begins this weekend. it is right on cue. i will have warmer digits in the seven day when i join you inside. >> looking forward to that, thanks kathy. much of the snow will start to melt this weekend there was a a lot of work being done to clear snow and ice clogged roadways. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson rolled along to take with the philadelphia a streets department. >> a long day and then temperatures dropped on us
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which made it into a ongoing night. >> reporter: then work continued. friday philadelphia streets department steve lorenzo says snow removal mission turn to snow clean up. >> doing push backs, plowing, trying to open up the streets more salting where needed. >> reporter: thursday's storm dumped 8 inches in philadelphia and anything in the removed froze over during friday's brutal cold putting one objective at the top of the list. >> trying to address every residential street in the city. >> reporter: and to to that the department deployed more than 220 crews throughout the city. we rode with one to see what the job was like. >> slow and steady wins the race. >> reporter: this salt trucker says with so many narrow streets it is harder then it looks when people break rules. >> people sometimes don't know where to put the snow so after we plow it they throw it back in the street. >> defeats the the purpose of your job. >> it makes it rough for other drivers to get down the street
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too. >> reporter: another tip if you want to help out to make this smooth is to put your street facing mirror in, if you are on a tight street as it saves time and save a potential accident. also guys like rock can do their jobs and keep the streets clean. >> let get the job done. >> reporter: in west philadelphia, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay on top of the weekend forecast by down loading cbs philly weather app, free and available now on itunes and google play. hundreds of volunteers spent this day searching for a missing teen from delaware county. this 13 year old was last seen at his home on hard on drive are in newtown square. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers talk with the young man's parent today. >> reporter: it has been two days since kay men naib disappeared, a 13 year old eighth grader with a bright smile. >> he is a smart kid, computer savvy, resource full, he is funny, his friend love him. >> reporter: his parent
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rebecca and siron said it start thed with an e-mail. hit grade has not been good and progress report shows as much. >> we think he panic and decided to take off in the middle of the storm. >> reporter: it was raining, foggy on wednesday and snowed all day thursday. that meant boots and snow pants for hundreds who gathered in newtown square friday to help in the search, armed with flyers and pictures. >> we are heading back out. >> be careful. if you see sock you cannot navigate don't. >> reporter: knew town square police are coordinating the search with private search and rescue over the say it is a all about spreading the the word. >> if you saw anything on wednesday night and if they see anything now. >> reporter: for cayman's parents there is nothing but uncertainty. they are fearful of the worse but hoping this is as simple as a scared kid running a away over some missed homework. they hope he can come home. >> cayman, come home.
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it is not that big not that big of a deal. >> reporter: cayman's family has notified national center for missing and exploited children and have asked the fbi to get involved in this case. it is in the clear if the agency has signed on to help just yet. we're out identify police headquarters in knew newtown square matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". search is on for cause of the fire that damaged a church in philadelphia's tacony neighborhood this happened at holy innocence st. paul's episcopal church on torresdale avenue around 1:00 o'clock this morning. "eyewitness news" has learn that the fire began within the walls of that church. well that story plus the time change this weekend should be all reminder you need to check your smoke alarms. the the american red cross is teaming up with fire departments around the area to make sure that everyone has a working smoke detector in their home. when you turn your clocks ahead saturday night, take a a few minutes replace smoke alarm batteries and make sure they work.
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daylight savings time begins on sunday. well dozens of fire fighters in atlantic city may find themselves without a job by the even of the year. >> stay with us, still ahead at 6:00 why city's mayor does not want to extend federal funding to pay for fire fighters salary where you will take a look at both side of this debate jim. it is tax time and we are holding our three on your side tax phone bank if you have tax questions we have got volunteers here to take your questions and give you answers you you need number is 1.844.977.cbs3. they will be here until 6:30. dial now kathy. jim, we are looking at clear skies tonight that means cold temperatures but it is not going to stay that way as warming trend gets underway in the seven day. we will have that coming up. flyers looked like they were in big trouble last night only to go off in the third period. would they make up any ground in the playoff race. cole hamels had many eyes on his making his spring training debut . we will have highlights later
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in sports.
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coming up, expired drugs do you really need to throw them away. over counter and prescription, some you can still take, others you should not.
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health reporter stephanie tall has some expert advice that could ultimately keep from you getting sick and also save you money, don't miss it tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. new at 6:00 atlantic city fire fighters could be soon out of the job. city officials say they cannot afford a federal grant that pays their wages. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan explains. >> shame on him. >> reporter: fifty atlantic city fire fighters are heading for layoffs after marry fuse todd sign a federal grant application due on friday. >> residents are to be the losers of this whole thing. >> reporter: atlantic city has paid for 50 fire fighters through a grant neck named safer, staffing for adequate fire and emergency response. every two years city cannery apply for nine million-dollar. >> i'm a city resident. anytime you can bring your federal tax dollars back to the city to off set your budget and make sure public safety is taken care of, it is a win/win. >> reporter: mayor don
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guardian ace begins the program's long term cost. >> not only do you pay all of the salaries but you pay their health and retirement benefits until they and their partners die. >> reporter: international association of fire fighters sent a letter on city hall on friday urging them to sign the the grant application even if they don't plant to use the money later. mayor says time has come to start down sizing the fire department. guardian agrees with the state recommendation that is atlantic city only need 180 fire fighters. right now they have 236, so losing 50 just about meets that goal. >> that is the right size number, and our financial situation, we need to do what is right today. >> reporter: what remains to be seen is safety impact with a nearly quarter of the fire department gone and atlantic city is already hurting for jobs. >> 8,000 jobs here we lost. definitely. city residents are in dire straits right new. >> reporter: in atlantic city, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". just a few short weeks to go until the tax deadline, if
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you still have questions, we're here to help. consumer reporter jim donovan is in the great hall with the annual three on your side tax phone bank jim. >> reporter: phones have been ringing off the hook i'm hearing about education credits, deductions, state issues, dividend, you name it. lines will be opened until 6:30. the number is 1.844.977.cbs3 and joining me is, accountant jeffery kim. thanks so much for role tiering your services today. turf ask you people keep getting these crazy calls from supposedly the the irs. they are scam calls. >> right, my advice would be to hang up the phone. irs will not ask to you pay taxes over the phone or through an e-mail. they would also send you a notice. >> reporter: they will in the threaten you with an arrest and send the sheriff. they went do that. >> that is correct. >> reporter: how do you recommend your clients protect their personal information because that is a really big thing, every year it gets worse and worse. >> right, the the fraud is up and on the rise.
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it is very important for the taxpayer once they are finish with preparing their tax returns, would i shred all a of the information like social security numbers or any other tax documents. >> reporter: make hure no one can get their hand on them. >> right. >> reporter: no personal information, anybody calls brianly to your house. >> definitely. you should hang up the phone if they are asking for your personal information over the the phone. >> reporter: great advice. thanks for joining folks from the pica here, the lines will be opened until 6:30. back to you in the studio. the cold today after the storm but we promise it will get better. >> it will get better but how quickly is the the question, right. meteorologist kathy orr is standing by, kathy. >> chris, is that the $64,000 question. >> maybe more. >> maybe million? >> lets look behind me. our eyewitness weatather watchers are saying we have unis, we have cold, we have to work on temperature department. we are looking at temperatures in the 20's every where, near
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bensalem, steve reporting a temperature of 22 degrees and saying not much win barometric pressure falling but should be rising as high pressure takes control of our weather. that is why we are seeing colder temperatures. carolyn reporting a temperature of 26 degrees in philadelphia beautiful sunny, but crisp and a cold day. here are pictures she sent us from the city of philadelphia you can see ice sickles, be careful, make sure lou above before you enter a building because that warm heiress scapes buildings, forms ice and with warmer weather they will be breaking off. take a look at a beautiful scene, snow on the board, some establishments opened on the boardwalk in ocean city and gorgeous sunset. just think it won't too long until that san instead of snow. that is what i'm looking for to within of our weather watchers sending a beautiful picture in gloucester township kid are sledding sunnies shining, beautiful blue skies.
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bob, thank you for this beautiful picture. temperatures fairly coal. same old, same old story here. wilmington at 19. lancaster 19. looking to the south raleigh-durham a at 35. birmingham 45 degrees. so cold, along the whole eastern half of the nation. that will be changing with high pressure to the south, some of that warmth working its way up the coastal plane mostly sun which temperatures in the 30's for saturday. still below average but improving. we will bounce in the 40's for sunday, date light savings time begins. area of low pressure stays to the nor. that is good sign as well. jet stream lifts northward and temperatures in the 40's by monday. starting off a warming trend. average high is 49, we will go from the 20's to the 30's to the 40's and 50's on the way by mid week, so it will be a gradual increase in temperature, it will be a slow melt across the delaware valley. overnight mainly clear but coal. low temperature is 13. elsewhere we could be challenging record cold,
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during the day tomorrow mostly sunny, high temperature is 38. still 11 below normal. remember daylight savings time does begin sunday morning so usually saturday night before you go sleep spring that clock ahead one hour sunset on sunday will be 7:00 p.m. i love that. monday, 46 tuesday near 50, wednesday, thursday, and friday high temperatures expect to be in the 50's, finally three days a would have normal. >> long time coming. >> maybe a while and maybe all of the snow will finally say good bye. >> good to see the the the pavement again. >> yes, good to see your car again. >> long overdue. >> kathy, thank you. definitely some good news out on the ben franklin bridge so far for a friday at 6:20 you can see all lanes open and in the really not much in the way of volume going in the city westbound or into new
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jersey eastbound. and speed sensors are up there, as well. and this shot might not look like much to you right now heading over near airport from i-95 northbound this is ramp heading to bartram avenue, see slow go they are but watch as these cars bump through the area, that is because of the pothole there and definitely want to be careful and slow go over those seems right there on the i-95. egypt road at mill road an accident push over into the shoulder and norristown another crash on main street and cherry street, 422 dealing with another disable car on the eastbound lanes at troutman road right under the under pass but good thing is, a lot of mass transit back to normal septa regional rails no problems and path the co new jersey transit and dart amtrak running on modified schedule and septa buses are running on a detoured schedule. also no problems at philadelphia international airport, stay there cbs-3
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estimated 30 scouts were on hand in clear what the tore watch phillies take on the yankees. the coincidently or not cole hamels making his grapefruit league debut rainy day at bright house field, very warm, i am jealous. good jumping off point for hamels who looked very sharp in his two innings of work. he had a couple strike outs did not allow a run in walks surrendering just one hit on the afternoon. that is a good sign for phillies. at last nate flares game had makings of the one to nothing shut out loss for the blues but orange and black rallied big time to score three unanswered in the three-one victory. michael dellzon the go got the flyers midway in the third. that ties the game at one. here comes avalanche of momentum. then wayne simmons getting south up in his office and simmonds right there with the nice tip n flyers get on to win the game, three-one.
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all right. orange and black keeping a close eye on the bruins for final playoff spot. their game went to the shoot-out. look at that move, that is david, right there, beating rask. flames win flyers trail boston by just four points with 17 games to play. we will be right back with
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well, thanks so much for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 "eyewitness news" returns at ten on cw philly and back here at 11:00 on cbs-3. >> "cbs evening news" comes your way. they will checkup on the economy following the latest inly jobs report and while it is cold outside steve hartman has a heart warming story as he goes on the road charlie rose in tonight once again for scott pelley as he reports from new york.
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>> rose: after the snow falls the temperature plunges and the mud slides. also tonight more americans are finding jobs, but wall street gets rattled and the dow drops sharply. a star crashes to earth. the latest on harrison ford. and steve hartman "on the road"" with the story of undying love. ♪ i'll give you a daisy a day dear. ♪ i'll give you a daisy a district attorney captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. a day ♪>> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. spring begins in just two weeks but there is no sign of it in much of the country. cold temperature records were broken or tied in 34 cities from texas to new york where the temperature fell to 29 below in se


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