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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  March 7, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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uploads as fast as downloads. and the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> developing now search teams head out in force looking for a delaware county teenager who vanished earlier this week. 13-year-old cayman naib hasn't been seen since wednesday. >> reporter: natasha the lower gym here at the episcopal academy has served as the home base for the hundreds of volunteers who spender saturday searching his area for this missing teen.
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we have video to show from you a little bit earlier from inside the command center inside that lower gym here at the school where hundreds of volunteers formed over 50 search teams that fanned out across the area looking for cayman. it was wednesday night around 6:30 that he was last seen his parents said he received a progress report from school that showed he might fail one of his courses. his parents think he panicked and left home and hasn't been seen since. since then private search and rescue efforts have joined the newtown square police, the fbi and hundreds of volunteers looking for the a student. so far they have -- there have been some suspected sightings of him but none have been confirmed so the search goes on. >> family is holding up well but obviously it's a very difficult time. a lot of emotions. not a lot of sleep as you can imagine but the support from hundreds of people from all over the place and professional and volunteer has been amazing.
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>> reporter: and while most of the volunteers have gone home for the evening professional search and rescue private experts as well as law enforcement officials remain here at the school searching with canine units. the search goes on this evening. it will continue through the night. we're live in newtown square, matt rivers cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> matt, thank you so much. also this evening one of two brothers charge in there fatal shooting of philadelphia police officer robbed wilson faced a -- robert wilson faced a judge. his brother carleton hipps remains hospitalized. wilson was killed in a shootout at a north philadelphia game stop. today the group mothers in charge comforted officers at the 22nd police district and called for an end to the violence. >> it's not the government officials no more. we can't say it's them. they have done their part. now it's our part as the citizens of philadelphia to do what we need do. it's a tragedy any time the people that are supposed to protect us, they're being
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shot. >> officer wilson will be remembered during a special mass on sunday morning at saint martin west parish on west lehigh avenue. the mass begins at 10 o'clock. not quite as cold today around our area. we did shoot this video of folks enjoying penn's landing earlier this afternoon. meteorologist justin drabick joins us now. justin it's about to really warm up and i'm very happy about that. >> i think a lot of people are natasha. finally we're starting to thaw out a little bit. at least we had the sunshine today. feels pretty good that early march sun is pretty strong. high temperatures still running about 10 degrees below average. we were right around 40 degrees but compared to what we were dealing with the past several weeks 40 feels pretty good in the sunshine. so that was the high today. compared to 24 hours ago we're anywhere from 14 to 20 degrees warmer so that's a sign of that warmer air mass starting to lift into the delaware valley so we're on that uphill
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climb as far as the temperatures go over the next several days. right now 39 degrees at the airport as well as wilmington, 30 in mount pocono. not too bad up in the ski resorts. 38 degrees in trenton. we have some clouds over the region a little weak disturbance will pass through the area tonight. that cloud cover will help keep the temperatures up a little bit so we're not going to be dealing with single digits and teens for our low temperatures sunday morning. 35 in willow grove, 36 quakertown, 40 still in northeast philadelphia. there's the clouds over the region right now maybe a few sprinkles or flurries possible of possible up in the lehigh valley and poconos as a weak cold front slides through overnight. elsewhere just partly cloudy skies rolling on through and don't forget turn the clocks ahead one hour tonight as we head into daylight saving time on sunday. sunset tomorrow night coming in at 7 o'clock. so that sunlight will stay out longer in the day. here's our high temperature. still a few degrees below average for sunday, a mix of sun and clouds 46 for the high in philadelphia. mid 40's at the shore. still chilly up in the poconos but still not bad in the sunshine temperatures in the mid 30's. now coming up in the full
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forecast we'll talk about temperatures getting close to average. we'll be talking about some 50's and our weather pattern stays quiet for now. those details in a few minutes. natasha. >> sounds great. thank you justin. firefighters had to deal with icy conditions while battling a two alarm blaze in montgomery county. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson has the story from whitpain township. >> reporter: it is one thing to battle a fire, another to battle ice. but to battle both at the same time. >> it's just brutality it's brutal. >> reporter: firefighters alert towed whitpain township at about 3:00 saturday morning. this three story home in flames. >> they made an aggressive interior attack. but at that point it had run up into the third floor and got up into the roof area. >> reporter: center square fire chief lee miller says the home was unoccupied but after battling flames from the top down crews controlled the smoke. the problem this was all playing out in subfreezing
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temperatures. >> it was a difficult fire to fight. we were looking at about 10, 15 degrees out here this morning. so obviously everything turned to ice right away. >> reporter: for every ounce of water firefighters had to dump on top that of ice they had to consider what it was doing to the ground. so as much as this was a firefighting operation it also became a salting operation. four firefighters were injured three from falling. no one needed medical treatment. the chief says all things considered, that's a win. >> with four minor injuries, that's a good night. >> reporter: in montgomery county, steve patterson, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> the search is on for the cause of a deadly crash in hopewell township mercer county. two cars collided on route 31 near route 58 even after midnight. two passengers in a chevy cobalt what killed. the driver of the chevy and passenger in a ford focus were injured. police have not released the identities of the victims just
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yet. investigators in new castle county delaware say a fire at an apartment complex was arson. flames broke out at the woods edge apartment on the 1200 block of tara hill drive in edgemoor shortly after 1:00 this morning. it took several hours for firefighters to control the two alarm fire. at one point part of the roof collapsed. no one was injured but the damage is estimated at about $250,000. and today it marks the 50th anniversary of bloody sunday when hundreds of civil rights marchers were attacked on the edmund pettis bridge selma, alabama. this afternoon president obama visited selma to commemorate the turning point in the battle for equal voting rights. cbs news correspondent marlie hall has more. >> reporter: president obama and his family retrace the historic walk across selma's edmund pettis bridge. 50 years ago this is where police used brutal force to stop a march for voting rights. the violence of bloody sunday
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became a turning point for the nation. >> it was not a clash of armies but a clash of wills. a contest to determine the true meaning of america. >> reporter: former president george bush attended the anniversary event with about 100 members of congress. while paying tribute to selma's heroes, president obama said the exposure of racial bias in ferguson, missouri shows more work is needed. >> we just need to open our eyes and our ears and our hearts to know that this nation's racial history still casts its long shadow upon us. >> reporter: along with the official delegation thousands packed into selma for the commemoration among them some of the original marchers who saw the violence firsthand. reverend frederick reese was the actor 50 who asked dr. martin luther king jr. to join the selma movement. on their third attempt they reached the capitol in montgomery to demand voting rights. >> it was a great feeling of triumph and victory after
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having gone through all of the indignities, the sacrifice that is had been made by many people. >> reporter: five months later president johnson signed the voting rights act and those sacrifices changed the course of history. marlie hall for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> as the first family prepared for their departure to selma they were briefly locked down in there white house when a food cart caught fire just east of the north lawn. no one was injured and the lockdown was lifted shortly before noon. >> ♪ stay with us everyone. coming up on "eyewitness news" a mother racked with grief after her unarmed teenaged son is shot and killed by police. find out what led to the deadly shooting. plus. >> i deal with you the same way as i deal with you in new jersey. >> find out who those protesters were and why they were so upset at new jersey governor chris christie. justin. >> and temperatures are starting to finally warm up in the forecast. we're talking about 50's returning to the seven day and
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those details coming up. >> straight ahead in sports, the flyers with app crucial game for their playoff hopes today in boston. rob ellis with the highlights from a full day in sports.
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heckling this morning and he took it all in stride. >> great to have you here and i think you understand i'll deal with you the same way here as i deal with in you new jersey . >> [laughter] >> the protesters were removed from the crowd. they represented a group called finish the job in new jersey which criticizes christie's handling of superstorm sandy relief money. protests erupted overnight in madison wisconsin after police shot and killed a 19-year-old black man. family identified the man as tony robinson. the police chief says there was an altercation and the officer fired after robinson knocked him down with a blow to the head. but the chief says robinson was not armed. robinson's mother says her son was never a violent person. >> my son was so into watching everything that happened in ferguson and he was one of the people that spoke out about this constantly and to know -- to turn around and have him die of the same thing that he was so fearful of, it's not --
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it's not fair. >> the officer 45-year-old matt kenny was involved in a shooting in 2007 but was cleared of any wrongdoing. wisconsin's department of justice is currently investigating. and caught on camera an apparent road rage incident on a california highway. this video was recorded by another driver earlier this week. watch as the small carry petedly slams on its brakes nearly causing an accident with the suv following behind. now the driver even throws bottles at the suv. eventually the small car speeds off at a hundred miles an hour on the shoulder of the road as you can see. the witness who recorded this video says that he wants the driver to face charges. >> it was just stupid. the guy was a stupid guy. there's something going on in that guy's head to cause him to drive like that. >> police say they are planning to speak with more witnesses and they could file a host of charges in this case. an old school bus is now
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helping to train dogs for search and rescue operations. "eyewitness news" at the penn vet working dog center. a large crane lowered the bus onto an outdoor rubble pile which the puppies go through to simulate searching for victims. the rubble pile also helps the dogs become accustomed to working on unstable surfaces. >> well, the strong early march sunshine went to work on the snow pack today. a lot of melting going on. that's going to be the trend over the next several days as we are in the sunshine with temperatures getting close to average. now, not a bad evening right now. we're in the mid to upper 30's currently from our weather watchers. we have some clouds over the region which help team keep temperatures warmer tonight. these were the highs reported across the region from our weather watchers at the shore. in ocean city new jersey james checked in with a high temperature 37 degrees, john in glasgow delaware 41, willow grove barbara lane had 44 degrees this afternoon and mid 40's for philadelphia. jason in middletown delaware also mid 40's. cooler to the north.
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eagleville lieu had 38 degrees and 39 in lawrenceville. still that snow pack inhibiting some of the temperatures from really warming up. fun day to do some sledding. this is at glasgow park in glasgow delaware. this is on route 40. this is probably the south facing side of the hill so that snow is not going the last long with this sunshine coming up in the forecast. let's head to the big hill up north. this is big boulder. live look at the snowboard park. riders out there enjoying a nice night. temperatures just below 30 up there but fresh snow to deal with. looks like they have a few more weeks of some nice conditions at jack frost and big boulder. all right, let's talk about the daylight length. that's going to change as we head into daylight saving time. now, our sunset tonight was at 5:59 but tomorrow it will set at 7 o'clock as we turn those clocks ahead one hour. and then by april 1st we're talking about our sunset coming in at 7:25 as we're gaining about two minutes of daylight each day. so, signs of spring on the way and we certainly will be
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getting warmer as the sun's really going to help things out. we go back to january earlier in the wintertime the sun's angle is very low in the sky it has a lot of atmosphere to go through so it's not able to heat the surface up but now the sun is getting higher and higher in the sky so it's more of a direct ray down to the surface so that's why we're able to heat up pretty good. and our sun currently is equivalent to early october so you can actually get sun burned outside if you're out there long enough. 39 degrees our current temperature at the airport, 30 up in mount pocono, 40 degrees still out in lancaster. there's nothing terribly cold across the midatlantic and northeast. so that's a sign of the warmer air moving in from the south and west. little weak cold front will slide through overnight just producing a few clouds, maybe a stray flurry or sprinkle to the north and west. this front not ushering in a cold air mass as temperatures remain in the mid 40's for the afternoon high on sunday under partly sunny skies. get outside and enjoy the nice weather. into monday we go, high pressure right on top of us.
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our skies should go mostly sunny. temperatures again mid maybe upper 40's getting close to 50 and then on tuesday we're going to watch a little disturbance to our south. may bring a few showers in here late tuesday especially south of the city. again our high temperatures are running here average in the upper 40's. so we have a sign of a bit of a pattern change coming on. jet stream a little bit of a trough just to the north of us still keeping the very cold air far enough north into canada. we'll watch what happens over the next few days as that jet stream trough slowly lifts northward. that allows warmer air to move in from the south. by next week we have a shot at reaching mid-50's for high temperatures. finally we'll go back above average. forecast tomorrow, sky cover-wise just clouds around during the morning hours. we'll keep it dry. more sunshine through the afternoon for your sunday. we'll go mostly sunny on monday afternoon. another nice day with temperatures in the upper 40's. tuesday the clouds will thicken back up through the afternoon as that storm system moves in from the south. again, later in the day and at night there could be some rain
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showers to deal with. as far as the temperatures go nothing really cold tonight. down into the 20's to around 30 degrees by early on sunday morning into the afternoon resurging back into the 40's. and that will be the trend into monday and tuesday. so your overnight forecast, partly cloudy skies, not quite as cold, low for the city around 30 degrees, little bit colder in some of those suburbs. a milder day on sunday, partly sunny skies, up to 46 for the afternoon high. it will be a breeze out of the west at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. again here we go the seven-day forecast don't forget to turn the clocks ahead one hour tonight, 46 for the high with sunshine zone we're up to 48 on monday and tuesday. again there could be a few showers around later on tuesday. wednesday that's going to be the warmest day. 55 degrees for the afternoon high with some sunshine and we'll keep it in the 40's by the end of next week could be dealing with more rain coming in later friday into saturday. but signs of spring with the clock change and some 50's how about that. >> thank goodness. rob ellis is here with sports tonight.
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>> natasha big game. with just 17 games to play flyers trail the bruins by four points for the final playoff spot in the east this was their biggest game of the season thus far. to boston we go. second period flyers trailing one-nothing with the man advantage. voracek capitalizes. his 20th of the year. game tied after one. it will stay that way until 4:30 left in the third. chris vandevelde comes up real big. with 14.1 seconds left flyers clinging to that 21 lead off the face off brad marshawn deflects it home ties the game at two. it will go into overtime not it's that man again the back hander off of michael del zotto. a crushing defeat for the flyers. they fall they're now five points behind the bruins with 16 games to play. for villanova the goals are lofty a win today in a
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regular season finale would would be their 29th school record. saint john's led early. villanova would go on a tear. 3-pointer right there in the first. josh hart game tied at 38. then watch j'vonne pinkston right here. watch the strength to be able to get this off. two guys pulling him down and one right there old school. unbelievable. nova led by four at the half. second half all cats. throws it down. nova went on a 23 to four run and they cruise to a 105-68 win. temple with 21 wins hosting uconn in the regular season finale. will cummings had 23, 53-48 temple. mom's liking it. then cummings the drive and the miss. watch the emphatic slam right there. and temple goes on to win 75-63. they're now 22 and nine and they enter tournament play next week. lasalle hosting dayton
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first half explorers running off the miss. that's the put back by jarrel wright. explorers led 23-19 at the half. 40 seconds left. lasalle up two. it's that man again wright with the follow slam. two wright's can't be wrong. lasalle beats dayton 55-53. phillies taking on the blue jays in clearwater. looking to generate some offense. just one run yesterday versus the yankees. we pick it up in the fourth. phillies down one-nothing. watch this titanic blast by josh donaldson. incoming at the tiki bar. look out. that is a bomb. two-nothing toronto at that point. jonathan papelbon gets the strikeout right there. one inning two strikeouts one hit no runs for papelbon. top of the seventh jesse biddle on the bump. watch the nice hook right there. gets the strikeout looking but he struggled a little bit two runs three hits and a walk. phillies just six hits on the day. they lose four to two. union kicking off their sixth season home versus
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colorado. scoreless in extra time colorado down a man. the union with a free kick. connor takes aheader can't deliver just wide and the game would end in a zero-zero draw. and we'l
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>> ♪ >> well, high school students are getting a little bit of a head start on college this weekend. hundreds of philadelphia teenagers attended a precollege conference at the university of the sciences today. volunteers offered college planning and financial aid advice to students and mayor michael nutter delivered the key note address and also emphasizeed the importance of getting a college degree. good
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>> well, that is "eyewitness news" tonight. i'm natasha brown, for rob justin all of us here thank you for joining us. we're always on we're back at 10 o'clock on the cw philly and back here at 11:00 on cbs3. have a great evening. take care. >> ♪
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