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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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jan. >> reporter: good morning, exhausted, exactly. i spoke to a man who first had to take a bus to dc. and then another train to philadelphia. he got home right around midnight. it has been a very long and unnerving day for these passengers. >> it is the moment of impact, a big rig stuck on the tracks, moment real passengers are philadelphia won't soon forget. >> i heard all of the noise. it happened very quickly. >> we new we hit something. >> just a big joke. >> collision happened around noon monday, in hal fax county, north carolina the impact toppled the engine and derailed some cars. clinton jackman from malvern in the cafe car at the time. he said it was the first car left standing on the tracks. >> once we hit of course, i mean, it was a thrust, great mow tentum. >> four piece hurt, dozen take from the scratch scene to hospitals, others returned on shuttle bus.
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>> on the train for about two two and a half hours they took us to the halifax community center where they fed us, briefed us on what was going on. >> fortunately no one suffered life threatening injuries. >> all of us feel fortunate you know, that nobody was really really seriously seriously hurt. >> the train traveling from charlotte to new york with a stop in philly had 212 passengers and eight crew members on board. what was a terrifying afternoon, then turned into a long night as travelers tried whatever they could to get home. >> i got back on. >> he had to hop back on, but wasn't squared to do that, made his way home, right around midnight. meantime, that train that collided, and derailed, usually travels from a charlotte to new york every single day. crews work around the clock in order to get that scene and the rales cleared. the investigation however into the crash continues this
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morning. >> reporting life from 30th street station. >> still wait to go hear about plans for philadelphia police officer robert wilson, north philadelphia neighborhood held vigil in his memory yesterday. they gather in front of the video game store where he was shot and killed during a robbery attempt. officer wilson had stopped thereto buy his son a video game, but doing well in school. his son turned ten yesterday. >> he just kept saying that, you know, his father died trying to buy him a game. i mean, that's a heck of a thing for a ten year old now to have to deal with. >> in addition to officer wilson's son, he is survived by one year old and grandmother. police have charged two men with first degree murder. >> letted's get your traffic and weather together. >> checking rain moving into the area as we speak, it is moving in from the south and west but it will take its time getting here, so temperatures will be able to rise well above freezing before the rain gets in, which of course is good news, you
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don't want rainfall on frozen ground. take a look what's happening outside. down the shore atlantic city looking fine, no rain getting in there yet. just some clouds this morning still pretty dark, if this. this were last week, talking about light already creeping into the sky. but have to wait about an hour for. that will storm scan three see the rain, that big shield of precipitation moving through kentucky, southern indianna, into southern illinois at the moment. but, for us, we're just looking at some cloud cover maybe few breaks in the cloud cover. could be few light showers that get in here through the late morning hours. steady rain late this afternoon, below freeze nag loft spots reading down to 29, 27 in allentown and 30 in lancaster, so in the wake every yesterday's big meld down temperature around freezing this morning means could be icy spots on sidewalks, driveways, even roadways especially under bridges, overpasses where there is melting. please be safe. if it looks wet expect it probably could be icy. 9:00 a.m., 42 degrees, with increasing clouds, by noon, 49, and we get to 54 for the high today.
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showers arrive by afternoon. steadiest rain, this evening and tonight. so it will be a slow, evening commute, jest, a how is the morning commute looking? >> actually not doing too bad. i was going to say as of yesterday, at this time, we were dealing with a whole different situation, a lot of the majors are considerably slow right now slow actually, moving along nicely. they are not back up really so over on the schuylkill expressway, right around 202 everything moving great. as you can see here, headlights are headed eastbound, in to the city. westbound no problems headed toward the king of prussia area. over on the 42 freeway, little bit of volume northbound lanes, but definitely normal this time of morning. and you can see, they are still moving just fine. now the tac-pal currently in the process of an opening. might almost be closed as of this point but just expect some residual delays in the area or just take the betsy ross bridge to get on by. out in gloucester black horse pike closed, downed pole in the area, as women over sham road due to accidentment take atlantic avenue to get on by. erika, back to you. >> thank you developing right now, missing montgomery county
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woman vanishes, after her car breaks down. now police are trying to find her. upper providence police station to get us up-to-date. justin, good morning. >> good morning, erika police are telling us, there is no sign every foul play at this time. but as you might imagine the family of deidra magalon still very worried. have not seen her in days. they say she has never been gone this long before. lets take to you video her family tells us, they last saw her at about 7:00 friday. they say she took her sister's mazda mx3 without permission. they found the car in king of prussia. did not finds any signs of deidra but did fine her sister's wallet and purse, as women. as time wears on in this case, the time she's been miss sag cause for concern. take a listen. >> twenty year old female, who has not heard from her or not
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contacted her parents over the weaken, we all know that any time you have youngster specially female out and away from home there is a greater chance of them being victims. and that's what we're concerned about here. that's why we're taking it so seriously. >> since she was reported missing, they say her hair is a bit darker than it is in the photograph more after brownish color than the belong. they also say she was last seen wearing a gray or green parka. and of course police at this time say there is no sign of foul play. we are live at the upper providence pd, justin finch cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. autopsy confirms the teenage here went missing from his delaware county home last week committed suicide. the medical examiner says 13 year old kevin naib shot himself. his body found sunday near creek on his family's property in new fawn square, cayman was eighth grader at the shipley school. he disappeared after getting a
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bad progress report. grief counselors will be available for his classmates all week long. >> woman known as the black madam, known as padge found guilty on all couldn't, she performed illegal buttocks enhancement procedures, by injecting clients with industrial grade silicone in area hotels. twenty year old london woman died from complications after the injection. police say winslow was motivated by agreed. >> made us sick to our stomachs, she deserves as much time she can possibly get in jail. >> she was a liar. it was a front. she preyed on people who were uneducated, who were hoping to be beautiful. >> prosecutors say winslow enticed client by lying about being a nurse practitioner. forty-five year old now faces up to 07 years in prison, and will be sentenced in june. happening today philadelphia district attorney, set william will
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announce grand jury recollected corruption charges against two state lawmakers and one former representative. this follows an undercover state sting investigation that involves cash and gifts. all three facing charges are democrats from philadelphia. >> hear from candidates who want to be the next mayor. at the friends center cherry street in center city, the forum is free, it all start at 7:00 voters in philadelphia head to the polls today. ten weeks. >> right around the concern. indeed, 6:08. new surround vale inch video reese leased in the boston bombing marathon trial. we'll have it for when you we come back. >> fraternity members in oklahoma pack up, move out after the university shuts down their fraternity house this morning even more fall-out over the racist chant caught on camera. >> and ashton kutcher leads the charge looking for a big change in public rest rooms
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everywhere. find out what he wants to see in all men's rooms. when we come back. >> i guess three more days until friday? >> ya, ya, wednesday thursday -- ya. >> does that work. >> okay. >> hey, we're counting down, right? at least we have nice weather to talk about. warm, but we do have some rain ahead. kate lets you know when at this arrives coming up after the break. >> hump day is a little closer. >> one day until hump day. >> ♪ ♪ four, five days until hump day. we'll be back. >> ♪ ♪
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>> state capitol sparked by the shooting death of un arm black man, at the hands after white police officer. madison police officer, matt kenny, shot tony robinson friday while investigating calls that the young man was jumping in and out of traffic and had as all the dollars someone. also told robinson had previous conviction forearmed robbery. >> university of oklahoma fraternity caught on tape participating in racist chant. the chant reference add racial slur lynchings and stated black students would never be admitted to the school's chapter of sikma alpha epsilon. the video outraged the university's president, who took immediate action, by banishing the organization
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from campus. >> sigh if we can take other axes. >> just as shocked as everybody else heard about this video across the nation, we understanded, we are up second as well. >> have until midnight tonight to move out of the fraternity house. >> 6:13, traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> happy tuesday, it is happy tuesday when talking temperatures in the 50's, but unfortunately, this doesn't show the whole picturement take a look at philadelphia, new jersey, delaware, no problems, just few clouds, and few breaks in the cloud cover as well. the problem still off to the south and west, and here it is, it is large storm, which is looking a lot of rain into portions of the mid south some major flooding concerns, especially over portions every kentucky which was last week's storm some spots picked up over foot every snow. now you have the snow melt, heavy rain, may get over 2 inches every rain through this week, so that's where the flooding concerns certainly
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will be an issue. for us, had snow melt sunday, snow melt yesterday. don't expect the rain to be quite so heavy for us, so it won't be large scale flooding concern for us, but it will pose the threat for some ponding on area roadways this afternoon and evening. >> showers start to creep in between noon and 2:00 p.m. heaviest of the rain is during the evening commute here is 5:00 p.m. with steady rain falling across the area, 8:00 p.m. same storiment continues at least until midnight but looks like we'll try to clear it out tomorrow f we get enough sunshine tomorrow, which it looks like we will by afternoon highs climb to the 60s now we check in with jessica. >> thanks, good morning everybody, starting things out with a accident out on 95, the northbound lanes right around 413, see one enter lane getting by, police activity over into the left hand shoulder, part of the left-hand lane, and also additionally in the right hand shoulder they squeeze on by it the right past 413 as well. so you can see just single file right there. we definitely will keep you
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updated on, that ben franklin bridge, starting to see little bit of volume. but everything still moving along just fine in or out of the city currently no problems. black horse pike still closed evesham road. downed pole on this scene as well. so some clean up there that's going to be needed, just take atlantic avenue to get on by. ukee erika back to you. >> thank you jessica. flames light up the night sky in eagleville, montgomery count when landscaping company catches fire. >> 400 north park avenue there is three alarm fire started shortly before 8:30 last night. no one was hurt. >> to chemical plant fire in newark, new jersey, four people were injured in this fire. at 1.1 side of the building collapsed after explosion. cause of the blaze is under investigation. >> passengers from the derailed amtrak train are arriving in philadelphia, hours late, recovering from a
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frightening day. passenger arrive at 30th street station, delayed in north carolina after train slammed into a tractor-trailer on the tracks. more than 50 people were injured. >> deidra, last seen, friday. police found her car stalled near 422 and 76 in king of prussia. if you have seen her call police. >> robert wilson, killed in the line every duty last week two men charged in his murder. we'll be back.
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>> free agent periods opens this aernoon, and the eagles best laid plans seem to have hit a little snag. running back frank gore has a case of cold feet it, looks like, look like pretty good replacement for shady mccoy whose trade to the bills becomes official today. now gore's entertaining an offer from the indianapolis colts, we're told it might not sign with the birds. he's had four straight thousand yard seasons wonder what happens later today. >> on the other hand, eagles line back err brandon graham is staying in the nest the 13th overall pick in 2010 has agreed $26,000,000.04-year deal, 14 million of the money is guaranteed, gram turned in five and a half sacks last season for the birds defense. pretty much do-or-die for the flyers who skate against the dallas stars later tonight at the well in south philly. both teams are fading out of the playoff picture the flyers are seven points behind
6:20 am
the bruins for that last eastern conference playoff spot. phillies are waiting for word about cliff lee's aching elbow. reported some tenderness in the elbow after his first spring training start. it is in the same ill bo, that was hurt last season. at least that surgery could end his career, the phils beat the orioles one-nothing in practice play, play the tigers in clearwater this afternoon. >> they're off the start of the iodid err the, 78 mushers and dog teams took off from fairbanks, alaska, happened this time around because of slushy conditions around anchorage. the race runs over a thousand miles, to the city of nome. takes about ten days to do so. i would love to see that one year. >> oh, i would too. >> i would love to see it, indeed. beautiful animal, indeed. still ahead how isis is using social media to recruit young
6:21 am
people. >> also, she's a lawyer, wife of george cloononey and a fashionista, and now also a teacher. finds out where you can take classes and have amal clooney as your professor. professor, avenue question. we'll be right back.
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>> 6:23, our traffic and weather together. kate watching some rain for later today? >> yes, watching some rain that will be moving in this afternoon, erika so the morning hours are quiet. just some clouds out there. but the rain comes in after the noon hour, tune into cb. three talk philly, we will be tracking the rain probably moving in at that hour right around noon today it will continue into the evening hours, temperature wise not bad at 54, tonight rain will end overnight had he yes, sir
6:24 am
rain, five p.m. to midnight, will impact your evening commute. day planner across the area watch for the rain to get this this afternoon, showers approach by 3:00 p.m. now we send it over to jessica, good morning. >> we had scent, see it since reopened, police activity on either side of 95 right in these northbound lanes everything still moving fine. not really much in the way of volume there as women. out in new jersey, on the 42 freeway, little volume in the northbound lanes, headed into 295, the surround area bridges, but still doing okay. accident east norriton around colonial drive. use caution when traveling through the area, back over to you. >> the boston marathon bombing trial resumes this morning. jurors got look at video evidence. dozen every surveillance cameras captured dzhokhar tsarnaev, as tsarnaev moved
6:25 am
forward the fun i shall line, see hung year brother there seen stopping, sitting down a back pack, he was just feet away from the youngest victim of the bombings, eight year old martin richard. the first of two bombs went off. >> and indianna college professor is studying how isis is recruiting foreign millitant fighters on line using social media. religious studies professor david carlton says isis is reportedly recruiting as many as 200 people a day many from the west. >> i think some terribly or very powerfully a luring about the fact that i want to be part of something in history that changes history. >> experts have told congress that more than 20,000 foreigners from around the world have gone to iraq and syria to fight. prize winning show dog known as jaggar died studily after the prestigious crush show in england. autopsy showed jag her been
6:26 am
poisoned enough poison to kill a horse. the show has been known to draw protesters who are against breeding practices however, there is no indication on how who could have poisoned jagger. the dog's owner says she has no doubt his death is a result of foul play. >> all fathers a little easier. >> he took to facebook to advocate for changing tables in men's rooms. he wrote quote the first public men's room that i go into that has one gets free shut out on my facebook page, be the change. fathers and mothers in california say they support it. >> i think that exists in a woman's rest room, needs to be one, in adjacent men's rest rooms, that simple. >> even if your husband's trying to help out trying to have more equal marriage, culture puts it back on the woman. >> last year california
6:27 am
senator proposed legislation that would mandate changing tables in men's and women's public rest room. but the governor vetoed that bill. >> i'm sure ashton will get some responses. >> oh, you know it. >> no doubt about it. >> coming up in the next half hour this morning called the pothole killer. see what crews are using to fix the roads. >> january? >> they heard a bang, then thrown around. passengers on board that amtrak train that crashed yesterday in north carolina, speak about their experience. i'm jan carabeo live outside the 30th street station their stories straight ahead. >> and, have you seen this woman? twenty year old deidra missing since friday, her car found abandoned in king of prussia. >> kate's looking at some rain for later today. she has your forecast when we come back at the bottom of the hour. good morning family, see you shortly.
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>> here's what's going on this morning, more local reaction from a.m. that is passengers on board this train that derailed in north carolina. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at 30th street station, just long day and night of travel for
6:31 am
them. good morning jan. >> reporter: good morning absolutely long and unnerving day for these philadelphia rail riders, now that train that derailed in north carolina, was actually supposed to pull into 30th street station around 7:00 last night. these passengers actually didn't arrive in philadelphia until right around midnight. take a look at the video, we caught up with couple of these passengers as they arrive home. two late night trains one arrived at one 1:00 another midnight. passengers were tired shaken up. and that's because around noon their amtrak train operating from charlotte collided with a big rig stalled on the tracks in halifax. the collision toppled the engine derailed some cars, the impact also injured dozen of people, at least 40 of them thankfully, no one was seriously injured. >> l crew members and that included jackman from malvern
6:32 am
in the cafe car during the collision. he said it turned out to be the first car left standing on the tracks. take a listen. >> it was just a big joke, right before the impact we sort of heard the brakes sort of squealing once we hit, a thrust, great momentum. so it was pretty scary. >> to get home towed take a train back to dc. he is just happy to be home this morning. now, the train that derailed yesterday, actually, usually goes from charlotte, to new york, every day, making a stop here in philadelphia. >> crews work all night the investigation still continues this morning. reporting live outside 30th street station.
6:33 am
>> search is under way for this woman, 20 year old deidra last seen leaving her home, in royersford, friday night. she took her sister's car which was found near route 422 in king of prussia. >> police say the driver side was unlock, purse with mine inside was found inside the car. if you have any information you are asked to call police. >> 6:33, time for your traffic and weather together. >> good morning, it is tuesday, and then we had beautiful day yesterday temperatures got to the upper 50's, headed for the 50's again today but not going to be quite as beautiful not talking blue skies today talking about rain, see all of the rain lifting into the south, warm moist air coming in with the system. it will be mild day after we get through the morning hours temperatures will start to rise, you can see storm scan3 nothing getting in just yet. will probably not get here until after lunchtime although, you may see few showers start to get in little sooner than that if you are planning on running out around noon, don't be shocked if light rain starts to pop up
6:34 am
here and there. but mainly late afternoon evening storm temperatures right now see below freezing in some spots allentown reading, in the two's lancaster, millville, atlantic city all around 30. any of the runoff, any of the melted water from yesterday's snow melt could freeze up this morning, watch for some icy spots. between now and about 2:00 p.m., just mainly cloudy but between two and 5:00 when we expect the rain to get underway. it will start as just some lighter rain or showers but between six p.m. and midnight, moderate to steady rain, slick travel ponding on the roadways temperatures are mild but not going to be the best afternoon to be out and about. 54 degrees outside today. tomorrow, we try to clear it out. get some sunshine back, 61, thursday, looks great as well, little cooler but still nice at 51 with some sunshine, good morning jest kay. >> good morning, everyone. if you are headed out the door in the next couple every minute you'll do just okay. we're starting to see some volume on some of the majors, we've been doing pretty well, but out on the schuylkill expressway can count on that, some delay there headed westbound into the king of prussia area.
6:35 am
right around city avenue. see the top of the screen, things doing bit better, over on 95 right around cottman avenue southbound lanes where you will start to see those jams headed into the center city area through the work zone, also a typical delay there as well. route 202 right around clone yan drive. and out in gloucester, new jersey the black horse pike still closed at evesham road. take atlantic avenue to get on by the scene. back to you. >> hearing from the us ambassador from south korea first time since he was attack with a man by a knife. >> obviously a scary incident. >> mark spoke briefly before being discharged from the hospital this morning. he still has bandages on his face and hand after being attack last week, by an anti-american activist. clifford says he hopes to
6:36 am
return to work soon. >> forty-seven republicans are warning iran's leaders that any deal on the nuclear program could end once president obama leaves office. the letter reads in part: anything not approved by congress is a mere executive agreement and could be revoked by the next president with a stroke after pen, end quote. also says congress must approved any deal with iran. the president is still hopeful both countries will reach an agreement. >> i think it is somewhat ironic to see some members of congress want to go make common cause with the hard-line nerves iran. it is an unusual coalition. >> the vice president joe biden says the letter is an effort to under cut the president. republicans object to the proposal because it allows iran to enrich ooh rain yum. >> your time right now 6:36. and yesterday, and today both market anniversary both good and bad. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger joins us with lesson investors can
6:37 am
learn from the extreme. she is up in new york for us, jill good morning. >> good morning. >> first off what are the two milestones? >> well, yesterday was the six year anniversary of the bear market closing low. you remember that. the dow is closing at over 6500 now near 18,000, s&p 500, 676 nasdaq down to 1268. you see the progress we've made. s&p 500 is basically tripled over the past six years meanwhile, happy anniversary today, it is the 15-year anniversary, the nasdaq's all time closing hi, 5,048. we have not yet recaptured that level. >> all right now what lessons do you think we can draw from the historic points? what should we learn? >> i think both event show how investor fear and agreed can lead you estray. i know the bear market bottom, a lot of people sold everything. them just kind of hid under their beds. the big problem with bail out when conditions are grim, very
6:38 am
few have the wherewithall to get back into the fray, and when they do, it is usually long after markets have claude their way back up. conversely, if you can remember this, back in 1999, the nasdaq shot up 85% 85. then agreed pushed more people into that market in the year 2,000. these folks panic when the bottom later fell out. you know, acing in either fear or agreed often ends up prompting to you sell low buy hi take unnecessary losses in your portfolio. >> jill, since you brought it up, what can we do to guard against fear and agreed? >> to keep those emotions in check, you want to create and adhere to long-term plan. you want to incorporate your diversified portfolio spreading risk out across different asset classes investors of course need to periodically re balance so neither fear nor agreed take over, on to learn more about thousand guard against the powerful lessons, and to learn, my three goal end rules every investing go to jill on money.
6:39 am
com. >> always appreciate the insight, jill, thanks so much. appreciate it. talk to you a little later. well old-man-winter real did i a number on the roads. >> certainly did. potholes every where it seems. coming un the weapon road crews are use to go fix thohose roads. it is called the pothole killer. also this new jersey, or rather there is new soccer jersey has special care instructions. why the washing instructions on the label are sparking an international outrage. >> ♪ ♪ >> madonna releases new albumn today. and, in a candid interview she's opening up about her life and career. we'll talk more on the other side. be right back.
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>> this happened in downtown boston yesterday, the icicles, just huge, as temperatures reached the 40's it, fell, dented roofs, smashed windshields, and made this just an even worse winter for some residents. they've already gotten over 100 inches of snow, now this. the city's already digging out
6:43 am
from under more than 100 feet of snow again this winter. just rough. >> 6:43, your traffic and weather together. >> well, we are tracking some cold temperatures this morning, temps below freezing, in a few spots outside. let's take a look, check in with the eyewitness weather watch ers. seeing lots of temperatures below freezing, look at the 20's, 29 here, as we cross the river, into new jersey, check in with kerry higgins, mt. laurel. reporting few clouds outside. but it is cold, cold enough certainly for some of the snow that melted yesterday now standing water and it will freeze on the roadways, from john del, in glasco, delaware, he sent us photo what's this? beautiful shot. >> now the rain again in thank for join for the loverly photo, we head into pennsylvania, check in here, with phil, and's necessary north wales, at 33 degrees, and looking at mostly cloudy conditions right now so temperatures right around that freezing mark, very marginal
6:44 am
talking about the chance for some icy conditions, out on the roads this morning. a lot of melted snow, a loft puddle, a lot every roads wet i saw some even overnight. didn't get a chance it dry out. as temperatures stayed above freezing so watch for. that will otherwise, storm scan3, completely clear for us at the moment. but, look at all of this rain that's headed our way. this big shield of precipitation, moving through portions of the midwest tan will get hereby afternoon. you can sigh, future weather we time this out by noon just looking at some clouds. now i wasn't be surprised if couple of light showers get in here sooner. but the main push of precipitation comes in around 3:00 p.m. to the west, and then here we go, 6:00 p.m. steady rain for the evening commute. continues by 7:00, 8:00. even look at 11:00 another burst of heavy rain possible, before things start to clear out during the overnight hours. now, we started off march on very cold note. take a look at all every those days below average. of course, last week, with our snowstorm, but yesterday finally, we got to above average by 4 degrees looks like that trends will continue for much of the rest of the week, at least until friday. your eyewitness weather seven
6:45 am
day forecast, 60s tomorrow, 50's sunshine thursday, then our next rainstorm comes friday night into saturday, hopefully we clear out in time for the st. patrick's parade sunday. now we check in on the roads with jessica good morning. >> morning, looking forward to tomorrow. 6:45, outside on the vine street expressway, still doing okay, slow going in the westbound lanes headed into the schuylkill expressway, no real problems headed eastbound. but, on 95, starting to see major jams around cottman avenue. this is typical jam though, headed southbound, through the work zone, into the center city area. additionally on 95, northbound right around route 413, there is an accident, actually cleared off into the right hand shoulder. right before that off ramp, out in sadsbury route ten near route 30, another crash there actually car that's flipped into a ditch from icy conditions. so definitely still be careful. if it looks wet, it is still potentially could be slippery. out in gloucester new jersey black horse pike still closed at evesham road. take atlantic avenue to get by the atlantic city for clean up, downed pole in the area as
6:46 am
well. out in northeast philadelphia, water main break on robbins street between walker anal guard. left lane block there be prepared to squeeze on by. use caution. back to you. >> thank you local passengers impacted by the north carolina train derailment have arrived in philadelphia after long trip home. >> oh, yes. >> been long night for sure. some had to take buses and others trains to reach 30th street station. more than 50 people suffered non-life threatening injuries, and officials say the tracks will be cleared later today. >> well, also, police hope you can help them find 20 year old deidra last seen friday. the car she was driving was found in king of prussia. if you have seen her, you are asked to contact authorities. >> autopsy results for cayman naib show the 13 year old died from self inflicted gunshot wound. he was last seen last week after getting poor report from his school. also, this morning cbs-3 news, of course on the pole hot patrol, this brutal winter has left serious potholes that
6:47 am
can be very dangerous. cleve bryan shows you the special tool the garden state is using to repair all of the damage. >> first come the bumps then comes the busted tires and bent rims. >> as you can see, we tried to work it back to see if we could make it hold the glare long winter may finally be over. but the potholes that remain can cause expensive damage to your car. >> you can definately go off road suspension damage, lower control arm even rearend damage. >> as repair shops like collision max in haddon township fix the victims road crews are after the culprits. new jersey dot gave us a up close look at one of the 13 pothole killers machines that they rent this time of year. the dot has increased the pothole repair budget by 25%. it plans to spend $4 million fixing 300,000 potholes. >> anybody who travels the roads knows it has take answer beating, and that, you know, westbound need to get on this
6:48 am
right away. >> in less than five minutes the pothole killers create a hot patch. it is a one man job officials say they need help by identifying troubled roads. if you see pot mark paved, call 1800 pot homes. cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> your time now 6:48. and entertainer bill cosby bill cosby the show will go on. >> he has released new video promoting a upcoming performance. >> 8:00 show, that's right you know i'll be hilarious. >> the philadelphia born comedian is appearing saturday in wheeling, west virginia. two other shows have been canceled, two are still on. >> now in the video cosby does not add dregg allegations against him number of women have accused cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. bill cosby has not been charged with any crime. >> a new soccer jersey causing uproar around the world but it is not the logo on the front, it is the label with the washing instructions. it says, quote, give this to
6:49 am
your woman. it is her job. end quote. the indonesian company tweeted apology saying they never meant to demean women but also said quote not all men understand how to take care of their own clothes. women know better and are experts in such matters. end quote. the team that the jersey represents re tweeted the apologies. >> they don't mean to demean woman but women are experts in washing clothes? >> i saw that, yes i saw that. >> all right, 6:49 right now. see what's coming up on cbs this morning. >> gale king joins us with your preview. good morning. >> erika ukee, i think they should stop talking while they're ahead. >> i'm with you. >> apologize walk away. >> i'm with you on that one. >> i know, stop talking. hello, good to see you both. ahead we speak with the sae house mother, this is interesting, just hours before video surfaces of her using racial slurs. the video's a doozy wait until you see. that will that falls onto that yikes category.
6:50 am
plus documentary renews interest in a unsolved murder and suspect robert duster 48 hours aaron moriarty has been reporting for more than a decade. and joins with us how new evidence could impact this case. and, patricia arquette, you remember her in studio 57, talking about her huge oscar win in the speech everybody was talking about the day after the show, and she's now a member of the cbs family. she's got new cbs show called csi cyber. very good. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you guys in about ten minutes from now. 7:00 straight up. back to you. >> i've seen couple of clips of the showment looks really good. >> such talented actor thank youment talk to you later. >> ♪ ♪ >> word is madonna releases her albumn today. >> opening up about her life and storied career. suzanne marquez sneak peak of madonnas quote rebble heart. >> ♪ ♪
6:51 am
>> she's been testing the boundaries of pop culture for years, still madonna carries on. >> the singer out with her 13th studio albumn. revel heart, includes list every new collaborators including kanye west, and dj. >> you're basically bearing your soul, making yourself vulnerable to strangers so that was kind of like a game of trust. >> at 56 she still has her dancers body and isn't afraid to show it off. >> i don't think that there is a rule book about how one should dress or behave, at any age, and i will not be limited bynum percent. why should i be? >> revel heart includes 19 tracks some of them autobiographical, about her career her insecurities, and her heartache. she one of the worlds' biggest stars, but admits, she faces some of the same challenges as her fans. >> the hardest thing is
6:52 am
juggling my work with my kids. yes, like right now i should be home with them right now having dinner. >> her many re inventions have made her a superstar but a controversial one, which critics at every turn. having survived it all madonna says, she's earned her place in music history, a revel heart always. >> susan marquez cbs news, los angeles. good for her. >> still going strong. >> agreed. >> indeed. hey, word is amal clooney wife of george clooney will be teaching at columbia law school this spring. clooney will be a senior fellow at the school's human rights institute. she is already known as top human rights and international lawyer before marrying the actor. clooney has handled criminal court cases in the us and the uk. >> and i'm reading that applications for that program have just gone up a thousand% since the announcement. >> back with homemade igloo large enough to throw a party for 30 guests,.
6:53 am
>> party on. here's a look at what's coming up tonight prime time viewing on the station you are watching. so glad you're with us, cbs-3.
6:54 am
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>> we are tracking rain, you don't want rain to fall on below freezing surface learned that many times had a lot of icing event but really taking its time getting in. we may start it some spots with little sunshine this morning, the sky just beginning to lighten up right now, but watch for rain through the afternoon seasonable day at 54 degrees, the rain ends late, and after moves out tomorrow the sun returns, in the 60s thursday looks good, and another chance rain friday into saturday. here's jessica. >> good morning coming up on 7:00 a.m. just getting two lanes by out on the schuylkill expressway, due to accident. you can see actually pulling that by, right now right around vare avenue in the westbound lanes, so slow going by that scene as well. over on the ben franklin bridge, little bit of volume headed westbound into the city bull all lanes open, no problems headed into new jersey, there is an accident, though out in whitemarsh, malitia hill road between narsissa road, stenton avenue, pushed over to the shoulder. be careful and have some caution. ukee erika balance over to. >> they say when life gives
6:57 am
you lemons you make lemonade. >> boston getting snow so they're making igloos, a lot of snow this season, so check it out started building this igloo back in january. the snow as we've seen hasn't stopped falling. he kept adding on. he had 30 neighbors over for a party this last weekend, he says he hopes he never gets in the snow to bill one again. >> can't blame him. >> oh, next on cbs this morning, oscar winner patricia arquet. >> we're on the "cw philly". morning, family have, dave: the effect that standardized testing is having on our students is already coming through, it's already showing, and they haven't even taken the test yet. my first-grader came home the other day and cried,
6:58 am
because he couldn't - he didn't feel like going to karate practice. after he was done with his work, he said, "mom, i'm just tired," and started to cry. in first grade. what are we doing? what are we doing to our kids?
6:59 am
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good morning. it is tuesday, march 10. welcome to "cbs this morning." a new racist video emerges overnight. president obama accuses dozens of republican senators of siding with iranian hard liners over nuclear negotiations. >> could a documentary help solve a 14-year-old murder. 48 hours shows us the new evidence. we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> [ bleep ]. >> new allegations of


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