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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 11, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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♪ >> now at 11:1 it was top run running back shady mccoy shipped off to buffalo. now, starting quarterback nick foles sent to st. louis. many wonder to go night if the eagles are letting the chips fall where they may. good evening to you, i'm jessica dean. today's big deal has led to big buzz and big questions among eagles fans. it's what people are talking about in philly and across
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eagles nation. our coverage kicks off with my co-anchor chris may and sports director beasley reece live in control room b. guys break this down for. >> jessica, i think we're like eagles fans. we're trying to figure out what has gone today. beasley you were in the nfl for nine seasons. did you ever seen free agency get off to start like this. >> normally the nfl is pretty quiet. a trade here or there. maybe this is the new nfl. they talk about chip changing the inform fl maybe this is part of it. this is a big move today when it comes to the most important position on the team. >> sam bradford is the new face of the franchise. he is your quarterback. swapping jobs with nick foles. the trade sends foles a fourth this year and second round pick in 2016 to the rams. in exchange for bradford's heisman trophy and first overall pick pedigree. but back to back knee injuries cost him all but seven games the last two years. fans are wonder wagon chip has up his sleeves.
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>> i'm really not sure what the heck going on with him, man i have no clue. >> we all believe in chip. hopefully he'll did a great job and we'll see if he goes with it. >> we have a quarterback who hasn't made since 2013. we'll weight news of replace manyies forger me maclin and shady mccoy. patience is normally in short supply in philly but we won't be able to evaluate chip's plan until after the draft. >> we have to wait a couple of months until we see this total picture. we have to see what team it takes -- he takes into training camp. >> chip started the process by addressing the defense. shady to buffalo for kik alonso and the free agent signing of byron mack well the great cornerback from seattle both significant up grades to the defense with many holes left to fill on that side of the ball. >> take deep breath. >> so what's next? is bradford the replacement for donovan mcnabb? or a pawn for chip to use in a marcus mariota play?
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one thing is for sure, it's the move exciting off season in years. >> my question is what is chip doing? >> right. is he going to trade the guy? is he going to keep? is this a reclamation project with sam bradford? we have no idea. we have to watch the chips fall where they may. >> mariota sitting out there and he will be until the draft. nobody is going to be able to settle down until that day. >> beasley thanks very. talk to you later on in the broadcast. a lot of reaction to all of this on social media today. we've got some of the best tweets from the digital center right now. one them came from eagles safety malcolm jenkins. he tweeted calm down, people. just let the mad scientist go to work. talking about chip kelly of course. meanwhile a very gracious nick foles also took to twitter tonight. he said thankful for the opportunity to start my career in philly. going to miss me teammates and eagles fans who supported me. no doubt nick foles a class act on and off the field while he was in our town.
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we want to know what you think about this trade and all of the eagles moves so far in this off season. connect with us on our facebook page or tweet us at cbs philly make sure to use the hash tag cbs3 chat. dense fog and steady rain across the area tonight making for some difficult conditions out there. the mobile weather lab is live on the road right now on i-95 northbound. this fog will mean slow going for the morning commute and meteorologist kathy orr is here now with what we can expect. kathy? foggy across the delaware valley. hard to make out the casinos in atlantic city just lost in the fog. even from our cbs3 sky deck usually we see the skyline but not tonight. we do have that dense fog advisory in effect for most of the region till 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. and we're talking about fog that will reduce visibility to a quarter mile or less. look at the numbers. a third avenue mile in allentown reading and lancaster half mile in the poconos. half mile in trenton. down to a mile and a half in wilmington even in our suburbs
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right now in quakertown visibility is at zero. it will continue to be poor overnight. on storm scan3 this is part of the puzzle the rain it will be breaking up overnight. but we have that warm moist air sticking over us over that cold snow pack especially to the north and west and creating dense fog. through the overnight, visibility quarter mile or less. this continues that was the morning rush. slow down use though low beams an allow extra time to get to work and school come tomorrow morning. coming up we'll talk about temperatures soaring to really spring like levels in the seven day. i'll see later in the broadcast. jess. >> kathy, thank you. more rain means more potholes and tonight cbs3 is on the pothole patrol as road crews race to fix the tire busting craters. there's a lot of them out there. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco has a look at how crews are attacking them. >> reporter: the snow may be melting but drivers are now finding out what's been underneath months of snow and ice. >> potholes are very bad. messing up people's car.
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>> really bad. you have to be careful. there are a lot of them. sometimes you cannot skip it because it's on the way. >> reporter: cab drivers say they've been bouncing around city streets all day swerving to avoid a big bill on repairs. >> fix it. as soon as possible right. >> reporter: from camden county to philadelphia, crews were outpouring dozens of tons of hot asphalt. some potholes looking more like craters much new jersey has an all ought blitz with crews working around the clock filling more than 300 potholes a day on county roads. >> i think with the low temperatures and with the precipitation and the snow it just -- it really takes toll on the roads. >> reporter: philadelphia crews have already filled 9,000 potholes since january 1st. they spent most of the day on girard avenue where drivers were taking it slow and at their own risk. >> terrible. after the snow it's been worse. there are certain parts of the street they are very deep.
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>> reporter: george is already out $500. a bill the city won't reimburse. >> because it's heavy car with tall wheels and i had to fix one of my bearings because of the pothole. >> reporter: if you spot a pothole in the city you can report it by calling 311 camden county also has a number to call. fine it on our website or on my twitter page. in center city i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> if you see a bad pothole it there we want to know about it. just post a picture or video on or cbs philly facebook page. also tweet us at cbs philly. we'll get some answers about when that pothole will be repaired. new tonight a philadelphia man facing charges for leaving his seven-year-old son alone in a car as he gambled at a casino. this is the suspect 32-year-old brian bowls of philadelphia. police say he left his son in that car for about thee hours as made blackjack.
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police say they were called after a passenger by heard that child crying in the car. he was una able to post bail season behind bars tonight. well new at 11:00 o'clock tonight we have an urgent warning for parents. police in bucks county are investigating an attempted luring. two girls say that they were abducted a proved yesterday by a man in a car near bridge town pike in northampton. "eyewitness news" reporter david superintendent shows us what police are doing now to protect kids in that area. >> reporter: police say the mysterious man pulled up near water gate drive in northampton bucks county after school monday afternoon. >> to us it's very kerth report roar n. normal hampton police chief michael clark told "eyewitness news" two middle schoolgirls say a man in white car with tinted windows repeatedly tried to get them into his car. the girls ran away and the drive hit the gas. >> we're worried about the well being and safety of our children children. police stepped up paroles. i spoke to local parents who say they were notified by the school district.
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>> i know we have crazies in this world today but we den leak it. >> mona has a granddaughter that lives in the area. >> we are too far to walk so we've driven her for seven years. >> police were call out again after someone reported a driver in a white car with tinted tinted wip dose drive in and out of a school parking lot. >> i was telling my sop, i was tweeting him my cell phone number. here's my number learn it in case of emergency. >> reporter: police later determined from the a* witness the two cars are not the same. what allegedly happened here on monday is enough for the chief to raise the red flag. >> we'd rather come out and investigate something that turns out to be nothing at all rather than have a crime occur or somebody become vim itemized because we didn't take the time to look into something. >> reporter: david superintendent, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> authorities in delaware county say the gun that came naib used to kill himself had trigger lock did not fit. the gun that belonged to the family is more than 30 years old
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old. the eighth greater at the shipley school left home last week aft getting a bad progress report from school. his body was found sunday in a scholl low creek near his newtown square home. well tomorrow the pennsylvania supreme court will hear oral arguments in challenge broad by the attorney general kathleen kane. the high court will consider whether a judge had the authority to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate kane. that grand jury run by the special prosecutor recommended criminal charges of perjury against her stemming from the release of secret grand jury material to a newspaper. kane has denied any wrongdoing. the case that attorney general kane decided not to pursue has ended in criminal charges against three additional lawmakers from philadelphia. charges have been filed now against state representatives louise williams bishop, michelle brownly and former representative march roll james. all are democrats. cane cape chose not to arrest those three and three others who
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were allegedly caught in an undercover sting taking payoffs from an informant who had posed as a lobbyist. the da says he doesn't know why the attorney general chose not to arrest those lawmakers. >> only she knows. maybe dependent upon which day you asked her you might get two different answers. >> kane has said that she felt the investigation had been mishandled and that the public officials were targeted because of they are race. williams says he found no reason why based on the evidence the suspects should not have burlington-bristol chargeed. tonight hillary clinton is defending her use of a personal e-mail account to conduct government business while she was secretary of state. clinton took questions about the controversy while at a u inform event in new york today. she is being crit sidesed because she used her private server and domain to zen out e-mails instead of using the government controlled system. clinton explained her decision good i operate operator for convenience to use my personal e-mail account which was allowed by the state department because
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i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. looking back, it would have been better but if i simply used a second e-mail account and carried a second phone. >> clinton has turned over 55,000 pages of e-mails from her private server to the state department for their review. new fallout tonight from the racist rant captured on video at a university of oklahoma fraternity event. now former fraternity member scene on the tape has a apologized and withdrawn from the university. in the meantime two students have been expelled. both are members of the zig if a alpha epsilon fraternity students have until mid need to most house. another racist video has now surfaced featuring the fraternity house mother. >> the train that was on its way to philadelphia derailed before it could arrive yesterday. now, we're learning the scare on
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the tracks might have been avoided with a simple phone call call. and a counter fit cash caper caper. thieves target local stores with phone me money even trying to return an expensive item for real cash. we're on the case next. >> kathy. >> rain and fog a major issue overnight. a slow go for the morning rush. some dangerous travel with poor visible. after this, we warm up big time with more rape for the weekend. we'll take a look at that coming up. ♪ >> and we all know blurred lines was the hit but was it a rip off? a jury decides next.
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>> this amtrak crash in north carolina could have been prevented with a simple phone call. officials now say the truck with the state trooper escort got stuck on the tracks but apparently with enough time to alert approaching trains but somehow amtrak was never warned.
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the train was on its way to philadelphia when that collision occurred. there were 55 people hurt in that crash. the cbs3 i-team has new details on a philadelphia fire department investigation into the response to a december fire that claimed the life of firefighter joyce craig. deputy fire chief richard davidson analysis of the fire department's response found quote real training deficiencies within the department that contributed to craig's death. among them, after craig's may day call from the basement the standard role call procedure was not done to account for any missing firefighters and their locations. the report also found delays in response times from various responders. other problems encounter included inadequate water supply and inadequate ventilation. >> i think most certainly the potential existed that had there been more training that this tragedy may not have occurred.
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>> deputy chief davidson is recommending training and fire ground communications, may day procedures ventilation techniques and basement fire training. davidson analysis is not a comprehensive review of all the information unlike the department's formal report which will be releaseed upon completion of the department's investigation. new tonight residents in concord township, delaware county face off over plans to build a residential community on more than 300 acres of undeveloped land. vineyard commons presented its revised plan during a board of supervisors meet to go night. the developer wants to build 160 homes on a parcel of land at route 202 and smith bridge road. those who oppose the development want that land preserved. >> this application should be treated no differently than any other land development plan application that has been processed by this township in the past. >> the right to enjoy your
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property is subject to compliance with township regulations and there in ladies and gentlemen lies with regard to the present plick. >> a decision on that proposed development is expected to come next wednesday. shoppers and businesses are on alert in montgomery county because there's a lot of funny money being passed around. phony $100 bills are noting around lower merion township. thief swindled the apple store in suburban square on sunday. that suspect used 20 counterfeit $100 bills to buy a gift card. at friday on dsw somebody used a fake $100 bill to buy a pair of sandals an florist tells "eyewitness news" he was nearly a victim. >> it was the feel of the bill. it felt if as there were two together and we questioned whether in fact maybe you gave us two bills by mistake. no, no new york city i gave you one and i might have sensed there was problem and he left. >> well he took the $100 bill to
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the bank. they confirmed it was fake. police are now working that tease if all these cases are relate it is a verdict sending shock waves through the music industry. >> jury decide the song blurred lines was in fact copied from the marvin gay song got to give it up. let's take a listen to both . ♪ >> i don't know. what do you think? these are the children of march gay they filed a lawsuit against rob thick and pharrell williams who put out the mega hit blurred lines in 2013. song of the summer. the jury awarded the gay family $7.3 million in damages. i don't know. great tunes. >> i know. >> they both make you want to dance. >> absolutely. the weather does not. it is foggy rainy like old london town or something out there. >> we'll get rid of that gone to
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miami tomorrow. >> there you go. that's plan. >> that's deal. outside right now we're looking at dreary conditions. but it is going to change pretty fast around here for the worse and then for the better. "eyewitness weather" watchers have been reporting throughout the night you'll see the reports on the bottom of your screen as it mild and foggy across the delaware valley. this is our life mobile weather lab on the streets in port richmond and you can see it is still raining at least at a moderate level. and we are seeing some area roads that are little bit slick out there. so please be aware of the wet roads and the foggy conditions. reduced visibility will be everywhere overnight and for the morning rush. on storm scan thee we still have a lot of green on the screen. some pockets of heavier rain moving through philadelphia and south jersey right now. and you can see a break to the west. so the rain will be coming to an end during the early morning hours. that is the good news. but as you look through south jersey through areas of gloucester, camden county, burlington county, even on the pennsylvania side south parts of
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philadelphia southwest philadelphia and then extending into delaware county we have those dark greens and yellows indicating some moderate rainfall. rain amounts so far up to half an inch in many locations. about a third of an firm haddonfield and doylestown a third of an inch as well. most areas ending with at least a half inch of rain. future weather shows that back edge of precipitation picking up on that rather nicely by 4:00 o'clock in the morning we're just left with a fog. that fog will be a real problem come the morning. temperatures will stay mild for the most par in the 40s everywhere. and visibility will be reduced down to zero in many locations by 7am. looking at a quarter of a mile in philadelphia wilmington a half a mile. so big issues. please allow extra time to get to your deaf nation and remember keep a lot of distance twee you and the vehicle in front of. by nine, 10am we see that march sunshine really working to dissipate the fog. and then we warm up very quickly quickly. watch high pressure build in from the west. winds will be out of the northwest but the sunshine and
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the down sloping associateed with northwesterly winds will warm us up into the askings. thursday a pleasant day with plenty of season shine. our neck weather maker moves up from the south by friday the clouds will increase but the rain will hold off until friday night and for the weekend. overnight, periods of rain will end. areas of dense fog will continue continue. the low 41. during the day tomorrow, the high temperature 61. that is the average high for april 7th. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast looking for temperatures that will be comfortable thursday and friday. rainy day for saturday and them looks nice for the sander patrick's day parade on sunday. monday looks good. and for st. patrick's day itself looks very nice with a temperature of 54 degrees. no english or irish showers on that day. >> we don't want any of that. and tomorrow will be wonderful. >> yeah. looking good. >> kathy thanks. >> free agency continues. the crazyiness continues beasley. >> this off season has been absolutely unbelievable. >> memorable isn't a lot of fun actually.
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the latest on the new bird. then we'll hear from an oldie parting star coming up in sports.
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♪ eagles fans burying the lead when it comes to the eagles off season. the signing of cornerback byron maxwell from seattle is a major upgrade. something they needed to fix for a honk time. he was top free agent at his position. maxwell gets a new six-year deal worth $60 million. actually it's $25 million guaranteed over the first three years. after that he'd be lucky to see the rest of it. sixth round pick out of clemson. brian bring super bowl experience with those seahawks. all right. frank gore did not sign with the birds. got a better deal from end miss. three years $12 million. 8.5 of that guaranteed. he'll have a former eagles
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lineman her mince blocking for. trent cole got a two year, $16 million. 8 million guaranteed. he had 85.5 sacks in 10 seasons here in philadelphia. second most from franchise history. shady mccoy is emotional player and the trade to buffalo was a blow mccoy and maclin came into the nfl together that parting was difficult for the good friend. shady was presented to the media today. >> i've been in philadelphia my whole life. you know for six years it was great. but once i sat down and relaxed had some thoughts to myself talked to my family and i thought it was the best move. i felt the team wanted me. they did what it was possible to make this trade go through. they wanted a player a running back that's going to give them everything he has one 10%. so at the end of the day i'm happy to be here. >> good luck shady. the flyer at home tonight ride ago six-game point streak at the wells fargo center.
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the star standing in the way. first period flyers with one goal lead and stars with the puck pass over to richie who meets mason and the game is tied at one. it's stayed that way until six minutes left into the third and that's when vernon fiddle scored and the stars beat the flyers two to one. the phils got bad news from dr. james andrews about cliff lee's elbow. he still has the tear in his left elbow. same one that forceed him to miss most of last season. if he goes under the knife his season and perhaps his career could be over. phillies oh him $37.5 million by the way. we'l
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♪ new at 11:00 o'clock tonight high school students are getting prepared for prom season. >> teenaged girls from pal centers across philadelphia experienced a special shopping
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trip in fairmount tonight. they were able to choose from a variety of donated dresses shoes, purses, accessories all at the cozen pal center. pal will dress 275 students this year. it will be a great prom for all of them. we'll be right back. ♪
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