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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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bradford. >> jan carabao joins us from our sister station 94 wip with more on how fans are reacting jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. to say that the discussion here at sports radio 94 wip this morning is heated, well, that would be an under statement. the the fans are livid this morning and it the is only 6:00 o'clock the hosts say. this is only expect to get worse. they are in on it and said they have lost faith in coach chip kelly. the the hit keep coming for eagles fans. toss one more jersey out of the closet. quarterback switch is sending nick foles to the rams in exchange for sam bradford. >> i'm in the sure what the heck is going on with them, i have month clue. i don't know what they are thinking. i feel like they are throwing everything away. >> we all have to believe in chip but what will you do, nick foles, he set a record, young quarterback for eagles. getting rid of lesean mccoy was a big mistake but we believe in chip. >> reporter: deal involves draft picks, eagles will get
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rams fifth round pick in 2015 philly is sending a fourth round pick in 2015 and a second round pick in 2016 to st. louis some experts say we won't really be able to evaluate chip kelly's master plan until after the draft. >> we have to wait a couple of months, until we see this total picture, we have to see what team he takes into training camp. >> reporter: some fans are reeling, this move comes on the heels of trading star running back lesean mccoy for kiko alonzo. >> i was surprised that they got rid of him. they seem to be getting rid of the half of the team. >> reporter: one thing for sure kelly is tackling defense first. changing face of the eagles includes free agent signing of byron maxwell, great cornerback from seattle. >> i will stick with the eagles absolutely. >> reporter: not everyone grease with him. they seem like when they call in the station they are losing faith in the coach, host angelo cataldi even thank me
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for wearing black today under my eagles green saying this is a very dark day. we will have much more reaction coming up throughout the show but for new live from olde city jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" back to you in the studioy think i hear angelo in the background. if you thought fans were shock by the trade it caught eagles players off guard. safety mal cop jenkins tweeted never a dull moment. how about wide receiver josh huff, he added trust, trust the process, i necessity nothing, however i fully trust chip and y'all should too. fly eagles fly hash tag and hash tag in chip we trust. of course the man himself nick foles, tweeted this picture saying thankful for the the opportunity to start my career in philly. going to miss my teammates and eagles fans, who have supported me. good luck to the young fellow. what do you think of the eagles trade and foles in connect with us on facebook or twitter using hash tag cbs-3
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chat. we are following breaking news a search underway for seven marines and four soldiers after the crash of an army helicopter. the it happened during a night training exercise at eggland air force base. the rescue teams have found a debris from that crash we're told on their remote beach between pensacola and destine. we are staying on top of this and bring you new information as soon as we get it. also new, police take a suspect into custody after a firebomb attack in juniata park this was the scene on palmetto street, crews put out a small fire in the basement and found an incendiary device, the the suspect was track down and taken to northeast detectives for questioning. now a second attempted firebombing in north philadelphia. a tea vice was found in the building on the 2500 block of north 17th street. there was no fire, but people were inside at the time. there are in suspects or injuries reported. 6:03. lets head out to the sky deck
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and katie, i know it was a rough place to be but now not so bad. >> even last little bits of snow from the corners of the the sky deck are now gone. we have had enough mild air and rain yesterday to wash the last of the snow away although we are still seeing snow in our western suburbs where a a lot fell just last thursday. it seems like forever ago when you compare it to the the wet they are week. we still have some showers, in southern delaware, a couple extending from d.c. over into sussex county. rest of the area is clearing out. we will have a nice afternoon. lets take a quick look at future weather. 7:00 a.m. showers dissipate to the south. by 9:00 a.m. we may have sunshine back. the cloud will be fighting with us all day long. at 2:00 p.m. more clouds then sun. we may get filtered son. you can see it but not a bright brilliantly sunny day. 61 degrees will be the day time high. that is the warmest temperature since christmas day. we started christmas morning with temperatures in the 60's. the christmas didn't feel that warm. that is because it was an overnight high.
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very warm christmas eve. christmas day started warm and dropped down. we will clear out today. nice and warm all across the board. we will check on the road with justin good morning. >> good morning. looking good around the city at least fog dissipating. we have higher they pack up across lehigh valley. visibility is down. the let get to the blue route just north of route one north bound are headlights looking okay right new but still early. give it the an hour. you know what i'm talking about. this will stack up in this area right around route one. so get outside early if you can and enjoy free flowing traffic. here we go at i-95 at cottman and things starting to slow down here a little bit here. you can see the road damp from the recent rain and snow melt we have been dealing w area speed slowing down on i-95 coming in the city around 37 miles an hour. fifty-three still on the the conshohocken curve. that is a check of your ride new back over to you. happening today pennsylvania supreme court will hear oral argument in a
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challenge brought by attorney general kathleen kane. kane will be in the courtroom whether he considers whether a judge had third to appoint a prosecutor to investigate her. grand jury run by that special prosecutor recommended perjury charges against kane telling from the release of secret grand jury material to the newspaper. kane has denied any wrongdoing. police in the bucks county community step up patrols after a man allegedly attempts to lure two children. two middle school girls say a man in the white car with tinted windows approached them in northampton. they toll detectives he pulled up near watergate drive after school monday afternoon and then repeatedly tried to get them into his car. the girls ran away. >> we were worried about the well-being and safety of our children and neighborhood. >> i necessity we have craziness this world today. we don't like it. >> yesterday police were called to a north hampton school after someone reported a white car with tinted whipped owes driving in and out of the parking lot.
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investigators say two cars are different makes and models. a ritual drivers face as winter makes way for spring. >> driving and trying to avoid those potholes as fast as road crews fill them. this is not just highways either. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us at a spot where road crews will be bus think morning. justin, if morning. >> reporter: we have potholes here. when it comes to potholes the the more you know the the better. you see this one here is kind have of a more shallow one. not too bad. just over here is pretty deep one. i got my whole foot inside of that. that can be a big problem when you are driving. the the goal, for here well, into spring will be to fix pot held lick that one. a solution now to those potholes felt more than ever with the season's snow and ice melt ago away. all over the tri-state area drivers are doing their best,
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to steer clear of them because when you hit one hard it really hurts in more ways than one. >> because a carry had to fix one of my bearings because of the potholes. >> potholes are very bad, messing up peoples cars. >> reporter: so over next several months look for more crews patching up those holes and there are a lot after our winter of record. >> the low temperatures, and with the the precipitation, and the snow, it is just really taking a toll on the road. >> camden county, new jersey is getting a especially aggressive with plans to pave over its problem road come spring. new road officials say are an investment. >> we want to be able to have businesses come in and have road that their customers can drive on safely so there is a lot of good reasons for why we want to improve our roadways in camden county. >> new, imagine you were a car and you fell into this hole and didn't know it was there.
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that could cost you a lot of money. that is why they are fixing these holes in the the streets today. your city, county and state crew will be out here in the city of philadelphia they have patched up more than 9400 potholes in new jersey counties are averaging 300 potholes per day so work is on and they want to get it donnas quickly as possible. of course they need your help to report them. we are live justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, justin. how would you like to join pothole patrol send your photos and videos on cbs philly face back page or tweet us at the cbs philly. we will get answers about when repair jobs should begin. still a ahead a scam alert on the main line involving counterfeit cash. also video that will send chills down any parents spine that man is caught on camera running down the street with the kidnaped toddler, but he did in the get far. and who stopped him is just an incredible part of the story too. also in the healthwatch floattation therapy find out
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juryecides robin thick and ferrell williams have to give it up to marvin gaye's family. >> they were found guilty of copying the the late singer's 1977 song to make their smash hit blurred lines. our nicole brewer has more on this and has people talking. >> reporter: i noticed ukee and erika, blurred lines was trending on twit they are morning but blurred fines after ferrell williams and robin thick were ordered to pay 7.4 million-dollar to late marvin gaye's estate. the reason their hit song
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sounded a little bit too much like his let's take a listen. >> ♪ all right. so there you have it. verdict was cleared but effects of this decision have yet to be seen especially when it comes to what is protect and is what not when an artist emulates or influenced by a sound of the particular era or musician n this case marvin gaye's family says song was flat out stolen and they are owed every sing is will penny. gaye's daughter cried as the the verdict was read. >> i feel free, free from ferrell williams and robin thick chains and they tried to keep on us and the lies that were told and the fact that we were able to break through any
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way i'm just happy. >> the song blurred lines came from the heart and soul of ferrell williams and in one else. >> yeah, perhaps not even robin thick who had admitted he was high when it was recorded and in the present when it was written. the song, which has sold more than 7 million copies and netted williams and thick five million-dollar a each was also nominated by a grammy. ferrell williams, robin thick are paying up and we just to have deal with this ear worm when you get that song over and over and over again. hash tag, hey hey, hey hey ukee and erika. >> it is a song so popular two um isers ago and now it the is back. >> it is back. >> if you grew up with marvin's song in the 70's when it comes to the lyrics and music you can sianni feel similarities, no question bit. >> thanks, nicole. >> isn't that fat albert. >> yes, it is a fine line. >> i can't get it out of my
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head making me crazy. isn't there a song you can sing to get other songs out of your head. maybe you can tell me on twitter. tell me the song you have to think. i think it is love in the he will rate or which might be worse. storm scan three, looking at showers moving from d.c. into southern delaware at the moment but things are starting to clear out and will eventually clear out as we head through the the next couple of hours, today in the 60's. tomorrow high pressure still overhead, nice day so it the is a trade off. today we have more cloud but warmer at 61. tomorrow a full day of sunshine but it is cooler. we will start off in the mid 30's and highs in the lower 50's but both days really nice. friday during the day cloud increase, dry for most of the daylight hours. rain overnight and then steady rain to start your weekend on the saturday but today we're looking fantastic. lets head to the st. patrick's parade sunday at the 1:00 p.m. partly sunny breezy 50 degrees though. that will be nice. last year in the upper 30's. we will see clearing, nice and mild 61 degrees with that sun peeking through during the
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afternoon hours. nice day to get outside and be outside on the roads hi, justin. >> road looking okay right now, volume picking up as we head in the morning rush. so we have an hour or so until we hit daylight but we will start off at 202. north bound at west valley road near wayne in delaware county. traffic is moving good. still road is damp cottman, and i-95 southbound stacking up typical rush her heading in the city. so hopefully we have good muse particular play on your ride in. is there speed, slowing down. we are down to 26 miles an her coming out of the north east in philadelphia 39 around the conn show who can even curve. so again, those traffic continues to increase. winslow township new jersey accident at 73 and cooper foley road. that is your ride erika back to you. startling surveillance video here from washington state. that man grabbed a 22 month-old boy from the park and then takes off but keep watching here. the the the boy's siblings and then two teenagers chase after him. those teens eventually found the baby boy on the ground and then took off after the
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suspect. he then difficulties a appeared. those teens are being hailed as heroes for their actions, well done. >> definitely. updating our breaks news seven marines and four soldiers are missing after the crash of an arm i held cooperator during night training in florida. rescue crews found crash debris this morning. we have a live report in about ten or 12 minutes at 6:30. also this morning two apparent firebombings in one in juniata a park and another in north philadelphia, there were in injuries and police say these incidents are not related. the the latest move by eagles send quarterback nick foles toss rams for sam bradford. merrill reese visits us next and maybe merrill can shed light on the eagles plans. good morning family we will be right back.
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♪ cruise like a norwegian ♪ book now and choose from four offers plus friends, family and kids sail free. all right. here we go eagles are bidding farewell to lieutenant of familiar names this off season but one name remains the same. we are joined by voice of the eagles on our sister station sports radio 94 wip. mr. merrill reese. good morning to you. >> yes, you are right last i check they have not traded me and mike quick yet. >> they better not, they better not. >> come on merrill help us wrap our head around this. i hear you are perplexed. >> i am, because number one you know i have been a nick foles guy and i think he will continue to get better and better. a fine young quarterback. i was surprised. all of us thought as things were developing that there was a chance all this was finding
6:21 am
a way to move up and draft marcus mariota or a quarterback who is more a run zone type read quarterback mobile quarterback and instead deal is for sam bradford but evidently this is a guy that chip kelly really, really is fond of, also don't forget pat shurmur the eagles offensive coordinator was this st. louis when sam bradford was the number one overall pick. sam bradford is very talented was the the best quarterback in the country coming out of oak a1 worry i have. >> injuries, injuries. >> the the the injuries. the fact that he is coming off of successive acl tears. that worries me. i remember buddy ryan saying durability is just as important as ability. that is the number one concern that i have. >> merrill i'm thinking bradford doesn't see eagles locker room or eagles uniform. the it is part of the master plan whatever that is. >> well, that is something that is in the back have of
6:22 am
all of our mind however, however from people i have spoken to down at the eagles they say no, bradford is a guy that chip wants and that he has been targeted by eagles for quite a few weeks. it is not an overnight thing it is a player they identified as somebody they want to quarterback this team. >> whatever chip's next movies can you call us ape get back to us, whatever his next movies. >> next move there is a strong rumor that they are after dimarco mur friday dallas good from dallas. >> look out. >> i would go with that one. >> welshing we will see it seems surprising because they left shady mccoy and if you get dimarco murray you will pay a lot more for dimarco murray. it is so tough to evaluate all this because there are more pages to come. you have to look at total picture after it all comes together. >> once again merrill and mike are in the on the block, thank you, may friend. >> see you ukee. >> we are taking a short break, good morning.
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let's get traffic and weather together and start off with kate and we're finally seeing 60's today. >> we are seeing 60's today, we will get there, temperatures in the lower 60's, it will be a very mild day, look at storm scan three and we are seeing showers breaking out over chesapeake bay and that will head into southern delaware this morning. still a few light sprinkles south of philadelphia but notice how mild it is, walking out the door you don't need a heavy coat gloves or hat. we are at 44 degrees on our way to 61 this afternoon. lets check with justin, good morning. >> good morning kate. nice looking forecast but right on schedule here we go role picking up at 76 westbound at city avenue slow
6:26 am
go, volume stacking up with the reverse commuting heading out of the city. we will take to you new jersey, 42 freeway north bound heading toward the the city, we are moving. you see headlights showing up with that volume increasing. area speed coming down over the past half an her or so, 26 miles an hour coming in on i-95 in the city from the northeast, route one 32 miles an hour, at the 30 miles an hour at conshohocken curve. nicetown tioga at wayne avenue we have a down pole near berkley street. that is checking your right. mass transit looking good. back over to you. on the healthwatch this morning new research shows people with sleep april knee air much more likely to be in car accidents. >> research are say excessive daytime sleepiness is common with sleep apnea. they say it can lead to drowsy driving. that study found risk trooped when patients received treatment. stress and depression can increase risk of death the or heart attack. researchers at columbia university medical center say when patients experience both conditions it the is a cycle
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social perfect storm. one way to combat that stress, how about trying floattation therapies. this is how it works. clients step in the tank have of warm weather infused with up son salt where they float in the weightless environment. rooms are dark and sound proof so they sianni hear nothing. advocates say it reduces stress and could even help alleviate pain. >> the benefits according to studies done show it induces a very deep state of relaxation much faster then typical meditation. >> there is no amount of antidepressants or pain medication that can replace this good each session takes about an hour and cost between 50 and $80. >> um. >> flip lights off and ho p in the tub. >> up son salt good for bunions and where ever ales you. >> i was wondering where that was going. 6:27. breaking news seven marines and four soldiers are missing
6:28 am
after their army helicopter crashes. we are live with the update for you. also new video of two separate attempted firebombings overnight and police make an arrest in one of those cases. we will talk more about the trading of nick foles when justin and kate return with your traffic and weather together. we are back at the bottom of
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good morning everyone. thanks for waking with us. in the news we are following breaking news from florida where seven marines and four soldiers went missing when an army helicopter crash during a training exercise. >> cbs news correspondent susan mcginnes joins us live from the pentagon with the very latest information. susan, what have have you learned. >> reporter: erika and ukee, request morning. here's what we know so far. thinks an active and search operation. rescuers are searching for seven marines and four soldiers who are now unaccounted for. they are missing have after their army helicopter crashed somewhere in the florida panhandle. apparently a remote base between pensacola and destine, florida. this helicopter took off from eggland air force base and was reported missing by base officials last night at around 8:30 a.m. debris was found at about 2:00 a.m. but these 11 people are still unaccounted for. they are apparently, they remain missing, they are part of the special ops team that was based out of a unit the
6:32 am
from the national guard in hammond, lou san a they were based in lamp lejeune. they were on a routine training mission which was this area was used for this remote strip of beach was apparently owned by the military. reports say and it was used for a routine training exercise. so that is all we necessity right now. details are that a search is going on at this moment for these 11 people. seven marines, four soldiers, still missing. >> susan, we will check back with you on the cw philly if not sooner. thanks so much for that. new this morning police take a suspect into custody after an allege firebomb attack in juniata park this was the scene on palmetto street. crews put on it a small fire in the basement, and, incendiary device. it was track down and taken to northeast detective for questioning. a second attempted firebombing, it happened this morning in north philadelphia a device was found in the building on the 2500 block of
6:33 am
north 17th street. there was no fire but people were inside at the time. no suspects or injuries have been reported. shoppers and businesses are on alert in montgomery county. fake $100 bills are floating a around lower merion. a thief swindled the apple store at suburban square on sunday. the suspect used 20 count are fit hundred dollars bills to buy a gift card. also on friday a shopper at dsw used a fake hundred to buy a pair of sandals. police are working to see if all of the cases are related. lets get your traffic and weather right now with katie. >> good morning everyone. it is wednesday morning, we are halfway through the workweek, almost maybe by midday we will be halfway through and we are experiencing nice weather. keep in mind just last friday with only 26 degrees for the high just last thursday much of the area got 8 inches of snow and new we're talk about 60 ace and and a couple of showers. storm scan three is showing showers moving into southern delaware. it the is going to clear from northwest to south east during
6:34 am
the course of the day cloud will hang on, it will not go complete thely, sunny beautiful day but that is okay. 44 degrees at the airport. forty-nine in atlantic city. still in the upper 30's in lancaster, reading and allentown but we are not talking about any ice this week and we will be really ramping those temperatures up throughout the afternoon. 61 degrees in philadelphia with gradual clearing. same story down the shore. gets to about 59 there. poconos near 50. clearing skies. it will clear out quicker in the poconos and lehigh valley. cloud will hang on longer down the shore. sixty-one the high today. that is average high for april 7th and it is warmest we have been sips christmas morning. thinking back to christmas thinking it didn't feel like 65 degrees on christmas day that is because it was overnight high. very warm christmas eve. and then temperatures dropped on christmas day. now we're talking in the about christmas but st. patrick's day. this is sunday at 1:00p m, partly sunny and breezy a at 50 degrees love that dance. he is excited we will dry
6:35 am
things out. let's check with justin good morning. 61 degrees, it will feel nice, break out the the shorts. we are moving okay on 76 westbound at conshohocken curve, in problems yet, that will probably change. things are slow here on i-95 at cottman southbound. you can see taillights. so that things are stacking up with the increased volume, area speed right now coming down to 22 miles an hour, there is that red area indicating slow go on i-95. thirty around conshohocken curve but looking good in new jersey. nicetown tioga wayne avenue a down pole near berkley street. that is checking your ride new you back over to you guys. >> all right thanks very much, my man i appreciate it. here we go eagles are making all kind of moves and these trade are mystifying. we will go to the expert at 94 wip paul jolowitz joins us for an explanation. my man. >> how you are you. >> doing well. >> good to see you in the off season. >> a absolutely.
6:36 am
>> are you perplexed, mystified. >> confused. i, i. >> my thoughts exactly. >> you keep looking for something and lets see, did they take on a lot of money, yes. they must have gotten the better player but sam bradford is not. by the the way, he is banged up. >> shoulder and two fees. >> shoulder and two knees. you have draft considerations,. >> it is just like that. >> what will you do it is like trading a dollar for 63 cents and nothing else. eagles traded a dollar to the rams for 63 cents. there is a and with a lot of dots. chip kelly has his own jig saw puzzle and i have figured is there an end game somewhere else. it is a big process. didn't like this. this one. >> lets talk about the even game. could this be part of the
6:37 am
master plan to somehow move up, and get mariota. >> i heard what merrill said and i talk to the same people and they say no. i have got to believe yesterday. it us just so unfathomable you have to think there is another shoe to drop. would i like to think two months from now after the draft we are saying oh, that is it but why would anybody need the eagles to launder sam bradford. you cannot take on money from a contract. i hope it does fit. he is so banged up and it makes no sense. >> he hasn't played a full season. >> he hasn't played any season. >> when it comes to mariota could a team in the top five or six draft him for us. >> i will tell you this right new forget these mock drafts, mar yet ace going in the top two. tampa takes winston and then mariota. forget six four three. he is going number two i think. you would hope he can and you
6:38 am
would hope in the end you love mariota but i don't know how this works toward that and this offense. the the d-con trucks of it. >> we need a running back. >> a running back. >> i'm in the a big murray fan. he is a big time fumbler. last year really high mileage year f they get murray, that is okay. >> reports are true eagles are interested or have some interest in dimarco murray. >> you would think but, yeah i mean obviously cornerback. the is there other significant need and giving up those draft picks makes you wonder. this is the head scratcher of head scratchers ukee. i'm deathly perplexed. >> what do you think his next move would be, any idea. >> where do you go. >> do you play cornerback? >> yeah, right. >> i don't know, for me to say i don't know, every time you expecting a fast ball you get the the curve ball and 12 to six hooks and you are frozen
6:39 am
in the batters box. right now i'm kind of froze event in batters box. you have to think more free agents obviously. you have a corner, maybe trayman williams and you need a running back. everything is predate it contacted about how the quarterback deal and whether this is a end game or midday move. i hope it is mid game move. >> since chip got the this new found power and his new position do you think this would have happened if howie was still around. >> no, the the question is, what does this mad genius, thing go toward. are we in the middle of a big plan or that is the big question but chip and howie are are different. >> it is off season. a lot more to come. >> we will always be here, that is fun of it all. >> see you on the cw. >> my man. >> erika, back to you. >> thanks, ukee and jolly. hillary clinton may have to testify were the house panel investigating the deaths of four americans in benghazi libya. this follows clinton's news conference on the e-mail
6:40 am
controversy, at the u.n. she says that she exchanged some 60,000 e-mails on her personal account while she was secretary of state. clinton now concede it was a in mistake to use her private e-mail exclusively. >> i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account which was allowed by the state department because i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. >> looking back it would have been better if i had simply used a second e-mail account and carried a second phone. >> clinton has turned over 55,000 pages of e-mails from her private server to the state department for their review. still a head this morning it is a modern day etiquette dilemma to tip or not to tipip you probably noticed the option to tip pop up on your smart phone when you pay with the app but paying digitally can trick new to tipping more. three on your side's jim
6:41 am
donovan has advice that could save you money coming up next, nicole. erika a local university teams up with the non-profit to get rid of the gender gap in technology coming up how local girls are encouraged to get the their game on.
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6:43. let check with kate and our weather watchers during the day, they will be busy. >> they will be out too busy doing things outside, to end is us report. no, they with never do that. they are fantastic but this is
6:44 am
a day you want to get outside if you can because temperatures are in the 40's, already and heading up into the 60's. i said 60's, not 50's. it has been a while since we have been in the 60's. hard to believe it will feel nice. 43 degrees said ed connor. fog above the the remaining snow continues. casey and i had a comfortable walk today. the great morning to walk the dog. you don't need to bundle yourself or dog up. ed makes a point good point about the the snow pack anyplace with the snow, rain and mild temperatures moving over that colder snow pack that causes fog today. bill in north wales at 43 with some cloud. it is not raining. fog in the area has lifted which is great news. lets take a look at showers moving through southern delaware. focus on have the showers down through kent and sussex county especially but portions of new castle county could get fog and a couple of sprinkles here this morning. the highs in the 60's today. tomorrow high pressure, plantedded overhead will be a really nice thursday. cooler. low 50's.
6:45 am
we will see some sun. on friday our next chance of rain comes in. most of the day is dry but overnight rain arrives and saturday looks like a very soggy start to the weekend. good news it is warm enough that we will only talk rain no snow with this one. today clearing nice and mild at 61 degrees and eyewitness weather seven day forecast, 61 today. fifty-one tomorrow. watch for rain friday into saturday making our soggy ground even more worse but for st. pat path's parade on sunday we will clear things out high near 50's. here's justin. >> good morning, kate good morning everybody else. hopefully we will get sun outside later this afternoon to dry out the road. we have road spray this morning. seventy-six eastbound at south street we have a disable vehicle will this guy fixing his flat tire and slowing things up a bit but we are moving this morning. it looks like he is get something help just coming into the picture right now. roosevelt boulevard is moving but it is volume, starting to stack up a little bit as we head toward that typical rush hour. area speed, coming down, tougher right around cottman
6:46 am
heading south on i-95 around 22 miles per hour, slowing down around the conshohocken curve at 21. even roosevelt boulevard coming in at 31. new jersey still looking good, new jersey turnpike and 295, speed up to around 60 miles an hour. we have a down pole in nicetown tioga around wayne avenue near berkley street. the mass transit reporting no delays. ukee. thanks justin. updating breaking news crash of the u.s. military helicopter. seven had marines and four soldiers are missing after a army chopper went down in the florida panhandle. the the military is calling this an active rescue operation. also philadelphia police are investigating two apparent firebombings earlier today. one suspect is in custody after a firebombing in juniata park. another unconnected attack took place in north philadelphia, there were no injuries. in sports eagles have traded quarterback nick foles to the st. louis rams in exchange for quarterback sam bradford. bradford has not played since a knee injury in 2013. 6:46. it is game on for a group of
6:47 am
girls. >> tech girls, a non-profit organization that encourages young woman to pursue careers in technology is teaming up with drexel university and our nicole brewer is here now with more on that partnership hey, nicole. >> reporter: good morning, guys. not only are less women pursuing less education in sign technology and math field but huge disparity in the technology industry as well. so drexel's entrepreneurial gaming studio is hosting workshops with tech girls to try to close that gender gap take a look. at drexel university this may look like your typical computer class but cut a little closer and you will see these girls are gaming, test launching a game design for schools and students nationwide. >> our goal, we have more and more young girls and young women, and women, get interests in going in the tech industry. in my case, the gaming industry. >> reporter: that is why digital media professor doctor frankly, teamed up with tech girls, a program that gives middle and high school age students hand on experience with technology. >> there is gaming, programming, using robotics
6:48 am
and so many other pieces of technology that are happening today, it is an important part of careers and the economy. so we need to encourage more girls to be participants. >> reporter: in this group it is an easy sell. >> because we can do it too and it is just fun. >> boys shouldn't be the only one programming and making video games. >> it is great that they are boys but we're girls and we want to do this stuff too. >> reporter: on this day they tested out program and provided feedback for these teams. >> girls are helping us out we are creating new curriculum around a two-point gaming design program and what we are trying to do is to see if what we have put together actually works and if there is any bugs. >> reporter: from there the materials will be made available on line so girls across the country will have the opportunity to learn game design principals, how to code, and most importantly that they can, do it. >> no question they definitely can.
6:49 am
already 400 girls have participated in tech girls programs, here in the philadelphia area their goal, to raise 2,000 by the end of 2015. i think they can do it with this nationwide program that hopefully will be implemented in to schools across the country. >> i have three word you go girl. >> you got that right. >> thanks, nicole. right now 6:49. we want to see what is coming up on cbs this morning. >> gayele king joins us from insuring with your preview. >> i can tell you, hello ukeelee and erika, david martin is talking about the missing troops after that florida helicopter crash. what is information hillary clinton is still withholding about her e-mail account and what it says about 2016 plans. and a rare look at hunting trip that aims to save rhinos from poachers and potential stinks. from shrivelry to naked selfies, editors of esquire and cosmopolitan are here to reveal results of their survey on sex and date nothing america. news is back in the morning. we will see new ten minutes.
6:50 am
ukeelee, turf ask you to stop sending those naked selfies to me. >> it is making gayele uncomfortable. >> i don't know how to take a selfie i'm using flash cubes. come on now. >> talk to you later. >> bye erika. >> new digital check out systems are on the the rise when pay using an app or swipe and tap a screen they are popping up a all over. >> but as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan find in some places it had has people asking the question to tip or not to tip. >> hi. what can i get for you. >> reporter: when a customer pays to their coffee with plastic on this digital check out system cashier zeo knows it could be an opportunity to take home some extra money. >> definitely more motivate todd work harder to make a connection with whom ever is at the register. >> reporter: experts say these computerized check out programs which gives customer
6:51 am
an option to add a gra tooth at the touch of the button are increasing too. 41 percent of people surveyed are somewhat to definitely more likely to leave a tip if the server or cashier is in close proximity. >> there may be elements of social pressure there having the server looking at you while you are completing the payment process that can drive people to perhaps tip more. >> reporter: which leaves customers with this new digital dilemma to tip or not to tip in cafes and coffee shops where before they may have grabbed their coffee and run. digital gra tooth has definitely change how they are thinking about tipping. >> i like the idea of it. >> i guess i can see how some people would feel a pressure to tip but i don't feel pressure. >> now that survey i mentioned also found that if a no tip button is included in the digital check out screen 29 percent would the rather tip then hit no tip. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. >> nice to have the option up but it is uncomfortable when
6:52 am
they spin screen around and stare at you. >> yeah, right. >> i will go ahead, there you go. >> yes. >> we will be right back. >> but first here's is what coming up during evening prime time viewing right here on cbs-3.
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6:54 am
good morning everyone.
6:55 am
the there has beeno much snow and ice in massachusetts cape cod is seeing iceberg. this is very rare. the these formations have only happened three to four times i understand in the last 20 years. people from all over are coming out to check out those iceberg that could cause major problems come spring. ice chunks tend to form around pilings on peers. lets get to traffic and weather before 7:00 o'clock hour. >> they have had a tough winter in new england and it will continue in the spring as well with these kind of problems. in our area it wasn't so bad this winter. we got less snow then boston got, ended up above average over 20 inches. we will hang on to that number and not add to it. storm scan three shows us a few rain showers no more snow in the forecast as we move through the next several days and here's why temperatures have warmed up. it is 44 right now. forty-nine in atlantic city. lets take one last look at you're witness weather seven day forecast, 61 today. sun a cross the board. we will start weekend on a
6:56 am
very wet note with rain on sat kay. now lets check with justin good morning. >> good morning. little bit of mist and road spray to deal with and dodge potholes but volume now on 76 eastbound right around belmont things stacking up. so have patients. there is inbound on the ben franklin bridge in the city, a lot of headlights new stacking up, coming over the bridge good news is fog has dissipated over most waterways around philadelphia speed coming down, look at i-95 heading out of the north east down to 12 miles an hour around cottman. have patient this is morning. that is your ride, now ukee back to you. it has been a busy morning of breaking news here and it continues right now on the cw philly. coming up next we will go live to the pentagon as we get word of 11 marines and soldiers who have gone missing after a helicopter crash. we're getting reaction on the eagles move with paul jolowitz from sports radio 94 wip. this is great heart warming story about a waiter and unexpect tip that has given him a new reason to smile, that story is coming up. next up on cbs this
6:57 am
morning last minute tax tips to maximize your refund and doesn't want that. >> to continue following your local news weather traffic and sports we are keeping it live and local on the cw philly station. we will be right back after a a short break. good morning family have a great day. i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe.
6:58 am
i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those. we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday, march 11th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a military helicopter crashes in florida. search and rescue teams are on the scene. hillary clinton deletes tens of thousands of e-mails and asks the public to trust her. did she do enough to calm the controversy? plus rushing to save rhinos from extinction. cbs cameras are in africa to capture the dramatic rescue operation. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. seven soldiers


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