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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 11, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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pelley. >> pelley: the ferguson police chief and city manager are out after a federal report finds a pattern of racial bias. also tonight, black hawk down, a terrible toll in a crash off florida. and experimental therapy has added years to the lives of some cancer patients. and the great rhino round-up. >> there is a brief period of discomfort that could ultimately save his life. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: they are cleaning house in ferguson, a house that the federal government found filthy with racial bias from the police department to the courts. late today the police chief resigned, just hours after the city manager was forced out. the federal investigation was a
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response to the shooting of an unarmed black man by a white officer. no wrongdoing was found in the shooting, but there was plenty of it in the department. here's dean reynolds. >> reporter: in the seven months since the shooting death of michael brown chief tom jackson has been the face of the ferguson police force and its chief apologist. this is what he told us less than three weeks ago. did you discover a racial problem in the department? >> no. >> reporter: none? >> no, there is not a rarely problem in the police department. >> reporter: is there a racial problem someplace else? >> no. >> reporter: while the department of justice exonerated white police officer darren wilson in brown's death, it issued a follow-up report last week that said place -- police harassment in ferguson was routine and included arresting, jailing and even tasering african americans unnecessarily. furg isn't's police force is almost all white in a town that is two-thirds black. in addition to finding e-mails
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on city accounts that depicted president obama as a chimpanzee the d.o.j. discovered a strategy to boost city revenues through tickets and fines written by a police force that displayed racial bias and stereotyping. >> did you know he was a suspect in the case or did he not know? >> reporter: since the report came out, the two cops tied to the racist e-mails have quit. a city judge has left. the city clerk was fired, and last night city manager john shaw departed but insisted, "my office has never instructed the police department to target african americans." tonight jackson issued a statement saying "it has been an honor and a privilege to serve and that he is resigning as chief with profound sadness on march 19th." he said he believes this is the appropriate thing to do at this time, scott, so ferguson can move forward without any distractions. >> pelley: dean, thank you very much. there is also breaking news
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tonight in that scandal at the university of oklahoma. it turns out that fraternity members there had been chanting racial slurs for years and jericka duncan is in norman for us tonight. jericka? >> reporter: good evening. it's more bad news for this fraternity. leaders of the sigma alpha epsilon chapter at o.u. the board of trustees recently issued a statement within minutes. it says it discovered a horrible cancer entered into the o.u. chapter of s.a.e. three to four years ago and was not immediately and totally stopped. it should have been. we are sincerely remorseful for the pain that this terrible chant has caused and would ask for forgiveness. of course, this comes just a day after two students were expelled. scott, university officials say that more punishment could be coming for other s.a.e. members. >> pelley: jericka duncan reporting from norman oklahoma. jericka, thank you.
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there's even more breaking news it's been a busy evening this one coming from the white house. we have learned of an investigation of misconduct involving the secret service. it came from an incident that happened a week ago, and our major garrett has details tonight. major? >> reporter: scott two secret service agents are under investigation for driving an agency vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and crashing it into a barrier near the white house grounds on march 4th. one of the agents holds the number-two position in president obama's protective detail. the other agent is a senior supervisor in the washington field office. both agents have been reassigned to desk jobs and stripped of their management roles while the department of homeland security's office of inspector general investigates. the white house first learned of this episode when new secret service director joe clancy informed president obama's top advisers. scott, we're told the president is fully aware of this matter and supports a complete investigation. >> pelley: major, thank you very money. today the associated press filed suit against the state
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department, claiming the department is withholding documents that should be made public. this comes a day after hillary clinton explained why she used private e-mail while secretary of state bypassing the department's record-keeping system. clinton said she did it for convenience. tonight thick fog is hampering the search for seven marines and four soldiers missing after their helicopter crashed last night off the florida panhandle. mark strassmann is at the scene. >> reporter: this glove at the water's edge was among the crash debris. along a six-mile front of santa rosa sound dozens of search boats and coast guard helicopters, 100 personnel in all, battled some of the same fog that swallowed the doomed black hawk. airmen combed the beach. officially this remains a search-and-rescue operation, but the 11 missing service members are presumed dead. air force major craig savage is part of the search. >> i think we always hold out
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hope any time there is a crash. i know we have an incredible search and rescue team, so i know they're going to be doing anything and everything they can. >> reporter: two black hawks took off on a training mission last evening. one turned back because visibility was poor. less than two miles. around 8:30, a woman on shore reported hearing an ominous sound in the fog like something metal being hit or falling over followed by two muffled explosions. the uh-60 black hawk lost contact. its crew of four army national guardsmen and seven marines aboard disappeared. major general glenn curtis. >> you can depart from one station and hit weather that you didn't expect, and so the conditions have to be right for them to take off. now, what they run into while they are airborne is a different story. >> reporter: the national guard pilots were combat vets and also instructors. the army's highest rating with several thousand hours of flying time in black hawks. the missing helicopter did carry
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a flight data recorder another focus of this search. the names of the servicemen have not been released. the army and marines are notifying their families. as you can see behind me, scott. the heavier fog has rolled in again, but the search goes on. >> pelley: mark, thank you very much. today at the boston marathon bombing trial, we saw video for the very first time that prosecutors say shows the tsarnaev brothers next to a police car where an officer was murdered. don dahler reports that the government says that killing was part of their escape plan. >> reporter: after a very detailed analysis of photo video and other evidence we're releasing photos of these two suspects. >> reporter: the moment the f.b.i. decided to unveil the photos of the two suspects three days after the bombings the end game was many play. prosecutors told the jury the men known only as black hat and white hat prepared to flee, but they needed something first, and they were willing to kill rookie mit cop sean collier to get it. >> officer down.
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officer down. >> ed davis was boston's police commissioner at the time. why do you think they targeted officer sean collier? >> i believe it was because they were trying to find another firearm. they needed another handgun and they saw him and they thought they had an opportunity to get his gun. >> reporter: did they get his gun? >> they did not. >> reporter: mit's chief of police, john difava, showed the court why. collier's hollister had special safety locks that wouldn't allow anyone else to remove the gun. the jury was shown distant surveillance video of dzhokhar and tamerlan tsarnaev approaching collier's patrol car and allegedly struggling to retrieve his gun. at that moment grad student nate harmon rode by on his bike. he told the court, "there was someone leaning into the driver's side door. he snapped up, looked around and he looked startled." prosecutor: do you see that person in the courtroom today? harmon: yes pointing toward tsarnaev, he's right there. he has a blue shirt on.
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>> reporter: does it get any better in terms of an eyewitness than that? >> new york it doesn't. when you have an eyewitness that can make a positive i.d., it's a very powerful fact for the jury. >> reporter: a little more than 24 hours later, dzhokhar tsarnaev was in custody and his brother was dead. scott, the prosecution says that the trial is going so fast that they expect this might wrap up within two weeks. >> pelley: don what do you expect in the days to come? >> well, tomorrow they expect to put on the carjacking victim who prefers to remain anonymous. you'll recall he escaped at one point, and the police say that that action directly led to the ultimate and bloody confrontation with the brothers. >> pelley: don dahler in boston for us tonight. don, thanks very much. the tsarnaev brothers were radicalized in part by extremist web sites. well, now in britain something similar appears to have happened to three schoolgirls who slipped away last month to join isis in
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syria. the girls' families told their stories in an extraordinary hearing in parliament, and elizabeth palmer is following this. >> did you have any idea or any ijling inkling whatsoever that your family members were involved in radicalization or had been radicalized. >> they were into normal things. he used to watch "keeping up with the kardashians" and things like that. >> but 15-year-old shamima begam and friends kadiza sultana and amira abase were also apparently secretly talking to isis recruiters on social media. in mid-february security cameras caught them en route as they ran away to syria, having stolen family jewelry to pay for their tickets. the begam family was devastated when shamima went missing. >> she's my baby. we just want you home. >> but wondered the politician, were there any warning signs?
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after all, a friend from the girl's school in east london had also run away to syria just a month before. london police chief admitted that officers on that case should have alerted school mates' families directly. >> we failed in that. of course, we're sorry. >> reporter: but said the police, vigilance needs the start at home. >> if parents can't see changes in behavior that involves stealing from changes changing appearance, i think it's very hard to expect the police, who are doing an investigation, to spot these signs. >> of course. >> reporter: as the politicians here, as well as the police and the families know very well, the pressure to spot the signs couldn't be more urgent. the police estimate, scott that 22 young girls have left home to run away and join isis in syria in this year alone. very few people understand what the draw is, what it is that makes them get on that plane.
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>> pelley: liz palmer reporting to us tonight from london. a new therapy to fight brain tumors extended this woman's life. >> i was told i would have two or three months to live. >> pelley: and an update on the miracle baby that survived a deadly crash when the "cbs evening news" continues. the garden is the story of our lives... told and retold. it's as old as our time on earth. and as new as tomorrow. you can have a yard. or slightly less. gardening isn't about where we choose to live. it's about how we choose to live. miracle-gro. life starts here. i have a cold with terrible chest congestion. i better take something. theraflu severe cold doesn't treat
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>> pelley: promising news tonight in the battle against cancer. it comes from researchers at duke university. dr. jon lapook tells us how an experimental treatment helped extend the life of a patient. >> reporter: 68-year-old sandy hillburn feels fortunate to have lifelong friends and six grandsons. >> they are such good little boys. >> reporter: she was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a vicious brain cancer with average survival of about one to two years. that was nine years ago. >> i was actually told that i would have two or three months to live. >> reporter: in 2006 hillburn began an experimental cancer vaccine therapy at duke university. to prepare the vaccine a patient's white blood cells are extracted and exposed to protein from a virus called c.m.v. c.m.v. is found in glioblastoma cells but not in healthy brain tissue. like a bloodhound give an scent the body's immune cells use the c.m.v. protein to find and then destroy the cancer cells. dr. john sampson is professor of
6:46 pm
surgery at duke. >> reporter: because our immune systems are particularly adept at attacking viruses we felt it would be a great opportunity for us to attack the tumor by attacking the virus. >> reporter: in early studies the vaccine did not work well, so a tetanus shot was added before treatment the prime the immune system. >> tetanus produces a certain chemical which is a superactivator for the vaccine. >> reporter: six patients received cmv alone and survived 18.5 months. six others got a tetanus shot first, three survived for an average of 22 months. two lived for about five and six years, and one hillburn is still healthy at nine. you had one grandson before you got sick. >> yes. >> reporter: did you ever imagine you would be able to be around to see five more grandchildren. >> this sounds so obnoxious, but yes. in fact, i think i'm good for at least another ten years. >> reporter: scott, the reason
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we're covering such small trial is that glioblastoma is such a brutal cancer with very limited options. this does provide a glimmer of hope, but it does have to be replicated in other institutions. if it is, it could be useful therapy. >> pelley: why doesn't the immune system attack cancer naturally. >> well, cancers of all kinds are insidious and they're able to hide themselves. it's almost like they put a cloaking device on them. this strips them of the cloaking device, allows the immune system to track it down and kill it. >> pelley: fascinating. jon, thanks very much. utah may be on the verge of bringing back executions by firing squad if lethal injection drugs are not available. the legislature approved a measure to do so last night and the governor is considering it. supporters say firing squads are more humane than lethal injections, which have led to drawn-out, botched executions. today two boxing champs stared
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>> pelley: today two welterweights began promoting a bout that's expected to shatter every financial record in boxing. many hope it will spark a comeback for the sport. in this corner, we have ben tracy. >> reporter: floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao walked the red carpet in los angeles today to hype their fight. >> the fight is on and you're
6:51 pm
very excited. i know you're very excited. >> may 2nd. the fight of the century. it's all about the best fighting the best. >> reporter: the may 2nd showdown is five years in the making. the undefeated mayweather could earn $120 million. the scrappy pacquiao $80 million. but this is also about getting boxing itself off the ropes. >> i am the man, all over the land. >> reporter: it's been decades since muhammad ali, sugar ray leonard and mike tyson were household names. the sport lost some masss appeal when it worked from network tv to pay-per-view and an endless number of titles makes it hard for casual fans to follow. >> so this is the one that will top them all. >> working columnist david avila thinks the mayweather-pacquiao fight is just what the sport needs. >> we're going to be cloudy to the television. >> reporter: is this going to be enough to bring boxing back to the forefront? >> actually, this fight will do
6:52 pm
it. you've got two trains going at full speed. we'll find out who wins. >> reporter: and find out if box canning take a hit and still stay on its feet. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. >> pelley: well, it was firemen who were doing the fighting when a fuel truck caught fire and burned for four hours today near dearborn michigan. i-94 was shut down as flames and smoke shot high in the air burning fuel leaked into sewers at least two cars caught fire, but only two minor injuries were reported. the utah desert lit up today in a spectacular display as nasa test fired a souped-up version of a space shuttle solid rocket booster. it passed the test, burning for two minutes inch three years this rocket will be carrying an orion capsule to the moon. baby lily is home from the hospital tonight. lily just 18 months old survived a car crash that killed her
6:53 pm
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>> pelley: finally tonight, a race against time to save the rhinos of south africa from being wiped out. last year more than 1200 were slaughtered for their horns, which are worth in some places more than gold. debra patta went along on a lifesaving mission. >> reporter: these rhino know only too well what it is like to run from danger, but this time the man with the gun is trying to rescue them. dave mychal cooper is the lead vet on the project to airlift 100 rhinos to a secret location in botswana. >> i think the biggest risk is the environment we're dealing with. we're chasing these animals. we want to get them in an area that's nice and open. >> on the ground, the park warden is in constant touch. >> carry on.
6:57 pm
>> once the rhino is hit with the tranquilizer, our convoy speeds across the is a van nap. we have only a few minutes to find the rhino and inject an antidote before there is any fatal or long-term injury. the rhino is blindfolded. its ears are plugged to block out all senses. this is not a pleasant experience for the rhine york but it is a brief period of discomfort that could ultimately save his life. >> i was lucky today. >> [inaudible]. >> moving a groggy, 3,000-pound rhino often takes more than two dozen men. mychal cooper -- coope re and his team darted this huge female, but naylor says the poaching crisis demands desperate action. >> my day is spent protecting these rhinos. i've had to double our guard force. we've really had to become a fortress just to protect the
6:58 pm
rhinos that we have. >> reporter: in two days the team captured ten rhino, but poachers killed 1200 rhino last year alone. >> right now it looks like an insurmountable task, but you have to keep at it. if you throw up your hands, you've lost. >> reporter: for these rhino new hope as they begin their 900-mile journey far away from the deadly reach of poachers. debra patta, cbs news johannesburg, south africa. >> pelley: saving the natural world. that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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♪ ♪ first blurred lines is ruled a ripoff and now what about pharrell's other big hit? >> i talked to marvin gaye's family. do they have a problem with his song "happy," too? ♪ ♪ >> do you think that it has similarities? >> is the family mad enough to take aim at "happy"? >> what they told me after winning millions in court. >> then we have just-released video of the fatal "midnight rider" train accident. see how kurt russell's son narrowly escaped death. and a woman accusing "7th heaven" stephen collins. >> and jim parsons, this is your life. we flashback with


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