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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 12, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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[gunfire]. >> pelley: the shooting of two cops in ferguson, missouri prompts the attorney general to say this. >> punk punk. >> pelley: turns out those secret service agents who crashed through police tape drove right through an active investigation. lumber liquidators defends the safety of its flooring but makes a surprising admission. and facing the future speeding up time to remind us it's running out. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight the missouri highway patrol and the st. louis county police have been put in charge of security for demonstrations expected in ferguson tonight. this follows the shooting of two officers, one from the county the other a nearby village, as they were helping ferguson
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police during a protest last night. dean reynolds is in ferguson for us this evening. dean? >> reporter: scott, you can see behind me here they have brought in concrete barricades at the ferguson police headquarters, and demonstrators do plan to be back here tonight, despite the shooting that has once again set this town on edge. heavily armed tactical police converged on a house near the furging for police headquarters today while other detectives fanned out across adjacent streets in an urgent search for evidence that could lead them to a shooter still at large. >> we're going to try to do as much as we can until we find something. >> reporter: the dragnet started about midnight right after a small demonstration was interrupted by the crackle of gunfire. [gunfire] [screaming] one officer was shot in the shoulder, a second in the face. both are recovering from what st. louis county police chief john belmar called an ambush.
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>> by god's grace we didn't lose two officers last night. we could have lost two police officers over this. >> reporter: the family of michael brown, the teenager whose death at the hand of a white cop set off months of protests here condemned this escalation of violence and in washington, attorney general eric holder was blunt. >> this was not someone trying to bring healing to ferguson. this was a damn punk. >> everybody down on the ground. police got shot. >> reporter: the gunfire came just hours after ferguson police chief tom jackson quit, the latest in a series of official departures following a justice department report that criticized the city for racial bias. victoria salsman who lives seven doors from the shooting scene, was interviewed by police, and she wondered why there was a demonstration at all, much less a shooting. >> i don't know what you're protesting because people are stepping down and we're trying to move forward as a city and do what is right and find out what
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is really wrong, and it seems like people want to block that. >> reporter: pastor michael robinson who was with the protestors said whoever pulled the trigger was trying to stop ferguson's racial reconciliation and deepen its divide. >> how big a setback would you say an incident like this is to the process? >> i believe it was a set wrack because it was a setup. action is being taken. now all of a sudden we want to shoot someone? that's absolutely absurd. >> reporter: at one of the houses searched by police, three people were removed in handcuffs but no charges have been filed yet. president obama took to twitter today to say violence against police is unacceptable. our prayers are with the officers in missouri. path to justice, he said, is one all of us must travel. now, scott, the police last night did not fire back but officials tell us that in similar circumstances they may not be able to show restraint in
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the future. >> pelley: and both officers, we understand, have been released from the hospital. dean, thanks very much. president obama also said today he still has confidence in his new secret service director after two seen your agents crashed an s.u.v. into a crime scene after leaving a party last week. major garrett walks us through what happened. report at about 11:00 p.m. on march 4th, the two special agents, mark connolly, second in command of president obama's protective detail, and supervisor george ogilvie drove an agency vehicle westbound on pennsylvania avenue toward toward the white house. they were heading straight toward an active investigation of a suspicious package. according to sources familiar with the incident, the agents drove through police tape and struck an orange barrel protecting evidence in the investigation. the s.u.v. was not damaged. it appeared the two special agents were under the influence of alcohol after attending a retirement party for a fellow agent.
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junior officers recommended field sobriety tests, but a supervisor overruled them and let connolly and ogilvie leave the scene. the department of homeland security n.or general's office is now investigating the conduct of all involved. maryland congressman elijah cummings is the top democrat on the house committee that monitors the secret service. >> whenever a police officer has reason to believe that someone is impaired while driving, i think they ought to be stopped and given a field sobriety test. period. >> reporter: top white house officials are irritated they learned about all this for the first time on monday four full days after the incident occurred. scott, we have just learned that joe clancy the director of the secret service also first learned of this on monday a clear indication his agency has several problems to correct. >> pelley: major garrett reporting at the white house. major, thank you.
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tonight artillery thundered through a major bat until a test of america's strategy against isis. iraqi forces are fighting to take back the city of tikrit from isis and we're about to find out whether the u.s.-trained iraqis can win and whether this battle against terrorism will escalate into a civil war between the two branches of islam, the sunnis of isis and the shia of the iraqi government. holly williams is covering the battle. >> reporter: al dour is battle scattered and deserted by its residents, but isis is gone and its black fallings are defaced. just five miles south of tikrit, iraqi forces defeated isis in al dour on monday. it took iraqi forces more than three days of intense street-to-street fighting to recapture this small town. tikrit is a city of 250,000 people and a much bigger challenge. if the iraqi fighters are in a
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triumphant mood, and major general bahaa al-azawi told us victory in tikrit is close. >> we have the capability to defeat terrorism and push them away from iraq. >> reporter: in reality, though iraq's army is weak and disorganized. most of the fighters in the tikrit offensive are shiite muslim militiamen. they have close ties to iran, which has fueled fears in the u.s. of rising iranian influence here in iraq, especially since an iranian general was spotted apparently commanding the offensive. the shiite militias are also accused of massacring more than 70 unarmed sunni muslim men after defeating isis in diyala province in january. it's opened a new wound in iraq's bloody religious tensions. the shiite slish militiamen are
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adamant it won't happen again and to prove their point they took us to meet a sunni commander who is fighting with them against isis. "we're all one. we're all iraqi," qusay al-zabib told us. "if i had any fear of a massacre, i wouldn't be here." >> pelley: holly, you traveled to the area around tikrit with a shia militia called the badr brigade. what was that like? >> reporter: well, scott, the badr brigades have a frightening reputation. they're implicated in the torture and murder of thousands of sunni muslim, but with us, they were anxious to portray themselves as heros who are saving crosswalk from isis, and they told us they'll work with anyone sunnis, iranian and also americans to defeat the extremists. >> pelley: holly williams reporting on the war against isis for us from baghdad tonight. thank you holly. after four years of vicious civil war syria is plunging into darkness.
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this is a satellite photo from 2012 with cities glowing at night. this is last december. 97% of the lights were out in aleppo syria's largest city with more than two million people. nearly eight million inside syria have lost their homes. close to four million have fled the country and half of them are children. at the boston marathon bombing trial today prosecutors picked up the story with the tsarnaev brothers' attempt to flee. it was three days after the bombing. they just killed a police officer and commandeered a car at gunpoint. don dahler reports that the jurors heard from the driver and saw a dramatic video. >> reporter: it was a desperate escape that changed everything. surveillance video never before made public shows carjacking victim dun meng fleeing his captor, dzhokhar and tamerlan dzhokhar tsarnaev, today meng told the
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jury "it's the most terrifying moment, the most difficult decision in my life." last year in his only tv interview, he told cbs news he had pulled over the send a text message when suddenly a man jumped into his car. >> i was totally shocked. i was like, what's this? what is this? i thought it was a robbery. >> reporter: tamerlan tsarnaev pointed a gun at him. dun told the court, "do you know the boston marathon explosion?" dun said "yes, i know." he said, "do you know who did it?" i said, "no." he said, "i did it, and i just killed a cop in cambridge." dun drove the men around to get cash from an atm machine. >> i thought they were going to kill me someplace in connecticut or somewhere pretty far away from people. >> reporter: it was when they stopped for gas and snacks that dun made his move. the younger tsarnaev was in the store.
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dun told the jury, "i opened the car door quickly successfully, jump out of the car dash into the street." i could feel he was trying the grab me. dun ran into another gas station and pleaded with the attendant to call 911. he hid in the back until police arrived. the tsarnaevs had already fled but dun meng told police his s.u.v. had a gps system. this quickly led police to the mercedes -- [gunfire] -- and a shoot-out that killed tamerlan tsarnaev. [gunfire] court is not in session tomorrow scott. prosecutors are expected to begin presenting testimony about that violent shoot-out next week. >> pelley: don dahler in boston tonight. don, thanks. the bodies of two u.s. soldier verse been recovered from a black hawk helicopter crash off the florida panhandle. four soldiers and seven marines were aboard when it went down in heavy fog on a training mission
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tuesday night. all are presumed lost. the leader of iran and secretary of state john kerry found one thing in common. today both condemned that letter 47 republican senators sent to iran to warn it against a nuclear deal with the obama administration. this sort of direct interference with diplomatic negotiations may be unprecedented, and the man behind it, senator tom cotton has been in the senate only two months. we asked nancy cordes to tell us about it. >> reporter: senator tom cotton of arkansas is so new he's still working out of a temporary basement office, and yet with one letter he made himself known to diplomats worldwide. >> germany's foreign minister called your letter, "unhelpful." a french diplomat said "you undermined u.s. negotiators." does that bother you at all? >> well, all we said are the basic facts of constitutional law under our constitution. >> this is still the
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international reaction from our allies. >> well, maybe we need to send a message to the entire world. >> reporter: cotton is harvard-educated lawyer who also led troops in iraq and afghanistan as an infantry officer. it doesn't hurt that he just defeated a long-time democratic senator by 18 points. after serving just two years in the house, where he was known for his hawkish views he has called the talk with iran -- >> these sham nuclear negotiations. >> reporter: you probably wouldn't be all that upset if this letter ended up interfering with the negotiations. >> what we all said in the letter is if we don't approve the deal, we won't accept the deal. we did not speak about the terms of the deal. i personally oppose the terms that president obama has already foreshadowed. >> reporter: those terms include iran possibly being allowed to keep some of its nuclear infrastructure. i asked senator cotton today how he got so many senators to sign on. he said he went to them one by
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one, scott, and by the way, none of them have told us they regret it. >> pelley: nancy cordes with the news maker on capitol hill. nancy, thank you very much. senator cotton will be bob schieffer's guest sunday on "face the nation." after a "60 minutes" investigation, fema is giving victims of hurricane sandy another shot at insurance payouts. and the cast of downton abby gets a royal visit when the "cbs evening news" continues. i have the worst cold with this runny nose. i better take something. dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms plus your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is.
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>> pelley: david miller, the fema official in charge of national flood insurance, has resigned two minutes after a "60 minutes" report on allegations of fraud by insurance companies following superstorm sandy. the insurers are accused of falsifying engineering reports cheating victims out of millions in payouts. the companies say it isn't true, but fema says it will reopen as many as 144,000 claims. in another report on the same "60 minutes" broadcast, a potentially poisonous flooring was exposed flooring that is made in china. today the c.e.o. of lumber liquidators defended his product, but he also made a surprising admission, and here's carter evans. >> reporter: when "60 minutes" went undercover at three chinese factories that produced laminate flooring for lumber liquidators it exposed excessive levels of the cancer-causing chemical
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formaldehyde in the parts that make up the wood board. at the time the company president told anderson cooper the flooring complied with strict standards set by the california air resources board also known as carb. >> we neefer going to sell something that's unsafe. >> >> reporter: employees at the factory told a different story. >> [inaudible]. >> meaning it didn't meet the company's standard. today lumber liquidators liquidators c.e.o. rob lynch revealed carb's preliminary test revealed high levels of formaldehyde before "60 minutes" report. >> we know tests have elevated level, but we believe the results of the test have little or no bearing on the safety of the finished product. >> reporter: lumber liquidators doesn't believe in the testing method carb used which peels back the top layers of the board in order to analyze the core. >> we've been engaged with carb
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over many months, provided them with additional information, and like others in the industry, we have expressed our concerns on the validity and applicability of the deconstructing testing method. >> reporter: in tests commissioned by "60 minutes," 30 of 31 boxes of the product labeled complaint were not with some emitting as much as 13 times the carb limit. >> they knew about the product. >> reporter: michael balero is the lead plaintiff in a class action suit against lumber liquidators. he's ripping out the laminate floor in his home. >> they can't just sell this product and get away with it. >> reporter: lumber liquidators is still selling the chinese laminate flooring, but it's now also offering independent testing of the air quality in the homes of concerned customers and scott if high levels of formaldehyde are detected coming from the floor, the company says it will consider replacing it at no cost. >> pelley: carter evans. thanks, carter. and we'll be right back.
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brother or sister next month. you have to wonder why it took so long, but the egg industry has just hired, you guessed it, kevin bacon. the actor will appear in ads extolling the virtues of eggs. bacon calls himself the obvious choice. note to jon hamm: butter luck next time. for young folks who can't imagine growing old, machine will do it for them, and you'll see why coming up. >> this portion of the "cbs evening news" is sponsored by: hep c is a serious disease. left untreated it can lead to liver damage and potentially liver cancer. but you haven't been forgotten. there's never been a better time to rethink your hep c because people like you may benefit from scientific advances that could help cure your hep c. visit or call a hep c educator to help prepare you for a conversation with your hep c specialist.
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life starts here. >> pelley: finally tonight young folks don't think much about retirement. in fact, a survey of adults under 30 found two out of five don't think about it at all. well, maybe they need some help. here's anthony mason. >> reporter: it's not easy to imagine the future. >> this is you theoretically at what age? >> about 70. >> reporter: hal hershfeld a psychologist, is 35. how did you feel when you saw that? >> well, i was amazed at how much hair i still had. >> reporter: a brother at u.c.l.a.'s anderson school of management hershfeld wondered if americans might save more if they literally faced the future.
6:57 pm
>> we thought, you know, is there any way we can actually have people sit down and have a conversation with their future selves to make that future self more vivid to them? >> reporter: in a study started at stanford university researchers put people in a virtual reality room where they confronted an older self aged by computer, in the mirror. >> the age progression algorithm mimics the processes of aging. it sags the cheeks a little bit. it adds a little more fatty tissue under the eyes. >> reporter: to encourage saving, merrill lynch has started using a similar algorithm on its web site. >> because we wanted people to start thinking seriously about saving for tomorrow. >> that is harsh. >> to literally face retirement. >> reporter: the conclusion it works. there is an impact. >> there is an impact. in one study we found people exposed to these images of their
6:58 pm
future several, allocated twice as much money to a hypothetical savings account. >> reporter: hershfeld thinks this could help people think more about diets and health too. >> it allows people to say okay there is this future version of me, and that person will benefit from or suffer from the choices i make today. >> reporter: that's not some abstract idea anymore, it's me. >> that's not some abstract idea him. >> reporter: our choices change, it seem, when the future is right in front of us. anthony mason, cbs news, los angeles. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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is greg brady a deadbeat dad? we're with barry williams' ex accusing him of abandoning their 3-year-old. >> hear the nasty he said/she said tonight. >> is he a deadbeat dad? >> he allowed us to be evicted. >> are you homeless now? >> it's about child support. >> the mother of his child with this description of their seven years together. >> i did some rebounding. >> then, just call her duchess downton. pregnant kate's visit to the show. >> fan girled all over the set. >> plus, your first look at "furious seven" stunts with the late paul walker. >> you didn't think it would get any better. >> at home with the man behind "glee" and "american horror story."


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