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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 15, 2015 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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a city in mourning says goodbye. >> will be deeply missed but i know you're in a much better place. >> philadelphia honors officer robert wilson iii who lost his life protecting the innocent. >> he fought valiantly and stood for something. he cared about people. >> and today as fellow officers remembered wilson's sacrifice a message of hope and pride. >> we walked alongside of a man that had the kind of courage and determination that robert francis wilson iii had. good evening everyone. i'm natasha brown. officer wilson was shot and killed at a game stop store earlier this month. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson was at today's emotional service. ♪ >> reporter: a final farewell for one of philadelphia's finest
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ever. saturday morning a march through west philadelphia. officials, dignitaries joining with the city's force. the very tip of the spear that would usher in thousands. friends, family citizens and officers from departments across the country all comeing together to pay respects to one man. philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii. >> officer wilson was willing to take the heat and sacrifice himself. >> reporter: on march 5th 2015 officer wilson was buying a gift for his nine-year-old son at this game stop in north philadelphia. inside by himself he fought with two armed robbers. drawing fire away from patrons using his very last breath to save others. >> he laid down his life for people in that store. >> reporter: inside the palestra saturday afternoon tribute from those who witnessed his heroism. >> i've been in policing for 46
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years, and i have never witness witnessed an act of bravery like i saw that day. >> reporter: wilson fellow officers remembering that warm smile and carrying nature making declarations to the familiar he left behind and the one he will now join. >> i will always be there for you just as i know robert would have done for my familiarly. >> as the pipes sounded for that final farewell officer wilson was posthumously promoteed to sergeant decorated for medals for valor and for trading his life so others could live. >> robert f wilson iii is an american hero. >> reporter: during his speech commissioner ramsay not only mentioned he will be awarding robert wilson ii. one of the highest honors the medal of valor for courage of which the commissioner had never seem he would be naming the reward after philadelphia's
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latest fallen hero. reporting from west philadelphia steve patterson cbs3 "eyewitness news". for more on the tribute to slain philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii go to our website cbs phil p.m. cot many. our weekend it did start out a bit soggy and now the second half is about to get windy. "eyewitness news" in old city tonight where soaks were able to leave the umbrellas behind at least. meteorologist justin drabick joins us now with a first forecast. hey, justin. natasha better news for the second half of the weekend also great news nor the parade tomorrow as we're dealing with dry conditions like you said the winds will be kicking up much here's the of the last rain moving through far eastern new jersey. another half hour most of that should be offshore. now, still some areas of fog. especially north and west of the city up towards berks county and lehigh valley region. eventually those winds will start to kick up and scower out the fog. this is a doppler radar estimate
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of the rainfall we saw from the system. pretty good healthy rainfall amounts basically south of the city northern delaware into southern new jersey darker greens there indicating an inch to even an inch and a half of rain from this system. good news we didn't see really any flooding from the recent snow melt and warm temperatures. down a half mile visibility allentown and reading. three tenths of a mile in lancaster but much better from the city on south and east so we will see improving visibilities through the overnight hours. it's getting a little bit cooler cold front will slide on through. lancaster 38 degrees. 41 mount pocono. 48 in philadelphia. so the mild air just lingering across the far eastern viewing area but here's your parade forecast. partly season knee skies. 1:00 o'clock. 50-degree temperature but it will be windy. winds gusting to about 40 miles per hour the rest of the region looking pretty good tomorrow. windy and cool at the shore upper 40s near 40 in the poconos a full look at that seven day forecast coming up in just a few more minutes. natasha. >> thank you justin. a small pacific island nation meantime is asking for help tonight after it was
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devastated by the worst cyclone in decades. cyclone pam hit the island packing winds near 200 miles per hour. the storm ripped off rooftops and tossed boats about like toys and knocked out power across the chain of 65 islands. united nations secretary general is urging member countries to send aid. >> i conveyed my personal on behalf of the united nations our deepest condolences as well as our strong commitment and solidarity to the people. new zealand pledged a million dollars in aid and australia is sending emergency response teams teams. another cyclone is forecast to hit near the island chain in the next few days. new tonight a car flipped on its side after crashing through the fence of a parking lot in center city. four girls inside the car were injured. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has more. >> reporter: natasha this is a
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bit of a strange one bear with me here. the car that was involved in all of this which i'll show it to you in a second at some point around 9:00 o'clock it was trying to leave this parking lot. in doing so it smashed up to about half dozen cars. that one included. now if we can come back over this way this car was trying to make its way out of this parking lot. it was backing up in this direction. heading in a pretty high rate of speed and you can see here take a look at this fence right to my right here. the car was going fast enough that it plowed into this fence bending it around that pole right there. now, if we continue this is leaf go street in between fourth and fifth just off from bainbridge to my left. the car made its way through this fence and you can see back in there in that alleyway that's where the car ended up on its side all four female passengers inside were taken to the hospital. we spoke with someone just a few moments ago who told us what she saw. >> i just heard some screaming from the people working here like no, no and it was literally
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90 miles an hour just going in reverse. i'm still shaking and i just turned around and the car flew right by the gate. i just literally like dove. >> officers on scene here tell us that the four people who were inside that car as i mentioned were taken to the hospital. we're not sure of their conditions just yet. or why they crashed into all of these cars and ended up where they did. we're in center city, matt rivers cbs3 "eyewitness news". at least one person has been hospitalized after a crash tonight in florence township. it happened on columbus road shortly after 5:00 o'clock. police say one person was ejected from one of the vehicles. but investigators have not said how many people were hospitalized or the severity of their injuries. a woman in seaside heights new jersey is recovering to night after she was caught in a home explosion. according to police the blast happened just after 10:00 a.m. on the first floor of the sumner of a home.
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the 26-year-old woman was on the second floor. she was brought to the hospital for evaluation. with minor injuries. the cause of the blast it is still under investigation. inspectors are trying to figure out what caused a pair of building collapses in philadelphia. the first one happened shortly before 5:00 this morning in kensington. at this home on the 2700 block of emerald street. firefighters rescued a 43-year-old resident from the rubble. he was hospitalized and is expected to recover. the remnants of that property will have to be demolish. also the second partial collapse was in south philly on the 700 block of south street. you can see these bricks fell off the front of the building today right above a domino's pizza. fortunately no one happened to be walking on that part of the sidewalk at the time. it is still not clear what caused those bricks to fall. we're now getting our force look at what the 22 and and market street building collapse memorial will ultimately look like in center city.
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designers set up a full scale plywood model sculpture that's where the permanent memorial will be built in the park. they want to make sure the measurements are correct. a 12-foot banner resembling the black krahn it in wall was draped over the plywood. the memorial honors the six people killed in the collapse of the salvation army thrift store back on june 5th 2013. >> seeing this here today gives us a sense of what it's going to be and i think it's going to be a beautiful park and healing -- it will be a healing place for us and for the city. >> fundraiseing continues to raise the necessary money to complete the memorial park. now the search is on for the cause of a house fire that injured a man in philadelphia's low ban neighborhood. flames broke out on the 10 block of west kayuag after 3:00 o'clock this morning. authorities say the 49-year-old resident was taken to the hospital with burns and also
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suffered smoke inhalation. stay with us everyone. coming up tonight on "eyewitness news" a toddler's rescue caught on a body camera. see the dramatic video a first responder saving that child's life. plus, fly, eagles fly we'll show you this world record flight from the perspective of the birds. justin? all right. the rain is moving out now. get ready for windy conditions for the rest of the weekend much the complete forecast coming up. >> and in sports we are just a day away now from selection sunday and villanova showed the selection committee that they deserve a one seed. lesley van arsdall
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>> police released body camera footage showing the dramatic rescue of an 18 month old utah girl last saturday. she was strapped in her car seat at the time hanging upside down as icy water flowed through the car for 14 hours before she was found. first responders pulled lilly out and she was carried to awaiting ambulance. once inside an officer patted her on the back and she began showing signs of life. she was released from the hospital wednesday and was not seriously injured. her mother died in the crash. and talk about a birds eye view. this is due by in the united arab emerates and this eagle is setting a world record. a mini camera was strapped to the bird's back. it flew from the top of the world's tallest tower all the
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way to the ground. now this is the highest recorded bird flight from a manmade structure more than 2700 feet. the flight was organized to spread the word about eagles. it is a philadelphia tradition meantime for more than 200 years the st. patrick's day parade it steps off tomorrow as chris may shows us tonight for one woman the day comes with a very special honor. ♪ i'm still pinching myself because it's so great to be the grand marshal. >> reporter: kathy magee burns is the fourth woman to lead the st. patrick's day parade. >> two nuns before me. i thought i'd have to go join the convent to ever get to be grand marshal. >> reporter: proud mother of nine and grandmother of 15 has been serving the irish community for years including the duffy's cut project. >> for some reason i started to
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feel drawn to it. >> reporter: pot correct is focused on irish immigrants who came to pennsylvania in 1832 to build a section of railroad. the area in chester county was called duffy's cut. 57 of them died during a cholera outbreak it's believed some were killed by vigilantes fearing the disease after the immigrants remains were found in a mass grave, a funeral was held. ♪ >> reporter: and the remains of one victim who was identified were sent back to ireland. >> when it was time to take john back i gave them money to take him back. >> reporter: back to his home of don 93-gallon the ancestral home of kathy's familiarly. >> actually put the remains of somebody died over here in the ground in their home is probably the most important thing he ever did. >> bill watson and his brother frank led the duffy's cut efforts. >> kathy helped us to move on with the dig. >> now kathy is doing it again. paying for the remains of another victim the only woman to go home.
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>> catherine burns is ready to go back to ire land. lately felt this great pull to the one woman one woman and her name happens to be catherine burns. mine is kathleen burns. but what a coincidence. >> reporter: in gratitude she's been given a nail from catherine burns coffin like the one she has from the other immigrants she sent home john rudd dee. it's just so wonderful to touch them. there's like a magic that comes out of them. report roar connections to the past that kathy mcgee burns will treasure forever. chris may, cbs3 "eyewitness news". ♪ >> life coverage of the st. patrick's day parade begins tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. on the cw philly. we'll reair it at 4:00 on the cw and monday morning at 9:00 right here on cbs3. here we go another weekend storm but this one was all rain across the delaware valley and in some spots picking up over an
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inch and a half of rain as we check in with our weather watchers basically southern new jersey and northern delaware saw the most rain from this system. but margo simmons in buena vista township new jersey topping the list at 1.72-inches of rain. that's a healthy amount. newark delaware delores also over an inch and a half of rain. from this system. townsend delaware tony checked in 1.2-inches. less the farther north you go from philadelphia just over an inch in willow grove william in levittown 1 pint 02. 1 inch in gilbertsville. the numbers drop off the farther north you go. chesterfield, new jersey connor .68-inches of rain today today. he sent a picture showing a little bit of snow pack still left in his backyard. you can kind of see that behind the tree there a little bit of fog, though, as that milder air was running over that cooler snow pack. we'll improve the conditions overnight and back oh to a little bit of sunshine in the forecast for sun dame let's take you outside right now.
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visibility starting to pick up around the city. live look at the ben franklin bridge. the rain has ended here in philadelphia. still leftover rain showers coming across far eastern new jersey this hour as we go to storm scan3 maybe another half hour of light rain that will exit the coastline. clouds trying to thin out to our west. watch out for areas of fog much especially north and west of the city. 38 degrees in reading. 39 in allentown. still decent amount of snow pack there. that's allowing that fog to develop but still mild in south jersey ahead of the front. low 50s millville and atlantic city. once the front moves through the wind will king and help mick up the atmosphere and that fog scowers out but nothing terribly cold behind the front. but it will turn windy. winds will start to gust over 20 miles per hour overnight and tomorrow morning the winds will kick up to 30 miles an hour gusts and into the afternoon winds gusting to near 40 at times through the afternoon hours. then by monday morning the winds wind starts to calm down. another thing to look forward to
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next free day less than week away the official start of the spring season astronomical spring begins march 20th at 6:00 45. vernal equinox. 12 minutes and eight minutes of daylight on friday. as we enter our spring season the southern hemisphere entering their fall season and that's prime time for tropical season and here you go. talked about pam earlier tropical cyclone pam that came through vanuatu. winds up around 200 miles per hour. it will skim just off the northeast coast of new zealand and this hour pam has winds at 115 miles per hour gusting to 145 moving pretty quickly out of the southeast at 36 miles per hour. just skims over new zealand tomorrow and again this part of the world the south pacific they call their tropical system cyclones in the hurricanes. back home the winds start to kick up behind the front tomorrow. we'll dry out mixture of sun and clouds. monday will be the warmest day. temperatures could reach 60 degrees if we see enough
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sunshine. don't get used it to though. another front will come through early tuesday maybe a few showers in the morning. drops the temperatures into the 50s. looks good for sunday little bit breezy at times. with partly sunny skies through the day. monday we'll start off with some sunshine and clouds start to move in with that next front. maybe a couple of rain showers early tuesday morning especially north of the city. then the front moves that was brings in cooler air mass. areas of fog overnight clearing skies late. low temperature about 40 degrees for center steam it's a windy day on sunday. partly sunny with a high of 51 degrees. sustained winds 15 to 25. gusting to near 40 out of the northwest. here's the extended forecast. sunshine on monday with a high near 60 degrees. st. patrick's day cools back down to 52 could be a morning shower. a little colder cold for this time of year we finish off the winter season lower 40s on wednesday. looks like we'll keep it in the 40s on the first official day of spring. by saturday back up to 50 degrees. so no signs of any big spring warmth coming up. >> yeah. >> it may take sometime.
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>> nice start to the week. >> into the too bad. we'll take that 60. >> thank you very much justin. >> lesley has sports highlights. >> flyers and sixers in action in south philadelphia. lee is local teams trying to solidify the spots in the inform caa tournament. villanova tryin
2:33 am
the big east tournament championship villanova taking on xavier the last time nova won 1995 a big deal. villanova just dominant tonight. off the nova miss good passing to fine hilliard hitting the three and just like that nova up by seven. nova led by 13 at the half and kept it going. josh heart with the layup that will make it a 17-point lead. good defense by the wildcats. this time hart again villanova runs away with this one at the garden they skin 69-52.
2:34 am
yes, they are your big east champs. temple facing number 20smu this afternoon. the shot off the glass right here. temple led by two at half time. former sixers coach larry brown has smu playing the right way. nick moore running the floor. feeds manuel on the ally-oop. smu wins 69-56. delaware state trying to win their conference and get into the big dance. todd hughes with the lay in here here. hampton out scored delaware state by 21 points in the second half. hampton will win 82-61 gone to the tournament with a sub 500 record. the red wings have been one of the best teams in hockey for what seems like forever but can't win philadelphia of the last time they actually wouldn't here in the 1997 stanley cup finals. to the first period of the game the flyers able to get on the board first. brayden schenn mark straight shot. one to nothing flyers. look who tipped this in.
2:35 am
for in a second. second period flyers with the power play. schenn again picks up the power play goal and the flyers will take a three-one lead. then 11 seconds into the third period, we have schenn again for the hat trick. so of course fans will throw their hats down on the ice. we have hundreds of hats down there but not so fast. there was a scoring change the first goal credited to wayne simmonds so fans lost out on the hat the flyers win seven-two. sixers hosting the nets at the wells fargo center tonight coming off a win last night against sacremento. sixers with good defense. nerlins noel with block. jason richardson throws the ally-oop off the glass to covington. woo of time winding down in the first half. smith takes the last shot. nails the three pointer right here. very happy about that. runs away all the way down the hall to the locker room. sixers led by five at the half unfortunately the second half belonging to the nets. former sixer thad young nice drive.


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