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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 16, 2015 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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thursday and was not targeting the police. isn't we're not sure we completely buy that part of it but in any event it's possible he was firing at some other people and the officers of course were in the back. >> reporter: police recovered a 40 caliber handgun during a seven of williams home which matches shell casings found at the scene. williams was on probation for receiving stolen property. he was arrested late saturday after a massive manhunt. >> what got the police to this point is information that was provided to them by members of the community. >> reporter: ferguson has been the site of sometimes violent protests since last august when former police officer darrin wilson shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown who was unarmed. the most recent demonstrations came after ferguson police chief tom jackson and others resigned following a department of justice report showing the mostly white ferguson police department had a pattern of racial bias. the two officers who were shot thursday are recovering at home. the investigation continues. chris van cleve for cbs3
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"eyewitness news". well police say williams had participated in demonstrations demonstrations on thursday before he shot the officers. they're investigating whether he acted alone in this case. turning to our weather. an evening stroll on the campus of temple university. pretty cool tonight. but it's going to warm up tomorrow. meteorologist justin drabick has our first forecast. hey, justin. >> pretty windy outside tonight. a lot of hoodies and heavier coats needed. the winds are starting to die down. a lot of reporting stations aren't reporting gusts but we are gusting over 25 miles per hour in philadelphia at 26 at the top of the hour. still gusting over 30 up in mount pocono. but diminishing winds continue through the overnight. air temperatures not that bad. when you don't factor in the wind it's 42 the official number at philadelphia international airport. some upper 30s in south jersey. 30 degrees this hour in mount pocono. but when you factor in the wind this is what it feel like on exposed skin. pri tee cold. take it down another 10 degrees
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or so feeling like 29 in allentown and reading thirty four philadelphia. lower 30s for wilmington and parts of south jersey. still some clouds over the region from yesterday's storm system slowly moving off the new england coastline. we will be dry. more sunshine for your monday. that will warm things up a little bit but a chilly start to your monday morning. low to mid 30s for the morning temperatures when you step outside and then the afternoon really not that bad. should see more sunshine than we had today. that will boostly temperatures into the upper 50s maybe even 60 in some spots. at the shore looking pretty good sun and clouds mid 50's mid 40s up in the poconos with partly sunny skies. coming up in the full forecast we'll talk about this brief warmup and some more shower chances returning to the seven day forecast. those details coming up in just a few minutes. natasha. >> thank you justin much deadly accident meantime in new jersey claims the life of an 87-year-old man earlier today at federal city road and i-95 interchange in lawrence township. police say the man's vehicle crossed into the opposite lane
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and struck three other vehicles. a driver and passenger from one of those cars were taken to the hospital to get check out. and philadelphia police they're looking for the suspect who shot a man 11 times in south philly. the shooting happened shortly before midnight on the corner of south 23rd and moore streets. police say the 21-year-old victim was awake and alert when they found him. he's currently in stable condition at an area hospital. the victim told police he never saw who pulled the trigger. armed occupation that is how one lower merion township commissioner described a gun rights protest today in bala cynwyd public park. demonstrators gathered to protest the city ordinance and were met with some tough criticism. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has more. >> reporter: several dozens demonstrators and several dozen guns the making of protest sunday in lower merion township. they came to speak out against the board of commissioners and an ordinance they say prohibits people from carrying guns in public parks.
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>> they have refused to repeal an illegal ordinance and they are violating the law by allowing the ordinance to exist. >> reporter: they say the ordinance is illegal because it preempts existing state law. pennsylvania is an open carry state which allows people to carry weapons without a license. protesters want the or nance repealed and if not they want legal action taken against lower merion commissioners. >> we can't simply ignore the law, violate the law and say it should be okay because i'm a publicly lecked official. >> reporter: prince will likely sue the township something one of its commissioners welcomes. daniel, says they'll fight to protect existing law. >> it's protecting our children in the parks and we disagree with the people who are out here. you know who think that this is going to add to safety. >> reporter: still others argue the existing law doesn't prohibit gun owners from carrying in pub parks. she called sunday's protest nothing more than bullying. >> they're loud to have guns in the park. nobody bothered them today. they were allowed to have their
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rally. we think they were trying to again force the township commissioners to do something they didn't want to. >> reporter: despite differing of opinion though, sunday's protest was entirely peaceful. matt rivers cbs3 "eyewitness news". police in upper merion want the public's help to find this missing woman. they say heather till let walk out of the einstein medical center in east norriton township on february 26th. she hasn't been seen since. police say she's 5-foot two with shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes. she was wearing a blue or green knit hat and a red jacket at at the time. very scary moments for a family in delaware county when a truck slammed into their home while they were inside. it happened about 1:00 o'clock this morning on the 400 block of hidden valley road in aston. police say no one was hurt but the driver of the truck and a passenger were taken into custody. it's not clear what caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle. holocaust survivors get
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together at a pre passover sader. more than 50 survivors were on hand at a dollar sis israel synagogue in bala cynwyd. there was dancing are singing and conversation. the sader a ritual retelling of the story of the liberation of israel lights from slavery in ancient egypt. >> it is important because myself when i was 12 years old i was already concentration camp and i haven't seen a sader for all that time until i was liberated in 1945. >> the event was organized by the jewish family and children's services which provides out reach, care and support for holocaust survivors. the united states along with other world powers is restarting nuclear talks with iran, and today secretary of state john kerry arrived in geneva switzerland for several days of discussions with iran's foreign minister. there's a march 24th deadline to reach a deal that would limit
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tehran's nuclear programs in exchange for lifting sanctions against the country. kerry is unhappy with the letter that senate republicans recent he recently sent to iran. it warns that any agreement with the united states could be rendered useless after president obama leaves office. >> this letter was absolutely calculateed directly to interfere with these negotiations. >> freshman senator tom cotton orchestrateed that letter to iran iran. he says he has no regrets about it. china, are you shark germany france and great britain are also part of the talks. real estate hair turned murder suspect robert durst is the behind bars tonight. fbi confirms agents arrested him at a new orleans hotel in connection with the killing of writer sue ban burr man. burr man was found dead in 2000 sand as cold case detectives were set to question her in the 1982 disappearance of durst the wife kathy. durst the was quitted of
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unrelated murder in 2001. the 71-year-old story was explored in the hbo series jinxed. flying on whipping of a prayer. coming up next on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 a jet makes an emergency landing without its nose gear. we'll take you inside the plane as passengers celebrate a safe end to a trip there that went a little bit wrong. pop star justin beiber folks fun at himself and apologizes for his behavior it happened at a roast hosted by philadelphia's own kevin hart. we'll give you a preview coming up. justin? >> we have a cool finish to the weekend but we'll warm it up for the start of the work week but it's not going to last. i'll show you the seven day forecast coming up. >> and straight ahead in sports, march madness is about to start. what local teams are headed to the big dance. lesley van arsdall has all the details. stay with us everyone. back in
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death toll is expected to soar on the small island nation of vanuatu. cyclone pam destroyed 90% of the homes in the capital city when it made landfall on friday. eight people are confirmed dead but rescuers haven't been able to reach the outlying islands to search for survivors. the category five storm packed winds up to 185 miles per hour. the coast guard says the captain of a tuck tugboat sang off the new york coast died after panicking and jumping into the water. he was not wearing an emergency suit. three surviving crew members got those suits on and held on to life rings as the boat went under on saturday. about a mile off the coast of fire island. those men were treated for hypothermia. now a plane flying from grand rapids to chicago came down safely saturday after landing gear on the nose apparently failed. >> emergency landing. >> passenger shot that video when the plane landed. go jet flight 3645 touched down
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just after 3:00 in the afternoon afternoon. the jet was carrying 37 passengers and four crew member at the time. who were all unharmed and able to exit from the main cabin door door. >> the pilot did an amazeing job um in landing. it was a little bumpy. a little scary. um, flight attendants were awesome. we're ought sitting here safe on the runway. >> you can see the nose of the plane there touching the ground. now the jet tilled forward and it skidded as it was safely brought down. celebrities they lined up this weekend to secure justin beiber. they taped the roast of justin beiber hosted by philadelphia's very own kevin hart. snoop dog shaquille o'neal and martha stewart took part in the roast that's a diverse crew there. we didn't get an inside look at the taping but we did get a bit of a preview. >> how hard am i going to go in? not so hard where it hurts and
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he crys. hard enough to where i set the stone. it will be a night of dibs. it's going to be a night. >> anything off limits. >> nothing off limits. it's a roast. you hit everywhere. >> the roast of justin beiber airs march 30th. on this sunday before st. patrick's day a special mass was held at the st. patrick's church in center city. ♪ >> archbishop charles chaput the sell will he brant for the observance and after the mass the congregation was invited to join in philadelphia's st. patrick's day parade. the st. patrick's day parade is a tradition and the second oldest parade of any kind in the us. it started in 1771. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carrabeo has a wrap up of the day's festivities. ♪ >> reporter: from the pipes and drums to the irish step dancing trained and untrained alike the 2015 st. patrick's
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day parade had a little of everything. >> great time. great time. couldn't be better. >> i like the dancers the music music. >> reporter: this parade most definitely family affair. margie has been coming for 50 years. today she's one of four generations showing her irish pride. >> this is awesome. the crowd is unbelievable. i love st. patrick's day and i love being irish! >> reporter:. >> just the tradition of it. my mom is from i lapped. you drone to be irish today. that's the beauty it. >> reporter: irish or not this is a celebration. >> even though it was a little bit chilly and a lot of windy along the parade route this was the biggest party in philadelphia today. >> a lot of people. everybody is having a good time. i'm up dancing. >> so was everyone else from the streets to the cbs3 cbs3 float the so was the phrase of the day. >> i'm a leprechaun. >> happy st. patrick's day.
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>> happy st. patrick's day. >> in center city, jan carrabeo cbs3 it but news. >> if you missed the parade you can catch our encore broadcast on patrick's day this tuesday morning at 9:00 o'clock right here on cbs3. you can also see it on what you've been waiting for the city of boston picked up more snow today. only about 3-inches but it was enough to make history. this season boston's snowiest ever on record. a total of 108.6-inches of snow. that's a full inch over the previous record set during the winter of 1995 and '96. as for us we only got 23-inches so far this season which is actually average for philadelphia. so what a difference 300 miles can make. i don't know if that's a record you want to break but they were so close. might as well break it this late in the season. yesterday's storm brought the rain over us.
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the back edge brushing coastal new england with snow. boston picked up 2.9-inches of snow today. to break that record. all right. let's check in with our weather watchers for the delaware valley all about the wind today. we had gusts around 35 to even 40 miles per hour. the good news if you don't like the wind, these wind speeds are coming down much these are sustained winds reported from our weather watchers backyard weather stations up in reading michael has a sustained wind out of the northwest 18 miles per hour. jason in middletown coming in at 17. douglas in southampton new jersey sustained wind at 16. again northwest wind that brought in the cooler air mass today. keith in saylorsburg looking at a 14-mile per hour wind. and delores in newark, delaware, comingcoming at at 10 the numbers start dropping off. broomall levittown less than 10 miles per hour. that's a sign of to expect overnight into tomorrow morning. more comfortable day for your monday. let's take you outside check out the skyline right now. still some clouds over the region. but at least we are
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precipitation free. let's talk about those wind speeds tomorrow again i mentioned they will be diminishing sustained 10 miles an hour or less for many spots. not a bad day to be outdoors with the sunshine. out of the west to southwest and then tuesday another cold front will start to move on through this will kick up the winds again especially in the afternoon and at night. temperature wise looking pretty good this hour. 42 degrees in philadelphia and in millville. 31 in mount pocono but that's not factoring the wind. but there is a milder air mass to our south. look at richmond coming in at 55 degrees. so that warmer air will slowly work its way northward for about 24 to 48 hours and we see the temperatures drop once again. that's just been the trend for the past few weeks. enjoy tomorrow. high pressure to our south will bring sunshine and clouds temperatures upper 50's above average to maybe even 60 degrees tomorrow. if we can see enough sunshine. cold front will move from the northwest on tuesday. there could be a couple of scattered showers especially during the morning hours. not an all day wash out. nothing heavy. not everybody even sees the
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rain. temperatures though still mild in the 50s. then once that front moves through, we see a relapse to you some wintry temperatures. back into the lower 40s for high highs g10 to 15 degrees below average. the reason, blame the it on the jet stream. you can pick out where it is right now carving a little trough or dip over the northeastern region right now that's that cold pocket of air which kept our highs below average today. that lifts out for monday and tuesday. we start to try to get that milder air mass in here for a couple of days. but just doesn't last. another trough tries to move back in from the north that cold canadian air kind of settles southward once again. wednesday thursday into friday. all right. rain free tomorrow. tomorrow morning just some clouds around with some sunshine into the afternoon. mostly sunny conditions will continue. more clouds thicken up for monday night. here come a couple of showers in here tuesday morning. this is 9:00 o'clock. by the afternoon most areas will be dry. clouds should start to thin out. back to mostly sunny skies for wednesday.
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but it's going to be chilly with highs only in the 40s. so diminishing wind overnight partly cloudy 36 degrees. the overnight low temperature. milder on monday. partly sunny up to around 58. maybe 60 in some of the warm spots. here's your st. patrick's day forecast. best shot to see scattered showers will be during the morning. still mild make it up to 54 degrees for the afternoon high. then watch what happens as we finish off the winter season. gets cold again. we have the sunshine though wednesday and thursday but we struggle to get to the low to mid 40s. then friday spring officially arrives at 6:45 in the evening but we'll be dealing with some showers around and then looks like we dry out for the weekend maybe get up to 50 degrees we should be in the mid 50s. >> that's what i thought. >> a day or two this week. slow warm up. >> keeps thanking on. it does. >> thank you justin. appreciate it. so i've got to get my brackets. >> do you. >> need toes brackets ready. march madness is about to begin. the field of skate has been announce. did the villanova wildcats earn the number one seed? sports is
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it's selection sunday for the ncaa men's basketball tournamentville notify vat cats knew they were win the question was if the number four wildcats would get that number one seed. they got it. the number one seed in the east region. this is second time jay wright era that the wildcats are a top seed. the wildcats will play lafayette from easton. leopards won the patriot title thursday night. lafayette's head coach fran o'hanlon is villanova grad. we have sadness on north broad street. temple owls will not go to the dance. they finished with 23 wins. wyoming knocked them out. the owls number a one seed in the nit host bucknell on wednesday. you can check out the sports director beasley reece on the radio he'll be coast hosting the
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94 wip morning show tuesday and wednesday starting at 5:30 in the morning i'm sure knowing beasley he'll have interesting things to say along with the morning crew and coming up tonight in the zone we have coaches jay wright fran o'hanlon will join me to talk about their matchup on thursday and less bowens will talk about the new look eagles and we'll have that that for in you scuft a few minutes. >> lots to chat about. lesley thank you very much. >> this catch you're going to see may look ordinary but she's anything but ordinary. she just made history. we'll tell you why coming up next
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♪ welcome back. 27 years old that doesn't sound old at all right unless you're a cat of course. tiffany is the world's oldest living cat. >> wow. >> she just celebrated her 27th birthday in san diego this weekend. if you convert her age into
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human years, she is, oh, about 125 years old and still looking good. she's still pretty active despite her age. in case you're wondering the oldest cat was a texas cat named cream puff who lived 38 years. >> wow. >> i can't do the math. somebody help me. justin -- >> old. >> you just turned 12 last week. >> something like that. in cat years. justin is back with a last check on your work week forecast. also the cbs3 sports zone starts up right after the
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all right. justin you know we are chipper mood -- >> they told me as long as i want. >> you don't want that. >> i'll yack for 15 minutes about this stuff. >> we're closing out of the the winter season this week and it will be a little bit warmer tomorrow. we'll get up to near 60 for the high. enjoy that. it's going to be less windy not a bad day. >> and st. patrick's day the clouds start to roll in. a couple of scattered showers around especially during the morning. 50's we'll take it much watch what happens wednesday, thursday and friday guys. >> wow. >> sunshine but 40s that's it. mid 50s where we should be and the first day of spring is friday we'll be dealing with showers around. >> all right. >> look at your little flowers there. >> and the leprechaun. >> they need the showers to grow grow. >> the leprechaun. got love him. >> thank you justin.
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you wanted more time. we're out of time. >> that's "eyewitness news". thanks for joining us. we're always on at ♪ ♪ ♪ made in hollywood ♪ ♪ "cinderella" starring cate blanchette and directed by kenneth branagh is "made in hollywood." >> i think what i love about the film is it's a really beautiful classic retelling of the story. >> liam neeson, ed air harris harris and common star in the action thriller "run all night" >> his character and my character we are not blood related but actually stronger than blood if you can imagine that. >> we will also take a look the at what's hot on screen with hugh huh yak man and sigourney
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beaver. at "made in hollywood" celebrates its 10th anniversary season >> hi, i am leanne neeson >> i am hugh jackman >> i am cate blanchette and you are watching "made in hollywood" >> "made in hollywood." >> "made in hollywood." >> you are watching "made in hollywood." ♪ made in hollywood ♪ ♪ ♪ in order to attends a ball at the royal palace a young maiden requires the help of her fairy god mother, a pumpkin and a few mice in cinderella >> hi, i am cate blanchette you are watching "made in hollywood" and which is a scene from "cinderella." >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. >> run. quickly or they'll catch you. go! >> one of our childhood fairytales is one of our favorites, you got to actually experience being her in real life. what was that like for you? >> you know, it was crazy. it was sort of a mixture of feelings because at times i would be totally, you know paralyzed by this fear of living up to expectations and at other times i just felt so totally
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like the luckiest girl in the world. >> hold on. whoa, whoa whoa. >> are you all right? >> i am all right, but you have nearly fright ended the life out of him >> who? >> the stag. >> we are hunting, you see that's what's done >> because it's what's done doesn't mean it's what should be done >> you are right. i hope to see you again, miss >> it felt like such a fairytale to shoot because the sets were all built and real and the actors i was working with and the costumes, it was really magical. i think what i love about the film is that it's a really beautiful classic retelling of the story. it's got all the bangs a nd whistles that you want. it hasn't got some sort of modern contemporary twist. the twist is that you get to know these storybook characters and i think that's what makes it feel contemporary because there is a psychological really. >> ragged servant girl is what you are, and that is what you will always be. [ laughter ] >> i have always wanted to know what provoked th


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