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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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question that has add fey almost/on pins and needles for almost three months. >> every day i wake up and wondering where my sister is at, every day. >> reporter: kyle crosby is behind bars right now charged with killing crippen but police have have yet to find her body. mrs. griffin told "eyewitness news" police arrested kyle's mother yo crosby. >> we already knew she had something to do with it. >> reporter: burlington county detectives arrested crosby around 6:30 at her home in sicklerville. they transported her to the woman's prison in pemberton but she bailed out late this afternoon. we stopped by her house and found this now trespassing sound on the front door. >> we know y'all you have something to do witt now. y'all don't care about the family or erika is missing. don't try to help with the searches or anything. >> reporter: no one from the prosecutor's office in burlington county wanted to speak on contact yam about the investigation but robert bernard i released a. stay accusing jo crosby of helping her son conceal
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erika's body. >> as long as god is leading this i will find her. i know we are. just because it has been too long and i don't think god can see our family hurt anymore then we are already. >> reporter: authorities won't get into anymore details about what kind of tampering with evidence but authorities made it very clear that this is still an active investigation and if people have information, they inn courage you to call police. we are live from sicklerville, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. also developing a man has been stabbed on the campus of lasalle university in philadelphia this happened just before 2:00 inside of a bathroom at the the blue and gold dining commons. the victim ace delivery man for the the jack and jill ice cream company. he was rushed to the hospital and police say his wound are not life threatening. the attacker is still on the loose. upper darby man is on the mend after getting shot in the arm. police say man's neighbor knock on his door and then shot him. suspect barricaded himself for a brief time but was taken
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into custody by swat team members. two philadelphia fire fighters are hurt on the job when their ladder comes into contact with live wires. this happened in the 2400 block of west norris street, that is in north philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live at temple hospital with the latest on them walt. >> reporter: chris, fire officials say it was a frighteningly close call the sound of sirens a little a after ten at temple hospital. two fire fighters rush here. fortunately neither suffered life threatening injuries and one of them has just been released from the hospital. members of the ladder company 14 and fire commanders arriving at temple hospital were relieved to learn that two fire fight's signed to the unit did not suffer life threatening injuries. when a ladder they were lowering after extinguishing a minor bedroom blast touched an electrical line. >> very frightening close call. i talk to both members. they say exactly the the same thing. >> his arm went from holding the ladder to dropped down to
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the side of the ground and he passed right out. >> reporter: protective gear of the more seriously injured fire fighter robert take already a 14 year veteran was pulled off of him by medics rushing to help. >> they laid them out and started unputting on his uniform and all that and they started working on him vigorously report rorrer fire officials a say fortunately the ladder after hitting the wire leaned back against the house, instead of staying in contact with the current. because, they say that wire carried a large amount of electricity. >> somewhere around 7500 volts. so this could have been a much worse incident when you think bit. so those members are blessed. >> reporter: the less seriously injured fire fighter, identified as eugene colter a nine year veteran now at home recovering. fire fighter taylor expect to be kept overnight for observation and hopefully released tomorrow. by the way the philadelphia
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fire department knows all too well the dangers of ladders and wires and in february of 1978, a fire fighter killed raising a ladder at a relatively minor chimney fire near fifth and york streets. live from temple hospital i'm walt hunter, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". you can count on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for very latest on the injured fire fighters and for latest anytime go to cbs not a whole lot of sun that kept temperatures down a bit but we're in for warmer air come tomorrow. meteorologist kathy orr is outside on the sky deck with our first forecast, kathy. >> is there always a catch to it. >> always. >> always a price we have to pay. if you are out early tomorrow morning ape right through lunch hour you will say wow this is great but by the dinner hour it is going to be totally different. first let start off with today though. we have some sunshine through the high cloud, streaming in from the west/northwest.
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we have a warm front over the great lakes and that will impact our weather tomorrow. fifty-five, very pleasant. forty-nine in allentown. fifty-two lancaster. forty-nine in dover. to the south washington near 7o richmond seven 16789 out through pitberg and cleveland some mild air to talk b this evening, we will stay in the 50's through about 7:00 p.m. light wind through 9:00 p.m. and, temperatures will fall in the 40's during the 9:00 and 11:00 p m hours. it will stay fairly please an. coming up we will talk about warmth and some colder wind. we will be back to blustery before you know it. as spring begins this week, there is also a chance of snow and it could accumulate. can't believe it the but it is true. we will talk about that with the seven day when i join you inside. >> kathy, thank you. a gloucester county teacher faces charges tonight accused of photographing what prosecutors called students private areas while in school. police arrested 37 year-old adam may or of washington township on friday.
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mayor who teaches english at gloucester county institute of technology is behind bars on $300,000 bail. police are in the process of identifying all possible victims. well, passionate pleas at a meeting in trenton today centered on the vaccination debate. nine assembly in members voted in favor of the bill that would implement stricter requirements. one opposed, two abstained. this bill would require parents to site a bona fide religiously reason in order to avoid required school vaccinations for their children. in 2008, new jersey loosened its requirements for obtaining religious exemptions. lawmakers believe it ace boosted by people who fear or morally object to vaccines. >> no one has a right to ask me to quantify or qualify the relationship with my creator. that is between me and god. >> reporter: yes. >> get your children i am immunized. it isn't your right to put
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other people at risk. >> last year 9,000 new jersey students received religious exemptions, and health experts worry about the increased risk of a preventable out break. but we've got some breaking news just into "eyewitness news" chopper three live over a three vehicle crash in camden. the thinks southbound 676 near exit number three. we're told two tractor trailers and a pickup truck were involved. one person was rush to the hospital with minor injuries and one shoulder of the roadway remains opened right now. the the cause of that crash is now under investigation. march madness is in full swing on the campus of villanova university. the the wildcats pick ing up a number one seed in the ncaa tournament last night and as "eyewitness news" reporter j a an carabao shows us students and fans cannot wait for that tornment to get started. >> golf shirt a couple t-shirts. >> reporter: wildcats pride running high at villanova book store monday after mens
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basketball team won the big east championship and nab that number one seed in the east region over the weekend. >> it makes me proud to be a student here. >> really excited. we are pumped. >> reporter: that excitement is turning into some serious cash in merchandise. the store's on line sales from the weekend tripled the normal. >> we had three generations of a family in this morning, grandparents children and college aged children who came in. >> reporter: web site and book stores are already taking order for this shirt. villanova wildcats number one seed ready for pick up either tomorrow or wednesday. >> that number one seed comes with pressure. >> how do you hand that will pressure? how do you handle the game pressure? the extra media attention. >> reporter: head coach jay wright speaking at coaches verse cancer breakfast monday morning in philadelphia remains focused on game one against 16th seed lafayette. >> these guys can spread you out, shoot three's. >> reporter: road to the national championship starts when team leaves campus tomorrow morning. some fans wouldn't dare travel to pittsburgh with them. >> it is always been unlucky
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for me to drive away so turf stay home. >> reporter: but support is clear, as nova nation is strong some predicting a showdown with undefeated wildcats. >> wildcats will meet wildcats in the final and do i think we will win. play villanova ball, they got it the. >> reporter: first game thursday night nville know of jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all all you experts out there, it is time to match wits with the cbs-3 staff and others. you can win a $5,000 gift card in the the cbs bracket challenge. so go to cbs and go ahead and sign up. good luck. might as well sign up maybe win. >> win some cash. >> major pothole repennsylvania pairs to one of the areas busiest roadways. >> "eyewitness news" at the pothole pennsylvania a troll when we come back. plus a rock i go sight go to day at the spot he made famous the steps of the art
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museum. >> and, shake it off, in the cutest possible way, young patients at children's hospital, star in a viral rid ohio. our stephanie stahl meets these young music video stars and shows us how shaking it off helps them feel better. kathy? in weather we're talking about a brief warm up before it turns blustery across the delaware valley and snow returns to the seven day. we will that have coming up. hi beasley. we're talking march madness and number one seed villanova wildcats. the plus why was tim tebow at neff a care complex today. we have got a cliff lee update and it is not good. more on the injured lefty coming up in sports.
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well imagine hearing simple every day noises like a door closing or utensils on a plate leaving new pain. >> it is no secret that exposure to loud noises can cause hearing loss but doctors say that there are some other causes. our health reporter stephanie stahl has more on, when hearing hurts, tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. and as a the road crews work to fill in potholes left behind by winter, a large portion of route one has to be re-surfaced. chopper three over city avenue in philadelphia today.
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resurfacing will run through delaware county, montgomery county to day through friday. there will be lane closures, while crews at work. keep that in mine. join the cb is. three pothole patrol, send us photos and videos of potholes you see. share them on facebook and twitter, instagram just use hash tag cbs-3 pothole patrol and we will get you answers about repairs and when they will begin. on the healthwatch tonight a new music video from children's hospital of philadelphia is a you tube sensation now. rendition of taylor swift's shake it off like you have never seen it before. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has the first behind the the scenes interviews with the stars of the new video. >> ♪ >> reporter: you have never seen a bunch of sick kid having this much fun. >> shake it off ♪ >> reporter: among many stars 15 year-old helen smith who need a liver transplant. >> we can have fun, even though we are in the hospital we can have fun.
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>> ♪ >> reporter: taylor swift shake it off with an important message. >> shake bad stuff off and think of things in the positive way. the not all bad. >> reporter: hanna stetson has lost half of her colon making have half perfect video was a welcome distraction. >> it is good to see this rid yes because she's amazing and you know, being in the video was really fun. >> reporter: video that has had more than 200,000 views on you tube was voted by child life department which coordinates things like art, music and pet therapy programs. it is the department that create creates fun making the the hospital less scary place. >> we have so many control when they are here but they are having fun with our services and they are shaking it off. >> reporter: seven year old brian had a special have move for the the music video. >> do you like taylor with the. >> yes she's my girlfriend good wait a minute say this again. >> she's my girlfriend. >> take already swift is my girl friend. >> yes. >> it was a nice break. >> brian had brain surgery for
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defective valve that bled and caused a stroke. >> i had a brain boo-boo. >> yes. >> the children here at chop and people that take care of them were confronted with heart breaker all the time but like the song says, they keep on cruising and shake it off. >> yes. >> reporter: now that video was done in honor of childf- life month recognizing the importance of the specialist who help sick children cope and provide emotional support to families. we have a lot more, including the whole video for you at cbs, click on health. i will put it on twit are and facebook. how about those children. were they precious. >> how cute good little brian, taylor's girl friend. >> yes good big time. >> yes. >> for all of the great medical work they do they do such a great job keeping spirits high among those kid. so impressive. >> steph thanks very much. well, big star sight go to day in philadelphia, none other than sylvester stallone himself. "eyewitness news" on the art museum steps where sly was
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filming the new rocky movie. it is call creed. know it by now. the plan is to release the film in november. well, it is a mild start to this final week of winter it is almost there. >> we are almost there. it will feel warmer tomorrow but meteorologist kathy orr has the forecast and there are some hiccups. >> yes, big hiccups. >> yes. >> spring is coming. right when spring begins on friday there is a chance of snow. you are saying where, where on this storm scan three could we possibly see snow? well we're not seeing snow but energy from our next storm believe it or not will be coming, from down here. you can see through areas of mexico, through baha thinks where it is coming from. it is taking a little time before it gets here, but we are going to be seeing a storm that will be energized and redevelop off the the coast, and that is definitely in our
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future. what exactly happens remains to be seen. we will talk about that coming up but first lets check with eyewitness weather watchers because today was a day we went above normal in temperature which is always a good thing. in south jersey still seeing sunshine, shawn reporting in a westerly win in evesham township a temperature of 54 degrees. the right now even on the pennsylvania side reporting temperatures in the mid 50's. david mitchell says in norristown 55 degrees. beautiful day. have a good evening everyone. we appreciate that. and then lynn bringing us a beautiful picture of the the sunset in cherry hill and amazing or excuse meehan amazing sunrise hopefully sunsets looks as good as. that look at outside where we are seeing sun getting lower in the sky. this is view down the shore of atlantic city. you can see some high sirus cloud block ago this full sunshine but giving it a little will serious look, late this afternoon. temperatures still mild every where, philadelphia is 55. atlantic city at 48.
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that is at the airport. wildwood reporting in at 43. dover at 49. to the south some very warm air. atlanta an '82. birmingham 80. temperatures are well above average for a change. we will see that in the morning. but then a cold front that will rain on our parade so to speak. our st. patrick's day bracings. when you wake up tomorrow morning we have temperatures in the 40's. in dover 52. we have added on win direction because you can see this nice southeasterly win. arrows pointing in the direction the win is coming from. it is coming from the south and west. it is heading toward the north and east. so that warm air is pushing northward. and then by noon, it is 62 in philadelphia northwesterly wind is cooling us down by 7:00 p.m. only 45. and then by midnight look at that 32. noon 62. midnight 32. talking about, 58 degrees temperature change in 12 hours. touring the day tomorrow early high of 6o gusty and colder in the afternoon. wednesday 40 degrees.
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and then we will see thursday our next weather make their could bring us rain or even possibility of wet snow. overnight tonight low temperature is 46. for your saint patrick's day early afternoon high of 62 and then falling. the chance of the isolated shower when our cold front moves through around noon time hour. seven day forecast wednesday chilly, thursday chilly. by friday we will sea coastal low develop that could bring us some light accumulating snow north and west of the city, still keeping an eye on that, it hasn't even develop yet, and then temperatures getting chilly again over the weekend. >> okay, then. >> speaking of st. patrick's day we have an encore presentation of the philadelphia st. patrick's day parade tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. when it is actually mile. >> perfect for st. patrick's day. >> kathy thanks. good evening everyone. we will follow-up with breaking news story that chris may was talking about a few moments ago.
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we are heading in to camden and looking live at live chopper three over scene of the multiple vehicle crash three cars involve, one pickup truck, thinks on 676 southbound approaching area of the 42 freeway. looking at it live here now they are allowing one lane to get by. however, they are going to be working on this for quite a while. we have tow trucks on the scene. if you are trying to make your way through 42 freeway would i suggest the walt whitman bridge but you stay with us on cbs-3
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well terrible news for phillies fans, the team has placed cliff lee on the 60 day disable list, it is left forearm strain, same injury that shut him down last summer. surgery is recommended new would effectively end his
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season. so phillies and lee agreed to try to rehab the the injury without going under the the knife. >> the it is up to, you know, come to the throughout process that well try to rehab him again and see if that works out, obviously that has failed twice but we will try it again so we can see if cliff can pitch for us again. >> the eagles aren't done making moves. today birds reportedly worked out tim tebow in the quarterback position. espn adam tweeted out tebow came and went and that the team is in the planning to sign him at this time. former broncos and jets quarterback work as an analyst since being released by patriots the in 2013. number one seed villanova opens with lafayette in pittsburgh. tip off 6:50 p.m. thursday night. thirty-two wins, two losses for cats this year. they won big east regular season and tournament. they are in the letting that get to their heads. >> we intend to be a big team
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in the big east. we just to have keep that same humble hungry mentality we did all year and we will be just fine. >> get ready to watch some basketball. here's thursday schedule for cw. three. notre dame at northeastern at noon butler at texas verse 2:30. cincinnati goes against purdue at 7:30. then it is unbeaten kentucky verse winner of hampton and manhattan. there is more news when we come back.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on wpsg the cw philly and then again here on cbs-3 at 11:00. "cbs evening news" is next tonight. boston marathon bombing trial resumes with the look at manhunt that took place there. plus set sail to outer space in a whole new way.
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here's scott pelley. >> pelley: boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev is taken back to the boat where his run from the law ended in a blaze of bullets. also tonight accused murderer robert durst may have tripped over his own loose tongue. new recommendations on cardiac stress tests why doctors say millions of people should not get them. and something new under the sun, a solar-powered spacecraft. >> that's exciting. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today dzhokhar tsarnaev, the admitted boston marathon bomber, took a field trip with the jurors who will decide whether he lives or dies. the destination: the boat in which he hid for hours until the police, acting on a tip from the owner, discovere


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