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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 20, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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e winter season, officially this evening, that spring will get underway and the equinox will take effect. but yes, you have storm system doing along with, that never fun, you know? do you have deal with some snow out of there is as well as some rain. this is primarily rain producing storm at the wider zoom. but when we zoom it in little bit more, basically our region will sit right on that rain-snow line. depending where you live, you might see something little different than even of another portion of the same county. so we've got winter storm well, rather winter storm warnings far off to the south and west, but this is all winter weather advisory criteria for what we end up with here today folks. that's what you have got in effect for now up until 8:00 p.m., as you travel out on the roadways today you'll find wet slushy snow, especially into the midday it, may come through somewhat heavily, but not going to have a very easy time sticking to the roadways, for one thing road crews are awesome prepping for there is but for another, the grounds is warming up little bit.
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like it or not spring season is trying to move in. so some milder air stronger sun angle; helping that along. but, unpaved surfaces, your windshield, certainly the grass, that casino of thing that's where you are going to find any accumulation. but there will still be slow travel. always is when there is precipitation in the forecast, and it is on the way for us, generally moving in through the morning rush, we expect to probably flirt with 40 degrees, down the shore here but in the meantime, you might pick up quick coating before it turns to rain, maybe one, two 3 inches swat in philly and along i-95 before that eventual turn to rain, as well. before that snow starts to fall, make sure you are red which your cbs philly weather app. download it on your phone or track the snow and rain any precipitation on the live radar, also get the updated forecast. you can download it right now on itunes and google play. jess we send it over to you. >> thanks, good morning happy friday. we have pretty easy commute so far. not much in the way of volume. little bit after 5:00 a.m. we start things off out on 95, right around girard avenue. you can see everything moving
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along just fine, but lanes over to the right hand side, that's headed southbound into the city, so really no problems there. out in new jersey, on the 42 freeway, no problems here, as women. you can see all lanes open, everything moving along great northbound southbound, currently no problems. we do have an accident on the atlantic city expressway, in the even lanes blocking out the left lane just past winslow, erika back to you. >> thank you. back to our breaking story right now, "eyewitness news" exclusive. a second teen suspect in the murder of an overbrook man has surrendered to police. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at police headquarters, and jan i understanded you are the only reporter to speak with a family of the suspect. what did they have to say? >> i spoke to hamilton's family, his aunt, who was here with his mother earlier this morning. they say the 15 year old turned himself into police overnight. they were distraut about the entire situation, and wanted to issue apologize to the victim's familiment take a look at the video. this is who we are talking
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about this morning, police say hamilton was the triggerman, and last week's deadly shooting in overbrook. investigators say he, along with 15 year old brandon smith, and 14 year old were all playing basketball before they decided to rob someone. their victim, police say, 51 year old james stillman out walking his dog molly on, after shot once in the chest the teens made off with nothing. investigators say the 14 year old is cooperating and being charged with robbery as a juvenile. smith, 15, being charged as an adult, with murder and robbery, and again hamilton's family now tells us he turned himself in overnight. they say he was off his medication at the time, and needs help, and they had this to say to the family. >> keeping his family in prayers, as well as him because he does have some type, you know, some issues, that needs to be worked on. he is not that type of kid. he hasn't been taking his medication, and it is not right, you know, what
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happened. but he hasn't been taking his medication. >> now both hamilton and smith were freshmen at overbrook high school. police say they were stalking another dog walker first but then went after the 51 year old because his dog looked, quote, weak and soft. both of these 15 year old have priors for robbery. we'll have much more on the story. for now live outside of police headquarters, jan carabeo "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. more breaking news right now. philadelphia police arrested suspect and recovered handgun just blocks away from the scene of the murder of philadelphia police officer robert wilson. we're told that around 1:00 this morning a woman flagged an officer at 22nd and allegheny after seeing a man with a gun. after finding a man fit that description, police told him to drop his weapon. they fired a shot. he was not hit. we're told that man then ran into a bar. >> and when they entered the bar, they found the suspect's clothing inside the rest room
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of the bar. they found his hooded sweatshirt he was wearing as well as both of his sneakers. >> police caught the suspect at 23rd and clearfield, with no footwear a short time later. they say the man did not fire his weapon. nicole until. >> erika, public meeting on improving community relations with police was anything but when protesters sparked chaos inside a northeast philly rec center. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live in lawncrest, where that violent confrontation unfolded. justin? >> nicole, good morning. yep, that's right most who came to the lawncrest rec center came to talk about waste to make the neighborhood safer, a few though, came to protest, and they left in cuffs. tempers and it is link at this meeting turned melee at the lawncrest recreation center wednesday night. what was supposed to be a discussion about relations between police and the second district that they served boiled over into a brawl, what
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seems to have gun once this crowd stormed the front of the room and this woman struck a police officer. >> unfortunately, we're in a climate now where you have to be somewhat concerned about things getting out of hand, and when that happens nobody wins. >> philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey was in attendance a guest of mark cohen who organized it, and they were demanding the names of the officers involved in the death of tate brown. brown was killed in a traffic stop back in december. police say he had this gun in the car and could have used to wound the officers. the protests came hours after philadelphia da seth williams chose not to bring charges against the officers who shot and killed brown. >> what happened to brandon tate brown wasn't an unarmed man being shot running away. he was a guy in possession every illegal gun trying to get to that gun.
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>> now, in the end there was no one hurt here. there were ten people arrested, seven men, three women. we are live in lawncrest justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right justin, thank you. following more breaking news there is out of south philadelphia. the fire marshall is investigating a fatal fire that officials have deemed suspicious. that fire started in the first floor after home in the 2200 block of south warn okay street around 11:00 last night. >> this may be a suspicious fire because we have located multiple point of fire in the dwelling. we had the fire marshall on scene investigating the fire, we don't actually have a cause. >> the victim is a man he was found in one of the second floor bedrooms. the home did not have any working smoke detectors no cause for that fire has been determined. >> we are checking in on some march madness now. villanova rolls to big win over the 16th seeded lafayette
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leopards. the wildcats were hitting a lot of shots last night chris jenkins showing off his impressive range there. that basket made it 14-point game. villanova had six players in double figures. nova over lafayette, 93 to 52. our leslie van arsdale has more from pit burying. >> villanova just dominated lafayette from the very beginning, winning the game by 41-point and shooting 63% from the field nice way to set the tone for the tournament. >> i think we want to, you know come out set the tone, not knowing a tournament, but for the game. you know, we set the tone defensively, which is big for us. we really want to do. that will but i think we did good job playing 40 minutes. >> just feels good. play a team like that, go out and pull ourself defensively not just offensively. we want to be sure to go out and stop their three's and kind of take the game over defensively. >> we know we can score. we know we can share the ball.
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the way we play defense i think it set the tone for the whole game. >> still lafayette is a skilled team, young team, that had terrific season. but coach fran o'hanlon says villanova is just that good. >> watching villanova as long as i have, during the regular season, i haven't seen a better villanova team. they may be some as good, but i haven't seen any better than them. because they have all of the pieces. as good as any team i've seen. >> it means a lot coming from fran played one of the great teams, final eight team, his teammate went to the championship game the next year so he has lived it, played it, been on the floor with those teams. so if franny o says that, it car ace lot of weight. >> villanova had six players in double digits, that's what makes this team so special. not just one star, there are several. leslie van arsdale eyewitness sports. >> wildcats fans are now telling nc state to bring it on. the victory over lafayette is building excitement on campus, and nearby bars and
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restaurants. novanation is pumped that the wildcats are moving to the next round. fans anticipating villanova will be heading to indianapolis for that championship game. >> we're going to beat the ducks. >> i think we're going to beat kentucky. >> i think we have good shot to make the final four. it will be tough to get past eighth blanket, really tough but i think we'll make it. >> excited in the finals. wrong decision on the winning burr we area excited. >> all right approved of the president's choices. well, fans will cheer on the wildcat tomorrow night at 7:00 when they take on nc state. >> still long way to go, though. >> i love how one of the student said i've been waiting for this since the freshman year. >> all of 12 month ago. >> everyone is very excited. >> is it good stuff. >> still ahead updating breaking news, including exclusive information about a teenager charged with killing a man out walking his dog. >> plus police officer calleled a hero for saving a man from falling on those train tracks.
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but the rest of this video paints a very different picture of that officer. and the roads dry now but that's going to change in just a few hours. katie has her eye on the storm, as the start of spring is ruined by snow. that's a bit of a strong statement. let's not call it ruined by snow, but maybe slightly tainted. we'll go with that. we'll be right back.
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>> police in bucks county trying to figure out what caused this crash in trevose. flying over the scene old street road near philmont avenue. see the cars there ended up in the trees next to the road. police are look to go see if any of those drivers may have been drinking. it is 5:13 right nowment time for check on that forecast katie spring snow in our midst. >> i know, and this really is just final waning hours of the winter season, and it is like it just does not want to give up. it is seasoned at this point.
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just enough cold air for it to produce slushy variety of wet snow out there for the better part of the day for the northern two thirds of the delaware valley. we take you on out there liver network camera, it is actually still dry right now. we are still going to have to wait for this to actually make its arrival granted, it is knocking on the door, but it is slow to move in. and i actually was talking to jim out in chester county, and saying there is something on the radar granted there is in chester but not finding anything hitting the ground, just upper level moisture, whole column of air isn't moisture laden it point. need all of the moisture to get in here, then it will get underway. and the timing less than ideal. it starts to get underway through the typical morning rush. but this storm system does at least have back edge to it. but if you want to walk you around the region as a whole and gave you a sense whatever you are going to see because it depend where you are what you end up with. mainly snow producer, three four locally little more
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than, that inches of snow, in the lehigh valley and poconos, philly in the immediate suburbs, talking more of quick coating to inch or two locally up to three with that slushy variety of wet snow mainly un pave surfaces and mixing and changing over to rain. if anything, coating at worse through delaware, southern new jersey, but this is mainly rain producer for you. right now, at the freezing mark in ac, 35 in philadelphia so it is just cold enough, probably drop another agree or two or three before it is all said and done. and officially later today hit the upper 30's. that's why you get this mix of snow and rain. right around freezing, but just warm enough it will be chilly rain, tomorrow, nice little rebound, maybe shower to the north of the city. then we've got nice quiet stretch. sunday monday, tuesday, and i think at this point wednesday looking pretty tranquil. we may have to dodge some rain on thursday, but we hit 06 by then jess. >> sixty is okay. i see 50 in the 50's tomorrow. i'm okay with all of this. so one last punch for today will do just fine, good morning, everybody happy friday, 5:15 out first on the schuylkill expressway.
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you can see looks pretty dark out there. not a loft cars actually driving by the area right around 202 east, westbound looking just fine. out on 95, right around cottman avenue, right through the work zone, as we usually are a troublesome spot. still early. all lanes moving just fine headed southbound into the city. now on the a.c. expressway out in new jersey, eastbound just past winslow still the left lane being blocked due to an accident erika back to you. >> thank you. updating exclusive breaking news this morning family members tell us that 15 year old murder suspect tyfine hamilton has turned himself into police office over. officers say hamilton watt the gunman who shot and killed a man in overbrook last week. hamilton and another teenage remember charged as adults. >> police open fire on man caring a shotgun near 22nd and indianna about 1:00 this morning. that man was apprehended a short time later. now the confrontation took place just blocks from where officer robert wilson was gunned down on march 5th. >> and investigators say that this deadly fire on warn
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okay street south philadelphia is suspicious. the victim has not yet been identified. >> 5:17 right now. somebody in our area is a multi-millionaire. and they might not even know it yet. can you imagine waking to up that news? >> some fantastic news. >> we'll let you know where the winning lottery ticket was sold. >> also, march madness lives up to the hype and then some. the history just made in the ncaa tournament after several thrilling finishes. the latest on this, coming up.
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>> one in our area is holding onto a lottery particular worth $2 million. the ticket match all five white balls, just not the powerball. here are the winning numbers for you: fourteen, 25, 30, 33, 47. the winner has one year to
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claim that prize. what a nice way to start your weekend, $2 million richer. >> it is friday, you're a multi-millionaire. things are going your way. >> life's good. >> 5:20, it is time to check your philadelphia job market report. here's cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger. >> reporter: with the arrival of spring, now is a good time to update your professional image. your linked in profile is an ideal place to start. there are three basic questions you should answer, before spiffing yourself up. one, what do you do? two, who do you serve? and three what do you want to communicate to the people you want to attract? once you have your answers you're ready to get going with the most important part of your link in the profile, the summary section. your sum rip should include a brief bio who you are urine tensions also, write objective statement similar to one would you find on a resume. try to avoid some of the most common and over used words like passionate, driven,
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motivated, and responsible. you don't have to complete every field the profile but do list previous jobs. specially those that demonstrate your ability to execute and problem solve. you should also add a professional photo. now, nothing personal or off color. checking into linked in regularly just 15 minute a day can make a big difference. and consider joining an industry group. learning about industry news in the philadelphia area could propel you toward that next career move. i'm jill schlessinger, cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> 5:23, snow for our first day of spring. >> spring doesn't begin until this evening, so right now technically in went. i don't know if that softens the blow, but at least we can slow it out there. what's happening even within just the last half hour, do you see what's happened here, what started off as all green is now becoming purple. it is strictly because the storms running into some colder air just cold enough, that it supports this slushy wet variety of snow. so big fat snowflakes is what you will expect. mainly through delaware, southern new jersey, though, talking rainy day. there could be quick coating, at least initially, but generally you have got enough mild air, and you're the one and only location that will end one primarily rain. slushy snow eventually turning to rain for philly and the med yacht vicinity, and then steady snow is basically the gist. so slowing you down through the northern western suburbs and up toward the poconos as we go through the day. i come bearing better news this weekend, while coy see quick shower especially north of philly tomorrow, hey no
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where near as cold, we should rebound to at least flirt with 50 degrees in the sit. we expect full sun on sunday. still cool, but at least we've got some sun coming up here, jess? >> yes something to look forward tonight good morning happy friday. 5:25 we start things off out on the blue route right around mid-county, everything looking great here in the southbound lanes. northbound where the headlights are coming through looking just the same. out on the ben franklin bridge, no problems here. and all lanes open. so definitely good thing headed westbound, into the city no problems into new jersey, as well, and as for the rest of the area bridges everything looking great on the betsy walt, headed east or westbound. still an accident out in new jersey, though on the atlantic city expressway eastbound lanes just past winslow. blocking out the left-hand lane nicole? >> jess, thanks. well the villanova wildcats are moving on after beating another local team out on opening night of march madness, quite a game here. wildcats showed why they are number one seed in the tournament. villanova had six players score in double digits, hit
5:26 am
half the three-point he is they took. nova overwelmed lafayette leopards 93 to 52 to advance to the round of 32. >> now when villanova plays tomorrow night will face the nor carolina state wolfpack. nc state beat lsu by gj, 66 to 65. there you see it. for the first time in tournament history, five games were decided by one point on one day. now, one of those controversial lost for former 6ers coach larry brown. his smu mustangs lost after this goaltending call on the three pointer with 13 seconds left. ucla pulled off the upset 60 to 59. >> now, after the game, the smu player who tipped the ball tweeted, quote, i would like to apologize for all of the smu fans. as a senior, i shouldn't make those types of mistakes. >> really sorry. well another one point game this time 14 seed georgia state against three seed butler. georgia state's rj hunter hits the long-range three to upset and look at rj's dad falling out of his chair.
5:27 am
you may remember him. the coach who blew out his achilles celebrating their con fronts tournament championship. georgia state beats bail lore 57 to 56. poor guy. well, march madness is far from over, today we have new mexico state against kansas at 12:15. then indianna against wichita state at 2:45, right here on cbs-3, then tonight, it is robert morris against top seeded duke at 7:10, saint john's against san diego state, at 9:40. erika? >> all right nicole, thank you. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", we are are following cerebral breaking stories busy morning here, including include exclusive developments in the murder of a man walking his dog. jan? >> r reporter: second teenage murder suspect warned dollars for the deadly shooting in overbrook turns himself into police overnight. i'm jan carabeo, coming up hear exclusively from the suspect's family. >> thanks, also, back from the dead. you'll be stunned when you hear this pennsylvania's boy miraculous survival story
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after he falls into a chilly creek. and jessica and katie return, they've got your traffic and weather together on the 3's including the latest on today's spring snow. hopefully out of here soon. the latest from katie coming up. back in two minute.
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>> teenage murder suspect has turned himself in. we spoke exclusively with their family. one last punch in the gut from old-man-winter. storm scan3 shows snow moving this morning judges hours before the arrival of spring. you can tell one of our writers not too happy about the punch in the gut. >> strong word. >> we just had what almost 70 years earlier this


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