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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 20, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is march 20th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." the fbi rushes to investigate the death of a black man found hanging from a tree in mississippi. robert durst's lead lawyer sells "48 hours" that they used questionable tactics against his client. and this. the british are coming. the british are coming to late night. we'll introduce you to the new host of ""the late late show."" but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener." your world in 90 skojds. >> well spring may start today, but it doesn't mean it can't snow. >> winter throws a final punch
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at the east coast. >> so the cold blast of air, 36 million people under some sort of winter weather advisory. >> in mississippi, the discovery of an african-american's body hanging from a tree. >> the fbi is investigating if the death was a homicide. >> protests continue following the -- >> the dispute reports that the student had a fake imt i.d. card. >> he needs to clarify. >> for that circumstances have to change. >> they called goal tends. ucla advances. >> north carolina survives! >> whoo-hoo. >> nc state on top. >> there you go. the uav advances. >> all because my son. to my son, a helluva shot. >> what you saw here today was actually embarrassing. >> a solar eclipse.
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people across europe looking like that. >> people like zombies here absolutely transfixed. >> all that -- >> they're quite fond of the royal family. >> -- and all that matters. >> previous reports of a crash are inaccurate. >> secret service director clancey made an effort to downplay the severity of the incident. >> but in his defense, he was pretty drunk. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> he's a one-man festival on his own. e's here for no other reason than to bring us joy for our lives. bill miry. >> you know what? if you keep that skirt on -- >> today's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off. jeff glor of cbsn is with us. the fbi this morning is investigating the death of black
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man in mississippi who was found dead hanging from a tree. law enforcement agencies are trying to determine whether it was a hate crime. the justice department's civil rights division is involved in the investigation. >> manuel bojorquez is there. manuel, good morning. >> reorter: good morning. the still unidentified man was found thursday morning hang oing from a tree with a bed sheet. the local sheriff is waiting for the state crime lab to perform an autopsy and urging people to avoid jumping to conclusions. >> i can speculate, but speculation ain't no good. >> reporter: the investigation of a dead bodice covered in a mississippi river town centers exactly who was found deep in the woods hanging from one of the area's pecan and black walnut trees. marcus lewis is the sheriff of claiborne county. >> any time a person is hanging
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from a tree. either one of two things happened. either he hung himself or someone hung him. >> reporter: the mississippi chapter of the ncaap says it's otis byrd. they're looking into whether or not his death is the result of a hate crime. his body was found hanging 100 yards from johnny baker's home. >> they said a guy was missing and they found them down in your woods there. >> reporter: byrd was reported by his family missing on march and state investigators got in involved on march 13 ft. he's an ex-con paroled in 2006 after spending nearly 30 years for murder. a search & rescue team found the body while combing the woods on thursday. >> i know that was the last place he was seen at home. he didn't have any
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transportation. no one told me they took him anywhere. so i'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but u knew something probably had happened near that home. >> reporter: byrd's family is asking for help while they wait for answers. >> come up and say something please, for closure. just come and say something. >> reporter: the results of the autopsy are expected early next week. jeff? >> thank you very much. this morning virginia lawmakers are asking if state liquor agents should have the power to make arrests. the officers' bloody takedown of the uva student earlier this week is sparking outrage. wyatt andrews is on the university of virginia campus in charlottesville where the state investigation continues. wyatt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. uva student martese johnson told his side of the story for the first time saying he was more surprised than anyone to find himself face down and in
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handcuffs. this came in the form of a statement read by his attorney daniel watkins. >> i trust that the scars on my face and head will one day heal but the trauma from what the abc officers did yesterday will stay with me forever. >> reporter: the violent and bloody takedown happened early wednesday just after agents from the virginia department of alcoholic beverage control questioned johnson about a possible fake i.d. but according to his attorney johnson's i.d. was valid. enforcement is important at places near colleges but the question is how did this escalate. he was agitated and belligerent but did not use force. >> i think he was treated like an and.
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to see his face pushed into the ground and to hear him screening with nobody there to help him. >> reporter: to most uva students who demonstrated in a second day of protests nothing johnson did could justify the agents' reaction. >> is there any chance martese bears some responsibility? >> i don't think so unless it's his responsibility for being black in america. i don't think there's anything you can do that means make being thrown to the ground and having your head gashed open acceptable. >> reporter: later today alcohol control fishls will face students at a uva forum to clear the air but the arrest of johnson has led to growing and bipartisan calls to reform or eliminate the police powers granted the alcohol agency. charlie? >> wyatt, thanks. tensions are also here this morning in philadelphia after a community meeting with police.
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protesters scuffled with officers and screamed "hands up don't shoot." they were voicing outrage of a police shooting of a 26-year-old man in december. yesterday the district attorney said the officers would not face charges in the man's death. this first day of spring will feel a whole lot like winter for millions in the east. it's even hard to talk about about. snowfall is expected from washington and philadelphia to new york and boston. some places could get half a foot. now, it's already coming down this morning outside baltimore. meteorologist matt brickman of our affiliate wcco is tracking the storm. matt, is mother nature mad at us. good morning to you. >> good morning. it should be mainly rain in d.c. and south but significant snow through pennsylvania and certainly the new york area as well.
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all total, i think we'll see 3 to 6 inches by the time this system move out later on this evening. 1 to 3 inches around philadelphia. colder air comes on the backside of that with temperatures 20 to 30 degrees below average into early next week. jeff? >> thanks. japanese police have a suspect in custody who may be linked to death threats against ambassador caroline kennedy. he's also accused of making bomb threats against the u.s. embassy. he was detained on okinawa. the arrest came as first lady michelle obama wrapped all visit to japan. this morning the israeli prime minister benjamin knelt ya huh appears to be hardening. he tried to walk back but in a presidential congratulatory call he made his skepticism clear. major garrett is at the white house. good morning.
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>> good morning. president obama told netanyahu he wasn't buying the prime minister's retraction and he would still look for new ways to achieve a two-state solution. he said it will be netanyahu's actions not his words that will signal if he's serious about peace. in an interview thursday the israeli prime minister said he did not retract the negotiated creation of a palestinian state even though he said precisely that during his campaign. >> i never changed my policy calling for a palestinian state that recognizes a jewish state. i don't want a one-state solution. i want a suh stainable two-state peaceful solution but for that to happen things are going to have to change. >> reporter: the administration is now considering allowing the united nations security council
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to recognize a palestinian state. >> words matter and that is certainly true in this instance. it does prompt the administration and policy makers here to re-evaluate our thinking. >> the white house also facilitied his complaint. >> that cynical election day tactic was a pretty transparent effort to marginalize arab/israeli citizens and their right to participate in their democracy. >> marco rubee, a likely presidential candidate, criticized the white house for picking fights against netanyahu. >> it's outrageous irresponsible and a difference. >> the white house will wachl carefully as netanyahu builds its new coalition government to see if it contains any relevance
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to a two-state coalition. they will hold him to his campaign rhetoric rather than embrace his post election efforts to. after the tourists massacre at the museum. isis is claiming a responsibility for that terror attack that killed more than 20 people. allen pizzey is outside the museum. allen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. for a sign of how far reaching an perhaps long term the aftermath of the attack will be the government has asked citizens to be patient with searches and check points being instituted nationwide. isis claimed responsibility for the museum carnage but analysts suggest it was the gun mebmore more inspired. than isis or fundamental list
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groups. several young ones recommend thought to be fighting. their fears, they may come home armed with skills and ideological radicalism. >> do you think they're going to have to change the way they combat terrorism and fundamental lichl? >> i think we need the real national threat regime based on depling our security system. >> they have acknowledged their system needs overhauling, a point underscored by one. the attackers are thought of as ignorant. they're targets history memory because nothing means nothing in their eyes nchl the meantime tunisians are fighting back by simply getting on with their lives but the danger can be
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everywhere. the senior government official told local fishes that two men left illegally last december for training. jeff? >> thank you. the accused dzhokhar tsarnaev trial will continue month. the pressure cooker was embedded in the door of a parked car. an fbi agent testified about the contents of tarsarnaev's laptop. president obama said he should not miss an opportunity for a historic opportunity for a new deal. he took his message to the iranian people in a video marking the new year. negotiators in switzerland are struggling for an agreement. margaret brennan is at the
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talks. good morning. >> good morning. iran's foreign min sterp is ready for a deal. both sides have made some con suggestions under the deal that is emerging. iran would give up about 40% of its centrifuges, cutting them from 1078,000 down 206 0u the length of the deal under it has grown from at least 20 years but a big sticking point remains. the u.s. wants rigorous inspections of all iran's military sites. not just the plants iran has already acknowledged. these talking, gayle, are now expected to extend well into the weekend. >> okay. margaret brennan, thank you, in
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switzerland. the morning secret service is working to recover surveillance video outside the white house. director joseph clancey told the police yesterday there was nom barrier. he said he was surprised it took so long to hear about it. >> the fact that i was unable to do anything. it was unacceptable. if your bracket is already busted the morning you are not alone. undefeated kentucky remains perfect, yes. knew 35-0. georgia state knocked off baylor in the final seconds. the university of alabama, alabama upset iowa state and a controversial goaltending call with only 13 seconds to go, more
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proof that anything goes in march. >> r.j. hunter for three, scores. >> less than four hours into the tournament the madness complete. i they scored the final 13 points and knocked off a win with baylor. pan he was forced to sit oven the side lines. >> he's having fun. >> he left his seat thursday when his son won the match. >> i love this guy right here. he did it. >> three others rocked the upset of 64 breaking hearts and busting brackets. robert brown gets loose takes the jumper.
7:18 am
oh he missed it. >> five games ended with just one point separating two teams. a new single team ncaa tournament record. >> three of the four games in jacksonville today came down to the final possession. >> good for us. good for basketball. no good. >> reporter: even only one day of games, the tournament has already linked up to its mon kefrmt sin der really la stories have already emerged. >> a little turn around and it goes. b.j. >> and in this young tournament midnight doesn't seem to be approaching. >> take it all the way. that's going to count. yes, it will. >> that's why i love this game. >> the r.j. moment was not just one of my favorite basketball moments but one of my gavt sports moments. i screamed in the newsroom.
7:19 am
it will kick off today at 11:00 eastern right here on cbs. >> i love basketball. they're among the unsung heroes. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by jcpenney. when it fits, you feel it.
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48 hours gets the first interview with robert durst's attorney since his arrest. >> i eastern erin mortty of "48 hours." new details on robert durst here in new orleans in the murder of his close frengd. >> not only is it a circumstantial case, it's a weak circumstantial case. >> coming up on "cbs this morning." >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning."
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life-changing visit to planetarium at just >> good morning, i'm nicole brewer. we send it right over to the eyewitness forecast. katie is talking about snow for spring. >> i know, it is these final hours of the winter season, officially we see spring kick off early this morning nicole, but yep, we have some snow to wrap up the season officially here for you starting to see the first place flying in a lot of the western counties, even though it looks like it isn't snowing or ranking g across a good portion, leading edge, a lot not actually hitting the gown yet. here is a spot where it is, look roll reel closely, light snow currently falling outside lower merion high school. expect to go see this continue to pick up. and hang on at least for the next couple of hours really the better part of the day before it turns over to chilly rain. further south, just rain and
7:27 am
all out of here tonight. >> good morning, at least we don't have all of the precipitation during the morning commute l start right afterwards. good thing, good morning everyone, 7:30 almost, we start things off right here on the schuylkill expressway. evening lables -- eastbound lanes, police activity, just something to be careful of. see the westbound lanes creating little bit more of problem headed westbound into the king of prussia area. now the ben franklin bridge, doing okay, headed into philadelphia or into new jersey tractor-trailer overturned, northeast extention southbound, just approaching the pa turnpike, southbound to get on by. >> teenager want the in the murder of overbrook man now in custody. fifteen year old tyfine hamilton surrendered at police headquarters this morning. investigator says he shot james stoleman walking his dog on woodcrest avenue. fifteen year old brandon smith was arrested wednesday along with 14 year old. police say robbery was the
7:28 am
motive. >> million dollars police arrest a man caring a shotgun. officer confronted him 22nd and allegheny and told the man to drop his with weapon. when they didn't they fired a shot and missed. police caught up with the suspect at 23rd and clear feel after he ran into a bar. >> clark withing police after disrupting town hall style meeting lawncrest rec center last night. group upset district attorney sit williams declined to bring charges against the officers who fatally shot brandon tate boyde during a traffic stop in december. ten demonstrators were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. the focus that far meeting was on how the to improve police relationships in the community. >> our next update is at 7:55. up next on cbs this morning was robert durst planning to lever the count troy escape murder charges? we'll have more local news weather and traffic on the "cw" fill. stay with us.
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there's something important we need to address tonight. you made an announcement. >> that's right. >> a month ago. >> that right. >> that you're going to leave this show. >> that's right. >> i just want to address the fact that you have the guts to look at yourself in the mirror and say, jon, it's not working. we've all watched this train wreck go on. you never found your voice, you never found your audience you don't know what the [ bleep ] you're talking about. you announced you're leaving. don't take your time. i'd leave if not by the end of this week next week that only will ferrell could get away with
7:31 am
that. >> that's hilarious. >> and a very interesting show will ferrell. coming up in this half hour the top lawyer for accused killer robert durst calls the prosecutor's case weak. he gives his story to "48 hours" and erin moriarty. she's hearing what he's saying. why authorities in india are having trouble with adults taking cheating to new heights. >> "the new york times" says the obama administration is close to reaching a decision to postpone a troop drawdown from afghanistan next year. the united states had planned to drop the number of troops to about 5,600, but the taliban had not agreed to peace talks and the rise in isis is causing new security concerns. senior officials conclude that many would be needed well into 2016. "usa today" says the army's investigating allegation that the unit leader of a platoon in
7:32 am
alaska encouraged soldiers to use racial slurs against each other every thursday. it was known as racial thursdays. it was meant to build morale and camaraderie. >> don't get that strategy. a law enforcement official tells cbs news that the person who allegedly sent the white house the letter contained cyanide has been identified. the man is a homeless man from a shelter in chicago. it does not appear that white house mailers were exposed to any cyanide. "the seattle times" tests the drone ready for delivering packages from amazon. the federal aviation system will lead amazon train a crew to fly the zone. it must be tested in daylight hours below 400 feet.
7:33 am
and "the wall street journal" concludes google tried to keep competitors out of its topper is sch results. that's even though google offered fewer flight options. a federal trade commission report recommended sugar google but they settled rather than pursue legal action. this morning robert durst's team of lawyers is developing a new strategy. he's awaiting extradition to california. the attorneys who won his acquittal in a texas murder a dudsen years ago are fighting a new murder charge. his lead lawyer gave his first television interview on this case to "48 hours" erin moriarty and she joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. i think we're in for a real legal batter. his attorney insifrtss the district attorney may have begun the battle with a questionable
7:34 am
tactic interviewing the accused without a lawyer present. >> the prosecutor came out here and took him aside and questioned him for three hours sunday morning. >> what was your reaction when you heard that? >> i was astonished. >> do you think you client said anything incriminating to the prosecutor sunday morning? >> i don't think so. i'll find out. >> this has got to be tough for a lawyer. >> i would hope they wouldn't try to trick him being interviewed without his lawyer not being present, but he did. >> he know. has a team of lawyers. why didn't he call a lawyer. >> he did calling a lawyer. he called a lawyer saturday night when arrested and the jail knew that. i'm sure the prosecutor knew that or could have found that out. >> you were successful as a lead attorney in galveston and he was acquitted of murder it's going
7:35 am
to be a lot tougher in last. isn't it? >> i don't know. i think the evidence here is a lot more troublesome for the prosecution. not only is it a circumstantial evidence case it's a weak circumstantial evidence case. it's based primarily on two things this junk science let erd and the bathroom confession. well, throw me in that briar patch. >> we don't know whether the assistant d.a. actually crossed the line in that interview because he has not passed on that interview to the defense. there's a three-hour interview with robert dust we don't what was said and they're making it public, keeping it close to the vest. >> do you think it's a weak case? >> in galveston charged with morris blackburn, he admitted he
7:36 am
dismembered a body. here's what's interesting. the lapd said they don't need the documentary. we all remember of what's matching with the cadaver letter, the letter sent by susan berman's killer and they seemingly matched the letter of robert durst. they say, we don't need it. we matched it to the cadaver letter. well, they attach thad cadaver letter to another man in 2001. so they're going to have a tough time bringing that into trial saying this is definitely durst durst's handwriting. >> you're saying they really need that documentary. >> well, you can see that. if you just show that to a jury you don't even need a handwriting specialist. a jury is going to say, wow, that looks a lot alike. but if you try to bring in a
7:37 am
handwriting specialist. that's the real problem. you have two who say the cadaver letter was written by somebody else. >> when does it go to trial? >> it looks like it's going to be a while. he faces gun charges. >> you've been on the case for many, many, years, erin. more for you. >> a long time to come. >> you can see erin's report "the bizarre saga of robert durst," tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m. central. >> what did you do, what do you say to something you believe is very important and i would be ashamed to shay did nothing. up next clarissa ward with the archaeologists wrisking their lives in the civil war. and if you're ooh heading offer
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the war in syria includes some antiquities. all the psychological sites unesco has put on its list have been looted. clarissa ward is in london. clarissa, good morning. >> good morning. well, syria is home to some of the oldest civilizations in the world dating back many thousands of years, but the country's rich heritage has been badly damaged by four years of civil war, and
7:43 am
we met a brave group of men who are trying to protect their country's history. a seventh century mosque is blasted by a shell. the scene seen in photos in 2011 now pot marked with the so-called robber holes of looters. here suspected regime soldiers load soldiers statues from pal miya onto trucks. this doctor is with shawnee state university in ohio. he and former colleagues and students inside syria began a race to record the destruction and prevent the theft. >> some who are archaeologists feel passionate about their own culture and history and it's
7:44 am
part of their responsibility to protect this cultural heritage. >> armed only with cell phone cameras, note pads, and sand bags to protect fragile artifacts they batravely battle edd gunfire by isis. they say selling antiquities has become a major money maker for isis. >> they realized how lucrative this was. they escalated fraud initially by bridgeling in their own crews and hiring their own archaeologists and providing them with a license. >> their role is -- >> loot, assess price, sell. isis is involved in every level of the actual process. >> when shelling damaged a
7:45 am
museum in his own hometown. they led a team to protect the entire contents. the syrian heritage is one that belongs to the whole of humanity, he said, not just syrians, and it's our duty to protect it. there's a limit to what can be done. >> we're really struggling in an uphill battle here. on the scale of the damage being done we're not winning, i can tell you that. >> why do it? >> because it's better than doing nothing. one day this conflict will end. one day my daughters will ask me the question, you know what did you do in the war? what did you do to save something that you believed was very important and i would be ashamed to say i did nothing.
7:46 am
>> it's a sense some of duty. >> yes. >> the artifacts looted by isis and other groups are sold to middle men. but those delers may sit oven them for up to a decade before trying to sell them on the international antiquities market to make it that much tougher to track. >> boy clarissa the doctor's words to his daughter, very touching. what can they do? >> they can make a record of it. they're talking to world health organizations like the scale of the damage and stop the illegal trade. >> thank you very much. >> he said one day this war will be other. the question is what happens before that war. what else happens. you might be more creative
7:47 am
or more punks y'all depending on when you go to bed. this morning we'll ask a sleep specialist about a first of its kind body clocks. plus high station testing has student and >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family. so feed them like family with
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7:52 am
their children. hundreds of students have been caught and expelled in recent days. i don't think this is good parenting. i think it sends a bad message. >> you think? >> very bad. monica lewinsky is calling for a cultural revolution. she's with ashley judd. why they're speaking out on behalf of bullying victims. story's ahead. you're watching "cbs this morning." lk real cream, and no preservatives. and it's these real ingredients that give philadelphia cream cheese its delicious, one of a kind taste. when it comes to making cream cheese philadelphia sets the standard. so rich. so creamy. only philadelphia. you get sick you can't breathe through your nose... suddenly... you're a mouthbreather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than
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>> goods morning, i'm erika von tiehl. first day of spring, but katie, it does not look like it when you open up your window? >> absolutely not. i advise keeping the window close the. we have snow and cold outside in fact, yes you walk out the door you will be dealing with bathely slushy mess here today region by region, different what you end up with here. we do sit on the rain-snow line on the storm more than anything, the purple, snow overtaking the region right now, so while you will likely see perhaps a quick coating across southern new jersey and delaware, this will eventually turn over to primarily rain, philly, the immediate vicinity along i59 snow eventually turns to rain. but you can pick up one to three slushy inch before that happens. and it is all steady snow for the valley and the pocono
7:57 am
region as you can pick up 4 inches, maybe little more than. that will meanwhile tomorrow, out of here, perhaps shower to the north overall we've got much quieter weather beyond today. jess, over to you. >> good morning just coming up on 8:00 a.m. starting to see extremely reduced visibility here, right around 422 right around 23, we're on the ramp from first avenue right up here, you can see, trying to clear an accident out of the way. not a lot of volume to speak of in the area, but see reduced visibility, snow coming down and potentially slippery roadways, there as well. now, over on the ben franklin bridge, this is from the jersey side, reduced visibility here as well. see snow falling beyond this camera headed westbound, into the city, no problems from this point, just gathering in little volume at the base of the bridge. now, as we head over to the pa turnpike northeast extension we do have an overturned tractor-trailer in the area. you want to take 309 southbound to get on by, erika? >> thank you, neck update at 8: 25, next on cbs this morning the science of sleep. how your bed time could have a big impact on your life.
7:58 am
your local news weather and traffic continues with us on the "cw
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is friday. aren't we glad about that. welcome back to "cbs this morning" on morning". how they're trying to stop online i abuse from cyber trolls. but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. the still unidentified man was found thursday morning. federal authorities are now involved in this investigation. >> uva student martese johnson told his side of the story for the first time. this came in the form of a statement. >> snow is already moving up the atlantic coast. i think we'll see 3 to 6 inches by the time the system moves out. >> president obama told netanyahu he wasn't buying the
8:01 am
prime minister's retraction and he'd still look for ways to achieve a two-state exclusion. >> iran's foreign minister said they're ready for the deal. it's up to the u.s. to make a decision. >> r.j. hunter for three. scores. ron hunter has fallen off his stool. >> it was not just one of my favorite basketball moments but one of my favor. just great. >> do others think this is a weak circumstantial case? >> well in galveston, he admitted he dismembered a body. in this case you have no direct evidence. >> a group is lobbying to replace the picture of andrew jackson in place of a historic woman. you'd better get used to hey, can you break an oprah for me. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by prudential. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle
8:02 am
king king. norah o'donnell is off. jeff glor is with us. the fbi has joining the mississippi authorities to investigate a blan man found hanging on a tree. he was reported missing for two weeks. they have not ruled out homicide or suicide. they're awaiting results from an autopsy. they're waiting to determine if this was a hate crime. this morning winter refuses to loosen its grip on this first day of spring. forecasters say the storm will deliver several inches of snow to millions in the northeast. areas outside baltimore are blanketed this morning. boston could add two inches to its already record-setting snow total. >> and this is the first day of spring. happy spring. >> don't remind me. >> monica lewinsky is speaking out against public shaming. the former white house intern talked yesterday about her experience as a victim of online
8:03 am
bullying. jan crawford looks at victims taking a stand against it. good morning. >> good morning. cyber trolls are generally anonymous people using social media sites like facebook or twitter to post offensive or abusive messages especially at women. >> anyone who suffers from public humiliation needs to know one thing. you can survive it. >> reporter: at a t.e.d. talk on thursday monica lewinsky spoke out about cyber bullying. called for a revolution to online media. lewinsky says her role in a presidential sex scandal turned her into patient zero for online bullying. she said she was branded a tramp, tart slut and, of
8:04 am
course, "that woman." they're starting to fight back. >> many years there was the mantra don't read the comments and this notion that anonymity and, quote/unquote freedom of speech was more important on the web than safety and pushing back on abuse. >> lewinsky's speech came just days after ashley judd received a barrage. it was tweeted that an opposing team was playing dirty. but following with an outpouring of sexually charged violent threats too draftic to show. when i express a stout opinion during march madness i'm called a whore, threatened with sexual violence. not okay. >> the way things happen on social media is so abusive and everyone needs to take responsibility for what they right. >> reporter: while personal attacks are hardly new, a study
8:05 am
by an organization working to stop online harassment found that women reported 3/4 of online harassment. last month twitter's ceo dick costello admitted his company had failed to deal with internet attacks. in a mem ho he said we suck at dealing with abuse. we lose core user after core user. i'm ashamed at how we've dealt with this. >> i know it's hard. it may not be painless or easy but you can insist on a kirchlt ending to your story. >> there's no federal law against cyber bullying. jeff? >> jan thank you very much. march madness is linking up toits name with early upsets. georgia state's coach ron hunter spent most of his day rolling on a scooter.
8:06 am
he tore his tendon. it was his son's late-game three-pointer that burned the panthers over baylor. georgia state scored the last 13 points of the game. ron fell down. his son's game-winning shot enough to send him off the seat. and after the game he had a message message. >> i've got to be honest. true? >> hey, obama i -- >> what did he say? >> i hope you make better decisions as president than you do about georgia state. >> number 14 georgia state will take on xavier tomorrow. first a lot of march madness to enjoy today. the first of four games starting
8:07 am
just after noon 11:00 central. >> that was great. >> one of the best first days of a tournament i can remember. >> are your brackets intact? >> mine neither. >> you are. some had a spectacular view this morning if the clouds didn't get in the way. a total solar eclipse took place. the moon passed twine the sun and the earth, but charlie d'agata spent time with dig disappointed stargazers who only saw grey. >> reporter: somewhere out there a solar eclipse has taken place and we've been fighting thick clouds. i don't think i need my safety glasses. an eerie darkness has deskremded on the capitol. if we were we'd see an 85% eclipse. the farther north you go that number increases.
8:08 am
one of the best places to see it is in the pharoah i larngsd 200 miles close to the coast of scotland -- actually iceland where there you'll be witnessing a 100% total eclipse. what happens is the whole event takes about four hours but the peak time is when it crosses in front of the sun and holds there. that's about 2:30 that that takes place. they'll be lucky enough to watch it up there. >> here in london disappointed. they've waited 15 years for it to happen. better news in the united states with it's expected in 2017. for "cbs this morning," i'm charlie d'agata in london. >> 2017. we can wait. >> it likes a little eerie. >> it's amazing that people turn out to see it. >> nature is fascinating. >> yeah it really is. >> you might be more functional or creat
8:09 am
8:10 am
newly minted late night host james cord done pokes fun at anthony mason. >> i'm well aware of what you're doing. this completely normal. you try to avoid work. you try to go home to your wife and say, boy, i've had a tough day. it isn't. let's be clear. no portion of your day is tough. >> oh anthony mason, i can tell you two bonded. >> i'm just not working. >> he takes over "the late late show" on cbs. that's ahead right after the break.
8:11 am
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8:14 am
starbucks has started offering delivery service in parts of seattle and new york. that's great. that's great news. that will save you the trouble
8:15 am
of walking ten yards. if you think they have trouble getting your name right, good luck giving them your address. >> i know. they're everywhere. in our ""morning rounds,"" sleep and how it spills over. easterly risers are more pupgsual but can you reset your body clock. he joins us once again at the table. >> thank you. >> thank you. good to see you. so early risers and night owls, i think it's pretty self-explanatory but what hours are you talking about? >> early risers have a tendency to go to bed in the 8:30 9:00 range where night owls are almost the polar opposite. they look to go to bed 11:30, 12:30 and left to their own devices might stay up later and sleep even longer. can you be a combination of the
8:16 am
two? >> you can. that's called the hummingbird. the early morning risers are called larks and late evening are owls and the hummingbirds can switch back and forth. they get up early if they need to and can stay up late if they need to. >> it's got to be more difficult if you're a hummingbird. >> but genetically speaking it's okay. it's harder for an owl to get uparily early or a lark to stay up late. >> is it simply what you're demanding of yourself? >> no. it turns out to be genetics. people seem to be born one or the other. over the course of time that can change a little bit. as an example, my son who's 13 wants to stay up late and sleep late like most 13-year-olds do because of the psychological shift. if your core body temperature
8:17 am
rises, that does it. later when you get into the 55, 65 range it can swing in the opposite way. that's where the blue plate special came in. >> i thought it's because you're old. >> no, it's not because you're old. well, i guess it kind of is but that's the time your body wants to eat so people were coming in early. >> what is this about punctuality where if you're one group, you're more punctual. >> they looked at college students and looked at an 8:15 class to see how many were there and they tested them to see what type they were. not a big surprise but the people who were late were night owls. >> if it's genetics can you change your sleep? i'm surprised but can you change
8:18 am
your sleep style? >> to a certain degree but not all the way. you can use light therapy or melatonin to be able to shift your biological clock. some people have a disorder called delay sleep syndrome. these are people who can't go to bed before 3:00 a.m. and then they have to get up for work. >> they're called musicians. >> or morning journalists. michael bruce, very interesting. thanks. >> thanks for having me. a rock star reflects on life as a child. >> if you ask me as kid at age 11 that annoying question that adults ask kids what do you want to be when you grow up i'd say astro physicist and that would pretty much shut everybody up. >> he shows charlie how he looked up and never looked back. we preview that next on "cbs this morning."
8:19 am
if you have medicare part d, walgreens gets that you might be at the corner >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by walgreens, at the corner of happy and healthy. that's why walgreens makes it easy to switch your prescriptions and save money. just stop by. and leave all the legwork to us. switch your prescriptions to walgreens where you could save even more on medicare part d with copays as low as zero dollars. at the corner of happy and healthy. (clucking noises) everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying nobunny knows easter better than cadbury.
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8:22 am
sunday on "60 minutes" our discussion with the astro physicist is a best-selling
8:23 am
author educator and television personality. he runs the first planetarium he ever visited. it transformed his universe. this is the plan tearetarium that changed his life. he was just 5 years old. >> i could see all the stars that are visible. on a good night maybe 14 stars, and i come in here and then they dim the lights and i said wow. and it was the universe. >> when you walked out of this planetarium, i mean were you a different person because you were overwhelmed by the experience? >> you put your finger on it. i spent my entire life never knowing that such a sky existed and then to be struck by it to be star struck by it. and after that day i said i want to learn more about it. >> reporter: children keep changing their minds about what they wanted to be but tyson
8:24 am
stuck with the stars. >> and if you asked me as a kid at age 11 that annoying question that adults also ask kids, what do you want to do when you grow up,'d say astro physicist and that pretty much shut everybody up in the room. it's so amazing and limitless who wouldn't want to study it. >> what was amazing? >> the endless frontier of it all, the vastless. >> you >> you can see the full interview. you'll see how he fought stereotypes on race to reach his goals. >> i think his enthusiasm is so infectious. i think he has one of the greatest voices. what did you think about him? >> absolutely. he had an early love and now he's one of the most popular people. he's the carl seguin of our time. >> he's very good at what he does. talking about that speaking of the "late show" host james
8:25 am
corden is going to do things a little differently. >> good morning, i'm nick oil brewer, we send it over to katie for more on the spring snow. >> good morning, nicole. one of those storms, that is going to basically just divide our region into thirds. some of are you looking at primarily rain, some looking at primarily snow, and through philadelphia, and the i95 corridor, casino every mixed bag of snow, then some chilly rain, so we start it off by getting you out to storm scan, always good place to start generally speaking because it is still early enough in the timing of this storm and just the morning in general we've got mostly snow overtaking the region it becomes more horizontal. visibility have definitely been reduced, keep in mind that just because you see 10-mile visibility, or 9-mile visibility for example in wilmington it doesn't mean the whole region or that whole city at 9-mile visibility,
8:26 am
just one site. so seeing those visibility reduced, as the snow moves in . >> medias vin it at this, but by tonight getting out of here, we end one quieter weather for the next if you days then nice little warm up next mid week. jess, over to you. >> good morning coming up on 8:30, we seem to have a slushy looking snow-rain mixture coming down on 95 right around girard avenue. you can see it just making all of the roadways look real wet here. southbound headed into the center city area where you see most of the jam. northbound lanes moving along but still little slower than normal due to the precipitation. out in new jersey, a lot of reduced visibility here as well. see some snow falling in the camera, even covered with some precipitation there. headed northbound, into the city, or to 295, you can see moving along just fine.
8:27 am
but little slower than normal of the definately good thing we want you to slow down. there is overturned tractor-trailer out on the northeast extension approaching the pa turnpike pushed over on to the shoulder. over to you. >> thanks, updating breaking news right now police on the hunt for two home invasion suspect who terrorized a he will everly cup nel bus ton. right out to "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live at the scene with the breaking details. justin? >> police have fanned out looking foremen with masks on their faces, two white men broke into 2,000 block of murray street just after 6:30 this morning making their way through rear kitchen window then immediately going after an elderly couple inside. we are told there was a man and woman inside, both in their 70s the woman, 75 years old, was maced by one of these men. there is also a man inside, 77 years old no words on his injuries. police called here right away, as were medics, turns out they were treated here at the scene
8:28 am
here, their injuries, not said to be severe. those two men did escape with what we don't know at this time but active investigation now underway this morning. and this bustleton neighborhood, police are continuing to question the victim's inside, and also, searching for information from neighbors here on the ground. we will stay on this story throughout the morning and bring updates as we find them live in bustleton justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you next update at 8:55, next up, conversation with the new host of the late late show james cordon. for more local news weather and traffic continue to watch us on the "cw philly". i'm nicole brewer. have a great morning.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." the new host of "the late late show," james corden took us into the woods. now he shares the bumpy road to fap\s that's coming monday. a texas sports anchor had harsh words for dallas. they sign add one-year deal that could be worth $13 million. sportscaster dale hanson said the cowboys can't sink any lower. the defense should be better now. hardy was a pro bower two years
8:31 am
ago. had 15 sacks. doesn't play last year because he beat ups he former girlfriend. oh, yeah, there is that. i don't care how good he is. i don't care if the cowboys made a great deal and i absolutely don't care about the argument that so many of you make that what he does off the field just doesn't matter if he can help you win on the field. is there no line you won't cross? is there no crime you won't accept? is there no behavior you will not tolerate. >> the nfl is still investigating the domestic violence. >> he's making it very clear how he fears. monopoly here and now newest edition was released for the game's 80th anniversary. who does not love monopoly. fans voted for which cities to include. the new board feature ss pierre and minneapolis. did you play? >> we all have a strategy.
8:32 am
>> you played too. >> i liked getting cash money. >> my strategy was buy up everything. what was yours? >> nothing has changed, has it? >> no. i'm still very shy. and the "washington post" says there is a v small chance that president obama is buying magnum p.i.'s house. ♪ the beachfront hawaiian home was used in the 1980s tv show starring tom selleck. it was bought for $8.7 million. the buyer is a mystery company who is lawer who is a friend of the president. he he'd he'll need a house in 2017. the white house declined to comment. james corden takes the stage on monday. he's the host of "the late late show" on cbs. anthony mason got a look behind
8:33 am
scenes with the star who is staying humble. good morning. >> good morning. he went in to cbs to pitch an idea for a sitcom. instead he walked out with a late night talk shoem. the british actor to replaces craig ferguson tells me he's totally unqualified. >> none of them will be as shocked as i am. >> reporter: james corden still getting acclimated to his new office. >> never quite know how i'll get in or not. i mean i should know right? this is our performance space and this is where i'll come from. monday night this is where i'll be throwing up on my clothes. so i'll come out and stand here. >> reporter: at "the late late show" studio cordon has been doing test shows all week. >> you can be my first guest on
8:34 am
tv. there you go. so i'll sit here like this and i'll say so tell me about your life. >> does it compare to anything else you've done or is it totally different? >> no. it's totally different. i've never done it. i don't even really know what i'm about to do. like i'm talking like i have any authority on this. i know nothing. >> reporter: a household name in britain with nearly 5 million british follower the 36-year-old actor most recently started in the films "into the woods" and "begin again." >> reporter: you're a comic actor but you were never a standup comedian. >> no. it's not something i've ever done really. i like being funny, but i don't really write jokes as it were. >> so you're not going to do a monologue. >> well w're going to come out and do something funny and say something funny. if we've got them we will.
8:35 am
i hope the greatest thing people can say about the show is they don't know what it will be about tonight r and whatever they say core corden will be ready after break through and then co-writing and starring in the smash british comedy "gavin & stacy." corden's next film and tv series were demolished by the critics there. >> you've seen both ends of this. >> yeah. i mean you can't make anything without making mistakes is the truth and i'm very grateful for those those. you learn so much more. >> what do you learn? >> you learn that you really have to work hard which i wasn't really doing at that time. you sort of think, oh i'm doing it. this is a new -- you know you
8:36 am
start to think you're more of a dude than you really are. >> i get confused easily. >> corden would make his comeback on stage in the comedy "one man, two governors." the night that made his career was the night he opened on stage with his parents in the audience. >> i remember thinking i can't imagine what this feels like for my parents because i can't imagine as a parent what it would feel like to see my son or my daughter being received by this city in such a way, and i'll never, ever forget it. >> you ended up winning a tony. >> yeah. >> beating philip seymour hoffman, john lithgow -- it was quite a list. who am i leaving out?
8:37 am
>> james earl jones. >> what did you think when you heard your name that night. >> all of that they sit, pride of place -- they used to sit pride of place in london and now in a storage container in a warehouse in london somewhere. >> he moved to los angeles with his wife julia and two young children in january. on monday he ohfficially begins his new job. >> you've been a game show hoefts in britain, in films, and on broadway. now you're hosting a talk show but it sounds like you think of yourself as an actor. >> i doan know. is anyone born a talk show host? are we? we're all act. you act completely normal with these chairs that are too high in a room with nothing around news a fake set with a fake bar. hike none of this is real. it's not like i think, oh i'm a talk show host now and i'm no
8:38 am
longer an actor. we're all pretending. we're all pretending to not have a proper job and don't think you're any different than that. i'm well aware of what you're doing. you think this is completely normal. you try to avoid work. you even go home to your wife and say, oh, gosh i, even had a tough day. it's not. let's be clear. no bit of your day has been taxing but you don't want your wife and children to find out. that's the truth of it. >> actually my wife already figured that out. you can catch the premiere of "the late late show with james corden" monday night right after the "late show" with david letterman on cbs. i think his first guest is tom hanks. >> i can't wait. anybody who knows him and has seen him, really likes him. >> i have to say i saw "one man, two governors." i was in pain i was laughing so hard and it was because of him. enormously talented. great range.
8:39 am
he can do it all. >> what do you have coming up tomorrow? >> tomorrow on "cbs this morning: saturday" indy rock royalty, modest mouse. a fabulous band is going to perform for us. they're going to be -- and we're talking with isaac brock, the lead singer. >> first album in eight years. >> yes. hard to believe. >> good to see you, thoejt mason. so you want to look as good as charlie did last weekend? is that would be hard but we'll show you how you
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
women have rent the runway. now guys have their own shot at affordable glamor. carter evans shows us a man's fashion startup. >> now that's what i call a tuxedo tuxedo. >> the rented tuxedo gets a bad rap. >> all we have to do is show a little class and sophistication. >> reporter: buying one can set you back 1,000 bucks or more. >> we wanted to make a accident in the industry and allow you to rent what you want to work. >> reporter: when patrick was asked to be a groomsman in the wedding, he was going need a tux so he did what other guys do. >> we rented from a big box store.
8:44 am
>> we realized everything was polyester, shoes are plastic. >> it turned into a businessman for the high tux. high quality tux see does and a low price for rent online. >> i think we live in an age, too, where big brick and mortar companies can be does erupted very quickly. >> and a lot has to do with the internet. >> they're more comfortable than ever shopping on line. >> will welsh is the style editor. >> there are more options than ever. >> he said a lot of guys are looking for a more fashion forward fit but getting the right fit over the internet might be a challenge. >> if you're buying a pair of shoes or glasses, that's easy. but with tuxes they're asking guys to measure themselves or go some place to get measured. >> i set my height and weight and body time. >> i guess you have to be
8:45 am
honest, say if you have a beer belly. >> yep. >> he's rented three times. >> no problems? >> no issue whatsoever. >> his wife compares the black tuks option to their wedding. >> 12 groomsmen who needed to go, get measurements have to return it. it was the day after the wedding we were trying to locate all the tuxes to get them back to mens warehouse so no one was charged. >> with the black tux everything ships out the week before it the event wo w a return label and when it comes to quality, they say by designing and manufacturing in house they're able to rent out a $1,500 tux for as little as 95 bucks. it sounds like what you've found is a niche in the market. >> and this is a really large market. in some ways it's a market that
8:46 am
needed to be transformed. >> reporter: they recently raised $10 million in venture capital funding and plans to quadruple the size of its warehouse by next month. >> that's a great surprise to have. >> reporter: because only tom hanks playing a child in the body of a 30-year-old man could pull off this look. >> do you want to get out of here? >> uh-huh. >> for "cbs this morning," carter evans, los angeles. >> two thumbs up don't you think? >> yeah. >> i just want to look like charlie. >> sure. >> good quality -- you'd'd better take somebody out. there's only one. the most unforgettable moments of the week.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
that does it for us. norah will return on monday.
8:50 am
we were thrilled to have you here. >> i was thrilled to be here. >> as we leave you, we take a look back at the week that was, and we hope you have a great weekend. >> we do. take it easy. >> killed them all, of course. >> the dramatic audio recording. >> killed them all. >> throw me in that briar patch. >> he was surprised as anyone to be face down in handcuffs. >> scream and running toward the cockpit. >> good morning. >> japanese police have a suspect in custody who may be linked to death threats against u.s. ambassador caroline kennedy. >> prime minister benjamin netanyahu is hard at work this morning. >> they have explosives some type of grenades. >> the tsarnaev brothers very further down the block. >> kappa delta rho, the fra
8:51 am
ternts has been sus spended for one year. >> it was something of a coming out party. >> james bond pressure. >> dolce & gabbana are accused of being old-fashioned. >> if you're in the fashion business that's not a very smart thing to say. >> oh my god. did you see this? ♪ why do you build me up nt buller cup baby just to let me down ♪ >> you never know during a commercial break -- ♪ >> charlie just keeps smiling at me. he wants me to acknowledge duke. i told him i believe duke will be in the finals again. >> if there's a god in sneechb this is going to be the year, guys. i'm winning the pool. >> you can tell obama's mind is elsewhere because his top two
8:52 am
picks were israel and iran. >> mom i this i you're great, but charlie is the man. >> oh my gosh. who need a husband when you have this. >> i say i go here and you say lovely. you say you're going -- >> not getting an ooh doesn't mean you're not going get ahead. >> a number of studies has suggested that breast-feeding increases i.q. >> jeff, you have a new baby on the way. >> yes. we're breast-feeding -- i mean i i'm not. >> better way of treating cancer. >> oh, lovely. you're just wasting your life. >> the ron hunter/r.j. moment was not one of my favorite basketball moments but sports moments. >> is it too much? >> you look like mrs.
8:53 am
it's the thought that counts, right? so make it count... at t.j.maxx. give them brands they'll love, at prices that help you be generous. make t.j.maxx your first stop for gifting... and maxx life!
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>> we're still in the final hours every winter. spring doesn't officially get underway until this evening. but, you know what? we still call it the first day every spring, and it is not what you want to see on the radar, the shades of purple out, there not indicating high since, area snow, and definately will mess with your travel today. this is the more slushy, wet variety of snow, because we will sit right on the rain-snow line with the storm. light to moderate steady snow continues through the region here until 2:00 p.m. then say late afternoon there will be a thumbing of some steadier precipitation further south go mainly rain, southern delaware, new jersey, expectation there will will be some mixing of rain into philadelphia, this evening all tapers, then you just have to watch out maybe for black
8:56 am
ice overnight. care you will full of. that will by tomorrow perhaps shower north of the city otherwise it is milder with some sun and even though it is cooler sunday, monday, tuesday, all is quiet we ends one some sunshine and looking ahead next mid week, something to look ahead to for sure. nice little moderation as we flirt with 60 by thursday, jess, over to you. >> thanks, looking forward to the weekends, 8:56. and the roadways are relatively empty out on the schuylkill expressway. right around city avenue. but you can see some precipitation in the area, some little snowflakes every once in a while drizzle or so headed westbound toward king of prussia. doing just fine. out on 95, a lot of reduced visibility here in this area. the volume has lightened up too through the work zone southbound into the center city area. dealing with some delays and concellations due to weather. out in the philadelphia international airport, check with your airline to see if you are affected by. that will good thing great alternate here if you want to take septa new jersey transit patco speed line, everything there running on time with no delays. now the good thing is we are seeing some heavy traffic here. we want you to slow down anyway on the blue route
8:57 am
headed southbound. it will take you ten minutes from the pa turnpike to the schuylkill. back to you. >> update breaking news right here, police on the hunt for two home invasion suspects who terrorized an elderly cup nel bustleton. chopper three over the 2,000 block of murray street. police say two men broke into the home through a kitchen window just after 6:30 this morning. inside was a 75 year old woman, and 77 year old man who was also blind. authority say the suspect sprayed the female victim with mace. medics treated her at the scene. our second teen suspect in the murder of the overbrook man has surrendered to philadelphia police. fifteen year old tyfine hamilton turned himself into police headquarters earlier this morning accompanied by his father. police say he and 15 year old brandon smith and a 14 year old, were playing basketball when they decided to rob someone. fifty-one year old james steelman shot while waking his dog last week. also, breaking overnight philadelphia police arrest a man they say was caring a
8:58 am
shotgun. officers confronted him at 22nd and allegheny and told the man to drop his weapon. when he didn't, they fired a shot and missed. police caught up with the suspect at 23rd and clearfield after he ran into a bar. >> seven men, three women were arrested after their demonstration at public community meeting in lawncrest turned violent last night. chaos unfolded after woman appeared to shove a police officer right in front of our cameras. the group was protesting district attorney seth williams' decision not to bring charges against the officers, who fatally shot brandon tate boyde during a traffic stop in december. that is "eyewitness news" for now. "eyewitnesseyewitness returns after whole lot of the ncaa basketball today. i'm erika von tiehl. hope you have a great day.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> if it's happening, we are covering it on "the doctors." >> announcer: robert durst new developments surrounding his suicide watch, what is happening inside the mind of this alleged madman. andhy elton is urging others to boycott fashion designers. w plus, how their home could have killed them. luz, it weight loss intervention with dramatic results. "the doctors." [applauding] >> hello everyone, welcome to our friday newsfeed. much of this week's news has centered on one man, robert durst, who has been the segment


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