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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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his time, in nicetown. around 7:30 tuesday night police respond todd a shooting a at 17th and cayuga streets. when they arrived they discovered a minivan crash in the pole and hit with as many as 15 bullets. police found the 23 year-old driver lying on the ground shot in the torso. investigators say police then saw a second man exit the back of the van and start walking a away. they say he had an gun with an extended clip. the officer gave chase down the block. >> that is when the the officer ordered the male to stop, drop the weapon, she his hands, stop running, the male refused, he turned. he pointed the weapon in the direction of both officers. that is when one officer advertise charged his weapon striking the the suspect in the torso. >> reporter: police say suspect dropped two guns, and shot three times, and in the clear not how many times he was hit by police gunfire. up investigators are looking in the possibility that he was shot inside before the the van
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arrived. this shooting comes as philadelphia police were following federal recommendations on the use of of deadly force. just a day before the department of justice issued a report that found deficienciness police training and lack of consistency in investigations. >> i think what we are doing here today is a start. you say what can we do now? well we're doing it right now, and that is having a press conference and letting people know exactly what is in the. >> reporter: report the commissioner went on to say that the department is making improvement, it won't happen overnight the but they are working in the right direction. we hope to catch up with him later on in the morning. the in the meantime department of justice is overseeing the implementation of these changes, the first of two progress reports is due out in six months. the two men were shot yesterday injured, they are both in the hospital in stable condition this morning. reporting live from outside the fill will a police headquarters jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". developing right now philadelphia police are
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working to identify a woman's body found partially buried in the backyard of the home. the the body was found yesterday on 4700 block of frankford avenue. eyewitnesses took pictures of the man being taken into custody by police. he was reportedly brought down by a taser. it is unclear what connection, if any he has to the victim. bucks county teacher is out of jail accused of having an inappropriate relationship with the student. warminster police arrested three three-year old michael swider, they say the teacher at william tenant high school kissed a 17 year-old student and then planned to meet at a hotel for sex. the school has put swider on leave. we have some new video just in as germans observe a moment of silence for victims of yesterday's tragic plane crash. just moments ago german citizens gathered outside the german headquarters to pay their respects. french officials say that the box voice recorder from the alpine jet crash is
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damaged, however it is believe to be usable. this is video of the french alps as search and recovery operations resume today. the the german air liner was on its way from spain to germany when it crashed yesterday morning. all 150 people on board are believed to be dead. we will have the the latest coming up in less than ten minutes. right now 6:03. lets check with katie on the sky deck. we have a warm upcoming at a cost. >> it is, we are not there yet, build up of the scarves, gloves, whole 9-yard thankfully in the terribly breezy out here. what you will see is what you get on the thermometer today. there is a warming trend coming up but i have to tell you it is not fun when it is late march, and still seeing breath in front have of your face. storm scan three, we will show you a crystal clear sky out there but as we take you to satellite and radar, over the last three hearst we have signs of life eventually moving in. now, it is actually cold and
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across the area there where we have a little hint of ice. it isn't here yet because when we look the at temperatures you will a's see what i mean. it is going to be a nice calm win. happen has air. it is either from the south, northeast, south east but you will not notice it no matter where you are coming from. here are temperatures. you're below freezing every where at this point. good thing again that we don't have precipitation just yet but we will warm up enough that later this afternoon when any precipitation does arrive it is rain showers. think about having some rain here at the ready if you plan to go to be out here later today or tonight the with scattered showers moving through. vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. great advice. you will want to pack your patient this is morning. i have a feeling considering it is 6:04 that things will double in volume as a result of just high traffic and on i-95, and i'm sure you he you are listening this happens every day it is rush hour.
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true, but as of right now at 6:04 usually we don't see things until 6:15 or so. we are getting a little bit of an early start. ninety-five south we are seeing delays throughout construction zones at cottman and girard. moving to the ben franklin bridge, it doesn't look like much. all bridges are moving well. we are moving well in new jersey. traveling on the 42 freeway we are seeing speed sensors drop around creek road. taking a look at overall speeds it is not awful at all but traveling on the westbound side of the schuylkill not only around city avenue and conshohocken but those are two slow points. mass transit is the the best bet because we are in the clear. it is sentencing day for don tollefson. the former philadelphia sportscaster appears before a judge following his conviction on defrauding sports fans out of charity travel packages. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us outside the bucks county courthouse in doylestown with the very latest on this justin good morning. >> reporter: erika, good
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morning. we have learn that just yesterday a lawyer for tollefson sent a memo to the judge asking that she consider a minimum sentence for sportscaster and we will see what she decides. >> jury has spoken. i believe in our legal system. >> reporter: legal system left with yet another step determining the former sportscaster's sentence. on tuesday a lawyer for tollefson sent a memo asking her to consider minimum serving time perhaps allowing his client to repay victims. >> back in january jury found six two-year old guilty of bilking charities and donors out of more than $300,000. the prosecutors argued tollefson used his star power to sell buyers packages for charities, that range from sports tickets to hotel stays and travel. although the the prosecution says that tollefson did not up hold his end of the deal. acting as his own attorney tollefson told the court he was overwhelmed by addiction. that donor's money that made his way to his personal
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account because he was a bad businessman who would hit his personal being button. tollefson has remain in jail since his conviction back in january. he could face up to 37 years in prison, today. we are live from doylestown, justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". two men charged in the murder of a philadelphia police officer are due in court for a preliminary hearing. carlton hipps and ramone williams allegedly shot and killed officer robert wilson on march 5th. and he was outside a video game store where he attempted a robbery. and, officer wilson family. sweet lucy a's smoke house will donate 50 percent of all sales today to the wilson family. restaurant is opened there 11:00 this morning until 9:00 tonight. right now 6:07. developing right the new two police officers shot and killed one in the midwest and
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one in the west coast. now a manhunt is underway for one of those shooters coming up. search teams in france are sifting through debris looking for anything that could help explain why a plane crash in the alps. we are live in france with the the very latest on the investigation. rumors are rampant could jay-z and beyonce be moving to philadelphia? you got to love it. coming up in the word.
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helicopters are in the air in the french alps as search and recovery are underway for that down german air liner. >> plane crashed with 150 people on board. tina krause is live in france with more on the
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investigation. what can you tell us at this hure. >> reporter: good morning. it is an active area, helicopter police investigators moving around all morning. crews on board are going in the crash site as they are on a massive recovery mission. french officials say the black box recovered from the germanwings crash site in the french alps is damage but believed to still be usable. investigators say that the box contains the voice and cockpit sound recorder. >> cockpit voice recorder, of course, will let us necessity conversations between the two pilot, any noises, any type of alarms. flight data recorder actually tells us everything that we need to know about the aircraft. if the engines were working properly. >> reporter: search teams are combing through debris where jet liner carrying 150 people crashed tuesday.
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air bus a320 climbed steadily up to cruising altitude in clear skies after departing from barcelona. within just eight minutes the plane descended at about 450 miles per hour, directly into the mountains. the pilot sent no distress call. >> pilots are trained to fly the airplane and fly it well first and then to begin to analyze the situation and take effective action. only after all that is done then to communicate by making a distress call. >> reporter: recovery operation is being direct from below 15 miles by helicopter to the crash site. it is such ref tur rain that crews are dropped in from choppers, mess of those on board were europeans from germany and spain, including 16 german high school students taking part in the exchange program. their tiny town of halter will hold an event in their honor today. families of victims are gathering not far from here
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in a town, they are heart broken and waiting for answers as investigators try to find them. erika and nicole. >> all right we appreciate it. right now 6:13. lets get traffic and weather together. >> another cool morning. >> very chilly. >> 19 degrees at our observation site outside pleasant valley middle and high school. just popping over the horizon. we are certainly in for a beautiful sunrise but we have got this to track. more than anything you will notice a warm front. there is a cold front draped back here and it will be more obvious as the day goes on and starts to drop in basically just separation have of air masses, cold and dry meets warm and moist. that is where we will see line of thunderstorms developing. we will have have severe wet's across the southern plains. as for us it is showers this afternoon from the warm front and temperatures maryland rate and then we will fit in the warm sector. there will be showers off and on anytime tomorrow pockets of steady rain.
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we have to get cold front through. before it gets here we will spike to the 60's and then looking ahead into friday morning specifically there may still be one left over round of showers that moves in the morning and skies will clear. a lot of ups and downs with this forecast but within day stand out and that is thursday. 68 degrees with showers and probably a then are storm by night fall and temperatures drop again, vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. >> good morning. well, right now traveling on the schuylkill expressway and which say even 95, the prime spots, culprits for rush hour traffic. that is what you'll have this morning. seventy-six westbound we will see low down approaching city avenue. we are seeing it in the western suburbs. the it is not only westbound you will will's find volume. you'll find it eastbound around conshohocken moving down through the curve. around center city, it is not awful yet but getting there. you will net that is southbound i-95 we are in rush hour form around the cottman and girard and this delay will only grow.
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if you are watching us this morning by the time you get there anticipate delays to double, and these speed to continue to drop. twenty-eight being your average traveling on i-95. traveling in new jersey we are seeing delays building on the 42 freeway but no delays for mass transit, erika. authorities in philadelphia are investigating a police involve shooting. police were called out to 29th street and they found a man with gunshot wound lying besides a bullet riddled minivan. another man got out of that van and tried to runaway. when police caught up with him they say he refused to drop his gun so they opened fire. both men are in the hospital. an investigation is underway after discovery of the women's body in a frank for back yard. man was taken in custody but no charges have been filed. and, teacher swider ace accused of having an inappropriate relationship with the 17 year-old student. he allegedly kiss that had student at warminster's william tenant high school. we will be right back.
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nfl owners meetings are underway this week in phoenix and eagles owner jeffery laurie is tracking attention. reporters wanted to necessity about the power struggle between chip kelly and howie roseman. laurie also a addressed whether the eagles would mortgage the future for marcus mariota. >> it is great to mortgage the
6:19 am
future for payton manning and in the for ryan lief leave. great for donovan mcnan and not for other. it comes back to people. it is not a system. >> laurie also talk about trading shady mccoy to the bills. he said coach kelly should have a chance toably in players that best fit his vision. flyers are back in action tonight hosting the chicago black hawks at the well. playoffs are a long shot for flyers, of course, they are 11 points out with only eight games left in the regular season. to the sixers now out west in sacramento nerlens noel slamming home two of his 14 points last tonight but kings demarcus cousins had a big game, 33 points, 17 rebound, four steals and four blocked shots. not too shabby. busy night. sixers lose by a .107-106. they play nuggets in denver tonight. temple owls work out yesterday at liacouras center ahead of tonight's nit semi final against the louisiana
6:20 am
tech bulldogs. owls beat the bulldogs in the only other meeting back in november. winner of tonight's game heads to new york city for nit semi finals. the last time the owls made nit semis was in 2002. rowan university students are going bald for a good cause. >> they cut off their hair to show solidarity with young cancer patients. "eyewitness news" at saint baldrick's center. this is just a few of the 66 students who took part in the fundraiser. we are told six of them were women. >> wow. >> cutting their hair. >> good for them. >> they hope to raise $45,000. that is so cool. >> what a great cause. >> what a way to show support for your friend. >> strong statement right there. >> love it. >> 6:20. local school district is hack and hackers demanding ransom that is still ahead. also 52nd that may have saved lives of the family inside this montgomery county home, after a school bus with several children on board crashed into their home.
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what went wrong coming up. >> ♪ when there is rain in the forecast a lot of times you can feel it in the air. maybe your joints. that is what my mom always said she can tell when it is raining by her joints. >> i just look outside the window. >> that is how she feels, whatever mom says. >> exactly. >> we will take a short break we will return with the forecast coming up next.
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let's check with katie with our forecast and another cold
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start. >> it still feels like winter but we have been looking ahead to today as the transition day to take us to a milder pattern at least for a short period of time. the warm front will bring in moisture across virginias which will eventually reach us by the afternoon. now thursday is the wetest and warmest day of the forecast but it will be bringing us period of rain some heavy and a few embedded thunderstorms as the the cold front crosses through but mild. temperatures in the upper 60's easily. we will take it, vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning. traveling right now we will have rush hour delays in the schuylkill 95, 42 freeway, usual developments. looking at vine street expressway it is not awful at all. traveling westbound approaching schuylkill or eastbound toward i-95 we are still waiting for that rush her commute. ben franklin bridge is a different story. we are slow from the mid span down toward philadelphia if you are traveling on the westbound side eastbound in
6:25 am
new jersey in problems at all. speed sensors are dropping. make sure you pack your patients, rush hour is now here erika. >> thank you. now an update on a story we first brought you yesterday morning. the police identified pedestrian hit by two cars and killed in bensalem. we are told she's 28 year-old cristina massie. investigators say she crossed at street ape knights road when she was fatal willly struck. within driver stopped but second just kept going. police track down the driver at home in new jersey no charges have been filed. a fatal pedestrian accident is under investigation this morning in williamstown, new jersey. police tell us a pedestrian was struck and kill at tuckahoe road near route 322, and the driver did remain at the scene. cape may residents get a chance to voice their opinion on a controversial decision to demote the cities police chief. captain robert sheehan received a standing ovation last night as he entered the congress hall.
6:26 am
council took action on march 3rd because they were concerned because sheehan was part of the investigation in the possible abuse of comp time. the prosecutor said after the meet ago this sheehan will in the face any criminal charges. >> when this investigation is finish and rob sheehan is exonerated as i hope he will be, we will continue our discussion and our deis. >> councilman jerry resigns in protest in protest of sheehan's demotion in the march 3rd meeting. testimony is supposed to resume in the trial of the boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. yesterday prosecutors presented this video which they say shows tsarnaev and his older brother tam lynn going to a firing range in new hampshire for shooting practice. a according to prosecutors they used gun skills they practice to shoot and kill an mit officer days after the bombing and also when they shot at officers in watertown. crews demolish connecticut home of the sandy hook gunman.
6:27 am
neighbors wanted adam lanza's house torn down saying it was a constant reminder on have the shooting. lanza shot his mother in that home before killing 20 children and six adults at that school and then killing himself. city officials plan to leave that property as open space. 6:27. coming up next on "eyewitness news", italy's highest court is set to rule in the amanda incomes knocks case. we are await ago this verdict, jan. day after u.s. department of justice issued a report about how philly police used deadly force another office are involved shooting i'm jan carabao report aring live with the latest on this investigation straight ahead. and growing violence against law enforcement we have latest on two separate shootings in two separate cities that left two police office are dead. katie is tracking rain as we look live outside at a beautiful sunrise. she has a beautiful forecast. vittoria is checking the the rain. we will talk about that on the
6:28 am
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jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods.
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bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead. good morning philadelphia police responding to a shooting scene opens fire when a suspect refuses to drop a gun. "eyewitness news" reporter jan
6:31 am
carabao joins us from police headquarters with the details, jan, good morning. >> good morning. this most recent office are involved shooting is under investigation this morning by philadelphia police. man shot is recovering in the hospital in stable condition. he was shot three times at least once by police. police tell us it is unclear exactly how many times he was hit by police gunfire and he may have been shot before police arrives on the scene. this happened around 7:30 at 17th and cayuga streets. police responded to that area in nicetown for this shooting and when they arrived they found a minivan that crashed into a utility pole and had been hit with as many as 15 bullets. police found the 23 year-old driver lying on the ground shot in the torso and police then saw a second man exit back of the van and start walking away. they say he had a gun with the extended clip. officers chased that man a block away. take a listen. >> the officer ordered the
6:32 am
male to stop, drop the weapon show his hand stop running but the male refused he turned pointed weapon in the direction of both officers. that is when one officer discharge his weapon. >> reporter: police say that the suspect dropped two guns when he was shot. no police officers were injured. police are looking in the possibility that this man may have been shot in the van as well, before police arrived. now this latest officer involve shooting came just one day after the u.s. department of justice issued a report about how philadelphia police handle officer involve shootings and the use of deadly force that report found deficienciness training in transparency and consistencies in investigations, the commissioner hearsays they are working in the right direction to make improvement but the improvement will in the happen overnight. we hope to catch up with another update late they're morning but we are live outside police headquarters, jan carabao for cbs-3
6:33 am
"eyewitness news". we're also following a developing story this morning a deadly night for police officers in two states. in san jose california a manhunt is underway for gunman who shot and killed a police officer. the veteran officer died while responding to a report of the suicidal man. police spokesmen says responding officers were met with gunfire. now a state trooper we're told in wisconsin was also shot and killed in the line of duty. trooper was pursuing a bank robbery suspect. there the was an exchange of gunfire killing both the trooper and that suspect. happening today italy's highest court will determine whether to up hold guilty verdict of a man a knox. knox was quick of killing her former room made meredith churcher. she was sentenced to 26 years in prison while her then boyfriend, received 25 years. both were acquitted on appeal two years later. that acquittal was later thrown out and new trial upheld their original
6:34 am
convictions. knox could be extradited back to italy. 6:33. pretty calm for right now right. >> that is a good way to put it. we have a chill in the air and nice clear skies. beautiful sunrise is currently underway. remember that old saying wednesday sky warning sailors take warning. definitely a sign of things to come as we look not here at the local view but when we zoom it out just one time. you can see moisture heading our way. that is your warm front. the good thing about this is there is always a trade off. good thing about this is it will help our temperatures rebound well above where they are currently standing. we are at 21 degrees. barely a wind at all, but there is beautiful colors out there on the the sky line. we are looking at a couple area field cameras off camera that have a brilliant red showing up on that sky. with the red sky you know there is something on the way. with temperatures in the 20's we can thankfully eventually
6:35 am
end up in the upper 40's later today. still a heavy coat kind of day, not as cold as yesterday was. those cloud rebuild and we will dodge a handful of showers primarily this afternoon as well as into tonight and then we will sit between frontal boundaries. by tomorrow we are warming up significantly. big old roller coaster ride here throughout the rest of the week. tomorrow is warmest day but it will be wetest day and i will track wet weather heading our way here coming up later in the show, vittoria. >> good morning everyone. traveling right new we have rush hour for sure, on the schuylkill, i9 five even things picking up on 476. lets get outside. we have an incident we want to talk about. if you are traveling not too far from neshaminy area on the northbound side of route one near pennsylvania turnpike we have some activity over to the shoulder. it looks like a disable vehicle, tow truck on the scene. if you are traveling around this area it may be slow as folks look at what is
6:36 am
happening toward the right of them. elsewhere look at i-95 rush hour southbound making your way from the northeast down through the vine street expressway. we will have breaks in the traffic but for the the most part you will hit the brakes. speed sensors in the teens on i-95 as if you are traveling on part of the schuylkill definitely around the schuylkill. other parts in the 40's and 30's. if you are traveling on 476 we are seeing role pick up between i-95 and media not much but it is out there on the north bound side of 95, we have a disable vehicle at bartram avenue n camden we have construction on route 168 southbound before collins avenue two right lanes are block and we have delays on the 42 freeway approaching creek road, erika. philadelphia police are trying to figure out if a you beener x driver sexually assaulted a female passenger. that woman ace the incident happened last movement a spokesmen tells "eyewitness news" that woman was dropped off at the the fifth police district station on the night of the a alleged assault. the driver has been suspended
6:37 am
during this investigation. meanwhile in haddonfield new jersey a hundred residents turned out to voice their concerns over proposed drug treatment center. the proposed cities bank croft school. least coverry centers of america in king of prussia wants to move but the sale is not final. >> i think it is dangerous for the the neighborhood selling it is fine but it depend they are selling it too. >> we have to give them a fair shake and they have to come in and make their presentation and that is what we will do. >> now there is no official timetable for the sale to go through, developers of the new site need to submit the official proposal before the commission. fbi and new jersey state police are trying to track down hackers who broke in the computer network of the gloucester county school district. teachers and students at four elementary schools in the swedesboro woolwich district got hit monday morning. hackers are demanding a ransom 500 bit coins of digital currency that is equal to 128 you this dollars. >> the school is in session as
6:38 am
much as it might have been 20 or 30 years ago before the advent of technology. >> for now hackers identity and motive are still a mystery. the district is working to get things backup and running. new jersey governor chris christie is attending a fundraiser in philadelphia his political action committee is raising money for a run for the white house. activist have agrippa begins christie. groups including new jersey and working families are holding a joint news conference to back mandatory workday policies. christie says these policies will hurt the economy. there is a new member of the pennsylvania legislature republican martina white has won a special election to represent northeast philadelphia. she defeated democrat sarah dell richie in the 170th district 57 to 43 percent. white replaces brandon boyle who is now in congress. new an investigation into allegations have widespread miss management of disability
6:39 am
claims at philadelphia office of veterans affairs. the investigation aims to determine whether the the problems are isolated incidents or part of the broader problem. review comes as va's acting inspector general plans to release a report on the investigation in the philadelphia office. big changes to troop withdraws in afghanistan. president obama says u.s. will keep just under 10,000 troops in the the country through the end of the year. this comes at the request of afghanistan's new president. command inner chief had originally plan to cut number of troops in afghanistan to 5500 by the end of the year. scary moment as a school bus barrels in the montgomery county home. more coming up. distract driving crackdown where police are stepping up efforts to keep the road safe. this is not a movie stunt check it out, pictures are not photo shopped either. we have pictures to prove it. the wait until you see how these elephant prevent it from tipping over.
6:40 am
>> ♪ rumors can be crazy. >> um-hmm. >> especially when they involve beyonce and jay-z. perhaps moving to philly. that is what is swirling in the rumor mill in. we will set it up straight stay tune.
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we're tracking some rain katie. >> i am. it is not here yet. we have a beautiful sunrise but a a lot of red tones to the soon rise this morning and that does indicate we will end up with a new you change in our weather pattern. that comes in the form of a warm front. we have leading edge of the the precipitation is just outside the the d.c. area and leaning further southwest of that. you can see pink with this too. if this line was close enough at this point it is cold enough. we have icing issues. that is how chilly it is, even still right now. is there your warm front. that is obvious. then we have core of the area of low pressure and there is a cold front not as obvious but you that will become a lot more obvious and distinct as it runs into some more warm moisture rich air off to the south and we will end up with a line of severe weather that rumbles in the planes. we expect round of rain and that starts as early as this afternoon. here notice our time stamp
6:44 am
2:00 p.m. today. by this afternoon warm front bringing in some showers and throughout overnight we will see things in the trying out so much but you will in the see as much precipitation to allow areas of fog to form. into tomorrow morning expect that but then tomorrow afternoon and especially in the evening fresh round of these scattered bought of rain and showers will move on through. here is your cold front. that is it. it is coming in the evening. so once sun goes down we will lose its steam. don't worry about is he rear weather. we will hear rumbles of thunder, and then we will still have residual showers by tomorrow morning. i should say friday morning it may be just cold enough that the extreme northwestern portion see wet snow milk in before we see skies clearing away later in the day. with that said that does mean ups and downs on you're witness weather seven day forecast. forty's, 50's, and then back to 40's again as we hit the upcoming weekend. >> thanks, katie. good morning everyone. we have an accident traveling
6:45 am
route one southbound at old lincoln highway. it is causing a bit of a situation with regard to maneuvering through this incident for commuters in this area. south bun route one around old lincoln we are dealing with an accident. the accident is compromising both lanes but as you will notice traffic is getting by because they are serving through. anyone trying to make their way out of the bucks county area down toward philadelphia you will notice a big old problem. give yourself some more time. maybe using i-95 as an alternate i want to prepare you that you'll fine southbound delays out of the area of academy and vine street expressway. ben franklin bridge in the awful but some volume approaching mid span down toward area of philadelphia but look at these speed sensors, down in the teens so expect usual on your majors in regards to the usual rush hour traffic. in delays for mass transit, nicole. >> vittoria, thank you. a developing story, morning crews back on the scene of the yesterday's plane
6:46 am
crash in the alps. the voice recorder has been located. authorities hope crews can help them explain that crash that killed 150 people. meanwhile philadelphia police officer shot and wounded a suspect who would not drop a gun. that suspect ran from police who were investigating a man with gunshot wound on 29th street and fairmount. former sportscaster don tollefson faces decade in prison at his sentencing in bucks county. tollefson was quick of scaming people by promised willing sports trips that would benefit charity. a family is shaken after a school bus crash right through a wall into their homes. it was a chaotic scene yesterday morning on windermere drive-in blue bell. the bus from saint hell upa elementary school went out of control with nine students on board. a few of them say the driver became less lucid before he lost control jumping the curve and then hit ago this house. jill, her husband and one of her daughters were home at the time.
6:47 am
>> it sounded like an explosion. the force was so great that it pushed us both on the floor. >> five seconds earlier and it would have been tragic. >> just incredible. amazingly in one was injured in that crash, in the the family in the house or the students on board the bus. it is in the clear exactly why the bus driver lost control. >> wow. well, distract driving is what we're talking about and crackdown by police. new jersey is joining a multi state effort to keep a major highway safe. "eyewitness news" reporter noel mcclaren shows us how police are stepping up their effort. >> reporter: hopping on i-95 this week could prove to be more of a white knuckle experience at the wheel then usual. new jersey state police say more eyes will be on the interstate through sunday. >> we're looking for speeding, seat belt tailgating distract driving and, of course, move over law. >> reporter: the added patrols are part of the i-95 challenge a multi state effort to reduce crash's long the major east
6:48 am
coast interstate. >> there year it is a coordinated effort from florida to maine, the largest enforcement ever on the east coast. >> i have seen a lot more cops yeah, on the road. >> reporter: truck driver eddie cruz spent a good chunk have his workweek on i-95. he is happy to see troopers are cracking down on distract drivers. >> it makes me feel good that they are out there checking out things. >> reporter: why warn the public about added patrols. >> what we are hoping to do with publicity in our media is get out the the message that people will change their driving behave before we pull them over. >> reporter: talking to people traveling on the turnpike and that message has been heard loud and clear. >> i think i better be more careful. >> oh, yeah, i don't want to pay those ticket. >> reporter: state police say this is first leg of the i-95 challenge, they say they plan to amp up patrols in august and then again in december for yet another challenge. we're on i-95, noel mcclaren for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
6:49 am
we want to see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> gayle king joins us live with the preview, good morning. >> hello, nicole ander contact mark phillips is near the scene of the plane crash in france. holy williams is in the area where family is grieving the loss of 16 students. peter greenburg looks at what might have happened in the skies. plus jill schlesinger is here with how to spring clean your finances and all those papers you don't know what to do with. and why we win or lose arguments, i love this story, couples therapist sarah cooper on why men and women remember things so very differently. the news is back in the morning. we will see new about ten minutes. i have a question where is ukeelee, is he all right. >> he is fine, he is enjoying he enjoys basketball games. >> he is more than fine he is in his glory watching march madness. >> well deserve vacation i'm sure. >> he is back next week.
6:50 am
we will see you then. word is rumor. >> it appears they are in the moving in philadelphia after all, or are they. >> oh. >> internet was buzzing saying that they would move to a bland new high rise being built in center city. they reportedly bought a penthouse worth 17 million-dollar. >> wow. >> realtor for this project says this is just a rumor. >> if they bought it they need somebody to stay there. i'm happy to help out. >> whatever they need. >> i'm there for you. anchor john ham admits to spending three days in the connecticut facility for alcohol abuse. the the 44 year-old star check in at the even of february. it wasn't reruled when he check out the but he was spotted at the screening of mad men in new york city over the weekend. >> actor and comedian will ferrell is making a lasting impression on hollywood. he now has a star on the
6:51 am
hollywood walk of fame. john c riley and m molly shanon, you know them from snl and other great movies they were there for the the celebration. ferrell team up with philadelphia native kevin hart in a new comedy that i looks owe funny, it is called get hard, it hits theaters on friday. >> both of them, come on. we will be right back.
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6:54 am
chopper three is flying over some breaking news in bethlehem, a three alarm fire burning in a large warehouse. the this is a live picture at that fire on the road. this fire broke out just before 6:00 this morning and it quickly spread spreading so much smoke there fire department has closed streets in that neighborhood and people living nearby are told to stay inside their homes. a temporary shelter has been set at james buchanan elementary school. there is in word on any injuries but we will stay on top of this story and bring you updates as soon as we get this into our naus room. >> stunning image there. >> we want to say thank you to our cbs-3 and cw philly viewers who opened up their hearts and wallet to help sick kid and hear families. >> yesterday's sixth annual ronald mcdonald house charities phone bank was a huge success. the phones rang off the hook all day long with people making donation from his a home away from home while
6:55 am
children are treated a at local hospitals. check this out. >> yeah, this is huge. the generosity of our viewers, raised a total of $1,176,590 all to support the ronald mcdonald house charities. we want to thank you again, so much for your donations. the families that we spoke to and met yesterday they are so appreciative of your support. katie, good morning. >> good morning, guys. what a great event. we are so proud to be host of it and to be part of the great cause. i have to talk about weather that is changing your forecast here, we will start off with beautiful sunrise here. eventually some showers move in. we will be stuck with period of rain and a few then are storms rumble through and friday morning we will be left with the residual showers and grand total will be at half inch or so give or take depending on your location. ponding on the road and travel is a guarantee. behind the cold front we will start to see thermometer readings dropping down and we
6:56 am
can expect temperatures at best in the 40's looking ahead to the upcoming weekend. vittoria, we will send things over to you. >> thanks, katie. good morning everyone. right now traveling in bethlehem we are dealing with a very serious fire location. traveling at mount chunk road we are seeing a closure at west lauren street and elizabeth avenue. serious incident. we will keep you updated for sure nicole. >> pachyderms on patrol animal kingdom comes to the aid of humans. >> this time powerful elephant use their size to save the day. >> yeah. >> look at the screen. >> elephants were called into action when their tractor trailer started to overturn on the i49 near new orleans. these elephants were heading to a show in texas. the heavy duty tow truck we're told showed up later to get the truck out of there but those elephant that is incredible. >> yes. >> well done.
6:57 am
>> um-hmm. got to love that. >> our coverage of the top stories, traffic and weather continues right new on the cw philly. we will have a live report from france at the site of yesterday's deadly plane crash. we are live with the popular local tv sportscaster a arrives for sentencing. also at this point we are just sick of snow right? but western pennsylvania man is hard at work making more of it, we will tell but his homemade snow machine and he is creating slopes out of. >> interesting. >> next up on cbs this morning parents using uber to
6:58 am
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7:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday march 25th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." searchers find important evidence from the airliner that crashed in france. we're live near the scene. plus peter greenberg on the history of what happened. >> a food company announced a mega merger. and a new warning that exposes a disturbing trend among teenage drivers. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojds. this mornin


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