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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  March 30, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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over. >> frightening night on the job for local police officer. one of six people hurt whether out of control car slams into his cruiser during a traffic stop. live with how the officer is doing and the trouble the driver is in this morning. one day away from opening day doesn't feel like weather just yet. let you know about the new security you will notice on your next trip to the ball yard. >> katie good morning,. >> i do promise you that we are slowly and surely going to be pulling out of the worse of the chill here in the next couple every days. we expect not just one but several days to hit 60s. but, that said, when you look out on the weather app this morning you might see some signs of snow. granted storm can three will show that, as well. just what the impact will be, all coming up. >> good morning everybody 5:30 happy monday, dealing with some problems out on the schuylkill expressway, where only two lanes are getting by, and in the eastbound side, right around spring garden, due to earlier accident.
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it has since pushed over into the right hand shoulder, right hand lane, everything still pretty much jammed hine the scene, as well, we'll keep you updated on that, back to you. >> thank you so much. a car crashes into a police cruiser and then another car as well in bucks count. >> i an officer and six others are injured. now police are investigating how it all happened. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us at falls township police headquarters in fairless hills with the very latest, jan good morning. >> good morning, this was a very serious accident, fortunately, police tell us, that the office here was involved did not suffer life threatening injuries as you mentioned, six people were injured and taken to the hospital in that serious crash along route one northbound, late last night. take a look at the video. damage is severe, this accident happened around 10:45, sunday night, on rut one, near route 13. a falls township police officer had pulled over a driver, clocked going 90 miles per hour, as the officer was walking to speak to that driver, police say a third car crashed into the patrol
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car causing a chain reaction. the officer's car then hit the vehicle that had been pulled over. four people in that vehicle were taken to the hospital. so was the officer who was thrown during the accident. now, none of them, again has life threatening injuries. police are still investigating, the cause of the crash but do have some preliminary information. take a listen. >> the operator of the striking vehicle did appear to be impaired, we are investigating this as dui accident at this time. >> police go on to say they believe speed was a factor in this accident. of course, investigating it, now, as a dui accident. they go on to say that the driver of the striking vehicle had some severe head injuries, no updates this morning on the condition of the driver of that vehicle meantime police say the stretch of highway is very dangerous area, often clock people going more than 100 miles per hour, much more on that part of the story coming up in our next half hour. for now reporting live outside the police station, jan carabeo, cbs 3, "eyewitness news". >> jan thank you.
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popular bakery in north philadelphia has to rebuild as investigators try to figure out what sparked a fire there that fire broke out early yesterday morning at denise's delicacy on 22nd street near cambria street. no one was hurt bakery wrote it will work on refunds foreplays dollars orders. >> 5:33, over to katie all of these flurries are surprise rag lot of folks. >> definitely are. just cold enough, it is timing timing so often is everything when it comes to this kind of a set up. because, we're still if transition mode here trying real toy pull out of the worse of what winter had up it sleeve. now getting into much more after spring like pattern. so you still find this kind of thing happening where it is still cold enough overnight that if there is wet weather moving through it comes down perhaps as little sleet or snow. that is what we are find being, definitely heavier rain falling this hour across the chesapeake, looks like that will also be rolling on
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through southern delaware. less defined the further north, as i said, if you see snow out there don't worry too much about it causing any kind of ago lakes on the roadways, not enough moisture for that, but could leave behind quick little dusting on unpaved surfaces than bo he will rye be it. >> chance to moderate since same time yesterday because we don't have that clear sky any more. we are actually going to moderate nicely on thermometer later today even despite the front passage. ten, 15 degrees in excess whatever we saw yesterday where we stand right now lance late from philly down to the shore, colder in the poconos but generally everybody's above freezing. don't have to worry about any casino of not necessarily not slick travel, but certainly not any accumulation on area roadways, it is one of those half and half kind of days, first half of the day not so hot. second half of the day definitely getting better. we at least flirt with 60 degrees later this afternoon, very seasonable afternoon, but it will be
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breezy in the wake of that front. jess we send it over to you. >> little after 5:30, and happy monday, starting to things off on the schuylkill expressway. what we are dealing with a lot of police activity due to earlier dent. eastbound lanes, right around spring garden, so you can see only two lanes getting by. seems to be they are getting this accident scene under control, the road, blocking out one right-hand lane, right hand shoulder as well. head over into new jersey everything looking just fine, southbound no problems at all. northbound, where you will see most of that volume, but everything still relatively light so far. still early for that to start to get jam up. otherwise out in new jersey pennington road, olden avenue, i didn't mean to say -- no, did i mean to say. that will new jersey, olden avenue, all lanes blocked between north and southbound, you want to take route 29 to get on by through the downed pole due to earlier accident. back to you. >> thank you time 5:35. let's get check on business news this morning. >> mine watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york torque stock exchange with the
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latest headlines for us, good morning. >> triple a average, 2.49 a gallon. fighting in gem end sent crude prices higher but still plenty of production here until the us. in fact, us is reportedly running out every place toss store the over supply of oil. >> good friday, last week, a positive finish after four down days. the dow jumped 34 points friday, nazdek roast about 27. if you're using snap chat to text with friends chances are you are under 35 years old. the new study looks at what age groups are using social media it found 711% of snap chase users are between 18 and 34 over 40% of twitter and facebook use remembers in that age bracket. >> and volvo wants to make it safer for bikers to ride at night. the company created a
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reflective spray called life paint, can spray it on their clothing and bikes. it is invisible during the day, but at night, it is reflective for up to ten days. right now it is being tested in the uk. ukee erika? >> what a great product. >> very cool. how about that? >> so neat. >> cool. thank you, talk to you later. well tomorrow's the deadline for iran and western countries to each a framework for nuclear deal. tell cbs news at risk for falling unless iran makes significant concessions. officials say tehran is considering further cuts for iran jane enrichment program pushing back on how long it must limit technology it could use to make at tomorrow i can parm. >> the governor of indianna is trying to tone down the fire storm over the state's new laws called the religious freed on and restoration act. as add rihanna de adds says it could give businesses the right to discriminate. >> when i travel around the country -- >> indianna governor mike pens
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showed no signs of backing down. >> this is not an about discrimination. this is about protecting row lidge us liberty every hoosier of every face. >> but he says woe agree to legislation that clarifies the new law. if the general assembly in inch under an a sends me a bill that adds a section that reiterates and amplifies and clarifies what the law really is, what it has been for the last 20 years then i'm open to that. but we're not going to change this law. >> indianna joins 19 stays with freedom of religion laws, dozen more have similar legislation pending. more than 700 protesters gathered at the state capitol saturday to warn the new law would allow businesses the right to refuse gays and lesbians for religious reasons thin thea serving soul for at her restaurant for 28 years. bore i had business could leave indianna and hurt her bottom line. >> we want to be known as the
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increase state, not the exclusion state. >> ceo says the backlash was not unexpected or unprecedented but optimistic inch under an a will continue to be a destination for business. adrianna de adds, cbs news, indianapolis. >> our time now 5:39. get ready for some stepped up security the next time go to a phillies game. find out what every fan w will have to do before walking into the stadium. >> firefighters rush to save a dog in a new jersey creek. you'll see that rescue coming up. >> and jay-z shaking up the music industry. big announcement the rap mogel is expected to make later today. >> and don't be surprised if you see a few flurries. when you head out the door this morning. i know, not what you want to hear this late in march. katie says hey it will start feeling like spring again very soon. we have that seven day coming up. ukee wants to golf. common. hook him up. we'll be right back.
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in the crash after small plane yesterday, near brandywine airport in chester county. federal authorities are investigating the cause. >> and attacks i driver faces dii and other charges after leading police on a chase in south philadelphia. the driver tried to get away on foot after crashing through a fence. police caught to up him a short time later. >> sports, week from font, we will know the winner of the ncaa march madness men's basketball tournament. right now we know the final four. michigan state louisville game went to over time. when the spartans pulled away. yes, indeed. tournament time, you got to love it, the spartans beat the cardinals 76 to 70. this will be coach tom's seventh trip to the final four. speaking of trips, duke beat tough squad last night 66 to 52 to send coach k to the final four for the 12th time. that is the most ever for a coach. he's tied with ucla mastermind the wizard of westwood, john
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wooden. michigan state and duke will join wisconsin and ken tuck any indianapolis next weekend. >> how about some pro bail. sixers host the la lakers for fan appreciation night at the well. sixers and lake remembers jockeying for draft position, both have lost two straight. now it was a close one for the sixers yesterday in cleveland. check out new orleans with the steel. then on the receiving end of the ally-oop. nice play. but the sixers were playing the cavalier labron made his presence known, he had 20 points, 11 rebounds, the game came down to final play and the six worse come up short. they miss ton of free throws down the stretch, and couldn't buy a bucket oh, they kind of beat themselves. they should have had this one. they lose it final score was 87 to 86. well the flyers are off until wednesday. with only six games left in the season, just playing for pride right now. fly guys were officially eliminated from the playoff last night when boston beat carolina. >> well the phillies have named cole hamels their opening day starter, it will be coals second career opening
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day start. phillies open the regular season week from today against the boston red sox at citizens bank park. by the way the phillies have lost their last three opening day games let's try and change that bad boy next week. erika? >> fourth time a charm, right? hey, get ready for some stepped up security when you head out to the phillies game, season opener, for the first time, every single fan will have to walk through a metal detector to get into the stadium. team started this extra screening last summer at just the right field gate. the phillies will talk about the enhanced sex your at this procedures later on this morning, and we're hoping for some better base bought well err. definitely not feeling it this morning. >> definitely does, erika reason for, that frontal boundery rolling through as we speak, and coming through with just the wrong timing. it is coming through basically the time where our temperatures are at their lowest there is time of year, we still typically hit the 30's overnight. that's why we're finding little bit of snow out there. i don't want you to worry about it having a chance to stick to the road surfaces, though, grant philadelphia
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could reduce your visible, if it is coming down herly at any time. and it might leave a dusting on unpaved surfaces, that is it. you can tell this is all really fizzling even already over most of our area, but there is nice line moving in across the western delmarva peninsula, will probably roll through delaware. meanwhile way off in the distance western half of the sa looks very quiet. i show this, there is a disturbance getting its act together across the canadian border, moves in by tomorrow. so for now it is morning showers, then afternoon sun tomorrow, it is morning sun then afternoon rain, than will likely last us into the nighttime frame too. then we look ahead by wednesday and it gets good. high pressure builds in, back to the mid 50's on wednesday back into the mid 60s on thursday. that is the nicest day of the forecast. make outdoor plans on thursday ukee, set up t time. >> let's go. we have a four some, let's all go. >> then we ends up with what looks to be maybe cooler easter weekends, but for now i know you're finding some
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showers, damp roads out there but only going to get better from here. breeze will be with us, 58 degrees we drop if to 38 tonight. looking forward in this forecast though, yes thursday is the good stuff. friday also mild, but we will be dodging some showers at that point. look ahead to the weekends, cooler granted but saturday may bring showers, i do think easter sunday looks like it will stay dry. over you. >> good week, something we've been looking forward to for quite some time. good morning happy monday, 5:46. starting things off on 95 around allegheny avenue. and everything moving along just fine, starting to see just little bit more volume in the southbound lanes that's pretty typical of this time of morning, though. over on the vine street expressway, right around eighth street, everything looking okay here as well. roadways are still dry. eastbound, westbound, no problems added into 95 or into the schuylkill expressway, as well e over in new jersey dealing with a downed pole and wires due to earlier accident situation on pennington road all lanes being blocked right at olden avenue.
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north and southbound side take route 29 to get on by. dealing with some minor problems, out for septa's route 36 trolley. shuttle bussing, and that's due to construction around the area until april 6. and some small delays on the route 102 trolley due to mechanical problems. for the rest of mass transit everything running on time to no delays. no delays at the philadelphia international airport. erika, back over to you. >> thanks, jess. holy week underway after christians around the world observe palm sunday. >> ♪ ♪ >> archbishop charles chaput celebrated mass at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. palm sunday commemorates jesus' transit entry into jerusalem. holy week leads up to easter sunday coming up this sunday. >> now, palm sunday also marked return to the alter for trenton bishop david o'connell. as "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown reports the bishop is back on the job three months after an emergency amputation.
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>> a heartfelt welcome and rousing applause for bishop david o'connell. as he made his way down the aisle at st. mary the assumption cathedral. first mass on this palm sunday since a leg amputation in december. >> life threatening infections seem to settle in the leg and so toyed make a decision at christmas time to amputate the leg and so amputated three months ago today. and it has been a miraculous speedy recovery, and rehabilitation. >> just two month after his amputation bishop o'connell spoke to "eyewitness news" about the life changing procedure he underwent. for years the 59 year old bishop of trenton struggled with diabetes, a team of therapists helped with the process of rehabilitation. >> you are a little shaky. you know, a little bit wobbly. so i just wanted to make sure that i didn't fall or do anything like that. >> bishop o'connell delivered the mass, ushering in the holy week for christians and catholics. walking again. standing stead fast in his
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fate. >> and back into the swing. happy to be, god is good. >> natasha brown cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now, bishop o'connell says he plans to return to his full duties at the diocese. he tells us he is looking forward to the pope's visit to philadelphia this september for the world meeting of families. what an inspirational man. >> no doubt. >> 5:49. we have some new information for this morning, on harrison ford's recovery from a plane crash. >> we have the words on how he's doing but first here is a look at what's coming up tonight during evening prime time viewing right here on cbs-3.
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>> larson ford is out of the hospital. his plain failed shortly after take off causing him to take a forced landing. >> jay-z expected to unveil today the title music streaming, bought the swedish music streaming service for $56 million last month. the big question, though, all right, would you pay $20 a month for unlimited listening to high resolution music? unlike other streaming services there will not be an option to listen for free. if you do not let me go, then i will shoot the lays presser my eyeballs. >> you can do that? >> yes. >> oh, lovable alien help the new animated film take home the top spot. at the box office this weekend, big bang theory jim pars ons and singer rihanna loan their voices to the animated film home which
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pulled in $54 million in its opening weekend. phillies own kevin heart teamed up with will ferrell for comedy get heart which claimed second with more than 34 million the divergent sequel came in third with about it 22 p.m. and cinderella and it follows. rounds out. >> that one looks spooky, man. >> looks very spooky. >> cinderella looks fantastic though. >> just my kind of move. >> i i'm with you katie. >> lots of good stuff out at the theatres right now. and i tell you what, we do have a nice forecast overall for you, in the days ahead, i know it may not be starting offer with what anybody wants to see and that is purple on the radar yes weaver had some light snow out there. generally speaking, if it has had a chance to stick it has left dusting on all unpaved surfaces but, there is definitely still some showers to dodge here, temperatures generally are all above freezing, so we have that going for us. as we take you to just handful of our eyewitness weather watchers, some of are you seeing clouds, some of you seeing snow, some of are you
5:54 am
seeing rain, depends on location but it will be damp out there. make no mistake. jess over to you. >> thanks, katie. good morning everybody, 5:54 and we're having happen mine day so far. we had little rough start so far this morning. right now just doing okay. out on the blue route right around ridge pike, everything moving along fine. if you are headed southbound, northbound no problems. roadways looking relatively dry as well. out on the ben franklin bridge, all lanes are open, so if you are headed into the city from new jersey, no problems right there. you can see everything moving great. no problems in new jersey, as well. we are dealing with some problems for septa trolleys route 36 shuttle b ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> morning, we will show you dramatic rescue caught on camera. >> firefighters save a little pup any big trouble. video here provide today cbs-3 by the good will fire company
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in pemberton burlington county. that puppy spotted clinic to go a branch in a creek. firefighters moved n they were able to pull out that little fell tow safety. big fellow tooment look at the big puppy. we're told that pup is now being examined at the county animal control fast till. great to see that somebody noticed it called the fire department, they got there in time. >> great job for the rescue crews, nicely done. still ahead this morning "eyewitness news", live with the latest on a police officer hurt during traffic stop crash. >> also, talk about a leap of faith. find out which nfl star nearly gave his fans a heart attack with this thrill seeking vacation video. >> and more people are dying from high blood pressure. doctor r rob will join us in studio to let you know what to do to keep your blood pressure in check. we'll be right back.
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and new this morning, a police officer and five others are injured when an out of control car barrels into their cars during a traffic stop. now, that car smashed into a police cruiser and another vehicle on what investigators call a dangerous stretch of highway in bucks county. good morning everyone, thanks for joining us. it happened on route one northbound near the route 13 exit. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo, at the falls township police heard quarters right now in fairless hills to tell you more about it, jan? >> reporter: erika, ukee there is was a very serious accident, but fortunately police tell us, the office here was involved in this accident did not suffer life threatening injuries. however, as you mentioned, six of people had to be taken to the hospital because of this three-car crash on very busy and what police call very dangerous stretch of highway in bucks county, take a look at the video, you can see all of the damage left behind. now there is accident happened around 10:45, on sunday night on route


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