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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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he front door of this salon. looking through dark storefront you can see tanks of the blue sedan, around it remnant of the tragedy. just before noon, six people inside experienced the unthinkable. >> two senior citizens were coming to do some shopping. the operator was pulling up in the parking spot to try to stop apparently she hit gas instead of the brake. >> reporter: accelerating the eight two-year old driver plowed ahead within female customer believed to be waiting for her daughter to pick her up was struck and killed as that car came barreling through the plate glass window leaving broken trail of chairs, tables and about on the official nail polish. >> all i know is there was shaking and girls crying. it was a disaster chaotic yes. >> reporter: police confirmed that the woman killed was wedged underneath the the car. >> there are signs of accelerate inside store which is consistent with hitting the
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brake harder attempting to stop the vehicle. >> reporter: car came through with such force only back wall stopped it. two people suffered some injuries neither the driver are in her passenger were injured. >> it is horrible. we are very friendly place for everyone here and i believe that this is just an accident. >> reporter: you can see the very first flowers of the memorial here at the foot of the door of cindy's nails where one woman was kill today, a tragic accident, police are not expect to charge driver of the vehicle. reporting live from northeast philadelphia, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". pat, thank you. also breaking news tonight police in montgomery county investigating after discovering two people dead. this investigation takes place on the 1100 block of country lane in loer more land. neighbors say a well like married couple with three children live in the house and we have learn that a juvenile called police to say he found his parents unresponsive. police say one of the death has been ruled a homicide and
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neighbors say that couple had been married for 20 years and they are in their 40's. however, police have not released the victim's identity. also breaking right now a 14 year-old boy shot at 13th ape christian street. that boy was rush to children's hospital of philadelphia. no word on the identity of the victim or his condition but we do know that an 19 year-old suspect is in custody. police are searching for two additional suspects. developing right now a former fire fighter is now in custody, he is accused of holding other fire fighters at gunpoint this morning. the drama an folded at the lamott firehouse at pen rose avenue and graham lane in the elkins park section of chelten had ham township. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is their life with the very latest, alexandria. >> reporter: chris, this is a volunteer fire company it hasn't always been this way but it is now what that means is that these fire fighters
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dedicate their lives to this community and this station and that is where four members were when they were confronted with the former co-workers. elkins park area of cheltenham held its breath for more than an hour as gunman held four fire fighters captive in the basement of the lamot t fire company. >> doors are opened you can see kid coming up there playing with the fire. >> reporter: ordeal began around 10:30 aaron greer snapped photos from across the street. >> i was taking pictures out of the front window obviously not going outside not sure what was going on. >> reporter: police say former fire fighters paul jordan who work as a salvation army and more recently the the philadelphia housing authority had return to the station with the gun after being let go from his position. >> he was a fire fighter, that was in dispute with the fire company up until yesterday. >> reporter: they say a shot was fired inside before police arrived and hit a wall and in one was injured. by 11:30 the first hostage was
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released alice rob are inn son recognized him as her son. >> i said wait a minute i said my god that is the place where my son work at. >> reporter: shortly afterward, police moved in jordan surrendered and hostages were released unharmed. >> they did very well as a matter of fact. i don't know if i would have handled it as good as they did. >> reporter: paul jordan is currently in custody and going an medical evaluation. exact charges are not been determined but they are expect to be another just. reporting live tonight, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". our live team three coverage with "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan at the suspect's house in olney, cleve. >> reporter: that is right neighbors confirmed that paul jordan lived here on the 400 block of wellens avenue, right there where you see the boarded up walls. we have tried to speak with his roommates in one came to
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the door. but we understand that we saw him leaving just were the incident. she said everything seemed normal. >> shocking. he lives on the block. it is real shocking. >> reporter: neighbors having a hard time understanding what may have gone on inside paul joran's mine on tuesday. police say the 25 year-old held four former collogues hostage at gunpoint. >> he wouldn't do nothing like this. i'm in the sure. he is a very nice person. he would give a very good vibe. real respectful person. i wouldn't believe he would do anything like that. >> reporter: we track down jordan's family, in south philadelphia and spoke to a woman who identified herself only as his sister. >> was's role tear with the la mot t volunteer fire company. >> yes, i was but i don't think he was there at the time. >> reporter: have you her about the incident today. >> that wasn't him absolutely not. >> reporter: do you have anyway to get in contact with him.
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>> in comment. >> reporter: i took a good look at paul jordan's facebook page. he post a lot about being part of the fire company he talk back in january back grateful for his life, almost dying fighting a fire. there are several posts about being sympathetic toward post traumatic stress disorder and suicide, again right now he is getting a mental evaluation. we are live, cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police did confirm that a body pulled from the schuylkill river in east falls last friday has been identified as 69 year-old veto magleo. he was reported missing from his home in northeast philadelphia, back in december. a few days later authorities found his burned car in east germantown. the help medical examiner has ruled magleo's death a homicide. his body was pull from the river. he reportedly suffered multiple gunshot wounder to the head. in weather today we have showers out there, rain showers, and even snow showers, some heavier rain moving right through northeast
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philadelphia, heading in to south jersey, areas like riverside and cinnaminson. we are looking at a break. you can see through reading berks county and northern and western suburbs but up 476 northeast extension in allentown, easton and part of the northampton county like bethlehem we are seeing light snow and in the poconos light snow that is where we expect the the high accumulationment that is why we have a winter weather advisory until ten for poconos for one to 3 inches of snow in the hill terrain. high temperatures were comfortable with that morning sun. right now with the rain philadelphia only 50. trenton 40. thirty-six in allentown. cold air is definitely moving in. state college at freezing. look at the south some warmth is waiting in the wings to move in. for this evening though, wet, slick road through the poconos, of course, wet snow falling in philadelphia just some light rain and then down the shore mild with rain showers through the 10:00 o'clock hour. coming up we will say good bye to march and april looks better. we will look at that easter
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holiday weekend coming up, chris. tonight family of the cop killer mumia abu-jamal is speaking out concerned about his treatment about following his hospitalization at the schuylkill medical center in pottsville. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is there. >> reporter: you walking out of the hospital wife and brother of quick police killer mumia abu-jamal revealed for the first time that it was diabetic shock that led to his being brought to the intensive care unit of schuylkill medical center from his prison cell. >> he passed out. he passed out. >> it came a shock to us and it came as a cheltenham to him that he was as sick as he was. >> reporter: the quick killer originally sentenced to death for 1981 murder of police officer daniel faulkner but now serving life without parole toll family members he had collapsed on monday. >> he still is very weak. >> situation in which mumia
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was in yesterday morning was near death experience. >> reporter: family said he was talking during a one half hour, and, at the the scene. >> he was sitting up in the chair, at the time and he was hand cuffed to the chair. >> reporter: both hospital administrators here and prison officials say that by law they are not permitted to release anything about jamal's medical conditions. however, family members say that the diabetes should have been diagnosed and treated before it became so serious. >> in one has mentioned to him or to us, that he was in the shape that he was in. >> reporter: prison officials respond nothing yen when an inmate presents to the medical department with signs and symptoms of the serious illness, they are appropriately and immediately sent to the hospital for care. meanwhile family members and supporters vowed they will stay at the hospital around the clock, hoping to learn
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more. walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". girlfriend of the slain darby boro police officer awaits arraignment on charges for his murder. authorities say 27 year-old tiana a finch initially gave police two bogus stories about what happened in the delaware county home that they shared. she told police the shooting was an accident and then claimed she feared for her safety during a domestic argument. >> her word he flinches toward her and when he flinches toward her she then points the gun at him and fires the weapon. >> reporter: she's charged with first and third degree murder. if convicted she faces life in prison. a short time ago the the pennsylvania supreme court handed down a ruling that could be bad news for pennsylvania's attorney general kathleen kane. justices say a montgomery county judge did act a properly when's pointed a special prosecutor to look into a grand jury link to kane's office. kane challenged the
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appointment after that grand jury recommended that she be charged in the case. it is now in the hand of the montgomery county district attorney. we did receive a statement from l.a. ny dave hoist is kathleen kane's attorney saying quote we are disappointed in the decision. we have faith in the judicial decision and that the district attorney of montgomery county will look at the evidence and the law and find that attorney general kane is innocent of any violations of the law. well u.s. is extending negotiation toss reach a nuclear deal with iran. diplomatic talks now set to resume tomorrow. deadline had been 6:00 o'clock in switzerland tonight. officials say a significant difference remains between iraq u.s. and five other world powers but they a progress is being made. the negotiations are aim at stopping iran from having the capability to develop a nuclear bomb . they are asked for easing of international sanctions that have been crippling will its economy. you can get more on the the iran nuclear talks on the
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"cbs evening news" with scott pelley immediately fog this broadcast. police tonight are looking for a teenage her who knock out a man on the septa platform, still to come tonight damage done by this punch and how police say you can help fine the man responsible. plus... >> unaudible. >> the secret to a long life from a machine senior hoist turning 100, kathy. in weather we are looking at a warm up, a brief warm up we will take it, coming in that seven day forecast, i'll show you numbers coming up. hi leslie. eagles adding another wide receiver to the roster and dom brown will start season on the 15 day dl, we will tell you
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a septa arider is knocked unconscious by a teen on a center city train platform take a look at this surveillance video taken from inside the train before that vicious attack yesterday. that is a 66 year-old man there in the brown coat being income out in a group of teenagers, they were engaged in conversation, before the violence, and when they all exited at 15th and mark, one of the teenagers blind sided the man with the pun that much broke his yaw. you are asked to call police
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if you have any information on who that young man is. pennsylvania governor tom wolf held a town hall meeting on facebook today. the governor discussed his proposed budget with residents and was excited to be on line. >> this has been the first time i have done it. i'm 66 years old. i'm not as familiar as i should with social media but strikes me as a good way to get to a lot more people then we ever could before. >> reporter: governor wolf plans to have more of these facebook town hall meetings. a local monsignor celebrates a big milestone today, "eyewitness news" was there at st. francis country house in darby where they had a cake and party for monsignor charles manahan who turns 200 years old. -- 100 years old. >> we want to know is what the secret to turning 100. >> unaudible. >> monsignor manahan, ministered in the philadelphia archdiocese, for 74 years. happy birth the day.
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well, a a nice day to be inside and have a birth the day party. little rainy out there in some places. >> rainy and snow any some places too kathy. >> absolutely very snowy in the poconos in the higher elevations in the lehigh valley. everybody is like enough already but it is march. once april in moves in we're very hopeful for the the month. even if it starts off cool and it always end up warm. our eyewitness weather watchers are showing is what going on across the region. nice sample of milder temperatures down through south jersey where temperatures are still in the mid 50's, very close to 6o margot has a temperature of 56 degrees. not much win, dreary light drizzle. we did f up it was short lived... new hanover the temperature 38 degrees in pa. eileen reporting in 38 degrees with a light wind and in the a lot have of rain being measure. the lets go to delaware where temperature is 57 degrees. walter reporting in not much
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going on just 57 and falling in newark and look at this picture, he is saying our daffodils are going to becoming up real soon. take a look outside in hope for daffodils at jack frost big boulder just snow and plenty of it. winter advisory in effect there we are extending the skiing season. that is a good thing after many winters without snow. our live neighborhood network takes us to the nazareth area middle school in nazareth and north hampton county where you can see the the temperature is 32 degrees. we had rain and clouds. late this afternoon rain change over to wet snow. you can see it beginning to fall and accumulate not on the track but definitely on the field. that will continue for next couple hours and precipitation will move off shore. yesterday's high or i should say today's high temperature pretty mild. poconos 30's. dover in 40's. philadelphia quite mild and georgetown up to 66 degrees. right new if philadelphia, 50. forty in trenton.
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allentown 46. in the poconos only 31 degrees. it is cold in the north east and through the great lakes where we have a drip are moving on through. look at the south mild temperatures raleigh-durham 73. charleston 74 degrees. we are seeing this ridge building in the east and allowing to us finally warm up but it will take a couple days. we have snow in the poconos and higher elevations of the lehigh rally, patchy rain through philadelphia at least through 10:00 o'clock hour and then a all out of here. skies begin to clear. tomorrow cool high pressure moves from the north thursday we will warm it up, we will peak on friday, we will have rain but some spots topping off at 70 degrees. overnight the low of 34. tomorrow's high will make to it 52 and on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast take a look looking decent 64 for thursday. very windy friday. we have good friday and also pass over beginning saturday. fifty-seven. easter sunday 55. monday, 54. the phils home opener tuesday
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60 with some showers. we have to have those april showers. >> that is right. >> yes, we do that is why they call them that, i think. >> yeah right. >> kathy, thank you. good evening, everyone. well, rush hour is putting a damper on your commute right nowment the center city looking at vine street express waste you will notice to and from 76 we have a big old problem and that is volume. heading towards the schuylkill expressway on the westbound side of the vine jam from broad street through to the entrance. traveling east bound that is a heavier delay from 76 down to i-95. once you get to i-95 we are slow around girard avenue and cottman in the north bound directions, as a result of construction southbound we are also slow. the as we will notice from the camera here kathy talking witt you will find slick conditions because of the rain drops out there so be careful. traveling broad street line we have southbound dilatation at wyoming due to a disable train. plan accordingly for that. thirty-six trolley they are doing shuttle busing until april 6th as a result of cop trucks so something to plan
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for. if i are traveling in the abington section of montgomery county we have an accident at high land and warden road. stay with us. cbs-3 okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite
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eagles making it official, they signed miles austin to a within year deal worth 2.3 million. he played mess of his career in dallas where he made pro bowl in 2009 and ten. last season he played in 12 games for the browns, had 47 passes for 568-yard and two touchdowns, and he is not concerned about his role with the birds. >> there is nothing i'm concern about. whatever i can do to help the team, if it is special teams, whatever it is, i just need to do my part and contribute best way i can and best way needed. >> to the phillies now they have released kevin slowy today. he is on a minor league deal.
6:25 pm
dominic brown will start the the season on the 15 day dl. he missed last 11 games with the sore left achilles. phillies are just going to play it safe with his injury. >> just want to make sure he is playing well and getting his legs underneath him ape swinging the bat ape doing the things he need to do in the sees on to help us in philadelphia. >> phillies took on the blue jays a licensing afternoon for fightins pitchers, jose, and, he goes deep over the wall in left field. he gave up four runs and four innings. they were in the done. he greeted him with this blast to center. toronto beat phillies ten-six. well tonight, some good news temple will face miami in the semi fines of nit. winner will get stan forward in the championship game on thursday. the owls, very happy that they are still playing basketball this late in march. >> that is right. >> exactly. >> good to see them out there. >> thank you. >> we will be right bac
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the the cw philly and we are back here at 11:00. cbs opening news is next tonight. what did germanwings necessity about the co pilot the before he crashed this plane in the french alps. there is breaking news on thatment plus indiana's governor is commenting over the state's new religious freed many law. scott pelley reports the "cbs evening news" tonight from new york.
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>> pelley: reversing course-- lufthansa now admits it knew the copilot had severe depression years before he crashed that jetliner into the alps. also tonight indiana's governor responds to the national outcry over the so-called religious freedom law. >> we will fix this, and we will move forward. >> pelley: a look at what's driving more and more colleges out of business. >> there's nothing anyone could have done. >> pelley: and the race against time to save baby sea lions. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: after a week of denials, lufthansa said today it did know that andreas lubitz suffered from severe depression long before he deliberately cras


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