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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 1, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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under fire in arkansas where the governor is set to approve a bill some call discriminatory and in indiana where it's touched off a storm of criticism. >> was i expecting this kind of backlash? heavens, no. the death of an heir to one of america's largest fortunes is under investigation. andrew getty deskren accident of j. paul getty is found debt in his los angeles home. >> what? you won't let me finish? >> a passenger using a righta ride sharing app with a rant against a member of the nypd. captioning funded
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by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, april 1st, 2015. good morning. i i'm alison harmelin in for anne-marie green. as early as today the governor of arkansas can sign into law the bill. protesters believe the law will permit demonstrations against gays have been demonstrating in little rock. he says he'll sign it. others say it will make arkansas a less desirable place to live. >> our state's most talented will soon leave if these are the messages that we continue to send. >> the arkansas-based retail giant walmart is calling on the governor to veto the measure. the indiana religious freedom bill that became law last week unleashing a nationwide swell knocked governor mike pence on his heels. several states including new york and connecticut have barred
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state funded travel to indiana. the coach of the defending national championship men's basketball team the university of connecticut's kevin ollie says he won't tlafbl weekend to the final four and nascar said it's disappointed by the legislation. adriana diaz has more from indianapolis. >> we have a perception problem here because some people have a different view and we intend to correct that. >> reporter: indiana governor mike pence bowed to public pressure saying his state's new religious freedom law needs to be clarified. >> the smear here against this bill is that it created a license to discriminate or license to deny services and that's just completely false and baseless. >> reporter: pence passedhas asked his legislature for new language. he wants it on his desk by the end of this week. governor, were you expecting this type of backlash to the
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law? >> was i expecting this kind of backlash? heavens, no. >> reporter: protests and boycotts led by gay and lesbian groups who fear the law would allow discrimination have gained theme all week. the timing of the nightmare has come when i. is already in the spotlight. indianapolis is hosting college basketball's final four this weekend which is expected to generate $770 million for the city. cbs news asked the nfl if indiana's law would affect its decisions about league events including super bowls in indiana. the league said our policies emphasize tolerance and inclusively lis and prohibit discrimination on race sex, gender sexual orientation or any other improper.
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the governor says he's been in talks with business leaders ensuring them that indiana is a place to stay. adriana diaz, cbs news indianapolis. overseas luf tan sa now says it knew the co-pilot once suffered from severe depression. lust lufthansa found ooems. last week he allegedly locked the pilot out of the cockpit killing all 150 people on board. lufthansa said he passed all tests and was fit to fly. fire officials say an out-of-control fire shifted after a controlled burn. it's threatened 70 acres and some 100 buildings. some residents were forced to evacuate but allowed to return home last night. severe weather is possible from the northern plains to the
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southern midwest. a severe thunderstorm watch is posted in oklahoma tennessee, arkansas, and mississippi. there was a powerful hailstorm in central alabama. in some grounds were covered. dozens of cars and homes were damaged. the los angeles tiechls say the death of a getty appears to be from natural causes or an accident. he was found in his bathroom. he was the 47-year-old grandson of the industrialist j. paul getty who founded getty oil. police say it does not appear to be the result of a criminal act but that could change. in switzerland, diplomatic talks lasted into the early morning, past the self-imposed deadline. mark albert is in washington. good morning, mark. >> good morning, alison. they say despite the deadline if they're making an effort toward
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the finish line then quote, they should keep going. leaders from the u.s., iran and five other nations are headed back to the negotiation table again today to work on the outline of a plan to ultimately curb iran's nuclear ambitions. iran's foreign minister seemed optimistic. >> i hope that we can findize the work and hopefully start the process of drafting tomorrow. >> reporter: negotiations ran past a march 31st deadline for the framework of a deal prompting this tuesday evening meeting in the white house situation room between president obama and his advisers. among the sticking points the amount of nuclear fuel iran will be allowed to produce in the future and the disposal of its existing stockpile of atomic fuel. >> if we're not able to reach a political agreement we're not going to wait until june 30th to walk away. >> reporter: here in washington some republicans wonder if any deal would really keep iran from develop agnew clear bomb.
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tom cotton the freshman arkansas senator whose open letter to iran that sparked controversy blasted the extension of talks saying quote, iran is calling the shots. the best solution is walk away and return to a position of strength. republicans favor adding even more sanctions if there is no agreement this week but president obama has promisethreatened to veto that plan. while iran wants them lifted immediately. and the white house pledged again yesterday that congress would have the opportunity to evaluate any agreement with iran. there is a bill pending in congress that would allow it to block a deal within 60 days but the white house opposes that legislation. allison? >> mark albert in washington. thank you so much. iraq's prime minister says iraqi forces have gained control of tikrit this morning. troops placed a flag on the building. the bat sl to drive isis
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militants from the city that took them a month after fighting. it with us backed by u.s. air strikes last week. the next fight is for iraq's second largest city mosul. the jury hearing the boston marathon bombing case could begin hearing deliberations as soon as monday. the defenses rested after calling four witnesses. as reported, the jury is focused sparing him the death penalty. >> reporter: he told jurors older brother tamerlan tsarnaev's computer revealed internet searches for radio transmitters, fireworks, and gun stores in the weeks leading up to the attack. the pressure cooker bombs that blew up at the marathon each contained explosive powder used in fireworks, nails, and a radio transmitter. spencer said dzhokhar's computer history showed no such searches. instead he visited mostly social networking sites like facebook. fbi agent graff said onto
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tamerlan's fingerprints were found on two pieces of cardboard. and only tamerlan's prints appeared on a jar of nail a caulk gun, tape and other tools found at the family home in cambridge. she said both brothers' fingerprints appeared on a bomb made out of tupperware that police recovered at the waterfront scene. dzhokhar's lawyers are trying to save their client from a death sentence. they already conceded he participate in participated in the marathon bombings and others. marlie hall, cbs news boston. coming up on the "morning news," high profile testimony. patriots owner bob kraft takes the witness stand in the aaron hernandez trial and amazon makes sure you never run out of goods
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prosecutors in the erin hernandez murder trial say they're close to resting their case against the former nfl star. >> reporter: he had the look of man who'd rather be anywhere else, a court date for patriots owner robert kraft. inside a long stair from aaron hernandez closely studying his former boss as he took the witness stand. >> do you swear the testimony will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you god? >> yes. >> reporter: he was asked about hernandez. kraft immediately looked for his star tight end. >> he said he was not involved, that he was innocent and that he hoped that the time of the murder incident came out because i believe he said he was in a club.
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>> reporter: the defense tried to focus on what had been a strong relationship. >> he would always hug and kiss me. >> reporter: hernandez was quizzed by the security team. >> what did he say? >> he swore on his baby's life. >> reporter: they say it was a good day for the prosecution because the evidence shows hernandez was not at a club when lloyd died but at a murder scene. >> and they believe erin hernandez lied to bob kraft and they'll have to ask themselves why. a reasonable inference, he lied because he was involved. >> reporter: as for kraft, he never looked hernandez's way as he left the courtroom. >> this is about a man being killed. it's unfortunate. >> that was jim smith of our boston station. legendary songwriter joni mitchell is in intensive care. she was found uncon slus and rushed to the hospital.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. on the "cbs moneywatch," amazon stocks your home with a simple button and an airline goes the extra mile to keep your pet safe. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning, alison. amazon is introducing an electronic device that let you buy household items. you use it to connect with your amazon account to automatically order whatever you're about to run out of. so far there are dash buttons for coffee detergent, raisers, toilet paper and dog food.
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there's a foul safe to make shoe you and a happy child doesn't overorder any products. wall street finish the first quarter on a down note. the dow lost 200 points the s&p slid 18 points and the na damage slipped 46 points lower. students are refusing to pay back their student loans because they say their degrees are now worthless. they were sold off last year following allegations of illegal lending, falsifying data and altering greats. i say the student education department should have done a better job of monitoring the school. starting today they'll offer a gps device to keep track of flying pets. the track will be available to pet owner. it's not available to pets that are sent by checked baggage. the device is placed in the animal's crate and it can monitor location temperature,
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and other factors. the charge is about $50 a flight. and the inventor of the pet rock has died. garry dahl came up with the idea back in 1975. for $3.95. you could find a plain ordinary rock as a pet. it requires no work or commitment. the rock came in a cardboard carrying case with breathing holes and care instructions. dahl went from a down on his luck copywrighter to a millionaire almost overnight. he died on march 23rd. he was 78 years old. alison? >> jill wagner at the new york stock exchange. thanks, jill. when we return a dancing fan gets his shot at fame. a video of a boy showing off his moves at a basketball tournament becomes an internet sensation, and he gets an invitation to be on "the late late show."
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country.
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uber is criticizing a new york city police detech fiv for his rants against one of the ride sharing services' drive e. the passenger started recording after the detective pulled the car over monday. the uber driver allegedly honked at the detective who was parked in an unmarked vehicle. the detective did not issue the driver a ticket. the nypd is investigating the incident. >> cops haven't got than idea they're going to be caught on video for everything they do. whether it's a traffic stop or domestic call. >> mayor de-blass yore condemned the incident and called the behavior unacceptable.
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golden state's stephen curry gets the best of chris paul. curry puts paul on the floor with a double behind-the-back move and then sinks a short jumper and his teammates love it. curry finishes with 27 points and the warriors beat l.a. 110-106. finally the old saying goes you should dance like nobody's watching. ♪ well, more than 18 million have watched payton henderson bust these moves last week. james corden flew him anned his whole family to los angeles and got down with the 11-year-old. this is the "cbs morning news."
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a pilot making an emergency landing in minnesota touched down and hit a car on tuesday. it caught up to a ford fusion. the propesser sliced through the bod creating a striped pattern on the driver's side. the plane came to rest in front of a home. amazingly no one was hurt in the collision. off the california coast sea lion pups are beaching themselves in big numbers. more than 2,200 so far this year. john blackstone has more on what's causing this and what's being done to save them. >> reporter: beaches are crowded with female sea lions and their pups born last summer, but in the ocean where the mothers hunt for food fish are hard to find. sea lion pups are starving.
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they're showing up thin and hungry stranded on beaches all along the coast at a rates some 20 times greater than in a normal year. at the marine mammal center? sausalito about 200 pups are being nursed back to health. dr. clair simeon is a veterinarian. >> they come in 20 pounds less, a little more. they should be closer to 60 or 70 pounds. >> reporter: the pup as arrive often suffering from pneumonia parasites, so weak they have to be fed through tubes. >> we're feeding them as quickly as we can but some animals don't make it. we've seen about a 60% success rate. >> reporter: scientists believe the warm water has driven away the fish that sea lions usually eat. >> we have some of the highest water temperatures ever recorded
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off the california coast here. >> the fish don't like that. >> no. the sardines and anchovies, they move farther north. >> reporter: they're going through about a thousand pounds of fish a day. once the young sea lions are well enough to eat normally, they're almost ready to be returned the wild. they are released into colder waters in northern california where fish should be easier to find. john blackstone, cbs news sausalito, california. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the latest on the investigation into the crash of germanwings flight 9525. allen pizzey is in germany. plus, the backlash against newly named daily show host treasure noah over past jokes. and we'll take you to a shooting range that offers the amenities of a country club. finally google is spreading pack man fever for april fools' day.
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users of google maps can turn it into the class cam games. they click an icon and enter a location in the bar. it can be played on google maps desktops, and mobile versions. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm alison harmelin. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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and in the news today the medical examiner will perform autopsies on the husband and wife whose bodies were found, in their lower moreland home, find out what investigators are saying about the gruesome way they may have died. i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. tolls day you might start seeing offensive ads on septa buses, push back now coming from the community. katie? erika, today we can bank on a entire day of sunshine, the last two days have feature a storm system or disturbance moving on through, so half of the day was nice, half of the day brought wet weather but today it is all good. let me take you outside looking at sky cam three down the shore,


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