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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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guilty plea as did his friend and co-defendant. good evening, i'm chris may. i'm natasha brown. the jessica dean is off. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is at the courthouse where a defiant menendez said he will fight the the charges. >> reporter: facing 14 counts of corruption, senior new jersey senator bob menendez was arraigned in court yesterday. he is accused of doing political favors in exchange for a million worth of bribes, from florida eye doctor solomon melgen seen here with the light colored tie. after pleading not guilty menendez fired back. >> for nearly three years the the justice department has persued allegations based on smears launched by political opponents trying to silence me. >> these allegations are false. i'm confident they will be proven false, and i look forward to doing so in court. >> reporter: investigators say menendez assisted melgen in the multi million-dollar medicare dispute and helped get visa for dominican
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doctor's girlfriend. the senator never broke the law says his attorney. >> this investigation started with false and salacious allegations, made by political and a other opponents of senator menendez. >> reporter: menendez does not to have resign right now from his senate seat and says he won't but some voters question his leadership. >> if you are elect you should be doing better for everybody else and not just yourself. >> let the courts deciding whether he is guilty or not. >> you are not supposed to judge but this has been going on for a few years. i really feel he should resign. >> reporter: doctor melgen's one was set at 1.5 million-dollar but senator menendez was allowed to leave without bond. he has been ordered not to leave the country unless on official state business. the trial is set to begin in mid-july. meanwhile he has temporarily stepped down as minority chair of the senate foreign relations committee. in newark i'm cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> keep it right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for very
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latest on the indictment of senator robert menendez. get details anytime at cbs developing news tonight, two women are facing charges in new york for planning what is described as a boston marathon style attack. this is a sketch from the courtroom of the suspects today, authorities say that noel veile ns and asia sedecki sympathized with al qaeda and icy. they were possession of gas tanks and thousand to transform propane tanks into explosions devices. meantime, white powder brings hazmat crew toss philadelphia city a hall today. an envelope was opened that contained white powder. that led the authorities to be called. the envelope was addressed to judge robert coleman. now the powder turnout to be harmless talc powder and a no one was injured. well, what a beautiful day starting to feel a lot more like springtime. the it took long enough.
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meteorologist kathy orr is outside on the sky deck soaking up the sun. how long will it last kathy. >> the good news it will stay mild. the bad news is clouds are already taking over and the rain is coming next. i think this morning into the afternoon the best part of what we are going to see, when you look at the next couple of days. it will be mild. take a look at the high temperatures. plenty of sunshine to go around today and that was key to this forecast. philadelphia 67. pair of 60's in wilmington. trenton 65. atlantic city at the airport. sixty-two down the the shore only in the 40's because of the cool ocean water temperatures. the wind gusting past 30 miles an hour sustain out of the southwest in philadelphia and wilmington at 20 miles an hour. it will stay wind think evening. here comes the rain. not a lot of rain all at once but period of rain will be moving in tonight and going through the day tomorrow but if you are stepping outside this evening here's what you can expect. windy conditions at 7:00, up
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creasing cloud. fifty-eight at 9:00 p.m. at 11:00 a chance of the spotty shower. temperature at 57. how long does this rain linger and how does it impact your holiday. we will talk about that with the seven day forecast when i join you inside. >> thank you very much. president obama says he is optimistic about a tentative deal reached to limit iran's nuclear program. u.s. european allies and iran made the announcement during diplomatic talks in switzerland today. deal includes new restrictions on iran's enhanced uranium, 23rd of the uranium stockpile and inspections of iran's nuclear facilities. most economic sanction as begins the country will be lifted once compliance is established. >> if we can get this done and iran follows through on the framework that our negotiators agreed to, we will be able to resolve one of the greatest threats to our security and to do so peacefully. >> a new deadline of june 30th
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has been set to work out the final desales. scott pelley will have more on the iranian a nuclear deal on the "cbs evening news" at 6:30 right here after "eyewitness news" at 6:00. developing at this hour chopper three over the scene of the shooting in north philadelphia, it happened at 25th and jefferson streets. a 14 year-old boy was shot once and a 20 year-old man was shot multiple times. both were taken to hahnemann hospital. police are still trying to determine what happened. two weapons have been recovered. there have been no arrests at this time. mercer county man is facing charges including attempted murder for stabbing his father. it happened on notinghill lane at the the the village apartment. police responded and say they found 36 year-old shawn clyde stabbing his five five-year old father. when clyde refused to drop the kitchen knife officers shot him. the suspect's mother also had stab wound. there is in word on the conditions of all three at the this point.
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a 16 year-old captured on surveillance video punching a 60 year-old man has surrendered now to police. take a look here at this video, the the victim was knock you been conscious at septa ease 15th and market station on monday. police say altercation started when the victim accidentally stepped on a man's foot trying to make his way on the el train. victim suffered a broken jaw and received stitches to his face. great timing for officers patrolling in philadelphia as they nabbed 22 year old dominic fielder wanted for nine different robberies. police say on tuesday officers passed le veil's pizza on the 5600 block of west girard avenue when they noticed people inside with their hand up. they turned around and saw felder leaving the pizza shop. he was a arrested with a bee-bee gun and money on him at the time. felder is also a suspect in eight other robberies and now faces multiple charges. a group of non-union
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airport workers take to the streets in pro test. subcontractor workers held a noisy but peaceful protest at city hall this afternoon after walking off the job just before dawn at philadelphia international airport. now these men and women are wheelchair attendants baggage handlers and airplane cabin cleaners employed by prospect aviation and prime flight airline services. workers say that they deserve higher wages and better working conditions. >> i get $7.25 an hour it is not enough money, i have a family of four and a husband and i just can't live off what they pay me. >> an executive order issues by philadelphia mayor michael nutter boosted minimum pay to $12 an hour. these workers say they want the city to force their employer to comply with that mandate. brand new car burst into flames while being transported on a carrasquillo year
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chopper three over the scene in tinicum township delaware county. it happened just before 6:30 on north bound i-95 near route 420. emergency crews shut down the highway and route 420 ramp while they got that situation under control. luckily in one was injury. route 73 north in maple shade is open to traffic once again, road was closed between styles avenue and main street this afternoon. drivers detoured because of the crack utility pole that was in danger of falling on to the road. it has been since fix and traffic is flowing smooth thely again. chopper three over the scene of the a tv accident in the mayfair section of the city. it happened at magee avenue and walker street. one person was transported to torresdale hospital their condition is unknown and reason for the crash is currently unknown as well. delaware state police say five two-year old robert crane has been arrested and charged with driving under the
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influence for the eighth time. officers say a at 13030, crane was stopped for driving his truck with expired temporary registration on peachtree road in dover. police notice add a strong smell of alcohol coming from the truck. computer check revealed seven prior convictions. philadelphia police need your help to identify a woman hospitalized tonight. she was found disoriented on the street. officers say they responded to the call of the woman walking on the 54 hundred block have of walnut street. she did not speak english. an officer responded to the hospital who spoke mandarin chinese that the woman were not give her name. if you have any information on who she is you're asked to call the philadelphia police. >> still to come here on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 a local man fighting for his family matt. >> reporter: his house burn down and his wife is on life support in the hospital one local father is doing whatever it takes to provide for his children. i'm matt rivers in waterford
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township with his story coming up. sharing their stories why these children joined a local hospital to spread a very important message, kathy? rain moving in, from the beginning, as holiday weekend we are looking at showers for good friday and for easter, we will talk about what is going on in the forecast and also an unusual forecast is as phillies kick off their season beasley. phillies final grapefruit league game today at bright house field. i'll show you the star have the game verse rays and phillies schedule leading up to monday's opening day ahead in
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new at 6:00 a south jersey community comes together to help a family in need. over the past year they suffered two lows. first fire destroyed their homes and relative who took them in after that fire, died. matt rivers has the the store friday sick alreadyville camden county. >> reporter: sometimes bad things happen to good people. sometimes the hit just keep on coming. >> god gives us only what we can handle but i had enough. i can only handle so much. >> reporter: worst year of lewis depal man's life started
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last july when his home burn down. >> i sat outside, nothing to do. just totally lost. >> reporter: his family moved in this trailer, wife lease sons giovanni and dahntay who is autistic. his father was rebuilding their home. all was okay until his father's cancer spread. >> four weeks from there he passed away february 27th. >> reporter: rebuild stalled and funeral held. lisa was not feeling well and didn't go. when the family got home from the services lease had had gotten worse. she put off going to the doctors for a few days and a simple infection spread to her lungs. she was rush to the hospital where she remains on life support and prognosis isn't good. >> right new they are giving her 10 percent recovery rate. i haven't really toll the kid yet. they just can't take it. they been through enough. >> reporter: to top it off the lease on their trailer runs out april 15th. they have in place to go. former fire fighter is on advertise built and cannot
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work. that is where these guys come in just friend and neighbors who heard about the trouble and stepped in, they are working non-stop to finish the house. >> would i hope that somebody would help me if i was in need. >> reporter: that help allows them to keep an attitude like this. >> everybody has to be able to tiehl with some suffering their life report report even if some are dealt a tougher hand than most. matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> children's hospital of philadelphia kick off observation of the national donate life month today. chop highlighted two success stories from the organ donor program. the hospital announce that had a five-year old girl ising home two weeks after receiving a liver transplant. she suffers from the same rare genetic disorder that afflicts her 12 year-old brother yousef. he is healthy and happy two years after a liver and kidney transplant. >> i feel energetic and i can
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play with my friends. i could in the play with them before. i could not run that fast with them until i got my new liver and kidney. i can run just as fast as them good close to 80 children are now awaiting organ transplants at chop. well to day is world autism awareness day and to mark the occasion buildings around center city are lit up in blue. cbs-3 is a proud sponsor of autism events all around philadelphia autism organizations around the world plan to celebrate the day with unique fund raising and awareness raising events. well, a grand reopening for affordable housing complex in south philadelphia. >> mayor miter nutter was on hand to cut ribbon at tasker village apartments. twenty-eight unit complex underwent major renovations, each apartment boosts brand new sketch whence energy efficient appliances, new
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floors and bathrooms. the complex also has a new community center. and on the the christian calendar today is holy thursday. >> that is right a sacred time leading up to easter on sunday. filth a's cathedral basilica of the st. peter and paul archbishop charles chaput celebrated mass today. priests renewed their promises of ordination and archbishop blessed oils to be used in services throughout the year. okay. another beautiful, beautiful day, all across the area, maybe our best yet and question we're all asking is winter in the rear-view mirror, are we done. >> we can only hope. >> meteorologist kathy orr joins us from the weather center. please say you have good news. >> no more winter. we are looking at spring, spring ago cross the area, we are looking at temperatures that are pretty mild in the 60's. i would say today within of the top ten of the year maybe top five. lets look at storm scan three. we have showers moving through allah even town and reading.
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this is making it to the ground. you can see right along 476 northeast extension and through harrisburg a few spotty showers but that radar will really fill in during the day tomorrow. period of rain are expect so if you are traveling make sure you tune in tonight because we may have updates to that forecast. right now forecast temperatures really mild. 66 degrees near cheltenham. tanya says temperature at 66. wind southwest at 19 miles an hour. boot pull fixture to show you of spring in full bloom. william send in this picture. we have some spring flowers popping up, daffodils and flowers are on the bloom. so looking really g another place looking really good down the shore it is very tempting, lots of folks on the board but notice they have pants and coats on temperatures are only in the 40's down the shore. those ocean water temperatures are so cold, and that southeasterly wind is kick nothing and keeping it on the
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cool side. see our camera shaking. here's another shore, eyewitness cam photo of the ice melting on lake ontario this is my niece she goes to school out there. this is all of the ice. you can see froze than waves in lake ontario. there is lake itself. there is finally melting. it is very difficult to have this type of lake freeze because it is so deep. it was 75 percent frozen at the beginning of the march and now only 25 percent frozen. a big melting on every where even well up into upstate new york. right the now in philadelphia it is 64. fifty-four in the poconos. look to the south if you have travel plans going this way it is looking good. florida looks great with temperatures in the 80's. eighty in little rock. thirty-seven in nashville. all that water will be squeezed off. temperatures in the 60's tomorrow. many spots making it to 07 with period of rain and wind especially during the first half of the day.
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here's what we expect not a lot of rain but we will be seeing rain falling here and there, heavier at times, we do expect a half inch plus gusts up to 40 miles an hour and real mild temperatures. after that saturday looking good in the 50's and then easter sunday we have a front to the north but temperatures will be in the 50's with plenty of sunshine. overnight a mild night low 56 high tomorrow near 70 with wind and some rain, and break down of the day, in the morning 56 wind through noon hour but already in the 60's 5:00 o'clock 68, and passover begins temperatures in the 60's with some showers. seven day forecast shows cool down saturday pleasant on sunday. phillies home opener looks great and staying in the 60's through next week. not so bad. we will be
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opening day a preaching monday
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at citizens bank parka begins botts ton red sox. riveria was the star of the phillies final grapefruit league game today at brighthouse field. he had three of the teams six hits including a home run, going three for four in the ten-one loss to tampa bay. the team will host pair of exhibition games in south philadelphia verse the pirates, beginning tomorrow. flyers with the night off they will face hurricanes saturday in raleigh-durham. last night they took care of this bitter rivals, pits berk, brayden schenn scored first of his two goals in the second period to give flyers the lead for good. steve mason had 24 saves and got his second road win of the season. flyers with the four-one victory. they are now 11-one-one at consul energy center. sixers with the night off back in action saturday against hornets. last night they dropped their fourth straight game, 106-93 to the wizard. villanova guard dennis enis is transferring to another will school. dillon wants to go to the
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program where he can be a true point guard. he averaged almost ten points a game, this past season miller graduateness may so he will be eligible to play next season. indy car driver and current team owner michael andretti at franklin institute today, with a new partnership with tiki connectivity for 99th running of the indianapolis 500. that is 2015 indy car unveiled giving local fans a interest in the case. the company is headquartered in berwyn, pa. that is my new car. >> i like it. >> yes. >> you have been in the indy 500. >> it is an amazing event that is a bucket list event fantastic. >> thanks, beasley. >> we will be right back.
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breaking news right now fire fighters are battling an apartment building fire in west white land chester county. chopper three is live over the winter brook apartments on the 100 block of winter brook drive. the flames broke out about 5:45 and fire grew to two alarms. several units are damaged at this point so far no injuries are reported, but still very active fire scene as they try to douse flames and also control hot spots. of course we will stay on top of this and we will have more on our web site at cbs thanks for watching us at 6:00 o'clock. "eyewitness news" returns at ten on the sister station cw philly and we're back at 11:00 on cbs-3. >> "cbs evening news" comes your ways next. tonight secretary of state john kerry discusses iran nuclear deal plus find out how investigators stand a u.s. terror plot scott pelley reports from the "cbs evening news" tonight from new york.
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>> pelley: a tentative deal to keep iran from going nuclear. >> it is a good deal. >> pelley: we'll look at what's in it and the chances of success. also tonight, two new york women are accused of plotting a boston marathon-style bombing. a terror attack kills nearly 150 at a college in kenya. and the lush landscape of the golden state succumbs to the history-making drought. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: a world with a nuclear-armed iran would be a different and dangerous place. and that is why the announcement today from president obama could be so significant. >> today the united states,


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